November 23rd, 2008

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I have sloshy boobage and am going shopping tomorrow for bras.  What kind of bra can I get to keep my sloshy boobs from sloshing around every time I move, and also provides good liftage and support?

Could I possibly make up more words in this post?

Points for pics, 'cause I know the menfolk love it.

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My friend David is staying on campus for thanksgiving break. Which basically means hes all alone in the dorms for over a week. The campus is a ghost town, theres very few ppl there. He has no money and no transportation.

What can he do to amuse himself? He's been going crazy just watching movies and listening to music..

Any fun sites you know of? Or ideas to keep him entertained?
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i bought a new stephen king book today called just after sunset. i'm broke and christmas is coming up and i realized that i should save the book and give it to my dad for christmas. do you think i could get away with reading it first, or is that a scummy thing to do? you can always tell when a book's been read.

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ive googled this to death, but can't find the right recipe.

does anyone know the rice krispie recipe that involves melting butterscotch morsels and adding it to peanut butter and the krispies and then you refrigerate?

i'm not sure if there are any other ingredients involved, i never made this myself i only remember watching as a kid.
all the recipes i've found involve corn syrup and brown sugar, but i don't remember those coming into play.

your thoughts on capote? especially the non-fiction novel "In Cold Blood"

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I can't believe I'm posting it since I always hate these questions, but...
Lately I've been remembering a movie from my childhood, so it would have come out about 12-17 years ago. It takes place during the second world war (I think). There's a woman and a man who are in love, I think she's a spy (or German) and he's an American soldier. Initially he dislikes her or pretends to. The few scenes I remember are one in her appartment. Some police men or soldiers come in to her appartment and she hides behind a thing where you change. She goes into a hole in the floor which connects to the laundry shoot, and she looses her grip and falls into a pile of laundry.
The other scene I remember is the end and he carries her, and she's either dead or dying and while he carries her across this army perimeter they shoot him, but he doesn't stop carrying her, until he can no longer and he falls to his knees.

Anyway does this ring a bell for anyone?

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how long after giving a guy your number should you wait until you should figure he's not going to call?

both my friend and me gave our numbers out last night and now that it's been 24 hours she's all, "omg wut why didn't he call today" and i'm sitting here going "umm give him a few days or a week, dude." and she's telling me i'm too laid back about it.

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my neighbors are blasting that song "liquid dreams" by that original "making the band" band, though the name escapes me. really people? it's 2:24am.

what should be their punishment? /revenge?
i'd just call the cops on them and complain but i don't even think they're in there, they're not making enough noise with their voices, they're probably at the bars.

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Have you seen that video about the guy who has hiccups and he and his girlfriend can't cure them until she makes the scary face?

what the fuck?

Have you ever laced your shoes (or known somebody who has) with those licorice laces?

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I just had a massive emotional breakdown and thankfully took some meds and had a friend there to calm me down. It's 3am and my mind is racing with blah and crap though.

Have you ever had a similar situation?

How do you deal with feelings of dispaire and all that?

How do I just go to damned sleep?
Bug-eyed Earl

Scratched plastic

Do you know of anything that can repair or cover up scratched silver plastic? Our laptop has scratches next to the keyboard and it's annoying. I think Apple makes something but it's expensive.

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I'm looking at buying a new home in NC.
So its like buying a car. You don't pay the sticker price.
What percentage do I offer? 75%? 80%? 85%?
Its a buyers market right now and I want to cash in!!!
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I've been out of the dating scene for almost four years now. Where do I start to get back into it? Last time I dated was in college where it was much easier to meet people. How do I go about this besides the obvious online routes? And how do I get past the casual dating aspect? I want something long-term because I hate casual relationships. I also hate the whole getting-to-know-you part because it's farking awkward.

LJ hasn't been emailing me some of the comments people make on my LJ or in communities. Anyone else having this issue? I've never had this happen before (that I know of).

Has anyone ever lived on the first floor of an apartment complex? Did you feel any less safe than a higher floor? Any horror stories?

What's your favorite meal to order at your favorite restaurant?

Polite way of saying none of your business?

I am so bad at telling people that I don't want to share certain information with them. I feel like it's rude, but at the same time I know that I have a right to privacy.

I told my landlord last night that I was moving out and she asked me where I was moving. Then when I told her where she asked me which specific part. I told her, and then she asked me where I knew the person who owns the place from. I know these aren't extremely invasive questions but I didn't want to tell her, because really, it's none of her business, and I don't want to convey that I'm on friendly terms with her, because I can't stand living here.

But when people ask you personal questions, how can you nicely tell them that you don't want to answer without them asking why?
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There's this empty space in the local "mall" and yesterday we were driving past it and noticed something in the window.

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What's the last random thing you saw?
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How often do you participate in on-line polls?

only when they are interesting
only when I think they are worh a crap
NO ticky!
you talking to me?
when I see an interesting icon
I'm GUMBY dammit!

Comments are of course MANDATORY

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Gooooood morning, TQC!

1. How long do you think this 7-14 page research paper will take me? (I haven't started yet, and it's a comparison paper between the US and Indian governments.)

2. What is the last thing that excited you?

3. What did/will you have for breakfast?

4. Will you share with us which of this week's secrets is your favorite?

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you know how people are always like, "Babies are beatiful!" and they're blessings and all that stupid gushy crap.

who doesn't immediately find babies to be ~beautiful?

in general i find the little freaks to be quite ugly. i don't get the fuss. obviously there are good looking babies but they are few and far between, and even when they are i don't really ~get it~. i mean, they're not puppies.

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Does anybody have their Christmas tree/holiday decorations up already?

If not when do you usually start decorating?

I'm feeling the urge to decorate but I'm afraid I'm going to get tied of looking at it by Christmas if I put it up this early.

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On a scale of 1-10 (1 being not at all, 10 being perfectly happy) how much do you like the way you look?

If you're unhappy with the way you look in some way, what do you think influenced your feelings? (eg - other people, media etc)

Is the media as responsible as some say for influencing people - especially kids - and the way they relate to their bodies?
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Emergency gift question.

Help! I'm going to visit my best friend today, I haven't seen her for over a year. Her birthday was two days ago, but that is something I can deal with. The problem is her daughter. As Nika is my almost-sister, I see her daughter as my niece. But I'm absolutely lost around children. When she was younger I always brought a small gift for her when I visited. But now I'm lost.

What can I give to a 7-8 year old girl aside from sweets?
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Very quickly TQC, I've only got 15 minutes...

I need some drinking games + RULES to play with 6 people.

And I need some things to put in a treasure hunt that couyld be done in a small scottish university town on the most notorious drunken day of our calander (St Andrews and Raisin Sunday if you're interested). I'm thinking of making three categories: Collect this (e.g. a glass), Take a picture of this (e.g. a policeman) and Find out this (e.g. the price a certain drink in a certain pub).

Please help?

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If applicable,

how old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus? If you remember, what was the context in which you found out?

Are you just finding out now with this post? if so I apologize.
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What's the most peculiar combination of things that you've eaten? Or most peculiar flavor of something you've eaten?

I'm eating an olive oil and rosemary bagel and it's absolutely amazing. I've seen rosemary and olive oil on it's own, but never in bagel form.

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i'm leaving in about an hour to go to my friend's house and watch the broncos game. i just oftered to bring lunch (something fast food or from the grocery store, no cooking) for four people. where should i go? what should i get? i'd like to spend no more than like ten bucks.
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I want to sew. What is the last thing you sewed?
Do you know of anything easy that I can make?
Did your mother used to sew your clothing when you were little?

answers in comments.

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Have you ever been randomly selected at an airport for an extensive security check (as in they stop you at security and pat you down and dig through all your shit)?

Did you have anything illegal or embarrassing? Did they find it?

Any other funny/memorable airport/airplane stories you'd like to share?

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1. If you did all your holiday shopping at your job, what kind of gifts would the people on your shopping list end up with?

I work at Bath and Body Works, so everyone on my list would get something that smells good.

2. How would you feel if the gift someone gave you was from where they worked?

I guess I wouldn't mind it if they put some thought into it. But if they grabbed something generic off the shelf I don't think I'd be too impressed.


are you surprised by the most played song on your itunes?

i just looked at mine and i thought it would be this Sunset Rubdown song but it's "Nantes" by Beirut and i was like "wut." on my old computer/my ipod it's "Minha Galera" by Manu Chao. and while i do love that song that, too, made me go "wut."

BONUS QUESTION: today is definitely one of those days where i could burst into tears at any moment and there's no way i'm PMSing since i just had my period. what's a funny book to go look at at Barnes and Noble before work?
Evil Me

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Have you ever moved to another country permanently or semi-permanently? How was your experience?

Should I move to Australia? (I was there for a year once in 2000-2001, but this is different)

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I have a Blackberry Curve.

Occasionally, my phone decides to delete all the messages in my inbox and outbox, including unread messages, and stop receiving/sending messages.


I woke up at 8AM and I had 3 unread messages. I fell back asleep and I woke back up at 10AM and not only were those unread messages inbox and outbox were empty. WTF.

I can't figure out what's wrong or if it's a setting I somehow triggered?

Does anyone know?
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1. Now don't lie to me and say you have never been to McDonalds. What was/is your FAVORITE toy from a Happy Meal? Pictures are always awesome.

I got my first Monster in my Pocket when I was 7. That was my favorite Happy Meal toy.

2. Did you collect anything when you were a little person? If so, what?

Ebay, Etsy and Websites

Do you have an Ebay account with stuff for sale in it?
How about Etsy?

Links to them!

Do you own any websites? Links!

What websites do you wish existed?

Then, go through the comments and comment on people's websites?

edit: Want to help me beta test a website a friend and I are developing?

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1. Seeing as I did a lot of shots last night and I'm now paying for it, I was wondering what kind of shots make you feel like hell?

2. What is your favourite shot?

3. I made out with this guy I've known since I was 14, I'm now 18, last night and now things are slightly awkward...I dont' know what step to take next. HELP!


1. sambuca is the drink of death for me.

2. I LOVE to do shots of jaegermesiter, goldschlager and crappy sourz shots!

3. ????

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i leaned on my pen and got a black stain on my brand new jumper!!! i used this pen thing that removes all stains and it says wet the area of the stain and then wash straight away so i put it on and then put my jumper straight in the wash by itself!! now i'm quite worried because i don't know a lot about washing clothes and i've never washed something on its on before so will it be okay to be on its own?!!? eek i'm scared because i love my jump!

p.s i phoned my mum and she said it would be fine too so fingers crossed!!!!!!!! thanks guys!!

p.p.s did you know tqc has tags?!?!

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My mom wants to get a new puppy. However, she plans on purchasing from a puppy mill. How do I go about explaining to her that this is not the best way, and how do I introduce better alternatives if she has her heart set on a specific breed? I already tried and failed because my explanation skills are nonexistent.
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Telling People You're Sick?

So, TQC, I've just found out that it's extremely likely that I have Hashimoto's thyroidsis. I'm fine with that; it means I can get some help, woo! However, during the past year or so when I've been deteriorating badly, this has included a whole host of mental problems which have caused a lot of trouble in my relationships with my friends. We've been taking a break from talking, but now that I know what's wrong, I'd really like to get in contact.

The question is, how do I bring this up? "Oh yeah, I was kind of a wreck/jerk, but it's cause I was sick"? I feel like I should bring it up, because I think knowing why I was acting that way and that something is being done about it is good, but how do I do that?

If you don't care about the above:

What should I bake for a housewarming party?

Also, for those of you that have lived in efficiency apartments, do you have any decorating advice?

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So I finally grew a pair and told a boy last night that if this wasn't going anywhere then we need to stop screwing. He essentially said he doesn't do LDRs (he's going home for winter break for a month an hour?! away from where i live, pussy). And today I got stalkerish and checked his friend's page and he's apparently very distraught over what happened. WHY ARE BOYS SO DUMB?

What's the dumbest thing a boy (or lady) has done to you lately?
zombie baby cede! :D

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So this is a hot topic in parts of my Universty (yes, we have no lives):

What reading level is Twilgiht?
Now... not if you enjoy it, but like what age is it appropiate to read this?

My money is on 7th grade-tops.

Would you think less of someone if they read a book that was written at an extrem lower level than their age?
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When you get take-out from a restaurant, not fast food, do you leave a tip?
What about when you get coffee/beverages?
What's a good CD I should buy?

[Edited for clarity]

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Why is my math education teacher requiring two papers cited in APA format?

Does she think she is teaching psychology?

Furthermore, if she is a trained geometrist, as she claims, why did she try to say a 3-4-5 triangle was not a right triangle?

Am I at the worst school to learn to teach?
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Why do people become offended when I say there is a homosexual agenda? ("fucking idiot" was the last term I heard)

It's pretty clear that anyone lobbying for or against something has an agenda. Clearly not every homosexual has a clear-cut, active agenda, but it is ridiculous to entirely deny that there is a movement promoting gay interests.

EDIT: Why should it matter if the word has negative connotations? It's still accurate. Nobody gets upset if you point out that Christians have an agenda, or vegans, or NARAL, or any other group seeking to enact change.
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1. Are there any words that you tend to overuse, particularly online? If so, what are they and do you make a conscious effort to use them less?

2. If someone makes a post which needs more information or clarification, and lots of the commenters indicate that by asking questions, how do you tend to feel when the OP doesn't answer any of the questions or provide any additional information?

Oh, Pavlov.

Regardless of how empty or full my bladder feels in the car on the way home, I have to pee OMG RIGHT THIS SECOND as soon as I open my front door.

What are you conditioned to do?

I don't get it.

I'm relatively new to Flickr and though I've looked, I haven't found what I'm looking for.

Is there a way to set it up so that if anyone leaves a comment on one of your pictures it'll e-mail you, like LJ does? Or if someone comments after you on a discussion/thread it'll e-mail you, like Facebook does?

Thanks in advance for the help!
po3 doll//calm


My cat stepped on the keyboard of my laptop a few minutes ago, and now my Page Up/Page Down buttons don't work. It'll page down, but as soon as I take my finger off the button, it jumps back up to the top of the page. And the Home and End buttons don't work, either. I can use the arrow keys to go to the end of the page, but I want to be able to scroll using them. Any suggestions? Should I throw the cat out the window for breaking my laptop?

It's a Dell Inspiron B130, if that helps.

ETA: It's only doing this in Firefox. Bah.

punk_is_so_dead fixed it! Hooray!

New question: Have you ever seen the movie Capricorn One with James Brolin and OJ Simpson? Did you find it lolarious if you have?
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TQC, once I turn 21, I'm considering becoming a bartender. Anyone here one or know someone who is and have tips?
What was your first job and how did you get it?

Edit: Just checked. CA requires you to be 21 to bartend.

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I made chili a couple days ago but for some reason my hands still smell like onions even though I've washed them multiple times since then.

Is there anything I can do to neutralize the onion smell on my hands? (srs/ non srs answers welcome)

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My Dearest TQC,
How long should I pretend to do homework before I go take my dog for a walk? Both of my parents have yelled at me oodles for not doing homework, but they don't seem to understand that I am physically incapable of doing so while there is daylight. All I have is a project that'll take two hours tops, which I want to do after dinner so I'll fall asleep easier. Plus, my doggie seems sad and needs a bath anyway.
Clem & Joely

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If you could live in or visit any "fantasy world" of your choice, where would you go?

"Fantasy world" being someplace that someone has already thought up and the idea is fairly known. Like Middle-earth, Neverland, Halloweentown, Narnia, City of Ember...or whatever other places you can think of.

Me, I'd definitely go to Middle-earth or Neverland. But I'm curious to see what others come up with.

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When you were a kid (or even older than a kid, like a teenager), what did you want to do when you grew up? (job/profession-wise)

Is that what you ended up doing/are working on being able to do now?

If no, what did you end up doing/are you working on being able to do?

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k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I'm going to make my family dinner probably Wednesday night, maybe on Tuesday, because my sister is coming home from PA Tuesday. I'm making Mushroom Steak 'n Linguine. It's basically linguine in a white-ish sauce, topped with some red pepper, a little spinach and thin strips of steak. I plan on serving it with slices of  crunchy, toasted bread.

What else should I serve it with? Do I even need to serve anything else with it? What about appetizers/desserts that would compliment this? Drinks?

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1. Which tastes worse, fat free shredded mozzarella or full fat soy cheese?

2. What's one task around the house that you would pay someone else to do if you could?

3. Presidents (and their wives) often bring about style trends, like the Ike jacket, Barbara Bush's pearls, or JFK's hat and his wife's general aesthetic. What's one style trend you want Obama to bring back?

Email Spam Retailation

Is there some safe for work sites I can spam these other email addresses with? I keep getting random junk and emailing each fake address would not work! My email company has no filter system - just sends it to a folder. Ive even hear of website that can block emails on your email server  - yet- its just web based mail. I want to spam them back....... not its NOT yahoo, or hotmail
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Free stuff?

1. Has anybody gotten their Free Dr. Pepper yet? I just tried, but the site is slower than molasses, surprise surprise.

2. For those of you with big extended families: do you draw names for Christmas, or are gifts just for immediate family? My family draws names for individuals, and then everybody gets something for my grandparents.

3. I started college full-time, which means I don't work as many hours, and we had to put both cars in the shop this week. When [family member that draws my name] asks what I want for Christmas, how tacky would it be to ask for *Blue Vest Place* gift cards so we can get groceries and necessities for the house?
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I'm making a package to send to a marine and I'd like to get it sent out no later than Tuesday. I cannot send any alcohol, tobacco, pornography, perishables, or liquids. I can send non-perishable foods and beef jerky has been recommended. Other than beef jerky what kinds of foods should I send? What types of non-perishable food would you want if you were a marine?

I've been looking around at different websites for suggestions, but I want to send something ~special~ like something they would really like/probably don't get that often. What should this item be?

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I'm off on Thanksgiving, but the place that I work at is still open. (cough cough Wal-mart cough cough) My family is so dysfunctional and I want to avoid them. Should I go in to work and make time and a half to avoid them? Or just suck it up and spend some good 'ol dysfunctional family time?

Have any weird family members? Care to tell us about them?

(I have so many! My brother pees in water bottles because he's too lazy to go to the bathroom at night and keeps them in his room. I last counted 15 piss bottles...He's 19, too.)
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Gas is $1.54 at the Kroger's down the road. What's the cheapest gas price where you live?

Even from a libertarian perspective, shouldn't the U.S. government legislate a ban on futures trading for commodities necessary for the daily lives of citizens?

Isn't it a greater good to protect the loss of money by citizens who're forced to pay unnecessarily high prices by restricting the freedom of traders?
BOOKS merlin
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What's up with my hair?

I washed it last night and I woke up this morning and it's greasy again...

does anybody know what's wrong with my hair and why it gets so greasy so quickly?

brush off

What kind of hairbrush do you use? If you use boar how is it different than man-made material?

Did anyone ever gift you with a really nice hairbrush/comb set?

Have you seen the the brushes with the gel grip handle? What do you think? I think they're too squishy and my hair would probably stick to the gel and get yanked out which is why I quit using soft rubber handled brushes.

I was looking for an online pic of my hairbrush to make this post and found this hairbrush compact and a vibrating hairbrush. Mine is the purple one.

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I often call my friends "cunt" and they do the same back. Does anyone else do this? Affectionate insults, anyone?

What are people's arguments against swearing? Why are some words taboo?

(no subject)

My birthday is in a week! What's something really cool that I should ask for?
Srs and nonsrs answers :D

What's the best thing you've ever got yourself for your birthday or Christmas?
I plan to buy myself a new bubbler and enough pot to smoke every day in December.


(no subject)

What does it mean that when you move your head suddenly (I notice it if I flop my head down on my pillow or something) your teeth hurt?

Will I die?

Serious/non serious.
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(no subject)

My flow of interesting marketing generalizations has dried up so here's something from interpersonal communications instead:

Which defensive behaviors do you mostly use to protect yourself?

Hell's Librarian

Missing Snake

My boa got out of his cage yesterday and after much searching he hasn't turned up.

He can't have gotten out of the house (there is only one door and it's winter so all the windows are closed and the screens still whole). We have no duct work for him to hide in and he's too big to fit in any drains/toilets. We also don't have a basement or any open walls/ceilings.

I've run out of ideas. He's not going to come out for the smell of food, he doesn't come when called. And the cats and dogs aren't avoiding any area in particular.

Oh, and he's about 7 feet long.

Any suggestions?

~ K.
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Let's talk about applying makeup. I have no idea how to do it. Really, more about eyeshadow than anything else.

I'm going to a wedding next weekend, and I want to look nice. I don't want bridal makeup, I don't want to look like a hooker, and I need it to be dumbed down enough so that I will understand it.

How do you know what colors to pick?

Are there any websites that can help with this? Makeup for dummies, maybe?

waiting to be proven wrong or right

Attention grammar lovers and self proclaimed grammar Nazis-

What is the right way to word this sentence-

"Ford, GM, and Chrysler do not deserve a bailout because they..."


"Ford, GM, and Chrysler does not deserve a bailout because they..."

I could swear it was the first one but MS Word's grammar check keeps telling me it's the second.

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Why do you like the Twilight series? Srsly, guys, srsly. The books are just badly written. They are about sparkly vampires. Really? And Bella Swan is so clearly an author avatar. It's like fanfiction! And not particularly good fanfiction at that. I'm always so baffled by people who I normally consider to be reasonably smart but love these books. And for what it's worth I did read the first book before going on my mission of Twihate.
Bert Shocked

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Hey friends,

A little while ago I read a story from some link that someone posted. It was by some famous poet lady and it was something like five very short stories. I don't remember much but the first part went like:

Collapse )


Anyway, I can't remmeber the rest. Do any of you know this story? Thank you.
dianna agron ;;

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How do you define racism?

Power + prejudice = racism
Prejudice towards any race = racism
Or something else?

I hadn't heard of the power + prejudice thing until I started using LJ, so I was just wondering how most people define it
Baro Bitch Stare
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Poll #1302968 THE POLL

Making a salad, what do you put in yours?

romaine lettuce
iceburg lettuce
shredded carrots
diced ham
bacon bits
shredded cheese
blu cheese
sunflower seeds
other stuff? (in comments?)

What kind of dressing goes on top?

Balsamic Vinaigrette
Thousand Island
Blue Cheese
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Toasted Asian Sesame
other (in comments?)

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My best friend and I met at Kindergarten orientation-now we are still BFF4EVA and nearing 30. Ever since I could remember every time we went to the mall we would pick up a cheesy "Best/Friends" necklace from Clairs/Icing and that would break maybe three days later and the cycle would continue. Now that we are "big girls" I want to get us a real piece of jewelery with the same concept. Do you know of any jewelers that have real gold/diamond "Best Friends" necklaces?

Road trip!!

We're going on a two week road trip over Christmas/Hanukkah and New Year's from L.A., to San Francisco, up to Seattle, down to Portland, back through San Francisco, and back down to L.A.
Anyone have idea of things to do/see/eat in any of these cities [or random stops along the way]? We're especially looking for quirky maybe off-the-beaten-path kinda places. Restaurants? Museums? Strange tourist attractions? Odd eclectic inns? Help!
Clem & Joely

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Is anyone else keeping up with the "larvae breast" issue on PostSecret? Do you think the picture should stay or be taken down?

If you're curious, go to and you'll see. I'll warn you now, though, the picture has become a controversy for its graphicness and MAY SCAR YOU. :D (Apparently someone threw up when they saw it, someone else said it'll haunt their dreams or something...) I'm sure some of you have seen the picture before, though. This is the first postcard since I've been watching postsecret that's become such an issue.

Collapse )

I'll be really upset if they remove it. I like how PostSecret has been completely uncensored and I want it to stay that way.

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1. When was the last time you wanted to smack the hell out of someone?

2. Are there any ongoing (preferably funny, but I'm not picky) anime/manga series with fairly active fandoms that you can recommend? I have a month long winterbreak coming up in a few weeks and I'll need something to watch/read at 4 AM instead of cramming. I already know of Naruto, KHR!, and D.Gray-man.
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I'm going to go visit my marital unit Wednesday. If I stay until (7pm) Saturday, it is $400. If I stay until (6am) Sunday, it's $549. My dad is pitching in $100 for the trip.

Poll #1302951 gimme just one night

Should I spend $150 more and stay until Sunday?



You asshole.

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Do you ever look back on things you've written in the past (journal entries, essays, stories, ~poetry~, whatever) and just LOL?

I just found a short story I wrote when I was a freshman in high school, which got submitted to the school literary magazine my sophomore year. (I was in the lit club my freshman year, and part of that was looking through all submissions anonymously [the author's name was omitted] and voting yay or nay. My story got voted in that year, but got voted out by the stupid principal for CONTROVERSIAL CONTENT. lol. I was a bamf.) Anyway, it is so full of clichés and it is just AWFUL and I am never going to be a writer.
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Inkjet printer paper

I'm trying to work on a photography portfolio, but the Kodak Picture Paper I got seems to muddle the colors and blacks/whites of my photos. If there a special paper out there that's more sensitive to the gradations of light and dark, so I don't end up with fuzzy and overly-dark prints (especially B&Ws)?

And no, the images themselves are not faulty - they print out just fine on standard printer paper. I'm just seeking a photo paper that's up to snuff for accurate presentation of portraits. Advice?

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i just had sex and my boyfriend came and pulled out but the condom stayed inside of me (but it was still hanging out a little) but some cum got on/around my vagina. he was behind me so i couldn't really see what happened.

I'M PARANOID. should i be worried?
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2 questions.

What is a creative and aesthetically pleasing way to display Christmas Cards? I don't have any counter space or a mantle. I would love to make a tree out of it somehow but no idea how to. Ideas/suggestions?

Do you believe in karma?
I owe this "friend" a little bit of money. When I borrowed it I was in a bad position financially and he told me not to worry about paying it back anytime soon. I have some money now. And when I asked him for an address to send a check to he and I chatted, and he confessed to making a "hate me" website because (and I quote) "he was a bad person". (backstory, a year ago I was directed to a site by a friend, with pictures, my addresses, phone numbers, LJ, emails, aim names, facebook, myspace, EVERYTHING I am on in the web. It destroyed me and caused so much stress. I had to change everything). I've had a rough year, and I'm trying to do everything I can to get rid of bad karma (pay people back, help others, be better). I've been wanting to pay him back to even out my karma. Now, I've talked to three people about this. They all say I should screw it and not give him back his money. That this is his bad karma for the pain the website cause me. I don't know. What do you think? Even if you don't believe in karma, do you think he deserves his money back?
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1. How can I make Hotmail send me LJ comment notifications again?

2. If you really don't want to tell someone something but feel it is best you do, how do you go about that? Is it easier to write a letter? Do you think the format of a letter when unnecessary is perceived negatively?

3. I have dark brown long hair. If I was to go blonde, would I have to chop most of it off to keep my hair reasonably healthy after all the bleaching/dye?
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Dearest TQC...

1. One of my roommates took my WET CLEAN CLOTHES out of the washer, and left them ON TOP of the dryer so they could wash their clothes. Now they smell and I have to rewash them. How should I retaliate?
2. I am going home tomorrow, and I need some tunes for the car. Will you give me a title for a mix cd, and I will create a CD around that title/theme?

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My cat lays on the vent in the bedroom while the furnace is on. How can I get him to stop? It's the only vent and it gets really cold.
Also, he's long haired and an indoor-only cat. Why does he feel the need to hog the heat?

Is anyone else here getting sick?