November 1st, 2008


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TQC, what are some of your weird eating habits?

When eating Smarties/Skittles/M&Ms/some other similarly multicoloured candy, I have to separate them into groups by colour, then eat each group in order from highest # of [color] to lowest # of [other color].

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What was the last thing someone said to you, that you weren't sure to be offended at or not?

Today I was hanging out with my friend, I have depression and it's been bad lately so I'm sure there are times when I'm not the most cheerful person to be around. He said I was particularly cheerful today, and that it was "nice." I apologized and said I know that sometimes I can act like a pain when I'm not 100%, and he said that "It's okay, we all have our problems, it's no big deal. It's just that you're a lot more fun to be around when you are in a good mood." Yeah, I'm on the fence. I get what he's saying, and he is a boy so I can give him that whole "I'm awkward at expressing feelings" thing.


Are anyone else's parent(s) bugging you for a Christmas list already?

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I cut the knuckle of my pinkie (by the nail ... so like the 3rd knuckle up) while shaving.
Everytime I bend it, it peels back open.


Did any of you go to see Zack and Miri make a porno? How was it?
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is anyone else just sitting here refreshing the page every minute and a half, to see if a new question is going to pop up?

i'm working my way through a pack of cigarettes, watching eddie murphy: raw on netflix....bored to death.


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This was the first year of my life where Halloween meant very little! It is supposed to be my favorite holiday and instead of focusing on the night I got in an argument with my boyfriend, drank a tiny bit...had sex and played Fallout 3. How boring! 

How was your night? (I know it's early where I am and most people are still out partying....)

And what is on your Christmas list?

I want some t-shirts and hemp pants
Maybe an Ipod (I've never had one....I don't have a cell phone or microwave either).
A traveling backpack.

That's pretty much it. If I got none of these that would also be acceptable as long as I didn't get anything at all then. I hate Christmas and I hate getting things I don't need/want/or wont use.

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Does anybody else have the "don't hate me" complex? (As in, for whatever reason, you have decided that people generally dislike you and you broadcast this insecurity rather broadly?)

I do. Which is odd, because I like me a lot. How do I get rid of this complex?

Also, does the fact that I work 12 hour shifts and may one day work 24s or 48s mean that I will never have a kitty? :-(


Happy Hallowe'en!
Do you spell this holiday with an apostrophe?
My boyfriend is giving himself an epipen, do you mind needles?
How many of you are drunk rightnow? I AM
Can you do the pumpkin dance?
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It's now 3:49AM and it only just hit me that 'Oh shit! It's November now! Maybe I should check and see if I work today!" Yep... I have to be up by 8am for work. Fuck. Should that be enough sleep? Should I just stay awake?

What's the last major 'oops' moment you had?

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Is sorting out multicolored candies into groups based on color an odd eating habit?

I don't think so, because really, a lot of people here do it.

If I call off work today, I have to work both days next weekend. Will you cover my shift, pleeeease? I need a personal day.

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would you get angry if your friend blew you off to hang out with an ex boyfriend of yours, who earlier that day had abused you? along with trying to make you walk 3 miles to your car because he refused to take you to your car?

my friend seems to not think its a back stabbing thing to do.

El Dia de los Muertos

What do you think of taxidermy?

Would you ever have the pelt of one of your animals preserved?

One of our dogs passed away a few months ago. She had the most beautiful creamy white fur. She would have made an amazing rug. We're kind of kicking ourselves for not researching it and finding someone willing to preserve her skin for us. It would be real nice to have her around the house still.

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If you walked into somebody's house and saw a rug made out of a dog on the floor, what would you think? If you would think it was gross, would your thoughts change once you'd had a chance to consider it as an act of love and remembrance?
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stupid_free mythology

Does anyone know the story behind the name "stupid_free"? I mean, I have three hypotheses:

1. It's supposed to be free of stupid, or composed of people who are opposed to stupid
2. It's a place where you can find stupid for free, without having to pay or search for it yourself
3. It's a play on "childfree," as cf_hardcore is one of their favorite targets

Or is it something else? (Note: I use "stupid" like they do; I'm very well aware that normally one would use the word "stupidity")

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So those of you who par-tayed last night, did you see any memorable costumes? If y, what were they?

About how many Jokers do you think you encountered?
ETA: about how many Sarah Palins do you think you encountered?

Also, BREAKFAST: Kashi Autumn Wheat, chicken fried rice, or beef fried rice?
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Do you ever feel bad about calling into work? What about multiple times in one week?

How much candy are YOU gonna eat today?

Has it snowed yet where you are?

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Did you use your masterball in a foolish manner (ie not on Mewtwo or one of the birds)?

Or, alternatively, did you try multiplying it with the missingno cheat and totally screw up your cartridge?

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I'm starting an internship in a few weeks.

Have you ever been an intern? How was it? Please scare me by telling me some internship horror stories?

The company I'm interning for is run by a bunch of 20-something, will this make a difference to the way I'll be treated? :X

What's your favorite perfume/cologne?

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What is your favorite Christmas song? Who sings the best version of it?

What is your favorite Christmas album?

What Christmas items do you collect? (i.e. Snowmen, Gingerbread men, Christmas houses, etc)

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What are you confused about right now?
What are you happy about right now?
Should I walk a block to get a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from Tudor's? I'm hungry and I REALLY want one, but I am tired and still in bed.
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home sweet home

so my dad is retiring and planning on moving to texas. we live in NY right now. our house is actually selling now :(

1. have your parents sold/moved out of your childhood home? were you sad?
2. where should i live now? with friends in albany NY or in texas? (during college breaks)
3. if you've moved out of a house that meant something to you, how did you say goodbye?

if you don't care/have no experience:
4. what kind of toothpaste do you use?

Ohai TQC

We're starting swimming in PE on Wednesday, and I need a bathing suit. I have two swim tops, but no shorts ...any idea where I can get some? I've checked Bob's and Olympia and have had no luck.
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What are your favorite one-liners as of recently?

In a few minutes I'm leaving for my grandparents' house for 2 days because I'm sick. They have no internet. What am I forgetting to bring?

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I am in the process of buying a plane ticket from San Francisco to New York for January.  The price for tickets on Virgin America was $418 about a month ago.  The tickets then went down to $289 about a week ago.  I had planned on purchasing tickets with my next paycheck but it looks like today the prices went back up to $418. 

So, do I wait a couple more weeks and just watch it every day, hoping that one day it will drop back down or should I just purchase tickets now?

What airlines do you normally use to fly? 

Is there some secret to find cheap flights that I don't know?

What's the deal with Airplane Food?
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do you ever drive under the influence?

do you ever get up after a night of drinking, feeling sort of left-over drunk, and drive?

do you think you're better or worse at driving when you're not sober?

i've heard the argument that one can become a better driver after drinking or smoking pot because you have to concentrate more.

personally, i can't imagine trying to drive under the influence. i'm a scary enough driver as it is, i have never even tried to drive while super hungover.

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How many Sarah Palins were at your party/gathering/street last night?

What would you do if you were attracted to your male best friend's roommate and decided to start dating? Would it make things awkward, in your opinion?
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Hey guys, this is scribbs of the future (it is 2045 here)

why do traditonally awesome candy and snack companies come out with new product lines that are nowhere near as awesome as the original product?

Like Reeses' Fastbreak? wtf? Who would eat that over the original reese' peanut butter cup or even Reese's pieces?

And remmeber how terrible Nestle' ATM Bars were???

Can you think of others you hate?

Can you thin of others you love?

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I just roasted a pumpkin and in order to use it to bake pancakes, pie, etc it is supposed to be pureed. I don't have a blender or mixer of any kind. Will mashing it with a fork for a long time lead me to the results I desire? Anyone have any other suggestions on how to puree pumpkin?  Where is MacGyver when I need him? I'm sure he'd whip up a blender for me in no time.
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DEAR TQC, help me!

What are some productive fun things (hiking, rock climbing, etc) you do with your friends/to do with friends in general? (no movies/mall/shopping crud)

Thank you! :)

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Did you play neopets as a kid?

Which pets did you have? How much money? What did you mostly do on there?

Have you ever gone back to sign in just because only to find you couldn't because they make you put in your birthday to get into your accounts now and you made one up as a kid?

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1. Suppose someone at work is making mistakes. How many times would you try talking to them or emailing them before you go to their manager? It's always small mistakes (like making a ton of spelling mistakes but refusing/forgetting to use spell check before sending out info the customers)?

2. How many days of paid vacation time do you get in a year?
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what are those creepy macros called that are like, "you'll flip when you see it" called?
"when you see it, you'll shit bricks" (thanks omglia
i was wanting to show them to my boy, but i couldn't find any.
where can i find them?

The Orphanage

This question is for people who have seen El Orfanato

1. How damn good was this movie?
2. Did you think it was the creepiest film you've seen in a while
3. For me, I thought it was the best movie I've seen in 2008, even better than Iron Man. Where do you rank it?
4. When the sack-wearing boy pushes the mother into the bathtub, who do you think it is? Simon or Tomas?

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What's the best cure for a hangover with nausea?

I have so far tried: ibuprofen, odanestran (which took away my sick stomach thank G*d) a little bit of morphine, sex, a nap, and greasy food.

I still feel like shit :( How can I feel better TQC?

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What do you think of Dungeons and Dragons? Of any tabletop or live action role-playing game? Awesome sauce? Totally lame?

Does the fact that I'm passing on going clubbing with friends to play D&D tonight make me a total nerd?

And for those in the know, do you like 4e? What's your favorite version? If you don't like D&D what's your favorite rule system?

And finally, is playing Starwars d20 dorkier then playing regular D&D?

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How do you motivate yourself? 

I need to start packing my things up to move tomorrow morning at 10:30 and I haven't even started yet! It's nearly 3pm....

I have about $70 to live off of for about a week and a half. Since I'm so poor what things should I buy with it that will feed and keep me clean until I get paid again at which point....I'll have $100 for the next two weeks after rent and the damage deposit are gone.

I'm vegetarian too....I've never been so poor and still felt so urgently that I'd rather eat foliage and dirt than stay at my!

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Will you complete the following sentence?

"I wish I was better at __________"

What is something from your childhood that you really miss? (This can be an activity, a tv show, a toy, whatever. Pics encouraged)

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why did i see not one person dressed up on friday?
is it because i just went to the cinema?
i saw no trick or treaters, either. where were they?
(i'm from north england btw)

what did you think of saw 5?
what film should i see next?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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When I went into my kitchen at 11:30 this morning, I was greeted by the sight of fat, hairy, man ass. Apparently my roommate's friend crashed on our futon and slept naked.

When you sleep at a friend's place, you wear clothes, don't you?
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Have you ever tried to do an anon post and click the sound symbol instead of just typing in the letters?

Is it even possible to pick 8 numbers out of that garbage?

You can test by posting something here
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I'm having a small "party" (read: get-together) tonight among friends for my birthday. At this point I'm not even sure if people will show up. So, my question is:

What the hell should I plan on doing with these people? I'm starting to think this is going to be really lame. It probably will be.

An unrelated question (I'm serious):
What's got you down lately?

shoe ideas

women of tqc, will you post a photo of or a link to a shoe that you find comfortable, durable and attractive? all of my current shoes are lacking in at least one of these features. All styles are welcome. I just want new ideas.

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I wear size 13 shoes. In case you never have to buy shoes this is ridiculously large. When I need to buy dress shoes I have to buy them from special websites that cater to men who cross dress. I have yet to find a good place to get cute everyday women's shoes in my size. Normally I just wear mens shoes. Does anyone have helpful advice for my behemoth feet?

And I was grocery shopping the other day when I saw that Oreo's now come in a bajillion different flavors. I bought the mint ones. They are delicious. What is your favorite kind of Oreo?
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Anyone got a nine inch nails layout?

Also, what's your opinion on the house where you grew up? If you moved around a lot, feel free to add opinions on multiple houses/apartments or just the one who felt was the most significant.

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I went out with a bunch of people last night who smoke a lot, and when I got home I changed my clothes, showered and all that jazz, but now sitting here the next morning when I breathe deep I can still smell this stale smoke smell, but I can't tell where it's coming from and it's driving me CRAZY.

1. I've been sniffing everything in my apartment and finding nothing, is there a better way to play "find the smell"?

2. Is it possible that the smell is up in my nose still or something?

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What time does it get dark where you are?

5:00 PM and deep twilight already....soon it'll be dark ALL DAY long.
And NO.....Afghanistan doesn't have daylight savings time...

What time does it get light?

5:30 AM and going on to six...I know 'cause I hit the gym at 4:00

Greek History

Did Macedonia and then their king's son Alexander take over the rest of the Greek world (and some of the near east) during the time that the Roman Empire was in possession of Greece? I find that odd but I'm considering that our professor gave us conflicting dates accidentally.
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how similar is your taste in music to your siblings(if you have any)?

me and my sister like some of the same songs and stuff but overall it couldn't be much different. like, she's more into songs(my friend said my sister and his are basically the people they made iTunes for) and i get massively involved with bands. and she hates most of the bands i lsiten to. sometimes i wonder how we're related.

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Poll #1289512 Cherry picking

When you lost your virginity, what items, events, persons or actions played a part in that experience?

Date rape drugs
Pepper spray
Significant other
Starting linebacker squad on the football team
Saying 'I love you'
Saying 'I'm calling 911!'
Holding hands
Rape whistle
First day as an altar boy
Hard drugs
Prom night
Band camp

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TQC, I was gonna go to WalMart to get a prescription filled for migraine medication, which I've forgotten about until today because... I have one now. I just went to WalMart's website and the pharmacy closes at 6, and that is 4 minutes from now and I will not make it. :( Should I go anyway to get some Nilla wafers and chocolate frosting (OM NOM NOM), or should I just sit my ass back down?
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max oop
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have you

...ever left someone you still loved? If so, how did you get over them?

My bf recently broke up with me because we're going in two different directions and it's everything I can do not to pick up the phone and talk to him. I know we're better off not together, but fuck this is hard.
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Since my birthday is December 24, and Christmas is the next day, my husband has already been planning and buying me stuff! Yeah!

Today, he tells me that he'd like to give me one of my gifts early so that I'll have more time to enjoy it with, instead of waiting two more months to get it.

I've asked him, and he said that it's not perishable or anything of that sort, so it's not like it will go bad if I don't get it early.

If you were me, would you want your gift early? Why?
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I have looked online like crazy, but with no success.

Does anybody know where I can download individual ringtones without having to subscribe? Like, pay individually for each ringtone?

I'm looking for Depeche Mode or Damien Rice ringtones.

I tried but their ringtone page sucks, they only show their top weekly. :(

candy and something else

So today is Nov. 1st, one day after the ween of hallo, where did all the fucking candy go?
I went to Target just hours ago to stock up on cheap leftovers and all they had was a pathetic selection of stuff I see all year round.
I was just there on Tuesday and there were thousands and thousands of bags of specially packaged halloween candy.

Do they rip that stuff off the shelves and save it for next year?
Could they really have sold it all? (That seems so unlikely.)


What do you wear immediately following a shower? (Like the time from the shower until you go out to school/work/etc., you know your "getting ready" time.)

"lounge-y clothes"?
undies and nothing?
the clothes of the day?

Also: on that second question, can you please state if you are a boy or a girl?

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why have i had such a  sore pain in my left leg all week?
its like a dull throbbing all the time
i hear smoking and the pill arnt a great combination?
am i giving myself a bloodclot lol?

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I asked this once and no one replied. I'll ask again....

Does ANYONE else on this planet listen to Neo-folk or is it just me, my boyfriend and a coworker?
Do you even know what Neo-folk is? Ever heard any of it? Can you recommend some good Neo-folk or dark folk?

Try these if not. Both are Neo-folk though they are different....the bands are sister bands! Two of my favorite.

Current 93 - A Sadness Song

Death In June - We Drive East

What did you think of them?

I'll admit that the bands do make really messed up songs. Once I tried to listen to Current 93's 'Dogs Blood Rising' album while stoned crawling around in the dark. haha....I started freaking out because it got too intense and I couldn't find the CD player (my bf hid it because he knew I'd want to turn it off). It left me in the fetal position screaming and laughing at the echoes of David Tibets truly insanely dark music. Good times....

Zombies or Scary Clowns

This question is hotly debated amongst my friends.

Would you rather, if you HAD to, have sex with a scary evil clown who is trying to kill you, OR a zombie of someone who you found attractive before they died? (where bodily fluids and biting you might be a concern)
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Starbucks is giving out free coffee to people who vote on Tuesday. They're also putting up an ad on tonight's SNL. (And also, this is my attempt to win a Starbucks Gold card.)

1. Will you be getting yourself a free cup of coffee on Tuesday? (If you're an early or absentee voter, you can still get that cup.)

2. Starbucks says it's going to work based on the honor system-- will you still get the cup even if you don't (or aren't eligible to) vote?

2a. How many people do you think will screw the honor system?

3. Are you watching SNL tonight?

4. Do you think I'll get a gold card?

4a. If I don't, should I buy one when they're released?

5. Have you noticed my icon has a Seattle's Best Coffee cup? (Oops.)

BONUS QUESTION: Have you heard about the Free Coffee on Tuesday thing before? (Or the Gold card?)
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will you tell me about the last time you felt horribly, unbearably uncomfortable?

my sister and mother are having an intense, very loud fight and it's making me so anxiously uncomfortable i could vomit on myself.
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I somehow managed to get absolutely nothing done today, even though I'm sick so I was lying on the couch with the computer on my lap and my backpack next to me, in perfect shape to get things done. 

What did you mean to do today that didn't get done?


Have you ever watched the circus walk the elephants into Madison Square Garden?

It seems like a vast majority of TQC is big into sex on the first I the only one who is completely grossed out by the thought this?

Will you tell me some good dating ideas/general things to do/not to do?
(I haven't been on a date in a really, really long time and I'm completely clueless...aside from the not having sex with the person part)

Where can I get this jacket?

Does anyone know where I can get a jacket that looks like the following:

Here is a link (sorry I am trouble saving the pic):

I am referring to the jacket on the right worn by Natalie Portman.

I am not too concentrated on the color but this exact style.

Thanks for any help!

And here is a different Q to make it more fun: (Sorry if it was already asked since it seems like something that would have been but I would like to see the answers):
What were you for Halloween?
What was your favorite costume you have ever had?
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I'm thinking of cosplaying Sin (see picture) next year so I got some time left to assemble the costume even though I'm already thinking what I already have and what not. However, her shoes and top are the hardest for me to get. Any idea how I can try and get them? Without the aid of buying stuff online?

the fuck?

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You're at a fast food place, getting your food to go, the person/s in front of you are finishing up filling their four drinks (two people-four drinks) Not only are they standing there putting lids on and gathering straws etc. when there is about 3 feet of space between the drink counter and the food counter but now as you wait to fill your own cup the second person, now filling the last cup MUST fill it to the tippy top, try and find the right sized lid and help his friend complete the assembly of drinks.

Would shoving said person out of your way be appropriate?
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Help me out here, TQC.

I have to pick a topic to write about for my behavioral ecology class. We have to choose a behavior that is not very well studied and explain an experiment about how we would go about learning more about said behavior. So should I write about

The mating habits of giant squid? (Something to keep in mind, I love squids)


Homosexuality in penguins? (Something else to keep in mind, I love the gays)

Additionally, my prof said that money is not an object for this paper, and we have unlimited access to our study animals in both the wild and the lab.

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If you, by law HAD to vote for one of these candidates and ONLY vote on these issues, who would you vote for?

Candidate A: Pro Gay Marriage, and Pro Life
Candidate B: Anti-Gay Marriage and Pro Choice

(no subject)

how fast do you drink? anything- water, soda, hot drinks, booze, etc.

i drink everything so fast. it doesn't matter if it's water or whiskey. i can go through 2 or 3 sodas or waters at a meal, at least.

(no subject)

i'm bored. what are some good pointless, timewaster websites?

would you or have you ever slept with someone that you hate?

what is the topic that you are most willing to argue with someone about?
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Anybody want to play a game?

Post the first word of a story. Whoever replies to you will copy/paste that word into their comment then add their own word and so on. Add punctuation whenever you think it is needed.

Do you know any games that could be played in an IM, with just 2 people? This one and 20 questions are the only 2 I could think of.

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I am eating honeydew and cantaloupe right now. My puppy will not leave me alone; she WANTS some of this melon!! If I give her a little piece will she leave me alone? Will either of them hurt her?
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does anybody know where i can get these popsicles? I can't figure out what they are called therefor I dont know how to search for them.....I got them at an asian food market, but they no longer carry them.


mystery blog

There's this blog (I dont remember how I originally heard/linked to it) with a lot of "guy tips" where people write in to this expert about things like what to wear, where to shop, etc. I know one feature was definitely "How to Look Like a Tool" with a few funny examples. But now for the life of me I can't figure out how to get back to that site. Has anyone heard of this blog? Its not, and I've already tried googling phrases. It had to be something on wordpress or blogspot, I just can't remember the name.
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I have a super ignorant question.

Where do horses like to be pet/scratched and how? I just need to be prepared, should the opportunity arise. I always want to go for the cheeks because that is what my cat and dog like but horses have much bigger mouths and I'm not going to risk it!

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what's the last thing someone said to you that almost made you feel physically ill?

mine: "[my boyfriend] hates you more than anyone else in this world. if he could get away with killing you, he would" ~ my best friend

(no subject)

Inspired by my last question, have you ever lost it on a stranger because they were being slow/otherwise annoying or inconsiderate?

Will you tell us the story?
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who, in your opinion, is the most underrated musician right now?

i'm goin' with Spencer Krug. i've been listening to Wolf Parade for 3 or 4 years and i cannot believe his shit hasn't blown up more, while there are ridiculously stupid bands like Vampire Weekend selling out shows before their fucking album gets released.

OH OH and what's your favorite beer?

mine is Newcastle. mmmmm *drinks*

Randoms 2

Do you know anyone who actually lost their virginity on prom night?

My brother-in-law, sister and baby nephew are sleeping in my living room right now. How much is it going to suck for them when I have to leave for work at 4:30 tomorrow morning? Will they hate me if I wake the baby up?

I was going to go out for a bit, but didn't want to wake them up. Would you have stayed home, too?

Are there any really good books to cheer up new moms?
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When I hold in my breath (or do any rib-exposing movement, such as imitating the dreaded full body wag) my left set of ribs stick out noticably father than the right. Is this normal? Will you check how your ribs even out?

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TQC, one of the upstairs bathtubs clogged up, my basement has a huge leak, the kitchen sink's pipe burst (and I mean BURST, and I JUST washed the fucking floor) and now, my septic system just overflew and flooded the backyard. Oh, and my backyard flood lights are suddenly broken, so I have to help my husband navigate with flashlights.

Is this all part of my husband's drastic plan to avoid having to help me clean the bedroom?

Also, my husband's lazy-ass aunt is here with us for the weekend because his parents, who she normally lives with, are out of town, and she's afraid to be in the house by herself. She has since smoked in one of the upstairs bathrooms and my INFANT SON'S BEDROOM (because she was afraid to smoke outside while we were out to dinner on our enclosed back porch. What?), ramsacked my son's room for what reason I know not and left it a mess, followed me around the damn house like a lost puppy dog constantly asking me stupid questions (why do you have DirectTV instead of Comcast? Why do you have two car seats? Why do you keep the syrup in the cabinet? And my personal favorite, did you know the Phillies won the World Series? No, Jean, I am deaf and blind and was in a sound-proofed bubble while I sat in the rain in game 5 THAT YOU WERE ALSO AT WITH US.) The baby was screaming because he woke up and we were out back, and he was upstairs. His aunt was directly across the hall in the spare bedroom, and didn't get up to pick up the baby even though she knew we were downstairs and out back. And this is after she just ripped apart my kitchen because she couldn't "figure out why there was a wet drawer" in the kitchen. And then left my kitchen in complete shambles after I just cleaned the entire fucking thing top to bottom. My husband just came upstairs asking why it looks like a tornado went through the kitchen.

Should I kicked his fucking lazy aunt out of my house and make her sleep in the backyard?


Why does my birthday weekend suck balls?

Could you please give me your extra Valium?

Is this like the longest question on TQC ever?

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Sometimes I have funny or insightful experiences during masturbation and I want someone to share them with who's not some perverted weirdo trying to cyber and stalk me.

Do you know of any LJ communities where people talk about these things? It would be preferable if it's, you know, fairly active (at least a few posts a week).

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1. Women, girls, crossdressers, metrosexuals and people of any persuasion who have experience with lady's underpinnings.... do you know if these kind of things stay put, or do they just roll down as you'd imagine? Collapse )

2. I've often thought over the years that I want to try going blonde at least once. In my head I go "yeah I'll do it!" but then I remember that I like how special I feel being a natural redhead :\ If I can get over that lameness, do you think I could do blonde? Collapse )

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I got caught making out with a random guy that i met at halloween party by my best friend and she seemed pretty upset about that.
does it make me a whore to make out with a random guy or is it okay because it's a party and i was obviously drunk?
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You're walking down the street one day when a man pops out of nowhere and hands you a gun. He tells you that it's loaded with a single 'magic bullet.' You can shoot one person and face absolutely no consequences whatsoever.

Who do you off and why?