October 28th, 2008

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What do you think your doing?
Who, me?
Who else would I be talking to?
I dont know, is there anyone else here?
Does it look like it?
Is anyone else here? What do you think?
What do you think I think?
Are you going to say something already?
I may, but it depends, will you anwer my question?
What is that?
Do you like white castle?
That burger place with small burgers?
If thats what your thinking, mabye?
What do you think of that place?
What do you think I think of that place?
Are we going to do this again?
I dont know, are we?
Can you just tell me if we is so I can leave?
What if I dont want you to leave?
Should I call 911 on you?
Do you think you should stop asking me question and do something already?

Caption Contest - because I can.

TQC, I am holding a caption contest right now. Maybe it become something more... we'll see.

Anyway, I'll post a picture and you post a caption to it. I'll pick the top five and then everyone here can vote. Winner gets to be famous on the internet (or at least TQC) for five minutes.

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Caption submission will end at 10am est Tuesday.

What is your caption?

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What is the most respectful way to go about breaking up with someone when you're in a long-distance relationship with them? (The distance is three hours, and the relationship has gone on for 2+ years.)
dianna agron ;;

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What's the last TV show you stopped watching?
Like after having watched a season or two, you decide you just cannot continue?!

I think the only show I stopped watching was Lost because it got ridiculous. Apart from that I can't stop, no matter how bad they get. I still watch One Tree Hill because I liked it FIVE YEARS AGO when I was 14...

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have you ever taken a statistics class?
did you like it? why or why not?

if you don't care:
do you prefer a sweater with a zipper or buttons?
do you think math/number 'laws' are, without doubt, universally true? why or why not?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Soooo....I'm fixing to move out of my parents' house finally. They were completely cool about it, which was totally surprising. What was the last thing your parents did that surprised you?

I'm going to have a roommate. I know she doesn't smoke, I've seen the house and the pets, I get to paint and hang things in my room. What things should I ask her to get to know her living habits a bit better?

Will you tell some roommate horror stories so I know what to avoid?
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My cousin recently adopted a young girl from China- who happens to be deaf. In an effort to help her learn English, could you record yourself saying encouraging things about America and this county's acceptance of her disability HERE?

Thank you!!

**Fixed the URL- sorry guys :)

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Which country has the hottest accents? How about the most annoying?
Aren't Kettle Chips the best? y/y What's your favorite flavor?
What is your favorite food that's indigenous to the area in which you live or are from?
Where do you spend most of your money?
Do you want to get married?
soft grin


When was the last time you laughed so hard you shed a few tears?

How often do you laugh? Are you easily amused?

What was the last tqc post that made you laugh?
I laughed so hard at this post. I wasn't expecting such options. P:

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Poll #1286586 Are you awake?

Do you consider yourself a "morning person"?

Yes! I pop out of bed ready to face the day
No...lemme sleep some more...zzzzz

Do you lay out the clothes you intend to wear the next day before you go to bed?

Yes, I have tomorrow's clothes ready when I go to bed
No, I like to pick my outfit on the fly in the morning

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I'm gonna get a new LJ name b/c of all the drama and blah blah blah. Some of you know the story.

Anyway, if I get a rename token, is my old name attached to my new name in any way? Or will it just say my old name is deleted?

And what should I rename my journal? candy and sugar were already taken and that's what I wanted >:|

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Would you rather have a crippling mental illness or physical illness? YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE OVER ZEE OTHER.

What is a thing you've given up?

This was depressing! Will you tell me about a person you love?

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I was gonna wait to post this until there were a few more posts, as I posted recently... but I've had this window open for a half hour and fuck it. lol

Say the words "FAIRY" and "FERRY" out loud.

The way you pronounce them, do they sound the same?

Where are you from?

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I just bought a new home this summer. It has hardwood floors upstairs. The hallway had a carpet runner fixed to it, so we ripped it up cuz it was all stained and nasty. Turns out the floor underneath looks great. The stairs also have this same stained carpet on them but we dont know if there's hardwood under it. We cant afford to recarpet them now.

Do you think I should just get crazy, hope for the best, and rip it up anyways?

When you have company what are your focus areas when cleaning?

Upstairs bathroom, kitchen table, and LR coffee table

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So it snowed four inches last week in my hometown, and we'll probably have snow here by next week - is it already snowing where you are? ETA: Where are you? When does it usually start? Are you ready for winter? Has anyone here never seen snow?

Also, do you buy your music?
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Let's talk about monogamy (questions based on statements by some guys whose lives I've recently pried into).

Are humans meant to be monogamous?
Why do people get married? For what reasons would you get married?
Can there really be no expectation of only marrying once (and staying married) in a lifetime?
Since it's clearly so hard to find someone one would want to be with for a lifetime, why are 20 year olds so eager to get hitched?
I believe people need someone else...one person to live with and share their lives with. Do you believe that?
Do guys pretty universally not believe in marriage, or am I just talking to the wrong lot?
Do you have anything else to say about marriage?

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I'm sure this has already been posted in some form but:

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2. Do you like Yo Yo Ma?

3. Is it snowing where you live? If not, when will it be? Ever?

4. What type of shoes do you prefer to wear? (sneakers, flats, etc)
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sexy housecleaning- pretty bad idea or REALLY bad idea?
"I am looking to hire someone for light dusting and vacuuming of my two bedroom apartment, which should take approx 1 hour. This will be twice a week and the outfit will be provided which will consist of fishnet stockings, skirt and blouse, sexy but not revealing. There is no physical contact or sex involved. The rate of pay will be $300.00 a week. If interested please send a recent photo with measurements and availability. I am looking to start in November. This can be a long term or short term job."
also, who wants to bet on whether or not he washes the outfit?
h/w batman and robin

Phones! Also, Make decisions for me, TQC.

1. I need a new t-mobile phone. Which one should I get? (Not a blackberry, sidekick, etc. I'm not paying for the data plan. Just text/IM, phone, camera//video-no internet, e-mail etc necessary. these are the less expensive ones that I like.

2. What kind of phone do you have?
Currently I have a Samsung Blast, which I really love.

3. How many texts do you go through each month?
between 10-30k. I hate actually talking on the phone with anyone other than my mother, since she doesn't text, so I go through a LOT.

4. When did you first get a phone?
High school, sophomore year. I'm a college junior now.

5. Do you even have a house phone anymore?
No. My roommates and I all have cells, so it's pointless for us to pay additional money for a land line nobody would ever use.

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The guy I lost my virginity to did a LOT of looking and found my LJ, which I have made a point to hide pretty well. He has also been asking people from high school about me. We haven't talked in 8 years. Why is he suddenly initiating contact? Aside from the obvious, of course. Heh.
Cowboy Ew

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1) 11:11 - positive or negative? Would you rent/buy a house with that as the address?

2) Do you watch 17 Kids & Counting? If so, do you love Amy? I do. I kind of want to join their family. What do you think of those guys?

3) Do you prefer making sweet, sweet love or having rough & wild sex?

4) Do you approve of me using 9 cups of cheese in 1 lb of shells for homemade mac n cheese? (I know YOU do hexkitten)

5) If my hair guy charges $55, is $10 enough of a tip?

6) Do you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
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Do you get joint pain when you're about to get or have your period?

I asked my gyno about it and her answer was simply "HORMONES!"
I've never experienced this before and it's painful and annoying.

Have you ever switched doctors? Do you have to contact them and have them send your files to your new doctor, or do they just sort of start fresh?

What was the last thing you put in the oven to cook?
I'm making a cabbage/tomato/veggie casserole. It smells FABULOUS.

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i'm going to be a Raphael from the Ninja Turtles for Halloween this year. i got a green turtle neck and am going to go to the fabric store tomorrow to get red fabric for the eye mask and things around my elbows and knees and a piece of brown fabric for the chest.

but what should i use to make the shell??

i thought about getting one of those circle sleds and painting it brown but i'm pretty short, i think it might end up being problematic. right now i'm thinking about just getting more brown fabric and having a flat shell.

International voice off...

Inspired by the currently running BBC show Stephen Fry in America.

Who would win in an epic voice off; Stephen Fry or Morgan Freeman? Or do you have a write-in candidate that you would like to add?

On the flip side, who has the worst voice out there? Like nails on a chalkboard.

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these questions obviously only apply to people who have had mono...

so... if you've had mono...

how old were you when you had it?

what symptoms did you have?

how long did your symptoms last?

were you able to track down who you got it from, and how?

and lastly... have you given it to anyone since you got better? like have any of your boyfriends, or girlfriends, gotten mono about a month or so after you started dating? most of them? one of them?


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TQC, every, EVERY lunch hour at my work the wenches outside my office have long conversations about Top Ramen. Is Top Ramen really that good, or are they just wiggin'?

Do you eat Top Ramen? Do you use it in recipes? If so, which recipes?

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how much money do you have in your checking account(s)?

how much in your savings account(s)?

how much debt do you have?

what bills do you pay each month?

what state do you live in?

what do you do for a living?

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star trek - kirk at starfleet

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TQC, I need some help. I'm sure you're tired of the political questions, buuuut my dad is (was) a hardcore Republican; I was under the impression he'd be voting for McCain this year. He sent me this e-mail though:

I no longer consider myself a Republican (although I don’t think I changed my registration). I share many conservative values, yet I do not believe that either party is the real solution to our issues. I like many of the goals of the Democrats, but don’t think caring for people and sharing can be legislated.

I am deeply troubled by Senator Obama’s plan to “redistribute” wealth. The government (which represents us) doesn’t have the right to take money that one person earns and give it to someone else who didn’t earn it. This is driven by class envy and is a socialist idea. Everywhere this has been tried it disincents hard workers from producing since it will be taken from them anyway.

I admire Senator Obama’s ability to communicate and his intelligence, but this one issue may be the deal killer for me.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’m even going to vote this year. We’ll see.

What can I say to him?

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Young TGO

Phone ?s

1. Have you ever heard of Slydial?


2. How often do you want to call someone and just leave a voice message instead of actually speaking to them or texting?

3. If someone calls you, you don't answer and they don't leave a voicemail, do you usually call them back?

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How weird is it to bring in a few pictures of hairstyles you like to a hairdresser? Do they expect people to do this? What about at a high end salon?

I've never actually done it before, and I'm thinking of doing it today.

When was the last time you got a haircut?

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Should I get "real food" for lunch today, or a box of chocolates like I really want to?

My store is super empty today and I'm getting sick of listening to the crappy music on the work iTunes, should I just play music off myspace pages instead, even if customers might prefer Rilo Kiley to Creature Feature?

Has anyone really raised your ire on LJ lately? I had someone argue with me yesterday that it's OK to make AIDS jokes to people who have lost loved ones to AIDS. Was I being oversensitive?
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Hurry up and look back

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1) Do you get the munchies when you're having your period?

2) What do you crave the most? I've been wanting to scarf doughnuts... which I have, delish!

3) Have you tried any appetite suppressants? what works for you best?

4) Does coffee make you jittery?

Everyone's favorite serial killer!

Is there anywhere online I can watch the full episodes of Dexter, the second season? I managed to scrounge up the first episode on youtube, but didn't get to see the end, as there was no part 5. I searched Google and came up with nothing, but thought maybe somebody in the all-knowing TQC would know a website where this is doable. I am crying inside not being able to watch it on tv!

Gracias, ladies and gentlemen.

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How do you feel about hotlinking images?
Would you get upset is someone hotlinked an image of yours?
What if you paid for your server?
Are you good about not hotlinking?
What do you use to host images?

Is it okay to hotlink an image I made considering the host doesn't give me credit for it?
mermaid and the ship

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Ever tell a professor the reason you don't put a lot of effort into the assignments for the class is because you feel like it's wasting your time?
How'd it go?
How do you feel about assignments in a 200 level class that take 3 hours to complete (on a regular basis)?

If you could go anywhere on holiday, where would it be?
Will you post a picture from your last vacation?
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MLP - pinkie chicken

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Doctor-Mom TQC, halp. :(

I've been in bed all day feeling too sick to move from really bad cramps. I haven't eaten all day, therefore. I feel like I could potentially be quite nauseous. My options for food are to go get some Chic-fil-a or wait another 4 hours and go to the cafeteria and eat equally greasy food, or just not eat at all. I don't have soup or access to soup and I'm too po' for that anyway. 8( What do I doooooo? I'm hungry but I don't want to eat grease and just end up feeling sicker.

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1. Where is the next best place to waste a bunch of time online other than TQC?

2. Have there ever been nudie pics of you online?

3. What do you think the chances are you will get drunk on Friday?
pink hair!

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the guy sitting in front of me in class is posting on his lj :noes:
should I send him a message???
what do I say? "Hi, I was spying on your laptop in front of me, don't turn around, but I'm totally LJ stalking you."

edit// update has been posted to tqc_updates
swine flu, sick


Hay TQC!

I have thirty billion about 40 tshirts that I really need to go through and do something with, because I never wear most of them. A lot of them are way too big on me anyway.

They run the gambit from concert tees to tees from old organizations in college I was in and some from old jobs. And yes, I am one of those people who has an emotional attachment to clothing (or else it's really comfortable, I can't tell anymore).

So what should I do?


Addendum: also, how do I sort through them??  Which ones should I keep?  HALP.

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For those of you in long-term relationships (or just any of you who are havin the sex), how often do you and your partner Do It?

My bf and I haven't done it in about a week -- our anniversary was on Sunday and we didn't even do it THEN! I should greet him in a sexy outfit when he gets home and DEMAND it, y/n?

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When you're listening to music while posting an entry that takes longer than a couple of minutes to write, do you put the song you were listening to when you started the entry or the one you were listening to as you finished and posted?


I've just been informed That I'll be at a giant costume party on Friday night. I wasn't planning on dressing up, so now I'm stuck. The only suggestion I've been given is Sarah Palin, but I think the only more over-represented costume this year will be Joker.

So what should I go as? My only requirements are that I need to be able to fit the costume in a backpack, and put it on in a toilet cubicle. And I'm fat, so no slutty cat/vampire/pumpkin/etc.

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Approximately what percentage of TQC questions are you excluded from (either explicitly or implicitly) in the premise?

Can you rewrite that question in a way that makes me sound less like a pretentious tool?

Oh, Edit: What exclusions usually knock you out?
[lyrics] do you feel

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My roommate keeps picking fights with me for no reason. She also enjoys calling her boyfriend and having sexy phone times at 2:00am when I'm trying to sleep. TQC, what should I do about this?

And if you really don't care about my roommate issues, what's your favorite halloween candy?


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Is House going to be too uncomfortable to watch with my parents again tonight like it was last week?

I made it about 10 minutes in before their comments made me turn it off and go home (my Tuesday night routine is dinner/NCIS/House at their place).

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The sort of pumpkin I see most commonly used for carving (like what's shown here) isn't usually sold here. The only time I see that type for sale is this time of year, and that's only started in the last few years. Anyway, I saw some today, and they were $19! They're also labelled as Halloween Pumpkins (as opposed to Japanese, Blue or Butternut, which are the more common types).

How much is that sort of pumpkin (traditional Halloween) where you live?

Also, if you were going to a wedding that was about an hour and a half away (around 90km/55 miles), and someone else was driving you there, would you offer them some money for petrol? If so, how much?

I think petrol is around $1.25-$1.30/litre at the moment, and I have no idea how much petrol would be used for a three hour round trip. The driver will be going to the wedding whether I'm in the car or not, but I think it'd be rude to not offer some money. I was thinking between $10 and $20. Would that be too little/too much/just right?
me - with gun

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What is a song that is sort of "tainted" for you due to a bad memory or some other reason? Why is it tainted?

Alternatively, what is a song that brings you happy feelings and why?

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My boss really really pissed me off and in response to my email she wrote me the really condescending email. (Both enclosed)
How do I blow off steam? How do I refrain from sending her a passive agressive email in response?
If I did send her the passive agressive response what would it be?

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So I finally discovered how I can type letters of the Arabic alphabet on my computer (lolol I'm useless). The set up is something like, s = س... which brings me to my question. How dumb would it be if I wrote the Arabic letter equivalent on the key with a permanent marker? This is my laptop, but for some reason I have this hang-up on even putting stickers on it. Or would the marker rub off on my fingers?

Do you alter/decorate your computer any, like putting stickers on it or whatever? If so, what do you put on it?
the devil

Deuteronomy 25:15

Look at the Mint Act of 1792 and how it defines the dollar as the total grains of silver in a dollar, and how article I of the U.S. constitution says no state shall make anything but gold and silver coins a tender in payment of debts.

Given the previous but now nullified federal laws, how would you argue that an ever-expandable money supply like fiat currency is a just weight and measure?

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hey TQC,
i really want to learn some more languages
so i went to the rosetta stone website and was shocked by the price tag... know any good language softwares on par for cheap? or any good book series?

(if it helps i was looking into arabic, spanish, hindi, and/or japanese)

(no subject)

What's your native language?

Know any other languages? What are they? How well do you know them?

Any others you want to learn?

Were you forced to learn a language during elementary, middle/junior, or high school (or whatever your equivalents are)? Did you enjoy it? Do you still know it? Did it make you want to learn more languages, or never learn a new one?

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I don't read enough anymore. I figure maybe I will be less stressed perhaps if I read some more, it's a relaxing passtime and all.

What was the last book you read, did you like it?
Do you want to recommend me a book?

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Have you heard about Halloween/Freakfest in Madison, Wi?  Are you going? Have you ever been?  Tell me your story?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about whats your favorite halloween treat?
Do they do beggars night or just normal trick or treating where you live?
Whats your best beggers night joke?  (beggars night: The night the children trade a joke for a treat.  (Apparently, our area is fairly unique in that the children have to do a "trick" to get a treat.) )
Ctrl+Enter to post
Ctrl+Enter to post

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What's the difference between a lover and a fuckbuddy, if you think there is one?

I was discussing this with a friend earlier, she insists they're the same thing, whereas I think "lover" implies an emotional connection and fuckbuddy is simply someone you sleep with when you're horny.

lol, drama

If your sister is a heinous bitch who physically abuses you, and causes you to have to go to the hospital, would you call the police on her, even if your family threatens to hate you/disown you if you did?

Christina Aguilera

I've been googling forever but I can't find what I'm looking for because I suck at google.

Does anybody remember in 2003ish when Christina Aguilera gained a bit of weight and there were photos of her performing at this small venue wearing what I remember to be a tan Dickies "work" outfit but I could be remembering wrong

Also there was a photo of her in a plaid punk girl skirt from when she first gained the weight that made everybody go "buh, is that even really her?"

Can anybody help me find the photos or direct me to where I might find them PLEASE?


(no subject)



Its a definite possibility that I will end up in Seattle for university.
Just wondering for those of you who are in the seattle area what your cost of living is like?

And for those of you who aren't in the seattle area... any tips for getting into university? or any advice on University in general?


(no subject)

1)If you were coming over to my house for dinner, what would you want me to fix?
2)If you were born with a nose like Pinocchio and it grew approximately one half inch or one centimeter for every lie you told, how long do you suppose it would be at the age you are now?

(no subject)

So, there's this girl I like, and I want to give her one of her favorite flower on our first date. But a mutual friend told me her favorite flower was orchids.

Aren't there like, a bazillion types of orchids? What kind should I get her?

Also, is it possible to buy one flower that isn't one of those prom thingies?
white dress

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So I asked last night about a possible sty and going to the eye doctor. Well my eye was almost swollen shut this morning, so I went to the doctor this afternoon (soonest I could get in with my job). I have a chalazion (type of sty). He said if it'd gone for another day or so, it could've formed a cyst and would've had to have been cut out (FUN!). So now I'm on a routine of eye drops and warm compresses. But anyway, thanks to everyone for y'all's replies (one of you asked for an update).

Anyway, so time for a question...

What is your favorite comfort food? In other words, when you just have a crummy day, what is a food that just makes you all warm and happy inside? Mine would have to be my mom's potato cornflake casserole (apparently aka funeral potatoes).


Did you know that Martin Luther King was unfaithful to his wife??

I am so bummed. Why do all of these awesome people have to be unfaithful bastards? Like Billy Clinton! Such a shame.

EDIT: I just found this quote online...

Martin's advice in Ebony, placing the responsibility for an affair on a wife's shoulders: "When a woman asked what to do about her husband's extramarital affair, King told her to think of what the other woman might have to offer that she did not. What faults of her own might make her husband look elsewhere? "Do you nag?" King asked her."
Source: "Bearing the Cross" by David Garrow, p. 104
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How do you feel about dentist appointments?

When was your last dentist appointment?

Do dentists really understand your responses to their questions asked while mid-clean/drill/other?
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This might be a long shot, but anyone sitting their Standard Grade Prelims this year?
I don't know if anywhere other than scotland uses that grading system, but hey it's worth a shot.
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

I want my boyfriend to go as a cat macro for halloween.

1. Is this a dumb idea? (If yes, please skip the rest of this set of questions.)
2. Is there any way to make cat makeup look less feminine than it tends to?
3. What cat macro should he be?

If you think this is a dumb idea, or just don't feel like answering, I'm going to be a peacock. How should I do my makeup? Bright eyeshadow? No extra makeup?
Baro Bitch Stare


Did you get your free taco today from Taco Bell?
Are you playing FABLE2?
What game system(s) do you own or play regularly?
What would your ideal job be?
Do you like the idea of REDBOX?
Have you used a REDBOX?
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tqc, my dad took my car today to have to worked on. he came home about 20 minutes ago, was here for about ten, then drove off in my car. wtf! where did he take my civi?!

note: my car is called a civi because the previous owner broke the last c off the plastic "civic" on the trunk. i <3 my civi!!

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I had a soc take-home test that was due last night. My instructor, bless his heart, has given me a two-day extension. However, in the need to get it done as quickly as possible, my brain is half dead and I don't really know the material and my writing has fallen to the reading level of a fourth grader. Here's a quick example:

"Upper class parents may not always raise their children directly. Sometimes they relinquish power of discipline over to a separate caretaker—a grandmother, a nanny, an uncle, etc. Children who are disciplined often know not to do something again."

1. Am I fucked?

2. Have you ever been fucked before?

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i need another class for next semester and i'm not sure which one to take. i've narrowed it down to dream psychology and just general psychology

the dream class is something i am REALLY interested in, but i don't know who the professor will be (and there are a lot of shitty profs at my school) and its a night class so i'd be at school for pretty much 12 hours, with a 3 hour break while i'm at work.

the general psych one is not quite as interesting as the dream one, but would still be fun and cover more topics. it fits into my schedule a lot better and i've heard the prof is AMAZING.

which class should i take?
Baro Bitch Stare

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What is your favorite all time candy?
What is your favorite Valentines Candy?
What is your favorite Easter Candy?
What is your favorite Halloween Candy?
What is your favorite Christmas Candy?

questionable tv

dr 90210:
isn't anyone in the medical community absolutely horrified by the way Dr Rey speaks to his patients?

i haven't had a surgery in like 6 years but i very distinctly remember, no makeup, no hair products, no nail polish, i don't even think i could use normal shampoo the night before. why are there women coming out of surgery in full make up on this show?

sex.. with mom and dad:
what the fuck is up with some of the things they have to do?

one of the tasks on this episode was like, basically just chat with your mom about when you each started masturbating and what you do. they have also had questions about anal and what they prefer and stuff like that. i understand they're trying to make them comfortable but WHAT THE HELL it seems incredibly inappropriate to be like "hey mom how many dudes have you blown and what's your technique?