November 4th, 2008

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Is celebrating New Year something you actually care about?

What did you do last New Years?

Do you automatically assume you'll spend New Year with your other half?
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Which credit card option is the best for your ~first credit card~?

8.9% variable APR, $39 annual fee
14.9% variable APR, $19 annual fee
16.9% variable APR, $29 annual fee
19.8% variable APR, no annual fee

can't sleep

WTF. I have not been able to find a pain medication that will help me with this back problem. You can read more about that here-

First I tried a combination of Advil, Tylenol, and aspirin. No go. Same with darvocet, ultram, hydrocodone, and xanax. (not a combination of! taken separately of course) Even tried morphine, which killed the pain, but I had a reaction so apparently I'm allergic to it. Will be able to pick up a script of somas tomorrow, maybe that will do the trick...

Will I be in pain forever? I'm going to the doctor this week and I'm afraid that I've already run through all the pain medication. :-(
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Are there any propositions/state laws/whatever that you know about and I don't for the state of Illinois? Can you tell me about them? I see a ton of ads for ones in MO but none for IL, and I wanna be as informed as possible on any extra stuff that might be showing up on my ballot tomorrow.
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So basically I'm going to Thailand in a few weeks and am looking for a fabulous resort to stay in in the Patong Beach/Phuket area. Can anyone give me a recommendation?

Failing that, what have you done to cheer yourself up after losing a job? My answer: see above.


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Do you like the new look of your hotmail?
Is there anything a loved one could do to make you disown them? What is it?
Do you like pasta or potatoes better?
Would you rather have buttsecks or give oral?

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what completely unimportant fact did you learn today?

today i learned that there is a basketball team called the golden state warriors. i had no idea they existed. shows how much i follow basketball.

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What common typos, grammatical errors, or spelling errors drive you nuts?

My answer? When people use quotes to add emphasis. Makes me want to punch the monitor.

Another goody is a friend of mine who constantly confuses I with eye. How the hell does someone do that?
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TQC, I have badly injured myself and I do not know how it happened. My neck is jacked up and the doc says it's almost like bad whiplash... but I don't HAVE whiplash. I figure it probably happened in my sleep though he's doubtful and KEEPS ASKING how it happened! BUT IDK.

So will you give me some suggestions for a wild story I can tell him to explain my neck pain?

TQC, hold me

Hay guys:

Please hold me. I am VERY scared about the American Election, I dreamt last night that Mc Cain won and there were people protesting in the streets and egging his car. He had a nice black Rolls Royce lol.

I told my mother I was very worried and she was saying "you're always so agitated idk" but I am scared! Please hold me tqc, and tell me:

Am I the only foreigner/Romanian-Canadian who is worried about this election?! Who else is worried around the world/in Canada and the USA?

And do you think it's fair that they don't even seem to count advance/absentee ballots? Do you think the turnout for this election will be a record turnout?


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Do you believe in girls and guys fighting, physically?

Ex: Fight Club. boys beating boys. but what if no girl would fight this other girl, and so she went up against the boys. would you be against it?

I fought two guys this weekend, I'm a girl, no girl would fight me, they are all afraid. Yah I got schooled, because they fought back, but it was all in good fun, minus the real ultimate pain I'm experiencing now...

but people are ragging on those guys now.

What do you think?


Let's get invasive.

Are you divorced?
Are you going through a divorce right now?
Have you ever been to divorce court and/or had a divorce lawyer? How many times did you have to go to court?
What was the paperwork like? What did it look like? How much paperwork was there? How many signatures did you have to dole out?

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can anyone explain why it's apparently a faux pas to complain about not getting laid if the last time you get laid was in the past year?

at a party friday i (drunkenly) complained that i hadn't gotten laid in like a month and someone attacked me because it had been a year for them. i didn't even know that, why did i get snarked at?

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Should I do my assignment on children or GLBTQ teenagers?

EDIT: I have to get basic demographic data, socio-economic conditions, and information needs of the group.
In part 2 of the assignment, I need to look at 2 agencies that provide services to the user group and talk about challenges the group faces, services available, etc.
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Me spel gud

Are there any words you try to avoid typing/writing bc you are just not totally sure of the spelling or bc you misspell them often and hate having to correct/retype? Which ones?
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I heard lots of european countries would prefer Obama to win. In the german version of Facebook but only for students, Obama wins 85%, for example.

What do you think of this?

For Americans: Does it make you think about your choice? If so, what?

This doesn't happen with other countries. People don't care as much who's president in France if they're not french. Does this make you feel something about the role the US plays in the world?

Have you ever thought, since the US president has so much power to mess around in the world, that other countries should have a bit of a saying on who is the president of the US? (EDIT: this question only for not US people, please)

My friend is gonna love what I tell her about these answers. Make my friend happy, please.

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Will you show me your political icons? Not the ones that everyone has (if you post a Palin icon saying "Don't ask me, I'm just a girl" you automatically die) but the ones that you have made or edited yourself. Doesn't matter if they suck, because I have the worst artistic skills on the planet.

Here be mine:

Can we actually have a political-charged topical dicussion without arguing with each other? Should we see if we can do this without starting a debate?

If a woman was pregnant with a gay liberal baby, would conservatives still be against abortion? (sorry kiddies, it was a joke from a thread a couple of posts ago, I guess not many people caught it)

why is ohkatespade trying to ruin our fun? does she have something against fun people or something? she's like burgermeister meisterburger >:|
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On A Side Note

For those people who grew up in the US, who is the first president of the US that you remember being aware of?

What was the first presidential election that you voted in?

For those outside of the US, when did you first become aware that the United States existed?

Were your first impressions of it positive or negative?

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Whatever happened with the "I made an underage sex tape and I want it back" girl?

Have any of your exes refused to return something of yours post-breakup?

What's your favorite food/beverage to warm you up when the weather starts to get cold?

How cold is it where you are?

If I'm going to my SO's parents' house for Thanksgiving, and I've never met them, what is the likelihood of disaster striking?

Should I take something even though they said I didn't have to? If yes, what?
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So let's say that you are given your work schedule on a Saturday for the following week, which begins on Monday and will end the following Sunday. Your work schedule says that you work on Monday from 12am to 4am. Would you think that you would work that Monday morning from 12am to 4am or what is considered Monday night which is technically Tuesday from 12am to 4am?

You see, I took it as early Monday morning 12am to 4am. I even asked the lady I was working with then to check it. She said it looked like it was that morning and I had it right, but the person I was supposed to be working with wasn't there and it could have been that night. So I called in the next morning to ask and the person I called looked and said I didn't have to because I was listed unavailable on Tuesday. Did 12am Tuesday suddenly become a Monday and I did not get the memo or are they in the wrong here??

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1. Good morning TQC! Are you looking forward to all the Election Day questions today?

2. If you had had HAD to change your eyes to a different color, what would it be? Mine would be orange, so people would walk by and be like, "Holy shit, that chick's got ORANGE eyes!"
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What do I get for free today (in California) now that I've voted?
What do you get in your state? I've heard somewhere is offering free vibrators.

What's your polling place like?
Mine was in an elementary school and was more relaxed than I expected. They gave me two stickers so now my friend and I are going to go out and harvest the sweet, free pickin's.
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I'm a dumbass when it comes to music, so help me out here.

If I record a song in 40 tempo instead of 120 or 60. What's the difference? (esp. in regards to playback)
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Do you wear glasses, contacts, or both? If you wear both, which do you wear more often? What does it take to get you to wear the other?

(I wear both, but it takes a big event or special occasion for me to wear contacts - I just don't like putting them in).
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For those americans who moved to Canada after the results of the last election, will you move back now if Obama wins?

O.  I mean, what did you have for breakfast this morning?

for all tqcers with the letter "C" in their usernames, how are you feeling today?

a question for the american members

My question is, why are convicted felons not allowed to vote?

I mean, what is intrinsicaly wrong with someone convicted of a felony that their vote is not wanted?

Also, when did the restriction start?

I am just curious because it still surprises me that the general population seems to be happy with the government taking certain people's right to vote away.

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If you're sick and tired of these stupid questions and don't want to take the poll:
1)What's something you could use more of?
2)Should networks that broadcast on public airwaves be fined by the FCC for a single fleeting usage of an expletive, repeat usage of expletives, or not at all? Or do you not give an expletive?
3)What was/is your favorite Nickelodeon show?

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inspired by this question.

1. as you get older, do you find you enjoy the holidays less, more or the same?
2. have you started to become bitter about the holidays? you know, 'cause you're poor, alone, stressed.

1. i used to love the holidays. i'd listen to Christmas music in July and shit. now i kind of can't stand them. they're stressful, lonely and cold.
2. yessss.

The fate of the non-voter

What should happen to those people who could have voted but didn't?

Another month of having to view campaign commercials
Ralph Nader moves in with them for the weekend, sleeping on their couch
A purple nurple
Everybody they encounter today will talk to them in a Sarah Palin accent
Forced to move to Wyoming. Let's round up all the non-voters in one state and discount them from all future elections
Nothing. They just don't get the free Starbucks coffee, Krispy Kreme donut and Ben & Jerry's ice cream
Their American status is revoked. They can now risk being deported to Mexico
They'll have to pleasure a donkey or an elephant, depending who wins
Public spankings
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1. When referring to items to be thrown away, do you use the term trash or rubbish? (or something else, for that matter)

2. What city and country are you from?

Just wondering if usage of either word could be regional or country based. Being the anglophile I am, I say rubbish, but I'm from Austin, Texas.

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For those clued up on console games;

I'm looking at getting my sister a game for her PS3 for Christmas. She's into RPG series like Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Valkyrie Profile, etc. Any recommendations for similar games that are really good?

Nothing that's just come out as I can't afford brand spankin' new, and anything more obscure that she's less likely to have played would be especially cool.

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Coffee or tea?

Short sleeves or long sleeves?

Why does my "I voted" sticker keep falling off?

What is the fastest way I can come up with about $10,000, without selling anything I own (I have nothing valuable) or killing a relative (i'd have to share with my cousins)?

Is it ok to wear socks with clogs?

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Anonymous poll, so feel free to be as honest as you'd like!

Do you think less of someone when you find out they are of a different political affiliation than yourself?


Do you make nasty or snide comments to those who are of an opposing affiliation because of their affiliation?


Do you think it's okay to dislike someone because of their political affiliation?


If you answered yes to anything above, why do you feel that way?

Haruhi disappearance
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1) What is your favorite type of cheese? What do you eat it with/on/in?

2) What could conceivably happen today to make your day awesome?

3) For those of you who work - what do you do when there's absolutely no work to do, but you can't leave and you have to look busy?
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Americans TQCers, did/will you vote today?

Are you going to cash in on any goodies with your "I Voted!" stickers?

Did you see anything interesting or illegal while voting?

Did you vote in every single ballot issue?

Did you have any really moronic propositions?

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Do you think less of someone when you find out they follow a different religion than you?


Do you make nasty or snide comments to those who are of a different religion because of their religion?


Is it okay to dislike someone because of their religious beliefs?


For those of you who answered "yes" to any of the questions in this post:

Do you see the comparison between political beliefs and religious beliefs, that they are both personal beliefs that should be respected, regardless of why the person feels the way they do about what they believe? Before you argue that stupid beliefs lead to the elections of stupid presidents, did you ever stop and consider that the beliefs must not be all that stupid for the majority of a country of people to believe in them?

Does this poll make you rethink your answers to the previous poll?
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Name lulz

I've posted this before, but I have new names, and we can always use the lulz.

What is the funniest name you have ever encountered?

I am guessing you all know about the wiener winner who recently renamed himself Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined. :)

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I am looking to buy a slow-cooker/Crock-Pot. Are there any that you recommend or don't recommend I purchase? I'm not really sure where to look or which ones would be better, but I want to purchase one before winter so I can make some slow cooked recipes :D.

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OK this day is going to be full of election questions, but I'm so curious I need to ask:

Basically everyone online seems to be for Obama. If you'll vote / have voted for McCain, why? Why do you think he's the better candidate?
I can't vote, I'm from Europe. All I've basically heard is Obama hype, and I'd like to hear other opinions, too.
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I know you guys hate this homework shit, but can I consider this a scholarly source?

I've been looking through databases & google scholar but I didn't find anything useful. That's the only crap I found that actually explains the history of graduation.

I've been writing this huge paper for anthropology and today I was told to rewrite it because one of my sources was not scholarly. I'm dyin' :(

Fuck that shit. Do you have any papers due? Don't they suck? Do you feel like killing your professor? I know I do.
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Would the fact that someone has been divorced twice turn you off to getting involved with them?

How young is too young to talk to your kids about sex?

I think its never too early, personally. I think kids should be given truth. I'm not saying give them every juicy detail, but when they ask: "Where do babies come from?" at say, 3, I have no problem telling them, in a non-inappropriate way, where they come from. As opposed to: "From heaven!" or "The stork!" or what not. Why start a pattern of lying to your kids from day 1?

Anyway - YOUR TURN!
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Having an interesting morning at work, maybe you lot can explain this one for me...

Why does our fax machine keep calling 911? Even when no one is touching it?
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I have this friend who has  been lying to me about the most random things and kind of avoiding me for about I would say going on a month.
When I see her face to face, she is all fine and happy and whatever right? So i've just kind of put it off and said whatever, she will stop.

I caught her again in another lie but she doesn't know.. So.. whats the best way to tell her to cut the crap and I know about her lies?
I'd love to be the biggest bitch EVER but I don't want to hurt her feelings or anything. The lies are pretty out of character for her and I think something may be up..


So TCQ.. what do I do? Be a bitch and tell her to cut the crap? or be nice about it?

bitch please

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i, for reasons that are getting harder to remember, am still a member of ask_me_anything. their mod of ultimate doucheitude has decided to gibberish-ize my comments as ~punishment~ for calling someone a cunt.

this is making me lol pretty hard and keeping me from thinking about the possibility that proposition 8 will pass in california and i will be told by my state constitution that i cannot marry my girlfriend because we have the same kind of genitals.

are you spending your day thinking about the election? or are you trying to distract yourself as much as possible? if you are distracting yourself, are you avoiding the issue out of worry? or just because you are sick as hell of hearing about it?

for non-americans and those who are sick of election talk (sorry for contributing to it! i am pretty sick of it too!) what is your very favorite thing to cook? is it something simple or do you like to do something complicated? baking counts!

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questions about my dog's behavior.

i have a beagle. she just turned 8 last month.

1. why is she afraid of balloons?
2. why does she push on me when she jumps up on the couch or the bed to get pets?
3. WHY THE HELL will she not stop chewing up my underwear? she goes as far as to pull it threw the holes in my tall hamper to get them. no where is safe. i have to put dirty unders in the drawers with the clean ones to keep them from her.

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How do you feel about the two-party system?

What do you think are the chances of a third party coming into power in the next 20 years or so?

EDIT If you live in a country that has a multiple party system, how do you feel about it?

Music Question

I'm trying to find an amp for my male for his birthday. He's got a guitar, but laments that he has no amp for it.
I don't know much about electric instruments or their hardware.

What should I be looking for?
I'll probably start in the pawn shops.... How much should I be expecting to pay for a basic amp?

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I have two 6 hours flights ahead of me next week, so what book do you recommend I pick up to kill time?

Last time I flew to Europe I bought The Other Boleyn Girl in the airport bookstore and it was perfect plane reading, I thought. Really long, hooked me into the story, but it wasn't too deep so I could devour it easily.
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Coffee etiquette

How long do you think it's ok to sit around at a coffee shop before you leave? Or buy another drink? Does it just depend on how busy it is?

Do you tip when you buy coffee? How much?

Why are the baristas at the coffee shop near my house such douches? It used to be a really nice place, but they changed owners and all the new people look at you like you're shit if you're not in their hipster clique.

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If, the morning after a night of excess drinking, your tongue tasted like it was covered in hair and you taste what you think is pus, could the sensation be described as having 'hairy pussy'?
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I'll be going to vote in a few hours. I've basically made up my mind already. However, just to make things interesting and give me some food for thought over these few hours which may or may not sway my choice:

Why should I vote for the canidate you support?
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What should I eat for lunch?

- Sandwich (bbq chicken, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, mayo or ranch on wheat toast)
- Salad (my usual - baby spinach, mandarin orange sections, sliced red onion, diced apple, pecans, and feta cheese with raspberry vinaigrette)
- Mac n' cheese with apple chicken sausages (an AMAZING combination omg)


Also, regardless of what your vote (HARHAR) is for my lunch, should I make peppermint tea or hot apple cider? Should I even make either, considering that it's 70 degrees outside?

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Should I hang on to my Mike Rowe For President icon until the winner is announced, get rid of it now, or screw that shit keep it after the election just for fun?

If you're American, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?
If you're religious, what will you be doing for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice?
If you're not religious, will you be partaking in any religious holidays for the sake of family? Willingly or unwillingly?
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If you had a dream about something horrible happening to an ex of yours (that you didn't particularly hate), would you try to contact them to make sure they were still alive?

(no subject)

Do you think someone who goes through a divorce is a failure?*

Do you believe in staying married until death (barring things like domestic abuse where obviously you should get the hell out ASAP)?

Do you believe in staying together for the kids?

*My friend and her husband are going through a really rough spot and I casually brought up divorce. Shee told me she would never divorce her husband because everyone would look at her as a failure. I wondered if people actually thought that way.
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What's the name of your mayor?

what's the name of your congressman/woman?

can you name one person who sits on your city council?

do you think that Americans care about national politics but don't actually care that much about local politics?

cab co

I'm vising my bf this weekend at his school. I'm taking a train, but then I need to take a taxi from the town the train station is in to his school the next town over. How do I go about doing this? I found the number to a cab co in the town of the train station. Should I call now and like reserve for a cab to come pick me up? Or should I just call on Friday when I get to the train station? Also if I ask how much it will cost, will they give me an accurate estimation?
Any info/suggestions you guys have would be great, thanks!

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How often do you get an eyelash caught in your eye?

I don't know if my eyelashes are just poorly anchored or what, but I get one stuck in my eye at least once a day and usually have to dig it out using a mirror.

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I'm goigng to a black tie/21st birthday party on friday.
I've met the girl once before but my boyfriend knows her quite well.
However its up to me to find the gift.
So, whats a good general gift for a 21 year old female?
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my cousin really wants a Maltese puppy for Christmas. I am kinda against buying pets cuz there are so many at the pound who need a good home, but I know she REALLY wants a pure breed Maltese puppy. I am most likely going to be the one to get her one, is that fucked up?
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I know it's been asked before...

But a guy I've been dating just "broke up" with me over email. I say "broke up" because he'll say it's not really a break up letter, but it is. He did the same thing to one of my friends.

So, what's the crappiest way someone's broken up with you?
This has been a long, drama-filled relationship, And I need some comfort/anger-inducing stuff to make me not cry.
I guess., greyskyparadise

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I dyed a little bit of my hair red on sunday night (it's tuesday afternoon here) and I recaped the dye bottle and left it next to my bin to take out.
I forgot to pick it up, and it was just left there.
I was just in the bathroom then, and it suddnly started spraying red hair dye all over my tiles.
it came off the tiles fine, but it has stained the grout a salmony pink.

here comes the questions:
1. has anything like this happened to you before?
2. is there any way I can get the salmon colour out of the tile grout?
3. if none of this is interesting to you, what colour is your hair?

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Seeing as how it almost happend already,...what do you think are the chances of Obama being assasinated in office?

Do you think having a mexican vice-president will keep him from getting shot?

Did you see that episode of chappelle show?

Election party

hey everyone!!

so I'm going to an election party tonight...the face book event says... "Come watch the polls come in, play board games, cards, make predictions, and toast the winner or drink ourselves into early graves, depending on results. All political views encouraged, but you have to vote to get in!"

Should i bring anything? If so What?
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(no subject)

1. is there anyone in your life (now or in the past) who makes you feel like shit? what do they do to make you feel this way?

2. if you could contribute to a "Guide to Being a Bitch", what rule or tip would you add to this guide?

3. what's the longest you've held your pee in?
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Do you prefer to buy or download the latest version of program, or do you stick to an old one that has all the features you need?

I buy the latest versions of defensive programs, but stick with older versions of others. I use ACDSee 4.0 and a translator program from 1997, for example. And I installed Win XP on my noutbook only when I failed to get Win 98 to work with my internet connection.

(no subject)

EDIT to clear up wording:
EDIT to change "tea cup" to "miniature"
ETA no Canadians need to reply about Thanksgiving being a month ago! :p~~~

What's your favorite
inbred dog? (yes technically they all are but I mean extremes of "purebred" here) pedigreed extreme dog, such as super elongated like Dachshund, super wrinkley like Shar Pei, or super small like tea cup MINIATURE Poodles. (Technically all pedigreed dogs are inbred to keep certain features and expand on them over a "breeding program". This is how you go from something with clean lines like wild dogs/wolves to critters like a Pug. When dogs breed on their own they tend to go back to a more "original" form.)
As a hound lover I have to choose dachshunds and bassets as the best IMHO.

Thanksgiving! Whatcha doin' for it?
Already got my icon fixed up! You can thank twystedfate. Decorating with turkey items we've crafted of colored paper and Popsicle sticks. Staying home and having the requisite meal. Baked chicken, snack bowl (mixed nuts, pomegranates, etc), green beans, mashed potatoes and probably hot spicy tea. Breakfast that day will be pumpkin pie as per usual.

We just had giant fresh hot pretzels at the mall after I voted. What's your favorite pretz?
I like plain, salted and cinnamon best. Although I have had whole wheat and liked it.

After voting I asked where was my special thingie for voting, like sticker or wot. The old guy said they didn't have those this year, all the extra cash went to the bail out. HA! He peeked at my vote too the rascal.
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Where is it!?!?

If you were my Nintendo DS, where would you be!?

I usually keep it in my purse because I play it at work while I'm on break (when I get a break).

It isn't in my purse! It isn't in my desk, on my desk, or under my desk. It isn't in my car.

So I thought maybe it fell out of my purse at home. I keep my purse in either the living room or the I looked...and as of right now...I'm not finding it. :(

I'm wondering if it possibly got stolen at the store one day...even though if I'm not with my purse when it is in the cart my husband is....

I am 99% sure no one at work would take it.


Sigh...I miss my DS. If it is gone for good...what color should I get to replace it? I have/had the black one. The husband has the white one...

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Which is your best side?

What are the steps of your skincare regime?
Is it working well for you?

What do you call the large unit that cooks your food?

Do you feel your life is too easy and thus boring sometimes?

1. Right

2. It used to be: Wash with soap. Dry with clean towel. But I've started to do a cleanser thing, and am supposed to use a toner and moisturiser and I think maybe this is just crazy shit someone made up to make people spend a lot of money. It's all new so I don't know if it's working well or not.

3. The oven, generally, because that's what makes up most of the mass of the unit.

4. Not with many things, but my aforementioned unit is now working again & I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't have more time where I had to be creative and make meals without it. (Last night I steamed veggies in the top of the rice cooker and had carrots, beans and tinned chickpeas on brown rice with soy sauce, it was quite surprisingly tasty).My life may have sucked a lot more when I was poor, but I did get to make meals out of the few ingredients I could get with my $4 that week, and inventing new ways to fix things with duct tape and string.


So anyone ever have a mechanic re-sell a broken / overheating car?

Ok, My situation :

The girlfriend had a 97 Pontiac sitting around for months. We tried Craiglist and 20 no-shows. I tried ebay and it was not effective at all.
Im going to be charged 80 bucks about for 12 Miles of towing. My other part of the plan is to have them sell the car -for whatever it is worth (KBB I hope) and give me the difference it took to fix it. E.g. -$1200 They can sell it for -Minus the $600 it takes to fix the problem. That leaves me with 600 bucks but I dont mind. Think this is a good idea? The car is overheating and most parts were replaced. 203,000 on the car.

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Do the greenie and blue cove apps on Facebook actually save rainforests? 

Did you ever play Dilbert's Desktop?  I effin loved that game while I was in elementary/middle school.
im french

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1. My aunt who lives in New Hampshire is voting Republican because she works for a defense contractor (aka they make war weapons), and she feels that as long as there is a war going on, she will have a job. She is usually very liberal. Is this... ethical?

2. Should I drink Chimay Bleu or Chimay Rouge tonight?

3. How do you, personally, get rid of those big, ouchy pimples that sit under the surface of your skin? If N/A, then fuck off.


Do you like when it is completely silent?

How sick do you have to be to go to the doctor?

Do you have a nickname? What is it?

Is your mail box attached to your house, out near the road or grouped with others?

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Inane Attacks

What, in your opinion, was the dumbest attack on either presidential candidate throughout the whole running?

EDIT: Do you think they actually affected votes?