November 21st, 2008

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1. What do you think about Multiple Personality Disorder?

2. Would you see a therapist who has struggled with mental illness him/herself, if you were somehow privy to that information? Does it depend on the specific disorder?

3. Oh- I got my wisdom teeth taken out this morning. My mom thinks I'm taking too much Vicodin. I got them out around 10:30 am and now it's midnight and I've taken 5. I'll probably take another before bed and one in the middle of the night. They wear off super fast. So, am I popping them too often?

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 My lips are so fucking itchy.  I can't stand it.  They've been so dry lately, so I've been chapsticking constantly.  Now around my mouth and cheeks are rashy/itchy.  I can't stand my itchy lips anymore, wtf do I do?  What is this?

If you don't care how miserable I am, what's making you miserable right now?

ETA: I just had my roommate inspect them, and there's a rash on my lips.  A rash.  On my lips.  How does that even happennn.
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because agvares isn't doing a good enough job stirring shit up,

do you look down on religious people for being religious? i try not to, but tbh it makes me view them as a little less logical.

(not like, you act any different toward them. but in your heart of hearts, does it make you feel differently about them?)

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Do any of you have a Target credit/check card? Do you know if they check your credit before you are approved? My friend says they didn't check her's but she is kind of ditsy. I work for them and want to apply for one (you don't get to use your employee discount if you use your regular check card) but I don't want my credit report to be covered in a lot of inquiries.
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What was the last really unexpected thing that happened to you?

A girl I haven't talked to in months IMed me and asked if my ex and I would like to have BDSM-style sex with her and her FWB. The convo basically went like:
Her: Are you and Boy talking?
Me: yes.
Her: Wanna re-enact this erotic BDSM story I wrote?

EDIT: We talked about it, I didn't really give a definite response (things are complicated with the ex). And when I asked the ex about it, he just said it didn't look like we'd all be in town at the same time.
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how old were you the last time you wore overalls?

how old were you the last time you wore velcro shoes?

how old were you the last time you snuck off to make out?

how old were you the last time you slammed a door or threw something out of frustration?
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Poll #1301303 Which is better?

Tool or A Perfect Circle?

A Perfect Circle

Postal Service or Death Cab for Cutie?

Postal Service
Death Cab for Cutie

Soundgarden or Audioslave


Smashing Pumpkins or Zwan?

Smashing Pumpkins

I'm sure there's others I've missed. Please feel free to tell me which ones and which you like better.

EDIT: I had a theme, but I guess it wasn't too clear. These are bands that have the same singers fronting for both of them. It's pretty much "which iteration is better?"
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O_o What the heck is this?

Collapse ) mind is truly boggled. It's real. But. I don't get it. Is he serious? I know he believes in some pretty out there stuff. Or is he being ridiculous in the attempt to get people interested in his product? Shall I add the vodka to my Bass-O-Matic smoothie?

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Please allow me to ask a less controversial question about religion. This is just my curiosity speaking but...

for those of you who were raised religiously, how did that impact your sexuality? did it ever make you feel guilty? or was it a non-issue?

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tqc, my itunes is fucking up. it plays songs faster than they really are and sometimes it sounds like it's skipping horribly. i have a shit load of music and i think i have the most recent version of itunes. does anyone know what's wrong with it or how to fix it? i want to listen to music. : (
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It's 2:30am and I'll be up for at least another hour, probably more, doing homework. I can't wait for my classes to be over tomorrow so I can come home and sleep foreverrr. Is anyone else up late tonight? For what?
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You stumble upon a funny-looking lamp in a thrift store and rub at it to see what it looks like beyond the grime. Much to your surprise, out pops a genie who says he will grant you three wishes. The only thing you're not allowed to wish for is more wishes, and you have an unlimited amount of time in which to make your wishes. What do you wish for? Why?


Invisibility or flight? If you choose invisibility, you and anything you're wearing will become transparent, but anything you touch will still be visible and you'll have to be quiet if you don't want anyone to know you're around. If you choose flight, you can fly anywhere within the earth's atmosphere at speeds up to 1,000 miles per hour, but you'll only be able to carry with you what you can carry now (e.g. people can't ride on your back unless you can already carry people on your back).
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'sup night crew (or morning/afternoon/evening crew, depending on your location)?

I normally can eat REALLY spicy food. We're talking 10-star Thai, hot as they can make it. Usually I can eat extremely hot Indian food as well. Today, however, I may have met my match, as I have a huge stomachache. Is this the end of my spicy- food-eating days, or a temporary setback? I can't imagine a future without hot curries and all the other hot stuff I adore!


Do you think someone is rude if you're coming up behind them and they don't hold the door open for you? I usually enter first, but then hold the door a bit from behind, but I'm afraid it's not enough.

I don't have a job at the moment and I'm basically poor. One of my friends has a good job. Whenever we go out, she offers to pay for the food, even like 40 dollar sushi. Is it alright to accept?
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coming up with new username

Ok,I want to come up with a new username for another website but no matter how much I try I can't find one that suits me. I'd like to hear some suggestions from you guys.

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I shouldn't be killing myself over this. *pulls hair*

And if no one cares,here's a question. Do you find yourself in situations where you're too picky and can't decide? And what in particular?
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For those that have had surgery and general anethesia, is it common to retain the water from the IV and then not be able to pee easily?

This is a bit TMI but I've gained about 8-10 pounds in water weight since my surgery yesterday and I can't pee easily, it's only been 24 hours but it's freaking me out and I don't know if it's normal. I haven't eaten anything since 12 hours before the surgery so I know it's just water weight and I'm very swollen.

I'm creeped out :( Will this go away eventually?

edit: I called the doctor and apparently this is just how I'm reacting to the anesthesia and that in 2/3 days everything should be back to normal.

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i don't understand this.

i accidentally came across this image that was in the 'saved' part of my phone's memory. i have never seen any of these objects in my life. where did this come from? who took this picture? can you tell what any of the objects are? i think i see boobs in the background.

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Scam? is another scam, yes? Found the answer. Finally got to where they ask you to pay THEM.

Are there any work from home things like Chacha (which is not accepting anyone new right now) out there that are not scams?
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i am leaving in an hour to go meet with a mother and her daughter, whom i will hopefully end up babysitting. it's an interview of sorts, and i'm wondering, do any of you have any tips for me about what i should and shouldn't do or what i should ask?

any help would be great. i'm very nervous.
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If a proposition was proposed to make polygamy legal, would you vote in favor of it?



(I was just thinking about the Mormon church, and how many people were upset about them lobbying against homosexual marriage. They have lost quite a few marriage battles themselves, regarding polygamy and bigamy.)

Who will stand with the Mormons when they battle for equality?
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TQC, last month I spent a couple of nights in a hotel with a colleague of mine for a conference. She made the reservation with her credit card, and I was the first to check in so somehow the hotel confused our names. Now she's getting a ton of junk mail at her address in my name. Including credit card applications. Now I know she wouldn't do anything with them, but I'm paranoid and want it to stop. Who the hell do I contact about this?
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have you ever had somebody you fully and confidently trusted and then one day like a switch you feel like every word out of their mouth is a lie?

is that intuition or insanity?

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Poll #1301314 INTERNETS

What do you use the internet for?

looking for p0rn
time waste central
facebook/myspace etc.
looking for recipies
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BRONX MOWGLI?!?!?!!?!?

Did you see Quantum of Solace?
Were you a little disappointed in the script, like me?


Did you see The Aristocrats?
What were your reactions?

What's a good website to buy cheap but good and fashionable winter coats?

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Which of the following books have you read?
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

What are your opinions of these books?

Which one should I read first?

Cell Phones

I have the same cell number i've had since junior year of HS, my BF has had 2 different numbers since then (b/c of a psycho stalker ex and being deployed), my bestfriend is on her 2nd for this year b/c of a lost/stolen phone then having to get a local cell number for her apartment.

How many different cell numbers have you had? Why?
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591, in case you're wondering

Poll #1301647 Unread emails

How many unread emails do you have in the inbox for your primary email account?

don't have a primary account
forgot my password
wish I could forget my password

If a person has 500+ unread emails in their inbox, what does it say about that person?

forgot password
hiding from something/someone
probably better to call
obviously a VIP
too drunk/high to read email
I don't understand why everyone loves ticky boxes so damned much
I | ticky boxes
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How do you feel about your life right now? Are you doing what you want to be doing? Are you happy being where you are, or is there something you'd like to skip ahead to?

Personally, I want to fast forward about 4 months... I feel like this particular point in my life is just filled with waiting and it's completely pointless. I want to be buying a house, getting married, having a baby, finishing school.... not taking a bunch of classes that don't even count, working at a job that really isn't getting me anywhere, living at home, etc...
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omg US-centric

Okay so I'm going to a little gathering on Sunday that'll be an early Thanksgiving potluck thing. I'm already making one dish that I'm sure on, spiced baked apples (which I think will be fucking awesome)... but it's a little desserty and I sort of wanted to bring another side dish. Thing is, I can't think of anything that falls under my criteria... 1. easy to make and 2. CHEAP to make.

Please TQC, what are some ideas for a good, cheap, easy, not-desserty side dish I can make? :O

Also, will you please share with the class a delicious recipe for something you're very good at making? :)
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Formal hairstyles

Does anyone know a good site that has how-to instructions for formal hairstyles for shoulder length hair that can be done with only a brush, blow dryer and maybe some nylon hair clay? I have a christmas swing dancing formal tomorrow and that's all I have to do my hair with unless you count hair ties.
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i got invited to a wine and cheese party tonight. i feel like i should bring something... i can't bring wine because i'm not old enough. but what else could i bring? maybe bread or something?

if you don't care:
what are you doing this weekend?!

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A HUEG meteor flashed across the skies of Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba yesterday evening and possibly landed in the Lloydminster-Kindersly area.

Is this a sign of the coming apocalypse, TCQ? Or was it really an alien space craft with a The Thing-like organism inside, that will now begin to take over Canada and North America within a matter of days?

I'm mega-pissed that I missed it (at 6 o'clock I was sitting on my ass screwing around on the internets). What's the last really cool completely kickass thing you missed out on?

What is [are] your favorite space-related horror movie[s]?

(John Carpenter's The Thing, and Alien.)

What is your favorite flavour of jam?

(I hate jam, but if I was forced to eat it I'd pick raspberry.)
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Is interviewing around like dating around?

Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating on the various interviewers/internships/magazines I’m applying for. I don’t know, I feel so sketchy when I have multiple interviews and stuff. I've been applying to stuff like crazy and I'm just feeling guilty, but then again, I want to make sure I get something I want... and perhaps hold out for something amazing.

But, I don't have the same problem when I go out on dates with guys and stuff. Is it sort of the same thing? Or am I completely clueless.

I just feel really guilty about it for some reason, like I shouldn't be doing it.

How do you politely decline an internship or a job/position? And what is the typical acceptable period that a person has between being offered a position and how long they can "think about it" before giving a response?

Back story: I got offered an internship somewhere yesterday), but just a couple days ago I got an interview with another AMAZING internship this upcoming Tuesday. Now, I don't want to keep the 1st person on the edge or hanging.. so I don't know what to say to her. I want to address it, but wait until I hear from the second place.....

(I hope that made sense?)

Share your experiences
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What is your favorite out-of-the-ordinary place near your home/work/school?

There is a sandwich shop down the street from my office that is a trip.  The older couple that runs it is…  odd.  The wife apparently used to be some sort of actress/artist.  There are HUGE portraits that she painted of herself everywhere.  She gets horribly offended at the sight of cell phones and there are at least 40 signs posted outside, down the walkway and all over the inside of the shop that say, "NO CELL PHONES!" and "CELL PHONES BELONG OUTSIDE!".  They make 20 different kinds of sandwiches, but there are signs posted on the counter, the wall and above and below the menu stating, "NO CUSTOM SANDWICHES!".  The giant portraits (there's one of her husband's ass, lol), the unbelievable number of signs and her theatre makeup creates a very bizarre feeling to the shop.  The sandwiches are great, so we go, but my co-worker refuses to go in by herself.  Haha.
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{help me, TQC. you're my only hope}

Dear Dr. TQC,

For the last two days, I've woken up with the left side of my face feeling like I've been punched. It hurts to blink my left eye, and my face is slightly warm to the touch. Do you have any idea what could cause this? It really hurts, and I'm rather annoyed by it, to be honest.

Do I have Bell's Palsy? Is it teh AIDS? What is doing this to me, TQC?
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Is Santa Claus coming to town? If not, who is?

Why does loud rock music make my hangover headache recede?

What is your opinion of Imogen Heap?

Just thought of another one. Why do my legs itch so much after I shave them?
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I got a call last night from CCA-USA (, they are a credit collections agency. It was a prerecorded message with my name, the website, and a "passcode". I tried putting the code into the website but it said that they had no info on me.

I have never gotten a call from a credit collections agency before. I don't know what it was about because I have gotten no bills or written notices (it might be over some medical bills that were supposed to go to my insurance, but I'd have to call). I'm at work all day today and I can't call these people until my lunch break Monday. I can't find any good info on this company online, either.



WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? Am I going to jail, TQC? :(

ETA: No, I know I won't go to jail. I should have specified srs/nonsrs, lol.
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Should I straighten my hair?

I haven't straightened it since May and haven't heat processed it since August because I want it to grow longer and be "healthier" (last I straightened it it was an inch or so longer than "bra strap length")). I can't afford to buy and try products to make it look better in its natural state right now, since I feel like I don't look pretty with natural hair. My hair looks sexy straight, but will take a few hours to do.

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One of my friends sent and e-mail and at the end, they wrote "Sent from my iPod."  Another friend puts "Sent from my Sidekick" at the end.  My former boss used to close his e-mails with "Sent from my [whatever].  I've never asked why they do that because I don't want to come across like I'm complaining, I'm just curious.

Why do people do that?

Do you?

For those who don't have an answer, do you prefer cake, ice cream or pie?
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Have you ever taken acidophilus? for what?

and, I want to watch House, season 5, episode 8. I usually use Project TV, and use the megavideo link through that. They've changed it recently, and now, nothing works through megavideo. This is the link:

does it work for you? all that comes up for me is a black square. GRR! can I watch it anywhere else for free? IN CANADA?

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Which pickup line would have the best chance of working on you?

"Why don't you climb under my table, and open your mouth and close your eyes and I'll give you a BIG surprise"
"Is that top machine wash? Good. You can wash the stains out tomorrow morning when I kick you out of bed"
"You look like my ex, except she had bigger tits and a better fashion sense. So, wanna go out?"
"My friend thinks you're a slut. If you go with me to the back seat of my car now, he'll stop thinking that because I never bang sluts"
"I'm hung like a moose. Quick, hide him inside you before Sarah Palin shoots it!"
"They say women like sensitive guys. I'm a total sensitive guy. Now, you gonna give up some ass or do I have to talk to someone else?"
*brings a drink over to you and your friend* "This drink is for whoever is more likely to put out later)
"One night stands: friend or foe. Really? Even if he buys you enough booze so you don't remember it?"
"I can't find my puppy. Can you help me find him? I think he went into that cheap motel room over there..."
"Do you know a roofie tastes like? No? Then let me buy you a drink"
"I want to make sweet, sweet love to you...from behind"
"If we were both squirrels, would you let me bust a nut in your hole?"
"Wanna be a good role model and show my little brother what responsible safe sex is all about? He can watch us in the alley behind the trash can"
"Wanna help me and my buddy settle an argument? I say I can get off faster getting a handjob than he can and he disagrees. Can we go in the bathroom and settle this once and for all?"
"You remind me of my cousin. Wanna go out and prove to me you give better head than her?"

HI TQC, I've missed you so. Now help!

I have a problem. I get sick of music really easily and am in need of some good recommendations.

1. So what bands are you listening to these days?
2. What's (one of) your favorite love song(s)?
3. Favorite sad song?
4. Favorite upbeat song?
5. Favorite song OF ALL TIME (if you have one)?

Also, how's your day been so far?
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i have a ulcer on the tip of my tongue which is the size of a 75mm cube!!! to try and get rid of it i stuck my tongue out and dipped it in a pile of salt so that it stuck to it and then sat with my salty tongue poking out. after about 15 seconds SALIVA started pouring out my mouth SOOOOOOOO much, i'm serious it was like a tap just coming out in streams and there was a puddle of it on the floor. i went to the sink and it kept coming out for ages and i didn't know i even owned that much saliva!!! i washed my tongue and spat out some water and it stopped. why did that happen??! have you ever had that happen?!?!?

p.s what is mascarpone?
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Cranberry Apple Compote

Hi guys! Every year for Turkey Day, I make a cran-apple compote instead of sauce, since I'm not big on the sauce (and you can totes put the compote hot on top of vanilla bean ice cream!). However, it never gets thick or anything, which I think would improve it. Last year I tried adding flour over the cranberries and apples, but I was unsure how much I should use and it wasn't really helpful. Suggestions?

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I am not feeling so great today. My plans for tonight is to go to a coffee shop to meet with deaf people and try to converse with them for my ASL class.

Should I go, or should I stay home?

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Okay, so I'm in the mood for mushrooms. I'm going to stick them in the oven for 30 minutes, and eat them and be happy. HOWEVER, I am completely unaware of how to season them for ultimate tastiness. I currently have;

Crushed red peppers
Garlic powder
Meat tenderizer?!
Soy sauce
Red wine vinegar
Balsamic vinegar
Goya mojo marinade

How do I use these products to make me some tasty mushrooms?

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1. There are supposed to be 4 million people in the streets in D.C. for the inauguration, and I'm local. I'm thinking of becoming an unofficial street vendor and selling stuff to the crowds to make some extra bucks. Good idea? Bad idea? Would you buy cans of self-heating coffee for $5 each? Would you buy hand-warmers? What would you want to buy from a street vendor if you'd been standing outdoors for hours in the middle of January?

2. Did you ever ride the school bus to school? What's your most interesting school bus story?

3. Can't you see, can't you see, what that woman - she been doin' to me?


Potluck Thanksgiving

I am going to a potluck Thanksgiving, not actually taking place on Thanksgiving but the Sunday after.

What would be INappropriate to bring? Do I have to bring something Thanksgiving-y in feel (like everyone else is) or can I do something slightly different? I was thinking of bringing a Mexican dish because I, along with other vegetarians, could eat it as sort of a "main meal", but then I saw that everyone else is bringing really traditional foods like creamed corn, green bean casserole, biscuits, cranberry sauce. And while all the "basics" are covered I don't want to commit some kind of social faux pas. What should I do?
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I agreed to a girls night a while ago and failed to realize that it occurs on the opening night of Twilight and everyone there but me creams their pants when talking about the books and movie. I fear this will be the topic of conversation all damn night and I will have to stick a spatula in my own eye to escape.

Where should I steer the conversation to avoid a Twilight induced death?

Does this sound right?

I gave my notice yesterday to quit my 2nd job. I did only give them 1 week instead of the standard 2. After I submitted my notice, a supervisor came over to talk to me and explained that if I quit and didn't give the full 2-week notice that the company would take my final paycheck and adjust the pay down to minimum wage instead of my regular pay rate. I know Ohio has some effed up labor laws, but this seems awfully shady, no?

Can they do this? Or are they just hoping I won't call their bluff?

Do you think 2 layers of long johns (tops and bottoms) over jeans, 2 shirts and a sweatshirt will keep me warm enough tomorrow at a football game? It's supposed to be in the low 30s.
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Have you gotten your flu shot yet TQC? Do you think it's important to get it done?

My grandma told me she is VERY CONCERNED that I have not taken my daughter to get it done yet. I plan to, it's just not high on my priority list yet.
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what was the last bar you went to?

For me it was the powerhouse bar, which was nice. It is inside a big old warehouse and they left the graffiti that was there before it was renovated.

what was the last thing to irk you?

my ferry service is cancelled which makes traveling tomorrow a bit hard.


Technical support.

Ok, I've spent all day on the phone with Epson and Apple trying to figure out this problem. They've ended up scratching their heads, so now I head to you experts.


Epson R1800 printer
Mac PowerBook G4, PowerPC chip, Mac OS 10.4.11

In "printer browser" the printer shows up in the list of printers connected to the computer, but the "Add" button is ghosted out thereby preventing me from adding the printer to the computer. We have reinstalled the printer drivers multiple times, same thing. I can use Epson's Printer Utility tool to print a nozzle check, so the communication path between the computer and the printer does work, just the silly OS seems to want to refuse to acknowledge the printer as an "add"able printer.

Now, to add extra sauce to this situation, in trying to connect the same printer to another computer (Mac OSX 10.4.11, G5 iMac, PowerPC chipset) and get the exact same result (ie, the computer sees the printer but ghosts out the "Add" button preventing me from adding the printer to the computer.)

I've tried Firewire and USB connections, same problems.

I've tried different USB and Firewire cables, same problems.

I have a third computer that prints to the printer no problem, but the printer was added to the computer when it had something earlier than 10.4.11 (some version of 10.4 but I don't recall the exact patch set. I'm convinced there is a problem with Epson's drivers being freshly installed on 10.4.11 because that's the only thing I can think of.)

And yes, I have googled this but have yet to find the exact phrasing to bring me a magic solution. So far all I find are "how to print better" which I'll deal with AFTER I'm able to actually get my silly computers to communicate in a useful way with my silly printer.

So, I now turn to you great faceless experts on the Internet for input. While I'm looking for serious replies, given that I've been dealing with this frustration and help desk people on the fone all day, I could use a smile/giggle too.

(no subject)

Do you own luggage?

Have you personalized it in some way so you know it's yours? Describe it!

Is hearing faraway music when there's none playing something to worry about?
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When you have leftover takeout do you put the Styrofoam box in the microwave? Is it deadly? CAN THIS REALLY KILL YOU?

I do not believe this. I personally always put it in the micro and just heat it up.

And do you believe cheap chinese food is cat? Do you think you've ever eaten cat? (no, im not talking about vagina) How do you feel about this?

Actually, what DOES vagina taste like?

Sexy time

What do you find sexy? It doesn't have to be on/in a person, just something that really gets those sexin' feelings going in your brain. Pictures are cool, too.

I haven't gotten laid in a month, and sleeping with my cat is getting really depressing. Taking on graveyard shift when your boyfriend works day really fucking sucks, and I have a night off tomorrow and want to get superubercrazy in the mood so I can pounce him like he's never been pounced before.
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if you've been in an abusive relationship, what's the reasonable grieving time? i left my partner and city back in july 06. i still think about him everyday, i still dream about him, and often some humiliating detail will pop into my head and i'll feel myself go beet red. i have no interest in dating because i don't want to let anyone into my life and then find out they're not who i thought they were. this applies to new friendships too.

but i'm getting lonely and bored of thinking about him.

(no subject)

my Boston Terrier came within inches of snacking on a mouse today, it didn't see/smell/hear him coming and I didn't see it, all of a sudden he was pretty much right on top of it. It managed to get away but how much time off it's life do you think that took?


Are you a crier? Do you burst into tears if something is upsetting you?
Do you think there's an age limit on 'I'm upset and my family member just teased me and I burst into tears because I'm incredibly stressed and upset right now'?

Do you think it's totally impossible for me to raise AU$35,000 (about US$21,000) in six months, not using wages?
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I'm trying to find a reasonable voice recorder that
a) connects by USB to a computer
b) can record a conversation clearly that is being had in a coffee shop or similar location

(I need to interview people)

I have looked all over the internet and there are about 5 trillion models which I cannot even begin to sort out. It looks like some of the expensive ones get the same reviews/ratings as the cheaper ones, too, so I can't assume high end is necessarily better.

1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good voice recorder? 
2. If you don't know or don't care, do you think the quality of an academic institution can be objectively identified? 
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1)what's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a professor's office?

the carcasses of dead ducks.

2)what's your worst failure?

3)what can you not stop eating?

chocolate covered peacans

(no subject)

How slutty is it okay to look at a relatively fancy Christmas masquerade? I have a dress that looks a bit like the one under the cut only MOAR cleavage and wider straps. It's the dress that looks the most flattering on me out of the ones I own but I'm a bit worried it'll be all, lol look at that skanky chick, everyone else is wearing floor sweeping ball gowns. You know?

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nana smoking

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Has anyone else here ever gotten hand-me-ups?
-My sister and I have totally opposite genetics, so I'm getting all her clothes that don't fit. She's 11. I'm 19.
What's the best thing you got from someone else that they didn't want/need?
The worst thing? And you can't say fruitcake.

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Why did klanluke delete this post?

I work as a Crisis loan Decision Maker for the UK government, basically my job entails giiving money to people who have literally no resources.

The amount of money i give to them is completly up to me.

I can award the money for anything but I have a question about the money I provide for food:

I give people who have access to cooking facilities - £2.50 a day ($3.7 US Dollars) a day for food to people who have access to cooking facilities.

I give people who have no access to cooking facilites (Homeless people etc) - £5 ($7.4 US Dollars) a day for food.

Am I harsh? I think it's enough to survive on.

(And I know too long!)

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How did my rum get flies in it? It was the most disgusting thing. I pulled my half gone fifth of bacardi from my freezer, only to find it filled with flies. How did this happen? I want to blame it on the nasty banana that my roommate left in the freezer to make banana bread with, but...wouldn't they have all died before infesting my alcohol?

TMI oooh well mom just walked up to me and said "I don't think you should be on birth control pills anymore".

Is there some kind of evidence that I'm not aware of that says being on HBC is unhealthy? How long is too long? I thought most of the information linking it to breast cancer proved to be inaccurate and that it lowers other cancer likelihoods.
I told her this and she said "Oh well, thanks for caring".

I'm really about to freak out. Can you tell me what I should say to her? She said that since I'm not *in puberty* anymore I won't get cysts on my ovaries,horrible cramps or exorbitantly long periods anymore...any truth in this either? I totally disagree, or at the very least don't want to find out.

halp you guys!

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Is it hard to come up with questins for TQC? Or do you just ask when something comes to mind?

When something comes to ming away from TQC (if such a place exists) do you write it down and wait on the edge of your seat all day waiting to ask everybody?

What do you do when your away from your computer?


A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between 3 rooms: The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?

A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?

This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it? It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it! In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is unusual though. Study it, and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out! Try to do so without any coaching!

Will you answer these three riddles?

Edit: If those are easy (as they are), will you ask one to the group in your comment?

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do i have vegetable noodles or tomato soup?

what's the worst thing that's happened to you?
and the best?

are you in love?
how does it feel for you?

what perfume do you wear?

what did you look like when you were oh so different, misunderstood and immature? or maybe that was just me... (i was a ~glamorous~ WHITE HAIRED oh so scene kid lollllll!)
James Franco joint

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You guys, I'm tired and poor, but kinda bored.
Poll #1301790 What should I do?

My choices:

Make peppermint bark (and buy all supplies)
stay home and mess around online
watch a movie I own
watch TV
rearrange/clean my room
go to sleep early
work on my research paper
masturbate, take a bath, and read in bed
something else in comments

No, I'm not being TOTALLY srs

I posted earlier about this guy whom I was interested in who told me he didn't want a relationship but we agreed to remain friends.

In any case, I am being driven to near suicide living in my current apartment, and I just found an awesome apartment that I'm almost positive I'm going to rent starting December 1. But it's in a completely different part of town than I live in now and it's like a five-minute walk from Just Friend's apartment.

So, is this guy going to think I'm stalking him?

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Was I in Anon today? Either it didnt happen or I blocked out the memory.

Do you wish you had a clone? Would you use it for spare parts or treat them as a person?

Whats the one thing that you will never eat, not for all the money from Survivor?

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1.) Unfortunately, I can't embed the video, but where can I find a shirt like the one the dark-haired girl is wearing?  (I just want to find one that style, not necessarily that exact shirt.  My Google-fu is apparently weak tonight, so if you can just tell me what that style would be called, that would be awesome, too.)

2.) Are the majority of your clothes one specific style or do you tend to wear a little bit of lots of styles?
Gaga: Elegant

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Have you ever used Manic Panic hair products?
I am in the process of dying my hair Cotton Candy Pink. I'm currently using the Flash Lightning, which working really well so far!

When was the last time you got your hair cut?
Do you usually love your haircut immediately or does it take you a while to warm up to it?
I got my hair cut today. It always takes me a while to warm up to the new style, even if I really love it. I cut off about half of my hair!
Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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Have you ever been thrown out of Walmart? What for?

If you've never been to Walmart, because you try to avoid it, or because one doesn't exist near you: Would you rather be one of the few remaining humans during a zombie attack, or a sentient robot attack?

Is resistance really futile?

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Should I eat dinner or just say fuck it and go to sleep?

What's your coping mechanism for really shitty situations?

What was the last good news that you heard?

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Have you ever written a love letter? Who was it to? Was there a reason behind writing the letter(s)? Posting extracts would be good :)

This question was inspired by the 'Love Letters written by Great Men' (or some other obvious made up book title for a movie) scene from Sex and the City: The Movie.

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Do you have a link to any of the infamouse stick figure drawrings that people say are being caused by me?

If you could be either borak obama or his wife durring one of their love making sessions, who would you be?

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Poll #1301853 wakey wakey eggs and bakey

How would you rather be woken up out of a dead sleep?

ice cold water dumped on you
bitch slap to the face
sumo wrestler sitting on your chest
storm siren directly in your ears
william hung singing living la vida loca over loud speaker
coffee goop
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How often do you open your eyes when kissing?

And for what reason?

oh eta: Do you agree with the old saying to never trust a person who kisses with their eyes open?

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What was the last thing to make you really paranoid?

You find out your great great grandfather left a secret box for his family in the backyard of your old house, what do you hope he left for you?

Do you like eggs? I like eggs.
burning goodness
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Is there a building from a movie/film that you wish you could make your home in? If so, which one? Does it actually exist? Why that particular building?

I wish I could make my home in the house from The Lake House. They built it for the movie, but dismantled it after, which makes me sad. I guess I just felt such a strong connection with the movie, and to the house. I felt the connection to the house partially because it is so unique, and partially because of when Alex points out that the house is 'all about control.''

matthew wig

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TQC, if you had to be house bound and generally bed ridden for a week or more...what would you do to keep yourself entertained? What movies or tv shows would you definitely watch? What books would you read or reread?

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will you tell me about the last time you were dramatic?
what did you do/say?
did anyone witness it?
what did they do/say?
were you embarrassed afterwards or did it feel appropriate?