November 16th, 2008


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Why have I been lightly breaking out below my jawline and on my neck for the past 4 or 5 months? I stopped my birth control, because I ran out, and that's when it started to happen. If I go back on BC will they go away?

Also no I can't go to a dermatologist, I don't have insurance.

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Should I finish reading Twilight even though I've pretty much decided that it does suck? Or should I spare those hours for something better to read?

What's the last book you gave up on?

How do you hold your books while reading?
I use two hands with hardbacks and one hand at the center bottom for paperbacks.
i get the same ol' dreams.

c'mon and squeeze me like you do, i'm so in love with you.

Do you have a lot of friends?

Have you always had a lot of friends?

Is it easy for you to make friends?

Do you enjoy making friends?

Are you extroverted or introverted?

Do you consider yourself funny?

Do you consider yourself kind?

When you are making a friend (assuming you enjoy this process/partake in it at all), what is more important, humour or kindess?

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Someone spray painted over my bumper sticker on my car.

(that's not the right date, this happened today)

is this fucked up or what?
what would you do?

I'm going to buy another one and replace it, but until then I sort of want to tape a note on the inside of the window drawing attention to the fact that someone thought it was okay to just spray paint someone else's car. Not sure what I should write. Any ideas?

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Do you have an innie or an outie?
How about your belly button, pervert?

Are you picky about the people you friend or will you give anyone a shot?

Has anything epic happened to you in the past week? What was it?

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My friend got hit on at work the other day. She and the guy have spoken on the phone a few times. She decides to let him pick her up and drive around and do god knows what about a half hour ago (1am est)
Bad idea right?
Not a good way to hang out with someone you don't know for the 1st time?
Was it wrong of me to tell her " Let me hug you one more time incase you are found in the lake tomorrow morning" ?
I know, I know. That was pretty bad. How can I make her understand that she's better then that though?

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Are you allowed to estimate on credit card applications? I am applying for a student card and I'm not sure exactly how much my dad's mortgage payment is or exactly how much he makes a year.
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I'm going to visit a friend next weekend. I am taking a bus Saturday, getting to NYC late that afternoon, and now I guess we are going to a Knicks game that night. it is impossible to go to her place before the game because she doesn't live in the city.My issue is, how do I pack for the trip now, like what do I put my stuff in. The site says "No packages, briefcases or knapsacks will be allowed in the building." so I'm assuming a backback is out. Would something like this be allowed?

Any other suggestions? I'm only going to need to bring a few things, but I'll need something to put it in
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Not 30 minutes ago I peed in the part of my uni dating back to the 1400s. What is the oldest non-official bathroom you've ever peed (or pooed if you can manage that in public places)?

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What is the best song about murder that you know?
What is the best song about stalking that you know?
What is the best song about a specific famous murderer/criminal that you know?
What is the best song about rape that you know?
What is the best song about domestic abuse that you know?
What is the best song about death in general that you know?

List as many as you'd like.
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My mum brought home a bottle of Coke from Waitrose and when I opened it, IT WAS ALREADY FLAT.

Also tomorrow I plan to sit down and finish my assignment.
Got any tips on how to concentrate?
I am a serial procrastinator. And I daydream too much, it's really hard for me to just sit down and focus :(
Calm Buddha


It's late and I'm tired and can't find anywhere that might tell me if Repo! The Genetic Opera is going to be widely released or if it's going to be anywhere near me (Kansas). Does anyone have any information on this? 

If you saw it already, what did you think?
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I have to get up for work at 6am on Monday (tomorrow).

My male gets off work at 7am(ish) today (Sunday).

It's almost 3am.

I have to clean the kitchen and do laundry today. And possibly bake cookies.

Should I stay up and go pick him up from work in 4 hours or should I go to sleep and hope that we get enough time with each other tomorrow?
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My brother just came home, and brought with him two friends. They're all incredibly drunk, and one of them keeps grabbing me and suggesting he should share my bed with me tonight. I do not appreciate this.

They are all being assholes, and I feel I should do something about this. However, I'm immature and want to be mean. TQC, what should I do to them? I'm all for just locking them out of the house so they have to stay outside in the cold, but that would probably just make them get in a car and drive somewhere, which isn't good. Ideas?

EDIT: All right, they all stumbled outside and into the dark, and now I can't find them. All of the cars are here, the garage is empty and as is our camper, they're not out in the barn...I'm a little freaked out. But then again, at least they're not bugging me now. Should I go look for them and make sure they don't do something dumb and die, or just say, "Fuck it," and leave them to their own devices?
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1 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, or CSI: New York?

2 What kind of pizza do you like and where do you get it?

3 Which is sexier? Being fucking creepy, or never ever posting again?

4 What is your favourite cheese called?

5 Do you prefer sour candies or regular candies?

1 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2 Thai Chicken, from a local place.
3 Never ever ever ever posting again.
4 Havarti.
5 Sour candies.

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What is reality? What is God?

I think too much...

How can we trust our reasoning? How can we trust our senses? How can we be certain? Where is the truth?
soft grin

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1. If it's night where you live,will you go out and take a picture of the moon and post it here?

2. Do you think that "bad" weather seems to be much more fun/beautiful/better than "nice" sunny weather? Or am I the only one?

If no one cares,what's your recent embarrassing moment?
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A friend of mine is gonna go home for Thanksgiving break, and has asked me to pet-sitt her 2 cats. Should I make the 10-15 minute drive to her apartment once a day, or have the cats at my house (complete with scratching post, litter box, food, and whatnot)? She's going to be gone for 4 days. I've never owned or taken care of cats, so I'm not exactly sure which option would be better. Would most cats be ok with going from the space of an apartment to a 3-floored house for just a couple days? Or are they better off hangin out with just each other somewhere they're comfortable with?

She has also failed to mention anything about pay. Is that something worth asking about or would it be too awkward?

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I'm 21, my boyfriend is 20 [going on 21 in 3 weeks]. he just moved back home a few months ago. his parents won't let us sleep in the same bed together. they've told me I can spend the night, but I have to sleep on the couch, where they can see me. I can't even sleep in the spare bedroom on a comfortable bed, because, as they say, we could "sneak out" to each other.

TQC does this sound ridiculous to you? if so, why? if not, why? at what age did your parents allow your bf/gf to sleep over?

ETA: we aren't even having sex! nor do we plan to any time soon.

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Okay, please tell me if you've seen this or if I'm just crazy.

I just saw a commercial on TV for Baz Luhrman's movie, "Australia," and it was set to the music from "Pirates of the Caribbean." Or something that sounded exactly like it. This song, specifically.

But the only trailers I'm finding online have a different song. Has anyone seen the commercial I'm talking about? Or even better, have a link to it?

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I have to show income verification or something for this thing we're doing. My problem is I don't get a traditional paycheque; I get paid through PayPal or through cheques from other people take my income out of that.

Can you think of how I could find a way to give income verification? Would writing personl cheques to myself off my business account count as a paycheque?

things that suck comparatively

1 what is your least favorite beatles album?

2 what is your least favorite of the big '90s disney movies? (edit: like little memaid, beauty & the beast, aladdin, lion king, etc)

3 what is your least favorite country in europe?
(bonus: why?)

4 who was your least favorite of the babysitters in the bsc?

5 what was your least favorite candy to receive trick-or-treating?

will you post your answer with your least favorite icon?
mac animated - prayer works!

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I have a small 2 lb brisket that I plan on making. How do you suggest I cook it?

Crock pot? Oven? It's too cold to grill.

What seasonings and sauces do you use when making a brisket?
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Do you eat flaming hot cheetos? If so, is there anything you eat them with?

Have you seen Repo! The Genetic Opera? How many times? Where did you see it? What was the show time? How was the crowd?

I am considering an iPod Touch. What are some of the pros and cons? I really just want it for the apps. Is it worth that? I already have an iPod Nano 2nd gen, still works like a dream, but obviously there are no apps. Should I bother paying for an iPod Touch and then the update to download apps? Or should I just find a jailbreaked one?

My answers in the comments.

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Did you know that marshmallows weren't always those puffed up squishy blobs of goo? The original food was made from the marshmallow plant.

Do you know the history of something either obscure or has interested you enough to look it up just because? Something not necessarily food related that you came across and wanted to know more?

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Some rich guy makes a bet with you. He bets that you can't drink a coffee in every Starbucks in the world in 4 months. If you do, he'll give you $1,000,000. You'll have to get a stamp from each coffee shop you visit as proof. You'll need to pay your own way, and if you don't complete your task within 4 months, you get nothing. Airfare, price of coffee, gas money: that's something you'll have to pay for. Would you do it?

Yes. I can totally do this
No. I'd like to, but I don't think I could meet the demands of the bet
No. I wouldn't even attempt it
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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TQC I really really want a cat!

Unfortunately, my landlady doesn't allow pets, my apartment isn't big enough for a cat (I seriously have no idea where I would put the litter box), I'm a broke-ass college student, I've never had a car before in my life, and I'm super allergic to them.

What can I do to get over my desperate need for a kitty?

Should I have a baby instead?

I know this question gets asked a lot, but...can I see a picture of your cat?

What would YOU do?

I am currently working abroad. I graduated college last December and lived with my parents until the following July, when I moved here. Between January and July I worked at a low-paying job and was able to save up enough to finance my move and afford a couple months' rent. Now I also have a bit saved up (the amount would cover two to three months' worth of rent) that I am trying not to touch, and I'm trying to save money here, but I make very, very little, especially considering the cost of living here.

Anyway, people are telling me that I should travel as much as possible while I still have the chance. The problem is, travel is expensive in proportion to how much I make. If I allow myself to take even one or two vacations for a couple of days each, that would drain me of a very high percentage of my monthly wage. I know this is a "once in a lifetime opportunity" or whatever, but I would rather save up as much money as possible so that I can move into my own apartment when I go back home instead of living with my parents for several months again, because that really sucked. Also, knowing that I probably will have to cope with another low-paying job once I get back home, I know that if I do want to move out I will have to have a significant amount saved up in order to sustain my financial independence.

So, what would you do? Would you say screw it and spend all your money in order to travel or would you save up the money in anticipation of the future? I know I can sort of "have it both ways" and take, like, one vacation, but eh. I don't really want to just spend a few days somewhere. That's not fun. I would rather spend five or six days somewhere.

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My SO and I are planning on moving in together January 1st.

What websites have you used to find apartments, besides craigslist? (BONUS POINTS for San Francisco specific sites that aren't citiapartments or My SO doesn't have good credit so we're looking for a place that's not too strict with that.

This will be my first time living with an SO. We've been together over 4 years, and spend several nights per week together, so we're pretty used to each other, but do you have any tips for living with an SO and not driving each other crazy?

What's your current living situation?
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TQC, what are your movie classics?
I don't mean classic movies you like, but maybe less critically acclaimed movies that form the core of your film life. They might be uncool in the big scheme of things, but you've definitely seen them more times than anything else, and you probably have the very first DVD than needs flipping half way through. So fess up and give us a list?
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So, let's say you're brilliant like me and, while trying to leave your friend's dorm room, and you end up ramming your hip into a dresser and cutting off several layers of skin. (the skin didn't break, there's no blood, just a raw section). Is it better to put a bandaid over it, or let air get to it? If it comes into contact with anything it hurts like a bitch. :(

What's the last dumb physical blunder you've made?
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Right its nearly Christmas as everybody knows- and as my ipod recently got smashed (sad times) im getting a new one.
The problem is I can't decide which iPod to get..

I hate nano's - end of.

the new 120gb classic is looking good
but I can also afford the 16 gb touch..

my music collection is around 13/14 gb so I'm afraid of filling the touch if I were to get one..
i just fancy something a bit more flashy than a classic- even though they are new models.

or maybe im just been spoilt :)


and please dont suggest getting a zune or anything other than iPod please ;).

Getting high...and you

1. How many consecutive days in a row can someone make a drunk post before you consider that person having a problem?

2. What's more entertaining? Drunk posts or glue-sniffing posts?

3. What's more attractive? The white smudge under someone's nose coming from cocaine, or the white smudge under someone's nose coming from white spray paint (paint huffing)?.

4. Are you a NARC or do you just play one on tv?

5. Medicinal marijuana's fairly popular. When's medicinal meth going to have its day?

(no subject)

1) what cruel toys will you give children of relatives you don't like for christmas?

moon sand!

2)what are you doing right now?

goofing off. there's a paper being started too.

3)what's the worst day of the week?


(no subject)

1.For those who moved out of your parents house to live with an SO, how did you tell them?

2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

3. What required reading in school did you enjoy or hate?

(no subject)

You find yourself in a dark room. Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH, and EAST.

You think there may be a GRUE nearby. On the floor is a rolled up SCROLL and a loaf of BREAD.

What dost thou do?

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When you run out of underware, what do you do?

If you had to choose between icy hot or hot sauce being rubbed in the inside of your undies, which would you choose?

What food would you want to step in least while barefoot?

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Is rice cooked with a little veg stock (for flava) an acceptable lunch?

Why have i hardly eaten the past 2 days? i'm not sick or anything. i only had half a 10" pizza for lunch, and a bag of crisps and a muffin for dinner yesterday. and i was pretty active, so its not laziness causing lack of hunger.

My mum is going to be home after a weekend away in about 10 hours, should i do the dishes and hoover now, or leave it til later?

dont know where the poll came from, but go for it anyway.... :s i have LJ gremlins i think.

Poll #1298368 WHich is true, which is false?

Can a girl get pregnant the first time she has sex?


Can a girl get pregnant if she is on her period?


Can a girl get pregnant even if the guy pulls out before he comes?


Can a girl get pregnant if she uses cola/vodka/soapy water as a douche immediatly after sex?


This is so ridiculous.
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So I'm broke and am desperate for money, and ChaCha has apparently gone to hell so I have reduced myself to answering Craigslist ads about "work from home! Internet based Admin work!" That said, Does anyone know anything about working for some "from-the-internet" company called GDI? It stands for Global Domains International. They want you to pay 10 bucks a month after a seven day trial period, but say shit like how people on average make 3000 a month. Scam or no?

For those of you who do ChaCha, will that shit ever get back to normal? I have answered like 4 questions in the past 24 hours.

If you don't care, what's the most ridiculous thing you've ever fallen for?

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Poll #1298578 Romancing the Stoner

You're going through the mall alone. It's very crowded and you're at the food court now. Suddenly, an unattractive person of the opposite sex stands up in front of you, pulls out a banjo, and begins to serenade you loudly, singing a MIley Cyrus song. You're trapped in your booth, and hundreds of eyes are looking at you in amusement. He/she agrees to stop singing if you agree to go out with him/her. What do you do?

Agree to go out with them, just to get this embarrassing situation to stop
Kick them in the crotch and push them back, and make a beeline outta the mall
Scream for security
It's so sweet! I agree to go out with him/her and fully intend to
Loudly call the other person a pathetic loser and belittle them as best you can in the hopes they run away in tears

You're awakened at 6AM on a Monday morning by loud music coming from outside your window. You peer outside, and you see some dork holding a boombox over their head, playing Peter Gabriel classics, looking up at you in a hopeful, forelorn way. What do you do?

It's so sweet! I go out with this cute romantic
I call 911
I turn the hose on him/her
I throw canned goods at his/her head
I invite him/her up for romantic lovemaking
I run outside and kick his/her ass

Do romantic and crazy stunts work in real life, performed by strangers or acquaintances?

They're actually called stalkers and prison is their final reward
all you need is

(no subject)

1) Do you know of a website that lets you create your own rectangle-shaped keychain? Zazzle only has circular and I only want as few keychains as possible (no wholesale)

2) What's your favorite twitter to follow?

3) Do you know how to get to Kaki King's twitter??

4) What's your favorite google map? I heard there's one showing the Cloverfield monster trail, but I can't find it.

  • kitty48

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My friend is wanting to start a side business as a dog groomer. She has asked me to help her design a website. It needs to be just a basic one where she can put information and some pictures. But most importantly it needs to be easy to use and 100% free.

Do you know of any good, free websites that I can use?
berry tart

Mauna Loa Request

I made white chocolate chip macadamia cookies about a week ago, using Mauna Loa's Macadamia recipe. Unfortunately, I was not thinking clearly at the time and threw away the bag that had the recipe on the back. This was by far the best recipe I have ever tried with WCCM cookies. I was going to buy more macadamia nuts today, but all of the stores I went to did not have any macadamia nuts available.

Does anyone know this recipe? I have tried googling it, but nothing came back. I even tried the site, but it didn't help.

ETA: It is not Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts and Hershey's Premier White Chips bag. It is simply just Mauna Loa Macadamia Baking Pieces.
The Girliest Taco

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What are some internet phenomenons that you just don't get?

I don't understand the appeal of Twitter, and I don't know what is up with all of this dragoncave stuff but something inside me still forced me to get some dragon eggs and hope they grow up. I am a sucker for animals/creatures made of pixels.

v. random

Do you like musicals?

What are your favorites?

Are there skills that you think you can't be taught?  (examples I've heard are being a great artist, writing good creative fiction)

What was the worst period of time in your life?

(no subject)

Have you ever traced your family's history?

Did you find out anything interesting?

Where are your ancestors from?

Have you ever known anyone to have a past life hypnotherapy session or something similar?
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(no subject)

How do you feel about store brands?

Check what you would feel comfortable buying a store/generic brand of.

What has a generic you are willing to purchase?

General medicine
Feminine hygiene products
Canned goods
Lunch meats/produce
Frozen pizza/other foods
Other, explained in comments

James Franco joint

(no subject)

How bad of an idea would it be to paint on my walls even though my lease says I can't? My room is has never been inspected, and I plan on painting over it when I move out.

What should I paint on my wall? I'm open to any and all ideas.

the black-and-white poll

Pro-standardized testing or Anti-standardized testing?

pro-standardized testing
anti-standardized testing

Pro-gun control or Anti-gun control?

pro-gun control
anti-gun control

Pro-American cheese or Anti-American cheese?

pro-American cheese
anti-American cheese

Pro-creationism or Anti-creationism?


Pro-tobacco or Anti-tobacco?


Pro-tramp stamps or Anti-tramp stamps?

pro-tramp stamps
anti-tramp stamps

Pro-political correctness or Anti-political correctness?

pro-political correctness
anti-political correctness

Pro-nuclear power or Anti-nuclear power?

pro-nuclear power
anti-nuclear power

Pro-House/Wilson or Anti-House/Wilson?

dianna agron ;;

(no subject)

Is it illegal to drive if ALL your brake lights are broken?

What's the most annoying thing you've encountered when out driving?

Ages ago I was stuck behind this woman who KEPT driving at 25mph, it was so annoying. I was practically tailgating her, not to piss her off, just because I was trying to go at the speed limit but she was going so slow and she kept braking because I was too close. Then the other day I found myself behind her again! And this time, ALL THREE OF HER BRAKE LIGHTS DIDN'T WORK. So I had to drive at 20mph because I wouldn't know if she was braking or not. Man I hate that woman.
That's Not Who I Was!

For the French Majors

So my best friend is a French Lit Major and her mum wants me to find out which French dictionary she (my best friend) wants for Christmas. I don't know anything about French dictionaries but I know those Le Robert ones are supposedly awesome so which one should I suggest her mum get?

For those that aren't French, what was the best concert you ever went to?
Sam outside

(no subject)

Have you ever thought something was going along just fine and then suddenly it wasn't? Do you want to share a story?

What are the chances my boyfriend and I will be breaking up tonight?

Who do you think loves you the most in your life?

(no subject)

What's your least favorite category of icons commonly found on LJ?

By categories, I mean stuff like "sparkly icons displaying names and an upcoming wedding date", "poorly cropped anime screencaps", "obnoxious pictures of babies", "needless myspace-y headshots".
sticky notes

(no subject)

i bought guitar hero 4: world tour on xbox 360 today. i'm having troubles with the drumkit - every time i connect it, it comes up as a mic/vocals and won't let me play the game.

1. has anyone else had this problem?

2. does anyone know how to fix it, so i can use the drumkit as, say... a drumkit?


(no subject)

What's something really cool that you have?

I always think of things that I want but wouldn't buy myself and my mom and sister are asking what I want for Christmas and of course I can't think of ANYTHING.
Does this happen to you, too?

I have five papers to write tonight. I'm on TQC. Do you think I'll finish them? What should you be doing right now?

(no subject)

I'm embarrassed to ask, but I don't suppose anyone on here happens to own one of the binary watches that Thinkgeek sell, or even knows someone who does? I've forgotten how to set them and I don't have the instructions anymore.

Edit: Never mind, just figured it out.


I use a lot of grains and variations of rice in cooking, and my cabinet is full of plastic bags containing them.  I need a better way to store them so that they are easier to find, but is space efficient and as air-proof as possible.  Any ideas?
white fox

(no subject)

 I just finished a twelve-page paper on academic discourses and teaching them in the compositiong classroom. Composition is such a boring subject, but I'm actually happy with this paper. 

So, what's the last big project you finished and were proud of? 

Artist question

What would constitute a "baroque-style photo shoot" using female models? What sort of style is it? All I'm getting on Google image searches is a lot of baroque-style buildings and one pretentious-looking photograph.

Also: Is it creepy/unprofessional that "first time models" are encouraged to apply to this shoot? 
Flaming Sikozu

bloggity blog

Does anyone know of a free, non code requiring blog/journal site where I can filter out readers by country?

Do you keep more than one blog? How many?

Which sites do you use?

Do you have one that you use to post things to anonymously, that nobody in the world knows it's you?

I have a nasty cold and now I'm getting chest pains, am I going to die?

Do you know what a Gorean is? What do you think of them?

How can I tell my body to stop producing so much mucous?
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the grocery store had ready bake halloween cookies and brownies for fifty cents a package. except they were out of cookies.

would you buy that even if it's after halloween? and they were out of cookies? i don't like brownies. i know. i'm crazy.

what do you do when you're REALLY snarky and don't want to take it out on tqc? i'm not sure if i need a hug or i want to slap a bitch. dangerous territory.
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chan marshall

(no subject)

guys, my firefox is still in spanish. I have tried clicking language back to english, re downloading it (but of course the site is in spanish) and it seems i have tried everything. what do i do?

if you dont care about that..if you had to change your name what would it be?

i have always loved the name Louisa.

(no subject)

What am I to you?

I'm feeling down today. how are you?
Will you post something to cheer me up? Videos of kittens simply will not do the trick. macros, videos, anything. :( the face in my icon is literally the expression i have on my face right now.

The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

1. I will admit that I do not have a firm grasp on all punctuation.

I'm also editing a paper for a classmate.

Hamilton was not just orderly when defining pop, his work was also based on organization.

What should be where that comma is? Semicolon? Colon? M-dash?

2. What word do you always have trouble spelling? Pronouncing?
  • 0livia

(no subject)

What percentage of the average 20-something-year-old's monthly income do you think should be contributed to their RSP?

What's your age, and what percentage of your monthly income do you put in an RSP?

Edit: RSP is a Retirement Savings Plan. Also, I'm asking because I contribute 20% of my income to my RSP, and I've been told that's way too much for a 23 year old.

(no subject)

What was the last album you bought/downloaded/stole?
What sort of music is it?
How awesome is it, on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the most fabulous thing your ears have ever heard?

(no subject)

Which of the following short story authors would you highly recommend?

Chris Ware

Sherman Alexie                           Allegra Goodman

Donald Antrim                              A. M. Homes

Ethan Canin                                Matthew Klam

Michael Chabon                          Jhumpa Lahiri

Edwidge Danticat                        Chang-Rae Lee

Junot Diaz                                   Rick Moody

Tony Earley                                 Antonya Nelson

Nathan Englander                       George Saunders

Jeffrey Eugenides                       William T. Vollmann       

Jonathan Franzen                       David Foster Wallace

Any stories in particular?

Has anyone applied for Teach for America? Thoughts?

(no subject)

What are your thoughts on making out (and beyond) outside of a relationship context?

As long as both parties are okay with it, I think it's fine. I was surprised by how many of my friends disagreed, though.
angry asian

(no subject)

Freeze pop or ice pop?

Pullover hoodie or zip-up hoodie?

Do all racial slurs have the same effect on its victims?

Why does my ankle tattoo itch from time to time? Keep in mind I got it almost two years ago.

Why is my tea kettle so loud?

If you have a teddy bear/stuffed animal, what is its name?

Picture post, yay!

Will you post a picture of yourself and let people comment on it?

OR (I've already asked this question before, but it was a while ago....)

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and what would your superhero (or supervillian) name be?

Who would be your sidekick (or minion)?
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