November 6th, 2008

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Dear TQC,

So my friend "Scott" just got contacted by this girl I graduated with. She was in the Special Olympics at my old school. He has never heard of her before in his life, because he didn't go to my school. She randomly found him on MySpace and asked him if he wanted to meet. He said yes before he had any idea who she was. And then she wanted to know if he wanted to meet at her house. And then she wanted to know what he planned to wear.

...Halp, dear Question Clubbers? For the sake of my friend. What should he do?

hey you there, with the kids

Why did you take a pregnancy test? Missed a period? Or did something else feel off? 

I'm kinda thinking I could be preggers but only because I've been feeling nauseous for about a week and a half, especially when I lean over and my waistband presses into me. When I take a deep breath it feels like there's something... in there. Alien or bb whatchu think? My period comes whenever it feels like it so I'm wondering if anyone felt they were pregnant for other reasons.

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the other day i was having sex with my boyfriend and look out my window to see my neighbor peering across his yard and looking right through the window :/.

what is the most awkward thing that's happened to you while you were having sex?
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Which classic serial killer traits do you exhibit? How likely are you to become a serial killer?

Which classic killer signs do you exhibit?

intelligent, with IQ's in the "bright normal" range
do poorly in school, have trouble holding down jobs
come from markedly unstable families
abandoned by fathers and raised by domineering mothers
families often have criminal, psychiatric and alcoholic histories
hate their fathers and mothers
commonly abused as children — psychologically, physically and sexually. Often the abuse is by a family member.
have records of early psychiatric problems
high rates of suicide attempts


intensely interested in voyeurism, fetishism, and sado-masochistic pornography
More than 60 percent of serial killers wet their beds beyond the age of 12
fascinated with fire starting
involved with sadistic activity or tormenting small creatures

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Did you buy your November 5 local newspaper so you have that ~piece of history~ to hold onto?

I checked around 5 gas stations and 3 of them said they had sold out before noon. :(
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favorite christmas carol.

mine: I tend to lean towards the ones that don't have frosty or Santa in them because none of them really seem like they'd sound amazing when performed by a choir.

My favorites-
o come all ye faithful
oh holy night
do you hear what I hear
god rest ye merry gentlemen


edit: has anyone ever seen either Garfield's Christmas where John drags him to the family farm and he gets into all sorts of shenanigans there?

What about The Muppets Family Christmas where Fozzie drags everyone to his mom's farms and they get into all sorts of shenanigans as well?

Pee-Wee's Christmas special where Little Richard and Charro take part in all of Pee-Wee's crazy shenanigans?

Those three are a holiday must for my brother and I. Oh, nostalgia...
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TQC, why would I dream about shaving my hair off?

Have you ever had a dream where you were doing something you're pretty sure you'd never actually do in real life? If so, what is it were you doing?

(no subject)

I'm completley stumped and need some sort of logical input/advice.

Let me first say, I smoke cigarettes and have since I was 16. I met my boyfriend when I was 17 years old and he was 18 (I'm now 20, he's 21). He graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was a Cross-Country athlete. About 6 months to a year into our relationship, he started smoking pot. He dropped out of community college but continued to work at Starbucks. We've been in COUNTLESS arguments about his pot smoking and how I feel it makes him a complete moron and he's lost so much ambition, but he doesn't seem to care. All he tells me is that I smoke cigarettes so I should stop arguing about it. There have been countless times where he's told me he was so stoned, he shouldn't have drove but did anyways and almost got into a wreck. I'm not only worried about his wellbeing, but mine aswell. He's told me so many times that he was done smoking and he was going to start running again, but he would start right back up because he "likes the high". We now live in San Diego, and before we left, he bought 1/4 ounce of weed, when I thought that this move would distance himself from the people that got him into smoking and help motivate him to stop. I just found out he's not happy down here and wants to move back up and wants to convince me to move into an apartment with him and his friend that got him smoking pot, which I will not do at all.

The reason I am so against marijuana is because I see what it did to me and my family. I almost dropped out of school in the 10th grade because of it, I sold it and put myself and my family in danger.

What I'm basically asking for is some advice on what to do and how to approach it. There's only so much of this I can take. If he ends up moving in with his friend and wants me to, I will seriously consider ending the relationship because there will obviously be no progress, and I will be put in an even MORE uncomfortable position because I absolutley cannot stand his friend. Would I be in the wrong to do that? What do I do?!

at the end of my tether

Dear TQC,

So, I have an essay which is ever-so-slightly overdue. Every time I sit down to write it, I find myself absolutely seething with rage. I hate the author; I hate the topic; I have nothing to say, and it makes me so incredibly angry. I mean, I swear at the computer, I will actually tear my hair out, I will cry. I am just so damn angry with it. The file itself is named "f**king f**kface essay". And I'm not a swearing person.

What do I do?? All I've come up with so far is "F***K I HATE THIS".

I'm really not used to a) being this angry or b) having this much trouble writing. Seriously, it's like pulling teeth, and I'm getting nowhere except exceedingly angry.

What do I do? This essay is all that stands between me and completing this paper.

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TQC, which one of these sounds the most interesting? I have to write a six page paper on one of the following tonight:

1) Thomas Kuhn argues that scientific knowledge does not grow in a clearly cumulative manner over time as we may be inclined to believe. What is his explanation of the growth of scientific knowledge? How does that position relate to, if it does at all, Sandra Harding's feminist critique of science?

2) What is substance dualism, and how does it occur in the Cartesian theory of mind? Assuming that you will either agree or disagree with Descartes on this matter, can you define and argue your own position regarding the relationship between mind and body?

3) According to Karl Popper, we live in this world by "trial and error," meaning that we assume and live our life by conjectures until they are successfully refuted. If Popper was right, then imagine this situation: a person, P, believes that little people should be killed and eliminated from the world. Not only does he believe that he is right, but he also believes that he should start such elimination. Should he be allowed to carry out his belief so long as no one refutes his belief? And what if he rejects such refutations to be unconvincing, on the basis that they are too only conjectures, and therefore not any better than his own?

similarly, do YOU believe that little people should be killed and eliminated from the world?

and also, is it too early for a christmas icon?
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How bad of an idea is it to go for a walk on campus at 3:15 in the morning? It's been ingrained into me that it isn't safe, but it seems like it wouldn't actually be that unsafe.

I just need to get out and do something and a walk is the only thing I can think of.
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1. If you hit your elbow, knee, toe, et cetera on something do you say OUCH, even if it didn't hurt?
I just noticed I do that.

2. When you drink a cold beverage in a glass do you like to have ice in it or not?
I like lots and lots of ice.

3. What do you have a problem with?
My tooth, it's sore.

EDIT!!! You guys won't believe what just happened, LOL! I made chili for dinner tonight, Vin, my boyfriend was putting some on his plate and hit his hand on the salsa jar and said OW! I was like, *you have no idea how hilarious it is that you JUST said that!!!!!!!!!!*

Should I apologize to my professor?

Should I apologize to my professor?

Yesterday I came into his office asking some math questions--they were more proof-oriented. Anyway, he wasn't able to answer them, really. He just went around in circles, and he even said, "I know my explanation's not that good." But I honestly didn't mind. It wasn't required to know this stuff and I was curious. I feel like he was really self-conscious about not knowing the answers, and that he felt bad about himself. At the end, he even apologized for not helping me, but I told him he did.

Anyway, in the past I've always been told that since I have such excessive questions that I should research them first and not burden people with them. In the middle of one of my questions, I told him, "I really should have researched it first, huh?" And he replied, "Ok, ok. I can read between the margins." He probably thought I was saying that he was incompetent. I told him, "Oh, it's just that I feel like I always bother people with questions and I should just research it."

I could tell that he felt really bad, though, but maybe I'm just too sensitive. What do you think? Should I apologize to him today and tell him what I really meant by that comment? That I've been told that I should research them before, and I didn't mean anything by that? I just feel bad when I feel like I hurt people's feelings.
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non relationship question!

I was at work today and we have an "Employees Must Wash Hands" sign in the bathroom, as most places of business (especially food service)

Now, I'm wondering... are those signs seriously for the employees to remind them (because washing your hands after using the bathroom, let alone a public bathroom, should be common practice right?) or are they for the patrons to have peace of mind that the person handling their food has washed their hands after those hands have handled their naughty bits.

I'm really hoping it's the latter, but what's your opinion?

If you went to the bathroom at a restaurant and didn't see that sign, would you notice and think twice about that establishment's sanitation standards? Or would you just be too hungry to care?
Bert Shocked

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If you enjoy having sex with someone dressed in an animal costume while you yourself are not dressed in any costume, does that still make you a furry?  or some sort of bi-furry ?   or just bi-furious?

(no subject)

While studying for my exam on eating disorders, I came across some information. My class notes claim that a healthy weight range is the same for small, medium, and large frames. But, the gym that I go to has a poster up on their wall that specifically categorizes weight by height and frame size. These weights vary by 10 to 15 pounds when looking at the larger frames. Am I missing something here? Who is right, tqc?


In the middle of the night my phone woke me up. I assumed it was my alarm clock so I pressed all the buttons in a haze to make it stop and put it back on my bedside table. Then I heard a voice saying "hello?" from my phone, so I realized it had been someone calling. I hung up and fell back asleep. When I woke up I had a missed call from the same number. The number had a different country code (I'm in Norway) and when I googled it this morning, THERE IS NO COUNTRY WITH THAT AREA CODE. :/ +78.

So what was this, am I forgetting something vital about phone numbers or was this myself calling from the future or some scary shit like that?

ETA I called back and I got "this number is not in use". :( I feel like I'm in Lost Highway.

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How often do you wash your jeans?
Honestly, it's pretty rarely...They're so uncomfortable after you wash them

My professor is an *interesting* guy to say the least and mentioned that:
Once you start noticing flaws about your SO, you no longer love them.
Do you find this to be true?
Is that even possible?

What was the last crazy thing someone said to you?
olive srsly?

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I got the following text message at 4:15am and 5:15am:

"Attention: All white people must report to the cotton fields tomorrow at 6:30am for orientation. Thank You, Obama"

Did you get this too?
What's the last creepy text message you received?

Anyone else having trouble with the Gmail server?
Apparently, once you ask a question on TQC, the TQC Gods fix the problem to make you look bad. It'd been down since 10pm last night and the minute I ask TQC, it's fixed!

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**Edited scenario 2 for clarity**

Scenario 1: You're a pretty strict vegan and someone thinks it's funny to put beef broth (but not enough to strongly impact the flavor) into your mushroom soup. You don't realize it when you're eating, but you find out later that they did this to you. How upset would you be? What would you do about it (confront the person, just stop talking to them, you wouldn't be affected...etc)?

Scenario 2: You aren't the vegan, but you know the vegan and you heard this person making jokes about it at work. At this point, the vegan has no idea that beef broth was put in the soup. The non-vegan has a history of being rude, condescending, and cruel to people so you don't really care about protecting her reputation. Would you tell the vegan what happened or would you consider it none of your business?

Cowboy Ew


Whats the latest you can buy beer/wine/liquor where you are? Where are you?

2am is the cut-off, California

It blows my mind that in some places you can't buy it after 6pm!

(no subject)

I've decided to take a "personal" day, as my roommate calls it. What am I supposed to do today then, since I'm not leaving my apartment? TQC all day? Watch TV? Would doing homework on such a day be the complete opposite of what I'm supposed to be doing?

(no subject)

1.) Do any of you own the game Mirror's Edge? If yes, do you recommend it? I played the demo last night and I think I want to buy it.

2.) Has anyone started their holiday baking yet? I made gingerbread cookies last night.


I need pictures of teenage guys who are poorly dressed. i.e. unbuttoned shirts with chest hair showing, stubbly faces. Just generally sloppy people.

I got some good ones from facebook and google image search but I need more.

Any suggestions as to where I could find such pictures?

Job hunting

Dear TQC, yours truly is looking for a job. A company says that I would be a great fit at their firm (based only on having my resume), but that they perform background checks on all potential employees and they want $10 to cover part of the expenses of that. Is this a scam? I've never heard of a legitimate employer doing that. I need a job pretty darn bad, but I don't want to get scammed out of $10.

What do you think TQC?

(no subject)

Hey guys...

This might be slight TMI but anyway.. I have peely feet, and in the winter they get quite sweaty (even when they are cold) . Do you know of any socks i can buy that will help whisk away the sweat???


I ordered 2 pairs of shoes yesterday. They are set to arrive today and according to UPS they weigh 13 lbs. Does this seem like an awful lot to you?

If you were to take the 2 heaviest pairs of shoes you own, how much do you think they would weigh?

How do I know if he really loves me?

TQC, I am about to explode because of my feelings toward someone. How can I know if he likes me back?

The facts:

- until just three days ago he lived in a city an hour and a half away, and if he came into the city he would make time to see me if I asked him if he wanted to get together even though he was only here for a short while

- we always see each other one-on-one

- he spent the night at my apartment when I offered

- he insists on paying for my food/drinks when we go out to eat

- he always talks about how "alone" he is

Yet he has made absolutely no moves. He just tells me to "keep in touch". He is not entirely over his ex-girlfriend. He talks about her all the time as well.

So are there high odds that he is interested in me or is there a chance that he thinks of us as "just friends"?


My next door neighbors, who are good friends of ours, just had their baby on Monday and are coming home from the hospital today (cesarean section). We've been watching their cats and I decorated their house a little with (easy to clean up) things celebrating "It's a girl!", etc.

However, I want to do more. I'm a professional photographer so I already know I'll be doing newborn pics of Baby Emily (per their request), and I have also photographed other major milestones (her pregnancy, their wedding) free of charge.

But I want to give them a USEFUL gift that won't break the bank. Any ideas?

I know she's breastfeeding. She's also not likely to go back to work, but they aren't loaded. Her husband has to go back to work (new job) TOMORROW.

Offering free babysitting isn't really much of an option as I'm clueless as how to care for newborns, both my husband and I being only children who weren't surrounded by younger cousins etc, lol.

I'm not a member of any parenting communities, as I don't believe I want children. Moms and dads, what would YOU have liked to have done for you and baby when you first came home? I'm super excited for them and want to help them make this transition as easy as possible!

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Inspired by Hushmydarling's post...

How old were you when you left home? Are there any reasons why you stayed as long (or as little) as you did?

At what age do you think kids should leave home? How old is too old?

Should all university students live on campus, even for just a semester?

I left when I was 19 to go to University out of town, returned at the age of 22. Currently 23 and living at home in one of the most expensive cities in Canada. It's not unusual in this city at all.

My boyfriend's brother is 30 and living at home, I consider that too old!

Depends on the person, I guess? I do think they should live away from home though for the life experience.
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why does everyone in TQC have shitty boyfriends now?!

will you tell me something you like about your SO?
if you don't have an SO, you can pretend. or tell me something you find nice about not having one.

(no subject)

If your 10 year old child came home and told you they were very disturbed/intimidated because of what they overheard their classmate(s) saying about the president-elect (he'll take away recess, he held a gun to his wife's head, "if someone doesn't kill him, I'll grow up and do it myself", etc.), what would you do?

feel free to change "movie" to "t.v. show".

What movie would you NOT want to find yourself in the middle of?

I had a dream I was in one of those "the government is distributing vaccines to protect us but oh no the shots are really turning us into zombies and no one believes me" movies. As much as I like this particular genre, I woke up SICK to my stomach...and a little scared. :P

What movie would you WANT to find yourself in the middle of?

sexy-time related

My boyfriend and I have pretty great sex, but I am too quiet, as in I don't make ANY noise. He claims it doesn't better him but it bothers me because I know his former girlfriends were most likely louder. When I have the urge to make noise I start to think about it and don't. How can I get my self to express my feelings during sex?

Also I tend to tell him to stop when I get really close to the "point of no return" how do I get myself to let him get me off?
Mitty box

(no subject)

TQC, where is my check book? I need to pay my water bill! It's due tomorrow! Should I just put $34.68 into an envelope and drop it off instead?

Should I walk to the park with Noah today? It's .9 miles each way. The ground is still a bit wet from the rain yesterday, but it's 70 out right now with a high of 76 today.

Want a piece of my Bob Barr cake? It's delicious!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Should I make cookies today?
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tqc, I've done something not so clever...

see, I found this automatic journal updater on the net, and so I used it, thinking that this was way too far from what I normally post for anyone to think it was serious.
thing is, this really nice girl (who I don't know irl) has thought it was real and I don't know how to tell her that it was a joke without sounding like a complete jerk.
this is the link, fyi.
so, basically, my question is, do I:
a.  not mention it
b. tell her and apologise

oh, and I just added in the thing at the bottom which links to the site. I think the problem might have been that I left that off...

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What is a reasonable price for a pair of jeans for you?

When you go clothes shopping do you plan out what you want to buy and how much you want to spend or do you just try on and purchase whatever catches your eye?

I must have sex on the mind

I'm on a search for a new sex toy my bf jokingly said I should get him one of those masturbation toys for guys (like the fake pussys and stuff).
1. I am looking for something that can stimulates the clit and penetrates, recommendations?
2. Do you know any guys who've used toys like I mentioned above? Do they like? Should I get my long-distance boyfriend something?

(no subject)

How do you like your fries?

I like mine twice-fried...when they lightly fry them first and leave them to drain until a customer orders, and then re-fry it so it's super-crispy and cooks really fast.

(no subject)

What glow-in-the-dark things do you have in your house? I have some planet stickers on my bedroom wall (the kids decorated for me), a few glow in the dark stars among my craft supplies, and a plastic glow in the dark jellyfish!

Do you ever sleep outside in the summer when you're at home? If you don't because you can't where you live, would you if you could? Where/how do you sleep when you do? A hammock, sleeping bag on the lawn, the roof, etc.

(no subject)

1a.) Where is the most memorable location you've ever been?
1b.) Why is it so special to you?

2.) Do you keep some things for no other reason than you just don't want to get rid of them even though you most likely will not use them? (i.e. toys from childhood)

3.) Will you describe the perfect mate?
Durrr? - Soraki

(no subject)

Hi. First question here.

I'm applying for a grant from my school so that I may make a short film. The highest they've ever awarded is $5000, but I know I have no chance of getting that. As a student I know how to keep my costs very low, but I don't know how much money it would cost to make a 20-30 minute video. Does anyone have any experience with a low-budget project of that size? Thanks for the help.
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(no subject)

The other day, I went out with a friend of mine to a bar. This friend was my high school best friend, and he and I dated for a short while way back when. Our relationship ended when he went to college and I was left behind in high school.

My colleague just asked how my boyfriend felt about this meeting. I told my boyfriend about it before it happened, and he honestly doesn't care. Now my OTHER colleague is saying that my boyfriend's lack of jealousy is a problem.

Should he be jealous that I got drunk with a man I used to date? (I'm not asking if he should have stopped me, because that would have resulted in him getting his ass dumped, but asking if his complete nonchalance should be something I should worry about.)

Would you be jealous in this situation?

(Honestly, I'm just annoyed with them. But I want to see what TQC thinks. Feel free to ask any questions that would help you reach a conclusion.)

(no subject)

should i go to the macy's thanksgiving day parade with my boyfriend or should we spend thanksgiving morning/afternoon with my family?
should i just go watch the balloons be inflated the night before?

have you ever seen the parade in person?
if not, do you want to?

i haven't, but i've always wanted to!

Why do I have such bitchy co-workers?

Following my previous post, I have a follow-up bitchy co-worker question?

Scenario: There is a co-worker who has poor hygiene. He tends to smell, wear the same clothes for a week, and has bad flatulence. Instead of going to a manager with her concern, you notice one of your other co-workers (who practically bathes in perfume, which in my opinion is just as bad as the smelly guy) takes out a bottle of perfume and starts spraying the bad smelling co-worker unbeknownst to him.

Would you be offended by this person spraying the other person? What would you do?

Would it be wrong to confront the person and tell her that there are more appropriate ways to deal with situations like this, or would you go to your manager and report her for spraying this guy?
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

After some extensive, bored research, I have found 4 personas one might have - which of these fit you the most? Are you most like a witch from the era of the Salem Witch Trials, a vampire, or a werewolf? 

(please note that I did this with just basic googling and am not saying you're anything or making a joke about anything - kthx)

Are you a Salem Witch?

Talk to yourself
Don't go to church or go to the wrong community church
Speak French
Defend accused persons

Are you a vampire?

Irritable and moody
Trouble concentrating
Slowed motor-function
Easily ill
Diminished Neurological Function
Psychological disturbances
Trouble with personal relationships

Are you a werewolf?

Hairy palms
Uncut left thumbnail (looks like a claw)
Slanted eyebrows
Long third finger
Small ears
Strangely compelling eyes
Feeble vision
An unnatural dread of all water
Always thirsty

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(no subject)

How often do you think is bordering on too often to ask a babysitter to babysit? Especially asking those who do babysit, what your limit is before you feel exhausted for being asked?

Separated by a SRS DASHED BOUNDARY to keep the thoughts completely separate. haha

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(no subject)

I was talking to my friend about her home made chili today.  She said that she puts pico de gaillo and sugar in it (among other usual chili ingredients).  I've never heard of anyone including those ingredients.  I've never tasted her chili but it sounds good.

1:  Do you have any recipes where you add something special that usually isn't found in it?

2:  Can you post the whole recipe including instructions, measurements, and people served?

help TQC

So, I just got accepted into SVA which is an art school and I already know I am going to need student loans. The tuition just for this year is going to be 37k, after financial aid. I am going to need a really good loan before december. I have been looking online but most of them say that the 37k is going to turn into 100k which is definitely not good considering I am going to need loans all 4 years and my grades are not good enough to get scholarships yet. My parents wont be helping.
Where did you get your loans and how much did you get?
Made by LuKaZ

Landline texts?

The other day I received a 'landline text' to my home phone from a friend's cell phone. I picked the phone up and got a computerized voice with a message (read in the computer voice, creepy) from one of our friends.

Do all cell companies do this, or is it a specific carrier? How long has this been going on?

I do not own a cell phone, so I wasn't aware this was available, and thought it was totally creepy.

Also, did my friend not realize the number she was texting was our home phone, or do you think this was on purpose? It was a generic, "hey, how's it going" message.

Do computerized voices creep you out like they do me?
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Do you feel like shit? I still feel like shit! Do you want to talk about it?

My *matchmaker* just gave the cute guy who comes into my job my phone number.
Is it normal that I feel sick to my stomach about this happening?
I haven't been on a date in seven years...what's a good first date option?

(no subject)

Poll #1292590 What should I bake today on my day off?

What should I bake today?

Peppermint Pattie Brownies
Peanut M&M Cookie Bars
Mound's Cookies
Chocolate Chip Scones
Pecan Shortbread Cookies
dave grohl

(no subject)

Gentlemen (and ladies who like ladies) of TQC is the underwear that your lady friend wears of any great importance?

Poll #1292457 Pants!

What sort of underwear do you prefer on the lady friend of your choice?

Sexy, slutty red and black lace.
Sexy, understated white lace
Attractive but functional cotton (any colour)
I dont care too much but bra and panties MUST match
I dont care so long as there are no cartoons on her knick knacks
I dont care if they match/if there are cartoons/what colour they are so long as they are not skanky
i ONLY date chicks that go commando
ANYTHING except grey granny pants
WHO CARES? they are just going to end up on the floor!
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

My friend was regaling to me that other day of another one of her drunken adventures, and she told me that she drunk dialed her father. When I commented on how awkward that must have been, she told me that she drunk dials her dad all the time.

Do you regularly drunk dial your parents? Have you ever drunk dialed you parents?
anontang DA

(no subject)

My professor just said that in the Netherlands, you can order a joint at a restaurant. Also, if you're a heroin addict, they'll give you the drug for free, along with clean needles and physicals. Whoa.

Ruth Etting
  • wu_chan

(no subject)

I am the new landlord of a house, and the tenants of two rooms had reported that they weren't getting much heat to their rooms. Yesterday my handy-man found three garbage bags full of packing peanuts in the ducts. We could only remove one of them, because the other two are at least 20 feet away from the nearest access point.

How did they get there, and why?

Srs and nonsrs.

(no subject)

When you were little, what did you like to color? Did you prefer a blank sheet of paper or ones where you fill in the lines? What was your favorite coloring book?

Assuming you aren't an artist or an aspiring artist, do you still like to color? What do you like to color? If you are an artist (drawing or painting), have you wanted to do this since you were little?

Will you color something and share it with the class? ;-)

ETA: I love coloring. Right now I'm coloring in a book called "Ruth Heller's Designs for Coloring Cats". It has a bunch of psychedelic looking designs of all different kinds of cats. I colored this one recently for my boyfriend:

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(no subject)

OK. I've been crying (long story short, I can't afford college and I might fail and get held back a year because of one class). I have to leave for work in 10 minutes, but I don't want my coworkers to know I've been crying. My eyes will stay red and puffy for a long time.

Should I just put my glasses on instead of contacts and say allergies?

Call off and claim a death in the family?

Better ideas?


I was listening to our local radio station today on the way home from work, and they were talking about internet/text message/email pet peeves. So this one lady calls in and says she hates "lol" and says that they are working on banning it and trying something else.. like.. "faf" (Funny as Fuck)
She sounded like she was in her 30's or 40's. and i'm thinking.. is she for real? I personally don't think "lol" is THAT bad unless someone says it all the time IRL.

So.. do you think someone could successfully ban "lol" from the internet?
Isn't "faf" the craziest thing ever?
Do you think her age has anything to do with how weird this is?
Would YOU want lol banned from the internet?

And as a side note.. what are your internet/text message/email pet peeves?


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1:  If someone you liked suddenly started to hate you, would you try to win them back or sulk alone and try to forget the person?

2:  If you have heartburn and a headache, would you try to sleep or go outside for fresh air?

3:  What was the last thing you did/said that made someone question you?

4a:  Do you ever write/blog about your dreams?
4b:  If you do, would you be open to copy/pasting it the most interesting one here?
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Opinions on this laptop?

I'm going to be purchasing a laptop soon. I've never owned one before, so I don't know exactly what I should be looking for in one. I don't do any gaming, but I do a lot of video watching, video editing, and downloading.

Any advice/suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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If I asked Charles Manson to speak at my college serial killers club, do you think he would do it?

Don't answer that question. Actually, what I wanted to know was, what was that song they played after Obama gave his victory speech? Some kind of latter day Springsteen hit?

What song did you herald the victory with? I played Sly Stone's "Stand" at home. At the Seattle street party, they played "Don't Stop Believin'".
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I'm thinking about joining a club on campus STEPS, students teaching equals positive sexuality.
they have an interview process for people who want to be members.

what kind of questions will they ask?

if you don't know or don't care...
what's your favorite restaurant?
what do you usually order?

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For those/any of you who suffer from chronic pain, how did you come to terms with this?

What do you do to cope? Copious amounts of painkillers? Alcohol? A combination of the two?!

Should I bake myself cupcakes tonight to help cheer myself up?

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My period has lasted for 10 it likely to go away anytime soon?!

I missed an important appointment this morning because I am in fact, an idiot. What's a really good believable excuse as to why I couldn't make it?

# of kids

A government mandate was put into place that couples could only have two biological children. If they wanted more they would be allowed to adopt. There would many home visits and background checks. People who already have more then two would have to stop at the number they have.

How would you react?

How would it affect you?
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Hey guys.

What's a social justice issue you could design a magazine issue around? Not the magazine, but an issue of a magazine. Like, a main topic, I guess. I'm just looking for some ideas. Thanks. =)

EDIT: Thanks for all the suggestions! Have a lot to choose from.
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are you familiar with those really stupid "you know you're from _______ when" lists?
will you post one about your city?

ETA: where are all my buffalo people??!
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no whining allowed

How much do you complain (about anything)? 1=NEVER; 10=every time I open my mouth

Mean: 5.78 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.18

If you answered anything besides 1 to the question above, do you think that you could go the rest of your life without complaining?

no way
sure. piece of cake.
yes, of course, but it would be difficult.
I answered 1.

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If you are really craving food from a specific restaurant, but you can't find anyone to go with you, would you go to that restaurant by yourself?

On a related note, does anyone want to go eat with me at Pei Wei in Round Rock, TX?

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my touch pad on my laptop is not functioning properly.

the thing that makes the page scroll down when you slide your finger on the side of the touch pad has somehow been disabled. its incredibly annoying.

im not computer savvy at all...someone please help me! how do i turn it back on???

ive got an Acer Aspire 5610 (Windows, obviously)

EDIT: nevermind. i fixed it.
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What is the latest UPS has ever delivered something to your house?

EDIT: Since everyone is answering this the wrong way anyway, what is the last thing that was delivered to your house by UPS/FedEx/whatever?


I will be studying abroad in London for 9 days in March.  This is my first trip out of the states.  Is there anything I should know?  Do you have any suggestions or tips?  I really appreciate it!

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Computer/MP3 player help needed

I just bought a Sandisk Sansa E250 MP3 player. There was a power surge yesterday and it blew the power supply on my computer, so I'm using my boyfriend's computer for the moment. His computer is still charging my MP3 player, but it will not recognize it as a device. It's really annoying because I can't add music to it, and some of the files keep telling me to synch up with the computer. Is there anything I can do about it? Thanks in advance.
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If you have worked at UPS as an package handler, how did you like it? Your experiences?

If the above question doesn't apply to you, what was the last job position you applied for? Did you get the job?
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Making Friends

For the first five years of my adult life, I had a ready-made group of friends wherever I went; such is life in the military. Since then, I've felt like I don't know how to make friends without that kind of pre-existing common identity. For several years after I got out, I had no friends. Now most of my friends are people I play World of Warcraft with. I had this brilliant idea that I'd organize a local guild and play with a bunch of real-life friends. It's actually worked out pretty well – maybe too well. Once again, I find my friendships dominated by a group of people with a pre-existing common interest.

I want to make friends with people who are different. People who can make my life interesting with new ideas and activities. How do you do that?
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1. My hair smells gross. It just gets stinky. I wash it everyday, I don't use products (though sometimes I use some creme shit, but it doesn't impact the smell.) My hair is naturally oily, but clean and the rest of me is not smelly so I don't know why it smells! Does your hair smell funky? How can I get my hair to stop smelling funky?

2. What's the most appalling thing your friends have ever done? My friend just let my other friend pierce his mouth shut D:
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Suppose a person who had barely ever listened to Kanye West and had zero knowledge of Kanye's discography wanted to listen to some Kanye West.

What would be the song or album that person should start with?

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Why do I have such a love for deep voices in songs? Like not if it's all throughout the song really, but when it's interjected/certain lines or parts.

Like in the "I'm Alright" The background singer (I don't believe it's Loggins, but I don't know who) goes "dup dup dupdupdup!" and such. Or in when I was younger and watched "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego" my favorite part of the theme was the guy who sang "Carman Sandiego!" really deep.
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For a friend


You are an employer and really like a candidate. You are thisclose to hiring her. You run a background check and it turns up that she has a suspended license. Assuming she has reliable transportation, do you hire her anyway?
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Hey TQC~ I'm 25 and I still don't have my driver's license. I've been meaning to get it for years and have just not gotten around to it for several reasons. Anyway, I'm currently employed doing ABA/DTT therapy with children with autism for a local school district and while I love my job and the pay is good, the hours could be more substantial (ie 28.75 versus a normal 40). So, I've been looking into applying to other districts or private companies. The private company avenue seems to be a good one, however, they require a lot of commuting to various sites (children's homes, schools, group homes, etc) and some of the requirements are a driver's license, insurance and a good driving record. Now for my question, how long does it take to establish a "good driving record"? Like could I get my license in two weeks then apply in the summer and be confident that my driving record would be perceived as "good"?
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Financial woe is me.

Tqc, I racked up 184 bucks in overdraft fees this past weekend (I only actually spent about 20 dollars more than I had.  Damn fees).  Tomorrow is pay day.

I have two bank accounts with Wamu.  One is my personal account that is overdrafted beyond belief, and the other being a joint account among my uncle, sister, and I.  It is not over drafted.

Should I be good and put all of my money into my account and have almost no money for the next two weeks?  I feel like I should do this because I need to pay for my mistakes, but I also feel like eating and paying my bills on time.

Or should I be a cheater put it into the other account (and about 90 in my own to pay off some of those fees) so I will be able to live?
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Okay, we all know the lawn mower, the sprinkler, and the q-tip. What are some other less well known, dorky dance moves?

Bonus points for videos, extra bonus points for videos of yourself!

Collapse )
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Do you have a paid account?

If so, why do you have one?  What features could you just NOT LIVE WITHOUT??? D:

If you could get a paid account on the stipulation that the money you paid for it had to go to fund ONE SINGLE FEATURE of lj, what would that be?