October 29th, 2008

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If you've been casually hooking up with a guy for a little while, and you sort of have a teensy crush on him, and he mentions the other girls he is going on dates with in the hope of finding true love, does that:

a. make him a tool
b. make you a tool
c. mean he is secretly trying to make you jealous
debbie downer

i am addicted to shows about people trying to overcome addiction.

which show has the most pathetic drug user bang for your buck?

Intervention (A&E goodness)
Celebrity Rehab (which is back on VH-1)
never seen either, poor pitiful me
im not into watching other people's pain and suffering
i am dead inside and don't want to see people try to fight a dramatic personal battle or hear their stories
dude, i can't wait to see EITHER of these shows
consider me one of the UNDECIDEDS

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What party do you identify yourself with?

i'm not from the US
i have no opinion
you forgot to mention something that i will tell you about in comments

literacy, anyone?

the new Wolf Parade album is called At Mount Zoomer but the words 'mount zoomer' together make me think/read satsuma. you know, the orange like fruit.

so i read it/think it "At Satsuma".

is there a term for that or is my brain firing all its electrics to the wrong places? i do it with other things, too, but this is the only example i can think of right now.

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What are you thinking about?

What song are you most likely to sing in the shower?

What clothing store do you shop at the most?

What's the last question someone physically asked you?

Are there any words that you ALWAYS misspell or misuse? What are they?

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I kind of want to hug all of you guys right now. Would you be okay with that?

ETA: I am going to bed but if you still want a hug then message me and I'm sure we can arrange something.

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TQC, I have Thyroid Uptake and Scan tomorrow, and I don't really know what it is. I don't really care to know, but they told me I have to fast the night before, starting at 10 PM. I forgot to ask if this includes water. Do you think it does, or can I have a goddamn glass of water without throwing off my test results?

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If you've taken the GRE, how long did it take for you to receive your scores in the mail?

Does anyone watch The Mentalist?

Does anyone think Simon Baker looks exceptionally attractive in those vests that he wears?  .. I do.
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TQC, I need to have at least 4 more pages of this paper I'm writing for tomorrow to give to a friend to proofread. I have to be up at 6. I have a one page introduction so far. I want to take a nap. If I set my alarm to wake me up in 20 minutes, do you think I'll be able to do it?

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What is the last text message you received?
"it's on the latin channel of all places! i'm confused... i thought it was a porno thats why i put it on."

How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?
Edges then the middle. Although, it's not really the middle anymore if the edges are gone.

Is it still the middle if the edges are gone?

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Okay so I had this shirt a long time ago.  Well, two years maybe.  I loaned the shirt to a friend and was never able to find it again. Collapse )

Now I am really wanting to find this shirt.  Or replace it.  The only thing I know about it is the fox (or wolf) emblem.  So, does anyone know what company this shit is so I can purchase a new one?

I can see Russia from my house!

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Is there anything you follow, a tv show, a web comic, a book series, whatever, that you actually no longer like and really have no idea why you still follow it, other than habit?

Mine's the web comic Penny and Aggie. It used to be a fun little comedy about two teenagers who hated each other... now it's got angst leaking out of every orifice and I really don't care anymore, but I still read it. :/

Tell me about yours?

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Will you look at the profile of either the person who posted above you in this post or another one or commented on your last post (kind of a reach, eh) and list who they are and something that you have in common with them whether or not it's listed on your interests list?

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What was something you were taught when you were younger (think 10 years old or younger) that was supposed to be helpful but really just scared the shit out of you?

For me, it was fire prevention in kindergarten (omg i bagged all the stuff up that i loved the most in a garbage bag and didn't play with them for a month because i was afraid if the house burned down i'd lose all my favorites :(
Hood Houndz

Stinger ideas?

I work in a paediatric department of a hospital. Our theme for Hallowe'en is "Old MacDonalds Farm".
I'm going to be the bee that pollenates the crops on Old MacDonalds farm.

I'm looking for ideas of how to make the stinger. I need to still be able to sit in an office chair with it on.
Any ideas how I can make a stinger for my bee costume?

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Despite the whole bombing of New York thing, could you sympathize with al queida on any level?

Can you stand to listen to nails on a chalkboard?

How well do you think you would to if you were being waterboarded?
buster WHAT

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Is there anything you'd like to do but can't, due to things outside of your control?

What's stopping you?

I feel like having been born in a ~communist country~ and having a funny name will preclude me from being in politics.

Fun with rentals

Have any of you been in a rent to own agreement on a house (rental with option to buy at the end of the lease)? How'd that work out for you? Any tips/warnings you can provide?

If not:

What is your favorite halloween candy?
What is your LEAST favorite halloween candy?

Do you ever paint your nails? What color(s)? Do you coordinate your nail color with anything else (outfit, holiday, new paint job on your car)?

Feng Shui

Do you believe in the power of feng shui?

Have you ever tried it/do you currently try it?

After looking at basic tips, my room is out of whack. I think it is time for a positive change.

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You need to go to a costume party and you have only these costume choices available. What will you go as?

Borat in bathing suit (nude tights with orange thong one piece)
Santa Claus
Dr. Phil
Judge Judy
Queen of Hearts
Hugh Hefner
Miley Cyrus
Speed Racer

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Will you make up a story about the last bruise you found (because who remembers?)?

If you actually remember how you got your bruise, will you tell us the real story?

Will you also tell if you're answering #1 or #2?

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You have two best friends, guy and girl. You love girl, everyone knows this including best guy friend. You invite them out to your gathering, drinks are consumed and they cant stay off each other. They see you're mad but do not stop. Who are you mad at more? Girl or guy?

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Would you take the fact that you couldn't find a parking spot despite driving around the parking lots on your college campus for 45 minues as a sign that you aren't meant to go to classes today?

What if you'd taken the really cold weather and a horrific nosebleed as a sign that you weren't meant to go to classes on Monday?

Am I going to fail history because I choose to interpret unfortunate circumstances as signs from a higher power?

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what is the big deal about the twilight series? why do people, namely teenage girls, obsess teenage vampire love?

i've read the first two books and just couldnt get into it.

if you dont care, what are your favorite books or book series?

i love anything by jodi picoult
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Who, if any, of the four major party presidental/vice presidental candidates in the upcoming US election (Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, and Sarah Palin) would you sleep with if you had the chance?
Who is the sexiest politician?

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A guy I dated more than 2 years ago just propositioned me for sex, knowing that I am engaged and he has a girlfriend.

TQC, what was the last very inappropriate thing someone said to you? 
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What's the most uncomfortable/ridiculous/embarrassing thing your job has forced you to do?

Mine has a company-wide "fall festival" where each department puts on a skit, in front of 500 coworkers. This year we're going to be dressed in lederhosen, suspenders, and feathered caps. Awkward.

I've heard stories about Wal-Mart employees having to do a morning cheer, which is worse. At least mine is only once a year.

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My boyfriend left his phone at my place. Should I snoop? (I have no reason to and I know I shouldn't, just give me reassurance.)

edit: I gave the phone to my roommate so that he can hold it and I won't be tempted anymore. Whew.

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1. Can you taste the difference between "normal" foods and their organic counterparts? If y, what foods and what is the difference?

2. Do you like your (cold) cereal to be crunchy or a little soggy?

3. What is your favorite hot drink?

4. Have you noticed that probably about 2/3 of my questions are related to food?
4b. How much of a fatty does that make me? OMGWTF.

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What could I say to shut up cashiers who won't stop asking if I want to open a whateverthefuckstore card?

Some of them just don't give up. I try to be nice, but after they ask me 10+ times, tell me "you'll still save 15% even if you're not approved!" and then question me about why I don't want one, I really don't feel like being nice anymore.

How do you deal with these extremely persistent individuals?
You lookin' at me?
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Sarah Palin Barbie Icon

I know while reading TQC yesterday I saw a Sarah Palin Barbie icon, but now I can't find it. She was dressed in a pink suit and being held in someones hand. It must have been a comments inside of a post. I have looked back two day and still cannot find it. Can you help me find it great ones?
edit: Done. Thanks!

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I am fairly tight with money and hate spending things that dont need to be spent. For example, this morning I spent half an hour at the library taking photos of pages of reference books so I could use them in my essay, rather than paying to have them photocopied at 10p. I saved perhaps £2.

What was the last silly thing you did to save money?
The Swing

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Have you ever taken two different language classes at the same time? How'd it go for you?

I ask because I'm toying with the idea of taking both German and Russian classes this summer (I'm already taking German; Russian would completely new), but worried that taking them in tandem would be a bad idea and I would mix up all the words and grammar. Halp me TQC :(

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Are there any words you have trouble pronouncing?

I used to have trouble saying cinnamon, aluminum, and millennium. I somehow am able to pronounce them a little better now, but I think they still sound funny. I could not say "exacerbate" the other day, though.
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I accidentally coughed while eating my chicken rice and peas. I have been blowing bits of rice out of my nose for about 2min. now.
What is the most disturbing food/drink you have had go up your nose?
What will happen if I don't manage to get it all out?
Why is the rice so darn insistant in staying up there?
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if you're on the pill and in an area where Daylight Savings Time is a factor, do you change the hour that you take it when the switch happens?
i'd never thought of this until just now.
we set our clocks back an hour on the 2nd, so would you take your pill an hour earlier than you did before?

maybe i'm over-thinking this. ;]

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I went to an event with my mom last weekend where they played a game that entailed everyone writing down an "interesting little-known" fact about themselves on a sticky nametag and then putting it in a large bowl. Then everyone had to pick out another one and find the person who had written that particular nametag. One lady wrote she'd been to 232 Grateful Dead concerts. Fun, right?

Except it took me 15+ minutes to think of something little-known or interesting. I guess I'm not secretive enough, or just boring.

What would be your "interesting little-known fact"?
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This girl I'm friends with keeps posting status updates about her now ex bf saying things like "Blah blah you're a liar" "fuck you" "you suck at life."  She's posted a bunch in like 10 minutes!

Is she now going to be pissy because I commented saying it was lame?

Also, there is a terribly hard bump on my head behind my ear, kind of where my skull meets my neck.  It is a tumor and I will die, yes?

Should I make my boyfriend's hottie dad a birthday card?  We're going to San Diego for his party this weekend.

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I need a new RPG to play on my XBox 360. I just finished Jade Empire (an oldie but goodie), and now I need another one! Does anyone know if there will be another Jade Empire? I keep hearing rumors but I don't think BioWare has said anything about it recently.

The game I want needs to be rich in story and character development, without fighting that is overly complicated. No MMORPG's either. It can be old or new, I don't care. I've already played all the Elder Scrolls games I wanted, Gladius, and Fable so not those as well.

Are there any other good ones I missed?

And for all of you that don't know don't care, what are you most looking forward to right now?

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I played drunken dress-up at my friends place last night, and still have his red suspenders; I want to use them to come up with a costume for a party this weekend, but the only ideas I can come up with/find on google are stupid and generic, like "sexy firefighter". Have any cool idea's?
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Yes, TQC, this is my first question

Why do I sleep on my husband's side of the bed when he is away?

And why does my cat insist on sleeping ON my head or neck when I go to bed? 

She paws my neck and purrs loudly in my ear and gets her wet nose in my ear.
If she does it again, what should I do to make her stop?
russia! from my house!

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TQC, I have a black corset/bustier (it's listed as both, depending on where you look; has shoulder straps so I tend to favour bustier), a white mini skirt, and black hooker heels. With these three things and your average household odds and ends, what is the most ridiculous halloween costume you can come up with?

What is the most ridiculous get-up you have ever worn for any occasion?

Do you enjoy dressing up for any reason, ie costumes, formal wear, etc?

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tqc, i am very bored. my next class doesn't start for half an hour. i've been refreshing my flist but no one's posting. what should i do instead?

also feel free to spam me with macros so i have something to look at!
Baro Bitch Stare
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I was told that if I switched to the premium version that I wouldn't have issues. Have you heard that?

What are some of your common problems with vista?


Is it bad to make a post-BA career choice simply because you know someone in that field who you think is a driveling idiot, and you want to go and kick ass in that job and make them feel pathetic compared to you (and coincidentally, get all the ill-deserved attention from family and friends that this person gets instead of you?)

MLP - pinkie chicken

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TQC, in my stomach flu sickness I missed my Creative Writing class this morning. My classmate brought me 3 writing prompts, and I'm supposed to pick one and write a narrative poem based on what it says. So, TQC, I ask you, which prompt should my doped-up brain write about?

Which prompt?

I was the forgotten fifth Ninja Turtle, decidedly more career-oriented than the others.
Scientists made a creature that was half predator, half prey.
I was Godzilla and had just defeated another monster attack on Tokyo. I presented the city with an itemized bill for my services.


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My sister got married a little over a year ago. She still hasn't gotten her pictures back from her photographer.

Do you think this is as unacceptable as I do?
What would you do in this situation?
Would you ask for your money back?

(By the way, the pictures SUCK to begin with. They're truly the worst wedding pictures I've ever seen.)
Haruhi disappearance
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1) For office workers: Do you prefer working for small companies or large ones? Why?

2) What do you NEED right now? Not what you wish for or what you want, but what is something you honestly need at the moment? How are you going to get it?

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1)Is there a way to wear your shoes every day while still preventing them from looking like you wear them every day?

2)What's your most marketable quality?

3)How can I learn to drive a manual transmission if I do not own one? I looked at rental cars but like ALL of them are automatics. Can you rent a manual?
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If a political sign (Vote Yes/No) is stuck in ground that's considered public property, is it a crime for someone else to remove said sign? Even if it's public property and not private property?

Just wondering.
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Do you like/watch porn?  What kind do you like the best (gonzo style, compilations, certain production companies, fetishes, etc)?

I usually don't like it, but I love tranny porn.

Will you share something with TQC that the majority of us don't know?

When I press on my birthmark it disappears for a little while!


Im planning a super cheesy christmas with lots of christmas movies, what is your favourite film to watch at christmas and also if this isnt strictly a 'christmas film' why do you enjoy watching it at christmas?
happy monkey

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why do tourists dress so dorky? why do they attempt to dart across the street when there's a vehicle heading their way? do people lose their sense of style and pedestrian common sense when they leave their home country? or am i just bitter since i don't even know when last i had a vacation?

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on fridays at 10:10, i have a history discussion. i've missed the last few discussions.

THIS friday, at 10:30, joe biden is speaking at my university. he graduated from here, and this is delaware, so it should be extra exciting.

should i skip my history discussion one last time so i can see joe biden?

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What was your last sex-related dream?
I had a dream this morning where I was trying to make a dental dam out of a condom. The condom had five points and I was going 'are condoms usually like that?' then 'of course, otherwise how would you fit all your fingers it'. I think this indicates I haven't had sex with a man in a long time. Then the glove-condom turned into a singlet top, which I thought had an odd texture for a dental dam.

Due to this, I checked my condoms and several have expired. An expired condom is a very sad sight.
When do your condoms expire?

What do you think is a sad sight, perhaps irrationally?

Where have my housemate's eyebrow and nose rings gone?

EDIT: WHat can I do with 8 or so expired condoms, some flavoured?
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mm i'm eating bbq chicken fingers for lunch at work right now.

what's your favorite flavor of chicken fingers? how about chicken wings?

if you're a vegetarian, don't you miss delicious meat products ever?!?!?!?

ETA: when you're eating chicken wings, do you prefer the flats or the bigs?

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Don't you think instead of offering "it's complicated" as a relationship descriptor, Facebook should just offer "I am an attention whore!"? Or would everybody on Facebook just choose that then?

Note: if "it's complicated" for you, you are forbidden from replying to this.
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Who has a better message about love, Jesus or The Beatles?

Would you like your muffin buttered? Who would you like to butter it?

edit! Halloween isn't that big a deal here, but my daughter has a chicken costume that she's never worn and will soon be too big for. Should I dress her in that on Friday and go shopping?

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What design should I do for my pumpkin this year?
The Joker
Hello Kitty as Hannibal Lector
Pan's Labyrinth (the cover art)
Ofelia & the Faun (Pan's Labyrinth)

If you don't give a crap about my pumpkin...
What movie did you expect to be scared of but it disappointed you?

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Recently I went to the archives to try to find a few posts of not only other peoples but also my own that had been posted within the past few days, but I found they are not there.

What happened to them?

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What was the last thing someone said to you that made your heart sing/melt/explode from adoration?
The first words I heard from my boyfriend this morning were "I'm brilliant! You're so gorgeous."

What happened to bookbird? She disappeared with no warning. :-/

How many questions can someone post in a day before you never want to see their username again?

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What's the strangest "sexy" costume you've seen?

I'm being Wednesday Addams for Halloween and I was poking around online to see if I could find a picture of what she wore on her feet and I found a "Sexy Wednesday Addams" costume. She was a kid! LOL

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What have you been putting off lately?

I've noticed that magazines like Cleo and Cosmo have a disproportionate amount of relationship articles vs. Singledom articles. This bothers me. Does it bother you too or am I just becoming twisted?
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TQC, I just moved to a new place and only have 6 eggs and a jug of water in my fridge, and a canister of oatmeal in my pantry. What staples should I buy when I go grocery shopping? I can eat meat & meat products.

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So my extra christian mom decided that she didn't want an agnostic in the house anymore.

I just found a place last night. I've never lived with roommates before (my boyfriend doesn't count).
My roommates are all female and have lived there for a while but had never met before they moved in. From what I saw they're all really nice/easygoing.

What was it like for you the first time you moved out?
I'm completely broke because instead of thinking about buying myself food I bought my boyfriend Fallout 3. Whoops!

What are some stories you have about your roommates? 
Are there any unwritten rules or secret common courtesies I should know to keep the peace with my roommates? 
Any big no-nos?
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I have a bloody annoying cough that feels like it's ripping my chest apart every ten minutes.
I was coughing all last night and today and now my bottom front teeth really REALLY HURT/ACHE!
Is this because of the cough? If so, WHY?!

...Since I wanted to be able to eventually buy a house.

How much is too much to spend on college? ***If you're the one paying for it, this doesn't count if someone else is footing the bill***(Let's talk yearly numbers here)
How much did/does it cost for you to go to school each year?
How did/do you pay for it?
Did finances factor into your final decision on where you went to school?
Did you work while you were in college/do you work while you're in college?

I'm already more than halfway done with college. I'm not asking to decide on a school, I'm just curious.
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When calculating the total for the pizza man, he told me I did my math backwards. If you have $AB.CD+E.FG, would you add D+G, then C+F, etc., like me? Or am I even more abnormal than I realized?

I burned my tongue on my tea, and it's severely hampering the enjoyment of my pizza. Any quick remedies for burned tongues?
Why am I having such bad luck with food today?

What have you eaten today?

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Do you collect points from food products?

I collect pepsi points to download music.

My MIL and I both collect boxtops for education.

She collect sbetty crocker points cuz I guess you can get cool stuff with em.
And EVERYBODY used to collect marlboro miles or camel dollars back in the day.

edit: nope cigs not food. But they are tasty. my mind was rambling.


So, this case has featured pretty heavily in the news here. For tl;dr, a guy follows a girl into her friends' apartment (she was visiting) and forces them into sex acts (at knife point), and a girl dies when she falls off a balcony trying to escape. Her bf falls too, but he survives. Two others managed to lock themself into a bed/bathroom.

We were discussing this at uni today and someone mentioned that at least the sex acts were with her boyfriend, better than a stranger, which sparked discussion.

TCQ, if by some horrible stoke of luck, touch wood and all, you were forced to have sex for some crazed, high, knife-wielding person, would you rather it be with someone you know (that is, your SO), or a stranger?