November 17th, 2008

eknock, Ash

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What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep?

40 hours. :( I suck. I had to go to bed, I was getting dizzy, lmao.

Share an amusing story from your childhood/stupid thing you did/your kids/friends, etc kids did?

I ate gum off a city sidewalk. I was two. <.< Mom put a halt to that quickly. XD

ETA: How old was the person/you when this happened?
Ronon who cares

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What are you craving right now?

A Cherry and Coke Slurpee and enough combination spring rolls with peanut sauce to make my stomach explode.

What is the last thing your parents' gave you?

My dad gave me 50$ for shelving at my new place, and my mom gave me a very special housewarming present containing a vibrator.
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have you or a friend ever been to the TRL studios? have you recently watched TRL?

I went down there once because Fort Minor was visiting, but my friend got in and I didn't. my friend has been on it 3 times I think. I remember seeing it one day a few years ago and just randomly catching my best friend in the audience (Gwen Stefani was visiting)

and no I haven't seen it in years.


how do you get over being seriously hurt(emotionally) and manipulated and dissapointed by a close friend and mentor? non srs answers are highly welcome.

will you show me a political macro to cheer me up?

ETA any macro will do, because i love silly animals :)
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If you were hungry at 1.09am would you go eat something?
If it makes a difference, you don't have to get up for anything tomorrow and you didn't eat at all excessively during the day.

Anything you fancied or something healthy? because we all know it's a sin to eat this late at night

How often do you nap duing the day?
If you do, is it needed or just indulgence/laziness?
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mona marx

and weeee're back.

so tqc...

will the cold weather get rid of the small amount of fleas in my house, or will i have to actually do something about it?

what is your favorite radio station? extra internets points for links.

does anyone else ever have nights that they just can't get to sleep because they feel that they have too much to do, but then sit around doing nothing? is that just me?

what will you have for breakfast tomorrow?

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My roomate is snoring. We share a room. She sounds like a garbage truck and I have to work at 7AM.

What can I do to make her stop??? Smothering her crossed my mind but I don't think that would be smart.

Do you snore/talk in your sleep/do something else weird while sleeping?

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Using nair on a 9 year old* is stupid, y/n?

*see: Best Answer

ETA: Could be I read it wrong. I read it as it was mom's idea and doing, not as if the daughter had asked and been allowed to do it. So maybe that's my bad**.

How about this: Making a 9 year old use nair is stupid, y/n?

**Why can't I extricate "my bad" from my lexicon?
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'Tis the season for college apps. Technical question:

Say you're applying to five schools, all of which need two recommendation letters each. How does one go about asking for these recommendation letters? I mean, can I really ask someone for FIVE letters? I have a total of four teachers I can ask for recommendation letters (my current physics teacher, last year's English teacher, and both of my art teachers), and, of course, my counselor. I happen to go to a rather large school where student-teacher time is limited, and I don't get stellar grades, see.

Also, if you applied to colleges as a high school senior, how many did you apply to, and which were they?
hannibal skull

Ding dong

When going to someone's house, how many times do you ring the bell?

Is it poor form to repeatedly ring the bell if they do not answer the first 2 times you rang? (and no, they did not yell out HANG ON or COME IN)

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My boyfriend is incredibly stressed out lately and instead of making it better by being sweet and supportive i think I'm making it worse by coming off as overly clingy and in his face. I'm not really sure how to make him feel better.

For guys: if you were my boyfriend, what would you want me to do?

For girls: if you were in my shoes, what would you do?

Inspired by severe_scented

What's a fashion trend you wish you could get into but can't?

Skinny Jeans. They look cute on skinny girls, but I am cursed with a badonkadonk.

If you could bring back a fashion trend, what would it be?

Old 70's bell bottoms. Those were the shit.

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So I was watching Kath & Kim the other day and I saw them using this microderm abrasion / electronic / brush thing that moved in circular movements. They were using it on their faces and I'm pretty sure its primary purpose is to remove old / dry skin.. so anyone know its called? I want one to use on my dry knees and elbows.

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In highschool, I found AP English Lit to be a very enlightening course - it helps that my teacher was equal parts passionate and ridiculously critical. I loved the books and poems we read, and understood better what truly terrible writing looks like, i.e. my first few essays in that class. With this context, I promised myself to never enjoy the equivalent of a steamy, literary dump ever again.

So, TQC'ers, much to my dismay, knowing full well what a terrible set of books they are, I read...Twilight, and the books that followed. Despite laughing at how dazzled I was by the liquid-topaz chagrin in the novel, gawking at the overt Mary-Sue that is Bella...I enjoyed the books!

So, TQC, I am clearly delirious/insane/possessed.

TL;DR - What good books do you recommend so that I can redeem myself?
Michaela Coel

Calling All Youtube Scholars

I am desperately searching for a series of videos on youtube about an Englishman who gets released from jail at the start of every clip and somehow ends back in the pokey at the end of the episode. He is wrongly accused of being a murderer but always says "only I never did it" when explaining the wrongful imprisonment to each person who listens. Does anyone know what the series is called?

Also, why have you gone through so much toilet paper this month TQC? Really now. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Edit: It's animated.

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I don't know if I can handle my life here at school anymore.
I'm thinking about taking a leave of absence or something, and disappearing for a while.
If I can't do it and save my credits in case I ever want to go back to school, i'm going to just "run away."
I'm so miserable.

Have you ever ran away from something before? Not literally.
If I take all my money out- and get a train ticket somewhere, where should I go?
If I leave without telling anyone, how long do you think it will take my family to realize i'm gone?
Since i'm over eighteen, I can't get arrested for just going away can I?
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I'm sick and my coughing and sore throat woke me up at 7:30AM when I don't have to be up for another hour and a half.
I have three classes today. I have to go to the last one to turn in a paper. Should I:

Go to the other two classes (10 + 12)?
Go to the 10 AM class and then come back and sleep for a little while?
Go to the 12 PM class and try and go back to sleep now?
Skip them both and sleep?

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Poll #1298915 It's Chilly.

It's currently cloudy, windy and 31F outside. Should I:

Bundle up and go for a run.
Stay inside and drink coffee. Duh.

EDIT: I went for a run. I'm so hardcore. Hell yeah.
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I'm pretty sure this doesn't count as an LJ support-related question, but it's always possible I'm being a moron, so feel free to tell me so: I downloaded the LJ login add-on, and it has since stopped working. As in, it's completely unresponsive even after repeated attempts to uninstall and reinstall. Anybody know how I can fix it?

And to make this post less dodgy: What does the voice in your head sound like? By which I mean your internal narration voice, not any schizophrenic hallucinations or alternate personalities. But feel free to mention those too, if you've got 'em. (Mine sounds like James Spader.)
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I have to meet someone at 8:30am to give them something they left in my car.
Should I:
1. Meet them, go get my oil changed, come home, eat, and go to work?
2. Meet them, come home, nap until 11am, eat, and go to work?

I work for 6 hours, and then I have a three hour study session AND I have another test to study for. Sleep could benefit me, but I don't want to be lazy. My 3 month oil change was up last Thursday, but I still have 400 miles left until I reach 3000 miles.

Please help me!!!!

Probably tl;dr , but I'm at a loss of where else to turn!

I had a new friend that was visiting me. He parked in valet parking, ignoring the sign, and his car got towed.  I allowed him to stay in my apartment that night (even though that was not the deal), drove him all around the city, and leant him over $200 to get his car back, as well as missing classes that day. He promised to pay me back. He was immature and not at all self sufficient, and basically said "i have no way to get home, fix my mess!"

I got a new phone because the old one stopped working, and now I don't have his number. He only has a cell phone. I've also *never* had his address.  It's been 2 months now, and he's ignored every email I've sent asking for the money (which he promised to pay in 2 days).  He blocked me on AIM, Facebook, etc., and ignores all my other emails.  I have nothing in writing saying that he owes me the exact amount for the car because I'm an idiot, and I trusted him to pay me back. I know better now.  I'm totally broke, and I can't afford my rent or my books, and I NEED this money.

All I have is an email to him saying "when are you sending me a check?" and an email from him saying "I mailed it!" which was a lie (that was a month and half ago). My question is, how do I find this person? They're renting with a roommate, so they aren't in the phonebook. Again, he has no home phone, so I don't even know what to do.

Once I find this guy, what the hell do I do???
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Two unrealated questions:

Why the hell does my fingernails grow like they are on steriods? I am seriosly filing the bastards everyother day.
Does your grow fast or slow?


I recently lost my fingerprint on my left ring finger, and i don't have them on my pointer fingers... I can be a gangster now? Y/Y?
I mean- do you have any strange injuries/ablities that you are secretly proud of?

What would you do for a half-million Klondike bar?

Edit: on #4, it's soup, not coup (you don't have to eat the midget's car)

Poll #1299069 For $500,000, would you...

...get a 10" tattoo on your back that says PALIN FOR 2012 and a picture of her face? You can't get it removed until after 2012


...have your name entered onto the sexual predator list? Like other members of this exclusive club, you have to declare yourself to new neighbors and new employers and whatever else the rules dictate. Anyone can view the website and see your name and whatever inconveniences or shame accompany other predators shall be yours


...go on the world's biggest roller coaster without the security bar in place? It's actually removed entirely. The only thing keeping you in your seat is your kung fu grip and feet braced against the seat in front of you

72(87.8%) an entire 3' midget? He died of natural causes, and from his body, a chef will prepare several steaks, coup, kabobs and sandwiches of him. You eat everything from the midget except the bones. He's only 3 feet. How much eating could that be?


...drop a brick off the top of the Empire State Building at noon on a busy Monday morning? Everybody's walking around the streets, going to lunch. Your brick may hurt someone. It may land on the street safely. Who knows? Once you toss over the brick, you walk down the stairs and whatever happens afterwards will be on your conscience


...visit every Baskin-Robbins in the world and have a single scoop in a cone? You have 7 months to complete this task and you have to pay your own way

geo in a box

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1)Do you get your shoes repaired or just buy new ones when the bottoms of yours are worn down? How ratty looking do they have to be before you buy new ones.
2)What is your favorite folk song?
3)Do you ever move your furniture around just because you're sick of the arrangement? If so, how often do you do that?
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According to my marketing textbook, there four household roles used by marketers to analyze consumer behavior. Where do you fit in (you and your partner, or your parents, whatever)?


Autonomic (decisions are made independently by each partner)
Male-dominant (male makes most of the decisions)
Female-dominant (female makes most of the decisions)
Syncratic (decisions are made jointly by both partners)

(interestingly it says previously the woman made most of the purchasing decisions because her husband was at out working [think pre-1950], but since more women are out working men are making more purchasing decisions or they are being made jointly)


Hey guys i have 3 comics that I would like to find a copy of online, but I don't have dates or even years that they came from.. They are Farside, Hagar the horriable, and the Wizard of ID

How can I find them?!
Ruth Etting
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Do any of you go geocaching? What kind of GPS do you use? Where did you get it?

My boy and I went once using a really old school unit that he checked out from his university, and he loved it. I want to get him a GPS unit for Christmas, but I can only find the new-fangled car ones with maps and huge color displays and all kinds of fancy features. But that would take all the fun out of it, right? We just want to know what direction it's in, not how to get there!

I found this, because I thought those guys would be sympathetic to my needs. But they're all "GET THE BIGGEST MOST EXPENSIVE ONE YOU CAN. FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES." :(

Where can I get a unit without all this extra crap?

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Would it be worth it to do a 4 week/1 month internship in NYC? I would have to pay for a month of housing.

My main question is: will I learn enough in a month to make it all worth it?

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I have to do secret Santa stuff for my office.
What is a wacky gift I can get for under $40 USD?

And Starbucks gift cards are OUT, cause the nearest SB is 2,000 miles away.

EDIT: My secret Santa person is a guy. So the vibrator suggestion...ummm not so much...
Dr H - Hammer Penis

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I have a friend who has a spare room in his apartment. (EDIT) He works for his apartment complex so that's how the rent gets paid, but he doesn't have any extra cash for furniture or food even. I desperately want to move out of my parent's house (I'm 20 and about to get into the really hardcore upper division classes and I need space for a mini studio).

So I suppose my question is should I ask to move in with him?

I would of course buy furniture, and do all the grocery shopping, etc to help out since the rent would be free. The only problem is that he didn't offer this to me, it would be me asking him if I could move in with him.
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1- What comes to mind when you hear the name "Bo McFall"?

2- Would you trust a man named "Arnold Rapetacular" with your groceries?
2b- What about your spouse?
2c- Your wonderful, fluffy, cuddly-wuddly doggy/kitty/bunny/goldfish/hamster?

3- Would hot chocolate be bad to have with my lunch-- which is consisting of a steak and cheese sandwichy thing?
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Do you smoke cigarettes?
If yes, how often do non-smokers get in your face about it?
If no, have you ever tried it? Do you think differently of smokers?

I'm actually allergic to cigarettes, so no, I don't smoke. But 90% of my family/friends smoke and are really good about making sure they're not blowing it in my face, so I don't rag on them. One of my friends, though, was disgusted to learn that so many of my other friends are smokers, and won't hang out with them because she thinks it's gross.

weight wank

Do people confront you about your weight, whatever it may be?

Do people's stated opinions of your weight make you want to gain/lose?

Would you like to rant about dicky people being dicky about your weight?

Collapse )

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There's a comedian that goes on a rant about marketers and advertisers being the scum of the earth and just generally worthless human beings.

Anyone know which comedian/rant I'm talking about?
afreud to love
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US Naturalization Process

So, i am applying for American Citizenship and my interview is on Wednesday (at 7:30 am eek).
So far i am studying the civics.
Has anyone here been through this process recently?
Could you describe what it was like for you?
Was the test multiple choice? Was it simple?
They say the interview is two hours long. I imagine the interview can't last very long. What else went on during it for you?
Any other details i should know?
thank you!

I am fashion-disabled

Hello TQC,

In what situations would it be appropriate to wear white pants?  Like, is white too flashy for work?  Class?  Going out?  Errand running?

I have these white dress pants that I bought like a year ago and have NEVER worn because I always feel like they're a little too flashy.  But they're cute!  Apparently they're "winter white," so just a smidge off of regular white.  Help me figure out how to put them to good use, TQC!


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do any of you have trichotillomania? will you tell me about it?
- where do you pull from?
- what are your habits (ex: eating it, running strands across your lips, using tweezers, etc)?
- how long have you had it?
- do you know of any family members who have it?
- who knows that you have it?
- do you restrain yourself at all? (ex: wear gloves, sit on your hands, take medication, go to therapy, etc)?

those were just example questions. tell me anything!
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Can you give suggestions (humorous, serious, illegal, or otherwise) on ways to get my damn spouse to just effing TELL ME WHAT HE WANTS, rather than playing the "learn how to read my mind" game? Because all that's doing is making me want to wallop him in the head with a 2x4.

(I've tried asking straight out, waiting for him to say something, asking leading questions ... everything but sodium pentothal at this point.)

ETA: I'm up in Utah, he's down in Arizona (at the moment ... him moving up here is another thing I can't get a straight answer on). Although if things keep going like they are, I might be making a road trip in the near future, and not for good reasons.


I have ordered some cupcakes and a small cake from Whole Foods for my daughter's first birthday. I have never eaten their sweets, but everything else there is great. I am not a vegan, my daughter has no known food allergies.

How are the pastries and sweets at Whole Foods?

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My professor just told me he coined the word "Sputnik" when he was working for Newsweek in 1957.

What's something interesting about a teacher of yours?

Will you make up a word?

EDIT He means that he coined the use of the word as a satellite in English language. He was the only Russian-speaking member of the staff, and when Newsweek initially reported on the Russian satellite, they didn't know what to call the thing, so he suggested 'Sputnik'.
He printed an article about it and everything.

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I feel like shit because I did something I shouldn't have today :( When was the last time you did something you shouldn't have?

Do you think I would ever find a best friend? Most of the friends I ever had only talked about themselves and ignored me when I tried to talk about me. :(
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What's your most embarrassing sleep habit?

Do you get over it when you live with someone or do you keep trying to hide the habit?

I sleep with my mouth open =[ Please tell me someone else does too? lol
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alright TQC, I know you all hate it but I'm honestly stumped. what do you buy a 1 year old *girl (if that makes a difference) for christmas?

alternatively, what is something a baby wouldn't want for christmas?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I know how weird the "leave a comment in this blog for this person you don't know" posts can be, but I feel kinda justified in doing this for once.

if y'all know me at all, you know how ridiculous I am, and how people who put up with me are the best ever. Well, for once my best friend, Sarah, needs the help, and I feel at odds - so I was wondering if I could enlist my LJ friends' help with it, too.

She's just got college stress - like most people - but it's srs bizniss college stress, and I know it's about to start taking its toll on her. I know a bunch of just .. positive, go-get-'em comments from people who's been in the same boat would mean the world to her, and I want her to smile for once.

So, TQC, would you guys do me a favor and leave a comment in this entry in my other journal, please? I'd appreciate it a lot, kids.
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You are in the hospital waiting to see the doctor for whatever reason. You have been sitting in the waiting room for hours. You are hungry. You walk over to the vending machines and see the same old bullshit. Then!!! A sexy fairy appears and hands you a magic wand. The sexy fairy says you have the power to fill the snack machine with whatever you want. You have 10 food choices and 4 drink choices. What do you choose?
Give a dog a home

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So I saw on the news last night that the Mayor of Philadelphia is asking Congress to give a bailout to Philadelphia and 20 other cities.

The auto industry is also requesting a bailout.

My question/debate to you guys is: where does it end? Who SHOULD get a bailout? Who shouldn't?

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Are you associated with any religion? What religion?

What do you think of Jehovah's Witnesses? Please explain why you have this thought (and also, please give more of a reason than 'THEY KNOCK ON MY DOOR')

What is a religion that you would like to look more into, but just haven't for some reason?

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I've never babysat before in my life so I have no idea about going rates for this crap. My boyfriend goes into work at 11 and I get off at 2 so I need someone to watch my kid for about 3 hours a few days a week. How much should I pay to watch a 2 month old for 3 hours?
EDIT: It would probably be a friend that watches her not an actual daycare place or anything if that makes a difference.

Will you watch my baby?

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i have a really big appetite. i over eat constantly because i can never fill up my stomach. even after a meal, my mind tells me i'm still hungry.

do you have this problem?

what do you eat to fill yourself up? and what do you do to curb an apetite?

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Is there a way to make sure your files from a network drive ARE deleted? Cause no matter what i do I don't get more free space showing up on my work hard drive!

(BTW... I'm totally computer literate.. I just can't figure out whats going on... and the work drive is pretty much full.)

Arlington, VA/Washington DC

I'm going to be in Arlington, VA / Washington DC December 1-4, and have the ENTIRE day on December 1 to myself, after I get checked in to my hotel, which is right by Reagan Airport.

Suggestions as to what to do with my free day? I don't mind taking trains, and don't want to spend the money on a long cab ride. Have thought of figuring out how to get to Georgetown and find "the stairs" in The Exorcist, wouldn't mind doing something Obama-y... have been to the Smithsonian once.

I do have really bad knees, so tons of walking will wear me out...

Good restaurants? Things to see? Off the beaten path? Recommendations welcome!
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What makes someone a good parent? What makes them a bad parent?

Is a mother who chooses to stay home and raise her kids, and makes sure her family is well fed and clothed with everything they need, but causes them to struggle financially otherwise, not as good a parent as a mother who chooses to continue working and put her children in daycare so that her family can be more financially secure?

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While on hold with Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York, they played a muzak version (elevator music) of Spice Girls - Two Become One.

No wonder insurance premiums are so high now.  Gotta pay those royalties to Posh, Sporty, Scary, Ginger, and Baby.

What's the most unexpected elevator music song you've ever heard while on hold or in an elevator?

Who's your favorite Spice Girl, and did you see them on the reunion tour they just did last year?

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Poll #1299252 Superpowers and you

You've been given the power to fly! However, you're only able to fly 10' off the ground, 25 mph at most, and the power only seems to work if you're buck naked. How often would you use this power?

All the time! Everywhere I'd go, I'd be the nude commuter
Few times a week. I'd only use it late at night when there's not at as many people on the streets
Sparingly. Only if I really need to get somewhere and commuting there will be a pain in the ass
In emergencies only

You've been given the power of X-ray vision! However, to activate it, you have to consume an entire box of Twinkies (the duration of the x-ray vision lasts 2 hours). The calories are burned off in the process of using the power, but you still have to eat a box of Twinkies to use it. How often would you use this power?

All the time!
Few times a week
Once a month
Every few months
Once a year
Only in emergencies

You've been given the power to read anyone's mind! However, every time you use your mind reading, you lose your earliest memory. Every time you use this power, your next earliest memory is completely erased. How often would you use this power?

All the time! I don't care what I forget. I can read minds!
Only use it until I forget every childhood memory. I want to keep everything after that
Up til my teenage years. I can forget every memory before then
I'd never use this power

You've been given the power of super strength! Able to lift over 20,000 lbs (about 10 tons). However, every time you use this power (lifting/moving something that no mortal can), you lose all control of your bowels. How often would you use this power?

All the time! I'd just wear diapers
Few times a month, when no one's close enough to smell me
Only in emergencies
I'd never use this power
pink hair!

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What Christmas gift should I get for my superhot gay best friend? He is 19 and really into Jpop, and Britney Spears (its kind of our thing - I'd get him Circus, but he's getting it the day it comes out). He likes theatre and is an excellent dancer. He works at forever 21 and dresses really well. Last month for his birthday I got him an urban outfitters shirt and a David Sedaris book with some cologne, and now I'm wondering what else I can get him. He already has loads of coats and scarves and sunglasses. Thoughts??
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(no subject)

all my friends are going to go to college next year (unfortunately i'm already here) and i was thinking as kind of a cheesy gift getting them personalized stationery so we can all keep in touch. do you know any good websites for this that aren't ridiculously pricey? and do you think this is a stupid gift?

if you don't know or don't care...
what food do you always pass on at thanksgiving dinner?

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Guys I came into the city for an interview and it went so well! Now I have like two hours to kill before the train home. Should i:

Get a drink alone (with strangers) at the train station bar? This could be fun.

Sit quietly with my ipod and a book of puzzles? This would be cheaper.

Also, every time I take the train/come to the city, I hope I'll meet a really cute guy. How do I go about this? There are not a lot of cute guys around today.

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1:  What is something you used to believe in but no longer do?

2:  Alternatively, what is something that you used to NOT believe in but you do now?

I didn't know until a few years ago that reindeer are real.  I always thought they were mythical like Santa.

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To those who are fans of a capella music, what songs do you think would HAVE to be part of an epic medley?

I have a song that's a medley of Seasons of Love, the theme from Doug, Never Gonna Give You Up, the Super Mario theme, the Golden Girls theme, Don't Cry For Me Argentina, Walking On Sunshine, Poot Slap, the Carmen Sandiego theme, Nights Like This, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, Eskimo, So Unsexy, It's My Party, And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going, Happy Together, We Built This City, and the Pokemon theme....

Also, on a musical note...

What movie do you think would make a great musical?

I say "Mean Girls," but that's just because I want a song called "Boo, You Whore."
Shirley Animated

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Is it RIDICULOUSLY hot for anyone else? I'm in Denver and it's in the mid-70s today with a bitching hot sun. It hasn't cooled down since the summer. I'm starting to get sick of the heat. :(
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I have an odd, uncontrollable obsession with penguins.  (See icon…haha.)

My friend just came into my office and requested that I give him one of the penguins I keep on my desk.  He took my favorite (the Mr. bought it for me at Sea World on our first vacation together) and says that he will return it by Friday.  This friend is generally…  odd, but wouldn't do anything to upset me.  He refuses to tell me what he's doing with the penguin, but that I should "trust him" and when I find out, that I will "love him forever and ever and ever."

TQC, what is this man doing with my penguin!?!?
a clockwork orange


1.) Am I the only person who thinks it's completely moronic for someone to buy their teenager a brand-new car? Or am I just bitter because no one in my family ever helped me purchase my first vehicle?

2.) Do you prefer waffles or panckakes?

3.) What do you regret not doing sooner?

A question for the ladies.

Okay ladies, if you could have Vagina dentata (teeth in the vagina) and you could control it (as in they wouldn't bite anything you didn't want them to) and it wouldn't affect how normal sex feels, would you want them as a extra layer of protection against rape?
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You're eight and your entire family took off to Paris for Christmas and forgot you at home:

What would you do to their stuff while they were gone?
What would you do to them when they got back?
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K guise, the other day this maniac of a woman kept knocking on our door.

My dad told me not to open the door to anyone and ignore phone calls unless I knew the number (we got that thing where it shows what calls the call is coming from).

So I listened to my dad and then this woman turns up and starts banging on our door and then she goes whacking on our garage door (you know... JUST IN CASE we didn't hear her smashing hitting our windows).

She went on for about 40 minutes and then she disappeared. In between the time she disappeared and her reappearence (and her continuation of banging on our door), I received a phone call from a number "501". Our number codes are 2 digits, our normal landline phone numbers are 7 digits and our mobile numbers are either 10 or 11 digits. Our country code is not 501.

I answered the phone but it went dead. I also didn't open the door because earlier, I heard this really loud, frustrated, scream from her that sounded like a wild beast in heat.


Next time someone decides to keep knocking on my door/calling our phones for over half an hour, what should I do?


What funny thing has happened to you today that really made you LOL or ROFL?

my supervisor just called me saying she has down on her calendar, "Allison gets shot across the street!" ROFL!!!! (really just getting last HPV and Flu shot)
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What hairstyle have you had that you regret?

What is a hairstyle you've had that you have loved the most?

Pix plz if possible!

Who here has had hair extensions? Did you like it?

The Poltergeist Series

So, do they ever explain why Dana (the oldest of the three Freeling kids) isn't in Poltergeist II? I realize the actress that played her (Dominique Dunne) died just after the first one was filmed, so maybe they just didn't want to be lame and have a new actress play her, but does the movie explain away the character's absence at all?

In the first one she's still a young teenager and the next one takes place only a year later, so it's not like she'd have gone off to college.

I watched Poltergeist II today because I wanted to know, but I have a terribly short attention span and quite possibly missed the explanation if there was one.

Did you know that the actress who played Carol Anne Freeling (Heather O'Rourke) also passed away at a young age?
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When a 30 y/o single man you (a 25 y/o single woman) have been sleeping with for a month now says sleeping together tonight is too dangerous as he can't manage his head too well this week... what does that mean? (He has a court date for a DUI this Friday and has terrible wanderlust so wants to move to Africa after the school year ends in June-- he's a teacher. Doesn't want to have a relationship cos he thinks he's leaving).

Also, why would he say he's going out for a drink with one of his friends and tells you that you won't be "blocking" cos she's married? (He invited you as well..)

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Does your family make Christmas (or other holiday) lists?  Do you usually shop from them? 

Do you make a Christmas list?  What's on it?

Do you think that lists make gift giving less special?


Can a company fire you for calling in sick several times in a row if you provide documentation of medical treatment for whatever it was you had?

(The company in question is WalMart, if anyone has any experience with them.)

What's the proper etiquette for dealing with a doctor's secretary that hung up in the middle of you asking a question twice in a row?
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Parents of TQC, I am planning on going on a plane with my three year old daughter in January. The trip should be about 4 or 5 hours. Any tips on making the trip a pleasant experience?

Edit: lolol no I am not going to drug her. Though it is tempting!
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Last question before I go back to cramming for exams.

My friend wants to know if oral is classified under sex.

Is oral classified as sex?

nonsrs answers welcome. Well, it's a sex question, I expect nonsrs answers plz.

Edit: apparently it's HIS friend who wants to know. Apparently the friend has given head before.
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What did you all believe in when you were kids? What were you afraid of? Were these fears things you carried into adulthood?

(My worst fear was being killed in my sleep by a serial killer, lol. And I had a terrible fear of my cat's ghost coming after me. And thunderstorms.)



Do you write love-letters to your SO or other people very important to you? Have you ever gotten a love letter? What did it say?
Did you lose a relationship with someone and have things you wish you said? Will you write them here?

Will you write a love letter to someone important to you right now for everyone here to read and share the love?

I'm in such a silly mood and I want to see some nice loving things.....
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Knowin' and Likin'

What is something you don't know, that you should probably know?

What is something you found out recently that you probably should have already known?

What is something you like that is a sorta stupid thing to like?

Do you know what an operon is?

I'm in the comments yo.
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Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Did the distance break you up?

When I go off to college my boyfriend is going down to work for his dad's business, so we'll be 3 hours away. I'm scared that we won't get to see eachother that often. I'd like to say that I'd go see him every weekend, but I don't know what to expect from college. I figure I'll end up being busy most weekends. And I'm scared one of us will find someone else thats closer. Are my fears irrational? We'll be this far away for my entire 4 years of college, except during summer/winter breaks.
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My brain has seriously fried. Could you tell me if I'm correct or not?

"The Simple How-Tos in Photoshop" -- is that correct or is there an apostrophe for To's? DUMB QUESTION I KNOW BUT one teacher says one thing and the other says another :( No one is texting me back rofl

Call me stupid it's all good.
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My husband's brother is getting married in two weeks (yes, the one where I won't have a seat after dinner). The bridesmaids are wearing black, otherwise I would be wearing a black dress as well. I went out and found two that I really like, but I can't decide between them. I will be wearing black shoes with either one of them.

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Which dress should I wear?

the blue one
the red one
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Regardless of how your child/teenagehood actually was, if you had to redo those years and could only have two of the following, which two would you choose?  Assuming that the other two areas would be average to sucky.

a supporting and loving family who you got along really well with.
a steady group of friends.
a good romantic life - however you define that.
do really well in school.
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Girls, for those of you who grew up in cold areas, like New England, did you ever wear those knit tights under your dresses in the winter (instead of panty-hose)? Do you miss them?

Are those tights even made anymore? Do they come in adult sizes?

I'm missing them with the below-70 weather. I used to wear them under my pants when it was especially cold. I would totally wear them with skirts now, and be oddly retro that way. I haven't seen little girls wear those since I was like...10.

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Dear Teak Yuicy,

My WAMU (Chase) savings account has gone from 4% to 3% last month and 2.2% this month. Should I cry or do you know of somewhere I can take my money and have it earn some real interest?

What's the one to use with the kids these days: wat or wut?

Can you tell me or show me something funny?
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What's some good really just, "dirty southern" rap. Not hip-hoppy, but has a good beat?

What's the difference between boulevards, streets, avenues, courts and any other title put after the name of a road?

A simple quiz #2

Without looking up the answers or reading the comments, answer as many as you can.

01. On this week's episode of Entourage, what was Turtle's real name revealed to be?
02. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what is the healthiest city in America?
03. Is a lemur a 'prosimian' or 'simian' primate?
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05. How many movies did Elvis Presley act in?
06. Who said: "If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to."?
07. What is the name of the robotic spacecraft currently orbiting the planet Mars?
08. What day was President Abraham Lincoln shot?
09. Who has had more #1 singles, Whitney Houston or Stevie Wonder?
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Answers to Quiz #1.
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can someone suggest a really good fast asting intense foot cream?
i feel like i have tried EVERYTHING and i just cant rid of the hard skin on my feet and its really not attractive!
im willing to spend a bit of money but no more than 50 ish!