November 12th, 2008


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Pizza Hut
Papa John's
Hungery Howie's
I get my pizza elsewhere
I don't eat pizza/do not get delivery

Should I go for a third piece of cake? I totally went for it, but only a little piece.

How many pieces of pizza can you eat in one sitting?
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inspire by this post and my own curiosity.

what is the best way to track someone down? private eye? online?
how to i make sure it's legit?

i have a social security number, old cities/addresses, all sorts of personal info..
i'd really just like to find a current address and phone number without paying $50.00 for some website to scam me.

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If you were to be endorsed by a brand (having to wear their name, use their product, etc) what would you hope to be endorsing?
according to your life right now, what brand would be most likely to (think Tiger Woods and Nike)?
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For all you red-meat eaters: Do you like Hamburger Helper? If yes, what's your favorite kind? My friend and I are in an on-going debate over which is best.

And for you non-meat eaters: what do you usually end up ordering in restaurants that do not cater to a vegetarian/vegan clientele?

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how do you deal with anger? i've been super pissed off the past few days and i seriously just want to knock someone out. if i have something to distract me i'm fine but if i don't i'm like HULK ANGRY, SMASH SMASH SMASH.

oh plus for some reason, the past few days i haven't felt like eating at all. i'm not sick or anything, but i'm sitting here and my stomach's growling and i couldn't care less. wtf is up with that?

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I'm having a spring wedding (in May 2010) and I'm trying to plan ahead now because I'll be overwhelmed with student teaching and crap like that in the months before my wedding.

My wedding date is my grandparents anniversary (it'll be really close to their 50th, but I can't remember what year they got married and they're both dead so it's not like I can call them up and ask) My dress is very similar to my grandma's. My colors are bright pink, kiwi green and mango-orange. My flowers are tiger lillies and stephanotis

We're having a formal, Catholic wedding with a mass. The guys are all wearing black suits with subtle white pinstripes, solid black shirts and solid, straight, bright pink ties. My fiance is wearing the same, but with a black tie. Dads are wearing white ties.

My question is this. I found really pretty bridesmaids dresses that I love love love. They're black with a sash that is the exact green and pink that I want to use. Is it tacky or morbid to have bridesmaids dressed in black? I think it'll be really pretty, especially against the colors of the flowers. I think it'll make the colors pop, but I think my mom is going to think I'm dressing everyone for a funeral. I just think black is really sleek and sharp. What's your opinion?

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also, can anyone give me suggestions as to what I can do during the ceremony in memory of my grandparents? I have the newspaper clipping from their wedding announcement with one of their wedding photos in it that I plan to put in our programs and I wanted to stick a small blue flower in my bouquet (my grandma's favorite color)... anything other ideas??
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tqc, a bunch of you have listened to me bitch in the past few days and a lot of you have given me good advice and have given me things to think about. thank you. most of my friends are sick of listening to me and you guys have helped a lot. : ) i finally decided i am absolutely done talking to my ex after he pays me back, because thanks to you guys i finally realized that he just isn't worth it in the slightest.

has anyone in tqc really helped you in some way? want to thank them for it? do it in this post!

Essays :(

I have to write a final essay for a class. It's the biggest one I've had to write yet and I'm a bit intimidated, to put it mildly. My biggest problem, when it comes to this, is making a GOOD thesis statement.
I was thinking of trying something different for this class and just researching what I'm interested in first, THEN making a thesis statement about what I've learned. For example, I'm interested in learning about the goddesses of the past/present and the similarities between Moon goddesses. I have no clue what a good thesis statement could be. She has left it to us to develop our own thesis statement, though she has given us some ideas. If I get too intimidated, I might just cop out and write a paper based on her ideas. Since I love this class, I'd like to try to do it myself.

Is this idea (research first, thesis statement derived from research) a good idea?

If not, what IS a good idea?

What are your biggest problems when it comes to writing essays and how do you deal?


narry twirl

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If my boyfriend says he doesn't want anything for his birthday and doesn't even want any special attention is it likely that he is telling the truth? Or is he being a girl and really wants me to surprise him with something nice?

Dating questions

You're dating someone new and you get to the point where you're asking about exes. You see a picture of the ex, and it's someone with a severe case of Down's Syndrome. When asked about it, he/she just says that it was just a sexual relationship, that the whole relationship pretty much took place in bed. How would you feel about that?

Eww. I really didn't need to hear that. I can't help but see this person in a whole new light now
That's kinda hot
Such a sweet guy/girl! Able to look past this other person's physical shortcomings and find them attractive anyway
What a slut. I bet he/she'd bang anything that offered themselves
Indifferent. We all have our pasts and this is no different

You're getting close with someone online (maybe from TQC!) and they're really cute. You chat every day for hours and have recently started talking on the phone. Your first phone call lasted 5 hours. You really like them and vice versa. However, this person lives 2 states away, but you think that you can make it work. Then, one day, the cute person at work/school asks you out. This is the person you've smiled at here and there and always found interesting. Would you go out with this real life person, or stay true to the online person?

Real life person. LDRs are work and this is easier
Online person. I have a strong bond with them already
I'd go out with the RL person, but would still keep talking to the online person. I'd just keep it under wraps. He/she wouldn't be the wiser

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Inspired by this post...

So a boy I used to date (for like 8 months) doesn't show up at all on the website linked in that post. NOTHING.

Did he lie to me about his name?! I've always been curious because his name never brought anything up on the Goggles either. We didn't have any mutual friends and he lived about 40 minutes away from where I lived at the time, so it's not like he couldn't get away with it.

If y, wtf why would you do that...?!

Un Question

Say somebody says this "if you're not where I can check up on you regularly, I'll worry" to you, what's the first thing pops into your head? Are they nice feeling or are they mildly creepy stalker twilight feelings?

context to come if people need/want it.

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have you ever played chrono cross? is it any good?

i think i messed up the CD because it loads and then won't load the next area. poop.

what are your favourite old games? like PSX and earlier.

i loooved star ocean and coolboarders
My Manga

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Does anybody have an experience with the Tempur-pedic beds?

I want to know if they will eventually sink in, like mattresses do after awhile. I know they have memory foam but, does it really last that long?

Is there anything else I should know before spending that much money on a bed?

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What was the last bumper sticker you saw that made you roll your eyes?

"God, Guns, & Gas
Made in America
let's keep them here!"

First of all God wasn't made in America, and gas is made everywhere. The lovely people have told me guns were invented in China so yes this is a completely wrong bumpersticker of dumbfuckery.

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I go to school in upstate NY. My boyfriend's dad has connections and scored two tickets to the inauguration of Obama. The inauguration's on Jan 21. My spring semester classes begin on the 19th. I would need to fly to DC because Upstate NY and DC are about a 7 hour drive apart.

Should I skip a few days of classes to go to the inauguration?

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I'm going camping this weekend, TQC and I intend to make&bring cookies. Last weekend, I made White Chocolate Chip Macadamia cookies [which was a huge hit], but I would like to make something different this weekend.

My question: What is your favourite cookie?
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I'm thinking that I need a new messenger bag... I want one that can survive the rain. I'd also like it to have a thick strap (less likely to hurt even if there's a lot of weight in the bag). And ideally, something kinda unique and/or quirky in some way. i generally like black and grey or black and red.

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas/links?
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my boy has a $100 Visa gift card that expires in two weeks and he has no clue what to buy.
so, what's cool that costs about $100?

can you think of any songs that have lyrics about domestic violence?
specifically, about carrying out the violence.
i'm trying to think of some examples.

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so, apparently i'm the last 21 year old on the planet who doesn't have some kind of portable music playing device. i'm on a very limited budget, so, outside of selling my body for electronics, i need something dirt cheap. and reliable. i understand that these don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.

i'm looking for something that will hold a charge for a long time and be able to hold 500-800 songs, averaging about 3 minutes a piece. i'm going to ask around craigslist and look on amazon, so i'm wondering, TQCers, would you recommend for me? i don't need anything heavy duty, just simple and in working condition.

outside of craigslist, are there any other places i should check? some kind of special site specifically for selling old electronics? what about refurbished ones? what are your experience with refurbished electronics?

if you don't care about that, have you had the vivanno blended drinks from starbucks? i LOOOOVE the orange mango banana one with soy. ohhh it's so heavenly. i'll be very sad when i won't be able to use my meal plan at starbucks when i get out of college and into the real world. :(

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imagine you're a caveman/cavewoman who's struggling to come up with an idea for locomotion. Suddenly, you see a bewildered giraffe step on some round stones, causing her to slip and slide across the igneous landscape.

do you think this'd inspire you to invent the wheel?

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I know there's an adress that children can write to Father Christmas at and recieve a personal reply from him but I don't know what it is. Does anyone here know? My little brother will be very grateful to you!

And just to ovewhelm you with cuteness to make you reply here is his letter (imagine written in little kid hand writing):

"Dear Santa. On christmas I want some candy bubbles and a scoob-bdoo video and a laptop and lots of other stuff love from Jude x"

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Have any of you taken CLEP tests? Which ones? Did you end up getting credit for it?

I really don't want to have to take any more Spanish courses, but I'm wondering if the CLEP test for it is extremely difficult.

If you don't care, what is your favorite type of cupcake?
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Tomorrow is To Write Love On Her Arms day, and I plan on writing love on my arm, but I also thought about wearing my TWLOHA shirt. Would wearing it be overkill, or would it be okay?

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I don't fell very curious today.
What's wrong with me?

Do you know what goes in the blanks?

SHE'LL BE__________ AROUND THE ________ WHEN SHE _________ .

(bonus points for body parts)


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my roommate is obnoxious and rude.
she has sexiled me many times, lets her guy friends stay in the room while i change..and makes lewd comments, and just disrespects me and my space in every way possible.
this morning as im sleeping..and brings this guy in and i wake up to her saying "take your pants off" followed by some noises.

i want to become the roommate from hell so she hates me so much that she wants to move out for next semester.
any tips/suggestions?

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Do you have a favorite subject to photograph?

Will you describe to me your favorite photograph? (It can be a photograph that was taken by you, a professional photographer, etc.)

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It's snowing outside, TQC! And it's the pretty fluffy kind of snow, not the usual sandy scour-your-face-off sort that's usually accompanied by 70 mph winds.

Should I continue sitting in the library watching it fall out the window, or go out to the campus commons and run around in it? I have mittens, but no scarf, and another class in 45 minutes.

When does it usually start to snow (if at all) in your area?

Do you prefer watching snow or rain fall outside your window?
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coupon book

I am making an advent calendar for my bf for christmas, but instead of gifts i am making a coupon for each day. I have the basics like kiss, hug, home cooked dinner, stuff like that. But I need 24 coupons and am running out of creative ideas! I would like a mix of sexual and non sexual. I am also trying to keep whatever the coupon offers minimal in what it will cost me to fulfill the coupon as I've already spend quite a bit on his actual gift.

If you were making something similar for your SO, what coupons would you include?
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Has anyone read any books that give a realistic perspective to what lives are like for children of kings/queens and living in a castle? Preferably in the example of European or Russian monarchy.
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Long shot, but I figured I'd try anyway.

So, I have a fairly large My Received Files folder on my computer, because I get a lot of my music from my friends via MSN. This morning when I was playing with my itunes, I realized that about half of my received songs (20ish) from one specific friend were gone. Deleted from my laptop entirely, no trace of them anywhere. I haven't touched the folder it came in, and all I am now is very confused. Is there some reason my computer would eat like 20 files from the same person for no particular reason? And is there software I can download that will let me upload to my computer just those specific songs from my iPod?

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tqc, quick! i have a question that needs answering! i'm writing a paper on how history education fails high school students, and this is my intro so far:

Upon graduating high school, most of us would assume that we were given a comprehensive and thorough education in history. Most of us can name when the Civil War started and ended, when Christopher Columbus discovered America, and when the Declaration of Independce was signed. Some of us can probably also name important dates in world history, such as when the Normans invaded English (1066),

my question is: should i have the dates in parenthesis or not?

if you don't care about this, feel free to spam me with recipes! ones for mashed potatoes would be awesome as i apparently volunteered to make them this year!

and if you don't care about that, how badly does your writing suffer when you haven't slept in 20 hours? you personally, not you generally. cause i think mine is going to really suffer. : (

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my best friend has a really busy work and school schedule. other than the occasional night she has off that she usually ends up sleeping through or doing homework, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are her only nights off, and she always spends them with her boyfriend.

is it unreasonable of me to ask her to once in a while tell her boyfriend she can't come over or can't come over until later on one of the days she ALWAYS sees him so that we can spend sometime together?

For those of you who liked Roseanne...

Poll #1296158 Roseanne

Who were your favorite characters on Roseanne?


more favorites


Who were your least favorite characters?


more least favorites



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a good friend of mine is into classic literature and i want to find him some sort of first edition/super valuable book for his birthday... which everyone tells me is not doable.

is it doable? and if it isn't, what presents can you give bookworms that aren't books?

EDIT: i think gift certificates are lame...

beauty, brains, bucks!

1. do you think you're prettier than most people?
  b. do you care about your appearance?
  c. how much time do you take to get ready for the day?

2. do you think you're smarter than most people?
  b. what makes you so smart?
  c. are you attending college/do you have a degree/do you plan on attending college?
  d. how do you feel about college?

3. do you think you are more financially stable than most people your age?
  b. why?
  c. is money important when choosing someone to marry/seriously date?

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calling all mcgroobers of tqc

my tooth really effing hurts. my dentist can't get me in until after the holidays and they dont prescribe painkillers in advance. id normally go to my doctor but he retired last week, and since i don't have insurance atm and pay out of pocket for medical it's a difficult process to get a new GP quickly. i have no way to get painkillers, no alcohol in my house, and no way to leave to get anything. how can i get my tooth to stop hurting with regular everyday things around the house?

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Okay, what is the normal amount to spend on an engagement ring? My friend's boyfriend was telling her he's going to be her a 10,000 dollar ring, and in response to that, her friend said that her ring was "only five thousand". Seriously? I wouldn't even marry anyone who was stupid enough to spend that much on jewelry.

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All knowing TQC,

Have any of you made your will? Personal Directive? Power of Attorney?

Why does the government of Alberta make it so difficult to find forms for any of these?
BOOKS merlin

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are there certain songs that remind you of a certain person when you listen to them? Fictional characters/family/friends/...

if yes, what song reminds you (and by which artist is it) of which person? If you have a particular reason for that, what is it?

to me ... Hero of War by Rise Against reminds me of Captain America but I have no idea why, probably because of the theme...

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Sometimes in magazines and newspapers, when they feature a photo of a group of people, there is also a page that features that same photo except now the figures are mere outlines with numbers inside of each figure. Then there is a list of names that corresponds to each number.

Is there a name for this kind of thing??

Old books . . . what do do?

I have a bunch of old, paperback Star Trek (original series, TNG) tie-in novels (published anywhere from the early 1980s through the mid-1990s) and of the series-related guides published in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

Should I:

1. Toss them into the recycle bin?

2. List them on ebay?

(Edited: the recycle option is because they are in rather bad shape. Readable, but probably not worth a whole heck of a lot.)


So I've seen a couple posts recently about ChaCha, this human guided search engine via mobile phone. I looked on the website to see if I could sign up to become a guide and it looks like they aren't 'hiring' at the moment, but I'm wondering if any of you are currently working for them and could fill me on the process of how you got the job and how it's working out for you?
Are they growing? Do you think they'll be looking for more guides anytime soon?

Also, is there away to get referred for a position anyway even thought I can't get anywhere with them on the website?

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Do any of you use Maya?

If yes, can you point be toward some decent tutorials for beginners? I've tried several different sites and they all sort of assume you are at an intermediate level, so they are of no help to me.

I'm taking a digital sculpture class and I want to stab my eyes out. Maya is so foreign to me. The teacher isn't much help either. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to make an environment, and so far I have half of a tree, and that does not include any sort of texturing whatsoever :/ I don't think I will ever figure out UV mapping.

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okay, i have another quick question. if you're quoting another article but have to change the first word slight to make it mesh well with the rest of your paragraph, how do you do it? i know it involves brackets but i'm not sure if i've done it right. what i have so far is:
Their standards teach students critical thinking skills, such as “summar[izing] landmark U.S. Supreme Court interpretations of the Constitution and its amendments,”

and the original was:
Students summarize landmark U.S. Supreme Court interpretations of the Constitution and its amendments

if i've completely effed it up, feel free to let me know why and how to fix it.

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When you see a collected pile of leaves, do you get the urge to jump in them?

Has anyone here actually heard of the rapper Trick Trick (aside from today's ONTD post)?

How many push-ups can you do in a minute? How many sit-ups? How long does it take you to run a mile?

We're made of stars

Through some bizarre event, you switch bodies with a famous celebrity for ONE HOUR ONLY. Whose body are you in?

Brad Pitt
Jennifer Lopez
Donald Trump
Angelina Jolie
George Bush
Sarah Palin
Tom Cruise
Paris Hilton
David Beckhem
Victoria Beckhem
Brian Austin Green
Mary Kate Olsen
Erik Von Markovik aka Mystery
Miley Cyrus

The one thing you can't do is profit directly from this switch, but which of these actions would this celebrity wind up doing in that hour?

Attacking the paparazzi with a weed whacker while stark naked wearing a top hat. This celeb's rep will never recover
Bang their SO (Green's dating Megan Fox!)
Try on all her awesome clothes
Give millions to a charity of your choice
Consume as many calories as I can in that one hour
Look glamorous, and walk out and enjoy people oohing and aahing over me
Hold a quick press conference, where you reveal that you're gay
Go down to my studio and rehearse using my awesome singing voice. Record something
Masturbate. A lot. In front of the mirror
Have lots of unprotected sex with street people
Get an unsightly tattoo of Calvin (not Hobbs) peeing
Sit around in the jacuzzi, enjoying the finest champagne on the planet, watching movies on the biggest flatscreen you've ever seen
Pierce your nose
Go to a lot of public places in the shortest mini skirt without panties, and keep getting in and out of the car, legs akimbo
Shave your head

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Next year for various reasons I have to move 3 hours away from where I live now.
One minute my SO says he will come with me, then is saying that we are going to have to make 'upsetting decisions'.
On drunken occasions he has been really mean about it all saying our relationship will never work whether he lives with me or not, 'you'll meet someone else' etc.
It keeps coming up and he's spoiling what we have now by constantly turning it into a big issue.
So, when it next comes up should I agree with his pessimism, try to be optimistic (as usual, I just get told that i'm wrong) or what?
Im really struggling with this. Its a fantastic relationship save his insecurities. I need you to be nice TQC =[
What would you do?


TQC, why do I get so angry?
Am I angrier than other people?

What do you do when you feel what I can only describe as "rage"?

Scream, yell, take it out on household objects, cry?  How do you keep yourself from taking it out on others?

ETA: Sorry, my space bar suddenly zapped into the "submit" bar...I deleted the others...they were the same.


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i haven't seen this one in a while.

if you were going to kill yourself, how would you do it?

things to consider (i didn't say they were options, i said they were things to consider):

1. most pill overdoses fail
2. it's almost impossible to slit your own wrists
3. the whole "falling off a building and decapitating yourself with piano wire and gluing your hands to your head" thing hasn't been funny for years

choose wisely!

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According to this article:, there are going to be protests across the country in support of gay marriage.  Does anyone know of a site other than Facebook (which is blocked at work) that has more information on this?

I'm all for gay marriage.  Why should straight people be the only people who can be miserably married?  Spread the misery around!  It's only fair that the government should get involved in their private affairs too, and make them stand in front of a judge and publicly announce they are failures and can't stand this person anymore, will-you-please-cut-me-loose-from-this-maniac-Your-Honor.
Baro Bitch Stare

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Go to google, do you notice anything weird about it?
Collapse )

I swear I didn't do anything to change it! It just suddenly was like that! Do you know how to fix it? I don't know German so all those links are useless to me!
i say, old bean

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what's the worst news you've gotten all day? :(
or, if you haven't gotten any, what about the best news?

if your life is so gosh-darn boring that nothing worth mentioning happened, then could you tell me something random? plz?

(no subject) it okay for your friend to date your former SO?
Have you ever heard of it working out well? What were the circumstances?
Any good stories about it not working out well?

Feel free to explain because I can't think of a good reason, even though I don't think it's okay.

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If someone you work with doesn't talk much, do you assume they don't like you?
I don't get it. Everyone thinks I hate them cos I'm not 'chatty'.

Is there someone you work with that you can't stand? Why?
Do you like your job?

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I'm bored.

Which LJ communities (aside from Stupid_Free) provide you with almost limitless lulz?

(Speaking of Stupid_Free, do you ever get urge to be intentionally stupid, but not quite a troll, on those days when you haven't seen an entry pop up in a while?
When I joined, my flist was nothing but that community all day.... Now it seems that there are either a lot less stupid things being said, or they're being said in locked posts. Aw)
Rubber Ducky

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Why did I ever think having ferrets was a good idea? Did you know it only takes them three hours to digest their food? I have four ferrets and they make a lot of poop. =(

ETA: Don't get me wrong here, I did research the critters. I also love them dearly. No matter how much they poop.
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If you're a woman, do you wear cologne?
If you're a man, do you wear perfume?

If you're a woman, do you have a general distaste for media (tv, periodicals, etc.)geared towards women?

If you're a man, do you have a general distaste for media (tv, periodicals, etc.)geared towards men?

If you are neither of these, do you ever look at your "business" before you flush?

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What are you getting/hoping to get from Santa this year?

Im gettng driving lessons and my test paid for. Im really close to passing, just need to brush up on a few things. also, got a pair of nice leather boots from my sister. i knew i was getting them, and she gave me them early as the weather is pretty nasty just now and my trainers were no good.
id like some DVDs, and maybe a pair of adult all in one PJs.


My husband's iPod is first-generation and seemes to always have problems. I'd like to get him a new one for Christmas.

My question is - those of you who have an iTouch, what do you think of it? It seems like an awesome idea. He doesn't want a "dainty" iPod - so a nano is out - but the iTouch seems cool, in my budget, etc. He isn't a blackberry person - hates the concept of paying monthly for it - so his phone is pretty basic (I, on the other hand, love my blackberry, haha). But the iTouch, he could maintain his contacts/calendar, access internet when we're near a wifi connection, AND use as an iPod, right?


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When was the last time someone brought you out of your bubble?

I just had to deal with a water guy, and I hate dealing with people. He tried to offer my free water and then asked if he could come in my house to set it up. I pretty much said wtf no.


oh hi guys i have a few questions!!!

me and my boyfriend are having an experiment type thing and this is me conducting the information!! basically my boyfriend says ON THE WHOLE people don't look back on losing their virginity as a good experience. i think actually you can't compare losing your virginity with the rest of your sexual incounters throughout your life so it's not particularily good or bad just different and good because of something different than how sex is generally good. THIS IS MY QUESTION:

WHEN YOU LOST YOUR VIRGINITY WAS IT A GOOD OR BAD EXPERIENCE FOR YOU? (or somewhere in between i guess but this is not a good answer for my experimentalness) give me details if you want to i suppose (+ why)

my boyfriend says it was a good experience for me because he'd had sex before (which is quite cheeky of him to say actually) but if you both haven't it would probably be pretty bad. so were you both losing your virginity at the same time or not? what do you think on this general point??


he bought a reely thing of electric fence and we are having fun with it by holding part of it each with one hand and seeing how long we can both hold on for. i'm winning because he is generally scaredy of stuff!! what is a kind of pain that you enjoy??

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Inspired by this post, what is the kind of body you want?

What is the kind of body type your are physically attracted to?

What should I do to get some "sexual healing" at this point in time? I am a very lonely girl.

(no subject)

What's the most unusual thing you have ever purchased?

What's something you would really like to buy but haven't yet?

What kinds of comments did your school reports have about you?
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I'm not ipod savvy and neither is my dad. Would it be completely stupid for me to buy him an ipod for his 50th birthday and fill it with music for him to use in his work truck?
Should I just buy him satellite radio instead? (If you have it, would you recommend it?)

in conclusion:
as a cranky 50 year old guy, which would you rather get for your birthday:
-satellite radio
-steak of the month club

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TQC my boyfriend is dragging me to a ski resort this winter, and I don't ski or snowboard or like cold weather at all. I typically avoid the outdoors when it's winter-y, and have only invested in clothing that will keep me warm during the walk from my car to whatever location I'm going to (like a couple jackets and scarves and maybe a pair of gloves).

Oh wise and knowing internet community, what should I do? He might make me try to snowboard, and I'm not sure the clothing I currently own will protect me from the horrors of such things as snow-down-the-shirt and frozenbutt. What kind of clothes should I start looking for to prepare for this?
Also, is he trying to kill me because I don't like the cold?
I don't want to be the boring girlfriend that stays in the condo all day while everyone leaves to have fun. :(

Do you enjoy the winter sports?
Octopus singing

Permanent accounts.

1a. Will you be buying a permanent account next week? Why? Why not?

1b. Would you accept one if someone was paying for it as a gift and you wouldn't be paying a cent?

1c. If you already have one, do you recommend it?

Somewhat related:

2. If you have multiple LJ's that you use, which one would you make the permanent account? The one with the most posts? The one that is most recent?

3. If you have the same screen name for most places (aim, myspace, forums, chats, iminlikewithyou, etc) would you make the permanent account LJ that name too?
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I have a brownie box mix that says to use vegetable oil, but all I have is a lot of canola oil. Will it be okay to use the canola?

My google results only give me the health benefits of each. I don't care about being healthy, I just want brownies!

YAY, I'm making brownies tonight!

When's the last time you had brownies?


hey guys. So I need some new winter jammies! But I have this frustration with pj pants going halfway or all the way up my leg when i sleep (i move a lot!) Help me find some cute PJ's?

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Have you ever studied abroad?
Where did you go?
What did you do?
How much did it cost?
Will you tell me all about it?

And does Activia actually work?
I get stomach aches on a daily basis and I'm thinking it's because I'm not .. regular, I guess. Would Activia really fix that?

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You're given a 1st class return ticket to any country you wish.

Where do you choose to visit?

What would you pack?

What activities would you like to do there?

Will you post a pic of you on a holiday?
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