November 20th, 2008

watership down

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How do you study for tests? What are some ways you HATE studying? Have you ever had a teacher who forced you to study his/her own way? Did it help?

Who was your best teacher? Your worst? Why were they your best/worst teachers? What do you think about their teaching methods was most effective? Least effective?

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Rubber Ducky

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What foreign languages are present in your music collection?

I have Finnish, Norwegian, Gaulish, Swedish, Italian, German, Romanian, Old Norse, Hebrew, Faroese, French, Irish Gaelic, Russian, Latin, Hungarian and some I know I've forgotten.
lovely lady

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I just got an email from a friend. He complimented me, and then put JS. What the hell does JS stand for? I was thinking just smiles. y/n?

When I first joined TQC, I had to look up numerous things to figure out what people were saying to each other. I know lol, irl, ikr, brb...what else should I know?

do you say dude in real life?

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What is your favourite kind of sandwich?

me: tuna.. mm. that or pb/banana.

eta: all your answers forced me to go make a sandwich.
which was excellent, btw (croissant with pb/j/chocolate chips :D)

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what the hell is the name of the song by the female country singer, about committing a crime (I want to say robbery) and she and the dancers are all dressed in what are supposed to be prison uniforms, running/dancing around stage?

Since it's been answered,

Does it snow where you live, how much?
If not, do people flip their lid when they get so much as a flurry?
If you do live in a place that gets snow, are you amused to hear stories about people freaking out when they get like an inch of snow?
cabaret voltaire

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Does anyone know what the name of the artist who did the sculpture of the very cartoonish, balding Caucasian siamese twins that was on display at the Musée D'Art Contemporain de Montréal?

Who is the niblibliblu in charge over here?
Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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Do you know of/watch the television channel Boomerang, whose original concept was the airing of the better old cartoons? Cartoons like the Hanna-Barbera stuff, and Tom & Jerry, and Loony Toons.

Why is this channel now airing shows that were brand new when I was a child? Shows like "Batman the Animated Series" and such. It seems like not-even-20-years shouldn't qualify.

Are childhood cartoons serious business?

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

If you didn't watch cartoons, will you fill this post with pictures of various dessert pies and a corresponding recipe?

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Can anybody recommend a CD of music for sleep/relaxation?

Dose it bother you at all when people ask for a "good recommendation" of something, do the expect people to recommend something they think is bad?

Because it's a slow night...let's put on our thinking caps...

"Hell is other people" - Jean-Paul Sartre

Do you agree or disagree? And why?

Karl Popper said that religion and science will never see eye to eye because they are apples and oranges. In that, in order for science to work, you must go in thinking that everything you know has the possibility of being wrong, which leads to experimentation and the working on new and better equations. While in order for religion to work, you must go in thinking that everything you know is fact. God is concrete. You can't run Him through science because if you prove that God does exist using the scientific method, then you can prove that He does not exist. That is, this goes back to the initial thought of science, that everything you know has the possibility of being wrong.

TL;DR, the tools of science cannot and will not be able to prove the existence of God. That would be like only using a chainsaw to make a cake. You can't do it.

Do you agree or disagree?

And if you don't feel like using your noggin';

What candy would you like to try but haven't yet?

(I want to try Vosges' Chocolate Bacon Bar but at almost 8 bucks a pop, I can't bring myself to spend that much money.)

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A lot of times my friends and lovers make me their ethnic food. I totally want to make my friends the ~food of my people.~ The problem is that the food of my people that I'm awesome at making are basically haggis, meat pies, sausage rolls, and meat with meat on top with meat dressing, basically. At shitload of meat.

so tell me, how would you feel if your friend cooked you a ton of haggis and other sorts of meat? would you be down with that, or would you be grossed out?

also, I broke up with my boyfriend. we'll probably get back together eventually. so should i just wait, or should i date a bunch of other people in the mean time?

i'm not a troll, bitches. but you can pretend we're not related if it makes you feel better. okay?

I want to go to bed. :(

Do you take a prescription sleeping medication? If so, what is it?

Have you ever tried Ambien or Restoril? Are they similar?

Any funny stories about being jacked up on sleeping pills?

- I just got prescibed Restoril, and I've tried Ambien once and it rocked. I'm hoping it will be pretty much the same thing. I haven't been able to fill it yet, which is why I'm still awake.

- My friend's dad took two Ambien one night, and his mom woke up to him shooting finger-pistols like a cowboy into the mirror while wearing his whitey-tighties. He will not admit this happened. :D
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I have colitis. If you can brave that, click on the cut.

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If you didn't click for the poop story (and even if you did)

My hair is cut in that little angular bob that everyone's doing nowadays, between my shoulders and chin. I recently got it trimmed to clean up the edges and stuff and took no more than like 1/4 inch off. Before I cut my hair, if I didn't blowdry it I could scrunch it and make really cute curls. I could never do this with long hair because, while my hair is naturally wavy with a slight curl, my hair is also very heavy so I couldn't do this until my hair was short. Now that I've cut the tiny bit off, I can't get my curls anymore. What the hell? I thought a haircut made your hair even lighter? Could a 1/4 inch really make that much of a difference? Did my hair revolt?
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I see this guy all the time at my mall. He dresses like he's from the 50s or some shit (maybe not the 50s - I'm not great at recognizing eras.) But he wears a sort of plaid short-sleeved shirt, tucked in, and older style jeans, along with a black, Elvis pomp. And he's ridiculously hot.

This is my question: Do you think he's mentally unstable, or is he just a guy who likes Elvis? I mean, should I avoid him, because he's probably a little loony, or do you think he could be totally normal?

How should I start a conversation? Would it be rude to comment on his style of dress, even if I'm complimenting it?
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1. Have you ever taken a legitimate IQ test online that was free and not a scam? Where was it?

2. What's a good home made meal under $5?

3. What would you name your first child, even if you don't want one?

4. What's the most awkward moment you've had with a roommate or whomever you live with?

5. What is the strangest thing you've seen on ebay?

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Does your university offer recreation classes (SCUBA, rock climbing, mountain biking)?

At my old university, the class sizes for rec classes were much larger than my current university and filled up a lot faster. Why do you suppose people are not taking rec classes at my current university?

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there is a strange beeping seeming to come from somewhere outside the window/near my room i cant quit figure out where it is coming from, but its freaking me out so bad i cant figure out what it is. it sounds like when a micro wave beeps and its 2 beeps, it goes off about every half hour/hour.
help?! what is this? is there a bomb somewhere? O: im freaking out.
Kill Bill - Elle

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Do any of you work at Target?
What kind of shirt did you wear on your first day? I'm required to wear a red top but what fucking red top am I supposed to wear?
nancy drew

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Have you ever had any dreams where you died or were told that you were going to die? How did it happen?
I almost died 3 times last night from drinking bathroom cleaner, skin cancer, and a space alien worm.

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1. Is anyone else not getting LJ emails in their AIM mailbox? I'm getting pissy over this!!!

2. What is your favorite thing that is purple?

3. What do you usually order when you go out to eat?
The nose that knows

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In your childhood, which version of these lyrics was more common?:

The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
So the itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the spout again


Incey Wincey Spider climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed poor Incey out
Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain
So Incey Wincey Spider climbed up the spout again

(For me, it was the latter, and I'm starting to believe it is a regional thing. My guess is that I've become familiar with the former because of years of US media reaching Australian shores)

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Have you had a Hormel Compleats meal before?

Was it good?

Ok, I will just eat a totino's party pizza.

Did you have to buy a new seat when you got a bike?

What seat did you buy?

My seat is too small and killed my ass.

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Why do so many people on add_me communities describe themselves as "random"? Are people so desperate to be different? It seems like about 30% of people don't use capital letters in an attempt to be "random", being bi-sexual or bi-polar also helps(perhaps bi is a very random suffix?)
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I have a very important meeting in about an hour that while, not entirely responsible for determining my future, will certainly determine my mood/finances/general feelings towards justice and fairness in the world. There are three possible outcomes: one really awesome that should have happened all along, one crappy one that will bring a lot of closure, or one potentially crappy one that will just bring me back to the same mindset as I am in today (but delayed until next month).

Which will it be, TQC? Will I be relieved in an hour?

When was the last time you had something like this? What was it about and how did it turn out for you?

Weird pet peeve

It just occurred to me that I get extremely annoyed when people use nicknames for others that they only use when referring to the person, but don't use to the person's face.

For example, when someone says "The boyfriend," "The 'rents", "The little lady", or just uses someone's first initial. I would never call my mom "my 'rent", I would just use it as a reference term. But it doesn't bother me if someone goes by a nickname and they are called that to their face as well, like "Buddy".

Does anyone else have this weird pet peeve or am I the only one who analyzes stuff like this that obsessively?

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my school computer says I shouldnt be on TQC, should I ignor it and stay on anyways?

Is TQC worth breaking the law, besids the ones it already does?

I just turned in a phone (maybe an iphone) should I have kept it for myself?

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My hair is graying prematurely.  When my father was my age, he had a full head of gray hair for something like 10 years.  I only have the salt and pepper thing going on right now, so I consider myself ahead of the game, although the salt-to-pepper ratio is rapidly shifting.

Should I color my hair?
Cowboy Ew

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I'm looking for a book about Jesus (besides the Bible) that tells about his life and times. Something thats more just about the facts, historically speaking, and not something that has a lot of overly religious opinions in it. If such a thing exists...Any recommendations?

Suspicious Minds

Your SO's ex ends up getting a job at his/her work. Turns out, the ex really forgot he/she worked there, and really needed a job. Your SO is ok with it. How concerned are you?

Very concerned
A little concerned
Not concerned at all

One day, your SO calls you at night and says that he/she is going to have to work late and can't get out of it. As your SO is explaining, you hear the ex in the background saying "C'mon, get off the phone already. We're not done yet". What do you think is going on?

My SO is cheating, obviously
Work, just as the SO said. The ex just wanted them to get back to work so they can finish earlier

You see your SO later, after he/she gets home from work. What do you do?

Check SO for hickies, lipstick smudges, strange wrinkles or anything else out of the ordinary
Greet him/her and ask about their day. Then, we watch some tv to unwind, as always. Nothing's different
Pull SO into bedroom for sex. If he/she refuses, it must mean he/she just had sex and is cheating on me. Plus, the sex will keep SO loyal to me
Give SO the third degree, asking all sorts of direct questions, trying to catch him/her in a lie

Your SO is at a bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas. In the middle of the night, you get a call from your SO. He/she asks, "Would you look down on me if I cheated?", and before you can respond, he/she says "I gotta go. Love you, talk to you later" and hangs up. All phone calls you make to your SO's phone goes straight to the answering service. What kind of cheating do you think your SO was talking about?

Cheating on me with another person
Cheating at cards
Cheating the IRS. My SO won big in the casinos and won't report any of it to the government
Cheating on his/her diet

this is the hardest question i have ever had to ask you people.

Which is your absolute favorite of these fantastic characters played by Jimmy Smits?

Victor Sifuentes, L.A. Law
the Conky repairman, Pee Wee's Playhouse
Det. Bobby Simone, NYPD Blue
Matthew Santos, the West Wing
Miguel Prado, Dexter
Haruhi disappearance

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1) What kind of food did you grow up eating? (lots of meat and potatoes? healthy and organic? all fast food? all processed? microwave was your best friend? tell me about your past diets!)

2) What kind of foods do you eat now?

3) What is your living arrangement? (living at home, roommates, alone, etc?)

4) Do other members of your household share the same general diet as you? If not, what do they eat?
me - with gun

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Nooot that this is somehow in any way related to any mischief I want to get up to tonight, I do not have a high-res version of this picture (edit: if that link isn't working... it is for me, not sure why... try this one or this one.. click to enlarge it on the second link), would it still print out okay and be readable? I would test it out myself but I don't have a printer. It would not necessarily have to be in color.

In other news, how are you today, TQC? I've been scarce lately and have missed you. Life going okay? Anything interesting happen to you lately? :)

Oh Noes

My girlfriend is watching her friend's parakeet while the friend is on vacation.

The parakeet was found dead in it's cage this morning. No fowl play, it's number just came up.

If you were the friend, would you want a phone call during your vacation for this news or would you prefer to hear when you got home?

How would you message this to your friend?
The Receptionist Classic

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Do you or have you ever left money in your mailbox with a note for the postman in order to buy stamps?
(My co-worker thinks I'm insane, but my mom used to leave money in the mailbox for the mailman and he would bring her a book of stamps the next day.)

Do you or have you ever given your postal carrier a gift for Christmas?

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1a. is this too sexy for a 50 year old? what if i got like two sizes bigger than they wear?

1b. alternatively, does anyone know if something like this exists without feet?

i'm gift shopping so I don't want to have it altered before giving....just in case.

2a. do you often give PJs for gifts? i feel like every year i give PJs to at least three in their own personal style for various gift giving occasions.

2b. is that kind of a cop out gift?

dog food

What kind of food do you feed your dog? Brand and type.

I feed mine Science Diet naturals for puppy, the lamb kind. I'm thinking about alternating between hard and soft food because she just seems so tiny and I think she needs to gain some weight.
Miroku Turn

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My tummy is rumbling. What should I eat for lunch? I want something that will taste good very hot, I think. Should I drink hot chocolate with my lunch? What is your favorite lunch?

Why can't I ever roll anything in breadcrumbs properly in Cooking Mama?

I frequently have dreams about zombies. Do you have recurring dreams, or at least recurring themes in your dreams?

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Do you have sex whilst one party is on her period?

Whats the idea with putting cotton wool 'up-there'? Isn't it really difficult to get back out?
EDIT 2: I see where I went wrong, I mean putting cotton wool up and not taking it out for the sex.

(EDIT: It was on 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl', it was suggested that one of the girls put a cotton wool ball all the way up.I thought A) thats not entirely hygenic, B) Hows she going to get it out? and C) even if you're going to use a tampon, youre not meant to have sex with it in!)

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What do you think is the most annoying pet?

How do you suggest to someone that maybe they aren't caring for a pet or child the way they should be?

What do you think of pets being thought of as objects?

1. My friend has a parrot, and her live in boyfriend has one too and OMG are they loud. They just screech and you can't even cuddle them!

2. Said friend keeps the birds in tiny (in my opinion) cages. They have room to extend their wings fully, and walk back and forth a bit but they can't fly and I figure their few toys would get boring after a while, given parrots are smart creatures. She only lets them out for about an hour a day and sometimes not even that because she gets home late from work or whatever. I don't know what to say but I'm really sad for the poor birds.

3. It really shocks me. A friend's boyfriend threatened to put their cat down when they broke up because it reminded him of the relationship D: D: (It didn't happen, thankfully). And recently I heard about a cat whose owners abandoned it after 13 years together because they were moving and it was inconvenient to take the cat. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! (I understand that sometimes it is in the best interest of the animal to give it away, and that is different)

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TQC, have you ever had a certain food trigger a memory of a loved one who passed away? What was it?

I just had every memory of my Uncle John play out since I was a baby, and I swear it was because we had baked ziti for lunch, which was his favorite food. Somehow the smell just reminded me of him. Today would also be his 51st birthday, so maybe that helped?
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How many of you have made complete fools out of yourselves while drunk?

Would you recognize the drummer from the Posies if you saw him, and/or the drummers of other various bands that you enjoy but perhaps have never seen play?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I'm lactose intolerant and I am craving a big glass of moo juice. Should I risk the runs?

ETA: Yes, I normally drink soymilk, but I want the actual milk taste. Are any of the other alterna-milks more milky tasting?
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I'm learning to drive (in the UK) So far we've covered three point turns and reversing around corners. I know there's still a lot to learn, but what exactly? I can only think of emergency stops.
Mitty box

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So, I don't have a washer and dryer right now and can't get to a laundromat until tomorrow. My son peed his bed last night and I had to wash the sheets and his clothes he was wearing in the tub and hang them out to dry. My dilemma! They keep blowing off the line, as it's a very windy day.

What household item can I use to keep my clothing on the line? I tried using these weird cog toys my son had, but they were too loose and fell off. It's too cold to be going out there every few minutes to rehang.

PS - The "line" is actually a 30ft serial cable cord that I tied around my porch, lol.

EDIT: georgefantana wins! I found some bobby pins and a hair clip and that seems to be working.

New question!

What's your favorite kind of potato chip?
Bert Shocked

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Where did you go for your last vacation?

Where should I go for mine? (I want to stay in North America)

Did you know that the reason we only see one side of the moon is because the moon's 360 rotation is sychronized with its daily revolution around the earth? Did I just blow your mind?

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My last question sucked, I know, probably drove a lot of you insane. Sorry, but I had to ask TQC, since I value the opinions of complete strangers.

So, how about something a little bit more controversial, and completely beaten into the ground?
What's your take on GOD? Do you believe in 'him/her'? What do you think of people who do? What do you think of people who don't? Why do you? Why don't you?

Edit: I am agnostic, leaning more towards athiest, on the believing front.

Edit 2: More so, gay marriages, abortions, and all those other nice things the bible and religion hate up on. I believe in them, I'm for them (gay marriages, and abortions not the bible and religion)

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1. can you name three things about yourself that is generally a characteristic of the opposite sex?

2. did you ever make a science fair project? tell me about them!

3. Congratulations! you've been selected to have FREE plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures! What do you choose to have done?

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Do you know of any websites where you can take a test and it'll tell you what kind of careers are best for you?

I just wasted 20 minutes on this site and the results were crap. It said I was 100% for construction even though I said "not interested" for anything even remotely related to construction/building/engineering. My school used Wisc Careers and it was awesome, but you can't sign up for it for free without being a teacher.


If I want to apply for a job at Apple, is there anything I need to know beforehand, or do they do training on the job? I've only used an iBook in college - that's about the extent of my Apple knowledge right now. Any inside info that would be useful? What should I prepare?

Please re-read if you are familiar with the Oregon Coast.

1. Have you ever been to the Pacific Northwest? If you have, which is your favorite city? Your least favorite?

2. What is your opinion of President-elect Obama's offer of the Secretary of State position to Hillary CLinton?

3. How do you drink your coffee (if you drink coffee)?

4. What are the best cities on the Oregon Coast? (My gf and I are going to spend a week there after finals).

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what are your lazy clothes like?

say you're going to a fancy dress christmas party on the 23rd december, what do you wear?

if you had the chance to morph into anything, anytime of the day for any reason, what would you choose and what abilities would you have?

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My boyfriend and I have been talking marriage lately...Nothing too serious, no solid plans...But I believe my friend knows when he intends to propose and I know he'd like to be married within the next 3 ish years, kids in 6 ish. I'm getting stereotypically excited.

On a scale of 1-10, how hard should I punch him for asking, "Will you marr- just kidding. Will you put the water away?"

I could kill him, lol.
zombie baby cede! :D

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Do you ever get so busy you forget to do something important (not buisness, but like shower or eat?)

I just realized that I have ate eaten 3 meals in the last 5 days... maybe. 

What are you doing this weekend?
Should I do that too?

(no subject)

my father just told me(through my mom) that he has a lump in his throat which he is going to get checked at the hospital later at 3pm. it's now 2pm and i'm really worried it's going to be cancer and stuff like that :( he first got it detected at a clinic and the doc told him to get it checked at a hospital. i'm worried because he has been smoking a lot way before i was born and i'm 19 this year! :( what do you think it is?! omg:(

"This !"

Ok, I'm a dumbass!

Every once in a while someone will post a question.

And invariably, someone will post "THIS" as an answer.

I'm sure there's some significance to that answer.

Is posting "THIS" just a  polite way of showing disdain?

(like "what an ignorant question!")

Someone please inform me, ok?

girl reading by ourescape

Christian Kitsch

I wanted to buy this for my boyfriend for the holidays, but sadly I can't get it shipped to me in the USA. So, does anyone know of any good sites where I can buy weird Christian stuff, like, but for Christians? I'm specifically looking for weird/funny Jesus statues. The glitter one was perfect, but it doesn't look like it's to be.
Oh hay thar

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Please help settle a dispute in my office.

There are 4 of us working in the department and A's client offered to buy us pizza for lunch. There are 8 pieces left. Should the pieces be split up between the 4 of us to take home, or is the rest of the pizza A's pizza?

(FTR, I have no viewpoint on this but it's apparently srs business because the three of them are arguing about it. I have told them I'll ask the internet)
real men read


One of the word processing women at my company really likes her perfume. She walked into my boss's office next door about ten minutes ago and I'm getting a headache from the very vile smell she brought with her that's just lingering in the air.

Is there a polite way to tell someone they're wearing too much perfume?

Is there anything appearence-wise you generally dislike in the opposite sex? Are there any exceptions to the rule?

(no subject)

right folks, i am just wanting to get opinions on something. those of you who live in the UK, this doesnt really apply to you so much as, well, you'll know the right answers. What do you know about Great Britain?

Poll #1300816 Great Britain

Great Britain is another name for

United Kingdom

Scotland is

An area in England
Part of Ireland
A seperate country, attached to England
Where they run about on hilltops in kilts casing haggis

Northern Ireland is

Part of Great Britain
The top part of Ireland, but no different to the rest of the country
Part of Scotland
Nothing to do with the UK

Wales is

Part of England
Part of Scotland
Attched to England, but a seperate country

Great Britain is

5 countries
4 countries
One country
2 countries

Ireland is

One whole united country
2 countries, but ran in the same way
2 countries, with different currencies

Eire is

Somewhere is Wales
Southern Ireland
In the highlands of Scotland
Near London
im just wanting to see what people think of the UK, coz i know a fair bit about other countries that i was taught in school, and im just wondering if other countries teach much about us, as we are an interesting little country.

also apologise about the lack of LJ cut, i cant get it to work. tags seem to not like me today :(

(no subject)

1)what's the most unusual dress code rule you've heard?

at 'work' earrings can not be bigger than the diameter of a quarter.

2)Are you a type A or B?

I used to be a type A, and sometimes, I can become one again, but mostly B now.

3)political slash pairings?

obama/rahm emanuel...

Christmas Shopping ALREADY.

1. Do you do your Christmas shopping online?

2. What's the best generic gift that you can give either gender? And no gift cards!

3. My siblings & I are pitching in for an e-book reader for my dad and it comes with free engraving. What's a good, short quote to put on it that shows we loooooooove him? :)

4. Who doesn't give a fuck about Christmas?


EDIT: What's the website that has all the funny things people have written as answers for their homework and tests? 

Clem & Joely

(no subject)

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, what are your favorite Christmas movies? (If you have any.) Do you and any friends/family have a particular movie you watch every year?

Well, so far my personal list of movies to watch this winter are The Family Man, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Holiday, Love Actually, Elf and A Christmas Story. My family and I watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation every year. ;)
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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So, I am developing an idea for a screenplay and my original idea had the setting as an was to be like an office drama/comedy but I've come to decide that there is too much going on in the main plot to throw everything into the work place and it just doesn't fit or flow like it should.

Without going into details, it does really need to be set in a communal type setting and the only other places I can think of that would involve a group of people in close quarters much of the time is a college dorm, or a hostel type living accommodation...or prison...but prison doesn't work at all for obvious reasons.

Any suggestions of other types of communal type environments that I could use as a setting?

(no subject)

My power just blinked but only in ONE room. What does that mean?

What color is your underwear today?

Do you wear shoes around your house or are you one of those people who always takes their shoes off first thing?
from hell


Do you speak multiple languages?

How many do you speak?

Are they alive or dead?

What are they?

Can you translate this? I think it is Spanish but I am not sure.

queridq carolin te busque en el face y creo no equivocarme de que seas tu espero te acuerdes de mi y de hilda espero respuestas tuya un beso

Help Me, TQC!

Yesterday I got into an accident (not my fault, bastards ran a red light and totaled my car, but I'm fine), and I do have a question for you.

The autoshop owner said to add the retail price and the wholesale price of my car and divide it by 2, and that's what the insurance should pay.

Did this ever happen to you?
If it did, did the insurance company give you enough money to buy a car?

Halp please. I want to make sure the insurance company doesn't swindle me and I'm without a car :(

These Lyrics Are Making Me Thirsty

Sorry for the vague and unnecessary Seinfeld reference.

Anyway, I've had these song lyrics stuck in my head since high school and I can't remember the name of the band. Google searches reveal nothing. I know it was a Ska/Reggae album my friend lent me. I am no longer in contact with that friend nor do I have any idea what the band or song titles are. Hopefully someone here will recognize what I can remember of it:

I'll be number two,
If it means to be with you.
But baby can't you see?
I just can't be, just can't be number three.

Oh I'll be the other guy,
But never just some other guy.
Why can't you, why can't you see?

It's killin me (killin' me)

And that's all I remember.

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I work at Burger King. There's a manager there who loves to have fun and loves when people prank her. What are some good pranks to pull on her at work? Keep in mind we mostly work the closing shift together.
Miroku Turn

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It freaks me out when people show their bottom teeth a lot. We have a customer at work who is generally an okay customer (not super nice, but not bad by any stretch most days), but she always has her lower teeth showing! When people talk to me or smile and they have all their teeth showing all the time, it makes me really uncomfortable and nervous.

WHY? D: I realize this is totally irrational. It's not that I find it gross, but it makes me anxious.

Do you have any weird things that bother you? I had a friend who didn't like looking at her own feet because her toes were deformed.

Are you sick? Do you usually get sick this time of year? When was the last time you got sick?
Octopus singing

Portable GPS's?

Do you have a GPS? Do you like it? What kind do you have?

So I'm looking to get someone a GPS for Christmas. I've been told Garmin is really good, but the base model only gives you one direction to where ever you need, and can not reroute directions based on traffic, etc. Is this true?

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in the hall is this janky fire alarm. really, it's a toast alarm, cuz the thing goes off with the slightest provocation. unfortunately, it's up on a 10 ft ceiling and we have neither ladder nor chair big enough to get up there and pull the batteries. the only way to shut it off is to stand there like a fool, waving a towel at the thing to dissipate any fumes.

what stupid thing in your house or car or environment forces you to take silly, continuous half measures just to get through the day?

Writing, quotes, life, poems, shakespeare.

Does anyone here know of a good creative writing community? I mean, one where you can share your creative writing to get comments/critique. I did a search, but all that seemed to show up was inactive or emo comms, and for some reason a lot of comms with "grrl" in the name. Halp pls.


Do you have a favourite poem? What is it?

What about a favourite quote?

A favourite play by Shakespeare?

What is something that makes your life great?
helena1 (close up)- TEXTLESS ICONS ARE N

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TQC, i want to make cakes or cookies or something tomorrow.
i want to make something easy and simple, and preferably with cheap ingredients cause my boyfriend and i are poor students.
what shall we make?
take me to some recipes?


Tea Queue Sea

What can I do to improve my memory?

I have had this since 2004 and have noticed a decrease in the quality of my short term memory. I am 20 years old, wanna be journalist [need to remember facts], a student & a martial artist. I make lists & I practice forms etc, but are their any wonder foods, or supplements?

What song should I download?

ETA: I use BrainTraining on my DS already, though I don't do it everyday so maybe I should?
And I'll listen to any music.


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does anyone remember a story about a red circle on a card or something and the person with the card that had it dies?

i read this story in middle school and i THINK that's basically what it was. but i can't remember it exactly or enough to google it. does anyone know what i'm talking about?

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So I received a wedding invitation today.
However, I have no idea who the bride and groom are. Should I go to the wedding anyway? The invitation is super fancy and nice, so maybe they would have an open bar...

the black-and-white poll

Pro-stem cell research or Anti-stem cell research?

pro-stem cell research
anti-stem cell research

Pro-bullfighting or Anti-bullfighting?


Pro-Myspace angles or Anti-Myspace angles?

pro-Myspace angles
anti-Myspace angles

Pro-prayer in schools or Anti-prayer in schools?

pro-prayer in schools
anti-prayer in schools

Pro-vegan or Anti-vegan?


Pro-Ashlee Simpson or Anti-Ashlee Simpson?

pro-Ashlee Simpson
anti-Ashlee Simpson