November 8th, 2008

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Have you ever shopped at Aldi's? (the grocery store)

Yes, a lot
Yeah, a few times
No, but I know people who do
Never heard of it.

What are your thoughts on grape juice?

Eh, so-so
Never tried it (wtf?)
It's hard to clean up!

How patient are you? (10 being EXTREMELY patient.)

Mean: 4.98 Median: 5 Std. Dev 2.04

Which of these items do you have in/around your house?

Bottled water
Mechanical pencils
Unpaid bills
Satellite dish
Whole milk
More than one cell phone charger
Blank CDs
A futon
Central air/heat
A huge inventory of canned goods
Exercise equipment (treadmill, dumbbells, etc. Videos don't count!)
Tick tick tick tick TICK-Y!

Steve Wilkos - what do you think?

I'll watch it if there's nothing else on
I want to punch him in the face
He would make a really awesome dad

My drawer was $20.13 short today at work. I was written up. Waddyathink?

Which one will you choose?

Michelle Obama
Two turtle doves
Account status
Thanks be to God who gives us the victory
Ice Ice Baby
Easter lillies
Cry baby, cry
Angry postman!!! Rah!!!
Chugachugachugachuga CHOO-CHOO!!!

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What do you think of this song?

What helps you go to sleep?

Have you ever had a computer disaster where you had to take it in and be charged a buttload of money and were without precious internets or we/e for days? Tell me about it?

What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
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what else besides butter would be a good topping to put on popcorn? i have a stove-top popcorn popper & i want more options! (stuff you can make at home; i know powdered cheddar cheese (like smartfood) is good but i can't powder cheese myself.)

Hey, your world leader is hot...

I just learned that the current Prime Minister of Japan, Taro Aso, is Roman Catholic. Which for a country like Japan, is pretty unique.

What interesting world leader fact have you learned recently?

Also, who is currently the best looking world leader?
the o.c.

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has anyone else seen the duchess of duke street? i'm watching the miniseries(bbc first aired it in 1976) on netflix, and i know the description is boring but it is just marvelous!

(plus, it's full of odd cameos- bridget jones' mother, the weird looking guy who loses the drinking contest to marion in raiders of the lost ark, the horny old major in keeping up appearances, one of the house-servants in ever after, et cetera.)

this is a validation post.

do i have a right to be pissed that my ex refused to take me to a movie when i asked for three weeks to take me, but now he just took some random chick he barely knew to a movie?

do i have a right to be pissed that my ex refused to drive 45 minutes to see me but will now drive an hour to see some chick he met off myspace.

because i'm pissed and if i keep talking to him, i'm going to say something bitchy and start a huge fight. >: |

eta: this probably doesn't matter a whole lot but we're still friends and he just happened to bring this up. it's not like i'm stalking him and found out that way, haha.
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What are some of your minor compulsions?

When I drink out of a cup, I never put my lips on the same place for the next sip. Also, when I eat french fries, I discard one end of each fry back into the pile (when I was much younger I'd throw out both ends, holding it like corn on the cob and eating the middle).

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so tell me something about yourself you have never before disclosed here?

i am really happy!! whay are we not happy more often?

how longs it take to get used to a new haircut?

well do ya do ya do ya wanna?
Quinn Twin

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TQCers, it is 5:33am est and for the past half hour, all I have thought about is loaded mashed potatoes. I want them, I crave them, I NEED THEM! I don't even have potatoes and don't want to wake up the whole house by giving in and going to the store to procure said potatoes and making them so that I can them devour them directly from the stand mixer bowl like some sort of crazed animal. D:

What do you want that you can't, in the sake of sanity, have right now? We can wallow in our delicious loaded mashed potatoes suffering together!

Update! As of 6:30am, I nuked a small Lean Cuisine 3 Bean Chili and used it as dip for a handfull of Cool Ranch Doritos (lol, what a fatty!) - it should hold me over until dinner when I have VALID EXCUSES REASONS to make my beloved smashed taters!

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You have to travel 1,000 miles. You can go by car, bus, train or plane. Based on the following information, which do you choose? Why? What will you snack on / how will you entertain yourself?

Car: 15.5 hours, approx $360
Bus: 22-24 hours, approx $113-$150
Train: 20-22 hours, approx $115-$250
Plane: 2-19 hours, approx $80-$440


Do they really spell the end of your sex life? If you have one, when do you approach the topic with a potential partner? This is all academic for me as it's been seven years since anyone has seen my naughty bits, but I've always been curious. Ever since they started advertising treatments on TV, I've wondered.

I'm making a half-assed attempt at nanowrimo like I do ever year. Thing is, this time I have book-planning software, and it seems to be working. I've got my spec fic groove on. For those of you who write, what do you write?

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What do you when you have obligations and things to do, but haven't slept?

How itchy is your vagine?

When was the last time you wore spandex?

Do you care for orange flavor in your beer? How about pumpkin?

If Jesus were to smite you down, today, what would it be for?

If you could fart any color, what would would that color be?
What about scent?

Have you contemplated sex with an animal?

How big is the biggest fruit you have ever seen?

Is it obvious that I haven't slept?

Would you like to have a bowl of breakfast chili?


Gap jeans?

I'm on the hunt for a new pair of jeans, as I can't find my favorite jeans anywhere anymore :( :( kri kri. I'm looking at, and have a question regarding the fit of, Gap jeans, if any of you have tried them!

Since Gap and Old Navy are owned by the same company, I am wondering:

1. if the sizes are as wonky at Gap as they are at ON? The one pair of jeans I have from ON are two full sizes smaller than what I usually wear.

2. if GAP jeans stretch out/lose their shape as quickly/badly as ON jeans? After an hour or two I have to pull the ON jeans up just so they'll stay on my ass, and I have plenty of ass to hold jeans up normally!!

The GAP jeans I'm looking into atm are the Classic Boot Cut jeans and the Long & Lean jeans.

Thanks for any insight anyone might have :)
DAMMIT I posted to anon first by accident. Sorry. :( morning fail.
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo

Computer screen issue

There is a single thin light blue bar that runs across my computer screen vertically. Can someone tell me what it means? Can someone also tell me how to get rid of it? I'm on a MacBook pro bought in July. I am currently on the Windows XP side of my laptop so I do not know if it is on my Mac side. I have a feeling it is.

Edit: I was finally able to switch over to the Mac side and I can still see the blue line.
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Alright, so, I'm 21. I went to a party the other day and ended up making out with my Stage Manager from Halloween Horror Nights. HHN is over, so he's technically not my boss anymore and there's really nothing wrong with it (or him). I had a good time and found it a little exciting.

The kicker is, he's taking me out on a date next week.

Oh, and he's 42.

What's your take on that? Should I go through with it and see where this whole thing leads or is that just too creepy? It doesn't bother me that much, but I've certainly thought about it.

So...creepy? Or exciting?

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tqc, i can hear a car or truck repeatedly revving its engine somewhere outside. i live on a country road. wtf is going on?

how lolarious is it that my sim passed out on her patio, drunk, in nothing but panties?

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Do you like taking hot baths?  If so, how long do they take and is there anything you like to do in there (iPod, read, drink wine, etc)?

Ladies, what kind of gel/foam/soap do you use to shave your legs?
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We were talking about the JFK assassination a few days ago at school, and some girl said "Well we know now that it was totally engineered by the FBI!" 

This is a lie, right?  Or is there truth to this statement?

If you don't know or don't care, who is your favorite president?
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Inspired by this question and some of the answers.

Hypothetical scenario: You meet someone through friends and really get along. You have a lot of common interests and enjoy hanging out. You start to date. They reveal that they have herpes. What do you do?

Same scenario this type, they say they have HIV. What do you do?

Last question: Would you rather be involved with someone who has an incurable STD (but not something that would damage their health otherwise, so herpes as an example) or someone who has been divorced twice and has four kids? YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE.
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I need to get a cell phone. Which cell phone company should I go with? (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, AllTell, Metro PCS, etc.)

Most of my friends are on Verizon, so I was thinking of going with them. I can also only shell out about fifty bucks a month for a cell phone.

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Okay, you know how some books will have a little seal on the cover to show off that they won a particular award? I'm at my part-time job right now, and was putting books in inventory, when I came across this book that proudly announces it was "short-listed" for a certain award.

Collapse )

Would you ever put a seal on a book saying that you didn't win, but you totally could have? Is anyone else laughing over this?

Ok, since I wasn't aware that the Booker prize is a huge deal, I'm going to just scratch that and ask a new question!

What is weather like where you are today?

It's freaking COLD in Kansas.
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do people in flordia have the same sort of accents like people in south carolina and georgia? it seems like they should but i always imagine peple from florida not really having any accent at all.

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do you hate hippies?

i don't mean hippies from the 60s and all that stuff. i mean those douchey people now who have dreads, wear lots of tie dye and hemp, get stoned all the time, have Bob Marley posters everywhere etc.

i fuckin' hate hippies.

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TQC! I'm procrastinating again and instead of doing what I really should be, I want to make mix CDs based on the traditional 7 deadly sins. What are your favorite songs involving:

- Lust (this should be easy)
- Wrath
- Envy
- Sloth
- Avarice
- Pride
- Gluttony

i dunno but i been told, ya never slow down, ya never grow old

which of these DANCE songs do you enjoy?

Moondance, van morrison
Come Dacing, the kinks
Tiny Dancer, elton john
Dancing in the Dark, bruce springsteen
Dance Little Sister, Terrent Trent D'Arby!
Dacing Queen, abba
Dancin' with Myself, billy idol
Dance the Night Away, van halen
Let's Dance, david bowie
The Humpty Dance, digital underground
Mary Jane's Last Dance, tom petty and der heartbreakers
Dance to the Music, sly and the family stone
Save the Last Dance for Me, the drifters
The Hamster Dance, whoever that is
oh suzer, i have been dancing around the facts, but i don't know some of these songs.
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1. What are things I can do to distract my rage so that I don't kill my husband when he gets home?

2. How is it that said husband doesn't know how to clean the litter box and didn't notice that SMELL in his room?

3. Why does this shit always happen when he's out of town for the weekend?

Our cat notified me of the litter box problems by peeing on a blanket this morning. I've spent the past two hours or so cleaning my whole house while muttering, "I'm going to kill him!" and "What a fucking moron!". Said cat right now if curled up on my lap being all cute and apologetic.
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in a prior coffee post, someone said they wished they liked coffee but they don't. I feel the same about sushi. After gagging on it dozens of times, trying to force my body to enjoy it, I finally accepted that I just don't. I don't need to like EVERYthing.

What do you wish you liked?

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When you're on the bus do you try to strike up convos with other people? If they move away do you wave and say "Bye!"?

Do you butt into other peoples' conversations? Even if you don't understand what language they are using?

What is your favorite thing made of plastic? How many wooden objects are in your general vicinity?

When you can't think of what to say do you disagree with people just for the hell of it? (I've gotten into many interesting conversations this way when people realized I was just poking at them instead of being truly combative)

How often do you clean your computer screen? Mine has mysteriously collected about 40 smeared fingerprints...

Doom's day question time

Assuming one perfectly nice sunny day you feel an earth tremor and shortly after all power and communications suddenly go out. Soon ash starts falling from the sky (not real heavy but enough to pile up about an inch or so an hour) and the only thing you can tell is what direction the ash is coming from, lets say north. Driving will stir up more ash that can clog engines and stall vehicles so leaving in your car is out.

In this situation what do you think you would do?

directly inspired by poo's coffee post.

You say you've never had a cup of coffee? How can that be?

For those of us who are coffee drinkers, when did you start? I was 15 when I became a regular coffee drinker. It went along with having a job at a cafe.

Does having a cup of coffee make you need to um, see a man about a horse?
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I've been meaning to ask this for awhile. It seems many TQCer's have health issues. This post is for the people that have thyroid/adrenal/pituitary gland issues. What's your issue? when did you start having symptoms? how old are you now? What's your treatment regime? anything else you want to add?

Collapse )
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TQC, I am going shopping with my mother today. I probably won't see anyone I know, and if I happen to chance on the random person who drove an hour out of town to go shopping where we're going, I probably won't care.

So my question is, should I bother washing my hair, or should I just baby powder the bangs? (p.s. I've done this before and it works).


what is a delicious dinner food that's easy to make/requires few ingredients, and tastes just as good heated up? recipes are welcome!

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How many of you got back together with your SO after a breakup?

What were the circumstances?

For those of you who didn't get back together: Was life way better the way it turned out?

Thank you

My SO's parents, without us asking them for anything, mailed us a package full of new winter clothes.  We are in a tight financial situation right now, and need a really good way to express our gratitude to them.  Besides sending a card (which we are already doing), what are cheap ways to say "thank you" to them?

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For those of you who are no longer in high school, did your yearbook do "senior superlatives" (Most Likely to Succeed, Best Dressed, etc.)? Were you a contender for any? Did you win any?

If no, what should you have been a contender for?

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You're on your way out to run some errands, and when you get in the car or start your walk or however you get around (hang glider, bus, tricyle) you realize that your iPod/Zune/whatever ISN'T CHARGED.

You're not in any hurry and really have nothing else planned. WHAT. DO. YOU. DO?

Do you go back in and charge it enough to get through your errands or do you suffer with the radio?
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1) Do you believe in aliens?

2) If you do believe in aliens, have they visited Earth?

3) If you do believe in aliens, do they go to Heaven too?

4) What's the best historical romance novel you've ever read (and I'm not talking cheesy, sex-throughout-the-whole-book "romance", something that involved an actual plot and the romance could be secondary to the book)? I really love As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann, probably my favorite book I've ever read.
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I'm medically boring. I've never had surgery, never been hospitalized, I don't have any major medical conditions, I've never broken a bone, etc.  I don't follow my family's pattern of medical history - My mom has an allergy to milk (they thought she had Celiac's for a long time) and had to have surgery on her uterus just this summer, my dad has heart problems, a few of my extended family has diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

TQC, will all these problems sneak up on me later in life? Am I going to die via a deadly combo of diabetic shock/heart attack/cancer?

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1. Besides work or school, what one place do you go to the most when you leave home?

2. What is a chain restaurant or store you see advertised that you don't have near you?

3. How do you feel about onions?

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My parents are pretty well off, but not overly so. We've never struggled for money, but had to save up for those multiple holidays a year- I feel pretty lucky, especially with the crisis going on at the moment my parents both have secure jobs.

My boyfriend and I are looking to move in together and whilst talking about our finances I was shocked to learn quite how much money his Dad makes. It's quadruple that of my parents put together.

So I was wondering, materialistically- are you set to do better than your parents?

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Do you or anyone you know like to sing certain songs in certain situations?

For instance, whenever I even mention that I know a guy, my dad likes to sing "I hear the cottonwoods whispering a song, Johanna, Johanna, Johanna's in loooove..."

And if we're getting ready to go somewhere, my dad will sing "Movin' movin' movin'! Keep those doggies movin'! Rawhide! By rawhide calculatin' my true love will be waitin', waitin' at the end of my riiiiide!"

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i can't spend money right now and my boyfriend just recovered from a financial crisis. we're really tired of watching movies online and playing snes. i want to get pretty and go somewhere, but what the fuck can we do while being out of moniez :(

question: what activities do you do with you s.o./friends when you can't spend anything?
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Barack Obama = Renegade
Michelle Obama = Renaissance
Sasha Obama = Radiance
Malia Obama = Rosebud

Joe Biden = Celtic
Jill Biden = Capri

John McCain = Phoenix
Cindy McCain = Parasol

Sarah Palin = Denali
Todd Palin = Driller

more here

What would you want your Secret Service code name to be?

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Will I be in deep shit if I were to bend the truth a little bit on my graduate school applications? A few of the schools I'm applying to want applicants to submit a resume. For one of my job experiences on my resume, I worked there for 5 weeks, but I'm tempted to say that I was there for 2 months. Are the chances of the colleges verifying this too high to risk bending the truth??

Car Multi Insurance Bleh.

Besides a multi-car discount, is there a way I can lower my car insurance rate? My one car  (98) I just realized has etched windows like my newer   (06) car....but will they only use MULTI-CAR as a discount? No alarms on any of the cars and I dont want to waste money getting a system put in.
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Say you're a firefighter, and got called out for a fire that turned out to be someone burning leaves. Would you be relieved that it wasn't a serious fire or annoyed that your time has been wasted?

Anyone know where I can find Blue's Clues icons my mind? I seem to have misplaced it somewhere.

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So somebody in the Kongregate room I'm in just reminded me about the old "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-pop" commercials.

Is it just me, or has the idea of licking one of those things always stricken you as odd too? It's a sucker. You suck it. If you're having the sucker after certain other things, it has the potential to suck back. Nowhere does licking enter the equation.

Have you ever licked a sucker? What things do you eat in an odd way?

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I've had a bunch of people say that they cannot feel my presence.
Do you feel the presence of other people?
Does this mean I have no soul?
What was the last thing you tripped over?
Did you fall or stumble?
im french

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1. My neighbors moved! I no longer have internet and I can't sit at Starbucks all day! How do I get internet?! I know that sounds kind of silly, but how the heck do you sign up for it?

2. My mom wants to know what I want for Christmas. What do I want for Christmas? All I can think of is perfume. I'm 20 year old female and I like nice things.

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if you have contacts in your phone that you never talk to, do you still leave them in your phone, or do you erase them? how much time has to pass before you remove them?

I'm very picky about not keeping people in my phone who I don't talk to. if it's just an acquaintance that I speak to maybe once a month, I delete them.

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So I went late-night grocery shopping and amongst my groceries was a bag of Kraft shredded cheese (moz, prov, and parm. I arrived home at about midnight and put everything away...except the cheese, which was tucked under a cover of the canvas bag. I didn't notice it until nine in the morning the next day, after which it was hastily tossed into the fridge.

TQC, is it safe to eat? Kraft would have lots of preservatives to keep this cheese edible right? Will I die of some awful cheese-disease?

you, on the internet

Will you post links to your profile pages on whatever websites you belong to across the interwebs (so that we can all stalk you)? Your facebook, myspace,, flickr, deviantart, blogspot, vox, youtube, neopets, etcccc whatever you frequent, wherever you go.

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How come my mother insists I call her, gives me a time at which to call her and then DOESN'T ANSWER THE PHONE?? I am draining my phone card because I've called her three times in the last fifteen minutes at the EXACT time she told me to call and she won't flippin' answer!

How many more times should I try to call her before I e-mail her telling her too bad, so sad?

about chic items and texts...

Here is a phrase from a fashion text: "The handbags are in precious leathers with metal details taken from the bijoux, details that are recalled in the design and in the choice of materials on all accessories."

1. "The handbags are in precious leathers" -- it means they are made of "precious leathers"? I've stumbled over the "in" -- does it simply replace "made of" here?
2. "metal details taken from the bijoux," -- in what sense are the details "taken" from the bijoux? Like they chop off a piece of metal from the bijoux?:))) By the way, no bijoux get ever mentioned in the text apart from this phrase, so I am puzzled where "the" comes from...
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when i scan a very basic image, say a colouring book page, should i scan it as an image or as a document? if i saved it as a document i could do a screenshot and turn it into an image file later, so i'm just wondering if there is a quality difference between the two methods. thanks! i use an HP printer/scanner, if it makes any difference.

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TQC, why is my buddy list on Trillian currently unavailable? Where did it go? Is it off having buddy list sex with other buddy lists? 

I've tried AIM and meebo and both have the same result. Nonsrs and srs answers accepted.

ETA: It's back now! 
sneaker love

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But young Ariphrades is much
The brightest of the three:
In one respect, at least, he was
An infant prodigy.
They took him to a lady once
Who said that she could teach
Him twenty ways of making love
At half an obol each:
But when she'd taught him all she knew
(Or so his father swore),
He turned her upside down
And taught her twenty more.

What ways of sexing it out making love would have been on the list? I suppose it'll be like the "Top 40" or something... which positions way of making love would you vote to be on the Top 40?

Edit: Whatever happened to iSketch?

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So it's my 20th birthday. Last night all my friends were talking about "zomgz big plans." Well... they bailed on me. :-(

So now I'm alone and being emo. What should I do to cheer myself up, TQC?

(no subject)

what are some things you consider "deal breakers" when considering the prospect of getting into a relationship with somebody?

would you say you have low standards, high standards or unrealistic standards?

favorite alcoholic beverage?
if you don't drink alcohol, favorite beverage?

any interesting plans tonight?

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Have you ever known anyone to be in a roll over accident?
How did it turn out?

I found out my friends were in a roll over accident in mexico last night. My close friend got airlifted back to az and is in critical condition. He has scull fractures.

I've never known anyone to be in an accident so bad like this before.

Is there anything I can do until i find out more info to keep myself sane?
What should i do? (is there anything i can do to help at all in this situation?

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what's the last meal you cooked?

and if you aren't a cooker type, what's the last thing you ate?

(mine to both: half-mashed potatoes with parmesan cheese, pork/mushrooms/green onions/garlic in olive oil and buffalo wing sauce stir fry)

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my ears are clogged up due to a cold. it's driving me fucking NUTS; everything sounds as if I have ear plugs stuffed into my ears.

what can I do to unclog my ears? I have tried the whole peroxide thing and it didn't work. I don't have the means to go to a store and buy ear drops (though I doubt those would work either).

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my mums mac is in "service" being mended. she took it to the geni bar friday & they took it away! when is she likely to get it back? WHAT WILL THEY DOOOO?

why is it SOOOOOOOOOOO cold every single day outside?

do you like oblivion? the game.

oh & i lost the game.

or better:

1. my mums macbook broke and was put into service friday. something about the hard drive. do you know what they are most likely to do to fix it and when she will get it back?
2. why is it very cold outside, every single day, where i live? is it the same where you live?
3. have you ever played Oblivion? (rpg for xbox & PC/mac)

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What is the last thing someone gave you?

My boyfriend's mom is going to give me her parrot Pancho! :D :D :D

ETA:  When I breathe in deeply or press on it, my stomach feels tight and hurts.  What is this, pregnancy, AIDS, death? 
po3 doll//calm

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What was the last thing you bought from the store?

How long do you think you could go without taking a shower?

Any idea why my laptop's wireless won't connect to the router?

What's your favorite community on LJ besides TQC?
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I have the news on right now and they're talking about Caylee Anthony. Her mother was indicted in September/October-ish for first degree murder, which sparked this debate:

Do you agree with charging and prosecuting someone for murder when there is no body, and thus no conclusive evidence of a murder taking place?

If you agree, why?

If not, how much of a body do you need to see before going forward? The whole thing? At least half of it? Is dental work left in a fire or a foot enough?
Crazy Delicious

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Has anyone here ever made frybread? Do you have any good recipes for it or know where I could buy some already made? (I'm craving it!)

How do you pronounce "syrup"? (I say see-rup, but I know a lot of people say sur-rup.)

What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday? (He loves 80s stuff, especially hair metal.)

(no subject)

Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day? If not, how many?

My doctor says I need to drink more, but I'm finding it really really difficult. Those of you who drink a lot of water - how do you do it?
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Let me preface this by apologizing for posting so close together.

Three of my guy friends say I should just come out and ask this dude if I'm wasting my time with him ("because a dude will appreciate your straightforwardness"). Two of my girlfriends say nay to this idea ("because it seems pathetic").

What say TQC?

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inspired by the post about the duggars:

I would like to have kids someday, no more than 2 or 3. I also want to be a foster parent.
Do you know anybody who takes care of foster children?
Do they also have their own children? If so, are they around the same age? I know sometimes people start fostering after their own children are grown, but that seems really far away. Do you think it would be difficult/problematic to have a household with foster children and biological children who are around the same age?
Etc: Graffiti: Woman-thing

iPhone/iPod Touch apps & games.

For those of you with an iPhone or iPod Touch: what are your favourite and/or most highly recommended apps and games (including those not found in the App Store). What do you like about them? What do you dislike?
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Who Would You Rather Be Friends With? Someone who is...

quiet, nihilistic, intuitively considerate, but ill-tempered
loud, socially alert, handsome, but callous
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The Girliest Taco

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Have you ever seen MTV's show "Exiled" (where they send a spoiled girl to some remote/not-super-privliged area of the world and force her to live with a family there)?

Does it piss you off as much as it pisses me off? I really just want to reach through the teleivison and punch these girls in the face.

If you haven't seen it, or don't care, how long would it take YOU to write a 7-page paper?