November 19th, 2008


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So I just kind of got screwed by the California sales tax online. I was ordering a book and then it charged me with the sales tax. I went ahead and ordered it anyways and right after I ordered it I found a cheaper one. I searched the website and there doesn't seem to be a way to cancel the order. I used my brother's credit card and he's asleep with his door locked so I can't ask him

Since I ordered it using a credit card, is there a way I can cancel the order?

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One more question before bed.Collapse )

I am 21 years old, and I cannot live my life without feeling guilty over anything I do because my mother has constantly screwed with my head for so long that I feel guilty over almost everything.

How do I tell her to back off without being a total bitch and upsetting her?
i say, old bean

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have you ever made a drunk post to either your journal or TQC itself?
would you care to guess how many times?

if you haven't...well, why are you controlling yourself? LET LOOSE THE BEAST IN YOU!

Army Fatigues?

I found an army shirt at the Goodwill. There were 4 others. They are all forest.
I want to know if there is a way for me to know when this was distributed?

at the back of the collar there is a tag that says:
height: from 67 to 71
chest: from 37 to 41
stock n0. 8415-10-390-8544
nato side 7080/9404

and there is another tag on the right side, near the bottom of the front of the shirt.
coat, hot weather, woodland camouflage pattern, combat.
50%nylon/50%cotton ripstop
steps, inc.

there was obviously a badge on the left deltoid. Any way to know what this was? Or does it just say army there or something?

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If you see an insect in your home, what do you do about it?

If it depends on what kind and where it is, what kinds are you most likely to get rid of and how do you get rid of them?

Or bugs or little many legged pests of any kind.

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Have you ever used an online dating service? Eharmony? Etc

Do you have any funny stories?

- I haven't

- My friend just started using eharmony and she got hooked up with a guy she already knew, one of our mutual friends. The funny thing is though we all knew each other and hung out she didn't realize that they would have anything in common. They have been dating now for 3 months and they are shocked at how much they like each other. It's just hilarious to me because they have known each other for so long anyway.

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What is the name of that girl that had been locked in her room for all of her life, and didn't know how to talk and had never had human contact until someone called the authorities and she was put into foster care or adopted or something?

I was telling my mom about her, and she didn't believe that anyone could be that cruel to their children, so I want to show her the story to break her faith in humanity.

ETA: Found it right after I asked, which is about how it goes. It's Dani.

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What name is coolest?


Just to soothe your soul: no, no child is going to be named these! It's for an MMORPG.

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TQC, if I start working out like a mofo and dieting starting tomorrow, can I conceivably obtain a super hot body by February?

Currently my measurements are: bust - 34", waist - 28", hips - 41" So I'm not huge, just not exactly thin. I'd prefer to be a 34-26-34 or some shit, but I'll settle for just looking toned and thin and not having huge hips in relation to everything else.

So can I do it? And if so, how? How much exercising and what kind? How much dieting?

Help me get hot, tqc. Please?

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what's one thing your neighbors do that drives you nuts?

have you ever heard of kissing balls? of course i had to click on the gmail ad that said 'kissing balls' because i was confused and couldn't conceive of what such a thing could be.

should i get this stationary bike? it's only $50 and it's too fucking cold to go outside and ride a bike.

what color house would you like to live in? i'd like to live in a blue house.

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Does anyone know what 'Stellent Outside-in' software is used for? My work computer has been updated with it.
Are they spying on me? O_o

Who had to scrape their windshield this morning?

ETA: Are Chevy Cavaliers good cars? My friend says they're "throwaway cars", I'd like a second opinion please.

Who has taken out a loan? I'm a noob, what should I expect? Should I bring anything with me to the bank in particular?
i don't want to be friends

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My dorm room is a four person bedroom on the top floor of an old house. Now that it's cold outside, the heat is cranking, and it gets really hot in the room. Last night we left our window and door open and it got really cold in here, but it was better than feeling like Hades. However, I'm worried about my robo dwarf hamster. I would think that this constant cold/hot thing is bad for him. I don't want him dying on me. What should I do to make sure he stays pretty regular? How do I not kill my hamster?

Lost Friends

I was just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation as which I have.  I've been serving for the military for over 2 and a half years now, and it seems as though I just don't stay in touch with my friends like I used to.  I'm horrible at keeping in touch with them, sometimes not calling even the closest of friends for months on end;  There are some people that I haven't talked with for a couple of years either.  Is this normal when separated from friends whom we used to be so close to, or have I just lost interest in them?  I don't want to think that it is the latter of the two.

Romance in the air!

TQC, I need some ideas.

I'd like to plan a romantic getaway weekend for late January or February.

Urban or rural?
Suggestions for destinations? I'd like to stay within a few hours drive of Chicago and surrounds.
Suggestions for activities?  We are both rather boring people who like to sit and read. 

Help me with my love life!!
Pug in wig

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Would you buy from an eBay PowerSeller with a 98.6% feedback rating? In the last 12 months, they've had 2575 positive reviews and 35 negative reviews.

Is taking the chance worth saving ~$50?

Muchas Gracias,

eBay Newb

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So in about five hours I'll be parting ways with two of my wisdom teeth.

1) Have you had your wisdom teeth out?

2) If yes, how many did you have out? Were you awake, asleep, or under "IV conscious sedation" (what I'm getting)?.

3) Can you describe the experience? Please include all the dirty details; I don't want any unpleasant surprises!

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I just ate a piece of toast at a friends house, the next thing I know she's yelling at me to stop eating it and the best before date on the tag says July 03. It was frozen and tasted fine, didn't have any mold on it etc etc but what is going to happen if I just ate 5 and a half year old bread?? I only ate one piece, am I going to die or something? I thought it meant July the 3rd when she showed me but all the other tags say the month then 08 so I'm assuming it really is rather old. Anyone know what will happen? Should I see a doctor?.
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What's the last intense thing you did?

Last night I played a pick up game of basketball with 9 guys, full court. I have bruises, cuts, and scrapes all over my hands, knees, arms, elbows. But it was so much fun.

And for the past week and a half I had to write 2 papers and take two midterms. Ugh.

oh, Canada...

1. what's Montreal like in the spring?
2. can anyone tell me what it's like between Toronto and Montreal?

my friend is in school in Toronto and we want to get together for a little trip when she's done this spring. we wanted to drive cross country through Canada but that's probably not in the budget, so we were talking about taking a road trip from Toronto to Montreal.
Evil Me

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Dear computer Dr. TQC,

When I got my first laptop 3 years ago I bought a printer. It worked fine, blah blah blah. Then last year when I tried to change the ink cartridge I ended up uninstalling the drivers due to my own stupidity. At the time I spoke to their "customer support" people who were basically no help at all. Last winter I ended up having someone help me and got it working again! But then it stopped working again... :( Now I have a new computer and I NEED my printer to work. I downloaded the drivers off of the Lexmark website and every time I try to install them is goes through the process and makes the folder in my computer and all of that, but if I try to click on anything it's all "this link is broken!" WTF? I got the drivers for Vista, the printer is plugged in and turned on and USBd up to the computer like it asks.... !?!?!?!

I've tried to uninstall what gets put in (nothing happens) and deleting the shit that's there and restarting the computer and trying again, but no dice.

Will you HALP me?

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Last night my beloved got sodium hydroxide (dishwashing chemical used in commercial kitchens) in his eye!!

I was at the emergency room with him till 2:30am. I called in to work because I wouldn't be able to get up, I'm dead tired.

Do you think my work will want proof? Is his hospital bracelet enough?

When was the last time someone you loved was in peril?

Boy got to the sink right away and flushed his eye like mad. If he had let it sit even a minute longer before flushing it, he could have lost his eye! Lucky/Smart boy y/y??

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1. My roommate keeps making really loud farting noises using a partially deflated balloon. Then she laughs really loudly with my neighbor and does it again. I should punch her, y/y?

2. Where do you get your hair cut?

TV ratings and Engine efficiency

1. I was watching Universe on the History Channel last night. They were talking about parallel universes, string theory, and physicists attempts to reconcicile the incompatibilities between quantum theory and Einstein's theories. I noticed this show was rated tvPG. Why? Seems pretty G-rated stuff about science to me.

2. Let's say you have 2 car engines that are equally powerful. Which would give a car better fuel economy? A bigger engine running on the Atkinson cycle (which is more efficient because of the valve timing), or a smaller engine (which is lighter) running on the Otto cycle?

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Where is a place in Los Angeles or online where I can find a unique or interesting desk without completely destroying my bank account? (I'm going to hit the thrift stores this coming weekend if I can't find anything before then.)


This coffee I just got tastes like someone peed in it. It's the only pot of coffee available for now though so should I just suck it up and finish drinking it or dump it?

How much coffee have you had so far today?

What are you usually like after one cup of coffee?
After two?
After 5?
After 15?!

(or if you don't like coffee just replace that in the question with some other high caffeine energy drink)

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what's an 8-9 hour drive to you?

i asked my friend how far the drive is from Toronto to Montreal and she said it's 8 or 9 hours, to which i replied, "Oh, no biggie." and she was all "UHHH WUT."

apparently she thinks that's a long drive. that's like a day trip to me, lol. but i've been driving 18 hours to and from Colorado over the summer my whole life, so.
Octopus singing

Will someone please recommend me a winter jacket/coat?

Will someone please recommend me a jacket or coat for winter? (I'd love to buy from an online store)

I'm a plus size lady. I normally wear hoodies and avoid the outdoors in the winter. Though, I live in the city this year and walking to and from the metro is inevitable. I've started wearing skirts and being a little more fashionable, though, jeans and tee's are still a big part of the wardrobe. I'd like something that could go with both jeans and a nice dressier outfit if needed. I think I'd rather have something like a pea coat, but am open to suggestesions. Please help! Thanks!


See that thing I'm using for an icon? That's a boingy. I love these things, made an entire mood theme outta them. Officially they're called blobs and you can find them on a lot of smiley face websites.

What I'd like to know, if you've any idea, is who created these things?
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So it looks like my only option to get rid of dial-up internet at my house is to get satellite internet through Hughes or Wild Blue. Has anyone dealt with them? Which is better (or least sucky?)

For those that don't know or care about satellite internet, how about some dating advice. If I've seen a guy twice and he hugged me goodbye at the end of each night but didn't try to kiss me, does that mean he's just shy, or not interested? What should I do?

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Is it in bad taste to get my roommate a plastic organizer (and a friendly card!) for her birthday? The countertop by her mirror has never not been covered in dirty QTips and open makeup and scattered jewelry.

If you were a sloppy person living with a neat freak, how would you feel about such a gift? Would you use it?

Did anyone else go from not caring about cleanliness and organization to becoming obsessed with it in college?

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I'm about to finish my observations for the semester and was thinking of writing my cooperating teachers a little "thank you" note for allowing me to sit in their classes.
Is there some way that I can say "Please keep in touch, here's my email" without sounding incredibly unprofessional? I don't want to shoot the shit with them, but I really like the way they taught their classes and would like to mooch off of their brains in the future.
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What do you guys think of Time's Invention of the Year, an at home DNA testing kit? It's like, $400 and tells you all sorts of things about your DNA, like what diseases you are prone to and where your ancestors were from.

Do you think this will actually be useful? In what ways?

Are there any cons you can think of?
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Inspired by an article in the NYTimes:

When you're reading a news article online and there's a link to a video that shows something violent, do you watch or not watch? (ETA:) Does it have any effect on you at all?

Do you like (horror) movies with graphic violence?

In other questions: What famous person would you want to be your bff (knowing there would never ever ever be any relationship past being friends)?

Seriously unserious about this serious topic

My dad is a hardcore Catholic who thinks that no one's born homosexual; they're recruited. When you're young and impressionable, someone shows you how much fun being gay can be and BAM, you're flower arranging and making things FABULOUS. So, that being said

1. Gay people, how were you converted to homosexuality? Did it involve pamphlets?
2. Have you ever thought about just watching a straight porno and see if you can convert back to the 'default' hetero mode, or are you too committed to converting the innocent to the school of gay?
3. Do you think that furries are also converted, too? The pleasures of playground yiffing with your friends instead of kickball or Barbies?

Music Pirates, Arrr

For those of you that download music illegally

Are there any artists or bands whose music you still purchase instead of/in addition to downloading illegally? If yes, who and why?
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1:  There are an insane amount of crows cawing outside.  There are a few trees here but not enough to attract what sounds like 50 crows.  Does that mean my neighbors are going to die?

2:  What kind of birds do you like?  Dislike?

I have to admit that I kinda like crows in a morbid way.  I also like finches and parakeets.

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How bad of an idea is it to buy all my Christmas gifts using a credit card? It would be about $500 dollars max, I have an $800 dollar limit and 0.0% APR for 3 months then 13.9%. I have a job but won't start getting decent checks til after the holidays.

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what's something you're kinda anal retentive about? is it a new or old quirk?

I've recently discovered that when I go to someone's house and I use their bathroom, if any containers have an open lid (such as shampoo, body wash, and the like) I will close the lid. it just bugs me to have the lids open.


I have had an extremely stressful day and the knots in my back are absolutely killing me. Any suggestions as how to make them feel better and or to relieve some of my stress?
Edit: I could get a massage (those help tons!) but I dont know anyone well enough over here to ask for one. Bah!

Also, what are you hoping to accomplish with your life?

Music from the 1920s

I don't do itunes but am willing to buy CDs of music from the 20s, so what would you recommend? A friend suggested soundtracks from movies taking place then, like Capone, or Leatherheads. Could you recommend anything else?

It's for my prohibition/gin joint party on Saturday. :)

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At what age did you start to "become your own person" and what were some of the first things that you changed?

When I entered high school was when I stopped wearing a school uniform, stopped wearing grandemochafrap's handmedowns (haha, sad); but it was 10th/11th grade when I really started to realize what style of clothes I liked and what kind of music I liked..... so I started dressing more modern trendy girl rather than the baggy holy jeans and oversized tshirts, and started getting into country music

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You're dead. I'm sorry.

What embarrassing things (other than sex toys) will someone find where you live?
What things will they find that might possible hurt them or change their view of you?
Who do you want to take care of your underwear??

Fine, all of your embarrassing stuff. Your underwear, your porn, your multi-headed dildos, blow up sheep, JEM doll collections, etc. Who would be the person you would be okay with taking care of all that? Because you're dead and someone has to.

Even if it's the guys from 1-800-GOT-JUNK.
dead zone johnny & sarah

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So....I'm working in my Master's in Social Research and it's time to come up with our dissertation topic. I had my topic idea all set out and ready, but we decided it was too broad for a Masters dissertation and narrowed it down. Now, of course, I have the opportunity to change my topic and I can't decide if I want to or not. (I've barely started research for the original idea, so it wouldn't be like I was throwing away a lot of hard work).  Anyway, which do you think would be more interesting to read about?

1. Apocalyptic themes in film and how they are influenced by historical/political events in history?
2. North American comedy and how it reflects culture? What makes certain examples of comedy funny? something like that....

Both haven't been studied too much, so would be equally interested to delve into.
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1. My cousin just called me asking for $5,000. Apparently, he's stuck in Canada because of car trouble. I haven't seen or heard from him (aside from Facebook, which is where he got my number) in quite a few years. When I told him I didn't have $5,000 I could just wire him, he hung up! And then my grandma called me 30 minutes later, saying that she received the same phone call. She also refused to give him money because she gave him $2,000 in September to pay his car insurance. How would you deal with this bullshit?! Yeah so my aunt was contacted and my cousin is where he belongs (not Canada) and we were kind of scammed! I'm lucky to have a granny who defers such calls to other grandchildren who can ask the internet (me.)

2. What do you think of/associate with Queens, NY?

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Do you think nice guys/people really do finish last?

*Edited for Clarification

I believe that I'm a really nice person and would bend over backwards for most people. I'd give a homeless person my last dollar and jump in a river to save a puppy, but no matter what, I always get fucked somehow by being nice.
The Receptionist Classic

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Are you related to another TQC member? If so... Who and what is the relation?

And completely unrelated...
I'm going on a REAL vacation this week. We're flying first class. I've never even been on a plane that has a first class section. Have you ever flown first class? What's it like? Do we really get free booze?
eknock, Ash

Halp TQC. :(

I've googled, to no avail, but I can't find anything! Two questions!

1) Where can I buy Amstel Light online? I've tried Amazon, and Ebay, but no such luck. It's for my dad, he loves it, and it would take like... a long time to get it to my house. Aka, not before Christmas. :( Also, I'm in Canada, but I don't mind paying the US price.

2) Can you recommend a good (preferably free) DVD/CD burning program? I have Nero, and it sucks. :(

Thanks! <3

ETA: The beer. I've been looking for it for a while now, and our liquor store doesn't have it (NS) nor does the next province over... -sad- :(


Why do strangers on Facebook/Livejournal/Myspace/MSN (especially MSN actually) add me out of the blue, then continue keep me as their 'friend' without attempting to EVER start up a conversation with me/reply to any of my posts. I've even said hi myself on some occasions to be nice and recieved no reply! I eventually delete them anyway, but it still bugs me.

Seriously, has anyone any idea why people do this? Is it to get their friends count up or just to stalk, or what?

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i'm a college student. i smoke pot occasionally. the last time i smoked was on halloween. i'm planning on smoking a few more times between now and my winter break (december 10th or something). when i go home on my winter break, i am getting my wisdom teeth out. i am worried about the marijuana and the anesthesia and how they might affect my heart rate together. i have a weak cardiovascular system to begin with. i tried looking on google but i only found information about how general anesthesia would be affected by smoking pot the day of surgery.

if i'm getting my wisdom teeth out, how many days/weeks should i leave between the last time i smoke pot and the day i'm getting them out?

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Alright so my toilet just overflowed and there is about an inch of water all over the floor. Have you ever done this?
How should I go about cleaning it up? There's a lot of water.
watership down


anybody ever used this site before? it sounds way too good to be true, but I am really fucking poor

eta - i found an advertisement for it at my school.

fuck that.

what are some ways to earn some extra cash?
how much does it suck being a poor college student?
are you in debt? how much?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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I deleted my myspace 3 1/2 years ago.  I still occasionally receive friend requests, birthday notifications, and message bulletins.  Every time I try to log into my account and re-delete it, I get an error saying that my account doesn't exist.  I've emailed their support team about it several times.  Today I got my first response; it was from a bot and suggested that I log in and change my account settings so that I no longer receive email notifications. I am fed up with this bullshit. 

How can I talk to a human being?  I can't find any info on their website.

Has this happened to anyone else?

What should I do?  (srs and non-srs)

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Do you buy (Christmas) presents, make them yourself, donate to charities in honor or a mix of the above?

I hate buying things for people unless I know they really want them. I hate getting gifts from a store. What's your preference as far as receiving a gift?

Have any pictures of some of your favorites gifts given or received that are home made?

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If you have a bank credit card, who would you send payments to if the bank declares bankruptcy?

How far would bank shares have to plummet before you withdraw all your money?  Or would you only withdraw your money if the bank was going bankrupt?

Reverse Cowgirl?

Are the speakers always on your computer?

What is your daily "uniform"?

Do you get the giggles during serious moments?

What do you prefer on your pasta:

a: Meat sauce
b: veggie filled
c: plain
d: pesto
e: none
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hey computer nerds...

I got an MP3 file and an AVI file, and I kind of want to put them together yet I have no single idea how to do it and I don't want to use windows media player for it.

any ideas on how I could easily do this without a lot of trouble?
emmett, QAF

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If you own a dog does it bother you when you're walking him/her when people come up to you and say something like "Aww what a cute dog, what kind is it ? Can I pet it ?"

Do you have a snack you're currently addicted to ?

I'm pretty sure cheddar goldfish have crack in them.


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Girls, do you like shopping for clothes?

I despise it, I don't look unless I have something in mind, and even then it can be a pain. Like I wanted some corduroy pants and went to a few different stores but they don't have my size in a style I like! Finally I just bought some at Kohls and am going to have my friend hem them because I have short legs :(. They are pretty nice though :)

Are there any guys that like clothes shopping?
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Question tiem at TQC~

Dear TQC,

1. Does green tea really help control your appetite? What are some other methods of keeping cravings down?

2. What's the proper portion size for rice? Like, one cup?

3. What's the recommended time for cardiovascular workout per day?

4. I guess I'm just bored and don't know what to do with myself since I'm done with my homework, but have you read any good books lately? Any recommendations?
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What podcasts do you subscribe/listen to? What're they about? What do you like about them?

Right now I really only listen to This American Life, which is about the stories and lives of all different sorts of people in America. In the short while I've been listening to it, I've heard about a guy who lived in a nursing home with his drunk mother, a woman who sorts through the belongings of people who died and had no one to leave them to, all sorts of things like that. I don't really know why I like it, it's just cool to hear about other people's lives.

I'm also subscribed to You Look Nice Today, which is three dudes who sit around and talk about fairly interesting and/or witty things, but I don't actually listen to it that often =(
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(no subject)

1. Why am I having such a shitty week?
2. Why is it 47 degrees and dropping in Central Fl?
3. If somebody asked your opinion on something and then reamed you for having a shitty attitude would it piss you off?
4. Are egg rolls worth a long-ish walk in the cold?
5. If you met a university student working in a library who claimed that Edward from the Twilight books was her one true love, would you feel saddened/horrified?
6. What noteworthy incident or incidents have happened to you this week?
FLORENCE by rodeo_town


Do you think the baby's father should have to go to the baby shower?
He doesn't want to go, I think he should considering people are giving gifts to OUR baby...I don't know..

(no subject)

Do you have people in your life that are so special to you, that you would drop everything and go if they needed you?

Anything to do in Port Charleston, FL? 

Have you ever driven across country just to comfort a friend when their life was falling apart?  Have you ever been the friend in need?

EDIT: My bad, the city is Port Charlotte, FL. I was close!
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Dear tqc, studying for my AP biology test is actively kicking my ass. Any die-hard study secrets? Alternatively, what are your favorite sources of internet lolz?


What would you do if you walked in on a few co-workers talking badly about you?
Has this ever happened to you?

This happened to me about 30 minutes ago, and once about 2 months ago. I just stood there upset not knowing what to do....

I should add for clarification and the lolz....

One of the 3 co-workers RAN away. Like, flew out of there so fast as soon as she saw me.

tl;dr> They were saying that I have way too many people in my family dying all the time and I do not deserve the funeral time I get (3 days for parents/grandparents/whatnot) becaues no one really ever died. In 13 months my husband and I lost 3 grandparents (and I did prove it to work) and I had just found out today that my husbands last living grandparent will probably not make it through another week and have been upset at work for the past 3 hours.

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Does my new userpic make you hungry?

There is this girl who is a sophomore, she clings to a couple of my friends and I dislike her. She is in my creative writing class so I figure I already have to spend 70 minutes with her a day, so I shouldn't be forced to spend anymore time with her. She has started eating lunch with us and its just driving me nuts. I seem to be the only one that doesn't like her so I leave and go eat lunch with some of my other friends so I don't make it uncomfortable for my friends. My friend Daniel thinks I'm being dramatic by leaving. What do you think?
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washing dishes

so i'm in college. we have plastic dinnerware. roomie has the melamine stuff, i got this cheap plastic from walmart at the beginning of the year. for some reason, every time i wash my plates and bowls, they end up with this nasty greasy/oily thing going on with them, and i don't know how to get rid of it. for what it's worth, my mom gave me a bunch of plastic silverware (the good cheap stuff) and it gets the same greasy film on it. has anyone else had this problem? suggestions for making this nasty shit go away?

i've been washing with regular dawn and antibac ajax stuff. it seems to be worse with dawn, but when i use ajax it's still there.

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I have good quality make up, but without fail, everytime I wear liquid on my eyelids it's half way down my face 2 hours later.

Do you know any tricks to keep it where it's meant to be?

My friend says dab a little hairspray on my eyelids, but I fear I'll lose an eye.

& for those of you that can't help me, another question:

What number house do you live at?
Last night we were watching an American film and the house number was 4018. Are American streets just incredibly lnog, or is there some system of house numbering we aren't aware of?

(no subject)

Lately I've been seeing a lot of girls wearing skirts. They usually wear some kind of tights that see really thick or really tall socks that are thick over tights. Anyway I think the style is really cute. Anyone know where these girls get these tights and/or socks?
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The other day I broke my car. Some douchebag cut in front of me and to avoid them I ran up on a curb and bent every single part having to do with the front left wheel. It is getting picked up by insurance and I'll have it back by the weekend but I still feel stupid.

What's the most ridiculous thing you have ever done to a car you were driving? Details please.
dianna agron ;;

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I have to leave to go back to work in an hour.

Should I wash my hair now?
The water is warm, my bathroom is warm but my hair will be wet driving back & I will have to sleep on it wet which means it'll go poof in the morning. Plus it takes away from my nice relaxing at home time.

Or should I wash my hair tomorrow night?
This means washing it at their house, where the water is sometimes cold and their bathroom is freezing but I can dry it all nice.

My hair is clean so it'll last til tomorrow. IDK if I can stand their COLD SHOWERS though.
Haruhi disappearance

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Are there any services that are so commonly done for us by paid professionals that it hasn't even really occured to you that you could do them yourself, or that you find yourself surprised that others do themselves? What are they?

I always boggle at people who do their own hair. Just never occurred to me to do it myself, its just something I always paid someone to do! Also, until recently I never even considered installing my own computer hardware.

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so i have quite possibly the largest under the skin zit ever on my chin. ive had it since quite possibly august. i keep letting it do its thing and then letting it heal, but the stuff in the pore is still stuck because it still hurts every time it goes down. well tonight, i've declared war.

what should i put on this baby to get it ready for battle?

i tried toothpaste this morning. i'm going to try a hot warm washcloth next. don't tell me not to touch it, thats not even remotely an option.

are you a picker or a leaver?

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I realized just now that I'm very antisocial. Actually, I knew that, but I realized that it means that now I'm out of high school, I really don't have any real friends.

Do any of you live in New Mexico? lol.

Will you be my friend?
purple flowers, Me and Lily

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I've got a pumpkin bread recipe that I want to make for the multiple Thanksgivings I'll be attending. The thing is, I've got one to go to this Saturday, and then two more on actual Thanksgiving Day. The recipe I have doesn't tell me how many loaves it makes to boot (it says grease a pan, and then later it says pour into pans...arg).


Freezing uncooked dough batter and then baking it closer to the day it's needed: good idea or bad idea?


The recipe calls for 3 cups of flour, a 16 oz. can of pumpkin, 1 2/3 cups of sugar, 4 eggs, and a number of other little things that don't really account for bulk. Any idea how many 9x5" pans it'll fill?

I'll probably just double the recipe and have pumpkin bread until Christmas.
dianna agron ;;

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I need a bra.
Problem is, I don't really know what size.
All those "MEASURE YOURSELF" instructions don't work because they bring me out at like a 30C or something [lol no]
I currently wear a 30G but it's a bit TOO small now.
I order online so I'd like to get the right size straight away rather than keep having to send them back.
Should I go for a 30GG? Or a 28GG? Or a 28G? I think the back size is okay but I heard if you go up a cup size, you should go down a back size or something.

ETA: I can't go and get measured because the nearest store that sells bigger bras is in London and it'd cost me £6 to get there so I don't want to waste money. Seeing as I can return a bra that doesn't fit for free, it's cheaper to just guess.

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Have you been to any weddings that had high amounts of drama involved during the wedding or the reception? Can you share your story or stories?

Whose wedding did you attend last? Was it fun or dull?

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If there were a reality tv competition between you and all your coworkers to keep your jobs, what week would you go home?

For simplicity's sake, let's assume a 10-week show (they eliminate 10% each week.)
Spiral of Light

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TQC, what's this calledCollapse )

EDIT: I'm not talking about the eagle. I'm talking about the act of having a bird of prey perch on your arm, sending it out to do some task, and calling it back to your arm. There's a word for it, but I can't remember what it is.

Edit 2: Falconry. Thanks!


So I got a new job, and I signed up for health insurance. HOWEVER, this job requires that I move to another state for six months. My health insurance provider does not "operate" in that state.