November 9th, 2008


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go to a real estate website for your hometown.
how do they describe it?
do you agree?

here's mine:
"the feeling of living in a small town with all the amenities of "big city" living."
"attractive tree-lined streets" and "peaceful and well-maintained neighborhoods"
"a wide variety of home styles to select from including well constructed bungalows, historic homes with authentic craftsmanship, urban townhouses, newer condominiums, senior complexes as well as million dollar estates"

it's pretty true. i do live in a well constructed bungalow. on an attractive tree-lined street.


Who knew I would be so bad at typin when I'm wasted?

NZers are you happy or sad?

Who woulf you turn gay for?

That quesrion is nor just about NZers it is about for everyone.

I would probably do jessica aldba.

Why would none of the guys at the party hook up with me?

Am I that fugly?

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TQC, What do you do to keep yourself from getting stressed at work?

I'm in retail. I'm a manager, though at the bottom of the manager totem pole. I've been getting really stressed out lately and it's resulting in me becoming bitchy. I don't like it. What can I do to keep myself from getting so stressed out?? It's my first holiday season as a manager, not to mention i'm also the only hiring coordinator for a HUGE store. EEK.
Jay & Silent Bob

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For some reason, you have to kill yourself right now. And I mean right now. Like, guarantee within 30 seconds that you will die. Looking at what's around you in order to do this, how would you do it?

For the record, I came up with my answer after typing up the question, I did not think about my answer ahead of time. I'd go for the letter opener in the drawer and probably go at the neck or something.

rring ring...

So - I go to charge up my new mobile yesterday, and it doesn't want to charge at all - I check the connections, change plugs - and get absolutely nothing, so I pacck it up and took it back today, the guy behind the counter plugs it in to test it, hey presto - it works perfectly, he tries it about 5 or 6 times, and it works every time, so I take it back home with me to charge tonight.

Get home, plug in - nothing, try several plugs and wiggling - still nothing...


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My laptop doesn't work.
I need someone to please tell me why my internet sound just decided to stop working. Please! I can't hear Youtube and Hulu type videos. I have updated the flash and internet browsers. Itunes, winamp and zune and all other non internet sounds work. Yes, the volume on both the laptop and video are all the way up.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!! It's driving me crazy!
Change the fuck outta shit

Winter fashion!

Am I stupid for spending 60 bucks on knee socks and arm warmers from here?

Skirt + knee socks + boots + t-shirt layered over long sleeve shirt + arm warmers + possibly hat and/or scarf and/or coat in case of freak blizzard = good outfit to survive a Texas winter in, yes? No? Contrary to popular belief, it does get pretty cold here. :/

Speaking of which, can anyone point me in the direction of cute skirts suitable for colder weather? All I'm finding on Google is frumpy stuff that looks like someone tied gray blankets about people's waists. I like medium length with a little flounce, any color.

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1. This type of pencil: awesome, y/y?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2. Which super-exciting persuasive speech topic will my professor like the most?

A. why smoking is evil
B. why pets should be spayed/neutered
C. yay smoke alarms
D. something else entirely, helpfully noted in the comments (it can't be even remotely controversial or ethically ambiguous)

3. Alton Brown is SO HOT OMG. This is not a question.
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TQC, I'm sitting here in my hotel room in West Drayton (London), and it costs 14.99 pounds per 24 hours to have not that great internet access in my room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Is everything so absurdly expensive in England?

Do you think I'm actually going to go out and do touristy things or am I going to sit and watch British soap operas?

R U READY Obamanation ?

R U ready for your guy to be trashed for the next 4 years like my guy was trashed?

Did you drink the KOOL AID?

EDIT Why all the haters? Why the name calling?
I have so much HOPE for the CHANGES....
Why is all the rum KOOL AID gone?

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I have never attended a university and I don't have any close friends that have either.

1:  If you are or have been part of a sorority or fraternity, what kind of activities do you do?

2:  What were your experiences like?

3:  Do you stay with the same group for all four years or do you change year after year?
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freecycle offer question

Am I allowed to be selective in who I give crap to on freecycle? 

Like, can I ask people for their sob stories and pick the one I like best?

Or is it more of a first-reply-gets-it-no-questions-asked?

(I want to give away my huge $100+ Christmas tree I got 2 years ago that is just a little too freakin' huge for my house.  There have been a few WANTED posts for Christmas trees - but they of course do not include any sob stories.)

TIA, innernetz gods and goddesses.

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Yesterday I got a text from a number I didn't know that said "text me." I responded with "uh, who is this?" and that was the end of the conversation.

Just now I got a call from another number I didn't know (same area code and first 3 digits as the other one) and answered... it was a woman demanding to know who I was, saying that "I don't know your number, you're in New Jersey and you called my daughter in *NORTH Carolina, who the hell are you?" lol. I was all, uhh, I never called anyone in North Carolina, I don't know anyone in North Carolina. She didn't believe me and demanded to know who I was, again. I said "Uhh, my name is Kathleen, yes my phone number is in New Jersey but I go to school in Georgia... I don't know what else you want to know." She demanded to know my last name, at which point I told her that I am not comfortable giving that information to anyone I don't know, and since I know neither her nor her daughter, there's nothing more I can tell her to help so goodbye, and I hung up. She's probably trying to dig up dirt on me, not that she'll find any, crazy bitch.

WTF, tqc??

(Also, how young is this girl that her mother needs to call and verbally abuse people whose numbers she doesn't know? If she's really THAT young, why the f does she have a cell phone in the first place...?)

Will you tell me about the last WTF???? moment you had?

ETA: update here!

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I still use AOL for email and a friend of mine is making fun of me :-P I've been wanting to make a new email address since I've had mine since I was 17 and I don't think its cute or funny anymore.

Which e-mail server (is that even the right term?) do you use? Do you like it? Does it make a noise to notify you when you have new email or do you have to refresh the page constantly?
cubs hat
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For those of you with experience with small children: At what age do you have the baby wear a bib when you feed it? Do you do that sort of thing for newborns, or no?
Ruth Etting
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In Yahoo's This Week in Photos there is a picture of some people holding up a sign that says "We have overcome." It's the fifth photo, I think.

I really need this picture. It's in a flash player slideshow thing, so I can't just save it. Is there a way to get it other than screen capture? Do you think there's a higher resolution copy out there somewhere? I tried Google image search, no luck. I'm sure Yahoo owns the hell out of it.
Cowboy Ew

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Lately I've been using excessive amounts of salt on *everything*. I even salted my Top Ramen, I salt my toast, just everything. At a restaurant I salt everything before I even taste it then I usually salt it some more. Whats wrong with me? What is my body trying to say to me?

Or is salt just that awesome?

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1. You have a room that is 500 square feet, what do you put in it besides your usual furniture?
2. Is $400 for a room that is 500 square feet a good deal? ($400 doesn't include the cost of utilities. The room is not in the main house. It is in a smaller, separate house that is close by.)


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What should I zone out and think about during for 6 hours during my community service project (for a club, not punishment) today?

Should I fill out an application at Barnes and Noble even though they're not officially hiring for seasonal help? Have you ever worked in a bookstore?
Typing Monkey

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Is it possible to extract files from a laptop that a) won't turn on and b) may or may not have had it's CD drive pried out of it with a screw driver?

If I take it to a computer place for help, how much will they laugh at me and/or charge me?

Whether or not I can get my files, what should I do with my laptop now that's it all but defunct?

How you doin' today, TQC?

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Hey! TQC! I got a hair cut! What do you think?

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Can I see a picture of your hair?

Should I update my icon? (Because apparently I look like a man in it, and now it really and truly looks nothing like me...) What should I update it to?

And, on a completely unrelated note, I've fucked up my life bad. (And my relationship with my boyfriend...) What are some non-suicide options?
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In the future I would like to take a course at my local college, which is on the quarter system, but I want to apply it to my degree at another institution which is on the semester system.

Do you think there is a chance they can work with me and arrange for the class to be worth the same number of units, by adding more coursework or special projects? Have you heard of anything like this before?

Edit: Classes converting from quarter to semester are divided by 1.5, classes converting from semester to quarter are multiplied by 1.5. see this unit converter tool from SFSU for reference.
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TQC, because I'm too cheap to buy a rename token, I'm just going to register a new account. What LJ transfer program should I use? I've used LJ Archive in the past, but it doesn't transfer moods, music, comments, icons, etc. What program do you recommend?
space, fire

My lovelies!


1) Do you know any exercises for increasing your focus and attention span?
2) I was diagnosed with ADD in High School, but I strongly suspect I don't actually have a disorder, I just happen to have a short attention span and am bad at being consistent.  Should I get a prescription for Adderall anyway?
3) What are some activities that you really enjoy that you find mentally engaging? If it involves media (eg reading, watching movies), list recommendations? 
4) Do you read your horoscope? My friend thinks that astrology is a very good therapeutic tactic, what do you think?
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Big-screen TV worth $1300, for $250... would I be absolutely fucking insane to pass this offer up?! Should I go for it, TQC?! I don't have a LOT of money in the bank but I can earn back $250 in commission work pretty easily and I already have some work lined up. :O

Also, how was/is your weekend? Will you tell me all about it? :)
Bert Shocked

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Is it wrong to date someone that really likes you just because you are bored?

What if you make it clear that you aren't really that serious about the relationship?

Has this happened to you?

Have you ever done this?

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TQC. My mom has decided to pay for me to get my hair cut at a nice salon when I'm visiting my hometown over Turkey Day week. My hairs are currently about 8 inches past my shoulders, with layers and long side-bangs. Should I cut it short (a little below my chin)? I was thinking choppy layers and shorter side-bangs... I cut it like that last fall but I don't have any good pictures.
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Also, wanna play drawmything with me? :D
Someday I'll be a flower

Back in the day....

Like 23 years ago, when I was in kindergarten, my mom used to send little notes with me to school in my lunchbox occasionally. They had maybe a watercolor picture of a baby animal/scene and a little text, or maybe a verse, and on the back, she would write something like, "Have a good day! Love, Mommy xoxoxo"

She got them, I believe, from Current Catalog, but I can't find anything like them. They were about the size of a business card, and didn't have an envelope. Any ideas where I can find something like this--just a tiny note?

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Dear TQC,
I made my first deliciously successful grilled cheese today.
please acknowledge how epic this is because the last one I tried to make didn't even have the cheese all melty and gooey (which is what makes a grilled cheese worth eating in the first place) and because my cooking skills are limited to:

bowl+soymilk+special K = breakfast
pb+j= pbj
phone book+dial tone= pizza
bread+grill+cheese= well, you know.

what's the last thing you were proud to have accomplished or learned?

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are you really personal in your Facebook statuses or do you shy away from being too candid on a social networking site?

i think it's kind of stupid when people pour their hearts out in their statuses. it always sounds like a big attention ploy.

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do you like hot pockets?

i'm trying my hardest not to call someone right now but 1) i want to talk to him, 2) a small part of me is worried that something happened to him because i haven't heard from him. will you please try to convince me not to call him?

i love escape games, do you have a favorite escape game? will you link to it or tell me the name so that i can find it?

i bought a box of 2 hot pockets the other day and thought i'd try them out. i'd never had one before and i really liked the convenience and the cardboard cooker/holder thing, hhaha, but the taste is totally not delicious. i'm done with hot pockets.

i've been pushing myself since 12:30ish not to call or text him and i'm growing more and more impatient.

i like the original, crimson room

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Parrot is to Carrot as Freeze is to ________?

Got any good spinach recipes?
The only ones I make are quesadillas and a baked dish with sour cream, spinach, milk then cheese on top and baked (buttered pan).

Teachers put up with a lot of shit, sometimes literally. So why do actors get paid more? So why do we spend so much on blowing things up?

EDITED: because witchbabywigg is gonna hurt me!! of advisement to the contrary re: actors making lots of cash

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I've written the introduction of an essay that is due tomorrow.

My back really hurts and I am sad because I have to take my dog to the vet tomorrow (to get a tumor removed) and my Dad called last night and he is in hospital in another country and there is nothing I can do to help him. I'm having a fair bit of trouble focusing.

Should I
a) write solidly for the next few hours and get the essay finished RIGHT NOW?
b) take a break, have a bath, and then get back to it when I might be in a better mood?
c) say fuck it, and write the essay tomorrow (due at 5pm)?

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What is your favorite way to have your eggs?

Another way I'll mention in comments
I don't like eggs because eggs are gross
I don't eat eggs because I'm vegetarian/vegan

Which is not your favorite but also acceptable?


Do you like any of the following condoments?

Other I'll mention in comments


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Someone on the San Francisco Bay Area LJ community posted this entry which included this link:

It's basically a petition that says if the Mormon church lobbies for state propositions, it should lose it's tax exempt status. This came about because the Mormon church was a large factor in Prop 8 (banning of gay marriage) passing in California.

What is your opinion on this petition?
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Should I go to this boy's house?

We don't get to "hang out" nearly as often as I'd like but I'm kind of mad at him. Well not mad, just disappointed in him, and I dread that it will turn into a heavy conversation about things I don't want to hear about. But he wants me to go over still. And if I don't then it will be like another week until I do, and I'll probably end up wishing I had.

Make my irrational girly decisions for me pls.

Should I go?


ETA: I realized after posting this that I was hoping yes would win so I guess I made my own decision.
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Is youtube being an asshole to anyone else? Anytime I try to load a video for the past few days its been slow as shit. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the newer version of flash to no avail. Just wondering if it might be a site issue or if my comp is being lame.

Thanks TQC!
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Thoughts on immaturity? What is it anyways?

Is it immature to not know what you want? Why?

Do you have to date older guys because the ones your age seem mostly immature or not as mature as you?

If you do, how much older are they?

If you think you've had the experience of being with someone too immature to be with you, what was immature about them?

What did you do about it?
Bert Shocked

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Guys, last night at the local disco I busted out THE ROBOT whislt dancing with a lady. She got all serious and told me to stop. This is not the first time this has happened to me when I used THE ROBOT.

I ... complied.  (sad robot face)

I'm wondering, how shall I respond the next time some btich tells me to stop doing THE ROBOT?

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The Girliest Taco

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TQC, will you violate my safe space?

What's your M.O. for writing introduction paragraphs in papers?

I write the intro first, and then write the rest of the paper. Once I'm done do little to no changing of the intro.
I write an intro, then I write the paper, then I go back and make significant changes to the intro.
I don't start by writing an intro. Once I've finished the whole thing, I go back and write the intro.
Intros are for sissies.

Situation. You're writing a paper with a minimum page requirement. It must be double spaced. Do you:

Write the whole thing with it double-spaced
Write it normally, then apply double-spacing and see how much more you need to write

Can I write this 7-page art history paper (comparing art and text of 2 artists) in the next 6 hours?

Yes, but you'll fail.

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So. If you say something offhand to someone on the internet and they get offended and delete a post comment how do you apologize (cuz you now feel like snail shit :((()? Even if you don't even know them and stuff would it be appropriate to apologize in large letters on a public forum?
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If you were pregnant in your 40s, assuming you were financially stable and the baby was healthy, would you keep it?

If you found out in the baby would have Down's?

Do you assign moral value to these choices (like, is it selfish to choose/not choose one way or the the other)?
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Adding spinach to Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: Good idea or bad idea?

Has anyone ever ruined a song/show for you by constantly singing/referencing it?

One of my roommates has been singing songs from Children of Eden nonstop for the past few days and it makes me want to hit her in the face with a bible.
hate pimentos

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Why the hell are fireworks being set off a few blocks from me?

I live in a city, and from what I can tell, where they're coming from is just a residential neighborhood, but they're freakin' HUGE.
It is 40 degrees outside.  It is 5:15 (read: not dark outside) here.  It is November, the only upcoming holiday is Veteran's day and there usually aren't fireworks for that.


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Do you write?

What is your writing schedule?

What is your best writing advice?

If not, what was the first gift you ever gave someone you were romantically interested in?
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For a while, no one lived in the dorm room next to mine. Then someone moved in.
There are always huge banging noises coming from inside her room. Like...slamming furniture against a wall. She also often has her television on with the volume WAY up.

But today, about half an hour ago, I heard some really weird dog-like noises. I thought the noises were coming from outside.
But I listened more closely, and realized two things. First, they were coming from her room. Second, they were sex noises.

1. Do you think that the slamming noises and the loud television are the result of bizarre sex?
2. This is the first time I've ever heard other people having sex. (Yeah, I've been lucky.) This isn't a question. I just wanted to mention it.
3. Do you think she can hear me when I have sex?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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Ladies, where do you buy cute underwear? Do you like boyshorts?
I like the way they look but I'm afraid of them being uncomfortable...

Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
My roommate does this and it's really confusing to me, especially since he uses a battery-powered toothbrush. I've never heard of anybody else doing that (at least in real life).

What are you making for dinner?
I'm making this:
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One for the guys...

For the men:

Would you find it cute and sweet, or cliche and annoying, if your girlfriend/wife on rare occasion sent you a short love-note.

My SO seems to appreciate them (mine aren't terribly sappy, just nice - for instance, today's was "I miss seeing your drooly face on the pillow next to me in the morning." - and I'm living about 12k miles away at the moment), but for some reason I suspect that's not the standard reaction, at least within the US.

So, men, how would you react?

christmas presents

Hey everyone,

I need present ideas for my nieces and nephews, unfortunately, I have no clue what is popular now. SO what do the following age groups like? I guess this is mostly aimed at parents with kids these ages but anyone' input is appreciated!

Boy - 8

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Are birds-on-the-chest tattoos cliché now? Even if the birds aren't cartoony swallows, or [other cliché/popular type]?

If you have chest tattoos, how much did it hurt on a scale of 1-10 (1 = tickle with a feather, 10 = BenGay on genitalia)

If you subscribe to a user on YouTube, will you post your favorite video of theirs?

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My roommate, who is 23 years old and with  a great desire to marry and have the responsibility of a family, watched iCarly, Hanna Montana and all other sorts of tween shows ALL THE TIME. She laughs at the jokes, and she gets mad if she can't watch them everyday.

Do you find this abnormal for a 23 year old woman?

MP3 organization programs?

I have over 10 GB of music on my computer, but they're woefully unorganized. I want to have all of the mp3 files organized, and many of my files need to be renamed, but (understandably, I think) I'd prefer not to have to go through all those files manually and rename them all myself.

So does anyone have any recommendations for programs that would do this? I've googled, but if anyone's actually used one of these programs with any degree of success, I'd love to hear about it.
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For US peeps...

What state do you live in? What do you like best about the weather? What do you like least about the weather? If you could move anywhere in the United States (taking into consideration the price of housing there, etc.) where would you go? Why?

I live in South Florida and I hate it. I would love to move to NC or VA, and live near the mountains. I just wonder if it's too miserably cold. :) I have a friend who moved here from Boston and she said there's only really 8 warm weeks there/year. She hated it and is so happy to be in Florida.

Is it really so miserable? Is VA that cold? NC near the mountains? :)

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Do you live with someone who has a mental illness?

What do you love most about them?

If mental illness is not something you care/deal with:
What do you love most about your best friend?
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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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Women want to be protected by a nice, strong man.

In your own opinion, is this true or false?

I'm not sure how easy it can be argued one way or another, its a very closed-minded statement. I know its definitely true for a lot of women, but I don't consider it true for myself. My dad is convinced, though, that I really do have the "instinct built in me" to want a man to protect me. The thought is lol-able to me. I actually don't even have an interest in romantic relationships. My own conscious decision, though. Not some form of psychological scarring. Though I know many would beg to differ.
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does your sound work for this?

and holy mommy puppy feeding the kiddies!!!

who else can't get over this puppy madness?

also, anyone know where the url came from? is there a blog? I have no idea what I clicked, but I managed to find this page:  yayyy! :)

"The 6 Shiba Inu pups (3 boys and 3 girls) turned 4 weeks old on November 4th.

- Autumn (Purple collar)
- Ayumi (Yellow collar)
- Amaya (Red collar)

- Aki (Green collar)
- Akoni (Black collar)
- Ando (Blue collar)"

The heart. Is break.

So I just told a guy I had feelings for him and he told me he only wants to be friends with me because he isn't "mentally ready" for a new girlfriend because he recently broke up with his ex.

Will you tell me the story of how you were in the same position as I was but the guy (or girl) eventually came around and agreed to be more than friends? Or does this basically never happen?

Also, if I keep seeing him "as a friend" is it going to make him more likely to think of me first when he is ready for a relationship or am I just screwing myself?

Edit: He also wants the ball to be in my court on deciding whether we should keep hanging out, but I already decided I do want to, so should I preface our next meeting with something like "I'm sorry I put you in that position last time and I'm not going to try to pressure you into anything, I just really want to keep you in my life" or is that overkill?
dianna agron ;;

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I have approximately two hours and twenty minutes before I have to drive back to DULLSVILLE [where I work]
What should I do with my remaining FREE TIME?!
Sadly I cannot afford hookers and blow.

(no subject)

Imagine heaven does exist. You have died and gone to heaven.

What does heaven look like?
How do you spend the rest of your eternity?
Who do you seek out to visit?
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Do you even like your siblings? I pretty much  hate mine right about now.

If you're an only child, do you always wish you had a brother or sister? (you're not really missing out on much tbh).

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I posted a few weeks ago asking what it took for a person to become a cat lady. I wanna see some TQC examples of multiple cat households. I know we do pet posts all the time, but I luurrrve them. So yeah, can I see your cat siblings? I'm going to see a woman about a year old calico on Tuesday...aiiieieeeee moar cats

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Which of these movies would you most like seen turn into a musical play on Broadway?

Enter the Dragon
Night at the Roxbury
Cable Guy
Bad News Bears
Time Cop
My Dinner with Andre
Mommy Dearest
House of the Dead
Old School
Osmosis Jones
A Time to Kill

(no subject)

Inspired by hajiomatic's post.
Think of a movie, any movie, and replace one of the words in the title with Vagina.

(all of the one's i'm about to list are children's movies btw)
Willy Wonka and the Vagina Factory.
Snow White and the Seven Vaginas.
The Vagina King.
The Vagina Garden.
The Little Vagina.
The Wizard of Vagina.
The Vagina Before Time.
Daddy Vagina Care.
The Vagina Of Narnia.
Horton Hears a Vagina.
The Vaginamare Before Christmas.
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1. Do you post your mood on your entries?
I don't, but I think my little foxes are so cute!

2. What weather do you prefer?

3. What is your favorite show on Comedy Central? If you don't watch t.v, don't have a t.v or think t.v is evil you need not answer this question.

4. . What is your favorite show on Cartoon Network? If you don't watch t.v, don't have a t.v or think t.v is evil you need not answer this question.

(no subject)

what's your karaoke song?

have you ever gotten together with your your peers (or co-workers, i guess) and made some big changes? what were you fighting for? how'd you accomplish your goal? was there much struggle?

do you believe that you ever only have one big love in your life? that you experience this great, amazing love only once in your life, and all other possible partners will never come close?
just a bill
  • lyndz

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Do you support or oppose sex offender registries and additional restrictions on offenders after they've served their sentence?

What do you think of nape piercings?

(no subject)

How easy is it to dye a multicolored shirt?
It's a baseball shirt that is light blue and brown, it has the name of some local team on it in the brown. Not sure yet what color I want to do it, I may try and do the sleeves a different color than the torso. I was thinking of some combination of black, purple, grey, or perhaps leaving the sleeves white.

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I am going to be honest and say that I am an absolute idiot in the kitchen. I'm very bad at cooking unless I make things from a kit. I've been craving pot roast because everyone I know seems to be making it. I have a Crock pot, 2 pounds of chuck beef pot roast, Yukon potatoes, and baby carrots. I hate onions, and my bf doesn't eat mushrooms. Most of the recipes I have found online say to put onions and mushroom soup in with it.

TQC, what's the best way to make a pot roast with the three ingredients above (carrots, chuck roast, potatoes)? In all the recipes I saw online, you should add 1/4 cup of water and let it sit on low for about 10 hours. Does that sound about right? 

What food are you craving right now?

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Next summer, I'm considering moving to Virginia with my best friend who's from Virginia. I live in Las Vegas currently. We would be living in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area. I think I'd love it, but she thinks I'd get bored after a while. We took a trip out there about a month ago for a week and I loved it - it's totally different from Las Vegas and I am so ready for a change of pace. Even though I live in the city, I don't do a lot here that I couldn't do elsewhere.

What do you think?
What is there to do in Virginia?
Should I move there? Why or why not?

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TQC, i'm seeing one of my favorite bands tomorrow night but i think i'm getting sick. the last time i missed a band because i was sick they never came back before they broke up, and i swore to myself, "NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!11"

if i am pretty sick tomorrow night, what would you recommend i take to get me through the show?

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Since we've been a bit understaffed in the moderator department for a while now, I've added imaria as a mod. Y'all get to live under his iron fist now.

For old times' sake, should I bring back the "cheesewheel" in rule #8?

Edit: McRib cheesewheel is back!

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I'm writing a parody of a romance novel with lesbians.

What cheesy romance novel terms should I use?

So far I have 'heaving bosoms', 'milky white skin', and 'silky tresses'.

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You must (get to?) relive one year of your teenage years (13-19). Which year do you relive and why?

Edit: Hell yeah, you get to change stuff! But no lame "I'd go back to August 2001 and warn everyone" bullshit.
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I didn't know everyone in here was so pretty. After all these picture posts, my new question is:

Who in here would you switch features with?
Which features?

Good lord ladies, you make the internet look good.