November 25th, 2008

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months and months ago someone posted a really good video tutorial for giving ladyhead. I need to send it to someone who sucks at it, but I can't find it for the life of me. does anyone have any idea where it is?

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I am about to get my first tattoo in a couple of years (once I move out of my house and all of that jazz). And, of course, I'm pretty nervous.

I've never been able to relax around needles...although I could tolerate it...but I was wondering...

Was your first tattoo expirence painful to the point of tears or was it peachy keen? Where do you think is the area of the body that'll be the less painful to get a tattoo at?
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Will you tell me what Christmas movie you haven't seen that shocks people when you tell them you haven't seen it?

I haven't seen A Christmas Story. I know, I know, I'm going to watch it this year

Also - whats your must-see Christmas movie?

Scrooged, Its A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Jack Frost
The Girliest Taco

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TQC, where should I have gone to college?


Fuck college, you should have just hung out at home or taken a year off or some shit.

Oh wait here's another box for you. You can't really click it, but I figured it's the thought that counts:

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How connected are you to your heritage?

Did you grow up eating traditional ethnic food? Celebrate holidays that are uncommon in America but traditional to your culture? Listen to music or watch movies that are tied to your heritage?

Is there really a holiday in the Jewish religion where you pitch a tent in the back yard, or is my friend an idiot?

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I'm a 22 college student with no insurance. The insurance my college makes available to me doesn't cover meds or therapy, both I need or I can basically kiss my future degree goodbye.

What do I do? Serious/non serious I don't really give a shit.

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Do you believe that from the time you are born, the time that you'll die is already set?

What have you been eating the most of lately? cabbage, tons of it mostly boiled and at nearly every meal, olives, jalapenos, banana peppers and rice cakes
Have you eaten anything unusual for you lately?I ate a whole large can of spinach today, also some of those cream cheese and chive crackers with plain and honey nut cream cheese. SO GOOD.
What will you be doing on Black Friday? Is there anywhere in particular that is having a can't miss extravaganza?

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if you could magically make your bellybutton disappear, would you?

I watched a show about plastic surgery and they talked about how when you get a tummy tuck, they sometimes have to cut out your bellybutton and make you a new one. I was like "Fuck that, I don't need a new bellybutton". Ever since then I've wanted to get rid of mine.

Have you ever gotten cosmetic surgery? Would you ever? What would you change if you could?
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What was the last really inappropriate song you had stuck in your head?

I've had Issues by Mindless Self Indulgence stuck in my head for a while. Fun to quote to friends, pretty awkward to sing along to...most notably in public.

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What's the deal with Scrubs, the tv show? I think it got moved to another tv station, or did it get canceled? Is it still going on?

I see something about season 7, but I guess what's over?

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I bought a G1 recently and kinda like it a lot. However the holidays are coming up and hours are being cut at work. I am also a bit behind on my Credit card bills. I am also planning a trip in Feb. to NYC.

Should I be responsible and return it tomorrow and choose a less expensive phone so I don't have to spend about $120 a month on my phone bill?
Or should I just spoil myself and keep it?

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TQC, I get to spend a glorious three hours at JFK International this morning/afternoon... what should I do with myself to keep the boredom and insanity to a minimum? I'll be in the new Jetblue terminal, if that makes a difference.
Cowboy Ew

What movie is it?

There's this christmas movie I remember loving as a kid but I have no idea what it is. The only thing that sticks out in my mind is that at one point these kids built this GIANT snow fort, like a freakin castle, and had a giant snowball fight with some rival kids or something...

Does anyone know what movie thats from?

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I already wore jeans yesterday, I'm definitely wearing them Wednesday because I have to leave right from work, and today it's raining. (We have Thursday and Friday off.)

Since Thanksgiving is such a fake week, I am totally justified in wearing jeans/cords to work all week y/n?

What's the dress code like where you work?

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Do you have any friends who have REALLY annoying habits that almost overshadow their good qualities?

A friend of mine is always bashing skinny people and talking about how they're not attractive to her and how only Queen Latifah sized people look healthy and calling me a stick (even though I'm a round size 6-8). It really irritates me! But she's also always dieting and used to be anorexic and bulimic and complaining when she puts on weight. I just want to slap her sometimes and say CHOOSE BITCH!  EITHER SKINNY  PEOPLE ARE UGLY AND YOU'RE HAPPY BEING FAT OR YOU'RE NOT. She also constantly talks about her double D boobs and how much guys love them and how fantastic huge boobs are and wouldn't everyone love to have boobs that big. She also thinks her boss is just jealous of them and that's why she asked her to stop wearing cleavage revealing tops into work.

How can I tell her to STFU about all of this without coming off as the bitch I secretly am?

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1. What is something you say that most people would think is weird when you don't like something? It can be food, art, music, anything.

I say something tastes like bandages if it sucks.

2. What would be the worst thing to get locked in a closet with?
Cats pawing at mommy's face

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I'm going to go buy Christmas lights during my errands today.

Which type of lights should I buy?

Other, and I'll tell you about thsi type in comments
They're just going to outline my apartment patio, so they don't have to be anything too special. 

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Will you help me figure out this mystery?

I SHOT THE_____________, BUT I DID NOT ___________ THE ___________


Happy turkey day ya'll....gobble gobble

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Assume for a moment that you're walking to your parked car (if you don't have a car pretend you do) in a dark abandoned parking lot in the middle of the night (don't ask why you parked there you just did). As you get to your car a man of average height and build steps out of the shadows demands you give him your keys or he'll shoot you. He has his hand in his pocket but you can't see a gun. There's no one in the general vicinity so yelling for help will do you no good.

In this situation what would you do?

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is it true they're going to stop/have stopped making film for polaroid cameras?

NEW QUESTION: what were those cameras that were like polaroids and they took super tiny pictures that everyone had in 8th grade?

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So, I had this friend from college {we both just graduated in August, so not that long ago}, and I wanted to try and look up his number. Turns out there is only one phone number under Canada411, and all the other online "phone books" with his last name. I think it may be his parents house. Should I call it?
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Warning: You may find this disgusting. When a friend of ours told us about it, I was pretty grossed out and am still disturbed.

Do you think this is real?

If so, what do you think about it in general? 

I think the reviews look fake so it makes me wonder. In general, I actually find it pretty disgusting and am a little worried now about where I eat dinner.
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TQC, what the hell do you watch during the day? I have Every Channel Ever Available In The Universe and I can never find anything to watch. I usually watch stuff on TiVo from the night before, but I watched it all last night. I hate court shows and Star Trekky stuff, but anything else is game. Give me some suggestions?

I need some funny sites.

I'm looking for some fun Web sites to cheer me up. I already know about and its affiliates, and about

What else is good in that vein of humor?

ETA: Oh, and I know (and like) that one too.

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I've decided to take up painting again, but I haven't done it in quite a few years, and when I did it was always in a class where supplies were given to me. So, what kind of paint should I purchase? I was going to get acrylic, but I'm not sure if thats the best to start off with. I want to eventually get into water colors, but I don't think they are a good thing to start with?

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I can't afford any Christmas presents for my friends this year (bad economy and all that jazz). The question is should I ask them not to give me anything, tell them it's optional if they want to get me something (though it would make me feel guilty if they did give me something and I could give something in return), or ask them all if they would rather do a homemade Christmas gift exchange this year (I can bake half way decently but I don't want to put any pressure on anyone to make presents if they don't want to)?
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Friends are dumb.

Collapse )

For those who don't want to read the previous: how many times do you let your friends piss you off and flake out on you before you just give up? They say beggars can't be choosers, and considering they are our only friends, should we just ignore their notorious flakiness and unreliability?
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Yesterday I saw two men blowing up a huge inflatable rat outside of someone's house. The rat was facing the house and was right on the edge of the lawn. It was a house like this, much like every other house here in central NJ.

I went back a few hours later and it was gone.

What the fuck was this about? It had to be some union thing right?

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my cat was just watching the puppycam for about ten minutes and then he tried to climb into the screen.
how adorable is that?
( )

my class (which i didn't want to go to) is canceled.
how awesome is that?!
did you know that there is only one L in canceled? i didn't.

i wanted to hack into someone's facebook but facebook doesn't just email you your password, it resets your password. now i can't do it and i'm really glad because i hate snooping, i'm just wicked nosy.
did you know there's no E in nosy? i didn't.

when was the last time something happened that was both bad and good?

when was the last time you snooped? what did you find out?
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This is a long-shot TQC, but if there are any German speakers here, can you clear up the meaning of the word "Altarpatrozinien?" I think it means altar-patrons, or patron saints, but idk idk.

Anyway, what is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

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i work in an office. when i'm heating up my lunch, it never fails that at least one person (usually a stranger) comments about how good my food smells. and then i feel obligated to respond in some awkward way. i always want to be snarky and reply with "yeah i just can't WAIT to tear into this lean cuisine".

has this ever happened to you?

are you a "that smells good" person to others?
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Movie Trivia - guess the last one

Without consulting IMDB or any other resource, tell me which movie did these 2 actors/actresses appear in together

1. Samuel Jackson, Christopher Walken
2. Shia LeBouf, Tilda Swinton
3. Cameron Diaz, Christina Ricci
4. George Clooney, Woody Harrison
5. Jack Black, Jim Carey

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i'm going to my brother's house for thanksgiving. i want to bring something, but NOT food, because everyone brings food. i'd like to bring stuff to make cocktails (one kind of cocktail... enough stuff to make at least 10-15 of them). It should be easy to make and few ingredients, being that i have a small cooler and it's a 4 hour drive.

So... what cocktail should i bring? (please list ingredients)

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I have a meeting tonight with students. The last time I had a meeting with the same students (class representatives) I brought them all treats in the form of a pastry. But it's kind of a hassle and we feed them tons and tons of pastries every semester. I bet each of them gets at least one pastry every couple weeks (or more often) anyway.

So, should I bring them pastries anyway or just forget about feeding them? The meeting is at 4:00 and should run less than an hour.

Or do you have more creative ideas about what I could feed them that won't require utensils?

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I have a couple of Thanksgiving questions I don't think have been asked recently!

I have quite a few friends who haved moved to the U.S. from other countries. They seem really split on whether they celebrate it or not.

Some say, "Eh, even though I'm naturalized, it just isn't part of our tradition. We've never done anything".

Others point out that even though the true history of it is somewhat biased and problematic, part of the "original" spirit of it is moving to a new country, dealing successfully with change, and celebrating with the ones you did this all with. So it applies perfectly. Plus, hello, an excuse to make an awesome feast!

My family, second generation on my mom's side, tends to take the second view. If applicable, what have your families or your friend's families done? Personally, I think it is great when you can merge the different cultural traditions together.

Feel free to answer if you're in Canada or a different country that has a similar holiday, even if the roots are different.

Second question: What kinds of beer and wine do you find pair well with a Thanksgiving feast? I'm pregnant, so it is a bit of a moot point, but I'd like to live vicariously and prepare for next year.

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So I received this text from some guy who thinks he's God's gift and he's quite annoying to be honest..

"Mmmmm. Big, meaty, juicy, full of sauce...But enough about my cock, this burger is awesome!"

Help me think of an amazingly awesome witty reply that'll put him in his place and realise he isn't all that?!

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I'm the office manager at a small regional office, and our holiday luncheon is next week. It typically falls to the people in my position to put together small party favors for everyone. In a bigger office typically they buy something like a store-bought ornament or a cd of Christmas music for everyone, but since we're a smaller and more personal office I want to get something maybe a little bit more interesting.

What kinds of interesting things have you ever gotten as a holiday party favor? Any cute DIY ornament or other ideas for around $5 pp?
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1. What state/country were you born in?
2. What state/country do you currently live in?
3. What state/country do wish you lived in?
4. How many different states/countries have you lived in?
5. What is your favorite kind of potato chip?
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Poll #1304169 Letz Talk about Sex

What makes you hot?

A passionate Kiss
Nibbling and Biting on your Neck
Wandering fingers down your back
Wandering fingers down your crotch
Hot breathing near your ear

Do you prefer being...

On Top
On the Bottom
Tied up

On the Average, how many times a week do you have sex?

1-3 times weekly
Once a week
Once a month
Every Night

Would you say your partner...

Explores different types of sexual positions
Is very kinky
Is pretty much a Vanilla kinda person
Is the aggressor in bed
Is passive in Bed
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Poll #1304180 Kissing

Does Your SO

Slobber all over you as they Kiss you
Buries their tongue deep inside where you can't breathe
Gives you quick pecks and slowly moves their way down
Hates Kissing
Kisses me on the mouth, checks, eyes, yes very romantic
Baro Bitch Stare
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1. Do you have electric windows or manual windows in your car?

2. Why won't GMAIL give me comment notifications?

3. How soon is too soon in a relationship to have a baby?

4. How young is too young to have a baby?

5. Snickers or Milkyway?

*ETA* My inbox just got slammed full of lj notifications. I guess it just has a several hour lag.

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Very annoying day at work today.

1. A restaurant closes at 2. It's 1:55. Do you (plus 3 other people and a baby) go in?

2. Trick question. You go into same restaurant mentioned above at 1:20 and order food. Do you go outside and wander around aimlessly smoking until 2:15 when you decide to come back inside and actually eat your food that's been sitting at your table since 1:30?

  • mekkio

my nephew is asleep. shhhhhhh....

Why do babies usually sleep with their butts in the air?

I tried to sleep that way. It's not exactly comfy.

And if you don't care for children;

A few years ago zombies were the hot monster in films. Then Saw and Hostel came around and ultra violent psychos became the "it" thing in movies. Now, it's vampires. So, what will be the next trend in horror movies?
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QUICK help please?

I'm going to get my major hair color disaster fixed at a a very fancy and pricey salon known for their award winning coloring in 30 minutes. Now, the whole shebang should cost me $130 pre tip.

How much should I tip?
I was thinking $15 if its ok, $25 if I'm very happy with it. Is that too cheap?

And how exactly do I tip?
I've always left the tip with the receptionist, but is that trustworthy? Do I leave it at their station? How do I give it to them personally without it being awkward or needing a suave money handoff?

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Does anybody know how to type a fraction on Microsoft Word 2002? (It's the Microsoft Word right before the newest one.)
I wanted to type a fraction like this: and not like this: 00/100
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Strange doggy behavior

My pitbull/lab Sydney is about a year and a half old now. We got her at 6 months, and she's been the sweetest thing.

She does something strange though. When we got her a fuzzy doggy bed, she'd clamp down on it and suck on the pillow. The doggy bed now no longer exists (thanks to her pitbull tendency to rip her toys apart), and she was fine for a while. But now when she sleeps on my bed, if I have a fuzzy comforter or blanket on top she'll clamp down on a mouthful of blanket and suck on that, sometimes making "nom nom" motions with her jaws. I found tooth marks in the blankets a couple of times.

Why would she do this? Is it a loneliness thing (I don't see why it would be - we pay lots of attention to her), or maybe she was weaned too early and she's unconsciously kneading for milk?

I'm not really sure how to approach it, if it's actually a problem or just a weird dog thing. Advice?
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I just bought a six-pack of sixteen ounce cans of Dr Pepper. Is this awesome, y/y?

Are you working on a project right now? What is it?

Is there a TV show you like a lot right now? Will you tell me about it?

Anime aside, I've been watching My Name is Earl and I really love that show. I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but I also really like Chowder.
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do new people want to know you? (ie. they add you to facebook/myspace (if you have one)- you know of them, have lots of things in common, but have never spoken in real life. or you hear through the grapevine that so-and-so was mentioning that you seem like a neat-o person, etc.). 

using characters like :) and :(, how's your day going?
i get the same ol' dreams.

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hey tqc. my friend and i were getting frozen yogurt and discussing her upcoming trip to oklahoma, which led to a discussion of inbreds, which led to a discussion of incest. and of course, i thought of YOU GUYS! duh!

what's better:

a big sneeze.
a good poop.
a yummy sandwich.
a ~tender cuddle~
an orgasm.

EDIT OH SHIT: ???????????????????????????????????????????
Sam outside

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Any ideas on updating a bedroom? I feel like I live in a 15 year old girl's room and I hate it. =/

For those of you with a camera phone, how often do you actually use that camera? What are you taking pictures of?

I'm starving but it's not quite dinner time, what should i eat to curb my hunger til later?

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My sister's boyfriend Dave {of a little over a year} and herself {Nickie} got together while he was cheating on his then girlfriend, Sam, of about a year. He and Sam broke up, and thus my sister and him are dating.

But! Dave and Sam got together while Dave was dating his girlfriend before Sam, Jodi, wh was his girlfriend of about two years.

The odds of him doing this to my sister??

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Say you are a college student, junior year and you are busting ass to graduate on time. You have no time for electives and are taking an extra class for a couple quarters to get out on time.

How pissed would you be to find out that the registrar messed up and placed you in a class you don't need, through no fault of your own? (You find out with 2 weeks left of the course, so there's no making up for lost time)

(If they don't give me credit for what it was supposed to be, I am going to raise hell/demand a refund for my tuition)

EDIT: I don't think I was very clear.
My adviser told me to take EDU T&L 489.01. So that is what I signed up for. It is definitely required for my major. However, T&L 489.05 is not required, but it was mislabeled as .01. That happens to be the class that the registrar thought I signed up for when I chose .01. I didn't know I was in the wrong class because they are both math teaching field experience courses, with minor differences. One of which being whether it's required to graduate. All 30 students in this class had the same thing happen.

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does anyone here speak/know hindi?
i looked up a word, and this is what google gave me, but its hard to trust online translation, i'd rather hear it from an actual person.

what does this mean:

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Why did  naturestudies delete her account? The loss of lulz upsets me a bit.   

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

What is something that you couldn't be paid enough money to do?
Where are you going for the holidays?

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Spiral of Light

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When I have a container of cream of chicken & broccoli in my fridge, it goes moldy after about a week. If I kept the cream somewhere at room temperature, would it take longer or faster to go moldy?

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Did anybody seriously expect harborfog to stop deleting posts, just because it's now a rule?

Did you know that I mentioned the new rule to her in her latest post, yet she still deleted?

Do you think she should be banned, or is it okay because she's "special"?

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Hey there TQC,

Tomorrow I have to fly from Erie to Philadelphia, where I have a 3 hour layover, and then continue onto Tampa. I'm flying alone for the first time.

What would you do to entertain yourself on a plane?
What if I get stuck next to screaming infant?
lovely lady

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help TQC!

I will be making fajita's in a short bit. I am searching high and low on the internets for a decent sounding sauce recipe, and have yet to find one. Do you have a brilliant fajita recipe you could share with me?
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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in laws divorcing

Lol :( so I posted this a few months ago and now I'm experiencing it out of no where. I love my sister-in-law but we don't talk about our emotions that much... I still want to be her friend. What's a good way to tell her that I'd still like to talk/hang out with her even if she divorces my brother? In general, what should I do for each of them besides offer my support?
hannibal skull


When you want to friend someone and check out their profile, is there an interest/community/other LJuser that will make you run away screaming and not friend them?
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The last few times I've taken my toddler to a movie, she slept through the whole thing. So I'm thinking about the option of bringing her with me to see twilight with the hope that she sleeps through it.

But... in the event that she wakes up, is it too scary of traumatic for a little kid? If you have seen it, were there any small kids in the theater?

I'm hoping that the worst case scenario is that she would just be bored if she does wake up.

Or I just won't see it if it's kid-scary. It's not worth the sitter hassle.

Homebody for the Holidays

Edit: going to BED early

What will your Thanksgiving include?

Giving thanks for things, and being sincere
Relatives and loved ones
Drunken and/or verbally abusive relatives
Indian casinos
Pumpkin pie
Football games
Homeless people (soup kitchen, either eating among them or court-ordered hours of service)
TQC chat
Going to be early to go shopping the next day (Black Friday)
I celebrated Thanksgiving last month because I'm a Canadian. Nyah nyah nyah

What will be on your Thanksgiving dinner table?

Mashed potatoes
Pumpkin pie
Green bean casserole
Egg nog
Whatever's in the fridge
Mixed vegies
Hard liquor

What do you have to be thankful for this year?

Getting by financially in this ugly economic season
My significant other
My health
Twilight is kicking relative ass in the box office
Warren Sapp is still on Dancing with the Stars
Four days off
Yay, another fourcorners poll!
No one's found out my little secret
Obama won the Presidency
Bush will be out of office in January
I still have some weed/alcohol left
Nothing at all
That this is the last question in the poll

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Ok, so when I moved to GA I discovered that there were NO Collapse )ANYWHERE!!! However, now I am in my hometown for the holidays and you can bet your ass that I will be going to the convenience store TONIGHT to get me one or two.

My question is, how many should I bring back to GA with me?! I was thinking somewhere around 50 should do it...

Also, what is your favorite flavor of fruit pie?!

If you have never experienced the splendor that is The Fruit Pie or think they're gross(NEVERMIND, NOT POSSIBLE), what is your favorite trashy snack?
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what do you think is the ideal length and width for a scarf? I'm crocheting one, the yarn is a .6 yarn... so it's medium thick.

edit: this is for a 5'10 tall man.
colin whose line o_O
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Have you come up with anything witty or snappy recently that you want to share with us?
Did this witty or snappy somethingorother come à la d'esprit escalier?
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So, like, I know that Wal*Mart is bad and all that. I grew up near a Bradlees and Woolworth's, which were replaced by a Wal*Mart, so I've really come to depend on that sort of cheap department store goodness. Now I live in a town without one, and the closest is a 30 minute drive.

I freaking love Wal*Mart and Target. I tell people this and get funny looks. Nowhere else remotely close can I shop for household/grocery/odds and ends for THAT CHEAP. Nor is any other store open past 5pm, save for CVS and Walgreens. Not the same, dude! Am I really an asshole for missing Wal*Mart? Gosh.

Also, the cat just laid one in her litter box that is seriously making my head spin. The smell emanating from it is fucking powerful. What the hell did my cat eat for lunch to make such a horrendous smell? She's an indoor cat! Wtf!