October 25th, 2008

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Have you ever been to counseling for issues involving anxiety and depression?

Did it help you?

non-srs questions

Have you read The Bridges of Madison County?

What were your thoughts/feelings on it?

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Lets say you just found out you were pregnant. Then you find out you have cancer in the advanced stages. Your only hope is chemotherapy. If you get the chemo, there's a good chance you'll live, but your fetus will certainly die.

Do you get the chemo and kill your fetus?
Or do you wait til it's born and hope you don't die in the meantime?

I was thinking about that in the bathtub just now. lol Idk why.
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If you needed a job, would this sign make you more or less likely to apply?

If your current workplace (or previous employer) had a sign that gave you insight into the work environment, what would it say?
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i have patellar tracking disorder and thursday night i gave myself a pretty substantial injury at the homecoming hoedown. dancing to the village people is not so much fun when your knee buckles in all of a sudden, but having a friend who's in physical therapy is amazing.

however it is homecoming week and the last thing i feel like doing is sitting still. i've been partially weight bearing on crutches since i got hurt, but my knee is the size of a softball and the swelling won't go down. range of motion is improving, but it's not back to normal and completely painless yet.

that being said, should i take tomorrow off from work? i teach piano and it involves a lot of getting up and down and back and forth from one end of the store to the other.

Pan-fried shrimp

I'm going to pan fry some shrimp. I don't have a deep fryer.

Breading or no breading?

If yes:
Do I use a flour/egg/bread crumbs combination for the breading?

If no:
What should I fry the shrimps with? Butter and garlic?

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I'm working on a novel and need to name the gang. It's a fictional city.

Poll #1284909 What should the name of the fictional gang?

What should the name of the fictional criminal gang in my fictional city be?

Black Ice
Orange Devils
Something else (suggest in a comment)

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1. Do you find that you cook better when you have a little buzz?
I just had 2 glasses of wine and am getting ready to make enchiladas, I'm such a better cook with a buzz.

2. What do you do about dry lips if you hate lip balm?

3. What are your plans tonight? Am I invited?

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Elaborating on this post

Let's say you know you are pregnant, and while you are in your 8ty month, you discover you have cancer. You cannot abort the baby, at all, in any legal way, regardless of what your local laws are. Yes, hypothetically, YOU CANNOT LEGALLY GET AN ABORTION. Do you opt for the chemotherapy, and hope there are no ill effects on your child, do you wait until your child is born to have chemo, or do you take another route?

We are also assuming you want this baby.

Edited because you people apparently do not understand how hypotheticals work.

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1. If you have pets can you tell which one of them is eating without looking just by the sound they make?

2. Girls, if you are dating a guy with really bushy brows, would you rather him keep them natural or pluck/wax them? What are your reasons behind your answer?

3. What does Kindergarten smell like?
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My new upstairs neighbors just moved in on October 1st. I've only met one of the two, but they seem to be always coming and going at really odd hours.

This morning (Saturday), one of them ran down the stairs at FIVE AM and slammed the door when they left. Which woke me up at 5am on a Saturday. I can be justified in killing them, right?

Do I talk to them now about how freakin' loud that is, or do I give them three strikes before I say something?

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For those who believe in some element of a life-force/soul/etc beyond the purely physical:

If you believe life begins at conception, what do you believe happens in the case of monozygotic twins, where the fertilized egg splits into two separate entities, a possibility that remains for approximately two weeks after conception?

If you don't believe life begins at conception, but still believe in some sort of spiritual element, how do you think that all comes about?

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Assume there was a disaster of some sort and you were trapped with a potentially violent crazy person not knowing when or if you're going to get out of wherever it is you're trapped. In this case what would you do with the crazy person?
zac sad ohdramaqueen

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Why are girls so emotional?? What's the last thing that made you cry/scream/yell?

I went out to a bar last night with some co-workers and the guy I've been majorly crushing on.. and the topic of "girls are SO DAMN emotional" came up. I tried to defend us and claim not all girls get emotional, but that point went straight down the drain later that evening. On the way home I basically found out my crush has the hots for my other co-worker, who is a huge raging slut. LAME!

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do you find it hard or easy to take compliments when they are given?

i always say thanks, because i don't want it to turn into an 'no i'm not,' 'yes you are,' but i never believe their compliments.

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So, I don't really dress up for Halloween, but next Friday, the elementary school I work in is having a "dress up as your favorite book character" day. I really don't want to be the only adult not dressed up. What should I dress up as, TQC? Keep in mind that I work with kindergarteners.
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mozzarella cheese

I bought a bag of mozzarella (the balls) the other day and when I opened it and drained the liquid the cheese had a much different texture than I'm used to. It's usually firm and can be cut into slices, but it was soft and could easily be pulled off in mushy chunks. It smelled and tasted normal but the texture freaked me out. Is this normal? Is it okay for me to eat the rest?
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I'm making shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner tonight.

The thing is, I need to leave the chicken in the oven for about four hours. I have work from 1 to 5, so if I wait until I get home to pop them in the oven, I probably won't get to eat until like, 9 or 10. And that would make me a sad panda. My roommate/boyfriend is gone for the weekend, so I can't have him keep an eye on it.

How bad of an idea is it to put the chicken in the oven before I leave for work and letting it cook when I'm gone?

If it is a bad idea, what should I have for dinner instead?
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Moms, answer some inquiries if you will.

What aspects of your personality changed, if any, after you had your child?

How did your feelings, reactions, and opinions of your partner change?

If you were an independant person before you had a child, did that change?

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we all know what the Vice President is for...

what happens if a Republican or Democratic presidential nominee(or any nominee, really, but i'm thinking more the ones who will actually go to office) croaks BEFORE the election?

they never bothered to cover this if i remember correctly.
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A 5th grade boy tells you he was blamed for something at school, but he can't tell you what it was because it's a guy thing so you wouldn't get it. What would you think he was talking about?

I remember once in 5th grade this creepy kid decided to masturbate in class, but I hope that's not what this kid did.

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For those of you NOT living in the US... Do you like how we talk?
I love any kind of accent... especially Australian.

For those of you in the US... what other countries have you been in? What were you doing there?
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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You're on an airplane. It crashes and lands you along with several other people onto an uncharted island. The plane and its survivors go unfound by the coast guard. The island provides decent living conditions.

Do you live there the rest of your life? Or risk your life doing what you can to get off it?

Me: I'd probably live there the rest of my life. I love the idea of getting stranded on an island. :D

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What are your favorite old movies, TQC?

(For clarification purposes, when I say old, I mean anytime before 1980.)

Well I like The Wizard Of Oz, Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Mame (SHUT UP!), The Sound Of Music, The King And I, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, and most of the Disney ones.
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So, I messed up and sent this semi-mean text to my boyfriend, that was meant for my best friend... and it was about him. Oops! What should I do to make it up to him?

And what's the best way to avoid 'psycho jealous girlfriend' mode? Because I'm stuck in that phase, and definitely not enjoying it.

emmett, QAF


If you ordered a club sandwich what would you expect to be on it ? I noticed some places have different things.

 l watch a lot of talk shows and every where I look I see Zac Efron or Corbin Bleu promosting High School Musical 3. It looks boring and kind of corny. I think they are creating unrealistic ideas of high school for younger kids. They are going to be so dissapointed because in most schools people in theatre are the bottom of the social hierachy.  Would you see HSM3 for the lulz ?

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Sup TQC.

I'm pretty new at my current job and I'm shameless and trying to impress everyone. We're having a door decorating contest for halloween and I don't think any of my ideas are gonna win this thing for us.

Suggest something please?

I have about 11 hours to work on it, and my crafting abilities are pretty okai so I'm pretty sure I can do something fairly complicated. Help me TQC :[
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Is it wrong of me to desperately want to use the "Obama '08" Free Gift on Facebook and send it to the "OMG OBAMA IS A TERRORIST" friend of mine?

When was the last time you wanted to be completely antagonistic? Did you go through with the urge? If so, tell stories! If not... well tell me a mischievous story anyway. ;)
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Hey TQC,

So I got my cell phone a week or so ago, and I wanted to have LJ updates sent to it. I have Verizon and I was wondering if it cost, and how much it cost. I pretty much just want to be able to update from my phone. Help-a-me-o...?????

edit: I have unlimited texting by the way.

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TQC, will my cat come back? :(
We've only had him for a week (3-year-old, adopted from a shelter), so do you think he knows the smell of the house well enough by now?

He escaped earlier today - we were taking him and the kitten to the vet, and my dad was taking him to the car without the carrier, when he flipped out (he's normally a very calm/lazy cat) and bolted.

I know he's only been missing for 2 hours, but I guess I just want some reassurance.

Photos under the cut.
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Milhent forest

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On Thursday I spent over an hour tormenting the sale's lady trying to find at least acceptable glass frames. I failed - the only ones even remotely suitable were narrow frames for plastic lenses. But I still had to get them. Now I'll have to deal with light, easily scratched plastic , until I can find normal frames.

So, do you choose plastic or glass lenses?

either - I don't care
I don't need glasses

On the same note, did anyone here had LASIK surgery? Can you tell me about it? Is it worth going for, were there any complications... In short - should I do it?

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My friend's cat Oscar has recently started pooping everywhere around her house except in his litter box. He hasn't had a change in lifestyle or diet so she doesn't know what his problem is.

Any ideas on why Oscar might have started pooping in random places?

Any advice on what to do to get Oscar to poop in his litter box again?

For those of you that don't know or care about pooping cats, what position do you usually fall asleep in?

Do you have to be the same position every night to fall asleep or do you like to change it up?

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I'm apparently behind a firewall, and i dont know how or why. I just have a time warner internet connection at my apartment, I'm not on a school network or anything. And all of a sudden I cant access espn.com of all things (unless the site is down??) and I also tried to install a WoW demo (lulz) and it said I was behind a firewall. HOW THE HELL DO I GET RID OF A FIREWALL ON MY INTERNET CONNECTION?

Ok i turned it off but ESPN.com still doesnt load :( Does it load for anyone else?

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My roommate is having people over to watch the stupid football game. I'm doing homework. (I'm that cool). I don't mind, but I'm going to have to go somewhere else, and I can't decide where to go to be ~productive~.

Where should I go?
A. Library
B. Student Union
C. Coffee Shop
D. friend's apartment.

This is a big list

I'm throwing a small party, and if you were to come, I'd like your opinion on what you'd rather have:

Out of each list, pick some things:


Home made pizza squares
Celery and carrot sticks

Apple cake sqaures
Home made candy (like caramel squares and chocolates)


I don't know what to have!
Obviously water, but what else?
(I'm not old enough to buy alcohol)

Any other food suggestions?

New Important Technology

I have a paper to write for Science. I need to find an upcoming technology advancement that could be really useful, a type of breakthrough I guess. I'm finding it hard to find one online. Does anyone know of any new technology discoveries?
i get the same ol' dreams.

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what are you most excited for?

election day
the apocalypse

the best song by talking heads?

once in a lifetime
and she was
wild, wild life
psycho killer
road to nowhere
girlfriend is better
other (comments?)

how would you spell the word "favorite"?

i speak only in 1337
excuse me?

do you think the beatles will get back together?

keith moon!!!

what is the best candy out of these?

candy corn
milky way
dark chocolate
those mint patty things.

can i hear your deepest darkest secret?

what song lyric is stuck in your head?

singin in the rain

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Someone in your family has gone missing. It's been a few days, the police are involved, and nothing's turned up. Unfortunately, you live hundreds of miles away from where all this is occurring.

What do you do? How do you help? What would you do in this situation?

Fall 2008 Shows

Now that we had time to try to get into this year's new shows.. Which shows did you guys get into?

Sadly, this year was shit for me. I'm only really watching Kath & Kim and even that show has to pick up it's pace

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when was the last time you were physically out of your dwelling? 2:30pm thursday

what and where is your current physical irriation? i have a freakin scab/zit thing right smack in the middle of the indent between chin and lip so it keeps cracking open every time i move my mouth. argh!

what are you doing tomorrow morning? volunteering at an animal shelter

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Well I wasn't going to do any dressing up for Halloween this year, but decided to go out at the last minute tonight. I'm just going to throw on a suit and tie, finger wave my hair and wear a fedora, à la prohibition era crossdressing liberated woman. I have some cigars, a flask of whiskey and a pack of cards.

The one thing I can't decide on is makeup. I'm not straight up crossdressing, as I'm waving my hair, so I'm definitely a woman wearing a suit, not a woman trying to pass as a man. I just don't know if the women who rocked suits in that day wore makeup or not. I'm fine with or without. Do any of you know what was the norm for that look?

If not, will you tell me if you look great in a suit?

Edited to add: If you have 'em, post pictures of you in a suit!
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My vacuum is a jerk and just decided to stop sucking things up.

I checked it out and everything is working fine and it's not obstructed in any way. It's just not sucking. I was going to ask for a new one for Christmas anyway because mine is old, but I guess I Have to go buy one now.

What vacuum do you have and do you love it and how much did it cost?


So I bought a 29 gallon aquarium with accessories from someone off Craigslist for $45...not a bad deal.

It came with both an undergravel filtration system as well as a power filter system....

So...which filter system should I use? I'm planning on using it as a starter tank for a baby oscar (and I've already purchased his 100 gallon tank for when s/he gets bigger).

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I know we're sick to death of Halloween questions but it's all I can think of right now.

1. Which of the following categories do you fit into vis a vis your outlook on Halloween?

a) Don't give a fuck
b) You think about dressing up for a month leading up to it, but inevitably you can never get your shit together
c) I love Halloween and dressing up!
d) Neither here nor there, depends on the year

2. Will you tell me something random?

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Does anyone want to play Draw My Thing with me? I created a TQC match. You don't have to sign up or anything, it's really cool, it's basically like pictionary where one person draws something and other people have to guess it.


There's the invite to the game, only 7 people total can play so hurry up!! :-)
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What is your favorite song specifically created for a TV episode?

Ex: songs in the Simpsons, the Scrubs Musical, Buffy's "Once More with Feeling"
dr maggie

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Have any of you ever shaved your head (completely)? Why did you do it and did you regret it?

I'm especially interested in girls' answers, but anyone would be good.

Also, was it irritating to grow back again (if you did let it grow back)?
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TQC, have you heard that the offer from Haydee Chocolate for 8 free truffles is most likely not legitimate? (sources: 1 and link to entry in my journal)

Did you apply for this offer?

Is the FBI going to come busting down my door looking for terrorists?  Or is Osama bin Laden going to mail himself to me?  I really don't have anywhere to put him...well, I guess he could sleep on my top bunk, but he'd have to put up with having no bed linens.

Do you think this offer really isn't legit?


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Which public figures that are at least 20 years older than you would you still have sex with?

I'd give Mark Harmon loving any day of the week and he's over 30 years older than me.


So I graduate from university in April, and I'm gonna buy a car. I have my heart set on a Mini Cooper S, anyone have one? What do you think? I drove the Cooper today but the S model should be in in a few weeks, so the dealership is going to call me so I can test drive that one too...

I'm such a pushover, is it a good idea to bring someone with you to buy a car? I seriously have no idea how to talk to dealers...

What did you guys do for your first car-buying experience?
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Haunted houses/hayrides

So yesterday I went on a haunted hay ride for the first time ever, and it was super cool. I was definitely scared.

The girls I was with were talking about how there is some haunted house in the Northeast that costs $300 per person, but when you get to each new level, you get $100 back, and no one has ever gotten all $300 back. Apparently, you sign a waiver for your life before going in (but this seems odd to me, especially if this thing is man made). Does anyone know about this?? My friend Katie says she actually knows someone who did it, so I'm pretty sure it exists.
girl reading by ourescape


For Halloween I've decided to go as a Jewish American Princess. I already have a ton of star of David jewelry, and I'm wearing a tiara and a white shirt with a blue star of David on it. What else should I add to my costume TQC?
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How do you usually motivate yourself to do something you dislike?

I'm supposed to be studying and writing my term paper but I have no motivation whatsoever. I also have no self-discipline, can't concentrate on anything.. and I'm really lazy. It's been like this for weeks, almost every time I sit in front of the computer I end up surfing the net or staring the wall.

Have any of you given up on studies in college or university at some point? What did you do then, and did you/do you plan to study again later? Or if you switched a major, were you happy with how it turned out?
I kind of feel like the whole university thing is too difficult and I can never be a pro on my field :|

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I got home from a nice shortish bike ride (about 7 miles) a little while ago. Along with drinking lots of water, should I eat a nice big braeburn apple or a low fat dark chocolate cherry granola bar? Or BOTH because I'm a fatty?!

Also, what is your favorite season and why?

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when you're called out during an argument, and you have the sudden realization that the other person actually IS right, do you shut up and admit defeat? or do you argue your retarded point to the death?

Ladies & gentlemen

(If I were to call you "Ladles & Jellyspoons" would you get the reference?)


- What colours do you associate with Christmas?

Audience research for a design project at university. I have about 6 colours springing to mind already, but I needs many opinions, ta.

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Short version:
Today is my half sister's wedding, none of my family, including my dad (HER DAD) was invited. I'm not upset, but my Dad is. How can I make him feel better? I don't even live with him, but I could hear how upset his was over the phone, and it makes me so sad.

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Whats the last thing you want to do right now?

You are going to die jumping out of a plane, what city do you want to land in? What do you want to land on?

What was the greatest invension before sliced bread?

How the hell did the first persons come up with a way to make bread?

Do you find it strange how people just come up with strange ass things that turn into the greatest invensions on the planet? (like viagra was created to fix heart attacks)


Sorry for this to be my first post but I'm really stuck on a bit of my Ancient Civs essay, I'm trying to write this sentence in my own words but I can't its ridiculous I should be able to easily but I'm not feeling well and my minds a bit blaaaa could you please help me? That would be really nice :)

How do I re-write this?
"Egyptians believed there were many aspects to the soul: the Ka, the Ba, the Akh, the body (Khat), the shadow and the name being the most important."

Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Another haircut question

Yeah I know, it's asked all the time, but I'd really like peoples' opinion on how I should cut my hair. I've been itching to get my hair cut short for a couple months now. I'm kind of afraid to do it though because I had an awful bowl-type cut in 2nd grade. D: I want something cute and feminine! My hair is wavy. Here's my mug:

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So what do you think? What haircut would look good on me? Pics of suggestions would be lovely. :)
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have you ever taken advantage of the free makeovers/demonstrations at the department store makeup counters?
Was it for fun, because you were genuinely interested in learning something-how to apply it, what looked good on you, to test a particular item/brand etc, how about because you had an event to go to and just didn't want to spend the money or time doing your own makeup, some other reason (explain?)

How about all the samples they have out, ever done your own makeup using those?

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someone on my friends list just de-friended me. She was a Canadian that lived in Las Vegas and was using her experiences living there (her husband was from New Zealand so they couldn't live in Canada because he couldnt get hired) to make wide sweeping generalizations about the American public (basically that Americans are evil)

Have you ever fought with people on your friend's list? Have you ever been defriended?

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gary busey was being really crazy on celebrity rehab so dr drew had his brain checked out. apparently he sustained brain damage... in 1988! and is just dealing with it now. no wonder he's been so crazy.

does anyone feel a little bad for gary busey?
does anyone else think that he looks a little like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons?

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John Simm, Life on Mars

Favourite "foreign" food

Let me rephrase, since my question is getting lost somewhere.

In the 1960s, your grandparents would have cooked foods that they would have identified as foreign. These foods probably bear little to no resemblance to the original (Indian, Italian etc.) versions of those foods.

What is your favourite of these "foreign" foods that your grandparents would have cooked and eaten back in the 60s?

GDI, would it help if I gave some examples? Curry with sultanas and no spice except a little turmeric or rice with frozen vegies, except examples that were actually tasty.

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Is there a way that I could put a picture that's saved on my computer on to my Kodak Easy Share memory card so that I could print it out on there?

My battery was dead in the camera so I had to take a picture of my wrecked car with my phone. I uploaded it to my album, but I'd like to print it out on my Easy Share.

Figured it out! Thanks!

What's the last thing you took a picture of?

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long story short, my younger sister who i doubt had read an entire book in her life read the twilight books faster than i could blink. so what exactly was in there that abducted her? was it sex? it had to be sex...

what should i paint?

can anyone find the address of pickering meade farm in chester springs, pa? i googled it and can't find the exact address.
dam drugs

rock band and neighbors

Suppose you live in an apartment, with neighbors directly beneath you; they have small children.  How late can you play the video game "Rock Band" and still be considered a good neighbor? (Note: the video game includes a drum controller with a foot pedal that you have to step on.)  Does your answer change if it is a weekend night or a weekday night?

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In what situations have you expected the worse, and been pleasantly surprised?

--> I went to a hostel, and thought it would be terrible. It was essentially a hotel room with 5 beds in it.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least), how much drama can you tolerate?

3. Seriously, anything more, especially if it's over something stupid, I stop caring.

Did anything exciting happen while I was away, in TQC or elsewhere?

Well, there was a huge demonstration today, and loads of people were walking around causing Italian drivers to be even more crazy.

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How do I get out of paying my $250.00 Metrolink fine?


I got the fine (and a court summons) because I lost my ticket. Also, being the first time I had ever taken the Metrolink after moving to California, I didn't recognize the importance of getting a receipt.

Also, the guy that gave me the ticket was a big jerk!!

Mitty box

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What movie should I watch while my husband is gone for the night?

How do I make my kid STFU and go to bed? We've been moved in for a week now and he's still giving me shit about sleeping in his new room. I'm getting sick of it. He's asleep now, thank god!

What's your hobby?
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I found a crack in my very back tooth today. It's never hurt and I don't even know when it happened. Should I do something about it?

I heard a song in Forever 21 earlier and all I remember was that it was techno-y and I think the voice was a woman and it sounded like they kept saying super cool over and over and then switched to dancing fool, but I totally missed the chorus. Anyone know what song that could be?
Never mind, found it!

Does anyone have experience taking care of bonsai trees? I've wanted one for a year or so and my sister got me one today. :)

When was the last time you actually wanted to stay home on a Friday or Saturday night?

Sorry about my last question.

If one of these websites had to disappear from the Internet forever, what would you want it to be?

Gaia Online
Encyclopedia Dramatica
Your favorite news source