November 24th, 2008

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Do your pets go to bed the same time as you or before or after?

Whats something new you tried this year?

My shih-tzu would put me to bed. He'd start looking at me then go to the bedroom and scratch the door. My new dog sleeps in a crate so I put her to bed a little earlier than me.

And I took a pottery class. Its awesome
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A few weeks ago, I got my right cartilage pierced.  It's only painful when it's touched, or when I accidentally sleep on it, but today I've noticed that I think my ear is trying to heal over the hoop, which means it's kind of healing down the hoop.  Either that, or it's just really swollen, but putting ice on it hasn't helped it at all.

What is the best way to fix this?  Should I just take out the hoop and let it close up?  Should I take out the hoop and just put in a stud?

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are you bored out of your skull?
Why is the internet so boring tonight?

I just wish those strippers from last night were back...

When you open a new jar of peanut butter, and the surface is all smooth and perfect, do you ever feel weird about that first dip of the knife? Knowing that that jar will never be perfect again and you will just consume and destroy everything inside until it's just an empty, hollow shell that you discard?

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What kind of things do you draw when you doodle? i seem to always draw snails, stars and sprigs of holly

Why is my dog wagging his tail in his sleep?

Which do you prefer - Harrison Ford as Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

monkey business

Do you have monkey toes, that is, toes so long you can pick up things with them?

Do you often pick up things with your toes because you are too lazy to bend over?

What is the strangest thing you have picked up with your toes?

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TQC, i'm in a dilemna. i'm hungry but i can't cook, at the cook in the house is fast asleep.

what should i make to eat? we have cornmuffins but i already had one like 2 hours ago. we also have premade grinders but i'm not really in the mood for them, and doritos but i don't like those. we have the fixings for lots of meals but i need something that takes little-to-know cooking and tastes really good. ideas?

movies about composers

tqc, when i was in 4th grade, we watched 3 movies about composers. if you can help me identify any of them, i'd be grateful.

movie one: was about beethoven. i think it was about a little boy that lived next to beethoven and managed to communicate with him writing in a notepad (since beethoven was deaf.) they watched some swans together at one point. i'm sure it was very heart-warming.

movie two: was about bach, i think. there was a little boy who traveled back in time, i believe, and visited bach. there was a scene where he watched bach play a pipe organ, and then for some reason some guards were chasing him and bach helped him hide.

movie three: was about mozart. i don't remember much except that mozart had a pink wig and at the end he got drunk and sick.

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i fell asleep on the couch about 4 1/2 hours ago and just woke up. as i was getting up to go to my bedroom, i noticed some white shit on the ground out of the corner of the window the curtain wasn't covering. there's about a half an inch of snow on the ground and it's pissing me the hell off. i think this is a good indication i'm obviously barely going to survive the winter and probably won't make it through 2 more, which means i need a new place to live!


i don't mind rain much. i can deal with a lot of rain if it means no snow.
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What's a good way to start a conversation with a person of the opposite sex whose English ability is fairly limited (my ability in their language is worse) when the intention is to flirt and ask them for their number as opposed to a conversation for making friends with them? (This will most likely occur in a group activity setting where the "friend" intention may be incorrectly perceived even if I'm flirting.) It would be helpful that I don't have to spend 30 minutes explaining the conversation starter because it used English that they don't have, even if they might appreciate the language practice.

Did you buy Metallica's recent album? After swearing off actually paying for any of their music again? Will you buy the new Guns N' Roses album? After swearing off actually paying for any of their music again?

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Why are bitches in Disney movies so impractical?

I was just watching the Hunchback of Notre Dam, and Frollo is all "choose me or choose fire" or whatever, and she spits in his face. Who does that when someone is about to burn you? No one. You suck it up and kiss the bastard, and then escape and stab him in the back later. But you don't choose the fire.

Do you like that movie btw? My mom says the songs aren't as catchy, but I like it.

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I have up my Christmas lights and I'm listening to Christmas music, and now I need to bake. What should I bake, tqc? Links to recipes are appreciated and cookies are the best.

If you don't have baking suggestions, what's a recipe you just can't seem to get right? I've gone through a gallon of heavy cream trying to make caramels, and the closest I've come is milk toffee.
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What things in kids movies or shows did you not get as a kid?

I was watching the Hunchback again, and I realized that when I was a kid, I never realized that Frollo basically wanted to fuck Esmeralda. That whole part of the plot went entirely over my head. Did you pick up on it, as a kid

What things did you pick up on that weren't there? I always thought Winnie the Pooh and Piglet were lovers, and Tigger had a crush on Rabbit, and Rabbit and Gopher used to be married but got divorced.

Where Winnie and Piglet lovers?

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guys, how would you pronounce the last name "shaikh"? cause my sim has that last name and i unthinkingly named her baby jake. and now he is named jake shake. : (

in other inquisitions, how should i cut my hair? i'm trying to look older. the only things i'm opposed to are straight-across bangs and anything else that requires frequent trims. Collapse )

eta: if you could post actual pictures that would be even better. : ) i'm looking for something kinda edgy and cool looking.

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Is it just me, or does Jack Bauer in "24" look like an idealized George W. Bush? Is the show really adventure porn for people who think W. is a good leader?

Well, that was a burnt offering. Let's see. Do you like to see the shape of the can on your Thanksgiving cranberry sauce? Do you find orange peel and walnuts in cranberry sauce or cranberry chutney to be heresy?

Getting over "stage fright"

I acted in plays from the time I was ten up until I was eighteen. I had no problem speaking in public at all. Then suddenly I became afraid to give presentations in class, and I am horrible at speaking with people. No matter how much I prepare to give some kind of presentation, writing down every word I'm going to say, I end up stumbling over the words and I can't think of anything to say.

How can I get over this?
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1. should i make a pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake?
2. what food are you craving?
3. is it worth it to get an iphone? i really want one but i'm not sure if i should actually get one..


2. french toast. and waffles. and a cinnamon bun with cream cheese icing. and lime tostitos...i am craving anything and everything because i can't eat anything for awhile. eating yogurt is getting old.
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1) It's my 21st birthday. I'm in the US, which means this is the first day I can drink legally. I'm going here later. What should I get to eat? What about my ~*~first legal drink~*~?

2) Will you describe for me your ideal dinner?

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What would be the best place to buy a cell phone, in terms of having the best selection and variety?

I'm looking for a new phone, and I'm kinda in a hurry, so it would have to be a physical store.

ETA: never mind. It seems my boyfriend got me a new cell phone for christmas, and now I've ruined the surprise.

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i wore my black pants to work yesterday because they are comfy and warm. now i wish i hadn't because it snowed last night and i want to wear them today.

should i just fucking wear 'em, anyway, even if i will be wearing them with the same purple sweater? IT'S COLD. and they're in the wash as i speak.
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I need to find the law and order: svu episode where the suspect has(or pretends to have...I don't remember exactly) multiple personality (dissociative identity) disorder. Any idea where I can find it online?

Or could you tell me what season it was? or the Episode title? I'd appreciate anything!

answered! Thanks!

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1. I bought a store brand frozen pizza last night and it was horrible. Utterly disgusting, even for a frozen pizza. On the back it says, "Your complete satisfaction with all of our products is guaranteed. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us." If I contact them with the receipt and the UPC, do you think I'll get my 7 bucks back? In the past, I have taken things back to the store that were terrible, but it's usually half empty, and I get my money back. No one wants half a frozen pizza.

2. I'm going to a new doctor today. Goswami is a surname of Indian descent, would you agree?

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When I called 1800-myapple to find out where the closest Apple Store the woman told me there were no Apple stores in my area-but I know there is an Apple Store in the mall about 27 miles away.

Why did she lie to me?
Do they not want my money?
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I live in an apartment complex, and the walls are decently thin. My downstairs neighbor has a dog that barks nigh constantly when she's gone. She essentially lives at her boyfriend's place, so it's pretty frequent. He's a HUGE dog (comes to about my hip) and has a huge voice. They also have a small dog, who gets agitated whenever someone walks by (constantly,) and that sets off the larger dog. Having a dog bark nonstop from 7:08-7:52 (an example from this morning) is just plain irritating, especially given my work schedule - I frequently work from about 4pm to 1 or 2am. I wrote them a short note (I figure they're not aware, and I went with that as my premise - I wanted to make them aware, not that I was irritated) and nothing has changed. WTF can I do? Is this something I should complain about to my apartment manager about, or is it too trivial? I don't want to get them in trouble - they have at least double the number of pets allowed by the lease, and I don't want to end up making any of them homeless, but this is really driving me crazy.

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Every time I have to see my uncle at a family gathering he tries to convince me to have some wine. He will seriously ask me 10+ times. I hate wine. Why the fuck does he continue to bother me about it? Does he think if he gets me drunk I'll be easier to deal with?

Do you have any family members who are always trying to convince you to consume something you don't like? What is it?

policy paper

TQC, what should I pick as a topic for my paper? I have to write something that addresses a topic in society that needs reform (such as highways, healthcare, and the like), and I need to be able to find journals and books discussing the topic. What in the name of god should I use? Right now all I've got is "The Music Industry", and that's pretty much just opinion (Even if "right na na na" is a terrible, terrible song).
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1. What mp3 player do you have? How much does it hold? Do you use its entire capacity? How much do you like it?
2. What gaming devices/platforms do you have? What gaming devices/platforms do you want?

Octopus singing

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What's the best way to ship a package internationally?

Obviously, I'd like the cheapest, though if another company is slightly more though provides a faster service, tracking numbers, or better insurance, I would go with that. (I'd really love a tracking number or the fastest service for its price) Any thoughts? DHL, UPS, USPS, other? THANKS!
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What is your most emotionally prized possession?
What is your most expensive/valuable prized possession?
{People & animals do not count - physical things only}. Pictures are always excellent.

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Uuuggghhhh. TQC, I just ate an approximately 2-lb tub of canteloupe pieces.

How long will it be until my stomach explodes?

Also, do you agree or disagree with the thought that there can be "too much of a good thing"?

Collapse )

Film stills

I have to make a diptych for school inspired by film stills. Any suggestions of particularly visually interesting films I should look at (or any stills themselves)? tyfyt

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Are you ready for the motherfucking holidays?
How many times can you guess you will pack and unpack in the next month or so?
What did you do for NYE last year? Same thing this year huh?

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okay since apparently most of us gmailers are having problems, comment in this post and say so and someone will comment back so you can see if you're getting comments. someone commented me at 1:10 and as of 1:18, i have not gotten it. : (

if no one else is having problems, what's the last book you read? what was it about? would you recommend it to anyone else?

if you don't read, last movie?

if you don't watch movies, I HAVE NOTHING FOR YOU. I AP0LOGIZE.

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If you could choose to live in any world in a movie, book, video game etc., which would you choose?

I'd choose Twilight Town from KHII. Maybe with a Gummi ship so I can hop to other worlds too.
Milhent forest

Christmas tree question

Poll #1303140 Plastic or live tree

Are you going to have a real Christmas tree, or a plastic one this year?

no tree, just few branches
no tree at all
a party in the forest

If money weren't an option, what would you get?

no tree, just few branches
no tree at all
a party in the forest
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Whenever I go to take my first sip of coffee for the day, I instantly feel ~energized~ as soon as the first drop hits my tongue.

Does this mean I am an addict?
Or, is it all in my head?

Do you know what I'm talking about?

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If you think a relationship is doomed, but there's no fights or anything, how do you decide it's over?  At what point do you finally make the decision to call it off, if there's no "OMG THIS IS THE END AND I'M DONE WITH YOU" moment?

I've bought him a personalized Christmas gift that is unreturnable. Am I a heel for waiting until January to call it off, just because I don't want to waste a perfectly good gift?

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Those of you either in college or who once attended college:

How much time off did you get for winter and spring break? If you remember, what other holidays did you get off?

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Do any of you have experiences with taking Zoloft for anxiety/panic?

Do you still think about all the things that made you anxious? Did they still seem important? Or do you just react to them in different ways?

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i'm writing a paper for spanish and i can't work out the right way to say something. i want to say "bullfighting may have been brought to spain by emperor cladius in the first century" and so far "la corrida de toros puede .... por emporador claudius en el siglo I." i can't work out what's supposed to go in the middle. i think it's a tense i haven't learned yet. : \

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Poll #1303576 Inspired by the movie Stranded

You're a scientist-type on a mission to Mars. There's 5 of you aboard the ship and you're descending upon the planet, when something goes wrong and the ship crashes. Everybody's ok and NASA will send a rescue mission, but it will take like a year. Due to damages, there will not be enough oxygen for 5 people for 12 months. The most that can be substained for a year are 2 people. You're an essential crew member and can keep the ship operational, so you're inexpendable. So, that being said, which of these scenarios agrees with you best?

Everybody stays aboard and hope for the best. It's not our role to play God
Only 2 people stay aboard the ship. The other 3 walk off the ship. Straws are drawn to determine who
Same as above, except the 2 people who get to stay are the 2 most essential members of the team

Same scenario as above, except you're the pilot of the broken ship and very expendable. What solution would you be ok with?

Everybody stays aboard and hope for the best. It's not our role to play God
Only 2 people stay aboard the ship. The other 3 walk off the ship. Straws are drawn to determine who
Same as above, except the 2 people who get to stay are the 2 most essential members of the team

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Do you get upset when some one thread jacks your thread?
I mean its MY thread.....m i rite?

EDIT-O-MATIC: I'm going to DELETE this post now. Will you talk about me behind my back?

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If I said that I didnt like nuts in my banana bread, what would your mind jump to first? Second? Third?!

What is your favorite slang for breast? (bewb, boobies, moobies...ect.)

How about for a wang?
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Help me make my clothing decisions, TQC!!

I'm getting a Mountain Hardwear Jacket, but I can't decide which color I want.

Collapse )

I love them both, but some things to consider: I've been looking frantically online for the green one, and almost all of the sites I've found are sold out in Small. I'm also planning to get my boyfriend the green men's jacket for Christmas. Would it be too "cutesy-matching" if we have the same jacket? Also, I have lots of green and blue, so I'm trying to expand into purple and pink more, but I just cannot let go of that darn green jacket. So, which do you think I should get?

ETA: Just clarifying, I had already picked out the green jacket for my boyfriend. I could get him another color, but I don't want to rob him of his pretty green jacket just because I want the green jacket too. =/ I'm not trying to match us on purpose...haha.

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You're going to hate me forever, y/y?

I'm in this Psychology of Religion class and a paper was assigned where we have to interview a convert. This individual needs to have converted from Religion A to Religion B! So, if any of you have experienced this -- could you please comment here? I'll figure out a way to contact people =).

And, if you don't give a shit =), I'm going back home for Thanksgiving Break and I was wondering what I should do. So, what would you do TQC, if your home was NYC?


Do you say grace (or a prayer in thanks) on Thanksgiving?

If you and your family are not religious or do not believe, is there something special you do or say on Thanksgiving?
real men read


If you have tickets to something (concert) that someone bought you without asking you about it, and you weren't planning on being in town that night, what would you do with the tickets? StubHub? Ebay? Other?
I love Gogol Bordello and all, but I was going to visit my parents Xmas weekend. Now what?

Okay, brain fart over.

So. Do you have any Halloween candy left? I just had a mini Baby Ruth after lunch.

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Perfectly hypothetical.

A male teacher began working three years ago. In that time, there was a girl in the 11th grade in the APWH class he had. She was 17 at the time. There was nothing going on between them when she was in his class. She was his student, he was her teacher and there was no sense of attraction between them... not even a small twinge. It was purely appropriate and professional.

Three years later, he meets this girl in a store. She is no longer in high school and is now 20 years old. This time, when they meet in the 7-11 aisle, there is an attraction. The more they speak, the more they like each other in a less than professional ex-student/teacher way.

Would it be okay to call her? She's not a minor, she's not his student and this isn't an extension of anything inappropriate that happened when she was in school. Or is it still wrong because she is his ex-student?

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Would you be flattered or angry if someone you only met once (at a party) claimed to have slept with you at said party?
(And it wasn't true.)
eta: Why? I personally am flattered as well as greatly amused that someone my age would do that! (24)
This is so ridiculous.

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What's the most badass thing you've done recently?

I'm getting 100% in my sociology class for my masters degree, even though I'm not a native Spanish speaker and I'm going to a school in Panama. Take that, Spanish speakers!!

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Today I found a (mostly used) tube of 'vaginal lubricant' in my parent's medicine cabinet. Right there between the Aspirin and the Aspercreme. Is this a bit gross? (Y/Y) Should I just grow up and accept the fact that I was not conceived through artificial insemination? (Y/Y)
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Continuing with the mini-topic:

1. If you live with other people (specifically, people you aren't in a relationship with), where is it appropriate to have sex? If you share all other areas of the home, should sex be strictly confined to the bedroom? What are your rules/thoughts on this? (Assuming you are alone.)

2. Would you stop seeing someone because you were horrified by how they performed in bed? What if they just... sucked? Do you think people can be "re-trained"?
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Follow-up to this post:

I decided on the green, and now I'm searching frantically all over the internet for the Small Artichoke jacket. However, I've only found XS, XL, and one L. So should I get a Small in the men's jacket? I know it won't be as flattering, but I don't really care about that as long as it fits. According to most of the reviews I've read, the jackets run small anyway, so how big of a difference do you think it'll make?

Sorry to still be on this subject, but I'm trying to get things figured out ASAP.

tl;dr, apparently.

What's your favorite Pixar film?

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i know that this is going to come off as really racist and offensive, but i figure that it's better to ask here than to ask these people directly.

the black girls on my floor wash their hair in the kitchenette sink, at least 5 of them every week. whenever i hear the sink running, it's always someone washing their hair.

i know very little about this, so if anyone could enlighten me, that would be great. this is my fourth year in college and this has been happening since day one of college, and i never understood it.

hick dance

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Hey yall, its mah birfday today. Where should I go with my family for dinner?

Waffle House
Little Caesar's Pizza Emporium
that wing place in the corner of the Wal-Mart lot

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I came across a 1965 Canonet QL19 camera and am in the process of repairing it. The problem is, they don't make the old mercury battery that's used for it anymore. I went looking everywhere and was presented with two options: either get a slightly expensive (but, in the long run, quite affordable) adapter for newer batteries, or a 1.5V alkaline battery sold at Radioshack for five dollars.

My question: will a 1.5V #625 battery work in place of a 1.35V #625 battery?

I've tried googling some answers and usually they're not for the model I have, so I'm hoping someone who knows a little about cameras (or just anyone at all) can tell me if this is a good idea, or if I'm going to ruin this thing by using a 1.5V battery.
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My favorite vibrator died. :(

This makes me quite sad.

What kind of vibrator(s) do you own?

What would you suggest for me to get next?

How many porn shops does your town have?

Serious Question, not wank

If you do not celebrate anything during the holiday season, do other people who do celebrate make you angry?

If not a person, does anything during the season make you angry or annoyed?
(Ex: you are at a holiday meal and you are offended that someone says a prayer or something, idk)

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I just got an email from the dean of my college saying that a student's father died this week.

Is this strange?
Would you want everyone to know that your father died?
Do you have any thoughts about this?

(no subject)

How do you know when you have lost a friend?

What is something no one knows about you that you really want someone to know?

What is something someone knows about you that you wish they didnt?

What is something someone knows about you that isnt true?

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Would you get/sign a prenuptial agreement? Or have you already? Why/why not?

Is a prenup there just to protect the richer party? Or is it there for 50/50 split of possessions?


TQC I just smashed my flash drive and now it looks like Collapse )

Is all the information that was on the drive gone forever (please don't say this one!)?

agghhh there is alot of very important information on that thing and I am a dumb shit and didn't back most of it up and if I can't get it back somehow I might as well die.

srs answers only plz, just because this is VERY SERIOUS right now and I am completely freaking out

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Do you buy actual CDs anymore, or do you buy albums off of iTunes?

Edit: If both, what makes you want to buy hard copies of the albums? In other words, is there a special reason why you choose to buy hard copies vs downloading?

(no subject)

What was the last thing that went wrong in your life?
The lady at the bank fucked up my checking account and now I MUST keep $1500 in there. I only have $1800 and I wasn't planning on keeping it in there to begin with.

What was the last thing that went right in your life?
I got into a class that had 20 people on the waiting list! I needed to take it by next semester and it means that I can put off algebra! WOO!

*Ignore my grammar, I'm tired.

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What are these ingredients for? - meat, chicken, pork, bacon, mayonnaise, butter, 18 different cheeses, beef, eggs, Masked Montana's Special Sauce, meat, by products, butter, butter, butter, more eggs, jellied beef juice, 7 different lunch meats and extra bacon.

What kind of camera do you have?

Do you like the Candy Cane Oreos?

How lame is it that the holiday Oreos have red creme but it's just regular flavor?

EDIT: no one will probably look back this far but the answer to the first question is Masked Montana's Mega Torta (from Mucha Lucha)
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me and my bf got a movie last night that is a dollar every night that you keep it. He forgot it, and my car has no oil in it at the moment. (we couldn't get the filter off, yaddi yadda, now it's dark and we have to wait til morning)

Should I make him pay the extra dollar since he's the one that forgot the movie at my house?

How many gigs do you think I would need to store photos and music if I were to reformat my computer (not a lot of pics, Itunes has about 800 songs)?

Should I get my bf Hellboy (and maybe hellboy 2) or Wall-E for christmas (he liked both movies)?


Do you have "A" list people and "B" list people in TQC?
Like...when you see thier icon you think "Thats an A person. I'll read respond to them? KNOWHATIMEAN?

Oh please oh please DON'T tell me who they are...

Few randoms..

Does anyone else find it really hot to get into a fight/argue with the person you lust over? .. or is it just me?

What are the topics of your assignments/papers/essays you have to write tonight/this week? (If you're in school of course)

Have you ever seen a taping of a talk show? Which one? Did you get any swag? What's the "behind the scenes" like?

stand up comedians

Can you recommend some funny stand up comedians? I'd like to be able to check them out on youtube AND buy a dvd for a gift. I know who Carlos Mencia, Jeff Dunham and John Pinette are. Thnx

ETA: Target audience is 60 yo Italian-American man.
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1. Are your fast food places required to post the amount of calories in each item? What do you think think about this idea?

2. Would you be less likely to get a coffee cake muffin from Dunkin' Donuts if you noticed that it said it was 620 calories? Not including the 320 calories for your hot chocolate? D:

A couple hair questions

I recently cut my hair short (above shoulder) after 9 years of having long hair. Now I have no idea what to do with it. It's a simple straight cut without layers. The problem with my hair is that it's kinda big and when it's short it curls up at the end. I wouldn't mind if it looked good, but it doesn't. Some places curl inward, most curl outward and some curl up very slightly.

How do I deal with it without a straightening iron? I don't have money to spend on that, too (poor college student...). Is there a shampoo, conditioner...? I don't have really much time to blow dry it in place, and even if I do it just goes back to its wild self.


Also, I've been losing hair a LOT these past few... well past half year. Not enough for people to notice I'm going bald or anything, but still at an alarming rate.Could this be vitamin deficiency, do you recommend seeing a doctor or should I just go buy something for hair loss? No one in my family lost their hair, all of my relatives had and have their big hair in old age... 

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I do believe I'm heading for a breakdown.
I do not have time for a breakdown right now.

What should I do?

Serious & non, but hookers & blow are outta the question as I have the boyfriend for sexing & drugs sound kinda icky & expensive.

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Did you ever watch Hey Arnold! ?
If yes:
Who would you totally hang out with?
Who would you date (either at the time or if they were older, whichever)?

Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Sid, Torvald!
Lil Bat

Gallon of Libations?

What would you put in this for Thanksgiving (soda can for size reference)? Something relatively simple and not too boozy. Should I just mix some fruit punch and vodka? This is more for the novelty than anything else but tastiness is a requirement. I'm not very creative when it comes to mixed drinks, especially on gallon levels.

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Does she genuinely like me and just has a busy schedule that conflicts with just about everything, or is she trying to avoid me and doesn't have the heart to tell me I'm nasty? We've been on one date and genuinely hit it the fuck off and she asked me for my number and we told eachother nice things, and now whenever I try to schedule a second date it's "Oh, I'm busy with _____". It's been close to two weeks.
kurt halsey

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TQC, do you think it is untrue that if one writes an "opinion" article for a newspaper - especially a high school newspaper - it is meant to be about the author's opinion on whatever matter? I didn't think so.

What should you be doing right now?
Ben Burnley - Mmmmm


I forgot about a parent teacher conference I was supposed to be at tonight. I remembered as we were eating dinner which was 30 minutes after the conference was supposed to take place.

What do I do?

srs and non-srs answers welcome

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I am

a communist
a socialist
a fascist pig
a male chauvinist pig
just a pig
a lady
a rock. I am an iiiiisland.
a bit tipsy
a nutcase
a democrat
a lesbian
a heterosexual
a smorgasbord of sensual delights
a barbarian
none of the above

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If two tongues make contact, are they both being licked? Or are both of them licking? Or would that mean that both of them are licking and being licked? Or do they just cancel each other out?

Does this question even make sense?

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What have been your worst reasons for making a decision?

I picked a school close to home, instead of one 5 hours away, and that I loved, all because my best friends live here (never see them outside of school now), my other "best friend" was having a baby (we don't talk anymore),I didn't want to be alone on my birthday. There are more trust me.

Please make me feel like I'm not the only one that has done this before.
im french

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1. Soooo I got my wisdom teeth out... Thursday? What would happen if I smoked a cigarette today? Would it really be that bad? Just one cigarette. I haven't had one in 4 days and I'm really jonesing.

2. In what ways are you self-righteous?
cubs hat

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I have a sewing machine and I want to start sewing. I don't know a lot about sewing, but I want to be good at it. What are things to make that are easy to sew that would be good beginner projects?

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Have you rearranged your living room this year?

I don't remember
No, but someone in my house did

What did you do today?

Ate something deep fried