October 27th, 2008


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do you ever feel like there's something really wrong or weird about you that you can't see but is completely obvious to everyone else?

i'm always afraid there's just something about me that screams weirdo and creeper and other terrible things that guys can sense, like dogs and high pitched noises, that i'll never know about.

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so I just made myself this sammich..

I spread honey butter on toasted wheat bread and put honey ham and american cheese inbetween. sounds simple but it is so delicious. the honey butter tastes amazing.

what's the last thing you made that was really really yummy?

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1. a question for the females: when you pee, do you also wipe your butt?
2. when is the last time you bled? (menstruation doesn't count!!)

my answers:
1. yes.
2. i just got a bloody nose. :( i was washing my face in the shower and i guess i was scrubbing too hard because somehow my nail scratched the inside of my nose. now it's all bloody. gross.

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I just turned 21 and went to a club the other day. Before 12, drinks are free but just like vodka+cranberry, gin+tonic or rum+coke. After 12 I tried ordering a cream bikini (I think that's what it's called) and a white Russian but the bartender told me they don't make those there.My friend asked if they made blowjobs and they didn't make those either. She suggested I try a Mongolian motherfucker but I didn't like it too much. I have also tried Jager shots and Hennessy. They were too strong. I like sweet/fruity drinks better...

I feel like such a retard because I never know what to order...

What do you usually order at a bar?

What do you suggest I order next time I go?

How do I feel less like a retard next time I'm at a bar?

Orange juice + Vodka = Screwdriver or Sex on the beach?
Me and my friend we can't decide who's right.

Roomates boyfriend wont pay rent

I need some advice...

Here's a little background history on the situation im in:
My friend Jessica asked me and another girl Vanesa to move in with her for the school yr. Our rent is 2400 a month for a three bedroom, three bathroom townhouse (master bedroom, and a bedroom with a bathroom on the top floor, one bedroom with a seperate bathroom on the middle floor) It also includes a two car garage (tandem).
So Jessica wanted the Masterbedroom and offered to pay $1000 a month for the master and one of the parking spots in the garage. Vanessa and I spit the $1400 and rotate weekly for the second garage spot.
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night porter

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How do I get my cat to shut the fuck up? He mews constantly. He just wants food and sure if I feed him he will shut up. But that will just reinforce his annoying behavior. He is starting to wake me up at night with this bullshit too. Squirt guns do not work. Do they make shock collars for cats?


The cats are on a vet recommended feeding plan because they are fatties. So getting more food is not an option for them.
Bert Shocked

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when is this fascination with sticking giant african style discs into our earlobes going to end?

am i the only person that thinks this looks retarded?

i am? o ok, well i guess I'll be the lonely square that doesnt have ear lobes that look like soggy onion rings when were all chillin in the nursing home.

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I'm in a quandary, TQC...

1. Should I take horseback riding lessons or fencing lessons?

If you don't care:

2. Are tattoos like Pringles? Impossible to have just one?

And if you don't care about that:

3. What do you care about?
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have you, or anyone you know, ever been in a cult?

share your stories.

do you think there are any cults that could actually work or make progress?

do you think only weak minded people could be lured into a cult?
sigur ros birds

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I am going as the "Naughty Patrol" for Halloween. It's the classic slut costume, essentially a scrap of leather and vinyl with tights and heels, a badge, and handcuffs. It's mostly for the lulz. I will be wearing this to school. No big deal so far, but I am working Halloween and have to leave school the instant I get out to get to work on time. It wouldn't be a huge deal to go to work and change, my boss is chill, but there's a cop that is at my place of employment every day right on the dot when I get there. He's also really into being a cop. Will he be offended or amused? Will he arrest me? Will he insist on a strip search? ;)

Has your Halloween costume ever gotten you into trouble?

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scenario: four people share a house. two of them are dating, and they share the master bathroom, which has an attached bathroom. the other two each have their own, smaller, bedroom. one of these bedrooms has an attached bathroom, and there's at third full bathroom in the house, not attached to a bedroom.

how would you divide the rent?

i think about these things when I can't sleep.

2. Would you rather date somebody who always holds the door for you but never lets you orgasm first, or someone who always lets you orgasm first but never holds the door for you?
- eta re the first part: they still help you get yours, just not by making sure to let you finish FIRST

1. Which is more weird:
a person that has a bunch of framed photos lining their shelves in their bedroom of people they care about, but they are not in any of the photos with them.... or a person that has a bunch of framed photos lining their shelves in their bedroom of people they care about, and they are in every single photo? or my two year old who is stuffing a polar bear down her diaper?

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Don't you have to be <15% n00b to be >7,987,467% bitchy no matter what the time?

On a scale of 1-5,876 how annoying are you?

What is one thing you require of your friends online? How about irl?

Do you think that people who were homeschooled are wierd? (As in lacking the proper skills to effectively function in social situations or otherwise...like Mormon)

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I hit a random button on my laptop and now my brightness is down to 25% and I can't see anything. How the fuck do I fix this? It's a Sony Vaio if that helps.

Accidentally fixed it. Hmm.

Instead, do my research for me: what do you think are the biggest problems with U.S. drug laws today?

Bonus question: if you are butthurt about the responses someone is getting to a question you didn't ask because the answers differ from yours, you should make an entirely new post discussing this: y/n?

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Dear TQC -

Should I skip my classes after I get off work at 6:15 and sleep till 11:15 when I have to get up for a doctors appointment?

Further factors include - I am getting Ds in both classes and am dropping out of school after next semester and retaking the courses at a community college.

Should I eat mini pizza-puffs or Honeycomb cereal for breakfast?
I &lt;3 TLV

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Is it weird for a married couple not to spend Thanksgiving dinner together? My husband will be with his dad who he only sees once or twice a year, and I've decided to spend it with my sister since she's moving to Uganda for a year in a couple months. The people I've mentioned the situation to say that we should have to choose one of our families and be together, but that doesn't seem fair to me.

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Why did goop delete their question?

The meta rent questions reminded me of something I thought of a long time ago....

Say a single parent with kid moves in with two adults. The kid doesn't have an income, obviously.

Would the rent be divided by three, thusly the two other adults are sort of pitching in for a kid that isn't theirs.... or would the mom pay 50% and the other two adults pay 25% even though the kid is just a kid?

Would it make a difference if the mom/kid shared a room or if the other two adults shared a room?

I rescind my post because I have decided that goop is cool and she took this all in good fun. Which totally ruined my morning >:| kidding, kidding :)

Do you have an HDTV yet?

I am asking because I am just curious as to how widespread HDTV is now.

I bought one (well, bought by proxy as my mum was the one at the store, but we have an arangement to pay back the money) yesterday for $860 AU (US$700-ish I think), it is a 26 inch screen and has a DVD module built in (which means it can be removed if it breaks down), and has two HDMI inputs.

So, who here has an HDTV, and what are its specifications?

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What is your favorite cereal?
I love Lucky Charms. The marshmallows get me!

What have you tried using for a bowl of cereal besides non-flavored milk?
I've tried water, orange juice, and clear soda. Using water was the most tolerable.

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i dont want a million answers on something i already got bashed on. however i am still bored at work and want to read, so answer THIS instead.

do you like cold or hot weather? whats the weather like where you live right now? whats it normally like? how many times has this been asked already?

do you wear socks? i personally dont like them that much. i dont wear sneakers so yeahhhhh. unless its cold, then i like socks.

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TQC, I am at school on a computer, and it seems that someone has left a 2gb flash drive in my computer. It belongs to a girl (because I read her files and looked at her images) and I think it has one of her assignments on it. Should I tern it into the front desk in case she comes back for it, or should I keep the flah drive, as it is cooler than the one that I currently have?

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1. So, I just got a fifty dollar gift card from work. Should I spend it on myself (video game, probably) or the girl that I am seeing (and like very much) on a semi-nice dinner?

2. As for this girl I mentioned, I want to send her a gift in the mail, but she's allergic to flowers and doesn't eat candy much. What else can I send?

3. Should I sell my PSP and all the games for it (about seven) and use this money to purchase an XBox 360?

4. What's the best time of day to get drunk? What's the best day of the week to get drunk?
{wow} sin&#39;dorei pride

gas mula?

I don't know the mileage but let's say it took an hour to get somewhere with medium traffic. How much would you pay for gas? My friend's bringing me to a concert and I told him I'd give him $$$ but how much would you give? TY.


I went to a small clothing store yesterday afternoon to buy two pairs of black pants for work. I needed to buy both pairs at the same time, because I get reimbursed for the pants, but the receipts need to be sent into head office at the same time.

I found an amazing pair (so comfy that I only wanted those pants), but the store only had the one pair in my size. I asked the sales person if she would call the store in the next town over to see if they had a pair, and if they did, I would buy both pairs. She said that since it was a weekend, they don't call other stores to check stock.

Well, that made me mad, because she looked like she was lying. All jittery and shit. She offered to order me in a pair from the warehouse or whatever, but she said she didn't know when they would come in. I told her I needed them as soon as possible and she was still being difficult.

What would you have done?

I ended up letting her fill out the order form for the pants, and I'm thinking of going to the other location this morning before work to see if they have a pair AND to see if not calling is standard policy. Maybe this is bugging me more than it should.

If you use such things:

Where do you keep your sanitary items?

Where do you keep your condoms?

What is one thing you think is important to have in your house for guests?

_ _ _ _ _

Top bathroom drawer. This way guests can find them if they have an emergency, also the bathroom is just a handy place.

Under my bed in a tiny chest of drawers.

A hand towel. I hate when I go to someone else's house and they don't have a hand towel and I'm wondering whether I should wipe my hands on their bath towel or not :S

Ipod question

Does anyone run their ipod through their car stereo?  What do you use and how is the sound quality?  I keep getting conflicting reviews from various sources and was hoping someone here might have advice.

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You are assigned with handing out band names! What name would you assign a...

1. Heavy metal band?

2. Indie rock band?

3. Mainstream rock band?

4. Alternative rock band?

5. A classic-rock revival band?

6. (Your favorite genre here) band?

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Does it annoy you when people post their same pics over and over for each relevant picture post question?

Do you think you are guilty of this?

Do you feel like you have to apologize for redundancy if you post a pic that you've posted a million times before?

Will you post a pic that you feel you are guilty of posting in TQC a supernumerary amount of times?

And will you post a pic that you've never posted to TQC before?

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So by deductive reasoning (i.e. the internet), I've discovered that my poor little puppy has a tapeworm (or several OMFG PLEASE NO). I am THOROUGHLY GROSSED OUT RIGHT NOW, both by the situation itself and by all the disgusting pictures and descriptions I've seen and read. Omfgomfg. We just took her to the vet a week and a half ago, and nothing showed up on the stool sample (although I've read that that's common). Have you ever had a pet get tapeworm? What was the treatment like? Did it gross you out as much as it did me?!?!

Can you share something that will make me less grossed out until I can get her back to the vet (probably not until tomorrow or Wednesday at the earliest)?

If you don't want to think about gross disgusting tapeworms, will you tell me what you're looking forward to? Anytime at all... today, this week, within the next month, within the next year, etc.

New old world

It's 2015 and a new law has been put into act in America. Unless you are 1/18th American Indian, you have to leave the country. There will be a blood test to determine if you can stay or go. The test will also tell you what  country your ancestors where mostly from. If you have no American Indian blood in you then that is the country you will have to go to. 

Do you think you would be able to stay?

How would this effect your family?

If you couldn't stay, what country do you think you would end up in?

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Infinite Jest

1)For those who got through the book "Infinite Jest" by the recently dead David Foster Wallace, what did the tennis players spray on themselves by the bottle to use as sunblock? I read the book back when it came back and I have completely forgotten. Glade? Raid?

2) What do you want for Christmas? Be as greedy and self involved as possible in your non serious/serious responses.

3)Whats your favorite part in 'Nightmare Before Christmas' ?

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I have a bunch of random items and a lack of halloween costume! I'm willing to buy other items to complete a costume, but I can't think of what I should be! What sort of costume could I make using one or more of these:

Black & red corset
Black and neon yellow tights
Bright red running tights
Assortment of random bandanas and scarves
White lab coat
Floor length black formal skirt (like this but in black with a shimmery overlay- I'm more than willing to cut this one up since I wore it once like 6 years ago and it's just sitting around)

I also have lots and lots of shoes, so I could probably find something I have to fit most any costume...

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Somebody on TQC said about John Gielgud:

Olivier's one of the best actors of all time. For reals. I don't know who Gielgud is. Was he in High School Musial 3?

Do I
a: Cry my eyes out that somebody who knows who Olivier is doesn't know who Gielgud is, or
b: Cry my eyes out laughing at the image of Sir John Gielgud in High School Musical?


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This is not meant to be a serious poll so there's no need for a soapbox here

Best way to cure lesbianism?

Overdosing on vagina to the point where they're sick of it
Deep dicking
A gun
There is no cure and it can infect others
No need to cure it because it isn't a problem
Dating a guy with a really small wiener
Threesome with Rosie O'Donnell and Estelle Getty

Best way to cure homosexuality?

Overdosing on penis to the point where they're sick of it
A gun
There is no cure and it can infect others
No need to cure it because it isn't a problem
Dating a girl with a really big clitoris
Sleeping with Andy Rooney and Wilfred Brimley
Viagra, forced banging with cheerleading squad

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i'm voting by using an absentee ballot. on it, i was asked to vote on an amendment that i really don't care about..and because i don't care, i have no idea whether i should vote Yes or No. am i allowed to just skip it and leave it blank? i've never voted before and have no idea! =/
power to the peaceful

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1. If you had to pick one, which Halloween costume, out of all of the one's you have worn, would be your favorite?

2. Do you stay in character corresponding to your costume?
I try to

3. What is something you have to do today/tomorrow that you're really not looking forward to?

4. Describe your current mood in 1 to 3 words, please?

5. Do you make friends with animals that aren't your own? Any favorites?
Yes, I now know where all the neighborhood cats are, and like to take walks to visit them. They like me, cats recognize cat lovers :)
Harold and Kumar-&quot;Thank you&quot;

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What were some of your favorite shows as a small child?

I favored most anything on PBS, especially Mr. Dressup,
Sesame Street, Electric Company, and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Aside from PBS, the ones I can recall are Pinwheel,
Great Space Coaster, You Can't Do That On Television
and Fat Albert/Picture Pages.
me - with gun

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What is a big decision in life that you wish you could see an "alternate universe" outcome of? Like you decided to do something and wish you could see what would have happened if you didn't?

What do you think you would see?

(no subject)

1.  What's something you've seen or experienced that has changed your life forever?  How?

2.  What fun things do you have planned for this week?

3.  Is there anything on your mind that you'd like to share?
Ruth Etting

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Let's say, for kicks, that you are helping run the (Your College) Democrats and managing the campaign of a Democratic Senate candidate on your campus. Let's say this campus is the liberalest place in your extremely conservative community, which has very very low voter interest and turn-out.

Let's say you have a last-minute chance to show a film in the cafeteria during lunch and dinner on November 3rd, with goal of increasing voter turn-out. You friend suggests Michael Moore's movie "Slacker Uprising" but then you watch it and it actually blows.

What film do you show instead?

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Do you try to answer as many questions as possible, or do you selectively choose which questions you feel are good enough for you to answer? Sorry - or questions that you want to/feel like answering?
Haruhi disappearance

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1) When and what did you last eat? How was it? What will you eat next? I had a v. tasty bartlett pear and I will be eating my lunch of quinoa salad shortly.

2) What are you waiting for in the short term? What about longer term?

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After class this morning I was walking to the parking lot with this guy and talking to him, when I stepped on a packet of ketchup and it splattered on his jeans.

TQC, What can I do to make it up to him?

edit: Serious and non-serious answers are fine.

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Holy shit.


I just had $175 in cash in my hand. I went downstairs with my son to get something, ran out back, came back in, went upstairs, and I cannot find the money anywhere.

I ripped apart my couch and found: two full rolls of SweetTarts, a key to I have no idea, a half-bottle of Percocet prescribed to someone I have never met (wtf?) and assorted chapsticks and an old credit card. But my cash is missing.


Alternatively, how much can I sell this Percocet for to recoup my losses?

shinga FOUND IT AND I LOVE HER FOREVER!!!!!!!! You are awesome, TQC.
h/w batman and robin

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What's the last thing at work to seriously irk you?

I work in a law firm and the attorneys are really high strung. One comes in today flipping out because I said on the paperwork (we have sheets with who the memo's to and what needs to be done) that I sent out a letter, and there wasn't a copy in the folder for the records. After I get yelled at and have an anxiety attack, come to find out the woman I work with had taken the file from my desk while I was at lunch Friday, along with a few others, to help me out since I had a lot of work that day. No apologies were sent my way for flipping out on me when I didn't do it.

srs business

I have a question based on this New York Times article, which states that half of doctors (internists and rheumatologists) who participated in a survey routinely prescribe placebos to their patients.

My questions are specifically about this part:
"Dr. William Schreiber, an internist in Louisville, Ky., at first said in an interview that he did not believe the survey’s results, because, he said, few doctors he knows routinely prescribe placebos.

"But when asked how he treated fibromyalgia or other conditions that many doctors suspect are largely psychosomatic, Dr. Schreiber changed his mind. 'The problem is that most of those people are very difficult patients, and it’s a whole lot easier to give them something like a big dose of Aleve,' he said. “Is that a placebo treatment? Depending on how you define it, I guess it is.”

Collapse )

Marketing/Sales Management

I just started grad school and I have to write a research paper on a marketing or sales management topic of my choice. Have I mentioned that these are my two least favorite subjects?

Any ideas????????????

Completely unrelated, except that I feel imprisoned by this fricken class...

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If and when you find yourself unemployed, what is your favorite way to refer to yourself as such?

Without a job
A dirty bum
A burden on society
I have been working since I was five years old, and I take offense to you implying there was such a time where I wasn't.
I am a professional thief.
Did you say jello wrestling?

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is anyone here fluent in spanish? i'm doing a presentation for my spanish class and i feel bad running to my prof for every little thing but i'm not sure if everything i wrote is grammatically correct.

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if you choose to help, thank youuuuu.

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TQC, one of my professors forgot to enter a grade for a paper I did in her class. I emailed her about it a week ago, and she said to re-send it to her and she'd enter the grade. I did, and she hasn't entered it in the past week or replied to me. Should I go to her office during office hours or just keep waiting?

Do you have anything political in your room right now? What is it?
I have a "I'm pro-choice and I'm voting Obama" button on my desk and a "Vote No on Prop 102" sign on my wall.

continuing the capslock trend...

WHY THE HELL IS THE FIRE ALARM GOING OFF IN MY DORM? It's not an emergency, they've told us to go back inside whenever someone tries to leave because of it. It came on for a few seconds, went off, and now it's on again and has been annoying us for about fifteen minutes. It's only going off on the third and fourth floors, and we're all sitting in the hallway wondering what the fuck is going on because it's loud as fuck in the rooms.

Serious answers only, obv.

If you're not prepared to answer that, then what games do you like to play online?

I like NationStates, Pandemic 2, the TQC challenge thing, and Sushi-go-round.
sneaker love

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I think I probably did something to make two of my male friends mad.

What did I do or what didn't I do? I know for sure that I didn't hide the remote this time...

Non-srs answers only plz.
girl reading by ourescape

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What's an irrational fear you have? Why is it irrational? Why do you think you have it anyway?

Mine - I have a fear of winding up alone romantically, of not being able to find any one who wants me. It's irrational because I normally do seem to find people who want to date me (and often they're people I like as well). I have this fear in part because I'm an introvert who doesn't get to know many people, and also because I'm not very confidant in my ability to live life alone.

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1. should i get my eyebrows waxed or threaded? how do i make sure they don't make them teeny tiny thin?

2. do you think color coding things is helpful or not?

3. should i make cookies tonight? i'd have to drive to the store/buy ingredients which would take a bit of time, not including making them.
Georgie - Smiles

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Do you own a gun?
If yes, why?
If no, why not?
If your reason is that you're not legally allowed to own one, if you could, would you get one? Why?

If you don't care -

What should I get at the fish & chip shop?
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So, I was just informed that I am likely going to be interviewing the Decemberists tomorrow via a phone conversation. :3  I am doing this for the university radio station because they are going to be playing here this Thursday.

What sort of questions would you like to ask the Decemberists?

(no subject)

My university performs The Vagina Monologues every year, and every year I jokingly say I should audition.

TQC, do you think should I audition this year? Why or why not?

Bonus question: If your vagina was dressed, what would it wear?
i say, old bean

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do you say 'goodbye, bye or buh-bye'?
or do you say peace or later?
orrrrrrr some other variation of announcing that you're leaving?

are there any shops or businesses in your town that are conveniently placed near eachother?
the mortuary is right next to a flower shop, beside that is a church and up the street is the graveyard.
do you find that convenient? silly? do you give a shiat?
Baby Doom - There had to be an answer

babies! and other cheer-uppers

Will you post pictures of your babies/kids? (okay they don't have to be yours, but yours would be awesome)
and any cute stories you feel like sharing?

can i borrow your children for halloween? i don't feel like being a typical 20-something partying. i want to bob for apples and do art projects and get to bed at a decent hour and stuff. anyone else getting this feeling?

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? i don't really watch TV but my roommates have it on DVD so we gather round it. i just finished Season 2. Want to discuss?
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baby you can get a tip cause i like you just the way you are....

TQC, Have you ever gone to the HR department at your work place to make a complaint?

What was the tipping point for you to do this with whatever your situation was?

I have a situation where I've been spoken to poorly and made to feel very uncomfortable repeatedly, but I don't want to look like I can't handle the situation or person. However, I'm afraid that if it blows out of proportion and I never said anything initially I'll lose some credibility if it does become an HR issue. Any advice?
Ruth Etting

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If you were a white supremacist and wanted to kill Obama and a bunch of other black people, what order would you do it in? Do you actually think you could get anywhere near the guy AFTER a multi-state killing spree?

If you admitted that you didn't really think you would be able to kill Obama but would die trying, would that be a cop-out? Are you really committed to your cause? Or are you just not trying hard enough?

How long would it take to decapitate 14 black people, and what tools would you use?

(the story, by the way)
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

If your current SO(if you don't have one, pretend you do) came up to you right now and announced that he/she was going to undergo a sex change and hoped you'd stay with them, how would you react? Would you stay?
james franco lolz

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Say you've written a novel in your spare time the past few years, and the word count has reached well over 30K words, a hundred or two pages.

Would you

a) try and get it traditionally published - wait months for agents and publishers to respond, have the possibility of being denied, but have great exposure and guidance.


b) use a Print On Demand service for free and have your book available online immediately - have no exposure or guidance, but be available for sale around the world in online bookstores? (amazon, b&n, etc.)

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Which do you have or prefer: HP or Dell? Or if you have another favorite tell me please. I'm needing a laptop for school, my parents want to get a dell because they have credit with them, but I have been hearing some bad things. Thanks.
Watership Down

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Once when I went to Holland to stay with a family, we would eat sitting around the dining table. Once they brought out something which was basically an indoor barbeque/electric cooker, which was completely flat and sat on the table. We were each given miniture frying pan/pot along with raw meat, eggs, veg etc and were to cook it at the table on this little cooking thing. It was amazing and I loved the experience, however I have NO idea what it was (I live in Scotland, UK).

1. Does anyone have a clue what this was? Please note it wasn't like an actual indoor barbeque.. there was no wire or coal or anything like that. It looked like a small square eletric cooker of some sorts.

2. Also, any ideas what I could do with a cooking pumpkin? I don't have a blender of any sorts so soup would be pretty damn chunky.

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What is Sarah Palin really saying here?

My work gave me two tickets to a special pre-release party and screening of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. I never saw the first one. Should I watch it before I go? Can you just re-cap for me?
Harry Potter: Rainbow


I'm researching the district judges before I vote and I came across a candidate that wrote, "Let me tell you briefly about me."

Now, should it be "myself" instead of "me?" What do you think?
macro - procrastination cat

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If you have pets, do you ever put clothes on them?
I know some people have doggie sweaters for when it gets cold or Halloween costumes, or idk.
What do you think about people who dress up their pets in clothes?
electric neko

Old fashioned question:

What is your definition of cheating on someone? Is it anything you wouldn't do if they were witnessing it, or does it have to be sexual, etc?

And while I'm at it... What does it mean to be a "workaholic"? Does it mean you're addicted to workahol? Same question for "chocoholic." ;]

PS. Don't answer that last question, actually.

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they call her one eye

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Edit: Question deleted

I apologize. That question was really retarded and boring and kinda pessimistic. I have come up with a better question to replace it.

What makes your vagina smile? If you do not have ownership of any vagina, what makes your genitals smile?

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Okay this is annoying me-- I'm not getting emailed LJ comments, and haven't been for the past few days. I've checked my settings and comments are turned on. Is anyone else having this problem? Any idea what might be going on if it's just me?

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When you let someone borrow a pen, do you expect them to return it?
When you borrow a pen, do you keep it?

I've loaned out three pens this week and everyone kept them...what the fuckkk?!

Are you having a snack right now?
I'm having hummus and green peppers

When was the last time you played hooky?
I skipped my four hour science class tonight!
Haruhi disappearance

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What is your favorite James Bond movie?
Who is the best Bond, in your opinion? The worst?
How excited are you for Quantum of Solace?

If you're a terrorist and hate Bond, will you tell me about your favorite pasta dish?

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what is your symbol of choice for halloween decoration? (pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, witches, etc.)
I really like those Dia de los Muertos skulls. they're technically not Halloween, but whatever.
If you are inhuman and do not like Halloween, what color do you feel like today?

Do you like dressing up, whether it be in a costume, or formally, or whatever? will you show me a picture of you dressed up?


So I've been looking for this for a while. I remember seeing it on the cover(?) of a magazine about a year ago. It was a wonderful sculpture someone had done of a female stormtrooper. She had her helmet off if I remember correctly. I'm thinking she looked rather Tank Girl-ish. Maybe she was a rebel IDK. I just remember it was a Star Wars related. Shoulda bought the magazine.

Any idea what I'm talking about or where I could find photos of said nerdgasm?

Edit: Found it!
{wow} sin&#39;dorei pride

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So, on my small little package of chopped yellow onion, the sell by date is 10/17. I opened it on that day. Ten days later, when I have a craving for them and want to add them to my chicken meal, would that be advisable? They don't smell funky but I don't know T_T

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1. Facial piercings: always ugly, or can some people pull them off? Is there one you particularly like?

2. What's your favorite type of cheese?

3. Will you recommend a song to me?

4. How much do you hate Mondays?