November 5th, 2008


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guys, my entire family are raging republicans. i am a libertarian but i support obama more than i support mccain. tell me, how crazy am i going to go from listening to my family bitch endlessly about obama? i wish i had a lot of vodka. D:

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Did you notice that the people at the Obama rally (...I'm not sure what to call it) applauded for McCain, while the people at McCain's rally booed Obama?

Does that say something?
If McCain won and Obama lost, would it be the other way around?

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What do you find yourself talking about/discussing most of the time?

Also, don't you hate it when you're sleeping, it's super cold, you're wrapped in a comfortable warm blanket and suddenly you have toilet urges?

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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Just because I want to add to the election MADNESS..

Do you also think it's hilarious that almost every single question on this whole page of TQC is about the election? Do you also think it's awesome? :D

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I am confused. If you choose standard shipping and it says 5 days does that mean it will be there in five days?

I really don't understand. I need these books soon and so I picked two day shipping but the delivery estimate is November 13th. HALP?

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1. What did you think of the speech?
2. I have to work at 5am.. should I just pull an all-nighter?

I have to work at 6 actually, but I have to get up at 5 to do that. I got up at 8am today, worked from 12-7, went straight to the polls to vote, and got home around 8. Also, it is 12:23am for me right now.
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While all of us were screaming about prop 8, was anyone else aware that Colorado's Amendment 48, which will make abortion illegal, is passing with %74?

Can we have some abortion wank to distract from election/marriage wank, plz?

How do you feel about abortion being legal/illegal?

OK GUYS!!  Sorry, my news channel got it wrong, because I looked it up, and it's NOT passing.  Hooray for either misstatements or listening comprehension!
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For the anime fans

What is your favorite anime?

Why is it your favorite?

What is your least fav? Why is it that?

Do you read manga along with watching anime?

What anime do you think is overhyped?

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I didn't do any of my homework because I was watching history being made.

Do I pull an all-nighter to get it done or just go around screaming OBAMA all day tomorrow when teachers ask me about it?

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This old man that comes into my work calls me Sarah Palin EVERY DAY. He says I "strongly favor the woman." This hurts my feelings a bit... so my question is...

TQC, you don't think I look like Palin, do you??

Collapse )
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What is your favorite book or comic book that has not been made into some kind of movie or TV show... at least one to your satisfaction, anyway.

Who would play the main characters? Who would direct it? Who would produce it? Would it even be feasible to make it with today's technology?
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For those of you who voted (or have ever voted), have you ever looked at a ballot and wanted to be able to vote against somebody without voting for anybody?

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Aside from tonight, what other historical moments have you witnessed? (e.g. 9/11)
If you remember 9/11 where were you when you heard the news and what were you doing?
How much did it affect you?

Palin, Palout

Now that Sarah Palin's lost her shot at vice presidency, what should she do to fill her time?

Have more kids
Do Tina Fey impersonations
Kill some animals
Spy on Vladimir Putin from her roof, to make sure he's not up to mischief
Join Fox News as a foreign policy specialist
Kill some more animals from a low-flying aircraft
Help Alaska secede from the union so she can then run for Ice Queen for life, just like in that C.S. Lewis tale
Pose for Playboy and donate the money to helping promote abstinence
Kill some more animals from a dogsled. Maybe one of the dogs, too. That yappy one
Pick up...what do you call those things....NEWSPAPERS! See what that liberal media's all about
Sew a 'World's Cutest GILF' sweater for herself
Kill even more animals, this time with hairspray and a Bic lighter
Join SNL as a cast regular
Dialect coach for 'Fargo: the musical'. Her accent's close enough, youbetcha
Make some cute doilies out of some old mooseskin
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How do you feel about "the 5.3 million people that will be murdered during obama's reign and the billions that will die in the ensuing years b/c of him. GOD SAVE AMERICA!!!!"*?

How about the idea that America is going to become a totally socialist nation as soon as Obama takes over?

Who will you miss more: Sarah Palin with her IRL gaffes, or Tina Fay's portrayal of her?

*"1.3 million abortions a year in the u.s.
times 4 (b/c he'll be president for at least 4 years)
= 5.3 million"

Thank you!

Which either candidate you voted for, thank you for voting! I am so proud that so many did. It was time for "we the people" to make a statement. "...Ain't it America? Home of the free?..."
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1. I just got a text- "Kool Aid every fountain in Inwood 2morrow night HAHAHA" Are the Blacks taking over?

2. FOUR minutes before Charlie Gibson announced Obama's victory on ABC, my friend stuck connected our cable jack to some random cable cord with a BOBBY PIN, so not only did we watch all this live, we watched in on our television, which has never been hooked up to anything else but a DVD player! Is that crazy? Will my my cable (err, 13 channels) disappear tomorrow or will they make us start paying somehow?
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I have some sweet potatoes I need to use up. What should I do with them? Normally I just roast them but I want to try something new!

Would you rather have toothache or ear ache?

Do you even like sweet potatoes?
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1. What was the last word/words to exit your mouth? Why did you say it/them?
Should I just use the card? To Vin talking about groceries.

2. What is something you have tried that you will never try again? Why?
Sea Urchin. OMG YUCK:X

3. Do you cook with an apron on?
Sometimes yes, when I remember

4. Do you think aprons are sexy?

For non-Americans

We are spending the night sitting up following the US election on Swedish TV,we are in for a long night. For the past weeks the American election has been all over the news. Now I wonder about other non-Americans countries are your media as obsessed with the US election as our are? Are there other countries that have their own tv-shows that follows the election closely, people in other countries that stay up the whole night to stay
updated? (I guess there are people in other countries that won't have to stay up all night to watch it though)

For Americans I guess you are kinda tired of the election questions by now so my very important question to you is, does Mountain Dew Code Red contain caffeine? Google is failing me and I can't peel off the label they have placed over the original ingredients list because if I do I won't be able to recycle it...
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okay so at most/some schools, if you fail a course, you can retake it and then the better grade will go on your transcript. but what happens if the course is no longer offered? i don't want an F on my transcript. : \
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do you think that mccain and palin's various appearances on SNL hurt them or helped them in the election?

to me, it felt kind of desperate on their end... and very unfunny.
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Do you participate in NaNoWriMo? Are you this year? What's you word count? What's your novel about?

I tried to last year, and failed miserably. But I'm trying again this year. My word count is currently 17,092, which is a hell of a lot better then I was doing last year. My story is about twins, Jude and Benjamin, who never knew each other existed until they were eighteen, because their father took off when they were infants and took one of them with him. When they're eighteen, Jude's best friend moves in with her sister in LA, and finds out that Banjamin is their next door neighbor, which leads to a drama filled reunion. 
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Why does Dove Unscented Sensitive Skin body wash list fragrance as an ingredient??!!!

If you don't care about that,

What is your favorite new TV show?
I just started watching Fringe on and I LOVE it!


What do you call these?  <img src="">?

Do you tie your shoes (if your wearing sneakers) or just leave them untied or just slip them on?

Do you have cool shoelaces?  Will you show me?
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Election question from non-American

I know I'm repeating this question, but I that discussion only made me even more confused. I think I got how "electoral vote" works, but how is the overall winner decided? I distinctly remember that in the last election everything was decided with 20'000 votes from Texas, but I paid even less attention back then.

The impression I got was that in each state regular voters and electoral votes decide the winner for that state, with electoral votes weighting more than normal ones (but how much more?). Then the person who won in most states wins the election.

[edit] So, each state has a number of "electoral votes" and in November people vote for which candidate will get those votes in their state? And then what? Who wins - the person who gets more electoral votes in all USA or the one who wins in more states?

[edit 2] Thank you, alpacacock! Now I get it!
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small-ish optical mouse for everyday use?

Help me find a good, smallish, cordless optical mouse, TQC. I've got a good Logitech Cordless optical mouse from several years ago, but here's the thing. I do a lot of CAD (drafting and 3D modeling on a computer), and I have small hands. This isn't usually a problem, but the mouse rises where your palm rests, and since I have small hands, I'm using it (most likely) in a way which takes my hand out of a decently ergonomic position and makes my wrist and fingers kinda stiff.

I'm looking for a smallish, cordless, optical mouse. Any suggestions? Being able to get it at a regular brick-and-mortar store is a plus. I'll order things online if I know what I'm getting, but since I can't actually test-drive the mouse from an online store...

death from above!

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There's this formula that I first learned in my sophomore year of high school.  I actually picked it up very quickly, aced every test it was on, and even had fun with it.  With the exception of my freshman year of college, it's come up every year since I learned it.  I'm now in my senior year of college, and we're re-learning it from last year.

My question is this:  Why is it that every time it comes up, I have to relearn it?  As in, I completely forget how to do it every year.  Despite the fact that I've never had trouble with it.

(For what it's worth, it's the Pearson's Square method for balancing horse feed rations.)

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Hey TQC!

I'm doing this project about Voudon (Voodoo) for my Myth, Magic and Shamanism class. It's pretty sweet. My focus of the project is how Voudon is romanticized/degraded in popular culture.
However, whenever I try to Google "Voodoo in movies" or "Movies with Voodoo" I get results for (I guess) a porn star named Voodoo. >.<

Off the top of your head, do you know movies that have a voodoo context?
I know of: The Serpent and the Rainbow, The Skeleton Key, Predator 2 (Ya, really), uh...some other really lame B movies...
I'm looking for more popular, mainstream movies, though, like The Skeleton Key.

Thank you so much!

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With the big bad ~universal health care~ looming, would a doctor of Pharmacy degree be a bad move on my part?

I checked out Canada's salaries for that work and the US's. While I could justify 6 years of school for the US salary..the Canadian one seems kinda iffy. Its weird. Canadian salaries seem low compared to US salaries. Maybe its just the field. Idk.

(Currently a mechanical engineering major. Read:shit pay on average)
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Howard Stern Listeners...

Anybody who heard Howard Stern interviewing Daniel Carver this morning about the election of a black President...

did you find this interview offensive?

is it just me who found it hilarious, and yet still extremely sad and pathetic?

Why is it the Jew's fault????

(in case you didn't know, Daniel Carver was the Imperial Wizard of the KKK)
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Did you have to take anyone off of your friend's list because they opposed your beliefs about the election in an insanely asshatted way?

What kind of sandwich should I have for lunch?

Grilled Cheese
Fried Bologna

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So, I was reading in the newspaper on the way home last night about how there was concern that the computerised system to count the votes (I think that's what it was) might not be able to handle the load.  For the life of me, I can't find the article online.

Does this concern you? 

Why would you not test your software for load for such a crucial process?   :(

Will we see Florida all over again?!
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Inspired by a comment to an earlier post..

Do you feel bad about eating one type of meat and not another? Like guilt for eating baby cow but not adult cow? Or baby lamb but not salmon? How about pork but not horse or chicken but not dog? Tuna but not cat?

Whats the difference? Why is one ok but not the other, just the gross factor?

Details please :)
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Oh wise TQC,

I have decided to wash my smelling-of-dog jacket due to an unexpected day off work. Now, is it a good idea to put the coat, zipped up, in the washing machine cycle? I do remember reading something, somewhere which said the teeth of the zip could be damaged during a washing cycle.
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Yes, more election (kind of)

What would be good countries for pissed off conservatives to flee to? Like how liberals were all I'M MOVING TO CANADA in 2004. Someone on my friend's list now plans to move to England, but that seems kind of questionable, since Europe is more liberal than the US.

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friend problems D:

so my best friend is sending me mail complaining how i haven't called her and im being a shitty friend. i saw her a day ago.. i just got outta the hospital i was there for a week and she only visited me once for 20 minutes then complained about she was to creeped out of the hospital to be there there and left, then yelled at me for not calling her right when i got out. i told her i was going through a lot right now and she wants more than i can give, but she doesn't seem to get it. i have been a bit distant from my friends and everyone lately but its because im trying to focus on myself to get better and just understand myself more.

have you ever had someone want to much that you couldnt give them? what was the situation?
am i being a bad friend? :/

Uni + Money

If I'm going to be doing a 4 year bachelor degree (full time) at university, am i right in thinking the following:
I should only go for 'casual' working positions as oppossed to 'part time' because there just wouldn't be enough time for me to do assignments etc/learn efficiently and work constantly +I would never ever have any break time to just chill out?
And if I AM right, and casual is the way to go, I can assume that I am going to be fairly poor and eating bread and lettuce for dinner?


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something else besides politics:

are there any american series on during prime time that feature gay/lesbian relationships?
Not necessarily as a main focus, but just have a lesbian/gay character or something like that?

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How ridiculous is it that I am having a panic attack over an assignment due in December?

It's just 27 illustrations for a children's book and I have at least 3 full days in the next week to work on it....

Do you get panicky about stuff like that?

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Can I make any kind of bread or crust with the following ingredients ONLY: milk, eggs, flour, water, sugar, salt, edit baking powder, baking soda, butter (no yeast)? I don't want to deal with yeast, yeast scares me for some reason.
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TQC, due to WebMD (and my astounding powers of Logic) I have reluctantly concluded that the reason my hands are hurty and feel like they're asleep all the time is that I probably have some form of carpal tunnel. (Given my multi-year habit of 10-12 hours of computer time daily and the new addition of knitting, this is not particularly shocking.)

What do I do now? I don't have a GP, can I just walk into a clinic or something and say "My hands hurt, halp?" I've been to one, and while it was awesome for getting congestion-busting drugs, they don't seem like they'd be quite so spiffy at the wrist problem diagnostics. But maybe I underestimate them?

Also - has anyone had to do the CTS test before, where they send shocks up and down your arm to test how closed off the nerves are? My old chorus teacher had it done and then described it in detail, emphasizing how much it hurt like a sonofabitch to a group of very impressionable 13 year-olds, and 12 years later I am still scared as fuck of that test. Does it really hurt that bad? :(
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Parrot owners, if your bird speaks, how long did it take between the time you got it and the time it started talking?

What kind of parrot is it?

I got my budgie about eight months ago, and he's just now starting to say "hello" and "pretty bird". It's garbled, but it sounds like he's almost figured out how to say it clearly.

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this halloween, were you mistaken for someone that you weren't dressed up as? did people keep having to ask you what you were dressed as?

if so, please post a picture so that we can guess who you dressed up as. also, tell us what people mistook you for.

i'll post my picture after i get out of class.

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TQC, I need some help!

On friday, I'm seeing my favourite singer live for the first time in the 9-year history of my fandom. I'm really excited, and I'm sitting in the front row. I'm travelling 6-8 hours to get there.

HOWEVER, today I woke up with a terrible cold, hacking cough, sore throat, and awful phlegmy grossness.

WHAT CAN I DO TO GET BETTER BY FRIDAY? I'm doing lots of facial steams(the whole holding my head over a bucket of boiling water with a towel thing) and eating chicken soup, but what else? Any pills or syrups that could help? ANYTHING!

Also: Missing the concert is NOT an option.
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My friend is claiming that no military absentee ballots were counted in the election. Er, is that true? I sort of doubt it but wtf is he talking about?

In other non-election news, I am ordering Chinese take-out! What would you like me to get you? :)
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I just saw this group get started on facebook and have not decided if I want to accept it

but the idea of this huge ass party in DC sounds pretty appealing and I can't imagine seeing something as historical occurring again in my lifetime. The idea of calling up friends who are going to school all over the country and meeting up with them in DC also sounds like a lot of fun.

So what say you TQC, would you find a way to get to DC on Jan 20th so that you could see Obama become the 44th President?

What do you think of having huge party in DC?

Do you think that anything crazy or scary would happen?


what would make you party harder? Obama's victory or realization over the fact that the reign of King Bush is almost over?

how do you feel about the fact that at this very moment President-Elect Obama is getting briefed on top secret information regarding the military, economy, cia, etc.???
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Will you invent a get-rich-quick scam scheme and share it with us so that we may follow your bad advice?

If not, do you prefer canned or frozen vegetables, and why? (fresh is not an option!) If it depends on the vegetable, please describe!
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So the buzz is that Obama offered Rahm Emanuel the job of Chief of Staff and that Emanual has already agreed to take the job.

Don't know who he is? well Wiki it, but I LOVE Rahm Emanuel and I am so happy he's going to be the Chief of Staff. I give him credit for all of the dem wins 2 years ago (he personally hand picked a bunch of those congressmen/women) and I particularly like this story about him

Friends and enemies agree that the key to Emanuel's success is his legendary intensity. There's the story about the time he sent a rotting fish to a pollster who had angered him. There's the story about how his right middle finger was blown off by a Syrian tank when he was in the Israeli army. And there's the story of how, the night after Clinton was elected, Emanuel was so angry at the president's enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting "Dead! . . . Dead! . . . Dead!" and plunging the knife into the table after every name. "When he was done, the table looked like a lunar landscape," one campaign veteran recalls. "It was like something out of The Godfather. But that's Rahm for you."

so sexy

So what do you think of Emanuel?


and wtf ppl, how do you all not know who he is?? the congress is democratic BECAUSE of him!! "Emanuel was named the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2005. Prior to his work for Clinton, Emanuel had been an employee of the Committee, which principally serves to recruit candidates for the House and to raise funds to assist both new candidates and incumbents from the Democratic party in an effort to gain Democratic representation in the House."
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TQC, if you had a preliminary interview would you consider it a good sign to be told they'd like to make a decision today but they can't but that they ARE recommending you on? I mean, I know it's a good sign to be told you're being recommended on, I'm just not sure about the "We'd like to make a decision today." part.

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what do you think are some of the problems in high school education? i've got a paper to write and i wanna do it on education, specifically high school education since i plan on teaching at the high school level, but none of my original ideas panned out and i can't come up with anymore. : \

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I work with kids( kindergarten to 3rd grade) and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions of songs that are many guitar based(and easy to learn on guitar, as im just starting out) and age appropriate that I could play for them?

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Imagine that your best friend promises to come to your wedding.  Granted, this is a small affair, only a very few close friends.
The day of said wedding, she calls and says she won't come because her boyfriend is on probation and there will be some minor drug use at said festivities.  When the point is made that just because her SO cannot come does not mean she can't she claims "I don't like taking public transportation alone."
When that is exactly what you have to do to go see her ALL THE TIME.

What would you do?

the only drugs going on was some minor weed smoking by some of the guests, which my friend still does, just not around her boyfriend.
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Have you ever momentarily forgotten that someone was dead? Like you have a passing thought that you should call them or remember to tell them something and then all of a sudden you remember that they died years ago?
charlie chaplin
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Pls to be validating. Probably tldr.

Last night my sister told me she was going to buy me a car from her friend for really cheap (even though she can't afford to make her own car payments on time) , and I told her that I didn't want it because I CAN'T afford to pay insurance and for gas on top of all the other stuff I need to pay for, and I don't need it because I walk to work and can walk to the store or take the bus and don't need to drive 40 miles to go to my fav restaurant (her example of why I should want a car).  

Then she told me to SET ASIDE the financial factor and asked if I wanted it (I don't want a car anyway, to be honest) and I said that ignoring the most important aspect when making a decision hasn't played out well for me in the past and she first asked "Like when?" (I didn't say moving in with her which first popped up in my mind) and then said that sometimes I just need to "let go and live life."  She also kept slapping my arm the whole time.

This morning she told me that I was mean and rude last night and that she "doesn't like me and doesn't have to."

Am I terrible for not wanting her to buy me a car that neither of us can afford and that I have no need or desire for anyway? 

I thought I was being realistic and responsible (I mean having a car would be fun, but it's last on my list of priorities right now) but with her reaction I am thinking that maybe I am missing something.

Birthday thoughts?

My 24th birthday is in a couple of weeks. Any ideas, suggestions as to what I could do to make it fun? Party theme ideas? Adventure ideas? What was you BEST birthday EVER?! Tell me about it and what made it the best?

I'm pretty much open to anything.
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I work in a law office

I'm working on a set of interrogatories, and the defendant's attorney capitalizes PERSON and INCIDENT in every question. Such as, "Were you performing activities, work or services for any PERSON at the time of the INCIDENT? If so, provide the name, address and phone number for each such PERSON."

TQC, why are many attorneys and their legal documents so freakin' strange?

Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding, etc.? Do you have strange lawyer/legal related stories/anecdotes you want to share? Or any good attorney jokes?

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There are 4 guys sitting at a table and smoking right outside the doors of the building I'm currently in (crowded cafeteria where most students come during lunch), when there is clearly a sign on the door saying "NO SMOKING WITHING 6 METERS OF THIS DOORWAY". The smoke is coming in through the door and vents and making the whole room smell gross. Should I go tell them off? How should I, a frail Asian girl, make the 4 burly Caucasian men cower and go away?

...They went away on their own just now, after I spent 10 minutes gathering up my courage. I was about to go up to them and go "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS SIGN SAYS?" too. Next time I'll be more decisive!

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i am really close to my 19 year old cousin, who i'll call cassandra. she hasnt had an easy upbringing. she was physically and emotionally abused and started to become promiscious at a very young age. her dad died when she was 10, but the emotional abuse from her mom didnt stop there. cassandra started to date guys who way older than she is. (like 10, 15, 20 years older) and recently kicked out of her own home. now she got out of a relationship with someone close to her age to date someone who is 15 years older. (even though they argue alot and he has two kids shes never met)

do you think she's dating way older guys becasue of the abuse she suffered throught her life? do you think shes trying to find a father figure?

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So did anyone here go to any of those big gatherings that I've been seeing on the CNN coverage? Because there was a guy who looked just like seanseansean yelling happily.

What's your favourite "traditional" holiday dessert? We're doing an early Christmas dinner this weekend because my sister's moving across the country soon, and I've been told to bring dessert. She's making a turkey (something we've never had for Christmas before), so I thought I could try something that matched like pumpkin pie. We've never had that either, so I don't know if we'll like it, but I'm not sure what else to try. I need enough for 13 people, so I thought I could bring a few things. Oh might northern hemisphere TQCers, what do you suggest? Recipes would be awesome.

What's in the box?

Apparently I missed a fex ex delivery yesterday and they wouldn't leave it on my porch because it requires an "adult, over 21" signature on it. I haven't ordered anything and I'm not expecting a package, either.

I'm going after work to pick it up from the processing center. I'm really curious...

What's in the package?!?!?
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This poll is closed.

Should I?

Stay in the library and mess around on the internet for another 30 mins
Cycle home in the rain

I've closed the poll because I stayed and then cycled home.

So new question. Shall I have fish or omelette for my dinner?
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Why has my cat decided it is suddenly hilarious to play in the litter box? D:
He is all of a sudden enjoying the scrunchy noises of the litter the way kitties do, and scrabbling around and wallowing in there. Obviously shooing him out isn't an option. Any ideas?

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, furry lint to furry lint

A rich man approaches you and is says that he has an unusual sense of humor and he'd like to make you an offer. Whenever you die, whatever day in whatever year that is, he would like to see you buried in a furry costume. The costume will be of a sexy cow with enormous obscene udders. You'd be laid in the casket and all in attendance of your funeral will probably assume the worst, and you'll be buried in that outfit. You'll probably outlive him, so if you agree to put this clause in your will, his estate will make sure that his wishes are enforced and secretly recorded. As incentive for such a thing, he'll pay you $15,000 now and he'll pay for all your funeral/casket costs, so your family won't have to. He'll have his best lawyers write up the contract and it'll be ironclad and unable to be broken once you sign. Do you sign it?

Yes. I'll take the money. I won't care what I'm buried in. I'm dead
Yes. It'll be utterly embarrassing and horrible to go out like that, but hopefully I'll outlive most of my loved ones. I need the money now
No. It's just to weird and wrong. I want my funeral to have dignity and I want people to remember me for good things, not presume I had a whole creepy secret life

You manage to talk some sense into him and he's willing to give you a second deal, if you didn't like the first. For $5,000 up front now, you'll be buried, inexplicably, in a Darth Vader costume. All other aspects of the deal remain the same, just that the money given and the costume worn are different. Would you rather do this deal?

Yes. Significantly less embarrassing than being the heifer Dolly Parton, the late furry
No. I'd rather have the first deal. More money
I'd rather have none. Bury me in my favorite outfit and with a manner of dignity, please

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 I'm getting a digital camera for christmas.  I'm looking for something not too bulky.

What kind of camera do you have?  Pros/cons?
Any recommendations?

When was the last time you brushed your teeth? Brushed your hair?  Washed your face?  Showered?

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it only cost $33 to fill my almost completely empty gas tank this morning! down a full $10 from only a week ago. hooray for decreasing gas prices.

how much does it cost to fill your tank? what kind of car do you drive?

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How do you get tickets to the inauguration?

The internet brings up all sorts of random pay sites but I don't know if they're legit. Can't find anything "official" on how to go.

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What's been the best advertising campaign you've seen lately?

I was thinking maybe the Discovery Channel commercial, but I'm not sure it qualifies as a campaign. Does anyone know if it does?
  • mekkio

"Only in America"

I was watching BBCNews earlier where a correspondent was talking about the US election. He said "only in America" could a poor child of color in a single parent family grow up and make his way to the highest office of not only his country but one of the strongest in the world. Which leaves me thinking, what other things or events could "only happen in America?"

And do agree with that correspondent? If not, why?
  • jezemel

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Have you ever wished that some person around you would go into complete hysterics so that you could just repeatedly slap the shit out of them without any negative social repercussions?

If not, what do you think this fantasy says about the person having it?

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what's the nicest way to tell someone they have a funky crotch smell? have you ever told someone they smelled "down there"?

my friend sat in my car yesterday and at the exact moment she opened her legs to sit, I was hit with a rotten fish smell. she wasn't even on her period.

HOW DO I TELL HER TQC? just say "wash that shit?"

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Do you think you will see an independant party win the presidency in your lifetime? Would you like to?

If you don't give a crap:  How many drinks get you "drunk" ?
If you STILL don't give a crap, have a good day  :)

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Inspired by the post a few down from this one:

What are your(or your friends and family's) weirdest eating habits, TQC?

My answers: I peel things. I feel like everything should be eaten one part at a time, so I peel or take apart almost everything. Like, if I'm eating chicken nuggets, I peel off the breading and eat it first, or with hot dogs I'll peel off the casing and eat that first, followed by the bun. I take sandwiches apart too.

My friend eats like a lion tearing apart a gazelle. She once told me she feels chewing impedes her intake time.
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Should we call ourselves the Union of Democratic Socialist Republics?

The UDSR. Probably most of our states are mini republics anyway assuming their constitution is similar to the federal constitution.
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1. Have you ever worked in retail as a season employee? I'm thinking of getting a part time job (only a few hours a week) to make a little extra cash. I was thinking of applying to Anthropologie, American Apparel or something like that. Any experiences as a seasonal employee or retail employee in general you'd like to share?

2. What does vagina/female crotch smell like, anyway? I don't think I've met anyone with a stinky crotch. But maybe I have.


To get in my house I use

a house key
a gate card
a code for the alarm
a code to open a door
a remote
a super special ID badge
my fingerprints
a scan of my retina
nothing. I just turn the doorknob because it's never locked.
none of the above.

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I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago and now I'm getting that sick regret feeling. I still really love him and I kinda want him back :/ Things were going kinda bad for a while (we were together 3 years) and I feel like I cut it off too soon before giving it a chance to get better (cause when things are good with us, I'm on top of the world). I also feel like I relied too much on the opinions of others and didn't totally listen to myself. I'm just asking a TQC question! haha. I'm not gonna run out and do everything that I'm being told, don't worry ;) Just getting some outside suggestions ;)

Should I wait a bit before I try to mend things? I'm CONFUSED D: I just feel like I've made a huge mistake!

EDIT: I talked to him about how I was freaking out and he said he wasn't going to let me go back on my decision so soon. So I guess that answers my question.
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  • saraha

Working Holiday in Australia.

I am going to New Zealand in February and I'm considering going over to Australia after with a working holiday visa and perhaps settling in Melbourne. I've noticed through my little research that wages are so much better than here in Canada! What's it like in Melbourne? I live in Toronto, Canada right now and I'm looking for a similar, youthful, arts/music oriented part of the city...

Uhhhh yeah so basically my question is can you tell me how awesome Melbourne is and where I should look to live if I decide to go?! Any information is great!

Other TQC'ers, where have you done or where do you want to do a working holiday?
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If you use TiVo, DVR or even VCR tapes, do you watch most of what you record within 24 hours, or does it take longer?

If you only watch certain shows within 24 hours, which ones are they?

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I'm probably not going to be able to find a youth hostel that has vacancies on January 19th and 20th, am I? :/

Are there any other cheap alternatives for spending a couple nights in DC during that crazy time?

--Have you ever used DID YOU GET RAPED AND/OR KILLED?
  • efie

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What are some breakfast ideas that are high in protein? I am supposed to eat at least "a fistful of protein-rich foods at breakfast" and since I never eat in the mornings, I'm at a loss.

What do you eat in the morning?