November 22nd, 2008

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1. I'm cooking Thanksgiving this year. I have one oven with one rack. I need that for my sweet potatoes and dressing. It's just going to be my fiance and his kids so I was just going to make a turkey breast.

I found a recipe for making it in the slow cooker. (High for 1 hour, Low for 7 hours). I'm a little weary about that though. Will it be juicy? How will it look? Have any of you made turkey breast in the slow cooker? How did it turn out? I've never even made a turkey in the oven before. (x-posted to cooking)

2. If you don't care... will you tell me about your first crush?
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What are our opinions on re-gifting?

What do you consider tasteful re-gifting?

What do you consider tacky re-gifting?

If you concerns are offending the gifter, what about getting rid of the gift other ways (sell, donate, toss)?

If your concerns are the feelings of the giftee, do you tell them where it came from? What if they find out later?

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Are there any words (in any language) that you just cannot STAND?

(For instance, I hate to hear the word "smooth." It freaks me the fuck out and makes my skin crawl. I have no idea why. But I can't even get within fifty feet of a fucking Jamba Juice without getting a nervous tick.)
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I've noticed in recent prom pictures, the girls have started wearing garters under their dresses and taking pictures showing them off like Collapse )
Did you do this for your prom, or is this something new?
I didn't and neither did any of my friends. Personally, I think these pictures are kind of tacky... :/
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I just had something of a realization, inspired by the garter post! I often see people with garters (presumably from weddings) hanging from the rear view mirror of their cars, but I was always convinced when I was younger that they were headbands that you put on baby girls.

So which is it, TQC? Are those garters, or baby headbands? I feel a little sad now. I prefer the thought of keeping your baby's headband. :( IDK. What do you think?

Have you ever thought something for ages and realized later that you were wrong? What was it?
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According to Nick @ Nite PSA commercials, families that eat together are 40% happier, and kids who eat with their parents are more likely to get A's and B's in school.

TQC, do you think families that eat together are 40% happier, or do you think that families that are happy are more likely to eat together?  Do you think kids that eat with their parents are more likely to get A's and B's, or do you think that A and B students are more likely to eat with their families?

Or are they interchangeable?

Or is it just time for me to go to bed?

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do you know what the term "deep-lez" means? i googled it, but it looks like it's a band/group? someone called me this recently and i'm not positive what it means, though i have a clue.

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Have you ever been absentmindedly rubbing a dog's belly only to look down and notice that he's got a big pink dog boner? And that you might have accidentally touched it?

Would you punch that dog for putting you in that awkward position?

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why is it so goddamn hard to find cute brown leather flat boots that i can buy in person in the buffalo/rochester area that aren't like $150? wtf you guys!!

eta: that are also at least mid-calf and aren't riding boots.


1. why am i "the baby" of the family and still able to drink twice as much as my sister? she's sick as shit and i'm just all, "lol wut?"

2. any suggestions for when she gets out of the shower?

BONUS QUESTION: why doesn't the jukebox at my favorite bar have Wolf Parade? WHY? THEY HAVE EVERYTHING ELSE.

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Apparently I'm working through some residual anger...what can I do to get rid of these "angers" and become the sweet loveable person we all know and love??

I have no access to illegal drugs,alcohol or sexors....but have large quantities of freshly squeezed Simple Green :)
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1. Do you ever have sex dreams that are good in the dream, but then when you wake up you realize that it would have been terrible sex in real life?

2. Will you post pictures of ugly celebrity offspring? (Can be real or those terrible photoshopped ones.)

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Poll #1301964 ICONOLOGY

What do you see when you look at my icon?

Sam Clemens
fire thrower
you talking to me?
Mark Twain
Brad Pitt

And comments are ALWAYS welcome (even if they're not nice...because my world is not NICE)

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last night i met this guy i kinda liked and i gave him my number. well, i gave it to his friend to give to him because he'd gone off to get drinks and my sister got sick and i had to go take care of her.

so why is part of me hoping to sweet baby Heathus he doesn't end up calling?

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If your parents told you they were going to take you shopping for a present (within a reasonable price - aka not like thousands of dollars) what would you choose?
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Do you have anything weird in your purse? Either something that you always have in there, or just something weird that's in there right now.

I always have a clean pair of socks in my bag.

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1. A girl I work with looks exactly like the main character from Diary of a Mad Black Woman.
Do you know anyone who looks like a celebrity?

2. Do you like any of Tyler Perry's movies?
2a. Which ones do you like best?

3. Would mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets be bad to eat when you are having stomach problems?
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Have you played Call of Duty? Is it fun/hard? Tell me about it.

I've never really played games like that before, but I kind of want to try it out like Jim Halpert.

Or should I start with GTA San Andreas?

What do you play?

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My friend and I are going to a concert tonight, she is driving. Its about an hour away, she drives a Chevy Aveo, and gas is approximately 1.85 around here right now. Is $10 being cheap on gas money?

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1.  What awesome movie should I see this weekend?  Why?

2.  What should I get my boyfriend's aunt for Christmas?  She is about 34 years-old, and the price range is up to $50.  Her interests are really different from mine, so I don't really know what to get her.  I'd really appreciate the suggestions!

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if you lose keys to an older car (one without the little digital key), how do you get a new one? do you have to replace the entire steering column? if this has happened to you, how much did it cost?

what was the last thing you lost?

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So...a cute chick named AMBER came in the office today and her awesome titties were just staring me in the face. She's always hanging around this 6 ft 7 inch 270 lb gorilla named Chris.....but she REALLY REALLY wants ME? y/y??

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what shall i have to eat for dinner/lunch?
what christmas cards are you sending this year?
have you made any plans/got any ideas what you're going to do next year? holidays, new job, etc?
will you introduce yourself?
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my final participant was supposed to arrive 12 minutes ago. This is has already been re-scheduled once.

Will she show up?

What could she possibly be doing that's better than this?


so a little bit ago my mom asked me what i wanted for christmas.
she asked what little things and what wow gift i wanted.
(my mom calls the big/expensive gift a wow gift for some reason) 
and i didn't even know what to tell her.
either i really don't want/need anything at the moment, or i'm lacking in the thinking department today.

maybe you can spark my thought process?

1) what "wow" gift do you want for christmas?
2) what other/little girfts do you want? 

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Okay guys. I am going to Vegas for my 21st birthday! Hooray! I turn 21 on the 12th of February. We will be leaving for Vegas from Ohio at around 6 am on the 12th. So do I go out at midnight for my first legal drink (and be horrendously grouchy/possibly hungover on the plane)? Or do I get enough sleep so I can party all night on the 12th (and miss out on what is apparently a rite of passage around here)?

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1. For those with SOs, how sure are you that you will be with the same person(s) in:

One month?
One year?
The rest of your life?

Percentages, please.

2. Which is your favorite cenobite? And you can't say Pinhead. Everyone says Pinhead.
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So, the giant family Thanksgiving dinner that we usually have has been canceled as my parents have announced that they're getting a divorce.  Should I make hot turkey sandwiches at my apartment for me and my brothers, or should I go to my parents' house and cook a small dinner for my immediate family, knowing it will be the worst thanksgiving ever?
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My hands are cold. Really cold. The room isn't cold and the rest of me is fine. BUT MY HANDS ARE SO COLD THAT IT'S HARD TO TYPE RIGHT NOW.
Why are my hands cold?!
How can I make them warmer without wearing gloves [which would make it even harder to type :(]?!?!
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What's your favorite sites to buy scarves from?

I want one to go with my new gray peacoat, either black, white, red, or a mix. I like this one but I'm not so keen on dishing out $70 for one scarf.

i have no idea why i have this
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do you have any supercoolawesome pictures of trilobites? i'm planning my next tattoo, and want to make sure the trilobite i've selected so far isn't merely the third or fifth most awesome trilobite ever. because gosh, that would be embarrassing.
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I'm going out 'on the pull' tonight with a friend of mine. She is GORGEOUS. And I mean gorgeous, outrageously so, she makes anyone look like a frumpy little troll if you stand next to her.
Usually when I go out I make sure I look nice but I don't really DRESS UP or wear a whole lot of make up or anything. In fact, I usually wear no make-up.

So dya think I should go the WHOLE HOG tonight in attempt to make myself look less stupid standing next to her or just not bother trying and do what I usually do?
I'm talking heels & dresses as opposed to flats & trousers and so on.

Confidence boosting tips when spending time with people who are much better looking than you?

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1) what does your bedding look like? i have 4 fitted sheets. one is mint green, one is white with polka dots, one is purple with polka dots, and one has old lady-ish flowery patterns on it. my comforter is brown
 a. how often do you wash it? ill wash one and change them about every week and a half or so
 b. do you have more than one set of sheets? yes

2) my boyfriend stayed up all night finishing a paper for his class that was this morning. he came home and went to sleep at about noon ish.(its almost 5 now)i dont want him to sleep too late and then have his sleep cycle all fucked up and not be able to sleep at all tonight, so when is a good time to wake him up? now? or do you think i should just let him sleep and not be so concerned about it?

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So, TQC, I am beyond bored. My SO left for a week and my other friends are out of town. What are your suggestions that I do tonight that don't involve hookers? Hookers are my plan for tomorrow, dontyouknow.

And what sites do you go to when bored to amuse you? livejournal just ain't cutting it for me right now.
Arrested Development
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What is/was your favorite class, and why?

I AM SO SICK OF SCHOOL, but I'm really enjoying my Anthropology class, mostly because the teachers are awesome and the material is relatively non-subjective. *coughPSYCHOLOGYcough*

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Do ink cartridges work in different brand printers?

example: I have a canon that requires FINE ink cartridges. My mother in law has HP refills that look the same as mine.

Is there a web site that can tell me which are interchangable?
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Have you always known your blood type?
If you haven't always known, did you just make an appointment with your general practitioner to find out what it is? Walk into a clinic?

Neither of my parents could tell me what type I am, and I'd like to know.
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Do you think my Research Methods teacher looks like Dustin Hoffman?
Collapse )

Have you seen Stranger than Fiction? Do you prefer (if you do, I sense haters) Will Ferrell in a serious role like Harold Crick, or more along the lines of Frank the Tank?

crafty question

My friend has three kids who each have their own theme rooms (princess, sports, farm).  For their Christmas presents I bought fabric that coordinates to their rooms and I was going to make them those fabric bulletin board things where they could put up pictures or whatever.  Well, she just posted some new pics on Facebook and in one of them I can see one of those things in her oldest son's room!  So now I am trying to figure out what I can make them with basic cotton fabric.  I did want to try to make three of the same/similar things.  It also needs to be fairly simple since I am only a medium okay seamstress and I have a ton of Christmas things to make so I don't have a lot of time to allocate to these three gifts.  I have thought of drawstring bags or pillowcases but I was hoping to think (or for YOU, internet people, to think) of something else cute and fun and easy.  Any ideas??  THANKS!
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Have you ever written or drawn anything on a dollar bill? If so, what?

I never have. I've gotten some money that has had quotes on it, though. I'm thinking I'd like to write something on one. Any ideas what I could write?
max oop
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Do people really believe that Celebrities check their MySpace or Facebooks or whatever? Some of the comments I read are like personal letters, like they've known these people their entire life and can't wait for a response to see how their day was.
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Does anyone know of any charity pen-pal organizations where you're assigned someone to write letters to, like Soldier's Angels? I need to use up a bunch of address labels, and everyone I know communicates through e-mail, texting, etc.

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My friend and I are spending the night coming up with goofy, ridiculous insults to call her ex-boyfriend (he really really deserves it. although none of these are being said to his face.)

So far we have:

Sasquatch, son of Snatchface (his mom is just as horrible)
Mammoth Jizz
Mr. Yankee-Your-Own-Doodle
Kentucky Fried Flaming Douche
Cunty McCunterson

What are some other awesome insults we can laugh over?
(Yes I'm aware this is immature lol )

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So my pregnancy hormones are still semi-raging and I know there are quite a few parents on TQC so I want to know...

1. Were your kids born vaginally or c-section?
2. Epidural/other drugs or all natural?
3. How long did labor last?
4. Anything funny or embarrassing happen?

I know it's been done before but post videos/pictures of your kids because I want to see them.

For all the non-parents...
Do you want kids? Tell me about it. Are you trying? When would you ideally like to have one? How many? etc.

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I've been looking around for places (online) to get out-of-the-ordinary jewelry for my nose piercing and I can't find anywhere with a good selection of anything other than standard hoops and screws.

Any suggestions?
Evil Me

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Do you remember The Impossible Quiz?
If you've played it before, have you ever beaten it? (I can't get past the nail clipping part because I don't use a mouse and I'm not fast enough on the track pad)

Did you know that there's an Impossible Quiz 2?
I didn't until some kids in a class I was subbing last week were playing it.

Will you share any similar games with me?
Beast mode!

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1. Say you broke your foot and have a cast type thing on. Your toes are left exposed to monitor circulation. It's November and really cold out. A sock can only do so much. How do you keep your toes warm when you go outside?

2. How do you carry something like a cup of coffee or a plate of food while using crutches?

3. I'm back from vacation! Did you miss me?
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TQC, I'm back from England, and I didn't do anything but go to London all day Saturday and watch Eastenders and Holly Oaks and Britannia High in the evenings.

What exciting things did I miss while I was without internet access for two weeks?

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TQC, I want to be alone in my house for a little while. However, people keep coming up to me and bugging me with trivial, annoying shit. How do I get them to stop? Bonus points for creativity.

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Would you pay $230 for a concert ticket to see your absolute *favorite* band/singer?
(Who would you pay that much more?)
I think $200 is a lot to spend on an ipod, so me considering buying the expensive ticket means that I really want to go, right?
Gendo Ikari

Saturday Night at the Movies?

Do you enjoy going out on a Saturday night? And by going out I mean going to the pub, clubbing, the cinema, whatever you fancy. Or is there another night that is your night for going out?

And for all you lucky people out there who have money and can afford more than one night out a week - I hate you.

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Have you ever seen Sex and the City (show, movie)?

Who's your favorite character?

Which character do you relate to most?

What are some of your favorite episodes? moments? quotes? etc?

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TQC: I am attempting to watch TV, but my landlady, who is really sweet, will not SHUT THE FUCK UP! Srsly, I've been staring at the screen while she babbles about nothing or 10 minutes.

Why will she not shut up?
olive srsly?

"Hey, what's up?"

So, I have a new boyfriend.
He just called me, while I was sitting next to my mom, and I said, "Hey, what's up?"
Mom scolded me because she doesnt think "what's up" is an appropriate way to start a conversation.

So, TQC, what is an appropriate way to start a conversation with your SO over the phone?

Just an fyi, it wasnt a gangsta "what's up".
It was a cute "what's up".
And he was just calling to ask me to get online so we could video chat (he doesnt live here).

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Why do men say they'll call if they never actually do it?

How old is too old to call someone your boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it inappropriate if the couple is over 30? Over 40? Or does it go out of fashion after college? And what's a better term to use?
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I'm awaiting a decision from a university as a transfer for Spring 2009. I am 90% I'll be accepted, but I won't know for another 2-3 weeks. If I go to school there, I absolutely want/can afford to get a single bedroom/studio apartment. After a few weeks of looking, I finally found one which seems ideal... But I can't sign a lease until I know if I'm going to be accepted. :/

Would a landlord ever consider holding an apartment? I'd be willing to pay to have it held for the next 2-3 weeks, but I'm not sure if that is appropriate (I've never lived outside of my house/dorms).

Or should I just mention that I'm very interested and hope for the best? :/
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So in my community, every time we get 50 additional members, I want to open up posting access to all members for like 2 days or something (currently, only mods can post). Well, every time I've done it in the past, I went to the "Settings" page and checked "All Members" under "Who Can Post", but no one ever posted. I must have gone through this like 3-4 times at each +50 members. Finally, a member messaged and told me that everytime I announced temperary-open-membership, it wasn't open for them. So I went to the members page, and under "Posting Access", none of the members' names were checked besides the mods. Even though I had changed it under settings.

So what's the deal? Do I have to check them all manually or something? I have over 350 members, that's gonna be so annoying.

Apologies for the tl;dr

ETA for those who are confused: Basically, when I change the Settings for my comm to allow All Members to post, apparently it doesn't work because when I look at the members list, the only members who have "Posting Access" checked off are the mods, which is who I normally give posting access to. But every once in a while I want to open posting access to all members. So what gives? Do I have to check off 350+ names manually?
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my friend has a cd that's seriously the most random thing ever. it's a ton of bands that she loves from genres on different sides of the spectrum. She calls it her "test" cd; if a potential date doesn't like most of the music, or can't have a discussion about anything on it, he's out of the running.

TQC, what would you put on YOUR test cd?

ETA: I think it's one of the stupidest things she's ever thought of, personally, but the idea is so ridiculous, and TQC has such a broad taste in music, I was curious. Repeat: I DO NOT AGREE WITH HER CD.
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Let's say you're a 22-year-old woman graduating from college next month. What 'good for you!' graduation gift would you like to receive that costs ~$50?

ETA: Cash, obviously- but what else?

Milhent forest
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Inspired by an overheard conversation...

Are you happy with your current job? Why? What would make you quit it?

Yes, I am. In fact it is my dream job and it pays well. Unless there will be a huge pay-cut, I won't leave until they will kick me out.

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I have to bring coffee to my class on Monday.
Do I buy one of those big to-go things from Starbucks or Dunkin'Donuts? (Or somewhere else)
Is 12 cups of coffee good for 20 people? I'm not the only one bringing drinks and I assume not everyone will drink coffee.

When things are going really badly, do you tend to think that things are going to get worse or are you always optimistic?
im french

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You're going to prison for 10 years. You're guilty.

You can bring one of these things with you:
-a stick of dynamite
-a sack of the best opium in the world
-unlimited Rapex condoms
-a kitten
-an iPod shuffle (you cannot pick the songs beforehand, but someone made the playlist with you in mind)

Which item would you bring, and why?

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Why wont the iTunes store let me buy anything? Am I alone?
The past few days, I've been getting this error ms "There is not enough memory available. There was an error in the iTunes store. Please try later." I mean, do they not want my money?

Ladies, do you open your mouth when applying mascara?


I've only tried hummus a few times before. Usually I don't like it, but once when I was at a fancy restaurant for someone's wedding rehearsal dinner I tried the hummus and it was DELICIOUS.

So I decided it must be the red pepper in it that I usually don't like (I'm not a pepper fan) so I bought a little container of hummus at the store that didn't have any peppers in it. It said it was garlic, and I love garlic.

Took a taste when I got home...and I don't like it. :( It's too bitter.

What can I do to it to make it taste better? It's a small container, yes, but I don't want to toss/waste it. And I really want to like hummus. It'd be a great way to add some zest to my boring lunches.

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Aside from Icebox from The Little Giants, who are some people that are better at tackling than Texas Tech's defense?

If you can't think of anything what's the last game you played? (board game, video game, etc)


What are some things you would normally buy at a "dollar" type store (or fill in your cheap ass store here)?

What are things you would not buy from a "dollar store"? Why?

Have you ever found something exceptionally good at a discount, dollar or thrift store that was way below value?

If you are too good to shop at the a place like that what is the best sale item you have ever purchased?
Joker Heath 2

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Have you read any good books that aren't too long and are pretty easy reads? Would you care to recommend anything?

I tend to lose dedication to books when I'm stressed with school. I'm looking for something that doesn't need much dedication to get through.

(no subject)

If someone smashes your mailbox, should you make a police report?
Someone went on a mailbox-smashing spree down my road and we have no idea who did it (we live out in the middle of nowhere) and I really don't know what a police report would do, but the neighbors tell us we HAVE TO MAKE A REPORT.


Any who, how was your day?

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I am trying to determine how much weight my cat has gained since moving in with me. It is perfectly appropriate/scientific to hold him, then hold my Thanksgiving turkey and say "I'd say he's about 12.5 pounds!" y/y?
(The turkey squirms less than he does)

For some reason, I was charged four separate times for my Redbox purchase. I definitely got one DVD there today, but I don't know where the other three charges came from. I sent them an email, and I've been promised an email response within 24 hours. Am I going to have to kick someone's ass?

I'm stressing out about Thanksgiving. I am cooking for the first time. Please tell me your hilarious Thanksgiving follies?
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When you were younger, what did your parents/guardians tell you to call your genitals? My mom said I had a 'flower' and to this day the word, in that context, makes me shudder.

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to people who don't have children. are your pets like kids to you? are they a huge part of your life?

what kind of pets do you have and what are their names?

i know mine defiantly are, i just cant understand people who have a pet and just give them away after a while for one reason or another :/ if i had to do that id prob jump off a cliff id miss them so much knowing they where somewhere else without me.

i have a boxer dog named Roxy (aka Winkin, or Squash) also a kitten named Severus, and a big old fat cat named Luigi.
i get the same ol' dreams.

yes, OMG YES, hair.

if you've seen it, did you like the movie labyrinth?
SUB QUESTION: while you were watching it, did you find yourself incredibly attracted to david bowie?

on another note, what do you find sexier: gorgeous hands or gorgeous hair?
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Were you teased as a child?
If so why?

Bonus question: How likely is this?

I was ugly/had bad teeth/glasses and was a total loser but nobody teased me...