November 3rd, 2008

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Has anyone worn glasses for a super-long time? Are there, like, indentations in your skull behind your ears where there are always the arms of your glasses pressing in, or is my skull on crack?

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TQC, my mum came downstairs bellowing at me to go to bed, because she thought it was half three. I pointed out it was 12.05 and she went away. When was the last time you were vindicated? Doesn't it feel goooood?

I am getting 2 girly guinea pigs next week. I really want to call then Ines and Mathilde, and I have no idea why. What should I call them? Bonus points for French/Spanish inspired names.

Lastly, have you suffered because of your name? My name rhymes with frigid OH HOW FUNNY.

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I know, I just made fun of someone else's drama... but when you have been hanging out and talking to someone until 4 in the morning, texting constantly, admitting that there's a 'vibe' which could lead to 'something more' - basically getting along great - and then saying, "I'm sorry, I just need more time"...

Wtf. Someone please translate this from man into woman for me. Did I dodge the bullet? Or should give him some space, but still keep trying?

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has anyone tried these? they're keebler dipping delights cookies in cheesecake flavor.

i want to try them SO BADLY, but every time i go to the grocery store (5 so far..) they either don't carry them or they are out. what do i do? are they as delicious as i think they'd be?

if you don't know: what's your favorite sandwich cookie? i like golden oreos.
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At work and especially any time I post pictures in a community, I get a comparison to this one lady, who I had to google to find out who she was, and I really don't see the comparison.

I don't think she's that pretty, so I don't really think I'm being complimented, and I really don't see the resemblance beside the fact that we both obviously bleach our hair.

Should I take this as a compliment?
Is this too ludicrous to even take seriously?

(Oh and in case anyone else lives under a rock like me, her name is Elisha Cuthbert [sp])
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what is a good (free) website or program i can use to track expenses and budget and all that jazz? i am financially retarded.

ps. i know i can do it on paper, but i have the handwriting of a 12 year old boy and lose everything.
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I work at a bar and grill. It's a good job but I have one problem. I get free lunch (woo!) but everything I eat is really unhealthy. I'm talking 4 times a week eating things out of the fryer, any sandwich I make has cheese, bacon and mayo (and veggies but still), I can't eat salad without ranch. Basically, I like tasty food but I am preparing myself for a heart attack before 30 doing this I'm sure.
I don't think I'd be able to not eat there, because by the time I'm done work I'm starving. Also I'd hate to pay money to eat lunch somewhere healthier when I get free food.
So basically my question is, do you have any recommendations for unique food that doesn't involve artery clogging deliciousness, but is still tasty? I'm looking for a new idea, a weird combination I've never tried before. Options are most sandwich meats (turkey, chicken etc), different breads/buns, salads, dressings (italian, french, ranch, ceasar), and a few veggies (the ones i like are peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots).

If you could dye your hair any unnatural colour, what would it be? Or if it is dyed what colour is it right now? Mine's blue right now and I want pink, but the blue will not budge even with bleach.
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What's a song that an artist you otherwise like sings that sucks? I'm not at all thrilled with AAR's Gives You Hell
What's the last new thing you tried? Did you like it?
What's the worst advice you've received?
What's your favorite lunch food?

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Does it bother you if a woman doesn't shave her legs but wears a short skirt?

If you are male or lesbian or just like sleeping with women occasionally, does it bother you if your partner doesn't shave her legs or armpits?

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tqc, i went to a party friday night. there was a guy named chris there. i thought he was the chris that added me on facebook a while back. i just found out that he actually isn't and i feel REALLY stupid right now. i think the worst part is i've actually hung out with this guy a number of times and didn't figure this out until now.

have any of you done something like that before?
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October is over? I took a month's hiatus from life.

How would you sum up this past month for yourself?

Why do I live in a state where saying JOSHUA SEGALL IS A LIBERAL AND HIS LIBERAL FRIENDS ARE LIBERAL OBAMA AND LIBERAL NOBEL LAUREATE AL GORE is supposed to convince me to vote against Joshua Segall?

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My sleeping habits have gotten completely off-track during the past month.  I've gotten used to going to sleep around six or seven AM and waking up anywhere from two to four PM.  Ideally, I'd like to be asleep around one AM and wake up at nine,

So... what's the best way to get my sleeping schedule back on track?
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When you're dealing with a painful situation, are you the type that cries and sits around sadly or the type that looks as if everything was alright but you cant sleep, cant eat, and feel sick?

If you're the last type, have you ever got health problems because of this?

Also: I am the last type but I don't think this is healthy. Do you have a clue how I can change it? I cant manage to cry! I have difficulties with that. I just feel like I was horribly sick.

And last: if you've ever heard of this or know people like this, tell me your experiences or what you've heard?

Close to You

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What, if anything, do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?

Today, I told myself "Hey, you look pretty good!" Usually, though, I just stick out my tongue or make a silly face. Lame, I know, but it makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

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it's my friend's birthday on wednesday and she's coming over for her birthday dinner. i already know what i'm making for dinner, but what kind of cake should i get/make? or should i make a pie and, if so, what kind of pie?

how do you deal with anxiety?

how frequently do you get your hair cut?

has your dog ever had knee surgery? how'd that work out for you?

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my father and two grandparents died this summer, and ever since, money has been falling into my bank account so ridiculously quickly, it's absurd. at the same time, im also going through crazy depression and my desire to spend money is at an all time low. yesterday, another random two grand showed up in my wallet, and my mother is begging me to spend some money on myself. i can't really travel because i dont want to be away from family or friends yet, and i dont live on my own so i have no house to furnish. when i told my mom i just intended on spending all of this money on my friends for AMAZING christmas presents, she said not to and to do something for myself. yes, i know i should put lots away in savings, but i think my mom is right and i should splurge just a little.

what do you think i splurge on?
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I'm home sick today, and have no classes tomorrow due to the election.


So What Should I do?

watch my latest netflix film (eddie murphy: delirious - stand up comedy)
eat a second breakfast
stay on LJ
be as productive as i can
play my Wii
read a magazine
find something to post about in my community
continue reading Summer of '49
other (in comments)
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what is your opinion?

man is inherently good
man is inherently evil
man is neutral until influenced by environment
man is inherently good and evil

And an unrelated question - using flammable shoe glue I have fixed fake jewels to the outside of a 3-inch pillar candle. Do you think it is likely that the glue will catch on fire and/or the jewels will melt? I'm willing to take the risk, obviously, but have you had experience with something like this before?

EDIT: think i answered my own question. the glue can withstand heat up to 150 degrees before ignition. the outside temperature of a candle of this diameter does not reach 150 degrees. what is more likely to happen (i am theorizing) is the glue will soften as it increases in temperature and the jewels will slowly slide down the candle.

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When Aunt Flo comes to visit me I

feel stressed out
feel very tired
get cranky, angry, or depressed
am bloated
have cramps
have an increased sex drive
have a decreased sex drive
get headaches
crave salty or sweet foods
get achey in my back or muscles
have sore boobs
break out
have other problems that I will list below
Aunt Flo has been banned from visiting me.
I do not have an Aunt Flo.
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How does someone become less shy and, in particular, get better conversational skills?

I've always been pretty quiet around most people, even good friends. Last weekend I visited my friends for the first time in months and I feel like I'm losing the little bit of ability that I had to connect with them. My life's not very interesting right now, so there's not much to talk about with that, and I'm not particularly well-read IMO, so I can't really have a conversation about philosophy or politics or many things that require a lot of prior knowledge.

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Folks of TQC that wear bras: how often do you wash them? Do you really handwash them, or do you stick 'em in the machine with your other clothes?

Folks of TQC that wear mascara: don't you HATE when your eyelashes on one eye turn out better (longer, thicker, more separated, better curled, etc.) than those on the other eye?! ARGH

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did you ever sing songs that made fun of barney in school? i remember two off the top of my head:

joy to the world
barney's dead
we barbecued his head
what happened to his body?
we flushed it down the potty
and 'round and 'round it goes
and 'round and 'round it goes
and 'rou-OUND and 'ROU-ou-ound and 'round it goes

another one went like this:

i hate you
you hate me
let's gang up and kill barney!
with a gun to his head and blood on the floor
no more purple dinosaur!

i guess this mostly applies to people born in the mid-to-late '80s, because when we were 7ish to 10ish it was really cool to make fun of barney.
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My cousin passed away on halloween.  I am very upset about this, and my husband has been wonderful..he just returned from a long trip (2 weeks on business) and has been a comfort.

Here is dilemma:  Cousin's funeral is on Thursday in MI.  I live in Texas.

If I go, I have to miss 2 1/2 days of work no matter how I schedule my flights.  It will also cost me $800 for just myself, $1600 for both my husband and I.

I want to go to be there for my family and to say goodbye.

But I miss my husband and want him to be here with me and I want to spend as much time with him as possible before he leaves again for work (another 6 day trip on Monday).  And it is too expensive to send both of us.  I also would use up all the rest of my vacation and make it hard/impossible to visit my family on Thanksgiving and on Christmas, and take a trip we had planned with my in-laws for February.

What should I do?  What would you do?

Am I selfish?
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There'd better be no "IDK"s for #2

1. Aside from the Hookers-n-Blow Holiday Gift Baskets, what can I do from home to bring in some cash while I hunt down another 'real' job that isn't 2 hours away?

2. What kind of sauce do you like on your pasta? If you enjoy a jarred/canned sauce, which is your favorite brand and flavor?

3. We have silverfish in our kitchen. Hella gross. I get squicked out looking stuff up online about bugs, so TQC, would you be so kind as to summarize for me: Are silverfish really bad or are they just annoying? Anything I can do to get them out of our apartment? And when I squish 'em with a paper towel, why is there nothing there? DO THEY HAVE CLEAR BLOOD?! Because I squished one of those annoying gnats on the counter and holy crap, there was a lot of blood/bug goo, but I squish a silverfish that's a million times bigger and there's nothing there.

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have any of you been to the florida keys? my boyfriend wants to take me somewhere on vacation this december/january and we were thinking florida. it sounds nice, but i want to hear it from people who have actually been there.

if you haven't been there..tell me about other great places in florida, or basically just other warm vacation spots that you've been to and that are really fucking awesome.

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TQC, am I cursed?

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Will you please tell me tales of your pets hilarious hijinks to cheer me up?

I'll start - I maintain, to this day, that the reason my first dog failed puppy school was than during the "play time" at the end of the first lesson, she snuck up behind the instructor and stole the bag of treats out of her back pocket, piss-bolted to the end of the field we were in, and scoffed the lot.
big alligator?

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1. Will you please tell me how you feel about Collapse )

2. I've never been to Chick-fil-A. I've been told I'm missing out, am I?
EDIT: If you think I'm missing out, will you tell me what your favorite meatless thing they have is?
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Hypothetical situation:
A passenger has been on an overcrowded bus (like Greyhound, not transit) for three hours. Their stop is 20 minutes away. They're deathly allergic to peanuts - even the smell can give them a reaction. You sit down in front of them and open a bag of peanuts and start stuffing your face, when you are tapped on the shoulder by the person behind you. They politely explain the situation and ask if you can wait 20 minutes to finish them.

What do you do?

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Does anyone know the name of or how I can find information about that famous ceramic artifact of a woman/goddess who is large, and has a hat-like-thing that looks like coils on the top of her head?

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Excuse the bad drawing.

ETA: Thanks, guys!

TQC, I have been sick and miserable for a week. Will you do something to cheer me up?
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I know we're all sick of this but will you please humor me?

Poll #1290578 Rock the Vote

Did your state have early Voting and did you participate?

No, my state did NOT have early voting.
YES, my state had early voting and YES, I voted.
YES, my state had early voting and NO, I didn't vote.
NO, my state does not have early voting.
I'm from another country.

Will you be Voting on November 4th?

I early Voted!
I'm from another country.

Will this be your first time voting?

Yes. I am 18-22 years old and this is my first General Election.
Yes. I've never voted before for one reason or another.
No. I've voted in previous General Elections.
No. I don't care.
No. I'm not old enough.
No. I live in another country.
No. I live in another country but I wish I could vote.

Are you as glad as I am that this Election is almost over?

Who's running?
Fuck you, I'm sick of this shit.
Alice in Wonderland

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are you a messy person?
if you are, how do you motivate yourself to clean up?
how messy is messy?

if you're not messy, do you have any tips for the messy folk to stay organized?


Anyone got a name of a mythological or historical figure that sounds enough like "keymo" that it could be used in a really bad pun?

Do you want to be at work today?

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1)any life wisdom from comics you'd like to share with the class?

'Only losers don't use condoms!'- from Nana.

2)Any voting day tips?

Bring your DS!

3)relationship dynamics in stories you like?

it was on fire when I lay down on it.

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I've joined a bunch of sites and now I can't remember one of them. It's another journal type site. I know it's not dead journal, Blogger or Twitter. Any ideas what it might have been?

Edit: Found, it was Tumblr
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Dear TQC,

Will you tell me a story about some serious crazy that you've witnessed?

About a couple of years ago, my then-partner and I were woken up at 5am by the lady across the road. She kept setting off her car alarm and then screaming at it to shut up, before turning it off, waiting a minute, then setting it off again. At 6am, she took a plank of wood, went to her neighbour's, and smashed in all their windows, then called the police, claiming they'd been harassing her for the past three hours (they'd been asleep, of course). When the police came, she started crying, then called her boyfriend to tell him the policeman was harassing her. Her boyfriend turned up, and it turned out he was a white supremist, who started shouting at the police officer (who was Maori) to get the f*** away from his woman. The police officer arrested them both, but the woman returned to her house about four hours later and amused herself by hauling her stereo outside, positioning it to face the neighbour's house, and playing "I Will Survive" on loop and at full volume.

The next day she wandered into our house and stood in our lounge for a while before we asked her (MOST POLITELY, 'cause we didn't want all our windows smashed at 6am) to please leave.

(yes, I know she was probably seriously mentally ill, but it was still some wicked crazy. Also, the woman was a complete drama queen, and this was just a couple of steps up from her usual antics)
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I ordered pizza on Halloween night. Lacking ziplock bags, I just placed the remainder of the pizza in the box and stuck it in my fridge. What are the chances it is still edible today? I am hungry and there isn't much food left in the house.

EDIT: Thanks guys! It's heating up in the toaster oven right now!
EDIT2: I am eating it. It's okay. Pizza Hut never reheats very well anyways.

New question!

What's the weather like where you are today?
It's chilly (56F)and misty here.

What's your favorite cheese?

What's your favorite FOOD?
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Out of curiousity

Who did you vote for / will you vote for / would you vote for? (if for some reason or another that you cant vote.)

Did you vote straight?

Was this a little unnecessary and should I have told her something in return?"
I voted this past Thursday and it was my first time (YAY!) so the old lady asked me if I had any questions. I told her no and she asked if it was my first time AGAIN and I told her yes. Well, then she said: "Well of COURSE you have questions..." and she went off on this long winded explaination of how to vote. (aaahah) So, when she was done she specifically told me NOT to vote straight because only un-intelligent people vote straight and that both parties have their negative sides. I gave her this "Wtf are you serious?" face and she just shuffled away to the next person in line. I didn't know whether to slap her or report her.

What would you have done?

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Have you ever been in the middle of class and got a call with bad news? How bad/what was the news (if it's not too personal)?

If yes (or even if no, just imagine) what would you do? Would you leave that class ASAP or would you stick around?

I just got really bad news in the middle of psych and I had to run out of the class to answer the phone. When I came back in I felt like everyone was staring at me, but I couldn't leave because we have a test in there soon.
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1. What's the quickest way to get blonde highlights dye out of my hair?

2. What's your favourite sea creature? Extra points for weirdness. (Mine: Nudibranchs, as seen in my icon. :D )

3. What should I write my fourth year thesis about? I'm a biology student. (This is not a "decide my life for me" question. My thesis is two years away (I'm in second year) and I just want some ideas to help give me ideas.)

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What's the name of the website where you can upload an image you want to have blown up, and they'll have it print out in multiple pages that you put together to form back into the original image?

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Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

Is it weird that my ex-husband reads my LJ?  I left him in 2004, we divorced in 2006, and my LJ is only 2 years or so old.  So it wasn't something he knew about before we split up.  Would that weird you out?

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This happens because it's the middle of the note right? I mean, you still have paper money, tracking devices seem a little out of your league.

Are there any small tracking devices that would be appropriate to attach to a cat who frequently gets lost?

My oven is broken because water from the pressure cooker went behind one of the nobs, and even though everything was off, sparks flew across the kitchen and now nothing will turn on. What is broken in your house and how did that happen?

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What noises make you want to punch a baby?

The noises some people make when they eat, like that wet smacking noise because they can't keep their mouth shut? It drives me fucking insane. If I ever hear that noise in a maternity ward, I'm going to go to jail.

ETA: LOL at people thinking I'm srs about the baby punching.
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What do you do to make yourself feel better when you have the blues?

And I went to Subway and got the new chicken pizziola sandwich. It was OK, but I still like their regular chicken sandwich more. What subway sandwich do you like the most?

Anyone here in a teacher education program? If so, what level & areas of concentration are you in?

black and white, not color!

You have a friendly acquaintance in one of your current classes. She has a series of unfortunate events that keep her out of class for more than a week (3 classes). She has asked for a copy of your handwritten notes, so she can potentially not fail the midterm this Thursday. You oblige, and say that you'll make copies of what she missed, but warn her that you take a ton of notes, and we'll be talking more than 10 pages of xeroxed hand written notes. She says that's great and says she will reimburse you for your costs. You think that's fair.

Things to consider: When all the notes are copied, it is 18 pages.
These pages were photocopied at your home and on your home copier, so there is no "set cost" as there would be in a copy place so
your paper and your ink were used exclusively.

Here is the question: How much would you charge your friendly acquaintance for 18 copies, made at your home?

I realize this could have been avoided entirely had I just gone to a copy store and paid out of pocket and then gotten a receipt and paid back. Just seemed like too much trouble... and it's raining.

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What's the coolest eating experience you've had? (potluck, rotating tables, fondue, etc)

What's the most interactive (do-it-yourself, watch a chef perform in front of you, etc) dining experience you've had?

(no subject)

Who or what created the universe? How did this enigma go about in creating the universe?

Are we figments of our own imaginations?

Why do I find black men and women unbelievably hot?

What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?

What would you do for another cup of coffee?


I need serious answers for this one, okay? =). I have an ex boyfriend; we dated for three years and have been broken up for two. He keeps going on and on about how much he loves me/still in love with me/whatever but then disappears for weeks on end. The last time I spoke to him ... he kind of hurt my feelings.

Is anal considered sex? My ex boyfriend claims we never had sex based on the fact that we always did anal.

Should I simply stop speaking with him? I want to date him, again .. BUT GDFGDFGDFG.

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I'm about to go to the grocery store. I've got tortilla shells, tuna fish, spinach, shredded cheese, pasta, pasta sauce, ground beef, tilapia, turkey, milk, frozen juice, bread, ramen noodles, and veggies/fruits. I hope to be able to make quesidillas, homemade tuna/hamburger helper, homemade macaroni, pasta and makeshift pizzas.

TQC, will you stock my fridge/pantry? What else should I buy?
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TQC, please take a quick peek at the IMDB info for The Monster Squad.

Have you heard of the movie "The Monster Squad" (1987)?


If you have seen this movie, would you compare it to "Goonies"?


My husband's co-worker claims that this is the greatest cult movie EVER and compared it to "Goonies." Seriously. But an impromptu survey of the company shows that he's the only person to have even heard of the movie, let alone viewed it. I already just shake my head and go "oh, silly boy" when this guy is around, but this would be icing on the cake, you know?

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i have a 15 page application form to fill in, which i am trying to avoid. has anyone else had a ridiculously large and pointless application form? mine if for a clerical position with the police, and they want to know every employer i have ever had (and thats alot) and my parents and siblings details! its MADNESS!

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So I'm getting ready to register for classes, but I'm getting really confused about something...

So I'm taking Chemistry 40. I saw that, in order to take the lecture, I'm also required to sign up for a lab/conference class. But Jesus Christ, those hours seem nuts. If I'm reading this right, one day out of the week would be five hours of chemistry classes... right?

I'm hoping I'm wrong, because that really screws over my schedule.

Anyone taken a class like this before that can clarify?

Edit: Damn -_-. Well thanks TQC. Next semester will be fun...

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Do you think that Jedi's suffer from noctornal emissions?

Has Yoda ever 'spanked it'? does he even have an 'it'?

If you could design and alien species, whats the funniest way you can think of to make them procreate (that makes sense)?
Zooey face

Obama: y/n?

Alrighty, TQC. Should I go see Obama tonight?

He is going to be about an hour away. The doors open at 5 and the event starts at 9. I have to work in the morning and we're going to go vote around 6:00AM (yikes, I know). So, I wouldn't get home until laaaate. But at the same time, this is an historic event!

Decide for me, TQC.

The Lion King...

Am I the only one who thought that in the Lion King that Bonzi and Shenzi are brother and sister and that Ed is their offspring, hence why he is like he is? I remember asking my mom about this as a kid for some reason but she just said that all 3 of them were siblings. Did anybody else assume that they were mother father son rather then siblings?
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If your SO worked with a person of whatever-sex-it-is-that-your-SO-prefers, and that person is the most perfect human being that ever lived, both physically and mentally, how would that make you feel?

(no subject)

two unrelated questions/topics:

1. Does it annoy you more when people take things TOO seriously or not seriously enough?

2a. Have you ever had one of those dreams when you knew you were sleeping and dreaming and could control everything you did in the dream?

2b. If you have them frequently, what is something, like staying up a certain amount of time or eating certain foods that always seems to precede it?

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I did a crazy thing today. I quit my job.

Have you ever quit your job without another one lined up?

Were you were just effing fed up and couldn't take it anymore, or was there some other reason like a family illness?

Tell me about it.

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good afternoon, TQC.

I am so tired, but have class tonight immediately after work until about 9:30.

Should I go? 

If I told you that I skipped last weeks class cuz I was sick does that change your mind? 

What is a good food/drink product that will help me wake up BESIDES energy drinks?

**Thanks for your suggestions :) I will try to find some apple juice or some coffee**


[OK, my one and only political question of the season.]

So, with one day left, what do you think the results will be for the U.S.presidential election?

Here are the categories:

- Electoral vote (538 total)
- Number of states won (51 total with DC)
- Percent of the popular vote (100 total, obviously)

For each, list your prediction for Obama, McCain and the others.

If I feel especially motivated, I'll try to keep track of who comes closest.

(OK, I have a spreadsheet going [geek that I am.] The popular vote will be calculated by taking the difference between the actuals for Obama, McCain and "the others" and dividing by 3. This will probably take a few days after the election until most of the absentees are counted.)

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Kitty lite
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Do you ever feel a need to prove how sick you are when you're missing a lot of work? Not anyone pressuring you per se, but just feeling lame for being out so much? Why/why not?

No matter what happens tomorrow, aren't you going to be so glad all this election crap is over with? Y/Y

What do you do when you are stuck at home, sick for numerous days?

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Why is everyone acting like I am a bad person for not wanting to stay up until Wednesday 5 a.m. CET to get the results of the election when I have to be at work at 8 and have a major test that night?

Does it make me a bad American to not watch the election coverage?


What is something you've done recently that you feel guilty about?

I've been depressed lately so I've been shopping to make myself feel better, and I don't have the money to. I usually tell my mom I need $$ because I spent it on gas or something, but usually, I just spent it on a new sweater. She loves me :(
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My boyfriend is playing his xbox very loudly. I'm trying to watch Mad Men with headphones on. I can hardly hear what people are saying despite having it almost at full volume.

I should leave him and get my own apartment, correct?
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CNN is reporting that Obama's grandmother kicked it.

Do you think this is part of a left-wing conspiracy to gain sympathy for Obama/remind people that he is, in fact, part white?

Can I vote?

So, I'm a retard. Hi.

I am registered to vote ... in my maiden name. When I went to the DMV/SOS to change my name after I got married, I never registered to vote in my new name.

Can I still vote? :( The address on my voter's card matches my current license... the only difference is the last name. =\ Wahhhh.

EDIT: Thank you, Sunow, for the link! I AM REGISTERED (I guess I did register under my new name lol)!!! yay :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DDDD
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Lost keys

I just lost my keys somewhere in a 4 acre athletic field park while playing with my dog.  Now it's dark and I have no idea where they are in there.  I have to be at work tomorrow at seven (sunrise is 6:22).  Any clever ideas on how I can find my keys before tomorrow?
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My husband says that I broke our dryer by running dry clothes in them to dewrinkle them. Now it squeals ridiculously loudly and is annoying the piss out of me.

TQC, did I break the dryer y/n?

bed bugs?

Do bed bug bites itch?

I have these little marks on me that look like mosquito bites but aren't. They don't itch or anything. My boyfriend suggested they were bed bug bites or that I was allergic to something. They are only on my neck, chest, and stomach. He doesn't have any of the marks if they are from bed bugs ... but I guess maybe he isn't allergic if that is what they are.

If you have had bed bugs before tell your story.
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What are some fun online games that require thinking? (Ie. The impossible quiz)

Also I know there used to be a website where you try to figure out how to get to the next site by doing things like turning on a light, translating codes, changing the url, etc. I want to say something like nimball or something? Anybody know?

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If you had to sum up your day in one word, but it has to be a word you don't use very often, what would you say?

What was the last discussion you had with someone about?
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alright, so, there's this kid in my school who i liked for pretty much the whole year last year, and recently found out that he "sort of" likes one of my friends. because of this, i decided to bring up last year and eventually, through much of his pleading, told him all about liking him and blah blah blah. TODAY, i find out that he told people, including some i SPECIFICALLY didn't want to find out, everything i had said. i am REALLY ANGRY because i feel that he had no right to spread this around, considering the only reason i told HIM in the first place was because he told me "not to feel awkward."

i'm justified in being angry, right? do i let him/the people he told know that i'm not okay with them talking about me behind my back?
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there is this person in my dorm (he is a friend of a friend) who constantly refers to himself as "indie and pretentious" and talks about how he's "the biggest wannabe hipster ever". then, whenever he tells you about any instance in his life he says, " I know you're jealous".

he also talks about his love for Hemingway every single time I hear him speak and is frequently found hiding in trash cans. there anyone you know who makes you want to beat yourself in the face with a frying pan?

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Im going to barf, any good anti-barfing measures that I can take?

If you could name an action after a name, what name would it be? and for what?

eg, vomiting = ralphing, toilet = a john, boston steamer =  a sara palin.

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Do you have a severe phobia?

Have you ever gotten over a severe phobia?

- I have harbored this desire to become a midwife forever, but I'm terrified of IV drips & I'm not sure I could take blood. It's the only thing holding me back (the extra 3 years of school after completing an English degree isn't all that great but it's really what I want to do) Am I crazy for thinking I could ever get over something that's been with me for so long?

What do you desire?
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i'm either coming down with a cold or have allergies. my throat was sore before, but is now just kind of scratchy-feeling and my my nose is runny. the thing is..only my right nostril is runny and i keep sneezing because it tickles inside for some reason. how do i get rid of this tickle-like feeling? i can't stop sneezing!!

Getting Called a Racist.

Are any of you (online or not) getting called a racist for Voting for McCain? I have had both races (online and not) called me a racist. I sometimes think that those who judge also fall under the category or racists. Just me I guess....
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Do you have early voting in your state?  Did you vote already?  What are you doing other than that election day? 

I voted last week!  :D  I have to work overnights tomorrow, so I'll be biting my nails there.

Yes We Can!!
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For those of you who live with roommates or flatmates and at least some of you are female: how do you deal with "bathroom trash"? Especially tampons & pads.
It'd kind of irk me to have any contact with a trashbag full of other people's pads, but I've recently moved in with flatmates and we share a toilet.

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Other than the obvious....what are some free/cheap things to do with the new boyf? Money is very tight for us both right now and having nights in with movies is getting a bit dull.

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In regards to internet dating

Do you think that those relationships are laughable?

Do you not take them seriousely when seeing others who are in them?
Can you not take those who do it seriouse?

Should cybersex be thrown with that lot too?

(If you are in one, you *dont count)
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My Mom always has a bowl of mixed candies and nuts out on the dining room table.
1. Do your parents always have a bowl of treats out? If so, what kind of treats are usually in the bowl? What are/were your favorites?

2. What was the last thing you bought?
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Our upstairs shower is busted, so I use the one downstairs that's right off the family room.

Why the hell is it that every single night, at the time I want to take a shower, my sister is down there in the family room with her boyfriend?

Am I cursed or something?

Would it be awkward if I went ahead and showered anyway like I didn't care he was there?

Do you have any awkward shower stories?

EDIT: Does it really make me that weird to be uncomfortable with the idea of some guy being there when I step out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel?

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I was buying some make-up at a stall yesterday and noticed a woman from the stall (not the one who was attending to me) looking at me. She then said "Oh, you have a great jaw line".

1. What's the oddest compliment you've received recently?

2. I keep looking at my jawline now. What makes a good jawline? I have quite a square jawline, so I don't get why that is good.

3. I need to do the washing up, how can I make this more fun? Totes srs answers only.

4. My workplace is contributing slowly to the downfall of society. How does your workplace suck?