November 2nd, 2008

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Here is a not-so-hypothetical scenario.

Say you're taking a guitar class at your college. You stay after class to make up a quiz you didn't take because you were out of town. The teacher walks out of class with you and starts talking about how he spent the last weekend at a salsa dancing club. He then says, "maybe when you're not my student anymore, we can go salsa dancing!" What would you have said in response?

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How often do you wear a seatbelt?

Do you get so used to putting it on in a certain seat that you forget when you ride in a different seat or car?

Did you ever race to see who could fasten their belt the fastest when you were a kid?

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Just how slutty are you?

What's the last thing you won?

What's your 'type'?

At which point does food become inedible? (I'm not talking about spoiling, but rather if it was on the floor for more than 5 seconds, if there were an ant or fly on it etc...does a flying insect as opposed to a walking one make it any less gross?)

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let's say you got drunk and flirted and cuddled with your friend's ex. they've been broken up for a while and you figure your friend will be fine with it. you later find out your friend would not be so fine with it. your friend will never know unless you tell her. you're not planning on pursuing things with the ex. would you tell her?

pretend you've been talking to someone on myspace a lot and he took you to go see a movie last weekend. how would you react if you found out he was sleeping with one of his friends that you haven't met?

note: none of these have actually happened, and none of these things involve the same people. i'm just curious what you guys would do.

if you don't care: was there sufficient alcohol at whatever parties you attended last night? there wasn't at mine! there was about one shot of vodka left, and then rum which i don't really like and smirnoff ice. i got pretty close to drunk but had there been vodka i would've been so trashed. i am jealous of those who got sufficiently trashed!

also, WHY did one of my friends suggest i sleep with one of his friends last night? his friend was also making kinda sexual comments like all night, more than he usually does, and he was sober. he also accidentally touched my boob because my corset made my boobs stick out way more than i'm used to, and after i went AHHH he touched it again on purpose. wtf! was he trying to get into my pants skirt? i mean the guy in question was cute, but wtf!
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1. TQC, how can I improve my handwriting and increase it's consistency? My professor questioned my homework (which she's just started taking up) because it always looks different. I don't have one single handwriting other than sloppy, and I want to fix it!

2. What is your alcoholic drink of choice?

3. What is your non-alcoholic drink of choice?

4. Dinner is on me, TQC! We're going to the Panda Corral, an exquisite mix of traditional Chinese food with Southern Cooking. I've never actually been there before, so I have no idea of the dishes they serve. Based on the description of the restaurant, what kind of dishes do you expect them to serve, and what would try to order?

5. Have you ever rasterbated?

ETA 6.: When you take Unisom, do you take a whole pill, or just half?
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i have come from (an hour in) the FUTURE to tell you that you should be heading to bed're just going to stay up and keep refreshing this page.

are any of you polyamorous relationships? have you ever been in one? i keep hearing that it's more common than we think, but no one's really speaking up. for the record, my boyfriend(of three years) and i dabbled- i dated a friend of mine for a few months through last winter.

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In the movie Beer League, Artie Lang says some slur that sounds like "dradrool." What is the word and what does it mean? My Google-fu totally fails. And my apologies in advance if it's some sort of ethnic slur or something incredibly offensive.

PS - My husband kicked his aunt out and told her he'd drive her home, but she called a freaking cab, and cussed him out on her way out the door saying there's no way in hell she was coming back to clean the baby's room. And that she was calling his dad - her brother - to tell him what we did. He called his dad already, and he said they'd be home tomorrow and they'd drive her themselves and sit here and watch her clean the room or she's not coming back to their house, where she lives. Am I loving this more than I should be? LOL.

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Are you celebrating Movember? 

(also know as No Shave November)

EDIT (for clarity):  November is also known as "Mustache Month"  or "No Shave November" (for people who are bigger fans of just getting a full blown beard).  In the spirit of this month, a company has decided to have people not shave as well as ask people to donate to some prostate cancer shit.  

I am growing a mustache for the shit of it (hopefully it will achieve handlebar status by the end of the month).  I really don't care about the whole prostate cancer stuff.  

I was just curious as to whether or not anyone else was....?

guyse plz halp

So at Halloween there were these people on my campus distributing fair trade certified chocolate which was dark and very good! But I threw away the wrapper by mistake and now I don't know what the chocolate was called :((. Can someone tell me some brands available of fair trade certified chocolate, and where to find them? In Canada that is. I'm in Ontario.


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 What's that site where men can get their "men questions" answered?  It's something like "man-swers."  My friend told me about it, but I forgot to ask what the site was actually called.  

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Are there any other clubs that are as popular as this one? (By popular I mean continuous posts 24/7.)

Has procrastination/laziness ever hurt your future?

Who is addicted to

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What types of good sushi don't have avocado or cucumber, or anything with that texture?

Both make me gag, and I've never had sushi before, so I have no clue. I have a date with a girl on Thursday, and we're going to get sushi, so I at least want to look like I know what the hell I'm ordering.

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OH SHIT FRIENDS. is it day light savings? my wall clock has been dead for months and i was going to replace the batteries before i fell asleep but didn't so i have no idea if the clocks changed yet or not D:

i'm in CST if that helps.

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Have you ever met john stamos?
Was he nice to you too?
I suppose any other celebrity conversations would be cool too...

Edit: Also, do you know anyone who has aged really well? Because I swear this guy still looks like Uncle Jesse, but with a better haircut.

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Have you ever been to a place like this: ?  What did you think?  My boss gave me a couple of passes and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to drive to Thornton just to experience it.  I can see movies for free in Denver anyway.

Have you ever worn a garter belt with thigh highs?  Did you prefer it to wearing pantyhose?  I do.

What is your favorite slang term/euphemism for sex?  I'm a fan of 'knocking boots' and 'playing a game of 'hide the salami'' personally.


So I'm going to ask this again because the last time I asked it, it was overshadowed by my other que

There's this new guy at work that admitted I made him nervous. It's kinda cute. His hands shake a bit, he makes dumb mistakes when I'm around and only ever comes to me with a question, despite there being 3 or 4 other people around.

However, today, I find out he has a girlfriend.



Would it bother you if a guy gets a mani/pedi?


Guys: Would/Do you get mani/pedi's?
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1. Am I a crappy person if I quit my job with the four other people who quite first this week? Bearing in mind that the manager barely has enough staff to train up new people if I stay.

2. What do part-time/casual employees owe their employer when it comes to quitting in times of staff shortages?

3. How do you think I need to handle this to get a decent reference out of them?

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Webcam stuff...

I was given a webcam as a gift, it's great and the picture is amazingly clear, only a few minor problems, one it won't record sound, everything says it is working but as soon as a hit the record button, even though it says sound is working no sound shows up on the video. I've tried everything, even going through my computers sound recording setup, which worked but again, nothing when recording, i can hear myself when testing but nothing comes from playback.

Number two, it only records up to a minute and a half of video, are there any programs out there (free ones or at least downloadable through torrents) that I can use to record for longer periods, say 10 minutes or so? I would like to make some Youtube vids etc. and a 90 second limit is so lame. so any suggestions?

the cam is a Logitech QuickCam® Communicate MP and im running Windows Xp on the computer.
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You know you're a stoner when???

The corners of your lighters have resin on them, you know the movie Half Baked by heart, you have a certain affinity for Oreos and homemade S'mores...
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At 6am today there was a fire in the building about 10 feet from mine. The fire was on the third floor of the building and I'm on the second floor in the building next door. We know at least one person died and one was taken to the hospital.

I asked my boyfriend to humor me and get dressed. Which he did, but he thought it was all pretty funny. Which made me feel kind of dumb and like an overreacting nutjob.

His reasoning was that the firefighters would tell us if we needed to leave. Which I'm sure they would, but I don't think sleeping in bed is the best way to find that out, nor is sleeping in bed the best way to be prepared in case we do. I think it's kind of weird that anyone would want to stay in bed and sleep if there was a fire in the building next door.

Did I overreact to the fire in general?

Was I overreacting when I wanted my boyfriend to at least be awake and dressed?

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It's the first time I've lived away from home, and I've been gone for about 2 months. My mom is coming down to NC from MI to visit me. I just have a few q's.

- What are some things I can do to make her feel welcome when she stays at my apartment? I want to get things together so she doesn't have to ask for anything. (I know it's my mom and she'll totally feel comfortable asking, but I want to blow her away with a hospitable experience!) I know fresh towels + a new bar of soap are a must, but I'm also looking for things along the lines of buying her favorite cereal for the weekend. Any other ideas to make her feel at home?

- Her birthday is on Thursday and I'll be at school from 7-4. I plan to leave her a gift of small things to use that day while I'm gone -- some nice bath salts, a DVD of her favorite movie along with instructions to use our DVD player, but that's about where it ends. I can't think of anything else. I was thinking even something obscure like a gift certificate to somewhere local for lunch, even if she doesn't use it right then and there it kinda goes with the theme. Any suggestions? ETA: She doesn't like spas so much.

- Do you say rabbit rabbit at the start of each month?

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Let's play a game, TQC!

Which states do you think are going to go for which candidates? You can either use the election tracker software on sites like CNN or Yahoo, or you can just list 'em.

Are you thinking it'll be Obama in 08, or is Mac Back?

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I was supposed to have a friend over today so I baked brownies for her. But of course she just canceled because her infant has a fever. Should I offer to go visit her instead or do you think she would rather not have guests when her baby has a fever? She is really weird about getting together in the first place but I am sad that my brownies might go to waste. :(

UPDATE: Well, I guess she's coming anyway and I get to see the baby!!! YAY!!! Apparently she is giving him Tylenol and coming over here for a few minutes....

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tqc I am sick, my throat is sore... as well as my entire body. sort of that pre-flu soreness i guess?
I cannot get sick right now, and I have to be at work from 11:30-7:30 dealing with customers. 

so... how can I stop this sickness in its tracks? 
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I went to my first Renaissance Faire yesterday, and it was amazing and so much fun!

Do you like to go to these things? Do you dress up or do you just go in normal clothes? Are you a member of the SCA? Do you fight? What about Amtgard?

And out of curiosity: If you do things like this, do you also go to anime/sci fi/horror/comic conventions?

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Friday night I got very drunk and made an ass of myself. I don't remember most of it, but people keep telling me about stuff I did and it's embarrassing. So, TQC, will you tell me stories of your embarrassing drunken fiascos and make me feel better about this? 

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do you like going an hour fwd or an hour back? (assuming your area does the whole daylight savings thing)

will you name all the different types of cuisines you've eaten in the past week?

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TQC, every single time I buy cookies, my bf eats them all. ALL OF THEM. He's out of town, coming home today, and yesterday I bought nilla wafers and chocolate frosting (THE BEST TRASHY SNACK IN THE WORLD). I should hide them from him and eat them all myself, y/n?

Also, what's on today's agenda? Anything you've been putting off all weekend in favor of Halloween festivities?
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I don't have health insurance and I broke my arm. I found an orthopaedist who will do a payment plan with me. When they bill for the cast, does that include cast removal, or is that a separate charge? Because I'm pretty sure I could peel mine off myself.
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What If He Wins?

If McCain wins the US presidential election this Tuesday, will you think that he won because he is an amazing campaigner who pulled off a legitimate last-minute save or will you think that he won because the election was rigged?

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What's the last REALLY really fucking stupid thing someone said to you/you heard someone say (in real life)?

yesterday a commercial supporting Obama came on while I was watching TV at a friends house, and her father said "he's an Iraq". not even he's Iraqi.. just... "he's an Iraq". facemotherfuckingpalm.
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Do you find voting a waste of time? Especially when it virtually assured your state will go blue or red?


What type of cellphone do you have? Do you like it, or are you looking to replace it?
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If you work, how many sick days do you get in a year?

I get 5, and I've used mine all up already. If I call in sick, they'll take it out from my Vacation Days. I have 10 vacation days left, which I was planning to use for the last two weeks in December. I've been sick for the past week and a half, and my mom has had pneumonia and I'm worried I might have gotten it too.

Should I call in sick tommorow, lose a vacation day, and sleep all day? Or just go to work and cough all over everyone else and get them sick too? (for the record - everyone else is sick at work too. it just keeps going around, because everyone else has used up their sick days, too).
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It seems to me that livejournal is predominantly used by Americans. If you live in a country other than America (and have most of your life), is it "weird" or something to read/ be a part of livejournal where most people seem to be American?

I'm not really satisfied with the way I'm wording this, so hopefully I at least got my point across.

If I was to join an internet community that was based in/primarily Romanian or something, I would think it would be a little different than the culture I'm used to.

I grew up in Poland but I've lived in America for 7 yrs now, and I still get uncomfortable about some of the cultural differences.

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1)Would you consider having garlic in your soul a bad thing?
2)Who is your favorite CSI character (including characters who are or have been recurring)? Least favorite?
3)What is your favorite David Bowie song?
4)this space intentionally left blank

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A buddy of mine is getting married on Tuesday, unfortunately I won't be able to make it. I was suppose to be his best man, but now it's looking like its just gonna be himself his soon to be wife, a judge and a few witnesses they can round up.

I really wanna send a speech for the judge to read. I know they are doing it early Tuesday morning, so snail mail, even express is out of the question.

So first off, do you think the judge would do it if I was to find a way to get this letter in on time?

I've considered two ideas, fax the court or try and e-mail the judge.

Anyone know of an easy way to find this sort of information?

I tried calling around, but you know... it's Sunday.

The county website wasn't much help, maybe I was just looking in the wrong place though.

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Where should I keep my to-do list of goals for while I'm 20 so that I can review it often and cross things off when they're done?

Did/do you enjoy being 20? For some reason, I always get kind of bummed when I turn an even age. :-/

What shall I do while I'm 20?
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Do you draw on yourself with markers and pens? Did you when you were a kid?

My parents always told me not to, which lent the experience a sense of mystery and rebellion. I still do to this day (I like to try out placement of tattoos that I will probably never get because I can't make up my mind but enjoy seeing them for a few weeks or months before I decide I don't like them any more).

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Why is my mother trying to convince me that mental health issues that I seem to be developing are a sign from God that I need to turn to him?

here is an email she just sent me to in order to clarify to me what she meant I guess.

Hi Honey,

I love you too! You know I have a really hard time talking to you about God. I know you don't want me to and so I try not to. They always say that it is hardest to talk to your own family about God and I guess this is true. I didn't mean that God caused what is happening to you. He doesn't cause bad things. The devil does. But bad times is what makes up stronger in God. I have been praying for you a lot and all I am asking or maybe suggesting is that you pray. Don't think about any other things in your life but what is going on with the deja vu and the scary feelings and all and just pray. God can give you peace and He can help you.

Please don't be angry at me for saying these things to you. I love you so very much and am so worried about you. I just want you to get better.

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Ok this is a bit weird but right i am straight as was def proven to me this week when i had a good few chances with lesbains and i just wasnt interested.
And im def not homophobic dont get me wrong some of my best friends are gay i got to pride marchs and try to be as active as possible in getting civil unions passed here.
so why the hell do i keep having dirty girl on girl dreams?
can someone explain cuase im confused?
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TQC, have you ever felt like everyone in the world disappeared, except for you?

Where IS everyone?

Edit: My cousin just told me she wants a What's-Her-Face doll for Christmas.  Do they even make those anymore?  Do you know where I could find one?


This is probably going to be tl;dr, but hey. I very rarely have NO idea what to do in a given situation, but this one has me boggled.

I mentioned this somewhere else, but here goes: I hit a deer on Friday, which wrecked the grill of my car ('94 Volvo) and took a headlight completely out. I was pissed, because I'm still on my parents insurance and it won't cover this. I have a feeling it's going to be around $2000 *at least* to fix, but that's just based on my own opinions and what other people have told me. Maybe I should have taken a picture of it to go here, too.. whatever.

Anyway, my parents are saying I should just buy a new car, since I'm making more money now that before and could conceivably afford it. However, I still have 20k in student loans, credit card payments to make, a few hundred bucks still to pay off on this computer before the interest kicks in... AND I'm moving to another state in January for six months, which I'll have to figure out how to get a place to stay, furniture, etc...

I don't know what to do! If I get a new car, that means my own insurance and car payments... but fixing this one could be thousands on its own. Help me, TQC, I cannot run my own life! What should I do?

( I would like to add that other than the headlight and loose grill, my car runs fine. I plugged into the blue blook website and it said it was worth around $4k, I believe. I had planned on getting another Volvo, but that was in say, a year, when I had my shit together)
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Whenever I turn my thermostat above the lowest possible temperature, it makes a really annoying buzzing sound. It keeps me awake at night and wakes me up in the morning. Before I email the porter and tell him to come fix it, is there anything I can do that would possibly fix it? Srs & non-srs answers welcome.

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For those of you that have dated someone with a wildly different sex drive,
How'd you deal with that situation?

(I'm starting to feel neglected and undesirable =()

Edit: You people are depressing >
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1. Sooooo, on Halloween, this guy I've had my eye on (so to speak?) and I danced and kind of made out for a while. I didn't really remember all of this, as I had consumed a lot of alcohol and my roommate confirmed it. Yesterday, we hung out and I didn't say anything but neither did he and everything was kind of awkward feeling. I don't know if he remembers or not! Do I say anything?

2. Unrelated: I have a reindeer pelt (about 7 feet long) and I don't know what to do with it. I've tried using it as a rug but it sheds a lot. What should I do with it?
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On thanksgiving day

On Thanksgiving Day you have the choice to go to Disneyland or California Adventure, park hopper tickets is not an option. Disneyland was pretty much our daycare growing up and only 2 of us out of the 5 have been to DCA. I'm told it's going to be a MAD house on this holiday at Disneyland. Which park would you choose and why?

... DCA has the Tower of Terror and that new Toy Story ride, but there is no Aladdin show until dec. Meanwhile Disneyland has all the goooooood stuff but the crowds and strollers to go with it!
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how do you feel about TWOP's jacob?

a recent sample of his writing, and some people bitching

He looks into her eyes, with his fangs out, and takes her virginity. Finally, finally home. She arches up against it, kissing him hungrily; after a moment they relax into the memory and the knowledge of home. They are strange angels, lit by the fire, redrawing maps and marking out their territory. He is just the guide: he shows her where she could have lived, inside that lovely little house. The infinite landscape between his teeth and her hands, pulling hard at him, pushing him deeper: an expanse of skin, a territory of desire, a country she'd forgotten about. They are lovely in the firelight. I think there are two kinds of people: those that know this story -- knew it the second Sookie tightened her grip on Tara at the funeral -- and the lucky ones that don't. But no matter how weird you find Sookie's behavior in this episode, you should know this: She is unmarked and was never otherwise. The only tragedy is that she never even knew it. This -- the blood, the fucking, all of it -- it's not pollution, it's a reminder of our purity. No ritual is empty. I don't know how else we heal.

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Volunteering Abroad

I want to do a month of environment and conservation volunteer work abroad. I am trying to decide whether to do a month in Thailand with Projects Abroad doing the diving and conservation project; or a month in South Africa with i-to-i doing the lion, rhino, and elephant monitoring and conservation project. I can't decide between the two!

Has anyone here ever volunteered with Projects Abroad? Has anyone here ever volunteered with i-to-i? Which group would you recommend? Or is there another volunteer group out there that you would highly recommend (working with animals or doing environmental conservation)?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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what do you snack on?
who do you live with, where do you live, what do you live in & how much does it cost?
why do you have livejournal?
what was the most ridiculous piece of news you've heard recently?

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For those of you who work:

1. Do you usually prepare your lunch in advance (the night before) or before you go to work?
2. What is in your typical lunch?
3. How much do you estimate that you spend on lunch food per week?

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I just had a large chocolate icecream with nutella and nerds mixed in...and i have a tummy ache! lol

What's the best ice cream combination you've ever had?

When was the last time you felt sick from eating, what did you eat?
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Everyone has been complaining about high gas (petrol? oh regional vocabulary....) prices pretty much since cars were invented, but no one seems to be coming up with a viable plan to fix the energy crisis. What's your plan?

Mine: Tax gas companies thus driving the prices up. Yep. I want to raise gas prices. Because people from the US (I don't know about the rest of the world...) aren't going to stop using gas until the gas prices are ridiculously high. They'll just grumble and then absorb the costs. And petroleum is a fossil fuel! This means there is only a finite amount of it in existence. Which means if we like our quality of life we need a new fuel source, and I'd much rather go ahead and find that alternative source now, rather then later when we need it. But no one has any incentive to do real research into this problem, because gasoline is still easy. So force prices up. People then get their asses in gear and finance alternative fuel research. Now we have a recourse when the apocalypse comes! Plus, it's better for the environment and what not....

Bestest plan EVAH! No way it could go wrong or have negative repercussions! Right?

Oh, and for the record, I don't own a car! I live in a city and use PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! And my feet! So my plan will have no negative repercussions on me! Selfish selfish!

why don't more people care about what goes on in the world?

I happened to see this news story just today. It shocked me that it took me so long just to find out about it. Am I the only one who thinks that it is a big deal that crap like this still goes on in the world in this day and age? That maybe this is the kind of thing that should be front page news until it has come to an end? And yet when I go to Yahoo's main page, their "top story" right now is about Hannah Montana instead.

[Edit: According to MSNBC, the girl was actually only 13]

Islamists stone 'adulterous' Somali woman to death
Hardline Somali Muslims have stoned to death a 23-year-old woman for adultery, the first such Sharia sentence carried out since the fall of the country's Islamist regime two years ago.
By Mike Pflanz in Nairobi
Last Updated: 3:38PM GMT 28 Oct 2008

During the stoning furious relatives surged forward to try to save the woman, prompting guards to open fire, killing a child.

Hundreds of people gathered in a square in the Islamist-held port town of Kismayo to watch the execution, which had been ordered by a council of hardline elders.

The woman, named as Asha Ibrahim Dhuhulow, was buried up to her neck in the ground and stones hurled at her head until she died, according to witnesses.

"A woman in green veil and black mask was brought in a car as we waited to watch the merciless act of stoning," one local resident, Abdullahi Aden, said.

"We were told she submitted herself to be punished, yet we could see her screaming as she was forcefully bound, legs and hands. A relative of hers ran towards her, but the Islamists opened fire and killed a child."
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What video game console did you grow up playing? Given the opportunity, would you be willing to buy said console and wallow in the nostalgia of the games?

Also: Why do I flip on television and continue to see wrestlers who should have retired at least ten years ago in the commercials for WWE?
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TQC I've spent ALL day playing WoW. And I work up ridiculously early and started playing around 9 am :/

Downloading the trial was a bad idea probably. What's the last mistake you made?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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My fellow Americans, where do you vote and what are the issues on your ballots?
If you hail from elsewhere, what are some important social issues there?

I vote in MA and we get to decide about
1. Reducing the income tax to 2.65 percent by cutting funding for public programs
2. Decriminalizing (not legalizing) marijuana
3. Banning greyhound racing

Vote on mine and I'll vote on yours ;)
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Neighbors. KILL!!!!

For 20 years after moving into newly built apartment building, our neighbor on the second floor was refurbishing his apartment. Then two years ago he moved out. We hoped for a quieter neighbors. As if! They have three children and they are refurbishing apartment with the same enthusiasm.

Will someone lend me a rifle or any other type of firearms so I can go and have a nice long talk with them?

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Which restaurant do I want to order my dinner from?

Pizza Hut
Taco Bell

And, what should the meal be?

I only eat fast food about half a dozen times a year, so make it worth my while.
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How can you get the smell of dog out of clothing?

I was at the pub the other night with a friend and she brought her dog along. At the time I didn't notice but the dog was lying on my coat and I keep getting whiffs of dog smell from it. This is my only winter coat (and it's bloody freezing in Scotland at the moment) and I am wearing it a lot. The smell of dog needs to go!

EDIT: The people of TQC - I would love to wash my coat but I need to wear it. I have no other warm coats to wear and no moneys to buy another one. If I washed it, it would take at least two days to dry.
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I just got my 1st and 2nd month utility bill (water and electric). My apartment management is awful, so I just now got it.

It is $89 and $80, after being split 4 ways. That's ~$360 a month. Does this seem fucking ridiculous? I take short showers, and I turn the lights and TV off, I try not to waste electricity and water. I've talked to my roommates and they said "That's around what it always is" (they've lived here a bit longer than I).

What can I do to reduce this cost? It seems crazy.

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have you ever heard of ChaCha? have you ever done it (used the services or 'worked' for them)? If you didn't have a job would you sit at your computer for hours answering people's questions to make 10-20 cents per question?
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I had a dream last night that I had sex with a really hot stranger. My mom was in the same room so we had to be really quiet (awkward...). As far as I know, in the dream I was still with my boyfriend, but he did not make an appearance in the dream. I have no idea who the stranger was, as he didn't resemble anyone I know, from what I can remember.

So, in your expert TQC opinions, since I know you all are expert dream analysts, what does this dream mean?!

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i got chinese food on wednesday night (sauteed string beans & general tso's tofu with broccoli). i put the leftovers in the fridge. everything smells fine, but do you think they'd still be good to eat?

EDIT: okay, fuck it. i'm eating it.

new question!! do you think you exhibit the traits of your astrological sign? what about your partner (if you have one)?

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I need your help! I was talking to someone about praying and (now this is the important bit) either remembered OR completely made up a scene in a children's book in which the heroine tells someone God didn't answer her paryers as she prayed that the Mississippi was in Canada (or something like that) because that's what she put on her geography test. Am I making this up? My main suspect was Anne of Green Gables, but I can't find it in there.
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do you like whipped cream?

on its own?

in a cold drink/dessert?

in a hot drink/dessert?

what's your favourite way to eat whipped cream?

do you use it sexually?

what do you think about homemade vs. from a can?
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are you supposed to receive something in the mail when you register to vote?

both me & my best friend registered to vote on October 3rd. she received information via mail on where to vote, etc. I haven't received anything.

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TCQ, I have a dilemma.

A couple weeks ago, I went grocery shopping. Knowing my boyfriend likes Hot Pockets, I bought a box of Philly Cheesesteak Hot Pockets for him and told him "Hey I got you Hot Pockets, they are in the freezer." One night, I woke up around 3am to feed the baby and was very hungry. A week had passed by this point and he hadn't eaten them yet, so I went ahead and ate them. The next day, he came home from work and made a beeline to the freezer. "Where are the Hot Pockets?" he asked. "I ate them" I replied. He obviously did not hear me, because he proceeded to tear apart the freezer looking for his Hot Pockets. He finally realized someone had eaten his beloved Hot Pockets and this caused a huge fight between us- I mean, full on yelling and throwing stuff at each other. All over some Hot Pockets.

So my question is this-
We went grocery shopping together last Tuesday and he made a big point of picking out the Philly Hot Pockets and telling me to stay the eff out of them. They are still in the freezer. He is gone to work until about 2am and has to go back at 11am tomorrow morning. I will be driving him to work tomorrow, then taking the car to go grocery shopping. Should I risk another Hot Pocket related fight, eat them tonight and hope he doesn't go looking for them before I replace them tomorrow morning? Or should I just wait until tomorrow to buy some for myself?

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If two people of the same sex are in a romantic relationship and then one of them decides to get a sex change what does that make the other person? Straight or still gay? I mean how would they best describe themselves to others, disregarding the fact that it shouldn't matter, because we all know that humans have the need to label everything.
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so i peeled a yam and when i started cutting it, i noticed that it was...oozing white stuff??? WHAT IS THAT?!?! what does that mean?!?! does it mean it was bad or spoiled or something? i threw it away because it totally grossed me out, but wtf???? tqc, since i touched it, will i DIE?????

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Have you noticed any results from just using an elliptical for your exercise?
(I know doing one thing isn't a good idea, but everyone has to start somewhere)

Will you tell me a funny story?
There is a crazy woman who runs the shop next to my job. We were telling her about the bearded lady who came in and she said "MAYBE SHE'S AN APHRODISIAC!" When I asked if she meant "hermaphrodite" she screamed that she "SAW THAT SHIT ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL!"
...I almost peed my pants. It sort of loses its meaning if I can't imitate her voice, but you guys get the idea.

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When roads are built, do they dig the ditches on the sides of the road or do they form afterward through erosion?

Do you prefer red or white wine?

Can anyone tell me the title of the following two things: (1) A television show that was, I think, on either ABC Family or Disney Channel, about a kid who moves from the city to live with his police chief father in a small town in the south-eastern US? I think the main character was a child actor, or a sports star or something. I can only remember that one episode was about how the town had banned Fahrenheit 451 and he went to court to get them to un-ban it so they could read it in class. If it helps, the main character is black.

(2) A YA horror/thriller book where a teenage girl, her boyfriend, and their friends get trapped at the school with no one around, and they all keep dying horribly one by one, and finally the girl is being stabbed with knitting needles, and the pain feels so familiar or something that she finally realizes it's all a hallucination she's having as she's dying from a botched abortion.

What is your favorite album title? Not the album itself, just the title.

I like white wine, and my favorite album title is "I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master" by Electric Six.

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Soo... it's exam period, which means I need some decent sleep each night,  My across-the-hall neighbour and her friends are constantly keeping me awake until 3 - 4am with their noise, despite requests to keep the noise down, or at least keep her door shut.  Tell me tqc, what's the best way to kill her and dispose of her body?

If you don't give a damn about that, what band/singer are you into right now?  I'm looking to expand my music tastes.

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Will you tell me the last stupid thing you did?

I decided to have some oreos and a glass of milk. My night stand had too much stuff on it, so I put the glass of milk on my bed, leaning against my pillow. After I cleared off my night stand, I SAT DOWN and spilled milk all over my sheets, myself and the carpet. WOO.
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I was sick this whole weekend, like, couldn't get out of bed except to pee sick. And I went to all my classes on Friday, which I feel may have made me worse, but it may not have. I have another full day tomorrow, and after my classes I have to help decorate a hallway for French Week. Oh fun. But I'm still not feeling well, still very tired, still weak, and can't be apart from the box of tissues for longer than a minute. I would really rather not miss a full day of classes but I can't afford to get more sick and end up missing classes after tomorrow.

What do you think I should do, TQC? Stick it out and hope for the best, or stay home and give myself one more day to rest up?


I just went on a survivalist spree and started bookmarking websites with information on what to do if there was a thermonuclear war/global pandemic/whatever.

Do you have any links to websites that would help me in such a catastrophic emergency situation (wilderness survival, weapon usage, fallout maps, etc.)? Yes I'm well aware that if there was a nuclear war/robot uprising/alien invasion/zombie pandemic, the internet would go out pretty damn fast, but it's still nice to have.

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Both the XBox 360 and the Playstation 3 have awesome looking games coming out. From the commercials it seems both have amazing graphics and awesome story lines.

My question is this: Which system should I buy? and why? What makes that system better than the other?

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is it wrong to eat cheese before bedtime?

its 10.40pm here and i just had 4 oatcakes with Cheshire cheese on them. they were yummy and i want more.

also do you get pissed off when you are always the one to say hello in an MSN conversation? even if you leave it for aaaaages, and you havent spoken to the person in a week or 2. i hate it, it makes me feel needy :(

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Edited because I decided you're not interested in my rants about phone bills, even though I'd need advice in that too.

So, another question:
Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? I never have. What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions? I'd kind of want to have a fake Thanksgiving party this year :)


Would it be a bad thing to write peoples real names in your journal? I'm just curious because I've kept them hidden, but it's getting harder and harder to write.
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TQC, I just saw The Dandy Warhols (and a bunch of other bands, but they are Australian and therefore little-known). What was the last band you saw live, and were they as wonderfully excellent as I thought the Dandys were?
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Today I felt sick after I ate for entire morning/afternoon, so all I ate was two very small/thin crepes, a bit of a noodle dish, a smoothie, and half an apple.  My question is this:  this is an abnormally small amount for me to eat, hence the sickness, but for you, would this amount be normal, a lot, or not much?
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I'm in a short play in which I play a white trash woman from small town Texas in 1969/1970. I am supposed to be pregnant (though not too visibly) and I smoke and drink throughout the whole scene. My dilemma is:

How the hell did small town Texan white trash dress in 1969/1970?

Do you prefer to receive e-mails or handwritten notes?

Do you prefer to send e-mails or handwritten notes?

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This girl in my hall is insisting that if Obama wins, he'll make us all join the military. Wtf is she talking about?

How often do you get into arguments on the internet? EDIT What do they tend to be about?