November 18th, 2008

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Hello TQC,
I just got invited to a holiday cookie exchange. Everyone's going to make a ton of one kind of cookie and then we all swap around so that everyone ends up with, like, 1/2 dozen of each type of cookies.

What type of cookie should I bake? (Bonus points for including your favorite recipes.)

(I like to make gingerbread men every year but I have yet to find the most amazing recipe, plus they are too labor-intensive! Yet festive. Right now I'm leaning toward Mexican wedding... And I have to call dibs fast!)

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inspired by this one:

Have you ever actually given someone a CD hoping they'd get the hint that you were secretly in love with them? Did they get the hint?

Like two years ago I sent the song "Oh My god" by Pink & Peaches to my crush to give him the hint that I wanted him to "put me on the table and make me say his name" BUT HE DIDN'T GET THE HINT. HELLO? IT WAS SO OBVIOUS. But I finally told him and got in his pants and now it's kind of a throwback song. Haha.

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Have you ever been pulled over?

Yes, one time.
Yes, 1-5 times
Yes, more than that.
Never! I'm a very responsible driver.
No, but only because I don't drive.

What were the circumstances?

I didn't have my seatbelt on.
I was speeding.
My license plates were expired/nonexistent
My tail light was out, or something like that.
I was swerving all over the road/driving crazylike
I failed to stop at a light/sign
I didn't have my headlights on
Some other reason in comments

Did you ever get fined?

I honestly can't remember

Expired medication = epic FAIL

I have a prescription for Ambien but its pretty expensive, so I've only filled it once. My dad mentioned that he was prescribed it at one point, but couldn't take it because it made him too groggy the next day. He brought me his old prescription the other day when mine ran out. 

I just took one and happened to look at the date... it was filled in 2004! WTF dad? Who keeps medicine that long in the first place, and second, why give it to me?

I'm not mad. I actually find it somewhat amusing (if you knew my dad, you'd understand). I have no idea how potent it will be after hanging out for 4 years, but let's see. I

Has anyone else ever taken expired medication?
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If your SO mistakenly sent this text to you, when it was meant for a female friend, would you be upset?

"So, Bekah would like to come on Thursday because she wants to redeem herself. She's been a crazy bitch lately and doesn't want you to see her that way. Is that cool?"

When I really said that I'd like to come because he's leaving town Friday for the weekend, so we wouldn't see eachother for a while unless we all hung out.

Ummm.... words in my mouth much?

Also... how I want to mother Dr. Drew's lovebabies...

Does anyone here have a guilty pleasure like watching Rock of Love: Charm School, Real Chance of Love, Paris Hilton's: My New Best Friend, The Pickup Artist, etc.?

Don't get my wrong (and dear god don't judge me on what I just confessed, heh): I don't like these shows to the point that I TiVo them.  I watch them for laughs and in no way take them seriously. And, since VH1 plays these shows all the damn time, I'm almost gauranteed  an episode laying in bed at night getting ready to go to sleep (as I am now, with "Rock of Love: Charm School" on the tele).

I admit that I really enjoy VH1's Scream Queens and Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew  (I LOVE Dr. Drew). I do TiVo these shows. I think Dr. Drew does  a great job at what he does.
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Any guily pleasures that you'd like to share? ^__^
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I have a lot of questions about life.

1. What do you do to calm yourself? Are you usually a pretty anxious person? What makes you anxious?

2. This has probably been asked, but I have been in denial and would not have noticed. I thought sexism was all but dead. Evidently, I was wrong. How prevalent do you think sexism is in our society? What form does it usually take?

3. My computer is not on its last leg, but its last toe. (I have been in denial about this, too, proving that it is not just a river in Egypt.) Should I buy a used laptop or spring for a new one? What kind should I get?

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guys, should i quit talking to my ex BEFORE getting my shit back? he owes me $30, and i have a hairbrush, toothbrush, train case thingy, and a few other things at his house still. all the clothing i had there got thrown out. he hasn't replied to any of my texts since last tuesday morning and i want to stab him in the neck. no matter when i stop talking to him, i plan on not talking to him for at least a few months.

if you don't care about ex drama, should i drink? i have vodka and sour apple mixer and orange juice.
petit prince

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1. what's the last thing you didn't want to do, but did because you were bound by morals or etiquette to do it?

2. i'm applying to borders for badly-needed supplemental income, as my job does not pay enough. on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst idea you've ever heard, 10 being 100% fine), how bad of an idea is it to print off a copy of my resume for a different (non-competitive, additional) job at my "real" work?
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Louie I want to dip my balls in it

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inspired by this.

Have you ever been familiar enough with a specific penis or vagina that you could distinguish it from other penises and vaginas?

Like, is there anyone who you could recognize just by looking at their genitalia?

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I live in Michigan.
How come whenever we get the first snow of the year, NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE?! I think the roads are covered in snow for about 102 months out of the year and we get a light dusting and people act like they've never driven before.

Why am I still up?

Emo Sylar? Please.

Is anyone else still watching "Heroes" at this point?

Is it me or does the plot fail to make one iota of sense?

What was the last show that you had initially liked but quit watching because the writing went down the tubes?

Why did you quit watching?

And for those of you still watching, how do you feel about the poor misunderstood "I don't mean to be a killer. I can't help it" Sylar storyline?

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Anyone here ever failed a year or uni? What happened? Did you retake it?
[Mainly geared at UK people, please!!]
[There is quite a high chance I am going to fail my second year and I am *terrified*]

Isn't Pro Plus good?
[It has kept me awake to do work...and now given me the shakes because I don't drink coffee and haven't had Red Bull in ages so I am relatively caffeine-free]

Have you ever done something for years, then suddenly started doing it wrong?
[That is badly phrased, but I mean, for example; I have been doing a sport for about 5 years now and in the last few weeks I have started doing a technique wrong and I can't seem to stop it, grrr.]

Is your mind racing now?

What was the last news story you read about?

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what wii games should i get? im going to get 3 and i already have cooking mama in mind

do people really care whether or not girls get all girly like wear make-up heels dresses etc? would you not hit on/talk to a girl cause she doesnt look girly?
Quinn Twin


So, I got a call yesterday that instead of reopening that day, like we were supposed to, there was a ton of issues with our move and I should probably look for another job. Rage at my boss aside, does anyone know how much employment history you have to provide when filing unemployment? I did it once about 843904932 years ago and can't remember, though I do vaguely remember it being between 2-5 years? I'm in Atlanta GA, if it matters. Thanks guys!

PS - It's totally legit to go to the DOL in my jammies, right? I'm already officially a social pariah!

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So I messed up my car yesterday and it's in the shop for a few days. Rather than drive me to & from work on his schedule, my boyfriend suggested that I drive HIM to & from work with HIS car, then do whatever the rest of the day.

However, his car's not insured. (I know, I know, he kinda has to do that.) If, for some odd reason, I get pulled over and I'm driving his uninsured car, will I get in trouble, or him?

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Do you think the LJ move is a conspiracy with Blizzard? It only makes sense!

What was the last thing you or someone you love used crayons/pastels/chalk/colored pencils?  It's been a couple of months.

Anyone else with kids scan their work and put it on the net for safekeeping or an album type thing?
It occurred to me the other day to do this instead of keeping masses of paper in boxes.

Do you upload your own doodles and artwork? Share pics?

What do you do with the tins popcorn and holiday cookies come in?
I put gifts in them.

ETA: Blizzard is home to some MMORPG. It's a joke off the fact that people have to wait to get their fix because Tuesday is maintenance day.


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My ex just sent me a Facebook message with a link to this video of a Korean kid singing "Hey Jude." The title of the message is "still thinking about you."

I am baffled. Is he insinuating that I remind him of a cute little Korean boy that can't really sing? What should I say back? Srs and non-srs answers pls.

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if you could have one of the surviving members of Monty Python as one of your grandfathers(or father if it's more age appropriate), who would you choose?

and now for something completely different

Eric Idle
John Cleese
Michael Palin
Terry Gilliam
Terry Jones

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do you think LJ is going to go down RIGHT AT 8 AM PST or do you think it'll take a few minutes?

GUYS, IS THERE GOING TO BE LIKE A TQC AIM CHAT OR SOMETHING? 'cause i'm gonna miss you guys ;______;

something up there

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TQC, my SO's sister has invited me out for dinner. My SO won't be there, as he's in a different city.

Should I expect the Spanish Inquisition?
Should I expect to pay for my own meal? (Sister is much older than I am, if that makes a difference, and not in school) Thanks!


Is keeping cremated remains in your house creepy? I never thought it was, but I just had a friend inform me that she's not coming over anymore because she found out I have the cremated remains of two of my cats up in my bedroom.

If you knew somebody you were close friends with had cremains in their bedroom would you refuse to set foot in their house?

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If my training (which is almost over) goes properly, I'll have a radio show on Brown Student & Community Radio in the Spring. However...I do not know what to name it. It's going to mostly have local underground music (but not all grimy noise...some pretty and melodious things as well), homemade experimental sounds by non-musicians, and a couple of good, weird songs by established artists, as well as specialized announcements on hard-to-find or unannounced events, and maybe some "weird science news" type of short segment.

pp: lizzie lj

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How about a game of fuck/marry/kill, but using fictional characters?

I'll start:
Who would you fuck/marry/kill from the Wonderpets?

(Tuck the turtle, Linny the guinea pig or Ming-Ming the duck)

Now you suggest three fictional characters and let everyone else answer!

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how often do you shave? what do you shave? what do you shave with?

how much money do you spend weekly on what on?

what do you do when you're on the bus?

what newspapers do you read?

and finally, guys: blow job or hand job? girls: oral or fingering?
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

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Usually I'm one of the best Mighty Wielders of the Search Engine, but my skill with Google is failing me.

Supposing you wanted to do like in movies and TV shows (particularly crime dramas) where you take a picture of a face you want to look like to a plastic surgeon and have them reconstruct you to as near as they can get with your head size and shape, how much does that tend to cost in an average case in a person healthy enough for the surgery? (Either from search engine-ing or personal experience, I just wanted to be able to attach a price to it in my head. I should be in school to be actuary instead of a sports commentator...)

Did anyone else get motion sickness of any sort from playing Mirror's Edge? All I get is a headache, but the game was definitely the cause...
Georgie - Smiles

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What's your download limit? As in, how much can you download before your speed is limited or you're charged extra?

EDIT: Okay, apparently internet in Australia sucks more than I thought it did. :(

I need help!

I have to write a short fiction piece for my creative writing class. What should I write about?

When I am done with that, should I go and do some photography?

A guy I used to sleep with messaged me on myspace. I don't know what to say! What would you do?

the time is gone, the song is over, thought i'd something more to say

which of these TIME songs have you enjoyed...ever.

Time, pink floyd
In the Meantime, spacehog
Time is on My Side, rolling stones
The Last Time, rolling stones
Time In a Bottle, jim croce
Time After Time, cyndi lauper
...Baby One More Time, britney
Not Enough Time, inxs
Nick of Time, bonnie raitt
One Piece at a Time, johnny cash
Wasted Time, the eagles
Night Time is the Right Time, ray charles
Let the Good Times Roll, the cars
Closing Time, semisonic
oh suzer, this is a timely poll, but i don't know many of these time songs!

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Is anyone else watching true life right now?

It makes me so sad that the one kids friends are calling him fat and telling him he needs to loose weight so they can get girls. How do you feel about it?

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now that LJ is BACK.. I'm curious what you spent the hours without LJ doing?

I actually did some work! :O

[edited out my fail I guess I was thinking about it still being gone...or me being gone from here...or something]

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Do you come from a loud or a quiet family?

When wearing read shoes, is it overkill to carry a red bag? What about to add a red belt? Should one just stick with black accessories otherwise? Wtf do you wear with red shoes?

When was the last time you saw a boner?
Biting strawberries

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TQC, I feel munchy. This dark chocolate chex mix, while delicious, is not doing its job!

What do you like to eat when you feel like munchin' on something?

(Best answers will not include "vag" or "peen", but I realize these are unstoppable.)

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Right, i am considering changing my name slightly and i'd like peoples input. My name currently is Jennifer Susan Campbell. I am wanting to add in Ruth for a couple of reasons.
1- its part of my mums middle name, and i dont have a family related name at all
2. my mum wanted to call me Jennifer Ruth so she could call me JR (from Dallas) and i kinda like that. my dad vetoed it though (and thankfully my mum vetoed Sandra....)

So i just cant quite decide on what combination to go for.

Help me change my name
Poll #1299647 help me change my name

Which do you like best?

Jennifer Susan Ruth Campbell
Jennifer Ruth Susan Campbell
Jennifer-Ruth Susan Campbell
Dont change your name you fool!
Princess Consualah Banana Hammock

the simmmmmms =]

I haven't played sims in forever. It's usually what I do when I'm at home over breaks when I'm hiding from my crazy family.

Here are my sims questions:
1. Do you use cheats? Money cheats are my favorite =]
2. What kind of families do you make? Do you make a single person and make them struggle to find a SO or do you make a couple and just turn them into SO's right away? Pets? Kids?
3. What's your favorite career track?
4. Favorite expansion pack? Stuff pack?
5. Which expansion or stuff pack is the most overrated/waste of time/money?
6. Do you make a sim of yourself or just do a random person?
7. Am I weird for making a family of my fiancee and myself? Is it weirder that when I'm mad at him IRL that I do mean things to his sim?
8. How long do you usually play? Do you lose track of real time?

Does anyone still play the first sims still? I hated sims 2 at first and vowed to stay loyal to the original, but I saw the light about a year ago =]
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my wife

sprint phones

my phone died (LG rumor- i hated it) & i don't qualify for a new upgrade with sprint. i'm going to buy a phone off of ebay.

mama says go buy a really cheap and ghetto phone for now and wait until i can get an upgrade. that is in about a year and a half.

i want to buy a good phone, probably the blackberry curve because i text 90% more than i talk on it.

should i be a brat and buy the curve, for probably $280 on ebay? is it a good phone?

OR is there an older blackberry/PDA/qwerty sprint phone i can settle for?
the motorola Q is under $100... worth it? is it huge? :[

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If you see a counselor or someone similar, what do you talk about? At the beginning of every session we talk about how I've been since last session, but then just talk about a bunch of random stuff. Is this normal? I feel like it's not.

We do talk about everything that bothers me, it's me that runs out of bothersome or isn't having to talk about much problems after a while so I start to talk about just stuff.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I'm going with one of my best friends to the airport on Saturday morning to pick up her boyfriend and go back home with him, because I'm a nice friend and hate for people to drive alone for a long period of time, etc. I know her boyfriend, but he's not my best friend or anything crazy like that.

My question, TQC: what can I do for 4ish hours in the backseat of a car to distract myself from their "omg I missed you so much bb" lovefest in the front two seats? D:

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I've been having really bad insomnia the past few days. I mean I am running on 5hrs sleep for over 48 hours. I'm a mess and it hurts to exist. Plz halp.

What insomnia remedies do you swear by?
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yesterday you and your SO had a huge fight.

at the end of it, you have resolved not to talk to them because of what they said and how they were acting.

today they send you a text saying "when you see this please call i have something important to ask you"

do you ignore it? OR do you answer with a text that says leave a message?

im not sure whether a text saying that will weaken my position or not. i also have a feeling that the question might be whether or not im driving him to school this weekend. in which case i will get pretty angry.
Hell - Picasso Devil

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1. I have the beginnings of the following playlist. What songs do you think would fit with the mood?

Womanizer, Britney Spears (I know, I'm sorry)
Red Alert, Basement Jaxx
Le Disco, Shiny Toy Guns
Night of the Dancing Flame, Roisin Murphy
Hold it don't drop it, Jennifer Lopez

2. Do you know how to do something super complicated, but know you can barely explain how to yourself let alone to someone else?

3. What's for dinner?

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D: I just found a little WORM on my TOWEL that I'd thrown on my bedroom floor. Okay it's messy in here but not THAT messy, right? TQC did that maggot live here because it's SO MESSY and I have a habit of leaving plates of food for 24 hours on my desk or was it just some freak coincidence/stuck on my shoe?
Argus on desk

How much does a free haircut cost?

I got a letter in the mail from a local salon offering a free haircut. I'm due for a haircut, so I figured I might as well take advantage of the offer. Now, I'm not so stupid as to think that there's such a thing as a free haircut; I know I should pay the stylist a tip anyway. The letter says it's a $35 value, so I'm assuming that's how much they normally charge for a haircut (more than twice what I pay at my usual place!). I was thinking $7 (20%) would be a decent tip... Or should I give a bigger tip (say, $10) because the cut is free?

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"Your instructor has taken a photo with which of the following U.S. Supreme Court justices?"

Don't you hate when questions like this are asked on tests? WHAT THE FUCK does that have to do with my knowledge of the US government?

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What company do you use for your internet/cable?

How much do you pay a month? (You as in your household, not you personally)

Comcast says their cable is $29.99/month for 6 months. How the heck much is it AFTER that?! It doesn't say anywhere.

Is DVR worth the $99 installation fee and extra $20/month?

Edit: Do you remember if you had to pay installation fees for just regular cable/internet? Verizon has a $20 fee for the internet and Comcast had a $140 fee for God knows what .. that seems crazy, but maybe I'm just naive?

Throwing a good 21st

At the last minute, sort of, my brother decided he'd like a 21st party. Guess who's organizing it? Me, of course!

He's only lived here for under a year, however, so the guest list won't be huge. Maybe 20 people if we're really lucky? Most likely less. We decided just to make it casual and are having a BBQ with banana fudge cupcakes made by yours truly as dessert.

We want to make it a good party, obviously, so does anyone having any tips for throwing a memorable 21st without too much effort? It's next week so...yeah! Haha!

Points for original ideas!


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OK guys the LJ ship went under right when I asked this earlier, and I really need your help:

I am probably getting my own radio show on Brown Student & Community Radio this coming Spring and I have no idea whatsoever what to call it. I am seriously going crazy because I am terrible at naming things, I come up with the most awful word combinations. Things I'll be playing: B-sides, novelties and oddities from established musicians, super-local and unsigned music, and experimental sound from people who aren't necessarily musicians. Thank you to the suggestions I got earlier, some of them were so awesome.

And a new question:

What geometric shape does your face/head most resemble? How about your feet? We can talk in terms of household objects or animals, too. My feet look like pieces of toast or loaves of bread, while my face is the proverbial moon face.

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I have an available round-trip airline ticket to use inside the U.S. I live in West Virginia and the tickets were originally meant to be to Florida, but apparently they don't have to anymore. Where should I go? I have to use them within twelve months. I would probably try to stay in a youth hostel or somewhere cheap when I went.

Has it started snowing where you are yet?

Will you recommend a book to me? I usually prefer non-fiction that deals with science, but I will take any fictiony suggestions as well!

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1. Do you have any habits that lean toward being OCD-like tendencies? (Or if you are actually diagnosed with OCD, what are your uhh. triggers? I don't know what to call them, lol)

Collapse )

2. Due to an impending migraine, and the fact that just one has done nothing for me in the past, I just took two Fiorinal capsules. TQC, am I going to die?

3. Are you watching Aladdin on ABC Family?!
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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To those that do Thanksgiving, what dish are you looking forward to the most?

For the healthy eaters, do you stick to moderation, limit yourself to only the healthy dishes or just "let go" for the day?
gasp zooey

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Does it bother you when people preface a question with the word "question"?

For example, every time my roommate has a question, she goes, "Question: What are we doing tonight."  "Question: What's for dinner."  "Question: Where are my socks?"  It bugs the heck out of me.

What are some phrases that really bug you?
Baro Bitch Stare

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Do you think it is awkward when two of your friends start dating?

What if one of them is your roommate? (My roomie started dating one of our mutual friends. Now I'm afraid that if I go into the living room, where said roomie always is hanging out, I'll catch them doing stuff or interrupt them.

How many different brands of soda can you think of/remember?

(no subject)

If you were going on a trip to your hometown over the holidays for four days and four nights, would you require a suitcase or just a carry-on bag?

What items of yours specifically would you pack (you have plans to go out one night with old friends, but otherwise will just be hanging out with your family)?

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I'm in charge of props in the school play ("Fools" by Neil Simon) and one of the props is a giant curse book. The cast, tech group, and I have decided that we wanted to get a giant leather book to write the curse story in and then give it to our director at the end of the play.

I'm using my brother's credit card to order the book tonight from and I need the book a few days before the opening night of the play which is December 4. One of the cast members has decided that he may not chip in any money because he's "already put in a lot of money into this play." Everyone has agreed to pay except for him.

The question is:
Should I get the standard shipping so that I will definitely have enough money to pay my brother back even if the other guy doesn't chip in or should I get the 3 day shipping and owe my brother a couple of bucks if the other guy doesn't chip in?

hate pimentos

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Why the hell won't release my tires until I prove to them that I have 3 other tires of the same make/model?

(Husband got a flat a few days ago.   We can get a new tire cheaper through them and have friend of ours mount it for free as opposed to buying a new one from Sears and having them do it.  However, Tire Rack won't even SHIP the fucking thing until I assure them that, yes, we have 3 other of the EXACT same tire.  Is this shit?  Am I crazy?)

Clem & Joely

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How many people here have not experienced a death that impacted them greatly? (I'd consider "greatly" to mean that you've gone through the whole grieving process and all.)

For those of you that have, what was your relationship to those that you've lost? Do you feel you deal with death in a healthy way? (Are you able to be happy at the memories of your loved one, or does the thought of them continue to hurt you more than anything else?)
dick, roa, blah


Have you ever had a thought so powerful that the visual manifestation of that thought actually overwhelms your vision (bright colors, images, etc.)?

If so, did it ever happen while you were driving?
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1. SO, tqc, do you remember how you learned multiplication?

Cause I learned it as times tables and then we built on that for tens and hundreds, etc. Kids these days are using some kind of lattice grid deal.

2. I don't wash my hair every day because then my scalp will dry out and life will suck. BUT my scalp gets to smelling kinda bad between washes. How do you think I can fix this without getting greasy roots?

Name my cat!

He is 11ish weeks old, a blue Russian, very cuddly and talkative.

I like human names and nouns for animals but I've had him for about 2 weeks now and nothing is sticking. No distinct markings except for the little shape on the tip of his nose.

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Do you have any remarkably easy yet wonderful dinner ideas?

My mom's out of town and all my dad can make is spaghetti. I'm going to start bleeding spaghetti. The only substitute I've come up with is cereal because my culinary skills are lacking.
anontang DA

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If you live in a country with free healthcare, what do you think of it? I've only heard viewpoints from those here in America, and everyone says that it's not worth it because of the waiting times and the lack of quality. I'm just curious to know, if it really as bad as I've heard?

(no subject)

Who do you think has the most power or influence (meaning you're more inclined to sway the other person in your favor or vice versa) in your relationship, you or your SO? (And please don't be lame and say it's equal because relationships very rarely are.)

If you're not in a relationship now, who would you say had the power in the last relationship you were in?

(no subject)

I used to be a patient, easygoing person who rarely raised my voice and was nice to people, even if they didn't deserve it.

Lately in the past three weeks, I am so mean. I throw as many people as possible under the bus (OK, only if they deserve it), I yell, and I am always looking for reasons to bite people's heads off.

Everyone gets angry sometimes but this does not seem to be wearing off! Do you think there is something seriously wrong with me? Or is it just the anger I kept inside all these years finally coming out?
Baro Bitch Stare

(no subject)

1. What are your favorite kind of SKITTLES?
2. What are your favorite kind of M&M's?
3. What are your favorite snack foods?
4. Do you like dogs or cats better? Why?

(no subject)

1. When you go to a bar/pub what do you usually order to drink?

2. What is your favorite bar/pub food?

3. You do something terrible and you are forced to change your name and flee the country. What is your new name and where do you flee to? Why?

(no subject)

Could you suggest some music for me? I'm mostly looking for upbeat, kind of electronic, dancy kind of alternative music. Like Of Montreal, MGMT, Franz Ferdinand... but a little darker. do you know what I mean? a little more sexual perhaps. something that gives it that extra oomph, you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?
if you can't meet my extremely picky musical needs, what are the bands you've been listening to lately?
Are you like me and will listen to practically anything outside of industrial sound and new age music?

ETA: Thanks to everybody! I'm listening to everything right now.