October 26th, 2008

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Urbandictionary.com has a million and five different definitions for the phrase "tool."
TQC, would you please define "tool"? In your opinion, what makes someone a tool?

On the another note, how do I tell my friend to back off my man crush?
SRS and NONSRS answers welcome :D
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TQC, I'm bored out of my mind. I'm kinda afraid to go to downtown (State College) alone because Penn State just won and all my friends' facebook updates say it's crazy. What can I do? Should I just go to bed? :-\
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What was your last surgery? Tell me the gory details! Pictures if you have them :D

I had knee surgery last March. I'd had two previous surgeries on it (the ligament that anchors my kneecap inward is really bad). They ended up taking out the bad ligament and replacing it with one from a dead person! It's name is Maude (the other knee had the same operation and has the name Carl. I made both names up, haha). They also had to file down my kneecap some since it was all chipped from dislocating so many times.

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Milhent forest
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Some time ago - all right, closer to two years - I saw on MTV a Star Wars clip. Darth Vader was singing, members of Jedi Council were playing and LOTS of stormtroopers (or clones) were dancing. It was completely computer graphics.

I missed the title of the clip and didn't recognize the song. Can anyone name it?
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cellphone woez

Dear TQC,

I am getting a cellphone tomorrow. I'm going with Verizon Wireless because they've always been good to me, everyone I talk to, or text is on Verizon's network, and my parents are paying for it.

What cellphone should I get? LG Dare or LG Voyager ?

Personal experience, preferences?
Clem & Joely

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Psychologically, what is it that makes someone believe they're always right?

Then when they're wrong they just feel like stupid asses and are embarassed but need to be right so they usually can't admit they're wrong because their ego is too hurt.

But I'm really curious. Nobody is always right (duh) so it can't be like...having always been right that makes someone like that. Not really a trial and error process.

Do you know people like that? If they're so strongly like that, do you openly deny them? (Which will further peeve them.) Or get past it and ignore it? (Smile and nod?)

Are YOU always right!? lol

computer stuffs

Hey I want to use Dragon naturally Speaking 10.

it recommends a system with:
# CPU: Intel® Pentium® / 2.4 GHz processor (1.6 GHz dual core processor) or equivalent AMD processor
# Memory: 1 GB RAM
# L2 Cache: 1 MB

and what I have is
an intel core 2 duo cpu t7100 1.8 ghz
1.79 ghz, .99 gig of ram

do you think it will run ok?
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Has anyone else here been playing Fable 2? Do you love it? Will you tell me about how you're playing it, and what your character is like?

I want to carve a pumpkin to take over to my boyfriend's house on Halloween (we're handing out candy together in his neighborhood because he's got a million kids living nearby and I have like, none). What should I carve on it? I want a neat design. I've got the fancy tools and I'm not bad at it, so it can be elaborate, but not *too* elaborate.
Luis sloooow

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\Hey guys. I'm totally fucking rdrunk. will you say anything to make me laugfh.

also I got this burger, i think it has anthrax.

Should I eat it?

Actually Inalready have -  would you have?

Will you tell me your problems at put mine into prospective?


Are drunk posts a bad idea?


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What was your favorite book or movie as a child? The Dog Who Belonged to Himself


What was the last thing you ate? Saltine crackers

What do you plan on doing on your next day off? 
Are you as tired as I am?


I'm at a party.
A cop has been outside for the last two hours banging on windows etc. saying various names and threats. I figure if he has been here since 1am, he doesn't have anything. I'm sober. Should I just leave?
Legally, what can the fuzz do to me?

My new question is, when I hop the fence and run should I wear my viking horns?

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What is something weird/unusual that you liked to do as a child?

I loved to cover ant hill holes and watch the ants scrambling around wondering WTF happened to their entrance back to their abode. You could almost tell they were pissed off -and- confused, haha.

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What do you think about "Cookies in a Jar" as a Christmas gift?

no opinion!

Mr. Sulk & I have over 20 distant aunt, uncles & married/moved out cousins between us (households, not individuals). We like to do little gift boxes/bags (last year was a Christmas bowl with popcorn & hot cocoa in it) for our "People we love but don't formally exchange gifts with". I liked what I did last year, but I want to mix it up a little. Do you think cookies in a jar is a cute an acceptable gift or no?

Normally I'm confident with my gift choices, but last year my sister snarked my gift to her on myspace (she sent me the bulletin too, so it's not like I snooped & it wasn't the weenie gift) & it's made me second guess myself. HALP!

Also if you give gifts to "People you love but don't formally exchange gifts with" what do you give? & do you appreciate getting like-minded gifts in return?

ETA: example
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how easy is it to be prescribed some sort of sleep aid? it's 4am and i have work at 9am, and i can't see myself sucking it up and going. the same thing happened last weekend and i called in sick twice, so if i call in again my work will understandably not be happy with me at all. but i just can't make myself sleep. this has pretty much been the story of my life, and i would like to be a reasonably functional person so if you could offer any kind of advice and/or personal anecdotes i'd appreciate it.

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We now get the view over here, and upon initially watching it I thought "whhhhy the hell is there a show of these annoying women (sans Whoopi) yabbering on about shit?!". But they've actually yabbered on about some more actual information since. It's still not cutting-edge political commentary though. What do you think of the view?

What is that blonde chick, and what is her claim to fame?

Do you love it when she gets so upset and defensive? Do you love it when it looks like she's going to cry? I do. Oh baby yeah, gimme tears.

I have when she prattles on about McCain/Palin though, and gets away with it, and I want to stab her in the neck with a fork (I did this on my tv screen, but it just wasn't satisfactory). Who do you want to stab in the neck with a giant fork?

I would totally sex-up Whoppi Goldberg. What daytime tv personality would you sex-up? (If you don't like women/men, pretend to. You don't get a choice in the matter; I'm holding the big fork in your direction).

If you have a life and don't watch the view, screw you.

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I have a friend who is a total camera whore. anytime I have my camera or my camera phone near me, she insists on taking (and also me taking) a thousand and one pictures of her. mostly they're just dumb ~cutesy~ poses where she looks basically the same in every pic. then she wants me to take the time to upload and send all 589620199052 of her myspace-esque pictures to her.

do you have a friend who is a camera whore? if not, what's a trait in your bff that annoys you?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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i think i just perforated my eardrum

I was cleaning my ears with a q-tip (i know that's bad to do) and I kind of slipped and jammed my ear pretty good. Google has failed me in my quest for self diagnosis until I can see my doctor. It says this is generally very painful, and while it hurt when I did it and it hurts when I hiccup or yawn with my mouth closed, it doesn't hurt at all otherwise...it just feels blocked and I can still hear out of it 90%

Has anyone had a perforated eardrum before?

Does this sound like what is wrong with mine?

Is it possible to just bruise your eardrum and make it swell a bit?

ETA: It also bled a little bit after I did this but it is not bleeding any more.

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Does anyone have one of the new fangled ipod nanos? Do you like it? Have any problems with it? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT???
What color do you have? Or what color would you want?

Do you have a song on your ipod that you really dont like anymore, and you wish you would just delete it? if so, what is it?
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How would you feel if your boyfriend were legally married, but had been separated from his wife for a little under a year? For the most part, you knew about it up front.

Would it bother you if he still talked to her on a pretty regular basis (once a week maybe)? (Assume they have no children together.)
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Silly Me

So, this morning I was prepared to go on my fifth interview for a large retail corporation. I've jumped through many hoops, studied extra hard and left super early. I even walked next to deer this morning (in a large city!) freezing my butt off at 5 am.

I was all set and ready to go, the day after the event actually took place. I was so sure it was today! Looks like I can kiss that opportunity goodbye :)

1) What do you think your biggest mistake has been in your life?

2) Have you ever let a great opportunity slip away?

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Have you ever had a cashier comment on the cost of an item you were buying? What did they say? Did it seem weird to you?

Today the cashier said something like "$11 for this?!" about the cheese I bought. So I told her it was delicious, and she said it didn't matter.
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Let's say you pass out while on the toilet. Maybe you had too much to drink, maybe you're just sick, or you can invent your own scenario. Anyway, you hit your head on the wall and hurt yourself pretty badly. Who is the person that you least want to come to your rescue?

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I recently had to have a new hard drive put into my macbook.
However, if I go to 'About this Mac' it tells me I have only 1GB of memory.
I went into the disk utility thing to format it all, but then chickened out, so my question is,
will formatting the Macintosh HD remove everything? (OS etc)
What steps will I have to take to get it back to how it was before it got ill? I have everything on time machine.

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do you think it's better to buy expensive make-up if you can afford it, or do you think the $20 stuff is just as good?

what is your favorite brand of make-up?

what make-up do you wear on an average day (if you do wear any)?

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Does anyone have any idea where I could begin searching for fluorescent body paint? I'd prefer to buy it at a store vs. buying online and having it shipped. Any chains that you know sell it? Can someone point me in the right direction? 


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Poll #1285524 Friends to the end, and when too much comes out of their ends

You're going on a road trip with friends to a city that's 3 hours away for a concert or something. You're all excited. However, one of the friends in the back ate a big bag of beef jerky before and for the entire duration of the trip, keeps blasthing the most noxious farts in the car. At first he/she was apologetic, but in the end, it was just INCOMING! and as a result, no one enjoyed the ride up. The concert goes well, the stay in the city is fun, and it's time to go home. You're driving. You're about to climb into the seat when you notice that 2 empty bags of beef jerky are laying there, and that friend has a big smile on his/her face. What do you do?

Get annoyed but put up with it. 3 more hours of contaminated air
Leave friend behind
Put friend in trunk
Let friend surf on top of car, a la Teen Wolf, all the way home
Insist friend stick ass out window the whole ride

You're playing around the internet when you get a call from a friend. He asks you to do him a big favor and do a transaction for his friend via online banking. They're not by a computer, see, and it's really important. He talks you into it. He then calls again 5 minutes later and asks you to do another transaction for that same friend of his. He talks you into it. Then 5 minutes later for a third transaction. He promises to make it up to you. You agree but that this is the last time. The next day, your friend shows up and gives you $3,000. "It's your cut. We robbed a bank yesterday and your help was extremely necessary. I couldn't tell you what was going on because then you probably wouldn't have helped. Enjoy!" How do you feel?

3k! This is awesome! I'm so happy
Extremely aggravated that I was used like that. I give him an earful, but I keep the money
Same as the above answer, except I don't keep the money
Very paranoid. I don't want to be linked to this crime at all! I refuse my share
Only $3,000! For this risk, I demand a bigger cut

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Why does the couple I live with bother to have a separate weekday and weekend routine if they're retired anyway?

Weekdays: get up at 6 a.m. Sit around and watch TV for the rest of the day.
Weekends: get up between 8-10 a.m. Sit around and watch TV for the rest of the day.

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i have a fondue pot i've never used, but i want to try it. i'm not a fan of the idea of dipping things in cheese and eating them, that doesn't seem healthy, and neither does chocolate (if I'm going through all this work I want dinner). can I just throw some beef broth in there and cook things in it? what's good to cook in beef broth? got any other fondue advice?

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For my film class, we have to write a paper comparing, stylistically/cinematographically (pretend that's a word), one of the movies we watched in class with another movie of our choice, either of the same director or in the same genre. So can you fine, upstanding citizens of TQC give me a few movie suggestions that would be excellent to compare to one of the following films?

a) Citizen Kane (Orson Welles)
b) La Grande Illusion/The Grand Illusion (Jean Renoir)
c) Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock)

Thank you, TQC!

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Has anyone ever been to Iceland?

If you have, what is it like? Where did you stay? What did you do? Were the people friendly? How was the food?

I'm planning on going this summer with a group of people from my school. It looks pretty fun, but I'd just like first-hand accounts. Thanks in advance! 
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Do you hate it when TQC is slow?
Do you think TQC is slow right now?
Do you refresh the page and become sad when there are no new questions?

I have verizon and im up for a new phone in a month. what phone should i get?
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Ok I asked this last night but let me get the "morning" crowd-

I downloaded a demo for World of Warcraft because I want to see what the fuss is about. However, it's asking me for an authentication key still when I try and play. WTF? Does anyone know a way around this so I can just play for the demo?

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Last night me and my friends were sitting around discussing which one of us would taste better if we ever got in a situation where we would have to eat one another.

What was the the last really weird conversation you had with someone?

If TQC had to eat each other in order to survive, who here do you think would taste the best?

Football question

I'm a Bengals fan and they're 0-7. We're happily going to get the #1 draft pick, but the Lions are trying to challenge us for worst team, as they threw today's game to be 0-7 too. They're competing for the worst team!? That #1 pick is ours, you pricks! We'll lose the next 9 games to safeguard that selection.

Q: What can I do as a fan to help the Detroit Lions win a game so that my Bengals can continue their trend in being THE suckiest excuse for a professional team in '08?

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I'm hosting a dinner party tomorrow and one of the guests is vegetarian and the rest aren't. What is an absolutely fabulous vegetarian meal to make that will wow the non-vegetarian friends also coming for dinner?

Links/recipes please?

Thank you!

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My mom has her cellphone up against the tv so I can listen to the Saints game because my best friend is running late and I can't get the game where I live.

So TQC, how awesome is my mom?

Do you like the NFL having 1 game a year in London?

If you are in London, will you attend any games?
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I can see Russia from my house!

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So I just walked in on my sister and her boyfriend doing the nasty.

I also un-intentionally ratted them out to my mom, because I was on the phone with her when I did it.

Mom: "Honey, can you see if your sister is still in bed? She's not answering her phone."
Me: "Sure Mom, let me open her door andAUUUUGH."

But that is just a bonus.

How do I un-see what I have seen?!
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What's the fastest way to raise $850 dollars?
Problem: can't involve use of the knees because I blew my left one out (and might need surgery, so don't complicate it)

Costume poll

You need a costume ASAP! There's some big shindig happening and you really need to go. There's only one costume shop near you and most of it's been picked through. There's only 15 costumes left. What will you dress up as?

Bee (think of the Blind Melon video)
State of Minnesota
Karl Rove
Donald Duck
Ghost (consists of a sheet with 2 eyeslits)
Mullet-haired lesbian
The Thing (Fantastic Four)
Madonna (comes with cone bra)
Harry Potter
Baby (you wear a diaper)
Fattie (it's a fat person suit)
Yosemite Sam
Lisa Simpson
emmett, QAF

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Do you think you're the youngest or one of the youngest members of the TQC ?

edit: because we're all wondering . . . how old are you ?

if you know you aren't,

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Smoothie King, Jamba Juice or other ? What's your favorite smoothie?
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My sister called me yesterday to tell me she is pregnant.

What exciting news did you get lately?

At work my boss and I both heard a strange man's voice coming through our stereo speakers. This is the second time it has happened.

What was your last strange experience?

Will you tell me a funny story about a time when you or someone you were with put their foot in their mouth?

Can you tell I am bored at work?
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what are your thoughts on Proposition 8 in California?

And if you are in California, have you received any calls from mormons (or other religious group) telling you to vote yes on it?
it's in that place

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My brother's girlfriend commented last night that she is a "band girlfriend", meaning that she knows my brother's band comes first and she just has to accept that.

Do any of you have this sort of relationship?  What in your SO's life comes before you? 
big alligator?


How old is too old for a pinata?

I'm turning 21 in 2 weeks. I really want to have a pinata. Am I too old for one?
It would just be for when my aunt and cousins come over.

What kind should I get? What should I fill it with?

I think I want this one or an alligator one.

on band-aids

do you feel that your band-aid (or adhesive bandages, i guess) use is higher or lower than the average person? in other words, do you use more band-aids than most people you know, or less?

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Imagine having a vagina on the bottom of your foot

1. Would you let someone have sex with it?
2. Would walking be pleasurable or painful?
3. If you were really turned on, is there a good chance you may slip and break your neck?
4. If you play footsie with another person with a foot vagina, are you having a clamslamming lesbian experience?
5. Ladies, assuming you have a vagina on both feet, would you let 3 guys bang all your cootches at once?


Its my birthday today and all of my plans fell through :( :( :(

What do you think I should do in the 8 hours until midnight? Things that wont work out are: drinking in bars (i'm still underage), pissing in public (inadequate hardware), crying (already done that for the past hour, w00t).

Please, no wank? Is that even a valid suggestion anymore?

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This was posted on my university's Classified e-board:

"Other For Sale:

I was on Tri-Cyclen Lo for a few months and have switched to a different brand. I have one unopened package of Tri-Cyclen Lo left. if anyone wants it, they can have it.

Giving away birth control (it's for free): good, bad, WTF?

What's the weirdest Classifieds ad you've seen?

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Every year I throw a New Years Eve Eve party that's themed around something in pop culture. Usually everyone shows up in costume, but last year I only had a handful of people dressed for it. I want this year's theme to make people want to dress up again. The first two years the themes required people to be in formal wear, and a lot of people seemed to enjoy that, however the year the party was pirate themed was the year the most people showed up in costume. I'm also toying with a Steampunk theme this year, but only a few of my friends know what that is, and I don't want to alienate anyone.

So, TQC, What should my theme be this year?

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Have any of you ever sold Avon? I'm thinking about it, so please share your good and bad experiences!

For those that this doesn't apply to, what are you going to have for dinner?/breakfast?/whatever your next meal is going to be?

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Hi Dr. Livejournal. I've had a dull but consistent pain in my throat since yesterday morning, but I have no cough or runny nose. What else could it be? Serious and non-serious answers plz.
Flaming Sikozu

Ack. Possibly TL;DR

My brother has announced that he and his wife are splitting up, their daughter has just turned 13 and I need to get her a gift. She doesn't yet know that her parents are splitting.
Any ideas for good presents for a bookish, intelligent 13 year old girl who has problems making friends and is just about to go through a horrible emotional upheaval?

Also, down here in Oz I need to put in my tax in the next few days. I give a monthly donation to a charity and they were supposed to have sent me the receipt last week, I really need the money but am not sure if I can claim it without the receipt. I'll be lodging it electronically so don't need to mail off all the docs, but am still uncertain.
What should I do?

I've been having problems with depression and anxiety lately and have started taking St. Johns Wort for it, it's worked for me before so i figured it would again. In the past week or two my appetite has suddenly gone from tiny to horse-like. I'm not craving anything in particular, I'm just always hungry.
I've never had this happen before and am not sure if it's the depression, anxiety or some other random thing.
What are your thoughts?
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Oh my god you guys I did something stupid and now I'm freaking out and sick to my stomach because I think I killed my computer.

I was cleaning my keyboard and accidentally hit the sleep button. When I tried pressing on my keyboard to wake the computer back up I got the fucking blue screen of death. It said to reboot so I did. And now I get this message:

"Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key."


You guys I do so much work on my computer for work that I'm crying, lol. What the hell do I do?

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Are there any actors/actresses that most people seem to adore but that you personally cannot stand for one reason or another?

Me? God, I have a whole list. I was never able to see what anyone found so striking about Brad Pitt; Keanu Reeves reminds me of a brain-damaged monkey; Cameron Diaz makes me want to tear out my own eyes; and Ashton Kutcher -- well, let's not even go there.
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I read about a miniseries that involved zombies attacking a Big Brother house in another country. What was the name of the miniseries so I can try to find it online??
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We're already thinking of the holidays and gift giving. My sister-in-law just mentioned that I would like a book, any fiction bestseller would be wonderful when we asked her.

I have a few ideas of books that I'm going to get, but what fiction bestsellers have you read lately that you've really liked?
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ahhh I need to break the fast

I'm in college and really need to start making breakfast before I leave for class. I don't like buying my lunch, seeing as its really expensive, so what are some cheap, filling, and healthy breakfast ideas?

I'm trying to be really healthy - but also looking to make some really filling breakfast meals!

Any help you can offer would be awesome :)

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If you lived in a dorm, and one of your roommate's on-again off-again friends ALWAYS opened the door without permission (sometimes knocking, sometimes not), what would you say to them? Would you be bitchy?

What songs do you like to listen to when you exercise?

When was the last time you had to point out to someone that something they were asking about was none of their business?

(no subject)

1. Ladies, do you like it when a male stranger opens the door for you to let you go first, offers his seat to you on the train, or performs an otherwise chivalrous act?
2. Does this happen often to you?
3. Would you like for it to happen more?

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TQC, I just bought a navy peacoat (They didn't have black but it fit perfectly).

Now that I think about it, wtf color shoes can I wear with a navy peacoat?
Wouldn't black or brown look weird?
serta sheep

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I was at the OSU-Penn State game last night and somebody in my section was tearing ass like mad.


If you're in a big crowd and you know you could get away with it without the blame going right to you... do you fart or hold it.

What about when you're in public by yourself? Like in the mall... if you can let the little one slip do you?

Share a funny fart story! I love toilet humor
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About a week ago, I had a splinter in my finger and I just couldn't get it out. So I soaked it in salt water. I eventually got the splinter out, but kept forgetting to empty out the bowl that I soaked my finger in.

I just picked it up to go clean it, and I was greeted with the following sight.

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Why did salt water do this?
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Do you ever get anxious about doing something seemingly mundane in front of other people?

I hate cooking if anyone else is watching. I always feel like they are judging me. I can't stand it when people make suggestions on how I could change what I'm cooking - and it's not that I couldn't use the tips, I just get really embarrassed.
candy corn

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TQC, should I make little Halloween treat bags for the kids at work?

I've already bought the actual bags and plastic spider rings, but I'm reconsidering. It's a pretty well-off area and a good portion of the kids are really spoiled. 5 out of the 6 second graders have cell phones. Several of the kids are quite rude and entirely ungrateful. I won't be at work on Halloween. I'm paid terribly. I will probably end up wasting 1.5 days pay on them if I make them.

Would you make them?

I wish there was some way I could only make them for the nice kids, too bad there isn't =[
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I was totally craving flamin hot cheetos and then grandemochafrap randomly came over with a bag of hot cheetos. So I mentioned it to my crushfriend cause I thought it was an awesome coincidence and he goes "uh I got you flamin hot cheetos at the store yesterday too but I was going to surprise you."

What the shit? I haven't had those things or craved those things in years, but I all of a sudden crave them and the universe provides.

1. What was the last thing that you wanted and the universe provided?


(no subject)

Ever sexed someone for fun with no intentions of hanging out with said person again but instead, you sexed for fun then got vuurrry serious?

If you have done this is it weird to you that you sexed before you did other boyfriend/girlfriend things?
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What type of intimates do you prefer to wear under dayclothes?

boxer briefs
boy shorts

What type of intimates do you prefer to wear under nightclothes?

boxer briefs
boy shorts

Can you help me find what I'm looking for?

Hi all,
I’m an intern in the UC Berkeley Gender Equity resource center, and I’m helping organize a workshop centered upon the analysis of media portrayals of domestic violence/abuse, entitled “Comedy or Crisis: What is so funny about domestic violence?” Our plan is to show clips of domestic violence and have attendees rate and discuss the seriousness of the proceedings in each clip.

Any suggestions are requested and welcomed! I’m also desperately searching for any short clips (preferably humorous, and through youtube, sidereel, etc, although these qualifications aren’t necessary) that depict domestic violence in lgbt relationships or with men as victims (both hetero and homosexual). If anyone has any thoughts or interesting information about these specific types of domestic violence that would also be much appreciated. Thanks!

(If anyone has or knows how to find a specific clip from Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad that provides a good example of male victim domestic violence that would be really helpful too!)

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(no subject)

1. Why does my computer keep making loading noises and freezing the image (but not sound) momentarily (when playing videos)?

2. If you could bring an animal back from extinction what would be it (pictures are a bonus)?

3. Do you say brackets or parenthesis or brarenthesis, etc, etc?

(no subject)

1)Do people put up Halloween lights in your neck of the woods?

Yes- orange and black christmas lights=halloween lights.

2)Do you love Halloween parties?


3)Do you think sex offenders shouldn't be allowed to decorate for Halloween?

I don't know. I heard that they weren't on the news, I think.
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My sister who doesn't like milk keeps an ice cube tray of frozen milk in the freezer for when people come over. This is so she doesn't have to defrost a whole bottle, just enough for the person who's there. I think this is a genius idea.

What genius ideas have you heard recently?

What is the worst idea you've heard from someone recently?

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Say you go to a bar and end up meeting this random cute stranger. After a few drinks and what not cute stranger invites you back to his/her place. Now, even after you had a few drinks in you, you notice that this stranger does not have a bed. Random cute stranger then proceeds to fold out the sofa, into ta da-a bed! Does this deter you from sleeping with them? Or prefering fold out couches do you readily hop in and get your groove thang on? Or do you just laugh and end up sleeping on a chair because you find fold out couches disgusting and loathsome?

Also, Ipod Nano or Zune? Why?

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are you against same sex marriage/interracial relationships? if so, why? if you're not, why do you think people are against it? and please, no bashing other peoples opinions, no matter how biased....unless that person is a close minded, racist homophobic jagoff...bash away :D
im french

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1. Have you ever read "Steal This Book"? If so, what is your favorite trick?

2. What are your own 'get it for free,' possibly illegal stealthy tricks? For example, using gauze and white out to patch up 10-trip train tickets.

3. Would you ever wait in a movie theater bathroom to see another movie for free?