November 15th, 2008

i get the same ol' dreams.

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has worrying/anxiety every made you physically sick? i have vomited 8 times in the past three days and my stomach will not stop aching and my migraine is persistent. ALLOW ME TO COMPLAIN. thank you. i love you all.

when you were a kid (if applicable), did you play recreational soccer in a league? how about any rec sports?

if so, was your team good? what were you called? what position did you play? were YOU good? did you enjoy it? did the moms all arrange snack schedules so you got caprisuns and rice krispies and stuff?

how old were you when you first had sex? were you still on your rec sports team?
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For those of you who have or are working on a bachelor's degree, was economics (either macro or micro) a general education requirement?

I have to take either macro or micro, and my mother, upon hearing this, went on a rant about how RIDICULOUS it is that I, as a sociology major, need to take it.

(ETA 2: I don't think it's ridiculous, my mother does. I laughed at her when she said that.)

Also, which is easier, macroeconomics or microeconomics?

ETA: What classes were you required to take that were completely unrelated/useless for your major?
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If you use, are you listed as a Top Listener for anyone? Who?

If I want someone in the US to send me a package here in Australia, and I want to pay for postage of that package, what's the easiest way to transfer funds?


I'm a Top Listener for Camp Rock, Libera, Hayley Westenra and Billy Gilman.

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Have you ever dated more than one guy? Not OFFICIALLY, like he's my bf, I'm his gf, but like you were seeing two different people at the same time without the other person knowing?

How did you keep from feeling like a complete bitch?

Did they end up finding out?

How did they react?

How did the relationship/s end?

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What's the grossest/strangest thing you've heard lately?

Some guys I go to school with were saying how they're going to get high by shitting and pissing in a jar, then leaving it in a basement for a few weeks and inhaling the fumes.
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Do you know of any guys who speak with a "gay voice," but who claim to be straight?
I met this guy a couple weeks ago and was like, 99% sure he was down with the cock, but I went on his Facebook and evidently he's "interested in women." So idk. Is he horribly in denial, or is it possible that he's just a straight guy with a really high-pitched voice, a slight lisp, and flamboyant dance moves?

I'm so sheltered~, TQC. Help me out!

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How long have you been a member of TQC?

What should I ask for this Christmas?
I like books and movies and TV on dvd so recommend some stuff please. OH and I have a nintendo DS and want a game for it but don't know what.

tl;dr but oh well.....

I went to the bar with my friend today. It was terrible! I'm not a bar person...I'm a hang out at bon fires, get stoned, have fun with friends and friends of friends type of person. She's a drinker only, likes to dress fancy and expensive, go out to dance to bad music type of person.

I went to the bar because she recently got dumped and I thought I'd cheer her up by accepting the offer. We went with another mutual friend. I look like I definitely don't belong there. People also thought the same. A chubby chest tattooed, dreadlocked girl with no rap dancing skills among a lot of skinny bar stars and weird guys.

She got very drunk and ended up giving her number out even though she asked us to watch out for her to not do those things. I didn't want to interfere but I thought I would just let her know that if she didn't want this guy to hang around to let me know and I'd ask him to leave since she wouldn't do it herself. She told me she wasn't sure...that he was "too short for her" and she didn't like that he was touching her.

I smacked his hand off of her because I've been harassed at bars (why I stopped going) I got protective of her. He left and she got mad at me.
I told my other friend I was going and to tell her goodbye. They left shortly after I did because this guy was getting way too in her face about wanting to be with her and ended up catching me in time to give me a ride home.

When I got out of the car after he drunkily implying that MY unhappiness and awkwardness at the bar was the result of me being tired and "next time we'll go earlier" I told her I would not be going again any time soon if ever. She got annoyed at that. I'm supposed to see her tomorrow but am not really in the mood. She's completely oblivious to what happened tonight.

How should I tell her I don't want to see her until I'm calmed down? I know I'll forgive her, I don't want to give her a hard time but I just need some time because I know she'll be overly apologetic and in a few days I'll be over it....lesson learned.

What do you need to vent about? Go on..let it out!


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So as a result of a recent occurrence in my life where the occasion calls for gifts to be given, I have become the new owner of a black X-Box 360.

I don't know much about video games....can anyone suggest any XBox games that are worth playing?

P.S. I don't like football.
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ugh university strike

It's actually my TAs who are on strike, but now everything got so confused since the professors are part of the same union and therefore on strike too. I tried to ask one of my TAs if my exam is going to be pushed back. I have an exam this coming Tuesday, and am scared that if the TAs settle on Monday, they are all going to say "TS, it's in the syllabus on this date so we are doing it" never mind that we have not been told of the format of the exam or the material which is going to be covered in the exam.

*sigh* What to do? Should I study for the exam and go there on the date? BTW if anyone knows the rules, I am at York University in Toronto, Ontario.
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Stupid Tom

Why is my MySpace all effed up? I went to change my profile around and now my fonts are all teeny tiny small and every time I try and figure out what the hell is wrong and "unexpected error" occurs. Why does Tom hate me so? D: D: D:

Okay...since my post seems to be lame, why not make it even lamer and ask about an Informercial product? Has anyone purchase/tried the InStyler?

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I just had the mailman come to deliver an express package... at 7:50 am on a Saturday. Am I wrong for thinking this is weird? What's the earliest delivery you've ever heard of?


My TiVo always cuts off the last few minutes of House. What happened after he started leaving Cuddy's house?!

What's the BEST thing to eat for breakfast?

How often do you order pizza a month?

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my friend is visiting me this weekend. we are supposed to be going to niagara falls but it's raining. should we still go? we were going to go to Canada as well and make a day of it.

and what color should i get of this little cosmetic case? i want it for an ID card holder and stuff: this case

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I work with kindergarteners. Yesterday I was bent over helping a little girl with something and I hear one of the other girls say my name behind me. So, I just kind of turn my head around and ask what she needs. "Could you pull your pants up?" Cue me being all D: and standing up fast and pulling my pants up, before regaining composure and saying, "Could you see my bottom?" Lots of giggling followed.

So, when's the last time you unintentionally mooned someone?
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those with divorced parents:

if you live with your parent's/when you were/when you're visiting, do you ever answer the phone and it's someone asking for the other parent, like they've been together all this time?

i'm at my dad's and the police department just called asking for my dad or my mom. and they really meant MY mom, not 'his wife'. i was like, "Yeah, they've been divorced for like 15 years."

it always cracks me up when people call one of my parents and ask for the other by name. i always want to be like, "Hey, where are you getting your info? 'Cause it's REALLY dated..."

More fun with nursery rhymes

The farmer in the dell
The farmer in the dell
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The farmer in the dell

The farmer takes a wife
The farmer takes a wife
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The farmer takes a wife

The wife takes a child
The wife takes a child
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The wife takes a child

The child takes a nurse
The child takes a nurse
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The child takes a nurse

The nurse takes a cow
The nurse takes a cow
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The nurse takes a cow

The cow takes a dog
The cow takes a dog
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The cow takes a dog

The dog takes a cat
The dog takes a cat
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The dog takes a cat

The cat takes a rat
The cat takes a rat
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The cat takes a rat

The rat takes the cheese
The rat takes the cheese
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The rat takes the cheese

The cheese stands alone
The cheese stands alone
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The cheese stands alone

If 'take' means to dominate sexually, which person would suffer the longest sentence if prosecuted by law?

Wife, for seducing a young boy
Young boy, for raping a nurse
Nurse, for engaging in barnyard bestiality
Farmer, for filming all sorts of interspecial sex acts between his animals
It's just a nursery rhyme, you sicko!

Derry is short for 'derriere' and O stands for orgasm. Have you ever had an orgasm through buttlove?

I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it may interfere with my political career someday

The rat takes the cheese. Do you think that Swiss cheese and its myriad of holes is just asking for rodents to give it a jolly rogering?

I never thought about it until now. Thanks for that image!

The cheese stands alone. If you had to make a golem out of cheese, what type of cheese would you use?

Paper Lanterns

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Hey so... my default icon has changed to the one I'm using, and I've never seen it before in my life. Is this a new LJ bug or should I go about changing my password and figuring out who got into my account?

ETA: I am seeing a lame business sucks icon. Normally is Neil Patrick Harris doing his wavy finger trick.

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How do you feel about the FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act)?


Fully support
Support with some reservations
Neither support or oppose
Oppose with some reservations
Fully oppose

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When was the last time you felt total bliss and contentment?

My male works graveyards and we don't see each other much during the week because I work during the day. He's home right now, but he's asleep and I can't cuddle him cause I'm full of energy. What should I do to pass the time while he sleeps?

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Is it really bad form to answer the door to a delivery person naked but wrapped in a big comforter?

EDIT- lol he's delivering food and he should be here any minute so any srs replies would be appreciated

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What is your favorite era/decade/time period?

Victorian, and 1940s

Would you want to go back in time so you could be there to see all the amazing people/styles/events/etc?

Victorian, maybe, 1940s, definitely

Also, is there a place in particular you would like to have seen during that time period?

EDIT: Why?
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1. Are there people whose job it is to taste pet food and pronounce it delicious or otherwise? Do you think food tester of any kind might be the most awful job ever?

2. How do I change the embedded date on a photo? This one keeps showing up at the end of my album because somehow it has a date in the future and it's doing my head in. I got it.

3. How broke are you right now?

4. What are your plans for the weekend? Mundanity or something exciting?

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Do you remember being like 13 and finding out the person you have a crush on likes you back? Do you remember that feeling? That's how I feel right now hffhhfsja fhahfla.

Distract me, plz?

How old were you when you had your first crush?
First boy(girl)friend?

personal space

Would you read your child's diary? ...a parent's diary? ...a blog of someone you know at work and not tell them (regularly)?

Would you specifically look for a diary or personal writing of a loved one/close relative/friend and read as much of it as you could?

How big is your personal space? Most people have an area around their body that they don't like others to invade unless specifically invited to do so.  

How comfortable are you with inviting people into your personal area? For instance someone you know comes in your room/space and touches your things, what's your reaction? Do you say/do anything or only simmer quietly until they leave?

Collapse )

Baro Bitch Stare

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Are there songs that make you sing along with them no matter where you are?

Do you know the lyrics, by heart, of any song?

Anyone else having the German infect your internet?
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Are you a Twilight lover or hater? Or neutralist?

With all the hype on the book, I've been curious to read it, so I got a copy. However, I'm 200 pages in an all its about so far is Bella's infatuation with Edward, and vice versa. I'm starting to get bored, I don't really find any interest or anticipation in seeing where their relationship goes. So I'm also wanting to ask,

Does anything more interesting happen in the books, something more than the focus on Bella and Edward? How much longer 'til I'm there?
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What's the best lotion/skin care product in general for rather dry, SUPER itchy skin? Any other tips for avoiding/preventing super itchy skin?

I realize I'm leaving myself wide-open for non-srs answers, that's OK.  I'm just tired of being itchy!

grey's anatomy

grey's anatomy question: what the hell is going on with izzie and her insanity with denny duquette at the moment (season 5)? hallucination or ghost?

can't make lj cut work because I am dumbbb
cubs hat

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During the week, I wake up at 6:30am. My cats hear my alarm and start meowing to get fed.

On the weekends, I don't set an alarm, but they still start meowing at around 6:30 for me to get up.

They do still have food in their bowls, so it's not like they are *starving* to death.

How do they know it's 6:30 when they can't tell time or have little kitty watches?

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Have you ever lied on your CV (resume)? I haven't worked in a few years and I need to create a phantom job...but it needs to be something that can't really be followed up for references etc. Any ideas?

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1)How many people do you have on your christmas list to give gifts to?


2)any special considerations?

I try to buy handmade items for people as much as possible.

3)how productive are you today?

Justin Timberlake Beyonce

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I need opinions on this necklace.

I am looking for a necklace for everyday wear and I'd like something organic, subtle but a bit different. What do you think of this? Also, it's on an 18 inch chain but there's an option to go up to 24 inches, what length do you think would be best?

Another necklace advice question. It's my best friend's birthday and she's into very simple jewelry and I'd like to get her a necklace that's very simple but different. Anyone have anything in mind? I love Etsy so bonus points if it's from an Etsy seller. I was thinking something with an Italian or Latin quote on it...I don't know, I may end up just getting her a gift card to Barnes and Noble!

ETA: Oh my God, I REALLY want this one but that's a lot of cash...opinions on this one?
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In filling out this application, I was asked how many hours per week I worked at one of my jobs, a summer camp.

It was residential, and we got up around 6 or 8 (depending on the day) and were fully on duty until ten or so, which works out to about 15 hours per day, and about 100 hours per week. 

Would it look weird if I put I worked 100 hours per week?  Would they think I was lying? 

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have you ever stopped talking or limited talking to your friends for a while because you where going through a hard time?

my friends are pissed at me for doing this. i tried to explain to them i cant be there for them if i cant even be there for myself, maybe i am being a bad friend but i cant think of anything else to do.


what do they REALLY eat in:

mexico that is not a taco and refried beans?

italy that is not pasta?

china that is not sweet and sour chicken?

germany that is something besides sausages and sauerkraut?

any other country that has had their cuisine manipulated to american tastes?

if you live in another country besides the US, do you think americans eat nothing but hamburgers and french fries? what is your impression of american cuisine?

if you have been to another country, what did you find surprising about the cuisine there?

tyvm tqc :D

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You will develop your own research project on a literary or historical topic related to journalism and literature. Possible topics range from extended studies of authors on the syllabus to examinations of contemporary phenomena such as wartime journalism, reports on terrorism, reality TV, etc.

What's my topic?

Don't suggest anything about war or politics. I hate them both.
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There are a fair number of Nintendo DS questions here in TQC, and it made me wonder. Do any of you have the Playstation Portable (PSP)?
If so, what do you like the best about it?


Alright I'm 17 and just got an OWI last night.
Now I'm wondering, should I just do the 90 days (pro-its a lot cheaper and I wont be dealing with the bullshit for so long con-I'm a senior at an alternative high school, if I go in for 90 days I wont graduate with my class and will have to go back to school next year)
should I do the whole probation thing. I haven't gone to court yet but a few of my friends have gotten OWI and it will be atleast a year or the whole AA, JAMS, drug test bullshit, my family and I are extremely broke and I really dont want to go more into debt. All the court costs and drug test fees are really friggen expensive.

I don't know what to do!

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Edit: for purposes of this poll, assume that the person is your height and the same gender

How many pounds overweight would a person have to be before you referred to them as fat?

Over 50, under 100
Over 100

I think Clint Howard's a homely guy. My mom thinks he's average: a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10. How do you see him?

Whatever, haters. He's handsome

pickle nickel fickle tickle sickle

have you ever pickled any foods?
if you have:
what have you pickled? do you have any favorite things to pickle? do you have any pickling tips? ETA: in your experience, what items undergo the most drastic visual change when you pickle them?

whether you have or haven't:
do you like pickled foods? what is your favorite? are there any commonly-pickled foods that you hate or that you would never try?

I am going to try pickling things for the first time! I'm excited.
kurt halsey

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When you were in middle/high school, did you and your friends make up nicknames for guys you liked so you could talk about them without anyone knowing? What were the best ones? When did you grow out of this phase?

How did you celebrate your birthday in high school?

Pick a power, any power

For NaNoWriMo I need one of my characters to have some sort of (magical/Heroes-like) power.  Except he doesn't know he has one yet, so it's going to be a total surprise when he finds out (e.g. he throws up his hands and something happens).  I don't want to use the power to freeze or throw fire, but I want it to be something kinda like that - dramatic.  Ideas?
Haruhi disappearance

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What's the last nerdy thing you said to someone?

I was over my parents' house only to find they had no clean forks. I said, "I find your lack of utensils disturbing."
The Girliest Taco

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Where should I study abroad?
(My majors are linguistics and philosophy.)

Do you want to be my lj friend?
Will you judge me because I only have one friend?

What should I do by myself in Boston tonight?
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If you own a dog, are you the type of person who dresses it up in sweaters or other not-entirely-dog things?
Recently considered addendum: What kind of dog is it? "Adorable", while adequate, is not really what I'm looking for. Pictures would be nice, too.

What do you think of those people on YouTube and other video-observing places who play high notes and sing in screechy voices to make their dogs howl uncomfortably?

Should I go out to eat, or have microwave pizza for dinner?

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if you live in the united states, what sort of history classes did you have were you required to take in high school? what state are you from? did you go to a public or private school?
also, what were gym classes like? how often did you have to take them? at my school (in new york) we had to take gym every other day for all four years. wiki tells me most of you probably only had one year. : (

actually if you don't live here, feel free to answer anyways. it won't help with my paper but i'm interested in what other countries generally teach in school.
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So I'm doing a feminism awareness study break (study breaks are basically just half-hour to hour-long activities held on weeknights at college to distract students from their work), and I wanted to show a brief film with feminist themes. Anyone have any ideas? I'm not necessarily looking for something ultra-extremist-feminist, but something more along the lines of "The Stepford Wives." (I would show that one but it's a little long for a weeknight.)
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How do you feel when you've done a test/mock exam/the real thing and the results come back and you find out that you got all the hard questions perfect, but you fucked up and gave ridiculously wrong answers to the simple questions that are pretty much no brainer ones?

Does it happen to you often?

I am apparently a great source of lulz for my teachers. But it isn't funny when I nearly fail because I haven't got enough easy questions to pass - then I'm a great source of facepalm for my teachers.

Yesterday I asked about your love life, today I ask your sex life. How's your sex life?

Edit: Because I didn't hear the lady knock the first two times, I did not open the door to see what's she wants.

She's been there for half an hour and she keeps knocking. You'd think she'd get it the first ten minutes that NO ONE'S HOME and leave, so WHY IS SHE STILL KNOCKING?!!

Last time we had this guy knocking and calling for two hours. Wtf, TQC?
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Burning a Word Document onto a CD

I have a paper due on Monday for which I have to turn in an electronic copy on a CD.

When I insert the blank CD and go to file save-as I'm told that it's the "wrong parameter" and then that I don't have access to that folder and should "see the administrator." This is my own laptop on which I've burned many music CDs...and I'm not happy right now.

I searched for other ways to go about this...was told to go under My Computer and open the CD drive from there and drag and drop the document to burn, but every time I click on the CD drive it tells me to insert a CD...which I've obviously already done. AGH!

Any suggestions? 

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What facial features would you change to make someone look like the opposite sex? (Without adding or subtracting facial hair, minus the eyebrows of course.) 

For my final project in my painting class, I want to paint myself as a boy. I've seen a lot of tutorials for Caucasian features, but none for Asian features. : /

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1) There's a fair chance i'll be going to hospital sometime in the next 24-48 hours either for just one day or to be admitted for a few days.

What should i pack in my handbag?

2) I'm going to watch dvds now, what should i eat; starburst snakes, cheese twisties or sun dried tomato dip and crackers?
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I have a hair appointment next week. What should I do with my hair, color-wise? I'm open to anything that can be passed off as a "natural color", because of work dresscode. Hilights, multiple colors, whatever.

Collapse )

If you don't care about my hair:

How often do you get your hair cut?
How much do you usually pay to get it done?

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harborfog wants to know...

You know how girls make out sometimes because guys are into that? Why the fuck don't guys make out to impress girls? I would be all over that.

Why are guys into straight girls making out, do you think?

also, why the fuck do people delete posts?

(no subject)

if you had met someone online, had exchanged pictures that were not super recent and had arranged to meet for a date would you tell the person if your looks had changed? For example your hair was different? you had grown/shaved a beard or if you had put on or lost drastic amounts of weight?

Alternatively you have met someone online, been sent pictures you are led to believe are recent and then you meet with the person and they look drastically different, and you no longer find them attractive. are you pissed off?

A simple quiz #1

Without looking up the answers or reading the comments, answer as many as you can.

01. Who said: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind"?
02. Where is the world's highest waterfall?
03. How many pyramids have been discovered in Egypt (so far)?
04. President-elect Barack Obama collects which of the following comic books?:
a. Batman
b. Conan the Barbarian
c. Captain America
05. On Heroes this past Monday, who stopped Gabriel from killing himself?
06. What is the 319th day of the year (non leap year) in the Gregorian Calendar?
Collapse )
08. Who is the current Chairman of the FDIC?
09. Who is the current World Chess Champion?
10. A jury recently awarded $2.5 million in damages to a teenager who was severely beaten by members of a Ku Klux Klan group. What state did this happen in?

I'll post the answers in the comments in a few hours.

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so exboyfriend and i seem more broken up than ever, and i really want to say bye to his mom.

is it way too dramatic to email her? something simple like "hey, looks like [her son] and i are all done. i just wanted to say thank you for everything, you've treated me so well and i really appreciate it. i'll miss you and [her daughter]! you can still call me anytime if you ever need anything."

i don't want to come off as dramatic but she's really great and the three times my ex has been in the hospital, she and i talk on the phone like every day. she's really super nice to me and it's great and i don't want to just disappear without saying goodbye.

way too dramatic? :(

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A customer on the phone just asked me how she's supposed to eat without a stove over the next two days.

1. So, how does one eat without a stove?

2. What do you eat when you just need something quick and easy?
white fox

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 How long would it take you to write a 12-page paper? 

On reflection, with all the research done (and it was about teaching composition), it took me 4 hours. That's really good! I thought it would be more like 6-8 hours. 
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

(no subject)

at present there is very suspicious/alarming intermittent screaming coming from the apartment below mine.

what is going on down there?

a. murder in progress.

b. some sort of BDSM escapade in which the safety word is not being recognized.

c. at home piercing gone wrong

d. juicer/blender mishap

e. uncomfortable loud gay sex

f. some sort of zombie out break

g. other

should i alert the authorities?

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For a 'mere' $399 (US), 23andMe will do a number of tests on your DNA and tell you about the known genetic traits you have (e.g., likelihood of getting certain diseases). Would you be interested in this? What price would it have to get down to before you'd spit in a cup for them?

(no subject)

TQC what should I do to alleviate my boredom?

I was invited by a really hot army guy to go get "crunked" tonight. Should I have said yes?

What does getting "crunked" entail?

Are you lonely? I'm lonely.
angry asian

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Will you confuse my love for the cobwebs?

Why am I so incredibly obsessed with my boyfriend of about six months?

Should I go to SXSW next year with airfare, hotel, and music badge all paid for?

Why does everyone love my haircut except for me?


question for the ladies

Do you like to wear headbands? I never really did, but I bought some thick stretchy ones today and I think they're cute, but they feel very weird. Like if I tilt my head too fair back they are going to fly off. It also feels like it's sliding but I don't think it is. It just feels weird.

Do you prefer your hair up or down?
Mine looks nicer down, but I like to think most people see me with it up.
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I bought chips and salsa at the grocery store last night, and I really like it. I would prefer to find a brand that wasn't chunky, though. Any recommendations, TQC?

(no subject)

TQC, i took some cough medicine and now i feel a bit funny and my pupils are as big as dimes. i've never reacted like this to cough medicine(though i do avoid it like the plague 'cause the taste has made me barf since i was a kid).

what's going on?
pretty girls -- hiding

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what's the last really stupid thing you did?

i just decided i'd see how easy it was to pick locks with a paper clip and got the damn thing stuck in my lock. took me about 5 minutes to get it out.
...i just really wanted my phone charger from my boyfriend's locked room. :[
guess it's lucky it was my own door that i tried it on

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My husband just arbitrarily decided we should move down to the Jersey shore after Christmas. I'm game, but I don't know much about it.

For those of you who live there/have been there, what's it like? What is there to do? Is there a nail salon, a starbucks and a book store anywhere in town?

Where am I supposed to find a house to buy or rent? Craigslist is failing me and I'm lost as to where else to look.

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Dear TQC,

I have a cold. *sniff* Will you take care of me and cuddle with me? Or will you shun me and my germs?

Also, I've reverted to childhood with this illness and have been watching Fraggle Rock for several hours now. Which is your favorite Fraggle/character? Favorite episode?

I love all the Fraggles! My favorite "special" Fraggle is Cantus.
Capture the Moon is one of my favorite episodes, and the one with the baby tree creature...
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Dear Dr. LJ,
I got a flu shot yesterday morning on my upper left arm. My shoulder has been sore since I got the shot, and just now I noticed an odd rash around the shot. I have 2 spots about the size of a quarter to the left and right of where I got my shot. The area immediately around the injection isn't red, nor is it red above or below the shot area. What is going on?

Medical Illustration:

What's with this rash?

Normal reaction to flu shot
Allergic reaction to flu shot
Coincidence - unrelated to flu shot

just the beast under your bed

Poll #1298162 in your closet, in your head

It's 2am and all the lights are off in your room. You reach for something right before you go to sleep (a drink, chapstick, whatever) and it falls on the floor right at the edge of the really dark space under your bed. Do you:

pick it up right away, obviously.
pick it up, but you have to steel yourself first.
turn all the lights on and then pick it up, so that you know something isn't going to grab you from under the bed.
leave it until the morning, night time is no time to stick your hands by the underbed area.

Which is scarier?

horror movies/tv shows
horror books/stories
equally scary
neither is scary

Do you have problems sleeping after you've read or watched something scary?

not if I leave a nightlight on

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Where can I watch America's Next Top Model online?

Alternately: Who's your favourite contestant from the show? Past or present.