October 30th, 2008


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Recently my doctor has told me he thinks I may be agoraphobic. This both scares me and makes some sense. So...

1) What the hell? "Thinks I may" What does that mean? Is psychology really so murky?

2) What do you know about agoraphobia?

3) What stereotypes come to mind when you think of an agoraphobic?

4) What can you say to make me feel better?

5) What can you say to make me feel worse?

ALSO I am failing college. I do believe the whole irrational-phobias-of-everyday-things thing is related to this.

6) How do I tell my parents?

7) If a 16 year old violently rapes a 26 (or more) year old, who raped who? Statutory rape laws, fuck the wha-?

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if you were given the opportunity to travel into outer space for free, would you go?

i got a message from chelsea handler on facebook saying they picked my "slutty hookup story" submission to be one of 100 that go into her next book. is this for real?
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Female bodied people: For $100 would you spend a couple hours of your day having 25 different nurses take turns doing a speculum exam on you (for training purposes)?

EDIT: price is not negotiable. The offer is $100 for the entire thing, because there will be a person who will do it for $100.
(this was an offer I got in email today, it is available to one person, I considered it, but I have class during the time they are doing it anyways.)

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Hey everyone. I'm trying to find a screen cap of Heath Ledger's Joker, for the purpose of copying his makeup job. I'm going as a female Joker for Halloween and I want the makeup to look halfway decent. So if anyone could fix me up with a good screencap that shows his face well, that would kick ass. And yes, I have Google'd. Thanks in advance!

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Can I see pictures of your wedding rings?

I lost mine awhile back and we are replacing it. Hubby wanted an upgade cuz we were young and broke. I am not really "into" jewelry and just wanted to see what was out there.
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TQC, my mom's been bugging me every so often for years to let her have this...I guess it would be called a beauty mark on my chin zapped off. It's about the size of 1 1/2 pin heads. There's also a smaller one near my left eye that she'd like gone. I've always said no for several reasons. 1. I feel like cosmetic surgery is cheating, unless it's minimizing/getting rid of scars, and if I let her do this, I'll be selling out or something; 2. A part of me feels like, "shouln't it be enough that I'm me, why are you trying to change me?" As far as aesthetics go, I don't really care.
Should I let her zap it off? Should I make a bargain, I'll let her zap the 2 brown spots if she gets the zits zapped as well?
She once remarked that she's been wanting to wipe a smear of chocolate off my chin for 20 years, except that it is a spot, not chocolate.
If it were you would you let her do it?

For those of you who don't care about my facial blemishes, what is your favorite type of cereal?

EDIT: Ok, my mom is really wonderful. This is just about the only thing she has ever negatively said about my appearance without me openly asking her opinion. I guess this post just put her in a really bad light, which I did not realize. It is not like she said, "You're so ugly, you have a beauty mark! It's a huge deformity, we should get rid of it!" It's more like, "You're stunning, but you'd be more stunning if we got this removed!" She's biased on the stunning bit, but you get the point, I hope.
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I went to a Neil Gaiman reading in Philly on Oct 1 and used my brand spankin' new credit card to pay for two of his books at the event. I haven't used the card since, I want to keep my spending in control.

Anyway, I check the credit card website online to see when my payment will be due so I can budget for it, and my account says it's never had a sale on it ever. Never been used. The store hosting the event was using those old fashioned carbon paper credit card swipers, and the woman I spoke with at the event said she'd enter my sale in personally because I had a discount and pocketed the sales slip. Now it looks like it was never rung up. I do have a carbon paper reciept.

So what do I do? Do I call the store up and ask them if they rang it up/ inform them of the mistake, or do I call it a win of two signed books I somehow didn't pay for? I mean, it was a month ago... but he is my favorite author and I don't want him to miss out on the royalties and what not...

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Why have I never seen Zoolander?

What's the name of that webcomic with the nun who has sex with an angel but is still a virgin because of the angel's magical penis?

Should I watch Zoolander or find this weird webcomic that my friend is telling me about to distract me?
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Poll #1287296 One more time...

What do girls smell like?

Peaches and icecream
The sea
Old spice
Good times
Fabric softener

There is something else that girls smell like, that I want to add...

postie crouch

Alive instead

Have you ever had a situation where the out come was that you could have died but you didn't?
Like walked away from a near accident or missed a ride or flight that turned out to be fatal and ended up alive instead of dead?
How has it changed your view of your own life?

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i'm trying to incorporate more calories into my diet. i bought a protein shake mix and i was wondering whether i should drink it for breakfast before all my activity, or for dinner, afterwards? i'm thinking in the morning but i don't want to get it wrong and blow up like a balloon?
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Hi doctor,I lied to you a couple months back when I said that my last menstruation was 'last week'. Will you send me to jail?

Anyway,I have this problem. I haven't had my period for 7 months. I'm a virgin and not underweight. I've always come out healthy in all of my exams and I don't know why my period stopped. I did lie to the doctor. I have a few questions..

What happens if I lie to the doctor?

Anyone know what the doctor will do to "check" me for this problem?
I don't have the slightest clue and I'm scared when Tuesday comes for my appointment. I really want to know if anyone has a clue.

If not,what's the worse experience you've had on a doctor's visit?

edit: Thanks guy for the help! I'll check the community. :]
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Remembrance Day music?

I teach at a K - grade 9 school. I'm in charge of our Remembrance Day assembly (Canada's day, on November 11th, to recognize our veterans). We'd like to have some music playing as our students are entering the gym to set the tone. What suggestions do you have for songs to play? Classical music is fine; so is popular music, though probably not anything overtly sacred since we are a public school.

sugar overload!

Gummy worms for breakfast are a good choice, y/y?

What's your favorite candy?

How do I transport 63 frosted cupcakes to work by myself without squashing, spilling or dropping them?  They are going to have a candy corn pumpkin on top of each one, too.
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Should I go to work today?

I have 3 jobs, and I haven't had a day off since 2 Saturdays ago.  I don't have much to do at the office today (maybe a few bills to get out at the one location and maybe 1/3 of a 90 minute dictation tape at the other location.  Also, my house is a mess and I haven't worked out since last Thursday.

ETA: I wouldn't even be calling off.  When I was leaving yesterday my boss was like, "We don't have a many patients tomorrow.  If you don't want to come in you don't have to."

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I'm sure there have been tons of Halloween questions, so kick me if these have already been asked...

1. Have you ever injured yourself on Halloween?

2. Whats the most overused costume idea?

3. Do you think there should be an age limit on trick or treating? If someone that age showed up, would you still give them candy? (assuming they had a costume and all that)

4. What was/do you think is the worst candy/item you can get from trick or treating?
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dear tqc,

i'm making a rainbow brite costume (handmade, not storebought!!) for a halloween party. unfortunately, i have chin-length bright pink hair.

Poll #1287898 i love the 80s

How important is a blonde ponytail to be recognized as Rainbow Brite?

Mean: 5.91 Median: 5 Std. Dev 3.08

what do you think, tqc?

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Will you tell me about the last time you felt physical pain? Anything at all... stubbing your toe, breaking your leg, whatever.

Collapse )

Also, what kinds of gross things do your pets do? My puppy was just digging in my bf's hamper, came out with a pair of dirty boxers and is now licking the crotchal area. Ew.

ALSO also, what should I have for breakfast?!
- Ginger snaps
- taylor ham & cheese on a whole wheat bagel
- Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal (this stuff is DELICIOUS) with a banana OR cantaloupe?

Cha Cha

If you are a Cha Cha guide how much do you usually / aim to make per day?

My minimum per day is $5.00. I could pretty easily make $7.00 and I'm pretty sure if I wanted to I could do $10, but I have yet to make that much per day.

Sorry if this question bugs the living hell out of y'all, I make less than minimum wage at my day job so you know.

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What are some places I should check out?
How's the downtown?
What sucks about it?
Is the traffic bad?
Is it hard to find your way around?
Is it expensive?

Please tell me anything good or bad about it. I want as realistic a picture as possible. And I have lived in Florida before, so I at least know about the pooey weather.

If anyone cares, my bf is applying to med school so if he gets in, I plan on eventually moving down there too. We're currently both living in South Carolina.

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I know I just posted a few hours ago, but I'm bored at work and I love getting email in my inbox.

Girls: do you ever use your bra as a stashing place for stuff?  My great grandmother was famous for using her bra basically like a purse.  If you needed a kleenex, she would whip one out of her bosom for you.

If you do, what sort of stuff do you put in your bra?  The only thing I ever do is put my phone under the upper strap if I don't have pockets and i'm just running someplace quick.

Guys: what would you do if you were making sexytime with a girl and when you took her bra off, all sorts of random items fell out?

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Dear TQC,
My computer keeps searching for "creativeby2.unicast.com/assets/A23/N4198/M3975/P136/Q20586/iframe_120_90.html?D=&F=&P=http 3A//at.at"
But I am not telling it to do that!

Is my computer possessed?
Alternately, how can I make this stop?

I'm not holding down any keys on the keyboard when it happens, so I don't know what's going on...

typing test

Is there some kind of typing test you can take where, instead of reading a story and re-typing what you read, you just write whatever you want for a certain period of time and it tells you how many WPM you wrote? I write so much faster when I'm free-writing as opposed to transcribing.
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There's a time machine that will take you back in time, to any point, but it can only go back 100 years.
What time would you pick to go back to?
What notable events are going on at that time?

If you only have to work two days a week, would you rather work Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday? Keep in mind that when you have a paid holiday, it is usually on a Monday, so you'd have to come in another day to do your stuff; and Fridays are short days, so you'd get to leave a bit early.

Bring me some soup. KThnx

So, I'm sick again. For the last 2 months, this cold has been traveling in circles between myself, my bf, his mom, and both my parents. This is my second time and everyone else seems to be over it at the moment. When will it stop?

Have you gotten it yet?

Most importantly, I want soup. I want something like miso soup that is very plain, hot, and brothy. I do not want canned soup because it is condensed and has so much salt and oil...yuck. There is no Japanese/Chinese place nearby, so maybe I can make something. May I please have your recipes and/or recommendations for something to pick up at the store?

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A - I have some Jack Daniels, Vodka, Gin and Kalua, and some tonic water, coke and sprite. What’s a good drink?

B - What kind of candy should I buy to give out tomorrow night?

C - How late should I expect kids to be trick-or-treating since it’ll be Friday night?
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I'm going out to get the stuff to make these. Are they going to be delicious?

Would it be weird to order the mozzarella and tomato panini without all of the tomato products (roasted tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and tomato pesto)?

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I'm working on Halloween night, so I won't be able to give out candy to the kids in my apartment complex. I'm planning on just having all my lights off while I'm go, not have a pumpkin out tomorrow night... My best friend says I should have a sign on my door letting people know there's no candy at my apartment. Do you think my plan is sufficient?

What's making you smile today?

How much do you pay per month for health insurance? Are you happy with the coverage? Who pays for it? (Your employer, your government, yourself?)

Do you feel like you're appropriately mature, and that you've hit the appropriate "milestones" compared to other people your age?
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Trick or treat

I have to work second shift (3 to 11 pm) on Halloween, so I won't be home during trick or treating time. Actually, I don't even know when trick or treating is here, but I would have to think it will fall during the time I'm at work.

Anyway, my question is, should I leave a bowl of candy outside my door? Or should I just forget about it since I won't be home? And if I do leave a bowl of candy, how much should I put in it? Because I just know some teenage asshat who's too old for trick or treating will eventually come along and just take all that's left.


This morning I have been super irritable for no reason. Normally I am not an irritable person at all.

Why on earth am I being like this?!?

What can I do to chill the fuck out? I really don't want to go to jail for stabbing my workmate for borrowing a pen.
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I enjoy eating

pickled jalapeños
pickled pepperoncini
chow chow
pickled cherry peppers
pickled okra
pickled green beans
pickled carrots
pickled asparagus
pickles (dill, sweet, bread&butter, gherkins, etc.)
pickled watermelon rind
pickled pigs feet
pickled quail eggs
pickled garlic
pickled cocktail onions


pickled beets
pickled/marinated artichokes
pickled/marinated mushrooms
pickled ginger
pickled peaches
umeboshi (pickled ume/plum)
pickled green tomato/green tomato relish
pickled zuchini or squash
a pickled product you forgot to mention (in comments)
none of the above

A horse is a horse of course of course

You and your SO decide to go in one of those 2-person horse costumes. Who gets to be the horse's head?


Ok, who's stupid idea was it to have Mexican food for dinner?

Me. Mexican food is good and I'm in front
SO. I'm paying him/her back for this afterwards with a Dutch oven


My boss just left me a voicemail asking if I could work 3-6 tomorrow (I'm not scheduled) so she can leave early for her boyfriend's birthday. I had plans to coach some kids for the speech team I volunteer for and to go out to dinner afterward with my mom. Should I cover the shift?

OR, if you don't care about my job, what is your favorite cartoon?

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where you live, is there a larger majority of mccain or obama support bumper stickers and yard signs? it seems like the majority of the people here plan on voting mccain. :\ to each his own though.
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Yesterday as I was working as cashier, someone had bought olives that were encased in a transparent plastic container with not label. At first, they looked like cherry peppers. Can olives look like cherry peppers at all or was i just out of it?

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I've seriously been the perfect gf (understanding, loveful, funny, communicative, tolerant, etc). He finds me attractive. The sex is great. But he wanted a break (a week) because he doesn't know what he feels. He spoke of that something he feels being strong and weak changing from minute to minute. He didnt want to break up (even though I brought it up, and mentioned it would be ok cuz I prefer being alone than not loved).

What happened?

EDIT: Also, Im heartbroken. Give me a hug?

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I dreamt that my boyf was pissing on me....

It's never been a fantasy or a desire of mine and when I looked online I only found that urine was a symbol of relief, letting go etc.

Any ideas as to what my dream means?

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I bought some relatively nice drinking glasses and mug from Kroger's last week. I want to get the factory sticker off the bottom but it's the type that's harder than hell to get off, ripping off in tiny tiny shreds as I go along. Does anyone have a secret for getting these off fast and clean?
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have you ever received a "trick" instead ?

also if yor frend likes a someone but that someone has no interest in yor frend, is it wrong for you to hook up with that someone? what if yor frend had no chance with that someone at all?

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A friend of mine and I are going to richmond, va to see of montreal on saturday, and we were thinking instead of driving back to baltimore that night, wed go back the next morning. Where are the cheapest places to stay in richmond?
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I am staying in tonight and have vowed to scare myself, in the spirit of Halloween. Sadly, it's not as easy as it was when I was 8 and could just read Fear Street under the covers with a flashlight. SO.

What are some ways to achieve this?

I will already have the TV on with every cheesy slasher, but if you have any links to scary stories or pictures anything that would be amazing.


Your work wants to send you abroad for 6 months for an assignment. You'll be paid twice what you're earning now, so, you'll be earning an entire year's salary in only half a year. You'll be given an apartment to live in. No car though, as your new work will be within walking distance. At the end of 6 months, you get to return to your current job. There's a few options of places you can work at for the next 6 months. Where will you be working for the next half year?

Greenland (really cold)
Leesville, a small South Carolina town (too small to appear on a map), where the townsfolk have never seen a minority, never heard of DVDs and still refer to Elvis as that 'whippersnapper'. Religion is big here
Beach in Arizona which is right next door to a nudist beach commune for senior citizens
Capetown, South Africa, the 'rape capital of the world'
Here. I pass on the abroad assignment, preferring to stay here

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So I was planning on going into the city tomorrow for the Halloween parade. I tried on my bodysuit today and it's COMPLETELY see-through...kind of defeating the whole purpose of the bodysuit in the first place.

I have work at 5am on Saturday.

Should I just call Halloween off this year and stay home? I LOVE Halloween but I feel like it's going to suck :(

EDIT: Will you show me the best Halloween costume you've seen in a while/ever/lately

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Ack! TQC, please solve my problem for me!

I have to go to the shop to get coffee and junk food. My shoes are frozen (literally). I only have one pair of shoes!

What do I do??

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I do this grudgingly as I can imagine there's been a shitload of similar questions, but I thank thee kindly for any input!


(How did you guess?)

I don't know what to go as, I want to be something dark and scary but nothing predictable like a witch or anything. I did consider a twisted fairy but I've gone off that idea. So, any ideas?

Pleeease help!!

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I just had to talk to my supervisor about a new co-worker calling me things like itty bitty, sweetie, honey etc. And now i have to talk to her AND the co-worker about how this makes me feel... This whole situation makes me VERY uncomfortable....can you help me feel better?
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Have you ever lived/worked/volunteered abroad for any amount of time? If it were possible for you to do so, would you?

If you have done this or have wanted to, where and why, and what would you do?

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What's one thing that bugs/annoys/pisses you off about the cardboard box/town/city in which you live?

Public transport is epic fail around here.  I want to punch most bus drivers in the face way too often.


What joints/body parts can you crack on command?

Back, neck, fingers, ankles.

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to those who are in long term relationships: how far would you go to make sure your significant other is yours and exclusively yours? if you suspect them of cheating, what would you do and how would you confront them?
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Would you commute 40 miles each way for $35 an hour if you lived in the Northern Virginia/DC area? Half of the commute would be in your car, the other half on the subway. You have a wife in the Navy, but no kids. You are currently jobless.

EDIT: This is my brother. I showed him this. He says he's gonna take it!

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I just broke 50,000 words on the novel I'm writing, which I've been working on since August 2007, and, in its current form, since March 2008.

(It's taken me this long because I've had to balance my senior thesis and now grad school as well!)

How should I celebrate?

Besides writing the next 50,000 words?

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Did you ever get holiday gifts for other holidays besides Christmas/Hannukah as a child?

My parents gave us Halloween baskets, St. Patty's Day gifts, Thanksgiving baskets, etc. I told my husband I have to make a basket for our son's first Halloween and he just went o_0.

Is this an uncommon thing?
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Have you ever been rejected for blood donation? Why?
What do you think about people lying as far as the questionnaire? (aka got a tattoo in the last year, went to certain other countries, etc..)

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For those of you who don't live in the US, how is the US election being handled? Are people as into it as you would imagine most US citizens would be?

People are really into the election here. There is a book at the library about Obama's road to the white house or something like that and I thought it had just been translated but no, some Danish person actually wrote the thing!

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When my husband gets back from his deployment I want to go on a little vacation somewhere. 3 maybe 4 days, and I want to stay on the east coast, and no further south than North Carolina, haha. Our budget will be roughly 1500$.

Where should we go? Where should we stay? What fun things could we go out and do there?
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I'm packing for a trip to Paris this weekend.

What things do you usually forget to pack? Have you ever forgotten to pack anything that was really important?

Here's hoping I don't forget anything important. One time my aunt forgot my cousin's passport and my sister's boyfriend had to get it from her house and then speed down the 405 to get the passport to LAX before our flight took off. It was awesome.
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tl;dr backstory:
i made friends with this guy in my chem class, we go for coffee occasionally and stuff. we have never partied together or anything. today he gave me free weed, and an ecstasy pill (lol i don't do ecstasy so that was useless)

1. should i smoke this free weed or do you think it's laced with something worse?
2. i have this ecstasy.. i don't want to take it, what do i do with it?
3. is he trying to get in my pants? he is kind of a whore i guess, he parties a lot

if you don't care about that:

4. have you ever been a designated driver when you & friends went to a party? how much does it suck?

5. what's the worst thing you've accidentally said when drunk?

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I'm a teacher and my students are encouraging me to share in the fun and wear my vampire costume to school. However, I have a nail appointment right after work meaning that I will be wearing a vampire costume at a nail salon for about 2 1/2 hrs... Idk... I thought that might be strange...

So, TQC... should I?

Should I wear my costume to work tomorrow?


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Would the fact that your significant other has remained friends with his/her ex bother you immensely, or would you not give a shit?

And by friends, I mean friends who don't see each other for months at a time (because their colleges are 6 hours apart), but keep in touch via Facebook messages/AIM.
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tl;dr backstory: TQC, I went to petsmart today to pick up some food for my sensitive-tummied little guy. While I was there, this blue point Siamese cat stole my heart. He pawed at me through the glass, and when the attendant came back, I asked to meet him. (That was my undoing) He snuggled me, gave me kissies, and was just darling. His shelter isn't no-kill. I currently have two kitties, and I'm well within my financial and emotional means to take care of them, I'm sure I can handle a third. (In fact, a third might relieve some of the playtime that the cats currently need from me, when the other is uninterested in playing, I think) It's a well established fact that the maximum number of cats a single lady may have before becoming a "crazy cat lady" is two.

Should I give into my crazy cat lady tendencies and get a third cat?

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I sell Avon. I sold it a couple of years ago and the main places I left brochures at were grocery stores and gas stations. I have access to a car now and can reach more places. Additionally, I now have a website through Avon so people can place their orders that way. Where should I leave my brochures and where should I leave information about my website?

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Do people send you text message "forwards"?
do you find it more or less annoying than email forwards?
Does anyone like receiving that shit?

What is the funniest text message you've ever received?