November 13th, 2008

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You all knew this was coming, the greatest question of all, one that will possibly split this community in two:

Poll #1296244 sporks

how do you feel about sporks?

I will cut you with a spife if you mention sporks again

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Would you let your SO go travelling for up to 4-6 months?

Now imagine it from my situation:

You've been together for 18 months, are living together, the relationship is heading in the direction of marriage.
It's one of those 'If I don't go now, before we settle down, I'll never go' kind of things. He promises me it won't affect our relationship in the long run- my blessing is the only thing standing in his way.
In a perfect world I'd go too, but realistically I can't afford to take any time out from school. I have another 3 years to go and couldn't be guaranteed a placement at the Hospital I'm hoping for. I don't have the burning desire he does; I travelled before embarking on my degree. Alas, he did not.

He wants to climb mountains and trek through jungles. He can go off with the best intentions in the world, but who knows how he'll change.

Am I in any position to stand in his way?
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What haircut would look good on me?

I need to get one but am fairly clueless when it comes to shit like what looks good with my face shape, bone structure, hair type and that shit. As you can see, it's a few inches past my shoulders dry. Can't really tell in the picture because I was laying down but it's pretty curly and very thick.

Also, do you wash your hair before you go to the salon, let them do it, not worry about washing at all? (this is not advice, just curiosity)

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I am currently making a frozen jacks pizza. how disappointed am i going to be when i take a bite and its not delivery?..its not even digerno...or whatever. or do you think i will be satisfied with my choice?

What was your biggest purchase in the last month?
Mine was..uhh a new queen sized mattress

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Would you think it was weird if you saw a lady giving flowers to a man?

I'm picking up my BF at the airport tomorrow and thinking of getting 2 or 3 roses for him... just for jokes

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Which is better: TQC or AMA?

AMA... no wait TQC

Who is the biggest douchenozzle mod in AMA?

they're the only two i know so if you know another one post in the comments

Why does TQC rock AMA up the ass?

Because most of us aren't douches
Because we give real answers to real people with real questions
Because we don't have the ugliest layout on LJ
Because we don't pretend to be some kind of elite community
Because unknownj didn't create us

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In high school most of my friends were very anti-drug. I wasn't particularly ferocious about it, but I felt no need try anything mind altering at the time. I got to college and tried alcohol, and decided that getting a bit drunk sometimes was fun. So now some of my old friends are really mad at me and say they are disappointed in me and what not. How much does this suck? What should I say/do to salvage the friendship? Is it worth salvaging? What should I say to help these people understand that getting drunk a couple times a month does not make me an alcoholic, and will have few negative effects on my life?

What is your opinion of underage drinking?

In other, somewhat related, news, I've been really stressed lately (and kind of curious) and everyone says smoking helps calm you down, so I'd thought I'd try it. First I had to get someone teach me how to use a lighter. Then I lit the wrong end of the cigarette. And then I didn't particularly enjoy the smoke. How much fail is this?

These days smoking gets a lot of negative attention. What do you think of smokers as people? Do you think they are morally bad people? Just low will power? None of the above?

What are healthy ways to relieve stress?

tl;dr Underage drinking? (Y/N) Smoking? (Y/N)
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Do you think inquiring about someone's race is offensive?

I was in a tl;dr situation where I wasnt sure of someone's racial background- I thought he was perhaps half black/half white but never asked- until someone else asked me if said person was white. I then asked someone who would know if the person in question was biracial like I thought he was, citing the other person's confusion.

I wouldnt be offended if someone asked me, but I'm not sure if I was rude here. Thoughts?

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So it's 3:46 am and I have some homework do at 8:30 am and I am only now starting. I would like to get some caffeine, but I'm afraid that it will prevent me form going to sleep when I actually need to. Should I get some any way?

Also, the motherfucking CIA is giving a presentation at my school. Apparently they are recruiting artists. Should I go see it even though I have class the exact moment it ends?

What is the last group of people/company you would expect to recruit from your field?
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My feet don't smell bad (perhaps because I just showered), but I was cutting and filing my toe-nails, and I noticed something. My feet didn't smell...but the dirt I dug out from underneath the nails that hadn't been washed away had a definite odor to hit. Why was this? And why didn't it smell when it was trapped under the nail?

Do you enjoy the act of cleaning yourself? What was the last thing you did that you enjoyed? What normal task do you take simplistic pleasure in?
I took a long, scrubby, overly cleansing shower, cut and filed my nails, and then did a very thorough tooth brushing session. It was surprisingly enjoyable.

I want a back massage right now. What do you want?

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Most of us have tried to kill ants, cockroaches, and anything that invades our home or personal space.  Most of us would not kill a dog or a cat or a squirrel.

How do YOU determine what is ok to kill and what you would feel bad for killing?
i say, old bean

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it seems nobody has asked any of you TQCers what your plans are for the weekend.
so tell me TQC, what are your plans for this weekend?

if you don't have any, will you make some up and tell me about it? amaze me.
Hurry up and look back

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if over a period of 6 months you have recognized that a child of a family member has some developmental problems that have become more and more obvious over time. would you ever think about mentioning something to the parents? if so how would you do it?

Example of the developmental problem: the child is about 2 years and 4 months old and has not spoken one word, he just usually yells or grunts or makes other noises to show is happiness or sadness but he does not speak. He wont always respond when you say his name and he does not even know how to say his own name. I have known this child since birth and have never heard him say a single word. Is that typical? or is something to be concerned about?

SO what's the best way to bring this up and mention something?

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When you use a public bathroom, do you make the little toilet cover with scraps of toilet paper?

What is you most favorite/funny bathroom story?

Do you think that having no arms and a runny nose is a form if tourture in hell?"

To sleep, perchance to dream...

To those of you accustomed to sharing a bed (in the sleeping sense, not necessarily in the "fun" sense):

What do you do if you can't fall asleep, and your bed-mate is drifting off/already asleep? Do you stay in the room with them, or go to another room so you don't keep them awake?

Can you sleep well/at all when you aren't sharing a bed with your usual bed-mate?
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My supervisor has been a bitch to me all week. She is mad that I'm leaving 11/26, and they have not found someone to replace me. I informed them that I was leaving on 10/20. I gave them plenty of notice. She keeps telling me "you don't understand, they can't find anyone" I do understand. I understood last year when there were 2 of us watching 35 kids. I also understand that they could find plenty of people if they were willing to pay a fair amount. I would be willing to stay if they would pay me a fair amount.

How do I deal with her for the next 2 weeks? What should I say to shut her up when she starts bitching? Does she expect me to keep this job forever just so she won't be inconvenienced?

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Do you ever run out of patience & try to drink a beverage that's too hot and burn your tongue?
I just considered it, but sat here for 15 minutes instead waiting for my chai tea to cool down.

How's the weather?


I have had my phone for a year. It started shitty and it's starting to get shittier. This pisses me off.

I want a phone that:
- Is durable
- Has good voice quality
- Probably has a little camera but this is not very important
- I guess it has to be GSM or something, I don't really know
- But it has to take one of those little SIM chips
- Is Nokia

I do not need a phone that:
- Plays music
- Shoots video
- Does anything fancy like surfing teh tubes or anything
- Breaks
- Sucks

What phone do I want?

Update: So I don't care if it can do fancy shit as long as it doesn't get in the way of performing the very useful task of talking to other people.
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Will you list all the TV shows you watch, even if only seldom?

2) This one i'm asking on behalf of a friend, so if it's dumb I apologize: He's at a hearing at mass law school for a class, and the attorneys keep calling each other brother and sister. why?

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Because you guys not-so-secretly lust for correcting grammar...

Joey's company is presenting the first annual Joey's Leadership Conference on April 4-7, 2009 to discuss, analyze and define the future of Joey's sock collection.

To comma or not to comma after "2009"?

I guess I should mention I need AP style. Which, by the way, opposes serial commas.

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There was a small company that I worked for for nearly 4 years until I got laid off last year.  My husband worked there before me and he's still there.  I was on good terms with the hiring manager.  My husband showed me their ad on Craigslist the other day and I just applied.

Did I just do something stupid?  I mean, they laid me off for a reason, right?  When they refer to me when talking to my husband, will they refer to me as his dense pathetic wife?
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I forgot the name of this band. They are kinda hardcore...kinda goth. One of their lyrics is...

Desire! Desire! Desire sacred is sweet. And they go on to say the atrocity of our city!

Can someone please remind me who this band is!!????

Nevermind. It's System of a Down. I suck.

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This or That?, TQC.

Mice or rats?

Peruvian mummies or Egyptian mummies?

Freezing rain or hail?

Scope or Listerine?

There's a pull-out sofabed for sale on my university's classifieds board. $20. How dirty/disgusting/stained to you think it is?

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just for fun, i'm creating a backup plan of where i'm going to move once america goes down the toilet.

TQC... where should I move? What country anywhere in the world would allow me to conceal & carry a firearm and other various weapons, pay little to no taxes, and has moderate to low crime?

any warm, coastal countries get bonus points in my book.

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how much alcohol does it take for you to feel? not to get drunk, but to just feel a little different. i just had seriously less than half a shot of vodka and i can already tell. all i've eaten since like 5pm yesterday is a huge muffin from wegmans but i still feel so pitiful, haha.

since someone already asked about your weekend plans... what about thanksgiving plans? have you been roped into bringing anything or hosting the entire meal? going anywhere special? are you excited? cause i am! :D

eta for canadians and anyone else who already celebrated: what WERE your plans? did you have fun? was there family drama?
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If you could take a time machine, a la Bill and Ted, who would you grab from the past to spend a week in the present?
Would you go with someone who would change the world of today completely or aim to do as little harm as possible or just want to have a good time?

life decisions!

so, tqc... what would you do? which school would you choose?

A) you have a full ride to this college so you'll be debt-free after graduation. you love the city and the campus and you have a ton of friends who go there. there's always something fun going on. however, they don't offer anything you're interested in. you probably won't love any of your classes the entire time you're there. you'll graduate with a boring, non-specific degree.


B) this school offers EXACTLY what you want to do. the classes you can take are awesome and exciting and you can get a degree in something you love. there a bunch of groups on campus you're interested in joining. your best friend also happens to go here. however, the school isn't offering you ANY money so you'll have to take out loans all four years, you hate the city the school is in, and the campus is awful.

which would you pick?

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This is geared more towards people over the age of 25 or so, but obviously anyone can answer.

If you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself at the age of 15, do you think you would like the person you were then?
Do you think that the 15 year old you would like the person you've become?

Is there anything you would warn yourself about in the future?

Would you want to do this?

Let's skip the obvious giving of lotto numbers, stock tips and the outcome of sporting events to bet on. You can't gain financially from this.

Let's also say that you've been given the A-OK from the powers that be and you don't have to worry about paradoxes and that you're not going to return to some fucked up world where your mom married Biff Tannen and lives in a casino and that Crispen Glover is dead. And that Jack and Kate are still on the Island.


Has anyone had an MRI? What was it like? Would you tell me the whole story?

I have to have one of my brain (I'm specific cuz I read they can do them on your breasts too and the girls are fine, ha ha ha).
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I just found some tasty candy!

But I need to get down to the grind.

Are you procrastinating? What 'should' you be doing instead?

Should TQC members ban together and cheer each other on, to accomplish at least ONE thing on the to-do list?
I'm going to phone the dentist's and optometrist and make an appointment! Right now! After I hit post!

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How do I find interesting communities to be in? What are some that you guys recommend?

How do I get more friend on live journal? I would really like more people to read my blog so that I have more of a motivation to post, and also so that I have some interesting journals to read. But I don't want to just randomly friend people. I want friends, interesting people. I don't understand the etiquette and conventions of this friending thing. Is random friending weird?

Also this guy randomly friended me, and I have no idea how he found me. So far I'm his only friend and he's not in TQC. How did he find me?

What time do you normally sleep? I've gotten myself turned around so that I sleep from about 5 am to 1 pm.

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I crashed on a friend's couch after missing the last bus home, but didn't have any contact lense solution with me. They were in salted water for about six hours, I put them on on the morning and at home cleaned them and put them in the solution. They're soft one-month lenses.
Can I still use them?

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"he fucking fingered her!" what movie is that from? get it right and you get 10 E dollars.

What was the last song you looked up?

Who was your favorite on the origional star trek?

*Picard or kirk? nerds made me change it.
titanic, rose, jack

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What are your favorite movies?

I have a lot...I just really like movies.  My uber favorite is Titanic...since I was nine, I kid you not.  But also Dirty Dancing, Rent, Fame, The Departed, Ghost, The Big Chill, When Harry Met Sally.  Notice why I said movies instead of movie.

Mitty box

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My FIL got us a grill last weekend and we had gone to Walmart last night to get a tarp to put over it. Well, we got everything BUT the tarp and we said "Oh well! It's not supposed to rain tomorrow! We'll just get it then."

Well, it's raining. And I think sleeting a little too.

Will one day in the rain/sleet ruin our new grill? I can't put it on the porch because it's gigantic and heavy.

Do you prefer gas grills or charcoal grills?
If you eat them, how do you like your steak? (I like mine medium)
What's your favorite kind of steak? (filet or london broil)

What would you do if your dog grew as big as Clifford? Do you think that people in your town would be as accommodating as the ones in Emily Elizabeth's town?

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I need cell phone help! Does anyone here use Cricket Wireless?
I just started service with them yesterday and I've already got problems. I can't send a text unless someone texts me first and I reply to it. I also can't get texts from AIM or Can anyone help? I tried googling it, but no results.

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Assuming there are no consequences (aka, people getting hurt, relationships breaking up etc), what is MORALLY wrong with cheating?

EDIT: (the lack of consequences are not because you are in an open relationship, but more along the lines that the other party does not know).
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Do you think you can (somewhat) fairly generalize about genders and relationships?
Do you think women generally obsess over relationships more than men?
And if yes, why do they?

So, you're dead...

If you died tomorrow, what would you really not want your parents to find in your room? Let's assume your parents are rifling through your stuff, not your SO

Sex toys
Drugs and/or drug paraphanalia
Evidence of hidden gay/bi-curious interests/lifestyle
Dead body under floorboards or in closet
Receipt for abortion/s
Pictures or video of yourself in stages of undress or arousal
Evidence that you support a different political candidate or party
Furry suit
Particular shrine you've made to embarrassing celebrity or old flame
Pyramid you've made out of old bottles of alcohol
I have no regrets about what I leave behind

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The boyfriend and i will be @ a hotel for the weekend, and we are a little sex deprived lately so... we're planning to do it: on the bed, couch, chair, shower, floor, and coffee table. Where else should we have tehsex this weekend?

If you have no opinion on the above:

Also what audio books should I download for the 5 hour drive to see him

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What is something you've always wanted but never gotten?

be realist plz

edit: wtf with all you opressed chicks wanted EZ bake ovens!

they're going on ebay for $10-$20. I wish I had extra money so I could buy all you poor ppl one :(

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I have a sinus infection and I feel like shit. I have class in 25 minutes.

Should I go? All I want to do is lay down and take a nap. Class is not crucial and I can get notes from people.

eoin 1

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Will you copy and paste something from another tab/window you have open?

Series Cast
Graham Cole ... PC Tony Stamp / ... (491 episodes, 1984-2008)
Jeff Stewart ... PC Reg Hollis / ... (402 episodes, 1984-2008)
Trudie Goodwin ... Sgt. June Ackland / ... (398 episodes, 1984-2007)
Simon Rouse ... DCI Jack Meadows / ... (362 episodes, 1990-2008)
Mark Wingett ... D.C. Carver / ... (294 episodes, 1984-2007)
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So, I got a tiny dot piercing on my nose. I knew it might be an issue at work, so I planned on taking it out as soon as I could (clarifying: meaning taking out the noticeable silver one and replacing it with a clear thing for work, not just never having anything there). Buuut, my boss was like "WUT IS THAT THERE?" last Friday. :/ Not like I'm gonna get fired, but I like to stay on the good side of people.

As of this Sunday, I will have had the piercing for three weeks. I was told at the piercing place to leave it in for four weeks.

...Do you think it'd be okay to take it out for work, then keep it in the rest of the time, for the next week? (Working only 18 hours total.)

Putting a tiny bandaid over the piercing until I can replace it with a clear one: LOLFAIL or TOTES? (I work the night-shift, not like 800,000 folks are gonna see it...)

The Age-Old Dillemma

Poll #1296850 YOU MAY ONLY HAVE ONE.

Would you rather give up...

Oral Sex
You must, for whatever reason, give up either all forms (both giving and recieving) of oral sex, or all forms of cheese. The question lies ahead - so does your decision.

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if you're still friends with an ex, how long does it take before you start calling them "my friend" instead of "one of my exes"? me and one of my exes broke up just under 2 years ago and i still call him "one of my exes" and it feels like i shouldn't.

also, i feel a sore throat coming on. what should i do?! D:
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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So the other day I was at my bff's place and I checked my email on his computer. However, on another tab, I see, "" etc etc and I've then teased him about it (yes, he's gay, and he's taken it with a laugh).

But it's given me a great idea for a Christmas present. I was thinking of making copies of like 6-7 gay pornos and giving it to him (and make him some cookies). Is that lame or what? Should I do it?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Non srs invited

Why doesn't my roommate ever play any songs on his guitar? I can understand practice but all he does is noodle around and it's getting annoying as fuck.

I have to make up an exhibit in one of my classes on Mexican pottery. How would you make that subject interesting? (No, not homework, I'm almost done with my work.)

What else is good with peanut butter on a sandwich?


So. The people above me in our apartment complex have a 3ish year old kid. There are days when he runs up and down the halls for hours on end. There are days where it sounds like someone is just doing random somersaults non stop in the living room. Lots of random loud banging (presumably the kid falling over), some REALLY loud bangs (although few). It happens basically every single evening. Usually starts around 4. Ends around 7. I started having enough of it and banging on the ceiling when its been going on forever. Just today I banged and they banged back, and the girl came to my door. She said its her son and shes not going to tell him to stop playing.
I said well sometimes I have a headache, or I'm trying to SLEEP, and I can't, and its very very aggravating. She said her husbands a cop and she knows she doesnt have to be quiet until 10.
My apartment SHAKES because of this stupid little boy running non stop up there! She told me he was playing basketball. Basketball? Go play fucking basketball outside! Anyway, you can see how mad this gets me. It wouldnt be as angering if it STOPPED after ten minutes, but it goes on forever.

So I phoned landlord, she says for me to write a note. Where do I start? Are there any examples of noise complaint notes? I fear I'm just going to go off on tangents and sound ridiculous, cuz theres so much I want to say, like, she told me the tenants before her always banged on the ceiling too. I didnt tell the landlord that on the phone (the landlord said that there were no noise complaints for them before, so I wish I had told her that the girl above me said herself that they always banged on their ceiling, so she would know that they were annoyed by this too.... but is this appropriate to write in the letter?).

Anyway, question remains are there any examples of noise complaint notes out there, or can you suggest what I should say in one?
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We took a stress evaluation test thing in my Psych class today. At 300+ points you are supposedly at risk for serious physical and mental health problems. I scored 526 points. I'm going to die soon, aren't I?

This was the test we took. What's your score?

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I bought a wrap at a grocery store on my way to my other job. It has a sticker that says "roast beef" on the container. I ate one half of the wrap (which was roast beef) and just started in the second half... which is decidedly turkey. With bacon. And actually, it's got completely different things on it than the roast beef side had. I'm so confused! What's the dealio, TQC?
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As I waste time before my meeting watching the news, I heard that a fellow appears to have been cured of the HIV virus through a bone marrow transplant. (I googled up an article on it here.)

Have you heard of this?

I find it mind-boggling.
Baro Bitch Stare
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For those of you with numbers in your username, did you pick them intentionally (is there a story behind them?) or did you randomly pick numbers?

For those of you with a celebrity in your icon, why did you pick that person (do they look like you? Just your fav show? Fav person?)

For those of you with animals in your icons, is it your pet? If so, what is its name?

For those of you without an icon, why are you persisting in making it hard for us to remember you?

What kind of cookie do you like the best?

And should I give up on stupid free and join sf_d?

ETA: By icon I mean default icon.

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Your home is being invaded by squirrels! You can only choose one thing to defend yourself with. Your choices are:

a frying pan
a chair
a frozen bag of chicken
a pint of half baked Ben and Jerry's ice cream

What do you fight them off with?
Julia Murney

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I'm sick. I'm almost positive I have strep, but my doctor didn't confirm, but he did give me sum drugz.

What can I do to:
A) Feel better
B) Be able to fucking swallow, omg.

Also, what are your favourite Law and Order either SVU or CI episodes?

Edit: Y'all need to give me more credit. Of course I've already taken the medicine.
kurt halsey

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Anyone who has bought or tried on these Urban Outfitters leggings - or any UO leggings/pants, I guess - how do they fit? I'm thinking about buying them online, but I have no idea what size.  I have super short legs and am usually a size 3-7 in jeans. Help?

(no subject)

I'm looking for a t-shirt... it's a black shirt with a row of guns on it, with a guitar in place of one of the guns. Anyone know where to find something like that? I failed at google-ing.

I am also looking for those wildlife shirts that have like pictures of wolves and shit on them. What type of store even sells those? Do I have to look online?

What's your favorite shirt ever? Pictures?

Don Imus ?s

1) When is it too late for you to take a nap?

2) What's the least amount of time you can spend napping and still feeling refreshed?

3) Do you like taking naps?


4) What is your hat size, if you know it?

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anon suggested changing my name to baconshake. which makes me want to change my name to shakenbacon.

should I change my name to shakenbacon? I'm hesitant, since over_thefreeway is so nostalgic to me, but I definitely don't want to start a new account.
I don't have any money for a rename token, though. so it'll have to be in the near future. =[
all you need is love

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what is a nice/easy way to break up with someone if there even is one?

when was the last time you had to break up with someone? was it hard?

i know hes going to be completely devastated, no i'm not being cocky but we've broke up before and he made it sound like his whole world fell apart. i just cant stand him anymore and i'm pretty sure its not good to be in a relationship with a person who you cannot stand.

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Do you wish you were a different age? If so, how old, and why?

I am really not liking being under 21 right now, just because I'd really like to check out the local bands around here but they only play at 21+ bars. Or I just need to find a fake ID.
matthew wig

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I know there was recently a picture post but it's off the page!

I just got my teeth finished after surgery, five years of braces and now - build ups to fill the spaces. I finally like my smile, so: WILL YOU POST YOUR FAVOURITE PICTURE OF YOURSELF?

Collapse )

And so I don't make another post: Does anybody have any good tips for getting undereye circles to go away? Mine are so bad sometimes, especially if I'm really tired. I've had some people make comments about them.

(no subject)

I've been reading things that aren't there lately. & not just slightly not there. The other day I was looking at festival itinerary and under the kids stage section I read "Kids screaming at you" which was not even half there. Other things too. I am losing it Y/Y?

What is the last thing you misread?

What is the difference between adding metamucil fibresure to everything and chronic laxative abuse?

Do you think its ever ok to slip something into someone's food? If so, when?
What if the person is a child?
eoin 1

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A few days ago I listened to Paul Simon's album Graceland for the first time. It is really awesome and I love it.

What was the last album you listened to that you hadn't before and what did you think of it?
  • sssea

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Beside granola bars, cheese, grapes and crackers (my staple snack foods)

What are some other filling and somewhat health conscious things I can get when I go grocery shopping to take to school and work?
  • cpl593h

Sparkling wine makes me think of holidays.

My dad I just came back from a trip to the state store because we had to get wine for various social events coming up. I impulse bought some prosecco because I feel like being girly tonight. He impulse bought some local pomegranate wine. These two things would be awesome together like a kir, y/n?

What should I eat for dinner with this prosecco?

What are you doing for New Year's?

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I'm kind of domestically retarded. Would it be a bad idea to dry my fleece blanket in the dryer? I have the setting "Fluff Air (No Heat)" and "Knits & Delicates (Low Heat)" if that makes any difference.

If you don't care about my blanket...
What is the worst band you've ever seen perform live?

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Okay, I'm looking through Google, but it is very difficult for me to find acceptable academic resources on the transgender movement...

Does anyone know when "T" became part of LGBT? When transgendered people were welcomed within the community?
back corset

Thanksgiving Break

Dear TQC-

I'm going home for 4 days for thanksgiving break (leaving the Weds before and coming home Sat.)

Besides the regular leftovers of Thanksgiving, what meal should I have my mom make that I can take a bunch back to college with me (I have a cooler, temperature isn't a problem)? The only thing I could think of was pot roast.

P.S. my mom isn't cooking thanksgiving dinner, we are going to my cousin's house for dinner since it's just going to be my mom, me, and my boyfriend. I also have a "regular" thanksgiving dinner with my dad which is where most of those leftovers will come from :)

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Say you wanted revenge on someone who had wronged you. All you have access to is their email address and mobile/cell phone number.

What kind of spam would you sign them up to?
How else would you seek revenge?
Have you ever sought revenge? Stories?