November 10th, 2008

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If you are currently in a relationship and you were given the chance to give up your current Husband/Wife, Boyfriend/Girlfriend for the chance to have a long meaningfull relationship with literally anyone in the entire world. I am talking celeb, sports star or just someone you thought you never had a chance with. Would you give up your current? or would you stay with them?

If so who would that be?
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Is it dead? Has it won?

Why do you say so?

I just got in from work, and I'm studying for a looming exam, loitering on the internet, and eating tic-toc cookies. What're you up to at the moment?

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Are you a stay-at-home parent or do you work outside the house?

Parents and those who think they may want kids someday:
Would you rather be a stay-at home parent or work outside the house? Why?

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I have been a stay-at-home Mom for the past 2 years. Tomorrow I am starting classes for this one job so I can get a new car. Fuck bills, I want a new car.

Anyway, like I said, SAHM... I'm going to miss my child. :(
Do you have any tips on how I can keep my mind off of him while I'm in school? I feel like I'm going to be that 5 year old Kindergartner who goes to the office crying so she can go home to see her mom.

Wah Wah Wah.
Also, what should I pack in my lunches?
I always eat out when I'm away from home, but $4 a day at McDonalds isn't in the budget nor my arteries.
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Questions about LOTR

I've seen the Lord of the Rings movies but not read the books, so I have a few questions about The Return of the King that aren't answered in the movies:

If all servants of Mordor speak in the Black Speech, how did Samwise understand Frodo's captors when they said the huge spider hadn't killed him?

When Aragorn knocks on the Black Gate, a rider comes out with Frodo's mithril coil to prove to them Frodo is dead. However, the orcs that brought Frodo in and everyone who witnessed anything were dead. How did they know it belonged to Frodo? And how did Sauron learn that Frodo was coming? And if Sauron knew Frodo was inside Mordor, why did he divert his armies?

The leader of the armies that attack Minas Tirith laughs that this will be an end to the Race of Men. Yet coming by corsairs are pirates and riding the oliphants are Turkish-looking dudes. Aren't these people not men? If so, then why would they be on board with destroying the race of Men? And how could you claim to be destroying the race of Men when your own army has them?

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1. How old do you think is too old for multiples to dress alike (barring things like portraits, Christmas cards, etc)? I knew sophomores in high school who dressed alike down to the charm bracelet on the left ankle. I wondered how much money and time they wasted to look the same everyday.

2. Who here lives in or near Boston, Philadelphia, or NYC? What are the pros and cons, in your opinion, of living in or near your city (and please specify whether you live in or near said city).

3. This is probably a long shot, but anyone here a speech-language pathologist. How do you enjoy your job?
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Do you do brunch in other countries or is it just an American thing?

I fucking love brunch. Eating breakfast at noon, friends, curing hangovers, bloody marys, lazy sundays. Is there anything better than brunch? I go out to brunch every sunday with the same group of friends, give or take a few. It is the highlight of my week.

Do you have any regular get togethers with friends? What are they?

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TQC! If you were coming home from a place you hated after six months, what would you most like to do/see/have/whatever? I have a friend coming home around the New Year and I'm trying to get a head start on a huge welcome home.
Also, best cure for homesickness? She'll be missing her family, I know.

tres questions

1. okay so i am 53 kilograms (116 pounds maybe?) and 168cm (5 foot 7? something like that?) and a lot of people are like oh my gosh wow you're going to die that's the worst, but then others, like my parents, are like hmm you should lose a few. so, if you can be bothered to consider, which club of observers would you join? i'm a member of the 'i'm not unhealthy or broken, everyone leave me alone, watch me eat this brownie, screw you all' club.
2. if you've ever tasted a raindrop, how would you describe the taste? different to normal water? gross? delicious?
3. working full time as a check out person at a supermarket would be terrible.. achey feet/back, boring, etc..agree/disagree?
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I'm thinking of being an RA next year at my university. I get 1/2 off housing, my own room and bathroom, $500 a semester in Flex bucks, 10% off text books, and I get paid $560 a month. Has anyone done it here or know anyone who has?

What was your best roommate/housing situation after you moved out of your parents' house?

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What kind of pets do you have?

Hamster/guinea pig
I don't have any pets

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if you receive a gift that you do not like, do you pretend to like it, or tell the giver that you don't?

if the gift is from someone that you particularly care about, would you be more apt to pretend that you like it, or to tell them you don't?

if you gave a gift that the recipient didn't like, would you be offended if they told you so?

eta: my answers in case people give a shit:

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So I went to NYC for my 21st birthday in September with one friend after my best friend ditched me to go to Chi-town with her boyfriend a month later. At the time of the NYC trip she didn't have money, but a week after it her Financial Aid refund came in which allowed her to go with her boyfriend. I was pretty annoyed about the situation for sometime but we are over it now.

The friend I went with now wants to go back to NYC in February. He wants to see snow and wants me to go. He also wants to take another friend.

January is when I need to reinstate my car insurance and my parents want me to get my own plan this year. January will also be my mothers 50th birthday and I would like to get her a nice gift.

I am also hopefully getting a promotion after Black Friday ( I work in retail.)

After all of these factors:

1. Should I be responsible and possibly not go. Pay everything I owe off, and not stress about anything like planning a trip or worrying about shopping for winter clothes?

2. Or should I say "what the hell, you only live once" and go for 4/5 days, possibly see some snow again, and make up for what I didn't see the last time I went?

3. If I do go, should I invite the best friend that bailed out on me last time? Risk hearing an excuse or worse, have her be pumped about it and then let down at the end again? Or maybe she'll actually go this time? How should I go about telling her about the trip?

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how irritating is it when people ask you to hang out or something and then change their minds after you agree?

one of my friends just texted me to see if i'd be down with a threesome and his girlfriend, and after i started really considering it, he started talking about how he doesn't see how adding another person could make the sex any better. wtf? what straight male says no to a threesome?

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I've been casually dating this guy, J, for a few weeks now. he's pretty amazing, and we both agree that pretty soon we're going to take it to the next level (exclusive, you're my gf/bf type of deal). while we were casually dating, I slept with a guy he knows from high school, named R. J knows that I hung out with R but doesn't know we had sex. J thinks that R is a complete tool/asshat/douchebag. he would probably be really disgusted and think negatively of me to know that I slept with R so recently.

tl;dr. Would you tell him that you slept with the guy? Even if he asked, would you lie? Did you know that I didn't try to make that rhyme?

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Christmas shopping question for all of you-- I need some help buying a gift for a baby. What sort of things are appropriate for a kid around one? What would a little girl that age like? What did your kid/sibling/whoever like when they were one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm just completely lost and I want to get her something she'll really enjoy and have fun with.
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1) How do you motivate yourself to clean?
2) When you do clean, where do you start?
3) What cleaning supplies do you think everyone should have?

Make Me Happy!
4) I'm leaving for work in a few minutes. Will you post some random pictures, macros, whatever, to fill up my inbox for when I come back?
5) If not, why you such a meanie head?

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Do you ever consider adjusting your life solely to be able to sleep as much as you want in the morning? Right now I feel like I'd gladly work evening shifts in a dark storage house if it meant I could sleep till 10 am.
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There is a good chance I will miss the last train home tonight and I'll have to spend the night in Penn Station. How should I pass the time?

My dad always waits downstairs for me to get home, and then goes to bed when I arrive. Should I tell him before I leave that I might not be back until 6 or 7 AM or should I let this come as a surprise late tonight?

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My school is apparently starting a Quidditch team. I would inquire further, but I'm afraid I might be required to actually play a sport.

Should I inquire further?

If your school started a Quidditch team, would you join?

Quidditch or Calvinball?

EDIT If you could play any position on a Quidditch team, what would you play?

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1:  Will you take a picture of the current weather where you live?  You can take it by looking out the window if you want.  You don't have to go outside.

2:  If you're at work or if you just don't want to, will you describe what you see (clouds, rain, snow, leaves on the ground, sunshine, flowers blooming...)?

3:  Where do you live?

ETA:  4:  What is something you would like to do today?  Are you going to / able to?

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so me and my dog have been asleep on the couch for the last couple hours. she was completely content taking up almost half the side of the couch my feet were on. i got up a few minutes ago to put clothes in the dryer and when i came back she had taken over my side of the couch.

why did she do that? was her side of the couch really just not good enough?

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when is your birthday? FIND YOUR BIRSSSDAY TWIN!

oh, is veteran's day always on november 11? or is it like thanksgiving where it's like whatever thursday/tuesday/monday of the month? thx tqc! :D

who has today off? who has tomorrow off? who is the lucky bastard that has both days off?

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My first class just got out at 9:30, even though it is supposed to go until 10.
My next class just cancelled (the professor also does the class after that, which is right after that. he said only theory, but we're guessing both are cancelled).

The only class I would have today is Chorus, which I have missed before, but know all the music already and pracitce at home a lot.

I feel like crap, as well.

Should I stay or go?

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have any of you used to review ads for money? if so, is it legit? it appears to be, but i want to check it out before i start wasting my time.

if you haven't, do you know of any other sites where you can review ads for money? what about those sites where you can tag pictures? i asked about it here before but i lost the link. :(

if you don't care about either of those, what'd you have for breakfast? if you haven't eaten breakfast yet, what was the last meal that you ate? i just had a bag of raisinets and gatorade. it was delicious.
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What was the last song to make you cry?

I almost never cry, so I surprised myself this morning when Amandine's "New Morning" brought tears to my eyes. I was okay for the first half of it, but when the violin came in I started bawling.

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Will you show me a picture, any picture, one that you took or one you found on the intertubes or whatever, that sums up your life or an aspect of your life at THIS VERY MOMENT?

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Also, I just ate a toasted everything bagel with chive cream cheese, and a banana, and I'm still hongry. Should I eat some yogurt or suck it up, fatty?
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Hypothetical: (Just in case you were all confused, going "What?! But I have to finish this project, I can't have a child right now!")

You are in the process of adopting a baby, it is certain you will get one within the year. You know you are fertile but you would rather feed one of the already hungry mouths in the world than create another one. Then, oops! your contraception method fails and you are pregnant. What do you do? What do you do?

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I am pasting pics from one compose email box to another on AOL...

Every time I paste a pic of a guy, over the name, it leaves a space in between. But every time I post a girl over a name, it does not leave a space. I spaced everything evenly and am doing NOTHING to influence this.

Why is it doing this, TQC?

Non-srs, obviously.

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are there any laws in Wisconsin that would force my landlord to put in a new washer and dryer based on energy efficiency?

i air dry the majority of my clothes but i put my pants and hoodies in the dryer and it's just increasing in how many times i have to run it. not only is it draining my laundry budget but it concerns my ~eco side~ quite a bit.

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So myself and some of the guys at work were remeniscing of the good ol' days of 286/386 computing (and onwards), and the games that went along with it.

What old computer games do you have fond memories of?

My answer: Sam & Max, California Games, Star Wars: Dark Forces/Rebel Assault, Day of the Tentacle, Lemmings, Beneath a Steel Sky.
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Obama mentioned 'gay and straight' in his acceptance speech. I'm not in the US, so I don't quite understand how this would go down and what it indicates. But 1) It's a big thing though, right?

2) What's the best you can expect in the next four years?

3) Worst?

I've heard that if everyone in the US voted the liberal party would nearly always win.

4) Does anyone have a source for this?

5) Would this make you vote?

We have mandatory voting here, which I somewhat don't like because people who don't know what they're going on about are voting. I worry that if we didn't people would sit at home going "it wont make a difference anyway" (my sister does this now because she's an idiot and because she thinks the government is out to get her and will block all attempts to put her on the electoral roll).

6) Have you ever not voted when you cared about the issue?

7) Is there a parallel between the order of star ship captains on star trek and the US president?


TQC, I'm curious as to how you and your household does the cleaning.

Is each person expected to be responsible for their own messes in common areas? (i.e. if you leave shit all over the living room you clean it up, if you cook in the kitchen you clean up after you're done)

Do you take turns cleaning the common areas? (you clean the bathroom one week, you clean the living room another week, you clean the kitchen another week, rotating between roommates/household members)

Something else?

How long do you leave a mess before you clean it up?
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Mental Health!

Have you been diagnosed with a mental disorder (Or something else saying you weren't right in the head)? Which one, if you care to say?

How did you get diagnosed? If it was a therapist, how did you come to start seeing them in the first place?

Have you ever self-diagnosed for anything mental health related? (excluding stuff like OCD or ADD, which everyone is claiming to have these days).

ETA: When do you think it's appropriate to go see a therapist of your own volition (i.e. not being forced by parents/friends/other doctors)

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I am buying my husband an Ipod Touch for his birthday today :)
I know the the 16 GB is obviously better, but the 8GB isn;t too bad is it?

And also, besides Costco type places, is there anywhere that would sell if for a better than somewhere else? (I dont want to order it from the internet, I am getting it today.)

Thanks for the help!

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my friend is describing this computer game to me she played in 1997 or 1998. it was educational, and you went with a frog around the world to discover and learn about animals. does anyone have any idea what i am/she is talking about? :'(

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Are you a good employee? Why?
What's the worst thing you've ever done as an employee?
What kind of employees do you find the most annoying? (ie the whiners or the keeners or the goody-two-shoes)?


Shirley Animated

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TQC, there's this weird add-on on my Firefox, and I can't get rid of it. I don't even know what the hell it is. Should I just uninstall and reinstall Firefox? It doesn't actually do anything, it just sits there and annoys me.

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If you don't give a fuck, please tell me who the "annoying" sleeper is in your relationship. Who hogs the covers? Who snores? Who kicks and punches the other in their sleep? Who sleepwalks?
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Another Gift Question

I know that these get asked a lot around the holidays, but I need help.

I'm from the States but in London for the year and my mom wants to send me presents for Christmas, but I don't know what kinds of things to ask for! I don't want to make her ship huge packages or ask for anything too expensive.

What kinds of gifts should I ask for? I'm at a total loss.
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Inspired by theatercab's question here;

Do your parents ever call your grandparents by the same name you call your grandparents?

Ex. My mom calls my Nana "Nana" instead of "Mom" sometimes when they're talking on the phone.

Do your parents or grandparents ever call each other "Dad"/"Mom"/etc.?

Ex. My grandfather often called my grandmother "Mother" while speaking to her, and she called him "Dad" when doing the same. My parents have never done that.

Does this weird you out like it weirds me out?
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Do you think $54 is really cheap for a used iPod Nano, second Gen, blue, 4GB?
(Backstory, I just sold my ipod for that price and I can't help but feel I did the ebay wrong and set the price too low.)

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- I just found this looking for recipes. "African American Style" cooking? What does that even mean/entail?

2. I'm doing my Responsible Service of Alcohol + Responsible Conduct of Gambling Courses tonight/wednesday night and am wondering if there's any Australians here who've done it and if so, did you find it hard or easy?

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My friend's 14 year old dog died last night, while she was 1500 miles away :( she couldn't be there, and is really upset now, so I want to send her a care package that is kind of doggy related without being heartbreaking. Any suggestions on what to include besides the standard sympathy card and homemade goodies?

Smoothie drinkers of tqc! What is your favorite type of smoothie?

strawberry banana here!
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Husband or Boyfriend watching porn?

What  would you do if your husband was caught watching porn online (while he thought you were sleeping in other room)?  AND then he quickly closed the screen and went onto a game as soon as he saw you coming.  I told him I saw it..... He said "What, what I'm not doing anything"... Then he tried to say it was a pop up type of thing and he was closing it as soon as it came up.... but the site was Ya do I look that stupid and that's what I said to him....

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Dear Doctor LJ.

What I think is probably another sinus infection went haywire yesterday with the headaches and pain. In my experience, at this stage the only thing that helps is a course of antibiotics. I am, however, too broke (until I get paid on Wednesday afternoon) to go see a doctor. The free clinic at uni is booked out nearly ten days ahead, too. I have a monstrous exam on Friday worth 60% of a subject, so rest is not really an option.

Can you think of any temporary relief type stuff I could use so that I can function and study etc over the next few days? What would you do?

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I have decided not to shower today, because I'm sick and achey and I am just going to go take some tests (that I will fail) and then go to bed.

When you're sick, do you neglect things and not give a shit?

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TQC, I felt the onset of a cold and I bought some NyQuil in hopes that it would make me take a brief nap at the most.  It knocked me out for four hours.  I don't even think an earthquake would have woken me up.  I'm still very tired but I don't want to sleep anymore and my body feels like it weighs more than a boulder.

1:  When will this wear off?
2:  Why do they sell this stuff without a prescription?

I guess I should have read the directions.  I'm too tired to find it now.

What was the last thing you took/ate/did that you regret?
kate and I.

How low is too low?

Any salesmen/ car enthusiasts out there? I've got a couple questions for you.

I'm purchasing a car from a dealer (for the first time in my life! all my other cars I found in the newspaper) and I want to make sure when I place my offer that I'm not insulting the hell out of the salesman. How low is too low? Example: the two cars I'm looking at are both '05 Hyundai Sonatas, one is priced at $8995 with 60k miles on it, the other is priced at $9500 with only 15k miles on it. I was thinking at starting my offer at 7500 for both of them... is that too low or could I get away with more? I want to get a deal, not screwed over by an angry salesman that I just pissed off.
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is it normal for girls past the age of 15 or so to be totally obsessed with a band or singer? by totally obsessed i mean camping outside before their concerts, following them around the country and building their identity around the band.

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My cousin's 3rd birthday is coming up and I already have an idea for a gift I'd like to give him. It's a bathrobe/towel thing. It has a hood in the shape of an animal (it can come as a duck, monkey, crocodile, etc.) and a little cape attached which you use for drying off. I think it's adorable but here's my question:

I only see this child a handful of times a year. Based on that, is this too personal a gift? What would you think if you were the kid's parent?

Another question:

Do you know any songs about nature? Could you tell me them/give me a youtube link?
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My fiance won us a trip to Orlando and Daytona Beach in a costume contest on Halloween. We're driving from Ohio along the Atlantic coast to Orlando, staying in the Seralago hotel for about 5 days then driving to Daytona for 2-3 days. After that, we're driving to Tampa so he can see the Buc's stadium, Gainsville so I can see UF then taking 75 through Georgia to stop in Atlanta for the day, go over to Athens, get back to 75, drive up to Tennesee, Kentucky and back into Ohio.

I've already got the trip to Orlando planned. We're getting a park hopper ticket to Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure and the 2 water parks that are associated with those parks. In Atlanta, our only planned event is going to the Ebenezer Baptist Church and seeing MLK's gravesite. Other than that, I have no idea what to do in Daytona since I've only ever been in Orlando before.

Does anyone have any recommendations for what to do/see while we're down there? We're going in late June/early July so I know it'll be hot as balls and I'm prepared for that. How about any stops on the way, either going or coming? We're driving and I've never driven anywhere except Ohio highways and a little of Pennsylvania, so is there any area that I should be aware of as particularly chaotic and just let him drive?

Also, unrelated, but does anyone have a favorite icon community they could recommend to me? I've been looking for some new ones lately but I found that I really don't know where to look. Thanks!

ETA: He was dressed as the Kool-Aid man, for anyone who was wondering
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What to do, what to do?

I'm done with classes for the day, I have no work, my boyfriend and friends are either, working, at school or just unavailable, and I'm sick of sitting on the internet!

Do you have any suggestions for what I should do today?

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1)what do you think about roses in November?

it's odd whenever I see them

2)are you doing NaNoWiMo why or why not?

I'm not because of my lack of an attention span

3)american comics or manga?

MLP - pinkie chicken

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1. What celebrity would you have a "you walk through the door, I rip your clothes off and fuck you immediately" policy with?
2. What celebrity would you have a "you walk through the door, I pour bleach over my eyes and run screaming from the room" policy with?
3. Would you have a threesome with yourself and both of these celebrities knowing that this is the only chance you will ever have to have sex with either one of these people? (ie: If you were to say Anderson Cooper to #1 and Richard Simmons to #2, you'd have to have a threesome with Anderson and Richard, and if you don't, you will never get another opportunity to sleep with either of them again).

Pictures are a bonus.


for those with half-siblings:

obv. inspired by this.

1. when you think of your siblings, do you actually think, "this is my half-brother/sister"?
2. were you raised together or in separate homes?
3. do you feel differently about them in those terms? (as in, is a half-sibling different/lesser than the regular kind?)
4. how do you feel about step-siblings, if you have any?

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1. What was the last weird thing that aroused you?

--The history of the G.I. Joe doll, which said that they added a scar to his face to make him appear "more masculine."

2. Do you find body hair attractive?

--Oh, hell yeah.
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1- If someone were writing a story and made a character based around your personality, would you expect said character to be a hero, villain, or some kind of ambiguous anti-hero that exists solely because he or she is so damn awesome?

2- What's your most recent delicious snack food discovery?

3- If I listen to the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack when I take a nap, am I going to have dreams of being sexually assaulted by a monster with an oddly geometric head?

Jumprope Rhymes

Do you remember these?  Did you sing them?  Will you post the words to one you remember?

I'm thinking of this one, but I can't remember all the verses:

Miss Suzie had a baby, She named him Tiny Tim
She put him in the bathtub, to see if he could swim
He drank up all the water, He ate up all the soap
He tried to eat the bathtub, but it wouldn't go down his throat....

Will you help me remember?

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has it not been a while TQC?

Have you ever imagined an argument with someone you wish you could argue with  but couldnt?

Short of killing someone, what is something violently creative that you would like to do with someone you dont like?

does that make you a psychopath?

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1. So I am fairly positive that I didn't do too hot on an exam I just took, and my second class is cancelled so I game home. I have French at 6:30, but I've had a migraine that won't go away for the past week or so (probably not being helped because the new meds I was given a few weeks ago just give me rebound headaches) and I generally feel like ass. So. Should I stay home and go to sleep early or should I go to my French class and be miserable?

2. Should I eat a pb&j, mac n' cheese, salad (spinach, chopped apple, mandarin orange sections, pecans, feta cheese, red onions, grape tomatoes and raspberry vinaigrette), or cereal?

3. Speaking of pb&j, what is the best flavor of jelly/jam? What kind do you eat on a pb&J?

4. How long have you wasted playing drawmything/other games on

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5. Speaking of drawmything, wanna play with me? :D

*edit for html fail
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1. I lost half a bottle of my medication (a 3 month/120 pill supply.) This medication is a controlled substance, and they have my fill date on record. I've never done this before! What the hell do I do? I'm nervous about asking my doctor who originally prescribed me, because she might think I'm drug-seeking or something :/

2. What would you give a 20 year old female for Christmas?

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i have a lot of chicken stock.

i am not in the mood at all for chicken soup.

what else can i do with it?

the more creative the better.

EDIT: other than rice, potatoes, chicken soup, veggie soup, risotto and couscous.

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My friend wants me to go to the library with her while she finishes a research paper. Since this will obviously be SO fun for me to watch, what book should I get?

Also I don't have a library card can I get a card there and take out a book or will they have to send me the card in the mail?

Bf wants to work away from home..

Hmm quick background story: my bf just joined the marines. He leaves for bootcamp on January 5. And graduates in April. Comes back for about 10 days and takes off for battle school. I dont know for sure how long that is. But he wont return until maybe June.
We are planning to get married around that time next year. We work together and have a 3 month old son.

Now we work together at a resturant. And he has been complaning that he wasnt making enough, which is true cause it pays horribly. So for the past few weeks he wasnt even showing up to work. I was th eonly one working.
Anyways his friend offered him a job in construction. He makes at least 1,000 a week. But since it is out of town he is gone monday thru friday. and will only be here for the weekend.

It took some talking but I finally agreed to let him work for this week.
He left this morning. When we finished talking just 2 hours ago he told me he was going to be there till December 18.
WTF. I dont understand how we agreed to just one week and now he is talking about how no we agreed to 5 weeks.

I am incredibly angry and upset he will be gone this long. Yes I get to see him on weekends. But he is going to be gone for almost 6 months next year. I want to spend time with him before then.
Also, how are we supposed to plan our wedding when he isnt here?

He says that he wants to work and save up money so I wont struggle while he is away.  I understand this. And I do want to be supportive of him. Yet.
I really do not want him to work away from home when he can find a perfectly acceptable job right here.

What should I do??

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Can you post a picture of something that most people like that you hate?

Can you post a picture of something that most people hate that you like?

If you were in a room with me for 24 hours, what would we do?
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Inspired by this post:

Do you ever wish you had been named what your sibling was named? Are you thankful you didn't end up with your sibling's name?

If you don't have any siblings, have you ever wished you were named something else? Do you still wish that?
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TQC, what are some fun, easy, fast ways to make some cash?

I just found out that I need $1150 by the 26th of November to put a down payment on my tuition for school next semester, and I currently have $43 to my name. I already have a student loan, so that's not a route I wish to travel.

I work, but I only have one paycheck between now and the 26th, and that'll only be like $300.

I think I should start prostituting, y/y?

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop and today I've noticed that the left button on my "mouse" (the one on my keyboard) isn't working! Has anyone had this happen and had it fixed? Was it expensive?
My computer is only 2.5 years old so I'm kind of annoyed that it's already breaking :(

What was the last thing of yours that broke?

What are your favorite things to add to mac-n-cheese?
I am making Pastaroni's "Shells and White Cheddar" and adding sauteed mushrooms.

For those of you in the US- do you have tomorrow off? If so, what are your plans?
I do have tomorrow off (PAID!) but I don't know what my plans are yet

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TQC, I really, really, really want a cat, but I live with my dad and he is strictly a dog person. Will you show me a picture/story of your cat that I can show to my dad to convince him that having a cat would be the BEST THING EVER???

Alternatively, will you post a picture of your non-cat pet and brag/tell me why your non-cat pet is so fantastic and great?

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i have some cheesy enchillada hamburger helper that sounds pretty good for tonight. but i don't have any hamburger. do you think it'll still taste good with just helper and no hamburger? what could i substitute in for it?

also, when posting to tqc is it really necessary to request "srs & non-srs answers" or does that just go without saying?

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Do you get nervous, like I do, when calling to order Chinese food? Or ordering any type of food where you know the person on the other end isn't a native speaker of english.

I'm worried that I won't be able to understand them and I'll have to ask them to repeat themselves, and I'll seem rude, or they won't understand me and there'll be some kind of verbal struggle. It just freaks me out for some reason.

That said, I am getting shrimp and snow peas with some fried dumplings. What would you get?

quick edit: also I just realized how amusing the fear is, seeing at my particular Starbucks I get a lot of asian customers and I understand them completely 99% of the time and most of my coworkers have a much harder time. I think it's because it's on the phone.

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Will you type up the last thing you wrote down?

"Existential problems expressed by a failure to find meaning in life have arisen in a technological society that separates people from themselves (Trull, 2005)."

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I kind of asked about this early this morning.

TQC! I'm going to see Quintron & Miss Pussycat tonight. I'm definitely going to miss the last train home. It's at 1:41 and the show doesn't start until 11. I won't have anything to do between 2 AM and the first train around 5 AM. How should I fill this time? Should I stay in Penn Station or go somewhere else? Where? I've had to spend the night there before and it was extremely boring.
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Lately I've been wondering where my hover cars and the moon base and spaceships are.  My grandparents generation and to a certain extent my parents generation were promised that we would have this crazy advanced technology by now.

So my question is, What is the last piece of technology or invention that actually created a paradigm shift? 

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what don't you know how to do? (the short list version)

for example i realized that i don't know how to get into a clove of garlic without a garlic press X.x
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Basil or mint from the Asian market?

On the way home today, I got something labeled "Basil" at the neighborhood Asian market. Now that I'm home, I was about to use it in an Italian sauce recipe, but I tasted the basil leaves and they taste kind of minty to me. I know basil and mint are related, and there are different kinds of basil used in Asian cooking, but unfortunately I don't remember the taste difference when eating raw leaves. How can I tell for sure if what I got is the regular kind of basil I want?

(This mistake happened to me once before. I made pesto with something that was called basil, but turned out to be minty. It was gross and wasteful.)

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I apologize in advance for a boring school related question

Does/did anyone  here attend Johnson & Wales Univeristy (any of the four campuses) or do you know anyone that did? Was it a positive experience?

If you don't care about the first question, will you post a picture of your pet(s)? Or just your favorite animal?
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What do you really really want?

I really want a 500 sq. feet room that I've got my eyes on. But there is one other person that wants that room too. He is trying to get out of a lease he's currently in. :( Let's hope I get the room!

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Boys - A really pretty girl you liked texts you, but you do not text back. WHY?

Girls - Zack Efron has pretty eyes. What else about him is pretty?

Everyone - What the hell is the deal with that show "Deal or no Deal"? Have you seen HSM3?
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Supposedly, underwire bras give more support for people with larger cup sizes. But I find them unbearably uncomfortable, and can not stand wearing them no matter what. Do any other ladies out there in TQC land have the same problem, or am I the only one? It's so frustrating trying to buy a bra when the majority are underwire and go only up to DD cup.
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TQC, I just found out a Lenox vase that my grandmother got me for my first engagement is only worth 20$. She gave the impression that it was quite pricey, but it was not. I feel a little ripped off. She didn't even give me anything when I got married to someone better years later.

Have you ever had a prized possession that you thought was worth money but you later found out was worthless?

Have you ever had something you thought was worthless but turned out to be worth a lot of money?

What's your favorite item that you own that has personal significance?

My husband may be given the opportunity to travel for work. What should I do with myself on the weeks he is away? I think he'll be going to Turkey a lot. What's in Turkey? I guess I'll finally have to get my license, eh?

EDIT: I have this set of china. Should I sell it to, or hold onto it? It holds no special significance for me. Apparently, it was my father's first wife's from when they got married.
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It's 8:34 pm.  Should I work out, or should I say "fuck it, I"ll do it tomorrow morning" (knowing that I probably won't.)

ETA: Ok, ok, onto the elliptical I go!

New question: Which is better, cashews or peanuts?

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search engines, do you use them?

pick one


my uncle has his browser set up to automatically go to yahoo. i always do a search for "google", just to let yahoo know where i'm going :D it also annoys me that it pops up with this answer every time: "you could go to Google. Or you could stay here and get straight to your answers." what the heck ever.
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Very Important Question

Poll #1295013 What's your favorite kind of Cheez-It?

What's your favorite kind of Cheez-It?

Hot and Spicy
White Cheddar
Cheddar Jack
Reduced Fat
Big Cheezits
Parmesean and Garlic
Cheez it Crisps
Cheezit Duos (Sharp Cheddar and Parmesean)
Cheez-It Duos ( Zesty Queso and Cheddar Blanco)
Party Mix
I like a kind you forgot, you commie!
I dislike these snack crackers in every variety.
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I said "lupus," not "terminal skin rotting disease." Cheese and Crackers.

Did I seriously have to explain the difference between leprosy and lupus to a COLLEGE student today? Seriously?

Shouldn't "higher learning" equal the sum of its parts...higher + learning?

Doesn't anyone watch House any more, and catch the lupus references in nearly every (older) episode? Did anyone ever mention leprosy on the show? Help me out here.
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Inspired by the post about lupus/leprosy, on which of these topics/people/things that some people consider 'common knowledge' would you be able to hold your own in a conversation about?

Poll #1295020 common knowledge? or not?

check all that you could converse about

The Virgin Suicides
Genocide in Darfur
the mistakes of President Bush
the electoral college
Joan Didion
the poetry of William Blake
stem cell research

check all that you consider to be common knowledge

The Virgin Suicides
Genocide in Darfur
the mistakes of President Bush
the electoral college
Joan Didion
the poetry of William Blake
stem cell research
Disclaimer:  I do not necessarily think these things are common knowledge, nor do I think that you are stupid if you do not know about them.   These are the examples that the people in the room I'm in gave me when I asked for examples of what they thought was common knowledge in different areas.


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To bring your empty ink cartridge to Staples and get the $3 off a future ink purchase

A)Do you need a card?
B)Does it have to be the same ink or can it be color when you brought in a black ink, or for a different printer all together etc.?

Just Curious

Do you think that there should be a button/check box to allow people to vote straight ticket without even looking at the names, parties, and positions that each are campaigning for?

Would removing the check box increase the likelihood that people would accidentally choose some or all of the "wrong" candidates?

ETA: I know this thing exists.  SHOULD IT exist is a different question.