October 31st, 2008

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I was going to make cupcakes for my little sister's pre-k class tomorrow, but the only cake mix we've got expired in 2002. Should I just try making them by hand? Does anyone have a recipe for a lazy girl? Yellow cupcakes would be the best.

Are you partying tomorrow? I am.

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I am making a LOLitics playlist for election day!
what songs should I put on it?

I am now realizing that in my iTunes Library, songs that are in playlists are doubled. Like the track, and a track for each playlist it is in.  it didn't used to be like this! Is there a setting to make it stay as one track?
did that make sense AT ALL?
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I just got sick today. Sore throat/cold/headache, whathaveyou. But I HAVE TO go to my classes tomorrow.. at least for the first half of the day. And the following day, I have to be in a car (not driving) to PA from NY for the weekend.

I'm already Tylenol: Sore Throat-ing it, and spraying a vitamin "life shield (immune defense)" thing into my throat every few hours. Is there anything else I can do to minimize the illness time or symptoms?
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TQC, please settle an argument for me!

Friend A: Oh did you hear we're getting new neighbors
Friend B (lives down the street from A): Oh really? What are their names?
Friend A: (Name changed for privacy): The Patels. Her name is Ramini, but I don't remember his.
Friend B: Oh, great. They're going to put all kinds of weird stuff in the yard. They don't need to live here!
Friend A: Wow, way to be prejudiced!
Friend B: Whatever, I'm not prejudiced, I love everyone! Everyone knows their kind is weird.

and so the argument continued for 5 more minutes before I was brought in. I say B is prejudiced, but apparently A and I are wrong. So, I ask you, TQC, internet strangers, do you consider what B said to be prejudiced?!

What is your favorite kind of gum?

Do you have Whitecastle where you live? Krystal?

It's All Good
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So, TQC,

Who's the other anti-semite that Obama pals around with? I have no idea wtf this guy is talking about.

My vote hangs in the balance!!!

Also, for those of you who don't care about US electionfilter, what's the best band from Australia?
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Video Card

I want to buy a new video card for my computer so I can play new badass games. I have an AMD dual core processor and have been using my MB's onboard graphics.

Which Video Card should I buy? Something within the $100-$200 range, please.
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This year, I find myself in the position of being an Xmas orphan in ways. My husband will be with me in Hong Kong but we have no other family here. YAY and BOO at the same time.

The one major drawback is that I have no oven. Well, no oven big enough to do a turkey and I want Xmas turkey.

We have about 4-6 friends who are in the same Xmas in HK boat with us.

We've come up with 2 ideas.

A) Go to a restaurant for a dinner with said friends. Dinner will run between $50 - $150 per person, no drinks included. You will have a set time to eat and be out of the dining room as well.

B) Get a dinner catered to your home (where you have ample space for people and a rooftop) and invite people over for the afternoon as a come and go and eat and drink thing. This is the place that would do our catering : http://www.citysuper.com.hk/module4_detail.php?detail=92

Given an option, which would you rather do?

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TQC, I'm working during the day today/tomorrow/Halloween, which means I'll be wearing my Subway work uniform. We're allowed to "dress up" as long as we don't violate dress code. I decided I'm just going to make a sash, wear a tiara, and call it a costume.

My question is this: What should I write on my sash? Srs and non-srs answers appreciated. (Though note, if your answer is of the srs variety, I can't have swear words, political things, or any other obviously no no stuff). Help me internet; you're my only hope.

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is there any way to ungroup my windows on my task bar?

not sure if anyones computer does the same thing. it seems to be an XP and Vista feature but I hate it!I'm doing some work from home for my job and it requires me to go from screen to screen, but I guess I have too many open ( i only have 5) they are grouping up under 1 and I have to click and select and its getting anoying!!! I rather have smaller windows on my taskbar at this point then have them grouped up...and there is more than enough room for them too!
I tried googling , but I found nothing.. I may be search for the wrong keywords too..

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would i be too outdated if i dressed up like monica lewinsky for halloween?

are there any other famous women (fictional or nonfictional) who have had sex scandals with married men who i could dress up like?

is there something that i could make a semen stain on clothing with that would come out in the wash so i could wear the clothing again?
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1. What color is your hair? Do you like it?

2. Do you dye your hair, or want to? What color? Do you dye it on a regular basis, or is it more of a once-in-awhile kind of thing?

3. Lately I've been itching to dye my hair, but I don't know what color would look good. My hair color is the same as my icon's. What would you suggest?
happy birfday to me

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TQC, it's my birfday! I'm so old though :( (by old I mean 24, which is old in internet years, so please yell at me and tell me I am young!)

What overpriced, unnecessary electronic should I purchase for myself as a birthday gift?
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Dear TQC,

How do I kill my hallmates and make it look like an accident?

Failing that, how do I take revenge on them for waking me up every single night, multiple times, between 12 and 4AM, with their partying?

Oh, and Happy Halloween


soon there will be no more halloween posts..

I went to a Halloween party the other day dressed as Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' wedding dress deal, which was cool, but im already bored with it and need some quick ideas..

What would be a cool idea/person to be if I have suuuuper long blonde hair that I want to incorporate into a costume?

I was thinking trainwreck Britney Spears but that seems played..
is it too dated to be old school-girl Britney?


Is it tacky to be the same thing as last year if you go to pretty much the same places?

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How am I going to tell my widowed aunt that I want to move out and live with people my own age and leave her all alone without hurting her?

How soon is too soon to move out after telling your widowed aunt this?
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TQC, I just got back from my first audience participation version of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, it was awesome, here's a picture. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the big red lipstick V off my forehead, and I have class in 6 hours. :| What will get this shit off my forehead so my 75 year old History professor doesn't think I'm more crazy than I already look?

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If you're a girl, have guys been the worst friends you've had?
If you're a guy, have girls been the worst friends you've had?
Why do you think that is?

I ask because I find it easier to be friends with guys... until they get a gf and then just leave me hanging. I guess I only make conditional friendships? *le sigh*

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I run a small writing business, but the name I came up for it was lame. I need to register my company by the end of November for legal reasons, and I want a new name for that purpose. But I can't think of anything good! TQC, will name my company?

Some things about it:

It's a freelance writing company. We write content for websites, promotion materials, etc.
Most of what we write is keyword content for online use.
It's not "serious," more "fun," so serious/elegant/professional names are kinda blah to me.
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Did people have aquariums before electricity?

Do the Amish vote?

Do the shut-in, commune-type Mormons vote? Do they have the same type of no technology rule as the Amish do or am I just thinking that because they dress old-fashioned?

My mum and I both took a 10mg (I think mg. I know it was 10 somethin) Lorcet pill at the same time. Within an hour, she was goofy and falling asleep every two seconds. My evil babycave stopped cramping after I took it, but I didn't get silly or sleepy and was even able to drive to Walmart and back no problemo. The other day at work I took a hydrocodone for a headache and it didn't even help the pain, let alone make me goofy or knock me out. Vicodin for my hip a few years ago didn't do a damned thing either. Am I immune to pain pills?

What colour should I paint my bedroom?
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Do you post pictures to sites like Facebook/MySpace? (I know, I know.)

Do you get annoyed when friends untag themselves in pictures?  What if the pictures are pictures without drinking/smoking/wearing questionable clothing, etc.?
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Dear TQC,

Would it be tacky for me to mention to my sickeningly rich friend that I want a pair of Grado SR225s for Christmas/my birthday (same day)?

Her parents literally give her more money than she knows what to do with, and she is awfully generous. I am a poor audiophile in need of new headphones (and the SR225s are about $200). Thing is, we've known each other about two and a half months. Is it too soon to take advantage of the situation? What would you do? Can you put a dollar amount on how much you'd milk it for?

ETA. I should mention that she keeps offering to buy me expensive things anyway. So far I have resisted point-blank because I do think it's rather tacky. But she's so determined - she's one of those people who will buy something for you despite your protests. I'd rather have something I actually want than, you know, a pair of designer shoes (which are her obsession).

Unrelated to the above, how eager are you for this election to be OVER? 'Cause I'm beginning to feel nauseous every time I see an ad. I think at this point I'd be happy with a hostile takeover, if it meant one day less of this unholy torture. Older TQC members - is that normal?
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If your grandfather was sick in the hospital right now, and your wedding was tomorrow... would you postpone the wedding? You've already put down thousands of dollars, that are non-refundable, for flowers, catering, etc.

Which do you choose?

Postpone the wedding
Go along with the wedding as scheduled

If you chose Other, what would you do?

Also, if you voted to go along with it, would you be afraid of potential backlash from other family members?
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More election questions, yay!

When you first registered to vote, did you notice a bunch of fucking calls coming to your personal phone with things regarding the election/campaigning/other things, or is it just me?
I've been getting numerous calls on my cell phone, which I never give out, asking polls, my opinion on the election for a columnist at the local newspaper, whether or not I will volunteer for the local Barack Obama headquarters, etc.

Which, by the way, have you ever volunteered for a campaign, or at the polls?
Am I an idiot for agreeing to do so?
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Kinda piggybacking on the entry I made earlier - way earlier - this morning.

Ever seen Rocky Horror? Have you seen it on a tv or in a theatre? Was it a participation show? Did you have a blast?

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My friend is having a "End of Cancer, End of Chemo" Party and on his facebook event page he has this image:

His party is going to include dinner then a bar crawl. I know a lot of bar crawls have tee-shirts and i was thinking I could design a tee-shirt that said something like "Brett's cancer kicking party" or something and the people attending could buy it off cafe press or somewhere and hopefully be able to donate some of the $ to the foundation for the cancer he had.
What do you guys think of this idea?


I wanna make some scary foods for my star trek marathon tonight (it is Halloween here). Suggestions?

Will you post a pic of a halloween (or sci-fi) cake that you have made?

Any way I can make an apple pie scary (besides cooking it entirely wrong)?


besides a basket, what could i put gift basket stuff in?

i guess at that point it would not technically be a basket anymore.. but i do not like baskets.

edit: specifically something "oriental" themed? or just in general.


Any acne experts in the group? Any dermotologists?? = )

I don't have terrible acne (as in, I don't have any serious scars or injury to the face from severe acne), but I do get cystic acne on my forehead and around my lips, and it can be extremely painful. I used to see the dermo regularly about it. The first round of antibiotics she gave me worked like a charm, but as we all know, antibiotics aren't supposed to be taken for extended periods of time, and eventually, they stopped working. I've done various salicylic acid treatments (three step routines... face wash, toner, lotion) and none of them really work.

So! My questions!
1. Any suggestions for my acne (keep in mind that it's cystic)?
2. Any suggestions for the scarring associated with the cystic acne? Is microdermabrasion the only option?
3. Has anyone tried at-home microderm kits?
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What was the last randomly adorable thing you've seen?

I was laying on my stomach with my head propped up on my hands at my computer this morning when my cat came and curled up between my elbows. When she got up, it was to pounce my other cat, hold him down, and stringently groom him about the face. She's beyond adorable.

What's the last random thing to piss you off?

I freaking hate those Glade plug in commercials where the woman keeps having everyone shoot her down for using Glade products. I especially hate the one where she goofs around all day her husband gets on her case for using the Glade spray instead of cleaning by hand. Seriously, what is this? 1950?

Finally, I'm dressing up as a flapper for a party tonight but I can't figure out what to do with my hair. It's somewhat long, thick, and dark brown. I was thinking a bun at my neck, with some ringlets at the front but being a not especially girly type girl, I've no idea how to put my hair in a decent looking bun. TQC, how do you put your hair in a bun? Have any better suggestions for a 1920's hairstyle?

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I have been planning a trip for months to see my best friend, who lives five hours away. We have not seen each other in almost six months. She lost her mother to cancer in July, and I wasn't able to be there then, so this trip -- well, it's really important to both of us. I'm supposed to be leaving on November 13, for four days.

Now, I put in a request to get those four days off from work about six weeks ago (once the dates for the trip had been finalized.) I was supposed to be off that Saturday and Sunday anyway, as the call centre where I work is closed every second weekend. So really, I just asked for Thursday and Friday off.

Two days ago, a new memo came down from management informing us that as of November 14, we are going to be open every weekend. Which means that, hey, we're going to be open the weekend I'm supposed to be leaving on my trip. I also have not received confirmation as of yet that I've gotten the time off that I asked for.

What would you do, TQC, in my situation? Should I keep hounding my supervisor until I get a definitive answer on my time off? If I don't *get* the time off, should I a) be a good little worker bee and just show up (although I will be practically homicidal with rage); b) just go on the fucking trip and say "fuck it" to work, because I fucking planned this trip and put in for the time off in plenty of damn time; or c) just say "fuck it", quit my retarded job and go on the trip anyway?

I gotta say, I'm so pissed at the possibility of not being able to go on this trip that I'm leaning towards C. But I'd like to get some input from unbiased people.

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I am going to a friends 21st birthday, and need to come up with a present to get her! We were pretty good friends in high school, but I havent spoken to her that much since, and I really don't know what sort of stuff she is into. What sort of gift should I get?
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Would it be completely evil of me if I put my two Ball Pythons on top of the candy bowl and see which kiddies will brave the snakes to get to the candy?

Edit: Ok, how about the kids just too old to trick or treat?
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inspired by ex_loudly105

1)If you were standing in line at the grocery store and you realized that George W. Bush was standing in line behind you, would you shake his hand and/or say hello? Why/why not?

2)How do you feel about George W. Bush's terms as President?

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Since I'll be all alone this weekend starting this afternoon, my bff (who is currently in Germany) and I are having a Skype date tonight, during which we will be watching a movie from Hulu.com simultaneously. As it's Halloween... we want to watch something scary. Can you recommend me something from this list to watch? (NOTE: we can only watch the full version of movies whose titles have the little reel thingy next to it online)

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Should I be grateful that the kid in my hall dressed as Sweeney Todd today doesn't know my name is Johanna?

What should I do if it turns out he does know and starts singing to me?

Is there a song with your name in it? Does it bother you if people sing it at you?

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Have you done anything to prepare for what you think will happen if your candidate loses the Presidential election?

I just placed an order for 500 more rounds of .223 and a 440 round case of 7.62x54R for $250 shipped to my door. Now all that's left is to get about a dozen boxes of .45ACP from Wal-Mart.

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Do you think people should have to take an emotional maturity test before they start working?

Like, to prove that they understand that they can't say their grandma died, go camping and then come back a week later expecting to be able to fake an obituary?

Or to prove that they understand that if you get a job you can't just suddenly decide to take a day off two shifts in?

Would you pass such a test?
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After my kids get to bed tonight I'm going to do some serious cleaning. And I obviously need a good 80s playlist to do so.

What songs NEED to be on this playlist?

Here's what I got so far:

Africa - Toto
867-5903/Jenny - Tommy Tutone
White Wedding - Billy Idol
Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart
Love Song - The Cure

I have a little more than that, but they're on my computer at home and I'm now at work.
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a monies

What's the largest amount of money you lent to someone in one lump sum as a friendly gesture?

For what purpose?

Did it cause any drama in the event of repayment, or put any strain on the relationship in any way?


If you never have, would you ever lend someone close to you who you trust, like, $1000? What stipulations would you consider?

And here I was thinking they liked me...

See... I personally feel I'm a very nice teacher. I am able to control my classroom as well as have fun with my students. I'm young and my high schoolers always tell me how they feel they could somehow relate to me. I understand my students, what they're going through and I bring real life topics into the class room.

But just now I realized that some of my students must hate me. As a charity event, students have set up a "jail". Students are given the opportunity to pay $1 for any teacher of their choice to be locked up in "jail". Now, this so-called "jail" is pretty small, student-made, and is placed right in the middle of the courtyard where the sun is shining down. 

I stepped outside during lunch to check on a student when a few feet away from me, I see one of MY students PAYING to get me sent to jail. ugh! She was pointing  at me and everything! I have her next period.

What extra horrible assignment should I give this special young lady? :0)

They didn't catch me (yet) but I'm still getting revenge!

[evil laugh]
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I'm a massage therapist and I work in a small local spa.

One day I had a client who asked me for a happy ending and I said no.

He called frequently after that, asking if there was a new massage therapist he could see. We now have a new MT and he got a massage from her.

He called again the next day and made another appointment with her. She's in there with him right now.

What do you think they're doing in there?

What would you do if you were me, if anything?

ETA Yes, my boss is aware of what happened. This isn't a very by-the-books sort of place so he wasn't blacklisted or anything.
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Costume at work

I work at 3:30pm today in a bar and I am allowed to wear a costume to work. I was going to wear my vintage nurse uniform and corpse paint/blood and wounds but now I am thinking that might be a bit much for the middle of the afternoon but I am working through the night until close and it would be perfect for night time. Should I stick with the zombie nurse thing or be a zombie in regular clothes?

Added bonus if I wear regular clothes I can get fake blood all over them which I would be careful not to do with my nurse uniform.


TQC, I was gifted rather unexpectedly with a marble Bengal cat last night.. She is about 2.5 years old, and unfortunately, has been front declawed. I've never had a declawed cat before. 

Is there anything special I need to be aware of in relation to her claw-less status?  Thankfully, her hisses and growls seem to be enough to intimidate my overly curious dog right now.

Collapse )
It's a bad cell phone pic, I apologize.  Also, her name is Shelby.  Should I keep it or change it?

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On a scale of 1-10, how lame is it that I'm going to meet my professor in a corset?

Does your number change when you learn that I am in a medieval studies program?

(I'd wear my actual ren outfit but that thing cost like $300 and I live in the Bronx...)
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Is Halloween really the one night a year that a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it?

If you're wearing a costume today/tonight, is it slutty?

If you have classes, did you go to class in your costume? Did other people?
Most people here didn't wear their costumes.

Aren't you glad that after today, most of the Halloween questions will be gone?
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1) When you're feeling lonely, what do you to to make yourself feel better?

2) On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy getting and receiving nice, big hugs?

3a) I'm ordering Chinese. What can I get for you?
3b) Oh, you'd prefer pizza? What on it?
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If you were keeping a list of books you'd read over the course of the year, would you put an audiobook on the list or make a separate list for those?
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For those of you who have been in the hospital long enough to have eaten at least one meal: What was your worst experience with hospital food?

Like, whenever I was in the first time, I'm pretty sure that one time they gave me a bowl of gravy for my lunch. A bowl of gravy that didn't looked finished.

Stories of human remains in food is also good.

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Did anyone see MadTv like 30 seconds ago? There was a skit where "Happy Party" sang a song called "Spooky Party" - and Frankenstug was in it. What song is this a parody of?! I've been trying to figure it out since I saw it a year ago!
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Gynecologists and OB-GYNS of TQC,

Is there any way to make a period stop? I am on the pill but I didn't think about skipping my placebos. But now it's too late and Aunt Flo is here. How do I send her home?!

(no subject)

What are some of the best music montages you've ever seen in a movie or TV show that you think of every single time you hear the song used? Bonus points for youtube links to montage!

Pretend you have a deaf friend. Miraculously, they're about to be cured of their deafness and ask you to pick the first song they listen to once they're able to hear again. Which one would you pick? Try not to just pick your favorite one.


I was unplugging my heater which has 3 prongs to it and the bottom (ground) prong broke in the outlet.

How do I get it out of the outlet and can I still use my heater without the 3rd prong?
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If you were to go to a restaurant on Halloween and saw that someone was dressed as a political figure (i.e. Hillary Clinton, Sara Palin, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, etc), would you be offended or think it's all in good fun?

Putting the ass in accessory

They say that Halloween is the one time of the year where a woman can dress like a slut and no one can say anything. That being said, which of these female costume statements do you agree with?

Ridiculous cleavage is an accessory
It's not Halloween unless it's a major costuming issue if your bikini area is waxed or not
Any normal role or job description is viable, such as plumber or social worker, as long as you show a lot of leg
The vagina is a fashion statement
Choosing the underwear you'll be wearing is just as important as choosing the costume
Wearing full-on lingerie outside is alright as long as you're wearing kitty ears or a clown nose or something
The risk of total exposure on Halloween night due to wardrobe malfunction should be high
At least once during the night, youll have to make the statement "Just because I'm dressed this way doesn't mean I am this way"
Who knew Snow White, Red Riding Hood or Little Bo Peep were such hot pieces of ass?
Women should take the opportunity at Halloween to wear clothes that cover more of their body than they normally do. It's just decency
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Has anyone ever had the hard drive salvaged from a laptop whose motherboard went bad?

Did you do it yourself or did you get someone else to do it? If you got someone else to do it, how much did it cost? Any recommendations on adapters for data retrieval?
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I just went trick-or-treating at my house (in my living room). I got kit-kat, butterfinger, twix, crunch, and milkyway bars. Or just one of each of what is being given out at the rhyme_sayers' residence.

What is being given out at your house?

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1. where do you live and what is the gas there?
i live in miami and the lowest is 2.66 here

2. what is the link to the tqc questions game thing? WHY DO NO ONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS :'(

3. do you have tqc on your FL?
i dont, too much to keep up with!
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I'm pregnant unexpectedly. I have no partner. It'd mean financial instability, I think I'd get an abortion if I didn't feel so bad about that. I'm scared of being poor, and don't want to do that to a child. I work for my local welfare agency and know I'm not eligible for financial assistance. I am in shock. I am unsure about adoption."

Would you congratulate the person on their pregnancy?
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social network sites...

The Myspace fad has been dead for over a year. Facebook is losing money hand over fist every month. Nothing has come close to replacing either one in terms of popularity. So, I ask you, TQC, is the social network site fad dead? Or is it still here and was never a fad?

And if they are not a fad, what social network sites do you belong to? Which site do you think is going to be the next big thing?
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(no subject)

Jumping on the unexpected pregnancy bandwagon...

You got unexpectedly pregnant. You've decided not to keep the baby and are getting an abortion.

Who do you tell?

Who do you bring with you (if anyone)?
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Hi! I'm eighteen, 5'7", and a girl. I like candy and I'm going to a party, but I kind of want to trick-or-treat, as well.

My costume is a gothy fairy type affair, and I am very nice and polite and I have a skinny tall girl hunch and no boobies so I might be able to pass for younger. :( If I came to your door would you give me candy, or would you tell me to take a hike?

I am bringing cookies and pretzels to the party I am going to! Is this awesome, y/n?

I am also going to a ren faire tomorrow! I am thinking of wearing my sari, because we wound up in some financial trouble and so I couldn't get a medieval costume this year. If you saw me there, would I be doing it wrong for dressing like that?
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I'm not feeling well, and I need to eat something because my stomach is growling obnoxiously and keeps reminding me that I haven't eaten. But half the foods are making me nauseous just buy looking at them.

What should I eat/ask my mother to buy me to eat?
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Hi, TQC! Happy Halloween!

Have you ever attended a political rally? Tell me about it.
Barack came into town yesterday and I went to the rally. It really made me feel a part of this election.

My Dad keeps sending me anti-Obama e-mails. It's always something childish and disgusting and I usually just delete. Last time, I told him to support his side with facts and not name-calling. This time, he fwded me "a reasoned explanation" on how Obama's a socialist. It's a step up from the usual but I don't shove my views down his throat, I'm sick of this shit. How should I retaliate?
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What do you do when you're invariably going to be forced to spend a night with someone you kind of want to punch in the throat?

My suitemate is being a total bitch today and has said some really hateful things to me - but she's the driver to the Halloween party we're going to tonight and also the one who has the booze. So I can't actually punch her in the throat as much as I want to. :(
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Can somebody please tell me how to make those creepy Livejournal icons where it blinks back and forth between a negative image and a positive image and it kind of looks like it's growing or rotating or something? The most recent popular example of this was the creepy McCain Satan sharp teeth photomanipulation one...

I know how to animate shit, but I don't know what people do to make it look specifically like those icons.
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How to handel...

Lets say you were invited to a party to hang out, reminisce and catch up with old friends. However, they invited your ex too because they were also a part of that same group of friends.You really want to go... so how would you handle yourself? What do you say... if anything?
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(no subject)

Does it bother you when people come to classes and just waste everybody else's time because they haven't done their work?

I'm at art school, and we had our final group critique session this morning. Because it was the last one of the semester, we were critting the work of all the people who had put off being critiqued until the last possible moment, so I had to spend three hours listening to people madly justify why they haven't done anything and how the work that they pulled out of their arses in the last 24 hours is actually the results of two months ongoing study. And then get defensive when one of the instructors asked them if they felt that had problems with time management.

And how do you feel about allnighters? Are they something to be proud of, or a desperate last resort?

I've done the myself on occasion, but none at all this year (although I have had a few late nights after getting caught up in doing a piece of work). It makes me want to tear my hair out when people come into class and boast about how they've been at school for 30 hours, and have had only 3 hours sleep and that was under a chair - the bit where they seem to expect you to praise them just drives me insane. Maybe that's just that one guy though - do you know that guy? Does no work, talks total shit, spends a lot of time talking about what he's going to do an no time actually doing, and then panics and begs you to help him out when he realises the assignment is due in 2 days?
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(no subject)

Another Halloween question. Tonight our campus and main bar strip shuts down due to riots that happened about 8 or 9 years ago (maybe more). I am not going to any parties or anything and the only bar that will be open will be packed since, well, it's the only one open in a college town on halloween. Instead, I'm seeing Saw 5 with my boyfriend.
Since I'm not really doing anything too festive, do you think it's fine if i just wear some amy winehouse-esque eyemakeup and dress a little on the darker side? (I.E. fishnets, mid-calf "hooker" boots, short black skirt that has a layer of tulle over it and whatever shirt i have that matches?) Should I do my hair normal or make it crazy or a little poofy like the 80's or what? (It's short hair, about to my ears and layered. It's in that awkward growing out stage.)
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(no subject)

I need to order new checks. The problem is, I don't know what number I need to start them at. Apparently, it has to be consecutive, but since I haven't had new checks in 6 years I don't know what my ending check number is.

How many checks come in a standard book? How many books come in a box?

I'm thinking 25 and 4, but I am not sure.

Should I get the boring bank checks for 10$ or get fancier checks for more? What should I get on them?

Or "cheques" for you foreigners, lol.

Hi again, TQC

Paging Dr. Tea-Queue-Sea!
I'm out of the hospital and at home, with four incisions in my abdomen. I can eat toast, and drink apple juice and water without incident, but anything else seems to wreak havoc on my digestive system.

What do you like to eat when you're sick? Are there any foods that only seem to taste good when you're ill?

(no subject)

Do you ever get annoyed with the hardcore nostalgia you feel with certain songs?

I'm sitting here trying to relax on the internet and a song comes up on random and twists my stomach and hurts my head >:o

Anyway, what songs give you the strongest feelings of nostalgia?


NaNoWriMo forum is down.

How would you make sure that these fantasy genre characters aren't stereotyped/get them unstereotyped? Gender and age (early 20s) are fixed.

Shy guy with a mysterious past and powers that he doesn't know how to control.
Sorceress who has self esteem issues and is constantly trying to help people.
Spoilt/arrogant/outgoing Prince who doesn't want to get married.
Companion of the prince who has Healing powers, and is also gay (but not in an effeminate way) and in love with the prince.
Spy who is being forced to sabotage the mission while joining the mission herself.

I have one c haracter whose description isn't totally stereotypical.
Help me?

Or, if you can't help with those, tell me someone you know, who isn't totally just a random freak you met once, who could make a good character?
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(no subject)

Would you ever drive your kids around on Halloween? Or if you have kids, have you ever done this?

Why would you do this?

Am I bad for laughing at kids climb up the hill to my house? I make up for it by giving them extra, though, right? Or am I all bad?

Stupid Question

So I'm failing miserably at life right now.

If Daylight savings ends on November 2nd in California, does that mean that before I go to sleep on November 1, I should set the clocks back an hour or do I set them back before I go to sleep on November 2nd?

Sorry for my failure to google and live.

(no subject)

Is there one part of you that people always compliment you on?

Everyone compliments me on my eyebrows. I heard "You have perfect eyebrows" at least 4 times in the last 3 days from people I know and once from a guy I didn't know. I did just clean them up a little but mostly the compliments are on the shape of them....and they're natural.

(no subject)

would you ever date  and stay with someone 15-20 years your senior even though you argue with them all the time? (even over pointless stuff)

what if said person has two young kids you never met?

how can you tell a relationship is just not gonna work?

(no subject)

Omg guys. How long does an open bottle of wine last in the fridge? (i.e. how long would it have to be there in order for it to not be drinkable anymore?)

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(no subject)

What are the laws regarding letting children travel around a city by themselves? If it's different for different cities, which ones do you know about? How old must a child be to ride the subway on his own, take a bus, or just hang around town? If such specific laws exist, how can I find them for whichever location I'm at?

(no subject)

1. Did you ever carry around a little UNICEF collection box when trick-or-treating?
2. Did you turn in all the money you collected like you were supposed to?
3. I haven't seen Halloween UNICEF collecting in years and years. When did they stop?

Evil Me

(no subject)

Dear Twilight Fangirls,

If I were to dress as Alice Cullen for Halloween, what should I wear clothing wise?

For those of you who aren't into Twilight (and I'm sure there are many), what is your favorite stuffed animal? (it doesn't have to be one you own) Extra points for pictures.

(no subject)

Holloweeners tried to break into my house! now I cant have fun because I have to pretend not to be here and keep the house from being broken into...well they can break in, they just cant leave!

How did you spend your last holiday?
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(no subject)

Credit card companies make no sense. A good family friend who always pays her card on time and in full had her limit dropped by some $4000. (Apparently she's not the only one, several companies are screwing people over lately.) I'm a 22 year old college student who only works part time and barely uses my card (in other words, a "riskier" demographic for them) and it looks like they recently raised my credit limit.

- Do you suppose they're hoping I start spending out of control so they can hit me with various fees?

- How big is your credit limit, anyway? How long have you had the card?

I'm at $4000, using Chase, and I've had the card for about 3 years. I have no idea if that's about average or not.

(no subject)

I was working with my best freind for the last few days
and wow was it eye opening!
i love him to death but he can be very petty and GOD does he get stressed!
but i still love him!

anyway have any interesting" never work with friends or family" stories for me??
and can someone explain to me why my new gay friend gave me multiple lapdances last night haha?

this is queer, but

so my dumbass boyfriend chose to go to a party at my ex's apartment that i am specifically not allowed to go to instead of hanging out with me for halloween, despite knowing how upset and angry i am over having to be alone on one of my very favorite days. all my friends are going, and i am not worth skipping a party for, apparently.

how would you react to this? all i want to do is hurt him. i told him i hoped he got arrested in his stupid fucking batman costume that he's probably too fat for these days.

what do you do when you're so angry you don't know what to do with yourself? what do you do to distract yourself from how much people fucking suck? all i've been doing is laying in bed watching the dog whisperer and dwelling on how much i hate everything. it's pathetic.
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(no subject)

TQC, we just got back from Trick or Treating with my son. When we got home, he dumped his bucket and I raided it for things I like. My husband admonished me for this. I told him that Noah's little and doesn't really know and besides he doesn't need all that candy! He said his parents never did that to him.

So as I sit here munching on my stolen Kit Kat bar, I ask you:

Is what I did wrong?
Did your parents ever go over your candy when you were little? Did they ever take anything out?
What's your favorite candy?
How did I forget that Kit Kat bars are so delicious?
Milky Way Midnights are better for adults y/y?
What are your thoughts on Smarties?
What about Popcorn balls?

Noah was Diego, btw. I just wore a coat because it got cold!
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THAT House

How do you know you're not THAT house...?

(The one that's almost too lame to even go to.)

When I was little, I used to hate the ones that gave me like pretzels instead of pure sugar.  Also the ones where the old ladies wanted to talk to you.

Which ones did you think were completely lame?

(no subject)

When you were a kid, did your parents make you let them "check" your candy (presumably for razorblades and such) after you Trick-or-Treated and before you ate it?

My parents never did. But I went with a friend and her mom one year, and she wouldn't let us eat ANYTHING until she'd inspected ALL of it. I'm a fatty and this did not sit with me because I WANTED MY CANDY DAMMIT.

?? »^..^«

TQC cat people:

Does your cat ever meow in a way that it sounds like there is / should be a question mark at the end?

And are those times usually at times where them asking a question would actually be appropriate? (eg., kitty standing by food bowl asking for food, kitty meowing at you while looking at you quizzically...)



(no subject)

Ugh. I have been smoking cigarettes again lately after quitting for a long time and now they are giving me a sore throat, but I just went and bought another pack and am smoking one right now, further hurting my throat. :-( Bad me.

When was the last time you did something stupid and knew it but didn't stop or fix it?
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Movies about odd couples?

I love stories about odd couples, being male/male, male/female, female/female, love or friendship. Doesn't matter. But I think I've seen all odd couple-movies I've ever heard about. You know any good ones, or even bad ones?
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(no subject)


Is there a website where I get tv that streams all the time without me having to push a button every time a new episode of something starts? I dont have a tv, but I want the tv to run while I fall asleep and all night long without stopping.

help me out?
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(no subject)

I'm sick and was supposed to be going with my parents to see my sister at college. But I got really sick last night and they don't want me on my own for the weekend so I'm going to spend it in the spare room at my grandparents' house.

I'm going to be there for 2 days and I assume that I will spend a decent amount of those two days sleeping, but I have to occupy myself somehow. They don't have internet or a computer, and I may or may not have access to a tv (depending on which spare room I go in). So TQC, what should I bring/do?