November 14th, 2008

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Kind of inspired by thinking about the pregnant man discussed in this post.

Hmm. TQC, with California's recent passing of Proposition 8, which amended the state Constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman...WHAT DOES THAT MEAN for people who do not necessarily fit into the binary gender system???? I mean, besides basically banning gay marriages, does this mean now that people who aren't very obviously biologically and emotionally male or female could be denied the right to marry? Or are people going to have to be TESTED to prove their gender before they will be allowed to be married?!?! Or in regards to the Constitution, does man not necessarily mean male, or woman necessarily mean female?????? D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

Or am I just all confused, and going down a slippery slope and not making sense?

On a lighter note, I'm going to attempt to sugar my legs tonight. Have you ever tried it before? How did it work for you?
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I love history (especially American and religious history), politics and kids, and like English.  I'm not a fan of math or science (and definitely not enough to do anything with them).

How on earth did you decide what to major in?!  Help?  Did you have this problem?

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Over in ONTD someone said this in relation to wristbands "i still have one on my wrist from an amazing concert i went to back in april 07."

Do you find this as gross as I do?

Have you ever worn a wristband for some excessive period of time? Why?


My family got together today to decide our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for this year. We decided to kind of skimp on Thanksgiving compared to what we usually do and have a feast to please a king for Christmas this year. What are your plans/traditions for the holidays?

I have also been listening to Christmas music? Is it too early for this?

Do any of you have any Christmas songs you are willing to email to me?

Will you post a picture of something that has to do with Thanksgiving or Christmas that makes you happy?

Falafel Mmmmmmmm

For those of you have had falafel at the Pita Pit, is it any good?
If you can say, does it taste fairly authentic?

In general, have you had falafel, what did you think?
If not, would you try it?
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Read this over at

Remember the pregnant transgendered man earlier this year? Well, he's on 20/20 tomorrow with his wife and baby. And he's announcing to world on that show, on national television, that he is pregnant again. It has also been leaked that he sold the photos of his first baby to People for $300,000. Not only that but there is a book about his life story in the works.

So, I ask you, TQC, is this man a pioneer or starting to smell like an attention whore?

And is he really a man if he keeps on having kid after kid?

On the opposite side of the coin, what if this man had originally been born a man but had decided to call himself a woman but had still kept his penis and testicles in order to impregnate his wife. Would you considered that man a woman?

Should there be a new gender name for people who want to play the fence like this? If so, what should it be? (Personally, I am leaning towards "Shman".)

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what are some good street names that you have seen?

a friend of mine lives on a street called winners circle.

eta: i also really like bread and cheese hollow road on long island

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What besides plutonium is capable of generating 1.21 Gigawatts (jigowatts) of electricity?

What 2 movies feature both John Candy and Macaullay Culkin?

What is your favorite pre 90's movie?


Okay, it's 3 AM and I am not tired, but I am getting hungry.

Should I go to Jack in the Box, Steak & Shake, or Whataburger?  What should I order?


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my cat is like 8 years old and has been fixed since he was a baby. WHY DID HE JUST HAVE A CAT BONER? please tell me this will never happen again and is really physically impossible.

i'm writing down, in detail, the problems that i have had with my exboyfriend lately that have lead to us basically not being able to reconcile. do i want to tell him that its totally over, or wait and see if he finally gets it after being able to look at it all on paper and not hear it being yelled at him? how dramatic can this situation really get? jeez.
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In a dorm setting (edit: with shared rooms as opposed to singles), how often is too often to have someone (boyfriend, girlfriend, bff, whatever) visit and stay the night?
What about if said boyfriend/girlfriend/bff/whatever had their own place nearby or on campus as well?

Do you remember the most ridiculous fight you ever had with anyone, past the age of ten?
What was it?

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Does ANYONE ELSE EVER get a really sore spot on their tongue for no reason that swells up and hurts like a bitch? Almost as if a tastebud swelled up? I get them regularly and I thought it was normal, but people don't even know what I'm talking about. I'm trying to eat my breakfast now and my face is twitching whenever I swallow cereal. :B

What do you think of people who are internet famous?

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Do you live in Chicago?

Is your house/apartment infested with ladybugs?

After shooing a bunch of ladybugs out of my apartment, seeing another four in my friend's apartment, and opening the closet at work to find like seven of them, why are there so many ladybugs in Chicago?

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TQC, it is time to be honest.

Which one is smarter: you or your SO?

For the first time ever, I find myself as the less intelligent one in the relationship.  Since I am pretty damn smart myself, this means my boyfriend is scary smart.

If you don't have an SO, use your last relationship.  Does it bother you when you are the less intelligent partner?  I kind of like it, it means I don't have to think as much! :P

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Let's say you're in dire need of cash and you find out you can sell a kidney (or other organ -- internal or external -- that you can survive without) for the exact amount of money you need.

Would you do it?

Is there another organ / body part that you'd rather get rid of if you needed the money?
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Better late than never, right?

My professor asked each of our group members to drop her a line about collaborative effort after class on Tuesday and I still haven't gotten around to it yet. And I dread doing it.

What the hell's wrong with me?

Do you ever have trouble working yourself up to doing things when it comes to official/important communication? I usually do the email thing faster, but I always avoid the phone if at all possible.
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Help me out there, TQC.

I have one more general education requirement to fulfill. To fulfill said requirement, I can either take Intro to Marine Biology, or Intro to Human Genetics. I have taken the upper division equivalents for both these classes so, honestly, I can probably do both of these classes in my sleep. I would prefer the Intro to Marine Biology class, not only because I heart marine biology, but you also get a free trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (which is like, one of the COOLEST aquariums EVER).  The thing is, if I take that class, I'd be forced to move one of my four hour long labs to night time, meaning I'd be stuck on campus until 9pm, without a car, and the buses hardly ever come. The Intro to Human Genetics fits into my schedule quite nicely, but you don't get a cool field trip anywhere in that class. Plus...genetics is boring...

So, what should I do, Intro to Marine Biology, or Intro to Human Genetics?
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historical reenactment

In 8th grade we had some civil war reenactors come to my school. I asked Lincoln if he dressed that way all the time. Everyone laughed at me. I had always been under the impression that reenactors always dressed that way and actually lived as the person they were playing.

Did you ever beleive this? How old were you when you discovered you were wrong?

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Does your boss give the employees Christmas gifts each year?

Last Christmas we got chocolates covered cookies ,which were gross btw, and the year before that some insulated mugs, which I then gave to my dad as a gift.

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Puerto Rico or the Florida Keys for Christmas break?
(I've never been to either place.)

Would you ever in all seriousness tell someone that you were "in like" with them?

I burned the crap out of my finger yesterday and now it has a little bubble. Should I pop it or leave it alone?


What (material objects) do you want for Christmas*? *bonus points for links*
Have your friends/relatives been asking you what you want?
Do you have a wishlist?

edit: Is there anything you want at the moment that's under $50?

*in the event you don't celebrate christmas, substitute it for whichever gift-giving occasion is coming up next.

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Okay so I have a gathering I'm supposed to go to. Problem: I didn't get paid until today, thus did not try to get a hotel room until today. THEY'RE ALL BOOKED. All of them. Every single one within a three hour radius thats under 120 dollars is booked.

So, should I rough it and camp with the boys or just not go? Read: no shower, no legit bathroom, nothin'. Tents and sleeping bags. I wanted to get a hotel so I wouldn't have to brave the state trekking drive tonight. Its far. Stopping when I got tired was kind of important. Also note that I've got a bad back so the possibility of me being immobilized from sleeping on the ground is sorta likely.

I got it figured out. My friend has a camper there. All is well with the world.

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Gooooood morning, TQCers!

1. What did/will you have for breakfast this morning?

2. What's the last song(s) or album(s) you downloaded?

3. Is there any way to get rid of all the duplicates of songs in my iTunes general "music" folder all at once, or do I have to go through and do it manually?

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blah blah blah

I handed in my resignation at my job two weeks ago. A few weeks prior to that one of my two bosses told me that there would be a severance package if I decided to leave (while I figured it wouldn't be much, it surpised me). I told them I was going to go to graduate school. Which I am, but not for a year or two. I actually quit because I really hated working there.

Today is my last day. Yesterday we ordered pizza for lunch and the other boss, the head guy, handed me an envelope and told me not to open it until 5pm today. I cheated a little and opened it just a minute ago. I had figured it was a severance package of some sort.

It turned out to be a 'Christmas gift' the same one I got last year. A $250 dollar gift card to Dick's sporting goods. Which is cool, but that doesn't really do me any good. Last year I used it to buy a new winter coat. I would have preferred cash, or extended health insurance for a couple months.


Would this piss you off?
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Have you seen Cha$e on the Sci-Fi channel?
If so, what do you think?

In it, contestants have to evade people hunting them for an hour and find a secret location first to win a cash prize. The ads say it's like a video game brought to life.

If you haven't seen it, does it sound like an interesting concept or just another lame reality show?

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What was your last movie moment?

(a movie moment is when you are with your loved one and you have something so perfect and romantic it could have only come out of a movie or a fallout boy video)

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What is there for two college students to do in Tampa, Florida? Or Lakeland Florida? Tonight?

we don't have tons of money to spend and we don't wanna do any clubs or shopping.

Anything interesting to do like an open mic night or something?

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Whats a great gift idea to get for my boyfriend who is rather simple, love's/ride's motorcycles, draws (and is pretty danm good at it), play's guitar, and loves the blues/classic rock?

Last year for Christmas we bought him a set of tools that saved his life. He already has a Ducati and a Hd Sportster. He has 3 guitars, and he pretty much has all the music he likes in his itunes so Cd's are out. I was thinking about getting him a new Ipod, but everytime I got him one or lend him one in the past...he had to sell it to get money for food and gas...and I don't want to risk that again.

Any ideas? Serious/Non Serious answers!

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1)How big of a vessel could you fill with your knowledge of petroleum refining?
2)For the ladies:Would you be interested in taking striptease and/or pole dancing classes or do you feel that sort of thing is demeaning to women?
For ladies and gents who enjoy patronizing strip clubs: Do you like pole dancing/work or could you totally do without all that acrobatic shit?
3)When was the last time you wanted to bang your head on a wall?
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there's a ton of bananas in my pantry! D: so what's an easy dessert to make with a bunch of bananas (preferably baked) before they go bad? (no more banana smoothies...) bonus pts if you have a recipe on hand!

thx tqc!

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okay, so i know when you write a cover letter for a job you are supposed to include why you would be an asset to the company--make it less about why you want to work there and more about why they would benefit from hiring you.
Does this apply to internship cover letters as well? I am trying to write one right now and it seems silly to pretend that my presence would benefit them at all except for my skills at getting coffee or filing papers.

eta: is "thus far" too stuffy for a cover letter? or should i stick to "so far" or "to date"?
sorry, i am really nervous about these things.

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To TQC-ers with computer knowledge:

I have a desktop computer at home which I had to reinstall Windows XP on. Once it was installed, I decided to try and install Windows Vista. It turns out my system wasn't compatible with Vista, so halfway through the setup an error message appeared. Now when I start the computer it goes right to the Vista setup - even if I put the original Windows XP cd in.

What do I do to fix it??

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i've been at my current job four months. two of those months, i shared my cube with an awesome lady and we became friends. she now works somewhere else. she's getting married for the second time and just happens to be getting married on my birthday (december 27th). it's a church low key wedding. no booze at the reception. should i go? i'm going to feel guilty if i don't go because we still keep in contact. but it's my birthday! obviously you can tell i don't really want to go.

what would you do if you were me?
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Does anyone have that bit of text from Twilight handy so I can show my husband the terrible writing? You know, the one that looks like bad fanfiction?

Are you a fan of Twilight?

EDIT: vaguely has the part I was talking about here! Thanks!

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What are you having for lunch?
What would you rather be having for lucnh?

I'm having steamed veggies with brown sauce and brown rice with some wonton soup on the side. I couldn't be happier.

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I'm probably going to see my dad for Thanksgiving in either Pompano Beach or Ft. Lauderdale (I can't remember which, but they're close anyways). We usually end up going out to eat a few times but generally stick around the house or go see his job sites, which are interesting, but only for about 20 minutes. What can we do that's budget friendly around that area? Also, what can I do besides read on the 12 hour train rides there and back? Really addictive/fun offline computer games would be great.

How do you get rid of acne? I started taking birth control and I suddenly have constant zits.

wow. okay, wow.

 Hey guyz.
So after months of hearing about how FUCKING AMAZING this book is and now that there's a movie coming out, I forced myself to read Twilight last night. It was about how I'd expected, pretty bland and overdramatic.
But I'm just curious... Do they ever fuck? The main characters, I mean. It sounds like it would be hot. I feel like I'm missing out here. I'm totally not going to read the other three books if they never fuck.

Push the button, Frank.

If those Easy Buttons from the Staples commercials were real and you actually had one, what one thing would you want to happen when you pressed it?

(assuming that one button can only do one thing, like push the button and your laundry was done, or push the button and the litter box was cleaned, or push the button and your car is washed, etc.)

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you know the scene in Big Daddy when they're denting the cans because Adam Sandler's character says they're discounted when they're dented?

is that true?

i feel like no 'cause this can is dented and i'm pretty sure i didn't get any money off.

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Who is the first person you snogged?

First person you slept with?

First person you punched that wasn't a sibling?

First person you ever said you hated?

First person you ever swore revenge on?

(no subject)

If a close friend or family member is getting married, and they decide to have the wedding on a weekday instead of the weekend, are you likely to go?  Especially if it means you will have to take a day off work?

What are your thoughts on weekday weddings?
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Say you're making a movie version of your favorite book or comic book. What is the book? What aspects of the book would you change to better suit the new medium?

Like, if you're writing a Batman origin movie, set it in a more modern Gotham City, and make Batman wear body armor instead of tights.

Or if you're making a movie about... "A Study In Scarlet" give Holmes an obligatory love interest (Watson, who is now named Jennifer) and set it in space, with robot raptors or something.

Jacking and Jilling: One of the raunchiest polls I've done

Jack and Jill went up the hill,
To fetch a pail of water,
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.

Up Jack got and home he ran
As fast as he could caper.
There his mother bound his head,
With vinegar and brown paper.

What's the central theme of this nursery rhyme?

Gravity and its repercussions
Child abuse
It's really a commercial for the vinegar company

'Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water'. What does this really mean?

Two kids were instructed to fill up a bucket of water for dinner
Mutual masturbation to orgasm. The 'hill' is the upward path and the 'bucket of water' is the end product of orgasm

'Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after' describes what exactly?

A young boy loses his footing and hurts his noggin rolling down the hill
The man reaches orgasm first and injures the tip of his penis in the process. The woman comes in second

'Up Jack got and home he ran, As fast as he could caper. There his mother bound his head, With vinegar and brown paper.' What happened here?

The injured boy raced home and let his mother tend to his injuries
After the man finishes up, he realizes he's not done yet and hurries over to his mother's, where disgusting incest occurs
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 Is there a way to customize your livejournal home page? I know there used to be a way. I liked having all of my custom friend groups on the opening page along with the individual listings of friends, so I could click on a specific community or a friend group. Anyone know it there's any way to do this?

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My husband was supposed to be home an hour ago and he's not. I can't call him b/c he left his mobile with me this morning to wait for an important call for him.

TQC where the fuck is my husband? I'm hungry and I wanna go to the craft store g*d dammit.

EDIT: he's home!! he stopped to get me roses, awwwwwwww :)

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One] On a scale of 1-10, how in love are you?

Two] How long have you been involved with/interested in the person/people you are scaling from question one?

THREE] How do you keep your hair from being frizzy and static-y?

Edit! Four] When's the last time you heard that someone was talking shit about you? What were they saying?

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A 'the pill' (!) related question.
I am about to take my 7 day break, after skipping it last month.
I know it SAYS i'm protected on those 7 days, but how trustworthy is that?
Am I safe the night before I take my break? And what about the night after I stop taking it?
I know theoretically i'm fine but just in case, especially having skipped it last month.
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What was that last thing that made you swoony?



I was supposed to go ice skating with my daughter and some other adults who ended up having to cancel. I have a free coupon for today only. I am debating whether to still go with just my little kid. Would you think it was weird (like, boring and lame and friendless) to see a solitary adult with a solitary kid out on the ice rink?

Should I go?

My crushperson and his son maaaaaaaay or may not go, so that's kind of incentive to want to go but also makes me not want to look lonerish in front of him, or like ~desperate~ for still going without friends.... if either of those affects your opinion at all.

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If you were me, what would you do?

I would take the money I saved up, trade in my 2002 Ford Taurus, and get a new car in January.
I would keep the Ford Taurus and wait until next October when I could pay for a new car without financing it.
I would leave the money in savings, sell the Taurus and use that money for a new vibrator and a new wardrobe and rely entirely on public transportation.
I would put the saved up money down on some real estate and wait til the Taurus started dropping little pieces of itself on the road to buy a new vehicle.
none of the above.
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So, I'm going to see my (hopefully soon-to-be-ex) mother- and sisters-in-law this weekend.  MIL has volunteered to be the go-between so I plan on bringing YET ANOTHER copy of our divorce papers for her to give to her son. 

He ignores me completely, but my MIL tells me that his girlfriend comes over to "hang out" when he ditches her to go party with his friends so my sister says I should write DIVORCE PAPERS really, really huge on the envelope and leave it somewhere obvious for said girlfriend to see. It's been almost 2 years and I'm fed up. 

Is this too bitchy?  Any other suggestions? I'm trying to go the uncontested, 'summary dissolution' route because I honestly don't want to see his face ever again.

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What's the most weight you've lost in the fastest time? How did you do it?

What's the most effective diet you've been on? (Healthy or not.) How much did you lose? How long did it take?

Show me a full body picture?

Thank you.

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Can you answer all of these questions in picture form?

Would you like to tell me about your biggest problem in life right now?

What's your favorite favorite outfit ever?

Anyone want to give me hair advice?? Or recommend a hairstyle for me without knowing what I look like?
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Case of the ex.

Could you be friends with your ex?
Have you been successful in being friends with your ex after ending your romantic relationship?

My BF broke up with me and just wants to be "great friends". I don't want to lose contact with him because i still love him but i don't know if i can handle seeing him date other guys. This sucks. :(
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Do you have wireless internet? Will you tell me the names of some of your neighbor's SSIDs?

Crocodile Dundee (lol!)

What's your SSID?


I want to change it to something LOLarious. What can I change it to that will get me in trouble with my HOA?

We are now officially "herdUliekMudkipz"!

Have you heard of Google Grand Central? It seems interesting.

(no subject)

those of you that play:

if i put a decent amount of time into practicing how long would it take to learn enough on the piano/keyboard to be able to start writing piano pieces to go along with songs?
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What are some websites that are just like

Is there anyway I can get my cat to stop randomly attacking me? He breaks the skin most the time and I am just sitting here on my computer.

What are some of your favorite communities here on LJ?

Should I pop by my grandmas? She isn't answering her phone, which is unlike her.

(no subject)

are you still surprised that I am not the guy in my icon? because it seems like the last few days, people have been very surprised. i thought we were all over this fact.
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when you were younger and had recess, what would you do when it was raining out and couldn't go outside?
we attempted to make the longest paper chain in the world. we made it three times around the room one year!
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1. Do you jack/jill off with your right or left hand? Is said hand your dominant one?

2. Do you masturbate clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down, or something else?

3. If you could change one thing about your physical appearance, what would it be?

(no subject)

At my school, we play a game where you try to get someone's attention while you're making finger goggles. If they look at you, they have to lie down on the floor. But, they can block the power of your goggles by making a finger monocle while they turn around to face you. (In some classes, the person making the goggles then has to lie down.)

Have you heard of anything remotely similar to this?

How do you think it started?

What the hell are we smoking?

(no subject)

What hygienic-based things do you do?

(What do you shave? What do you use? Do you do it everyday? What kind of other products do you use? Everything from head to toe. Etc.)

Describe your full routine or as much as you would like that consists on making yourself look nice. (:

Do you use a certain lotion or product, down there?

What do you think of condoms? Would you rather have a male use them or be on some sort of birth control? Are you afraid of them cumming inside of you?
(Males can answer to, would you rather the female to be on birth control or use a condom? Are you afraid of cumming inside of her?)

What is the perfect penis size? (Males, what size are you?)

Favorite sex position?

I'm super bored, TQC

I'm going to Spain for spring break. What should I make sure I do while I'm there?

Could you name one band you could seriously never get tired of hearing?

Also, what should my next tattoo be of? =D

EDIT: For the record, I wasn't planning a tattoo based on this post. I just kind of threw that in there.
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1. Have you viewed "Whatever Martha," a show hosted by Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis on the Fine Living Network? If so, what are your thoughts?

2. If you had to choose between Martha Stewart and Denise Richards as your (celebrity) mom, who would it be, and why?

(no subject)

Have you ever heard of a cancer registrar? (If you're curious, its a person, at a hospital or state level, who tracks cancer data and past cancer patients.. A lot of very specifically coded data entry).

I ask because I work for the professional association of these people and until I got the job about a year ago I had never heard of them.. And no one I have met has either. Now they're a major part of my life lol.

(no subject)

1. I absolutely hate my roommate.

What can I do that will annoy her but not get me into any actual trouble? I've already talked to the RA about moving out, but it looks like I won't get to until the end of the semester.

2. What is your favorite kind of cookie?

(no subject)

I'm going to a white trash party tonight... I'm planning:

-really long acrylic nails
-lip liner
-big gold hoops
-white and blue eyeshadow
-bandana to tie my hair up with curls

what am i missing?
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Are any of you editors for any literary magazines/journals/reviews*?

If you are, what publication are you an editor for?

Would you be interested in being interviewed by the faaaaaaaabulous artfuldodger for her final literary editing and publishing project, since the original lit mag editor she snagged for an interview has gone AWOL?

Do you feel my pain?

*Not high school lit mags and the like, here, sadly.

edit: actually, I may have scored over at cranky_editors but hold that thought, TQC
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I am having mince for dinner tonight. I have no potatoes to go with it. What should i have with it?

For those of you not familiar with mince its minced beef cooked with onion, carrot and gravy. doesnt go with pasta or rice......

(no subject)

My older sister in high school: socially awkward, math wiz, tiny group of friends
Me in high school: SOCIALLY AWKWARD, Academic Decathlon, nerd/geek, 3 friends

My little sister in high school: VARSITY CHEERLEADER...she's in 10th grade.

TQC, where did we go wrong? lol.

Are your and your siblings similar? If yes, in what ways?

Our common thread is sarcasm. :)


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which is harder to read: Shakespeare or James Joyce?
what is the toughest thing you've had to read for school?
What was the last thing you read for pleasure?
I'm reading Ulysses right now. I like it a lot, but its confusing.

(no subject)

do you think your name would make a good celebrity name? or would you change it to something simpler or more interesting if you had a budding showbiz career?

i kind of hate my first name but i think it would be a good celebrity name. it's just different enough to be interesting, but it's also simple and easy to spell and pronounce once you've seen and heard it once.


How long is gas suppose to stay this low? I love it but I doubt it will last long.

It's down to 88 cents here. What's it down to where you live?

(no subject)

I just found my MAC pro palette in my husband's truck after he swore up and down he searched every inch of it and it wasn't in there! bastard. but i'm so happy!

What's the last thing you lost that you thought you would never see again that you found and were thrilled to have back?
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My brother in law is getting married at the end of the month. I am not in the wedding, but I'm not even sitting at one of the main tables with my in-laws at the reception (neither is the other sister in law). I don't even really care about that.

But, today they send out an email about what time to be places and whatnot, and they mention that the table that I'm sitting at will be broken down after dinner to make room for dancing. WTF? So I won't have a seat after that (I might dance, but won't be dancing the *whole* night)?

Is this normal to do?

(no subject)

1. How close do you live to your parents?

2. What is the best show on the History channel?

3. Why the hell is my dog always gnawing at her wrist? (But never doing more than getting it wet and ruffling up her fur?)

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I really hate where I live. My landlords basically restrict us from doing anything, like we can't make food or go into the kitchen during the day at all because they never leave (literally, the woman sits there for 13 hours and does not get up) until 7 p.m. and I live with a bunch of other people. Also, I don't want to stay in the apartment for Christmas because I'm sure my landlords will stare at me if I so much as try to get a drink of water, which they do anyway. I'm scheduled to move in January, though.

There is an offer on Facebook to rent out an apartment - so I would have the whole apartment to myself - from December 10 until January 10. It costs twice as much as my current monthly rent, but it's only for a month. It's also too far away from work for me to walk so I would have to buy a monthly pass. That said, I could afford it, although it would sap up a lot of my savings.

Should I tell the person I'm interested? I can move out of this apartment with no notice since I have no contract.

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are you donating to children in need? how much? (i'm on about the actual children in need charity that is on TV right now in england)
who is your favourite TV presenter?
can you make me laugh?
what was the last sentence you hand wrote?
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Dear TQC,

Can one get AIDS from donating/selling plasma?

Anybody know anything about the process in general? All I know is that they run your blood through a machine that spins it to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. Surely it's sanitary....
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What's the worst group project experience you've ever had?

Do you have any tips for people who are forced into group projects?

I had to give a pop culture presentation today and it was AWFUL. The other people in my group insisted on using Disney movies as references and picked clips and scenes that had nothing to do with our point; the class would not participate in our discussion at ALL and the TA cut us off early. D:
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What the heck do you think a scallop is????

I was always pretty certain they were just potato cakes, except know it turns out it's a sea creature. Maybe it's a cultural thing, where are you from? (Australia here)

Are these seaanimal scallops delicious?

mail-in rebates

My 50 dollar rebate for my phone is due probably like, now, and because I'm busy and scatterbrained and slightly lazy I haven't gotten around to it.

It says that the "offer dates" for the rebate are 10/14 through 11/15 (tomorrow). But it says it needs to be postmarked by 12/20, that doesn't make much sense.

If I put it in the mailbox tomorrow, will it count, or will my laziness cost me 50 dollars?

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Say there's a journal-like book sitting on a table in a cafe sitting area. It's decorated in such a way that it looks like an art book. On the cover is a poem describing what it's all about. In general, the journal is there for anyone to write in, write an entry or a poem, or draw in, put pictures in, just about anything, really.

Do you make an effort to take hold of the opportunity to express yourself in this journal that others have and will express themselves in, too?

What would you do? Not specifically, as I'm sure no one would know until faced with the opportunity, but would you write? Draw? Or what?

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1. do you think its worth it to spent 25-30 hours on one homework that in the end, will only be about 1% of your final grade?

2. when was the last time you went on a date? do you anticipate going on one anytime soon?

3. when do you typically start your holiday shopping?

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1)What weird things have people believed about you?

My mom used to think I collected pens. I don't. at all.

2)Do you replay games?

I do.

3)dr LJ, I have to crap a lot. can you help me?

The Beatles, 8 questions.

I have decided to give you 5Ws + an H right now, TQC.

Why did everyone hate Yoko Ono?

What is your favourite song by The Beatles, or by a single member of The Beatles?

Where is your favourite place to be when it is windy?

Who was your last txt from?

How did you reply?

When's your birthday?

Also here is a should and a do question:

Should TQC bake you a cake?

Do you like Simon and Garfunkel?
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It's raining, it's pouring, my Friday night is boring.

So answer meee these questions threee:

1) Is it just me, or does Twilight read like bad fanfic? Friends that I [used to] respect swore up and down that it's soso good, but I can't get over how lame it all sounds.
2) What do you like in stuffed peppers? I'm making them for dinner tonight. I've got rice and ground beef, but need more ingredients.
3) Are you a cat person or a dog person? I'm a dog person.
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What unexpected food combinations have you tried that were disastrous?
some off the top off my head.... enchilada sauce on burritos; cinnamon oatmeal mixed in coffee

What unexpected food combinations were surprisingly appetizing?
....pepperoni on subway tuna sandwich; tapatio hot sauce in ranch dressing

eta: would you like to experiment with a food combination right now and then come back and tell us about it?

Wii & Wii Fit

Are the Wii & Wii Fit still in demand?

My guy and I are selling ours and we want to charge the maximum dollar because I need the money.  We're basically trying to recoup the full cost of the Wii and Wii Fit and we're throwing in some games (one includes a gun) for free but we don't even know if people still play it.  We want to charge a fair and reasonable price.  =\