November 7th, 2008

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1. What was the last paper you wrote for a course about?
2. What did your favorite sheets from childhood look like?
3. Do you carry a Nalgene or some other sort of refillable water bottle, or do you use plastic ones?
4. How do you feel about holiday oreos? (red at Christmas, orange at Halloween, etc).

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2 questions! do colleges/universities generally do inter-library loans? if you go to one SUNY school, can you check out books at another SUNY school?

eta: thanks guys! i'm retarded and didn't notice the inter-library loan link on my library's site but i've got it all sorted now!

new question: now that i have access to a lot more books, can you recommend some good ones? i like harry turledove, dan brown, douglas adams, etc.

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clams on the half shell and roller skates, roller skates....seriously? WTF?

OK, sorry, I don't really know the song but it was on the radio today and I thought the line was funny. I honestly assumed that more people would know the song the line is taken from "Good Times" by Chic it was, apparently, done in like 79 or 80 here is the verse it's from-
A rumor has it that
It's getting late
Time marches on
Just can't wait
The clock keeps turning
Why hesitate
You silly fool
You can't change your fate
Let's cut a rug
A little jive and jitterbug
We want the best
We won't settle for less
Don't be a drag
Clams on the half shell
And roller-skates
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

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Which is your favorite country based on shape?
I think I like Turkey's shape best.

After a shower, do you prefer to be clean or squeaky clean?
(that's not to say one is cleaner than the other. just a matter of touch)
I prefer squeaky.

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On a scale of one to five (five being the worst): How bad is it that I tend to leave glasses of water around the house (overnight sometimes) and drink them the next day?

Who watches Grey's Anatomy/ Private Practice and feels kinda stupid for watching it, but love it at the same time?

What's your definition of a pervert? Aren't we all perverts in a way?

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1, when you make your dollar sign, do you put one or two lines through it?
2, how do you make your 'and' symbol? an ampersand, a plus sign, that thing that looks a backwards B with the vertical line in the middle?
3, do you cross your 7's and z's?

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Do you think if you had a swimming pool filled with Jello it would not be wise to jump in the deep end?

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to be surrounded by unusual substances? Examples?

-I often wonder what it would be like to swim in carbonated water.
buster WHAT

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Assuming you had the skills/knowledge/charisma to pull it off, would you want to be elected to the highest possible office? Why or why not?

Would you ever go into politics at all?

What kind of things would your opponents say about you or what skeletons would they drag out of your closet?

I know TQC is composed primarily of godless baby-killing gay sympathizers (myself included), so be more creative than that.
night porter


Do you use any Lush products regularly? Which ones? Will you tell me about them?

I love Ultra Bland and LemSlip and the Caca Rouge Henna and the Seanik shampoo bar. Anything else I should try? Stay away from anything?


Im planning my 21st and I want a theme/costumes! Something thats not super overdone, but something really fun, and that everyone can get into. I was thinking Disney, or childhood icons... I'd love to go as Captain Planet or something, but I really don't know! TQC can you give me good ideas for a theme? :)

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I have 537 704 1049 1249 1514 words, 1463 1296 951 751 485 left to go didn't ya know..

Can I do it by tomorrow (6 more hours)?
How long does it take you to write a 2000 word paper?

eta: 1915 DONE!!!!!
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Do you ever flip a coin to make decisions?

How often?

What was the last decision you made by coin flipping?

Alternatively, do you have any other arbitrary method of chance for basing decisions on?

I let quarters make all my muddled decisions for me.
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Oh dear TQC, help me!

I made a cake with ganache on it. It's a round cheesecake and right now I have it sitting on a plastic round sort of thing. I need to transport it tomorrow, how can I cover it? I don't want to do saran wrap because the ganache would get all over it, and aluminum foil would present the same problem. Also I don't have any tupperware containers that size/shape.
macaroni murder lady

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What exactly do you hate about Domino's pizza? Details are encouraged; hyperbole is required.

What is the name of your favorite nail polish color?

Was layaway a big part of your childhood holidays? Are you sad that it's out of favor now?

When will come back up, damnit?

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Have you ever made something that you use often, even though it's much easier to buy it from
the store? (ie makeup, clothing, bath soap/gel, and so on)

What did you make? How did you make it? Have any pictures you want to share?

Have you ever made your own lipstick or eyeshadow? I just found a kit online for $40 to make lipstick and it seems fairly cheap for making 20 tubes, but I'm afraid the end result isn't gonna be very good :\


I need to buy myself a new vacuum. I don't even know where to begin- I live in a 1 bedroom apartment, with wood floors, tile, and a fairly large area rug. I need a vacuum that works well for all of those. I have about a $100 budget.

So, TQC, what's your favorite vacuum?
i say, old bean

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how bad of an idea would it be if I just went back to bed and slept all day?
I have homework to finish and school in a few hours, but no ambition.

what would you like you spend your day doing?
are you able to do that?

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for those that play the sims and have acr: have you ever turned your back for a while, then looked back and found out that your sim who is in a committed relationship is now in love with two other people out of nowhere? THIS KEEPS HAPPENING TO ME. my sim is in love with her fiance's twin brother and also her best friend's fiance. WAY TO GO. i'm scared to check her memories and see if she woohooed with any of them. : \

for those that don't play the sims, should i eat now, or right before i leave for class? it's 8:15 right now and i leave at 10:40. i don't have anything else to do before then besides showering.

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So I saw this thread. I do not know much about breeders and the general ethics of dog breeding.

1. What are the breeds in a Maltipoo? Maltese and Poodle

2. What is the problem with a 'mutt' breeder vs. a 'purebred' breeder? Aren't purebreds susceptible to all sorts of congenital defects that mutts aren't?

3. Are all mutt breeders terrible people, or just maltipoo? Which kind of mutt breeders are ok?

4. Are the people in that thread being dog racists by association?

5. What constitutes 'improving the breed'?

6. Is this eugenics for dogs?

I'm learning so much about the world of dog breeding.

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Does anyone still buy a porno from a store when they can just hop online?

if you said 'oh the things that I would do to you' to someone, what would the things to be done be?

Why wont this girl let me see her webcam?

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Say that someone you used to be friends with wronged you in your past, to the point that you moved hundreds of miles away to get away from the backstabbing and drama that came with that situation, and all the people involed - you've deleted their phone numbers, deleted them from your facebook/myspace, and generally want nothing to do with any of them ever again. Say that months after you've moved, one of the two main co-conspirators friend requests you on FB, with a message that makes it sounds like she's forgotten anything ever happened between the two of you.

Do you hold a grudge and ignore it, or do you accept it? If you accept it, are there any conditions (i.e. you put them on your limited profile list or something)? Why did she even do this in the first place?

Are you generally the type that holds grudges, or are you a "forgive and forget" kind of person?

What is your pet's favorite (food) treat?

Should I have Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal, Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal, or a whole wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese for breakfast?!

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I have a terrible toothache and cannot get into the dentist for a while. Being that ibuprofen and the like are not working for me, I've decided to knock myself out for some temporary relief. What is the best way to reach my goal?

(no subject)

I'm feeling particularly sad today. So I want to do my hair and make-up to make myself feel perdy and boost my spirits. Problem is, my hair has two styles: straightened or in a ponytail.

What should I do with my hair? It's a shoulder-length grown-out pob, at the moment, and going to the stylish isn't an option today (she doesn't work again until monday)

Will you give me some good suggestions for a new hairstyle? Bonus points if you have step-by-step instructions for it.

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You can gain superhuman strength and the power to fly and x-ray vision. However, the procedure will cost you 35 IQ points. If you're a genius, you'll just be pretty smart, if you're very smart, you'll be average (or slightly below), if you're average, you'll become an idiot, but wow, will you have fun! Will you give up some of your smarts to get superpowered?

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Silly question...

1. For AIM, are you able to sign in with multiple screen names? I haven't used it in years, but I recall being able to do it before...

2. When you doodle, what shape(s) do you tend to repeatedly draw?

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Which is your favorite flavor of milk to drink?

Plain white
Other that I'll mention in a comment

Which is better to have with breakfast?


If TQC went out for breakfast at 7am on a Saturday, would you wake up early enough to go (assuming you don't work Saturday morning)?

What kind of toothpaste do you use?

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1. What are your three main watched TV channels? Favorite shows on each of them?

2. Whats something you're worried about right now?

3. How many people do you think will comment this?

4. What are some of your favorite songs?

T! Q! C!

1. What are some of your favorite THREE SYLLABLE cheers?
(like "U.S.A.!" or "YES WE CAN!" or "T! Q! C!")

2. What were some of the BEST meals your mom/dad cooked for you when you were a kid?

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should I go to work today? I had a day off yesterday but I hate my job and the idea of going today makes me angry. I also have not gone more than two hours once in the last three weeks without thinking "I'm just going to walk out and quit." I imagine if I go today, it will be that day.
Also, I originally got this job to pay the bills while I looked for a better job.
I'm only allowed three days out in a six month period before a formal meeting or some bullshit. This would be my second in less than two months.
Tell me NO so I don't feel like a slacker.

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Is it better to be someone who is always happy, cheerful, upbeat, and positive about everything


to be someone who is generally cynical, grumpy, and critical, but when you have a positive opinion about something, it really carries weight with others?


What movie genre do you wish would just disappear?

How do you take your tea and/or coffee?

Do you have life list of things you want to do before you die?

What is the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning?
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Does anyone have any idea where I could buy scents? I am wanting to make bath bombs as Christmas presents and I am looking for fruity and citrus-y scents. I dont want to use aromatherapy oils as they are all a bit flowery and herby, though ill probably use lavander, but I really want something zingy. I dont think I could use actual lemon or orange juice....... do you think zest would work? or would it go also wanting strawberry/apple/black currant type smells. ideas anyone?

(no subject)

If you live in Philadelphia.. what neighborhood do you live in.

If you don't live in Philadelphia (or even if you do) ...where do you WANT to live? If you had to live in another city, state, or country.
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I usually send a check to St. Jude's every month, but their phone calls are getting out of hand and I'm considering cutting them off. I've asked them repeatedly not to call, and said that I'd continue making donations via the web or snailmail, but it hasn't gotten through to them yet.

TQC, what charity should I donate to this month?
What is your favorite charitable organization?
Will they call me incessantly if I give them money?
Where do you volunteer your time?

important stuff

What is your goal today? , this week? ,this month? ,this semester/6 months? ,5 years from now?

How many times do you have to be told to clean your room? , your ears? ,your hard drive?

Can we?
The Receptionist Classic

Gobble Gobble

There are plans for a fake-Thanksgiving meal next weekend since we will not be in the country on the actual holiday. Now, TQC, this isn't going to be a huge affair, just a few people (8, tops). Would it be super tacky to get paper plates (the Thanksgiving or fall themed ones) instead of our standard, everyday Corelle?

Okay, there's a picture behind the cut of a dish pattern.
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Did you or anyone you know have these dishes?

We have 'em. My grandma has 'em. I LOVE them. (If you want to get rid of yours, let's talk.)
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1. Are you a "damn no good liar"?

2. Last pinata question, I promise! Target has some pinatas I like, but they seem to be completely stuffed with paper. How the fuck would I go about getting all the paper out? The whole is only big enough for like 4 of my fingers so I'm not sure how I would get all of it out of the bottom. I don't want to end up with a half candy/half paper pinata.
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34 12 5 yes

1. How many weddings have you been to?

2. How many funerals have you been to?

3. What's a good gift for a 5-year-old's birthday?

4. Have you gotten any strange/interesting/shocking news lately?
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I don't know how to say this without sounding awkward or perverted, but I'll try anyway:

Does anyone else think it feels really good to have stuff in their ears? Not like putting odd objects in them or anything, but Q-tips and the like?
jack ship

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I got a text message a few minutes ago from a number I didn't recognize (but the area code is my city, so there's a chance its someone I know) saying "what will yu do if i was in yer room, on yer bed. naked ? send to everyone in yer phone dhat is a freak nd cwhat freakie message yu quet back."

So I wrote back "Since I don't know you, it would probably involve mace in your eyes and me hitting you with a bat. But hey - whatever gets you off."

He/She texted me again said it was "mine bad" and asking if I was a girl or a boy.

Should I continue texting him/her? I have some good comebacks in mind, but I'm also considering that it could be a bad idea to mess with them since they have my phone number/the ability to call me at 4 a.m. and wake me up.
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do you, or have you ever, worked with someone who complains ALL THE TIME??

My co-worker has a problem with every one and every thing and feels the need to turn to me and complain every 15 minutes. (i.e. someone comes in to ask her a question about benefits, she rolls her eyes and gets mad when they leave, says they are stupid, or they are annoying, etc.... meanwhile she is the Benefits Administrator)

What should I say to her about this to get her to stop? Sometimes when I say things like this to people they come off really mean and I don't want to offend her... but seriously I'm ready to flip out!!!!

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At the end of August I got married, and I changed my name at the bank in September. I realized this morning that last night a check was made out to me with my maiden name. Can I just sign my maiden name to it and deposit it normally? I'm not sure how big of a deal would be made out of it all. Thanks!

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TQC, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you LOVE nakedtime? (1 being "I'm a NeverNude, and 10 being "I'd be nekkid all day every day if I could!")

What music do you listen to when you want to just chill and relax? Band names/songs, plz!

Wanna play drawmything with me? :D 7 player limit, hurry up folks!

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What's in a name?

Poll #1293257 Hypothetical for the ladies

Let's say your last name was Ball. You're engaged to a great guy. His last name is Sack. What will your name be, post-matrimony?

Mrs. Ball
Mrs. Sack
Mrs. Ball-Sack

Same situation as above, except your last name is Bull. His name is Dike

Mrs. Bull
Mrs. Dike
Mrs. Bull-Dike

Same situation as above, except your name is Bigg, and his is Kuntz

Mrs. Bigg
Mrs. Kuntz
Mrs. Bigg-Kuntz

Scooping cat litter options

I always used plastic grocery bags for dirty cat litter and would throw that away. But now I'd like to stop doing that as the stores are using less and less of the plastic bags so I don't get them as much as I used to.

Any other options for disposing of the dirty litter? I'm not talking about emptying the entire litter box, just the dirty clumps that is done on a more daily basis. Something to put the dirty litter into from the litter bos to the trash, and also so it's somewhat enclosed in a bag or something so it's less stinky.

I have to clean the litter box out every other day.

(no subject)

1:  What was the last thing you Googled?

2a:  What would you pay for a robot that would take your laundry to the laundry room, put it in the washer, add detergent, put it in the dryer, add the fabric sheet, then hang and fold your clothes BUT it's color blind and is unable to correctly measure the amount of detergent it adds?

2b:  Or would such a robot be a waste of money?
John Simm, Life on Mars
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Parsley tea is meant to be good for inducing your period.

Do you think it'd work if I added some carrots, onion, and maybe a little chilli? I think it'd be tastier as a soup.

(no subject)

what's your favourite kind of chocolate?

if you don't like chocolate, what's your favourite delicious treat?

do you smell bad right now? scale 1-10. 10 being smelliest.
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So I went and bought some knitting needles and some yarn and sat down to learn how to do it, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm stupid because I absolutely do not think I am doing it right. I watched a video on how to get started with a long tail cast on and I did everything it said. Then, it said, "And now pull through." And my brain exploded.

I know I can google (and have, hence finding the video, and I also have been looking on Craftster), but I want to know what worked for you guys. So.

Do you have any links to sites to learn how to knit? I have a small book but it is not super helpful, either.

Have you tried Pomegranate flavored Tootsie Pops? They are delicious, you should.
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Anyone here do astronomy?

I'm looking at buying a telescope for a physics nerd who enjoys astronomy on a hobby basis, for Christmas. Trouble is, I have difficulty knowing what a good one should have.

Is 114mm Aperture, 675x zoom good, bad or standard for telescopes? Can you recommend some basic standards I should look for?

Everyone else - favourite constellation?

Edited due to grammatical brainmelt. I blame exams.

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On a scale of one to ten (1 being roll out of bed and out the door, 10 being get up 4 hours early to do your makeup and make sure every last hair is in place) on a day to day basis how much effort would you say you put in to looking good?
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Don't you wish LJ had a feature that you can hover over someone's icon and select "save" for your own icons?!

What other feature do you wish LJ had?

I forgot to put on deodorant today. What did you forget today?
(I carry a spare in my purse for such occasions, but this is the first time I've ever needed to use it! haha)

What is something that you really really want to buy but can't justify it?
I hella want these sweats and these XX hi converse like zomg.


Whats your favorite dessert or snacky treat that you've invented?

I really love putting a spoon full of peanut butter and a hand full of chocolate chips in a bowl and sticking them in the microwave and eating with a spoon.
I also just found that cutting up reeses peanut butter cups and putting them in Snackpack Vanilla pudding is HEAVEN!

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Why does LJ not have global RSS options like Facebook and MySpace? Aren't we cool enough?

There are several feeds I'd like to add to my Flist but they don't have LJ RSS :p

Christmas Tree!

I'm already getting antsy to put up the Christmas tree. Maybe all the early marketing works after all! What's the earliest you've ever put up your tree? Have you ever left it up year round? I have not, but I saw one through a window a few weeks ago.

Do you enjoy the holidays? I do.

(no subject)

1. I'm saving up for something that's kind of a luxury item, at least compared to the function-only stuff I normally buy for this purpose. I've saved up enough money for it, but I keep getting nervous that I might need the $250 for something else, so I keep putting off actually buying it.

Do you have trouble spending a lot of money on one thing, even after you saved up for it? How do you convince yourself to finally drop the other shoe?

2. Collapse )

(no subject)

If you could only eat one food group for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

If you had more time in your day to yourself how would you spend it?

Will you should us a photo of the most unusual hairdo/hair colour you've ever had?
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The presents my boyfriend and I ordered for our anniversary finally arrived today (there was a delay in shipping, or something, so they didn't make it here for our anniversary - 3 weeks ago).

At the moment, I've hidden them in our bed, to suprise him when he gets home. Plus, our housemate is out for the night.

But, I could equally suprise him by hiding them in my handbag, picking him up for work, and taking him out to dinner.

What should I do? Wait til he gets home and lure him to our bedroom, or pick him up and suprise him with turkish and gift?

(no subject)

1:  What was the last thing you did that made you proud of yourself?

2:  Were you rewarded?

3:  What was the last thing someone else did that made you proud of them?

On the Bonnie Hunt show, a kid who is probably 8 years old gave another kid the heimlich maneuver and now he's being called a hometown hero.  Bonnie Hunt told him that he won a years supply of Dunkin Donuts (or something) and he was SUPER excited.  It was cute.
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(no subject)

Do you think you're smarter than the average person?
If so, why? Did you take an IQ test? Score all As in school?
Would you describe your idea of a person with average intelligence?

Chronicles of Narnia

1. C.S. Lewis put a lot of Christian themes into his books, but how different would his stories have been if he was a member of the Westboro Baptist Church? What differences would there have been in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

2. What differences in tLtWatW would there be if Lewis was a Scientologist?

(no subject)

TQC, this is my 14th day straight at work.  We are all very tired of being here, and very little work is being done.  What can I look at on the internet that isn't too image-heavy?  I've already read my flist, and the news, several times.

Today would have been my mother's 50th birthday if she was alive.  Do you think she's having cake and ice cream in hell?

ETA:  I can't add stumbleupon to my work computer.  otherwise I wouldn't have to ask what to read! 
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(no subject)

I might just chalk this up to cats being crazy, but I suppose that I should ask.

Almost every time before my cat starts eating, she will paw at the wall right above her dish. No matter where her bowl is, she'll do this. Keep in mind that we've only had her for about a month, and have no idea where she was before that.

What do you think TQC?

I can't help but think of Lost, in the polar bear cages - where they had to push a button to get their treats. Does stuff like that exist for cats?
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(no subject)

I'm looking for a slightly easier semester next spring. Which class should I take?

Introduction to Creative Writing - TR - 11-12:30
American Lit from 1870 - W - from 3-5:50

My schedule on Tuesday, as of this moment, is as follows:
1230-150 Class
2-5 class
6-9 class.

Also take into mind that I've already taken the higher level creative writings (it won't matter either way, as I love to write). I need a 3000 or 4000 level elective and both are 3000. I don't want to take either. I don't mind my schedule as is but I'd like to get out early on Wednesdays (or every day, though I can stay late once a week). IDK. What would you do?
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(no subject)

1. what order did you read the chronicles of narnia?
i went 2, 4, 5, 1....but i had to stop because the religious thing was getting to me.
never finished 'em.

2. have you played Hotel Dusk? Wouldnt that make a great mvoie?!
Let's play casting director. Youre in charge. Cast away.

(no subject)

What organisations are you a member of?

I'm more concerned about non-Internet stuffs...

Off the top of my head, I'm a member of the:
NUS (National Union of Students)
NUJ (National Union of Journalists Student Member)
SJA (St Johns Ambulance)
TAGB (Taekwondo Association of Great Britain)
(and the RAC if you want to include that...)


Bra question

So, tqc, I bought this bra a couple weeks ago and I just realized something today - on the inside of it there are pockets. At first I didn't notice them, but today I accidentaly saw it. It's, as I said, on the inside and covers about half of the cup on the lower side.

Did the manufacturers actually make this for me to stuff my bra?
Or do the pockets have an entirely different purpose, unknown to me?

(no subject)

1:  If you had $100 and you were forced to spend it for whatever reason -- you couldn't pay credit cards or save it, it has to go back into circulation -- what would you buy?

2:  If you could be eating anything right now, what would it be?  Pictures are a bonus as long as you tell us what it is.

3:  Why is TQC so slow?  Where do you think everyone went?  Non-srs answers of course.
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(no subject)

1. You find out that someone you've been friends with for years and care about deeply is a pedophile--they're not molesting any children or anything themselves, but they've got a large stock of cp on their hard drive. What do you do? Srs and non-srs answers welcome.

2. Do you think the Confederate flag is racist? Why or why not?

3. And if you really don't give a crap about the above questions, then what's a song I should download or a band I should look up? I listen to everything, so just name something you like a lot.
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(no subject)

Asking for a friend:

My friend just brought her dog to the vet.  They said his health was great except that he has tarter buildup on his teeth.  The vet told her he needed his teeth cleaned because supposedly the buildup of plaque under his gums will cause some of the plaque to break off and slowly block blood flow to his kidneys causing them to shut down in his old age.  They're charging an insane amount of money to get his teeth cleaned.

My questions for anyone would be:
1. What is the vet talking about with plaque causing his kidneys to shut down? Is any of it true?
2. If he does need his teeth cleaned, do I need to do it professionally or can I do it with over-the-counter dog toothpaste and bush and just try to do it regularly?
3. If he absolutely needs his teeth cleaned professionally, what is the ballpark figure for expense?
4. Do I just need a second opinion?

ETA:  My friend would like me to mention that my dog is only 4 and has never had his teeth brushed and this is the first time anyone has ever mentioned needing to have his teeth cleaned.

(no subject)

What's one of the funniest things you've heard someone yell on a talk show?

Just now:
Girl: It had BACON on it.

(omg edit. The girl is 14 and has had over 30 partners D:)


1. Would you rather be blind or deaf?

2. What are you excited about/looking forward to?

3. Was question 1 un-PC?

4. I made myself a hot milo like ten minutes ago before TQC distracted me and I forgot about it. Will it still be hot? I didn't use any milk, just boiling water.

5. I won't bother explaining the NZ high school system to yous, but basically I've already passed my last year of hs, and can get into university. Should I still take my exams? I really don't want to take some of them (eg. history, statistics) because I don't know wtf I'm talking about in either subject. O hai, 1935 declaration of independence. Why were you made again? I don't know. Anyway, this sort of talk makes my mum angry. Halp.

I'm in the comments.

Edit: The fact that I wrote 1935 instead of 1835 just proves my point, right?
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Funky Tut

Has anyone seen the touring King Tut exhibit that's in Dallas right now? If you've seen it, how was it? How much time should I allow if I go?

If you haven't been to see it,  do you like Egyptian stuff? Do you think you will go to see the King Tut exhibit?

What's your favorite trigonometric function?


Hunka hunka burning love(making parts)

They say that when your ears are burning, it means someone's talking about you. If your crotch is burning, does it then mean that someone's talking about your bedroom skills? Or is it an STD?

Bedroom skills. Enjoy the burn, you maestro of maneuvers you
STD. Consult a free clinic
It's actually the early signs of spontaneous combustion. Consult a parapsychologist
Think back. Was that bottle of hot sauce empty when you were using it for...'recreation'...down there?
It's Satan. Find Jesus ASAP
Bailey and I

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What person in your life annoys you the most?

My mother. Because she is absolutely insane, and she just insists its EVERYONE ELSE who is crazy and she is the only normal one.. And then continues on doing her crazy ass things.

What is the weirdest "flavor" item you have ever had?

Either dill potato chips OR ketchup flavored potato chips.

The Swing

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You are being forced to convert to a religion. If you are already religious, it has to be something different from what you practice. If you are an atheist, it can be any religion. Which do you choose?

ETA: If you are agnostic, it has to be a specific religion.

tell me what insight you would like about a hypothetical!

You are browsing through a musty used book store when you find a back room concealed by a crimson curtain. You slip into the room and notice that the only light is coming from the candles placed on a table in the center of a room next to a crystal ball. "Hello," says a voice behind you, and you jump in your skin, startled. You turn to see an elderly woman dressed in vibrant colors sitting in the corner, smiling. "This, my dear, is the Magical What If Orb of Amazingness," she explains. "You may ask it any one 'what if' question about the world and it will answer you with vivid images of a world that could be." She gestures toward the orb. "Try it," she says.

What do you ask?

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My iPod is dead >:| Now that the iPod touch goes up to 32gigs, I dunno what to replace it with.


iPod touch or iPod classic? Why?

All of my accessories are for iPod video 5+ generation, will compatability be a problem with either one?
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Will you link to this in your journals and help spread the word?

What are the laws, internationally, about gay marriage? Is it allowed in other countries? Is it not? Have you had personal experience with gay rights/gay marriage rights outside of the US?

Anyone else here going to be seeing The Decemberists in Philadelphia tonight?
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Are two bunches of hair on either side of the head "pigtails" ONLY if the hair is braided?

Yes. Hair must be braided for the term "pigtails" to be used.
No. "Pigtails" can just be two ponytail-like things, no braiding necessary. Note that this option does not exclude braiding--just doesn't require it.
No. "Pigtails" ONLY refer to two NON-BRAIDED groupings of hair, one on either side of the head.
I don't like any of your options so I'm going to comment with what I think "pigtails" are.

Can one wear pigtails at, say, the age of 19?

No. Pigtails do not belong on non-children.
I don't like any of your options so I'm going to comment with an answer.

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How pissed would you be if you purchased a ticket through Orbitz to get on a United Airlines flight and United wouldn't give you your ticket so you missed your flight and when you call Orbitz they say you were supposed to be on that flight but United still won't put you on another flight? 1=I'd be okay with that; 10=I'd be spitting venom.

Mean: 9.65 Median: 10 Std. Dev 1.06
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Say you have to choose a fast-food restaurant chain to cater at your wedding. Which do you choose?

which do you choose?

Jack in the Box
Burger King
Taco Bell
Mc Donalds
Carl's Jr
Panda Express
Panda Express
other fast food chain not listed

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The volume on my computer is all the way up. However, the audio on youtube videos do not work. Why not? It works for itunes and videos not viewed online. Youtube or hulu, for example, dont work. Whyyyyyyyy?

I just got a promotion! Yayayayayayayayyyy! Any tips on having a leadership role at work? What things did you superiors do that you appreciated/liked? What did they do that you hated?
i get the same ol' dreams.

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so, am i like, pretty? picture here. i'm on the left.

does expired hydrogen peroxide still work? i'm trying out that teeth-whitening trick and it turns out we haven't replaced our hydrogen peroxide in yeeeaaars. EDIT: it literally has an expiration date on it (2006 something).

who's cuter, JFK or barack obama?

why does my uterus have stabbing pains tonight? i am not on my period and if i'm pregnant i will have valid reason to start a religion.

does alaska take sarah palin seriously?
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You know how we're not allowed to ask about the bacos icon?
What other questions should be banned?
What other rules can we create in tqc for some lulz?
What is your opinion of tqc's rules and their application?
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I fail at the google.

Dr. TQC! (or, researchers of TQC!, whichever you prefer)

In the little pamphlet I have in my pack of birth control, it says:


2) Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses and notice a change in vision or an inability to wear your lenses, contact your doctor or health care provider."

I googled until my brain hurt to try and find out why this is/what causes this side effect, but to no avail. I don't wear contacts, so it's not a life/death situation, but I am insatiably curious....

TQC, why would birth control cause a female to not be able to wear her contacts?

If you don't care (or know):

What's your favorite part about staying in a hotel? Least favorite?


crossword without the crosses

Descriptive word for Southern (USA) accent?    _ _ _ _ _

What creature can survive being without water for 10 yrs, sent into open outer space and radiation 1K higher than any other known animal? (two words) _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _  or also known as (one word)  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What animal and fruit share the same name?    _ _ _ _

What is the world's most widely spoken constructed auxillary language? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sorry Edited to add "constructed".

My Answers Posted

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is amerature porn funny in its ameratureness?

Who has more work on a porn shoot? the camera man or the porn stars?

Have you ever been in a porno?

If you could be in one, what would you name it?

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What does it mean to be intelligent? What is intelligence? Does an IQ score mean anything?

Do other people think you're smart? Do you think you're smart?

How smart does someone have to be to be smart? Is there any possible objective way to measure this?
what now milo and kristen staring

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What's the name of that site where you can watch t.v. shows that you missed online? I believe it starts with an 's'.

For those who don't care, do you play minesweeper? Which level? What's your best time?

EDIT: Thanks guys! It was :) I'm still open for other suggestions, too, though!
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What's something ridiculous that you're afraid of?
I am absolutely terrified that when I look out of a window at night, I'll see a face peering back at me. I run past windows that don't have curtains on them.

What are you doing this weekend?
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I have absolutely nothing to do tonight. I have to get up moderately early tomorrow.

Should I go to bed soon (it's almost 9 here) or knock out a few thousand words of my NaNoWriMo novel?

What are you listening to?

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Do you know anyone that is dying of cancer right now?

My MIL called me and said her sister has cancer. Found a mass in her butt today.
Then, I went outside and my neighbor was all hysterical - her mother is dying of cancer and they were leaving to go say their goodbyes.

TWO! In like an hour. I'm so paranoid I have the cancer now.