November 11th, 2008

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i have the dum and don't understand the complex US public transportation, can anyone tell me the easiest/cheapest/quickest way to get from Newark, NJ to Manhattan?
- I just can't figure out if NJ transit -> NYC transit is better, or if PATH will be better, or if I'm missing something else.

also - what was the first major trip you ever went on? was it what you expected?

what's your favourite foreign (to wherever you are) destination?
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I have a radio show tomorrow. I can play more or less anything I want to.

Will you suggest some songs?

If you have, like, any themed playlists of some kind that would be awesome, too. I love themes.

ETA: Since tomorrow is 11/11, what about songs that have to do with...repetition? Numbers? Wishes?
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1) Is anyone else watching Leno, with Martha Stewart on, and being incredibly creeped out by how sexual she is?


2) Have you ever used Peapod grocery delivery, and if so, did you tip the driver/deliver..erer? er?

I just got my first delivery - very awesome. And I tipped him a couple bucks because I was sort of caught off guard by the tip line on the sheet I had to sign, and didn't want to look like a dick. But really? I didn't even have him bring the groceries up - just leave them inside the door.

3) Erectile dysfunction - do we have enough pills for it yet?

No, there should be Bob the Builder chewable ED tabs.

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What are your thoughts about body hair on men? Love it? Hate it? Love it only in certain places?

My general preference is that the less the better. Recently I started seeing this guy who has a lot of hair and I feel slightly squicked (hairy butt = not attractive). I'm trying to get over it and I probably will because he's an awesome guy, but just wondering if there's anybody in the same boat as I am.

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For those of you living in time zones where it's the middle of the night currently, why are you still awake?

Other than reading TQC, what are you doing right now?

I'm awake because I have a fever and I don't feel good. So I'm mindlessly using Stumbledupon and refreshing my email every 5 seconds.
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I just scared myself by looking at crime scene photos from the Ted Bundy murders (1978) that happened at the Chi Omega house a few blocks from my apartment...

I just locked all the doors and turned on happy music, but I'm still freaking out a bit. I know it's totally dumb, but will you show me some funny videos/pictures to unscare me?
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Does anyone know on the top of their head how many words a novel of, let's say, 400 pages contains?
I was trying to compare the length of published novels and fanfiction out there (which I sometimes see has 500,000+ words). So I could figure out how many books I could have read instead of fanfiction, heh. *is pathetic*

PS. I saw a fic series that had 3,000,000 words. I'm not kidding. It boggles my mind. :O

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I'm studying abroad in Sydney next semester (from Feb-June), and I'll also have the opportunity to travel around a bit after classes are over.  What things should I absolutely not miss while I'm over there?

When was the last time you rearranged your bedroom?  Why did you do it?

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Do you make a habit of telling your sexual partners they are the best even if they aren't?

If a someone is really horrible do you try to correct the problem? or just keep quiet?

Who do you think is more likely to be honest in regards to sexual matters? Guys or girls?
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What song are you feeling right now? Why that song?

I'm totally feeling That Great Love Sound by The Raveonettes right now. Mostly the 'you walk all over me' part. I'm feeling walked all over by my schoolwork/situation right now.

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does anyone else ever come up with stupid questions just so people will reply and then you can talk to someone? i keep doing this and i feel really lame. : (

eta: if you have cats, do they ever sleep on your arms while you're on your computer? mine is right now and my left hand is having issues reaching some of the top row of keys. >: |
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What is the last hilarious thing that happened to you?

I woke up in the night to use the bathroom, and walked in to find my cat drinking out of the toilet. I must have startled him, because he fell in.
I laughed and laughed and laughed because it was the funniest thing to watch him jump out and take off running through the house, although, I am kind of grossed out he was drinkin' out of the toilet. I will be making sure to keep the lid down from now on.

Worst part is: His water dish was FULL lmao
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Were you ever a victim or a hiring prejudice? I'm talking not only about "we don't hire people of you race/believe" but also "it us a job for a man/woman what are you doing here" or even "you are blond, are you really smart enough for this".

How did it work out in the end?

I run into this once. When looking for a job as a programmer I waited for several days for my final interview in a big company. On the day of my interview a guy walked in ahead of me. We talked a bit while we waited and he had less experience that I did and was younger. He got the job. When I asked "why", I was told that it wasn't a girls job and they wanted someone real.

It hurt then but now I'm not really upset. If I got that job I would have missed out my current one. It is closer to my home, better payed and they have nothing against girls there.
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No matter what time I wake up, and seriously, this can be any time between 5:30 AM and 7:30 AM on weekdays, just as I'm getting ready to brush my teeth and do makeup, my roommate must sense it and get up to take a 45 minute shower before I have a chance to fight for my bathroom time.

Will you tell me about bathroom wars you've had with roommates?

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has anyone been fortunate enough to see "angus, thongs and perfect snogging", the movie?

i'm dying to see it, but the website says that it's still to be determined when it'll be released in the US. has anyone found it somewhere on the internet? halp!
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TQC, my first classes of the day have been canceled. Woe. And now I am left with a predicament.

I'm hungry, but I hate the food they serve here on campus. I've given thought to driving to one of the nearby fast-food joints (basically a Taco Bell, Burger King, Steak N' Shake, McDonald's, Subway, and a few coffee places) or the grocery store to get food, but I have a great parking spot. By eight-thirty in the morning, the parking lot is filled. If I leave and get food, I'm guaranteed a shitty spot when I get back. I'd walk (it's about fifteen minutes to the nearest place by foot) but it's cold and I am a wuss.

Should I go out and get food, and just deal with a shitty parking spot when I get back, or just stick it out here at the college and surf the web and be lazy?

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~ For those who play electronic games do you play with sound on or off?

|| Even though it is the most convenient thing since sliced bread do you sometimes resent your cell phone?

::: Are embroidered men's shirts sexy? What about pink or yellow on men? Why do some people gawk when men wear bright colors, or god forbid, flowers?

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goddammit, tqc, has made their download page look like our profile pages. i am irritated at this turn of events.

if you don't play the sims or just don't care, how do you get cigarette smell out of clothes? i was at my ex's house for about 12 hours yesterday, and i REEK of cigarette smoke, despite changing almost all my clothes and washing my hair. wtf.

if you don't play sims OR have to deal with smokers, what should i eat for breakfast? i am not opposed to dinner-like foods.

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Sorry for close together posts but will you post your favorite, or a made up on the fly, haiku?

5 syllables first line, 7 syllables second line, 5 syllables last line. There are other rules but who cares?

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erik rose

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According to this post next to none of you guys would date a statutory rapist.  You do realize that in many places an 18-year-old having consensual sex with a 17-year-old is considered statutory rape, don't you?  Would you reconsider your answer?

What is the age of consent where you live? 
(I think we have a sliding scale -- once you're 16, you can consent to sex with anyone who's 18 or under, and once you're 19, you can only have sex with people 18 or older.)

What was the biggest age gap you ever had in a relationship?
(He was four years older but I was 18 so they were an important four years.)

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those of you who like drinking/partying, could you be in a relationship with someone who doesn't?

those of you who don't like drinking/partying, could you be in a relationship with someone who does?

(no subject)

1. What do you do for a living?

2. On average, how many hours do you work per week?

3. How much money do you make annually (EDIT: or hourly)?

4. Would you say you work hard for the money?
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What is the last outrageous thing you heard?

I just found out that at the high school I went to, grade 12 English classes are reading "Murmel, Murmel, Murmel" by Robert Munsch for their short story unit. WHAT?
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TQC, I just found out that my maternal grandfather and my great uncle both died - the first today, the latter yesterday. I wasn't insanely close to either of them, but we were close enough to where it's hurt me just a wee bit. I got out of my 9:30 class because I got the call in the middle of it and went back into the room crying, but I can't skip my 11 o'clock or 2 o'clock, nor can I skip the social engagements I have at 6 o'clock and 7:30.

What can I do to make myself feel level-headed enough to face the world today and put a smile on my face? I feel like a train wreck. :(
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1) Assuming it's all ingredients you like, how willing are you to experiment with combining different foods together? What has your best creation been?

2) I have a permanent account - is there a way to turn off the navigation bar when I'm viewing journals and communities? I hate the bloody thing.


Is there anything you collect?

If you're willing and able, will you post a picture of your collection?

How long have you been collecting?

If you're at work, will you come back to this post and show us later because I really want to see?  =]

power to the peaceful

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Do you use substances to numb out when you're depressed? If yes, which substances?

What is the last live performance you saw? When did you see it? Who did you go with?

What little thing are you proud of?

How are ya feeling?

Pandora is the shit, y/y?

My answers in comments
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Inspired by a conversation I had with the boy a couple of nights ago:

What would you do if your SO's best friend hit on you? Would you tell your SO? How?

(yes, I realize the right answer is to tell the SO, but could you?)
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Is junk food getting gross, or am I just getting old?
I had Spaghetti-O's the other day and they were nasty. I bought some Ho-ho's this morning and they were pretty damn gross themselves.

Are foods tasting different to you as you get older?
Is there anything you loved that you can't stand anymore?
Is there anything you hated that is now one of your favorites?
What is something strange that an acquaintance eats that makes you ill?
My sister still eats dill pickle and peanut butter sammiches

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TQC~ Borders is having a 40% off sale on all of its CDs today, and I'm going go try to go later on. What CDs should I buy? I'm thinking of trying to get into Sigur Ros, or just anything that's new and sightly different. I like everything except hip-hop or rap, and I adore classical crossover. Any suggestions?
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what is cute to you

"Cuter than a..."

How do you finish this phrase? I usually say "cuter than a bug's ear" or "cuter than a frostbitten kitten".

Edit: reason why - i am making a "cuteness scale" to send to my friend, all the things she is cuter than. so if you can think of anything creative to add to the list, even if you don't use the phrase, please add stuff!


a) In my notes, it says that a period should follow the book title I am referencing. If the book title ends in a question mark, the period goes after that... right? It just looks odd.

b) What would be on your under-$50 Xmas wishlist? I'm trying to make a list and all I'm coming up with are books.
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Ideas for farewell gift, please

An old co-worker is leaving our work because of his age. We are having a farewell party and giving him a gift. Problem is we are out of the ideas after 10 years of his birthdays. Anything we can think of him we already did.

Would you through some ideas to me? He worked as a programmer, he is a good poet and he smokes a lot. We thought of buying him a good pipe, but well smoking is bad for health so some were against it.
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are there any other sites like this? i really like that site but they don't update enough haha. or, where do you get inspiration for cute outfits to put together? i want to start putting more effort into what i wear but i need ideas!

if you don't care about that, what have you done so far today? what were you planning to do, if that's different?

(no subject)

Your boss's wife is having a baby this coming December, and a bunch of people in your office want to pitch in on a gift. He's not the sort of guy you would really see cheerily hauling home a giant diaper-cake, so what else could you get for him and his wife?

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What are some fun bands I should play while at work today? I can play anything without excessive swearing (mild swearing is ok) and no explicitly sexual content. I like everything except rap music, but even then I'd enjoy silly rap.

Are you able to control the music at your job?

What is the worst band / genre of music you've had to listen to at a job?
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My First Question...

I am new here but I've got a question I was hoping you all could help me with...

I was just curious: have you ever been in a situation where you know you care about someone deeply but the reality is you know you could never be with them in the truest sense of what a relationship entails? And if you can't be with them, does it make your feelings more intense for that person or at some point does it begin to fade?

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

Warmest regards,


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1.) When it comes to music, why do you suppose so many people "love everything except rap & country"?
2.) Is there an entire genre that you dislike as a whole?
3.) Why the fuck are there so many subgenres of metal & electronic music? Its all clicks & whistles.

Names & Cookies

1 Do you have nicknames for your pets? What are the actual names and nicknames?

2 Do you ever use your SO's name when talking to them your SO?

3 What shape of cookie is your favourite? Big, small, round, square, heart, fat, flat?


1 Coby: Boo, Princess: Princesse, Bonnette: Bon bon, Monica: Money, Shyloh: Shy, Lacey: Lazyface/Lazypants/Lazybones/Laceface.
2 Only when I'm being really fuckin' srs and want him to know.

3 Flat heart!

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I have an interview for a grad program on Thursday. Do you have any advice for me? How do I convince them that they should admit me? Conversely, what should I not do?

Also, what's your favorite type of apple?
Halloween 2

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1)How often do you do pube maintenance?
2)Do you use an electric razor, regular old daisy/gilette disposable, waxing, depilatory cream, or something else?
3)Do you ever have problems with razor burn?
4)Where will you or where did you travel for Thanksgiving? How far was it from where you live?
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Military Question

I'm doing NaNoWriMo. I'm writing about a guy in the army for the country he's in. It's a fantasy setting, so it's not a specific army or anything (in fact they fight with magical animals, but I digress).

I was wondering what people in military service do during the days in a time of peace. Or, even better, what do soldiers do in a time for peace but war is on the horizon (i.e. it's pretty much 100% likely that the country will declare war tomorrow)? What training happens? Or are they just allowed to do anything and just go work out all day or something? I'm not sure. TIA :3

Also, if you don't care about the military, I have a red dry erase marker, I have class in 8 minutes (12PM EST) in a room with a chalkboard. What should I do with it (the marker, not the chalkboard)?
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Keeping Friends

Yeah more opinion based research. A friend and I have been discussing this sort of thing a lot lately and I said that I'd ask other people for their opinions.

In your opinion, how do you go about making new friends? What sorts of things make people appealing as a friend, for example. What do you personally do to make new friends?

And, once you have friends, no matter how long or short term, how do you go about keeping them? My other post about good friends.

(no subject)

TQC, tonight, as per my French class syllabus, my attendance is required at a cocktail party, during which I have to speak to 5 people for 10 minutes each in French. I'm only taking French 2, I am going by myself and I don't know anyone, and I hate parties.

How awkward will this be?

Also, the syllabus says "appropriate attire required - NO JEANS!" Should I wear a black dress and heels, or a pencil skirt, cardigan and flats?
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(no subject)

Who has seen Repo! The Genetic Opera yet? What did you think of it?

I want to see it, but I have heard horrible things about it, and if I DO go see it, I have to go to LA from San Diego.

(no subject)

A while back in a non-fiction post, someone recommended An Underground Education -- I read it and it was fucking fantastic. I just StumbledUpon 50 Facts that Should Change the World and plan to get it out after work because it looks awesome. In a similar but more narrowly focused vein, I got around to reading Spook: Science Tackles The Afterlife and Steal This Book and enjoyed those too.

Anyone got more good recommendations for these sorts of books? Collections of interesting facts/tips/etc?

(no subject)

Have you or anyone you know ever had a job as a 'mystery shopper'? What where their thoughts on the job?

There are a few posts on my college's job message board desperate for mystery shoppers but I'm debating whether or not to email them about it. I live in Richmond, Va so I assume most will be in the area of the college. I have a bike, no car, to get to these places but I do need money...
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Whenever I'm somewhere loud and someone asks me what my name is they think I'm saying "Joe" instead of "Joan" I usually have to tell them 3 or 4 times and it makes me feel like an idiot. Since I will probably never see these people again I think I'm just going to start making up names.

What are some girl names that would be harder to mishear, and are not so old-womanly?

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My boyfriend has Seasonal Affective Disorder so when it gets dark and gross in the winter he ends up getting depressed and stuff. Does anyone here have s.a.d? Is there anything I could do to help him?

If this doesnt apply to you/you don't care, what is your favourite colour of nailpolish? (either to wear yourself or to see on others)
tasty burger

is this kosher?

I'm planning a barbecue, and I've already bought pork ribs and sausage. I just remembered that some of the people coming over are Jewish. I have some Kosher salt. Can I just sprinkle that on the pork and make it okay? I mean, it should work like holy water or something, right?

Help me, TQC! I don't want to be responsible for somebody going to hell.

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How do I tell a friend that I just don't have the time or energy to be social with them?  I like him, and we have fun when we do stuff, but I'm just not the person who can maintain multiple relationships.  I'm already stretched to the limit with a boyfriend, a best friend who is half a country away, and a large family.  I'm not used to having the SO and the best friend being different people, and I just moved back to live with my family after not seeing them for 20 years.

I like the guy, and wouldn't mind emails and occasional outings.  I just can't do this weekly get together thing.  I've declined the invitation for a month straight now, and I feel bad, so I'm going to see him today. But I'd really rather go home and have a quiet evening.  How do I tell him that I just can't handle having this many friends, without really losing him as a friend?

Some people are natural loners.  I feel exhausted if I have to keep up with more than 2 or 3 people.

(no subject)

(no subject)

If you are dating someone and it's gotten to the point where you two are always at the other's place almost everyday, is it assumed that you two hang out everyday unless someone states otherwise? I'm just wondering because my boyfriend got pissy that I didn't come over, and we had to sit down and talk about it. Apparently the rule is that we're hanging out everyday, unless I call him and tell him that I'm not coming over.

(no subject)

This is probably a very strange question, but how long does it take for a college to get back to a student after applying? I've finished applying to a bunch, and I'm getting anxious.

Where did you go to college, and what was it's mascot?

This question is morbid and hypothetical

My family and I are not good at dealing with deaths. I have no outward reaction (I am really bad at sympathy, but I do try) and my mother tends to scream at me for not loving the person who died so why should I care anyway.

In the past year my family has basically fallen apart and half of us don't talk to each other anymore. I was wondering what would happen if one of them died.

How do you react when you hear of an estranged relative's death from another relative of theirs who may or may not also be estranged to them? I guess "I'm sorry" or "that's too bad". But if I said one of those I would probably get an earful for not being sincere.
Mitty box

Polls are fun!

Batman or Superman?


Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?


Dean Koontz or Stephen King?


Pizza or Pasta?


Kittens or Puppies?


Cake or Death?

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hey guys!! ok so I have a delima. kcweezkid will be in my area for thanksgiving, I haven't seen him since we graduated college 2 years ago and i really want to see him, but he has a girlfriend who is quite jealous and doesn't even like us talking. What can he tell her so that she will go with him to a bar or something so I can see him?

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I want to attach a bunch of patches (like band patches) to the back fabric panel of my wheelchair. The material is this water resistant black fabric, it kind of feels like a windbreaker. I think it'd be cool to cover it with the soft half of velcro and then attach a couple squares of the scratchy velcro to the actual patches. That way, if I get more patches in the future or I decide I don't like how they are arranged, it's really easy to change. My dilemma is that I'd rather not attach the soft velcro directly to the wheelchair back (it's really hard to detach the velcro because the adhesive works so well), so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how I could make a removable cover for the back panel that I could attach the velcro to? I know this isn't a craft community, but I figured there were enough people here that someone might have some ideas. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it.

(no subject)

This has been asked millions of times before but I am going to ask it anyway because I finally went into my parents attic and found a few pictures of my own.

So, will you please share a few pictures of you growing up?

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music help.

my mom has given me a tough challenge and i need some help. i have to find a few mellow songs that are about compassion (and that could even maybe talk about a key in them somewhere... but i doubt that's possible) for a promotion for her business. the best idea she's come up with so far was "bridge over troubled waters". /puke

does anyone have some suggestions for GOOD songs?
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(no subject)

Do you prefer mayo or Miracle Whip?  Or would you just rather scrape off your taste buds with a razor blade?

What, if any, distinction do you make between jelly and jam?

When you were smallish, did you ever read the Goosebumps book The Horror at Camp Jellyjam?  Where you able to eat jelly or jam for any amount of time afterward?
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(no subject)

I won a sweepstakes and received a $200 amazon gift card.

1. Should I spend it all on myself or use it to buy Christmas presents?
2. What kinds of things should I buy? I don't really know what Amazon is good for aside from books. Their clothing sections seem to suck though.


I have just had to cancel a date as money i was expecting today has not gone into my bank account. me and the gentleman in question have arranged to meet 5 times and each time SOMETHING comes up and one of us has to cancel.

why are the Gods of Fate so against us meeting up? srs and nonsrs answers welcome.
Ruth Etting
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(no subject)

My boyfriend and I own a house. We live in it, and we also rent it out. To a bunch of people. One of whom, B, is very awkward and boring and racist and convinced that the gays are stealing his rights. ANYWAY. Yesterday we had a minor conflict between him and some other roommates regarding shared spaces, (the girls on the main floor basically don't want him using their bathroom, he wants to keep using their bathroom.) My boyfriend mostly mediated the conflict and I just said a couple of things. B got more angry than I have ever seen him and then stormed off and wrote my boyfriend an email saying he was totally pissed, he was being discriminated against, and that I should stay out of it because it's not my place.

Naturally, there is absolutely no reason my boyfriend had any more right to have a say in the matter than I do. We're equal owners of this house. He was pretty pissed actually, that B was being so dismissive and not respecting my authority.

So, TQC, what can I do to make this guy feel like an asshole? My first thought was that I should take over rent collection, so he has to feel like a loser when he hands over his rent money to a lowly girl who is ten years younger than him. And then I realized he paid in advance (scholarships) and he's not due again until February.


(no subject)

alright. for some reason, i am a total internet moron when it comes to chacha.

over the summer, i did the training and started testing to be a guide, but gave up after a little bit. is it just me, or does the whole shebang seem like a ton of information and terms that are almost unnecessary to know?

anyhow, now i'd like to be an expeditor, and i'm kind of lost. do i have to a readiness test for this, also? if so, will i get an email or something to let me know that i've passed and now can start makin dollaz?

also, i sort of hate when they send me questions that i have to answer, like a general chacha worker. is there any way for that not to happen without getting in trouble for rejecting or passing a question?

why does this chacha business read like a manual of how to assemble a car? it's so complicated!

(no subject)

could you help me get out of a crisis?

i have to write an article and my draft is due tomorrow. it completely slipped my mind. we have to base it on averages through surveys, and my procrastination started at that point. if you are ages 18 - 23, it would help me a lot if you could fill this out.

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if you're not 18 - 23 or you just don't care, then what was the last hole you dug for yourself?

All the nude that's fit to print

Say you were going to Las Vegas, and you were checking hotel prices, and you came across a nudist hotel, which was asking for a third of what all the other hotels were asking. The rule was you couldn't wear clothes in the lobby or any other common area. Those in violation of this one rule were asked to leave. The hotel itself is close to the strip and your room would come with a hot tub. Would you stay there?


Say you were looking for a job, and the best job offer you could find was in a nudist colony, doing the type of work you're best at. For some reason, they're willing to pay the most. You'd get an office and everything. However, no clothes are allowed and you'd spend all day in the buff, dealing with others in the buff. The second best offer you could find would pay $100 less per month than the nudist gig. Would you take this job?


Your best friend is getting married and you've been picked as bridesmaid/best man. It's an exciting time. Except, your best friend really really wants a nude wedding, where everybody's naked. Would you still agree to be in the ceremony?

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(no subject)


What thing helped you through a hard day/ through sad times that you didnt think would help you go on?

Today I saw my ex-bf and he waved with a sad smile (just like I did). That helped me feel better today after I unwillingly ran into him 3 times today (I really dont and didnt wanna see him!).

Also: Did you like the movie Maria Antoinette from Sophia Coppola?
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(no subject)

What are you allergic to? What happens when you're exposed to it? Does it take large doses to trigger a reaction, or will tiny amounts set you off? What do you do to manage not getting a reaction in the first place? What do you do when you do have a reaction?

Aerobics, yoga, or pilates?

I've been pretty stationary for a while and I want to do something about it. I'm a healthy weight but I could stand to tone up.

So I'm going to enroll in college this Spring and they offer aerobics, yoga, and pilates.
Which one should I take that would help me tone up better?
They all seem pretty good to me but I've already chosen the other classes I'm going to take so I only have room for one more.
Octopus singing

In need of a little advice please?

What would you do in my situation?

A forum I am a frequent member on is going to an expo this weekend that just happens to be 20 minutes from me. We've all been talking about a meetup, a lunch at the hotel or something. So I suggested to make a dinner and drinks at my place to save money on lunches. Though, now we hit a few snags. Expo is Saturday 10am to 8:30pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm. I wouldn't mind doing a dinner Sat night, but I will be leaving the expo at 8:30pm and dinner would be at 9pm. I don't mind it, but I don't want anyone staying past midnight as I will be getting up early to go to the expo again on Sunday (most only come for Saturday, so they might be willing to hang out later.) I also don't know if this is too late? Sunday dinner is out of the question as most will be driving home then. Lunches are also out of the question as most don't want to leave the hotel/expo because of the speakers coming.

What would you do? I don't want to hold the dinner & drinks if less than 5 people come (it's supposed to be around 30 of us) I think it would be a waste of money for food, but do you think more would come if its at 9pm? I don't want people here till the wee hours of the morning. I don't want to disappoint everyone and say I'm canceling. I could leave the expo at 5:30pm and start dinner then and have everyone come and go as they please, but then I would miss out on the part I want to see most at 7pm. I could do something Sunday, but I doubt as many would come as everyone will drive back home.

I have no idea. lol. Ideas, suggestions, help please?

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Every time I read anything that has a Sarah Palin quote in it, whether it's an article or an interview or whatever, I hear her speaking the quotes in my head in Tina Fey's Sarah Palin voice.

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A few days ago I was walking through a local college campus. I heard an odd bird-ish sound in the trees above me so I looked up and saw a neon green bird just a few feet away.

It was the size/shape of a sparrow and one solid color, like a canary... except really, really green. Like radioactive tennis ball green.

I would like to know what type of bird it was but I can't find anything on Google. I know I wasn't hallucinating or something because a guy who was standing nearby saw it too and he was like "What the hell???"

1. What the hell?

2. Have you ever seen something *~unexplainable~*? What was it?

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How well do you accept compliments or gifts?

I'm terrible at it. My friend just called to tell me he bought me a present and will be coming to my office to give it to me tomorrow and I'm already a little panicky.

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What are some of your favorite documentaries and what are they about? Can you post a link to the trailer?

One of mine is A State of Mind. It's a done by these guys who go into North Korea and follow the lives of some young girls preparing for the Mass Games. It gives you a rare look into the culture of North Korea. It was really interesting and has given me a different perspective to view North Koreans by.

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ETA: I also really enjoy Paper Clips.

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What do you think of the New Unsolved Mysteries? Do you like Dennis Farina as a host? If not, who should host?

who do you think is going home on The Biggest Loser tonight? What about DWTS?

If you don't care....what kind of food do you order when you go to Denny's?

If you still don't care: What do you think of those voice distortion tools they use on TV?
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1. Does anyone have any experience with sun lamps? Especially for skin issues/SAD/I just like sun? Shed some light on this for me (lolpun).

2. Would you have a problem with this scenario: You share an apartment with a roommate, who is also a 20 year old female (pretend okay.) You guys are really good friends and it's an ideal roommate situation. However, she has a boyfriend that comes over most nights/every night. He is quiet and respectful and doesn't use our utilities or eat our food. He is also a good friend of yours. Would this piss you off? Because this is happening to me and I feel like I should be pissed off on principle.
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My best friend and I have been having a shitty week. We're at extreme ends with each other and our friendship is starting to fall apart. To top it off, I spilled an entire latte on his new phone last night. I want to surprise him with something that will hopefully make him laugh and make an ice breaker so we can talk about our issues without darn near killing each other. I'm just lost as to what I should do. Any ideas?
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My friends and I are going into the city tomorrow after school to go "shopping".

What are some things I should buy for my selfish self stare longingly at because I have no money?

Should I just say no, do not wear matching hoodies (class of '08, with different words on the back of the hoodie) and go home to study?

What should I have for lunch tomorrow?

What is your weakness?
Where do you work? (supermarket, cafe, themepark or if you like, Wal-mart, Starbucks, Disney lol sorry, I'm lame and don't know any other American places.)
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TQC, I need to calm down. I've been writing all day, and still have 2 essays to write for internships, and add at least 5-7 pages to an old paper by tomorrow. I finished a first draft of a statement of purpose for grad school and I still absolutely hate it and do NOT want to give it to my profs tomorrow. That was at like 3pm. How should I calm myself down so I can finish the other three things I need to write, and revise my statement?

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if you could name Janitor, what name would you choose?

if you don't know what i'm talking about, what's the last thing you seriously misread?

the other day i was in the grocery store and i read a tabloid that i thought said "Patrick Swayze Eaten by Polar Bears" or something. i forget what it really said.
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What are some things that make a woman look like a mom?

Besides mom jeans and carrying around babies.

What are some things that make a man look like a dad?

Besides dad jeans and carrying around babies.

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This might possibly get a little tealdear. I'm angry.

So, back story. I've got a deformity(please don't ask what...). I've talked to my insurance company and since it is cosmetic surgery but its to FIX something that I was cursed born with theres a good chance I can get it covered if I just jump through a few of their hoops. It commonly is covered if your insurance policy is worth the paper its printed on. Anyway, I made my appointment with a surgeon and I talked to their office. They were super helpful...until I revealed I wasn't going to pay out of pocket. I asked if they would be willing to help me get this covered(which basically consisted of the doctor writing a note for me to send in to the insurance company saying "blah blah blah she has this its legit blah. lets do surgery". They then started treating me like a piece of shit charity case unworthy of their scalpels.

So when I finally get it done and -gasp- GET IT COVERED should I call this office back and rub it in their face and call them on their shit? I want to. I want to bad.
Or you know..take the high road and write them off as jerks.
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Okay guys, I think it is about time I started using something other than just soap & water to wash my face, do you have any suggestions for face washes? I've noticed my skin feels kinda dry but I've also been getting more pimples (which is the main reason I think I need something better to wash my face).

Do you use bodywash or bar of soap?

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What is something in the world you have absolutely no objection to?

I love worms (the garden type, not the living-in-your-intestines type). They just aren't doing anything wrong in the world, and they make they eat dirt and poo out nutritious dirt. That's just awesome.
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I often sleep in the t-shirt I wore that day (and just change into comfy bottoms.)

My friend often sleeps in a clean t-shirt and then wears it into the next day.

Do you do either of these?
Do you think either habit is weird or gross?
Does the grossness level change for girls vs. boys?

Do you shower at night or in the morning?
If you shower at night to relax, would you still shower in the morning for freshness?