October 24th, 2008

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My best friend broke his laptop's screen and can no longer see anything. He bought a new Mac today, but isn't sure how he can get into his PC to get all of his old files out. His hard drive is fine, it's just a broken screen. Google isn't turning up many useful answers - maybe I'm just asking it the wrong thing? What should he do?

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If you take medication for a mental disorder, did you have trouble accepting the fact that you need it? I've been struggling with the idea all my life, going on and off meds. I hate to think about the fact I might not be able to get better without them.

If you're not on meds, do you think you'd ever have issues with taking them?
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Would you start a relationship with someone you had the most amazing connection with if you knew circumstances would never let you be together in the long run?
I <3 TLV

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The book I've been reading was left in the trunk of my car, which is away getting fixed up =( What do you suggest I read tonight instead? There's literally thousands of books here, so anything that's ever been popular at some point in time is probably in the house somewhere. We have an especially large selection of science fiction novels, particularly older ones.

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Do you have any recommendations for tasty cocktails can I make with coconut rum that use otherwise non-alcoholic ingredients?

How many people could comfortably sit in the room that you are currently in?

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When will Starbucks release their holiday drinks this year?

I really want an eggnog latte!!

Whats your favorite part of the upcoming holiday season?

When did TQC start the tagging system? There are tags under this... Strange..

Not sure what to do...

So, I have been pretty sick the past week and a half and therefore have missed a lot of classes. I have kept in contact with my teachers via email and spoke with them after class on the days that I was able to make it. However, there is one teacher who will not email me back!! I don't understand it. I've emailed him with questions before and when I asked him in class if he got my email, he replied in a flippant manner, "oh yeah probably." He's really busy and a little absent-minded, but really that is no excuse if I am a student in his class.

I emailed him earlier today asking when one of our assignments was due and also asking if I could set up an appointment with him next week so I could make sure I've caught up on everything that I've missed. No reply. Like I previously mentioned, this isn't the first time this has happened with him.

I'm really pissed off about this. Do I go to my dean and ask him about it? Do I send my teacher ANOTHER email? If this was the first time this has happened, I would assume that he just hasn't checked his email yet, but I have emailed him several times before with questions and he has yet to return my emails. And yes, I know it is a valid email address because I was in contact with him over the summer, right before my class started.

I don't know what to do. I am going by his office tomorrow after class if I have time before an appt I have, but I am afraid I'll get too flustered or confrontational to handle the situation in a mature manner. This is SO frustrating! 

What would you do?
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the first one is a rhetorical introduction

When you were a kid, did you have some favorite outfits that you wore overandoverandoverandover like ridiculously often?

I remember when I was about four I had these purple floral pants with a pink shirt that totally didn't match but I wanted to wear them all the time.

BUT THEN when I was like ten, I had this dark pink sweatshirt that was like thigh length with black stirrup leggings and boy did I think I was hot shit in that outfit so I wore it all the damn time. I'm talking like twice a week, minimum.

Which brings me to my real question...
1. How old is too old to keep rewearing outfits an absurd amount of times? Is it okay at four? Is it okay at ten? 17? 25?

2. Will you describe some of your ridiculouslyrepeated childhood outfits for us? bonus points for pics!

3. How often do you rotate your clothing? From items that are nonobvious like a black tee to something that would totally be noticed when repeated.
me, maybe every two weeks for everyday tees but like at least two months for something noticeable.
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Someone just got stabbed in the apartment next door!
Where the fuck have I moved to?
Should my roommate and I go to bed, or stay up now?
Should I try to get past the cops to take pictures of the blood all over the front door?
There's blood all over 302's door, we live in 303. Do you think it was the guy in 302, or the guy who was looking for the guy in 302 for the last 3 weeks who kept buzzing our door pretending to be the guy in 302? (we know he's not, we looked on the cameras).

UPDATE! They told us to stay in the living room while they bust down the door...why should we stay there and not in our rooms? Any reason the living room is safer?

ANOTHER UPDATE!: Some girls who live here too said that there was a white guy, a black guy, and a hispanic guy, and the hispanic guy stabbed himself? WTF? TQC, do you really believe that this man stabbed himself? I dont.

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1. what's the next thing you are NOT looking forward to?
2. do you have any alcohol in your posession right now? what kind?

1. a date I have tomorrow. gah.
2. yes, I have banana rum in the freezer still! oh and some beer. and a sparks. who wants some?

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How shall I find the perfect room to rent?

I've been looking on Craigslist and found some I could be interested in, but I work 6 days a week at odd hours and I'm not sure when/if I'll have time to weed through the ads. Would it be a good idea to post a wanted ad or will no one respond? Or is there a better way than Craigslist? (Keeping in mind I live in a massive city and don't know anyone well enough to get a place with them.)

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How do you tell if a person is actually going to do what they say? 

What does it mean when a person drops a conversation at some random point? Like you're talking about computers and you say that DDR2 RAM is so fast and they just don't say anything...
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Is it weird or comforting to lie down on a grave to feel as though you're having a hug with your beloved dead?

Will you tell me about your experience negotiating the schedules of two part-time jobs?

When does your new year begin? I know January 1st is the start of the calendar, but some people think in terms of school year, or various religious or lunar calendars.

Would you rather be constipated or have the runs?

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Bit of a cloud of death questions back there. I know this has been asked before, but what one song's the last one they should play at your funeral or wake?
Today I'm leaning toward "One In The Same" by My Morning Jacket.
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Has the shops in your area started selling Christmas ornaments and decorations? Are they already decorated for Christmas? All right, probably not, but then you still have Halloween to live through. Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Yes, one of the main and oldest shops in our city already opened their New Years stand last weekend. But they are only ones and there are no decorations up yet. I'm thinking about gifts but don't have any good ideas. May be I'll ask here later. :D


I have to go to a wake tonight. And I've never understood them, really.

1. Why do people feel it necessary to view a dead body? I prefer to remember the person alive, not laying dead in a coffin so this makes NO sense to me.

2. Would you prefer to just have a memorial service and bury the person that same day or do you prefer the wake, then funeral the next day thing? I feel like the latter just drags the mourning out.

3. Do you want to be buried or cremated? If cremated, what do you want someone to do with your ashes? I plan to be cremated and have my ashes spread over the Poulawack Cairn (an ancient cairn on the Burren in Ireland).

4. Is anyone else as creeped out by viewing a dead body as I am?

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Do you think castration should be a viable punishment for serial rapists?

If yes to the last question how may offenses do you think a person should have before they're castrated?

If rapists were castrated would you be in favor of shorter jail times for them?

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When a coin goes out of circulation what happens to its value over the years?

One of our coins (the actual denomination) just went out of circulation. Will it be worth anything in several years?

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Hey guys!!! 

I need some new ideas for SPECIAL CHALLENGES for my flickr group... what ideas do you have? 
Ctrl+Enter to post

While i'm at work today to help the day pass quicker will you send me on a photography scavenger hunt at my office? What should I take photos of?


Is anyone's place of work excessively cold?

It's only supposed to be 61 degrees out today (and will probably feel colder since it's been windy), so it's chilly outside right now at 10am, and I swear the thermo must be on 60 degrees in here. The system is computerized according to what the temp is outside (or something) so I've tried to see if I can get it warmer in here, and they always tell me no.

Also, what is your favorite dessert?
Mine is chocolate mousse! :)
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Hey there TQC!

I've come to realize that I love the English language. And with that realization comes the new feeling that I really don't know a lot about how it works. I'm ordering Eats, Shoots and Leaves and the companion book Ate, Shot and Left (it has a longer title that I can't remember).
What is another good book that will teach me all about the exciting world of past participles, split infinities, auxiliary verbs, etc? Preferably one that has some sort of humour to it and that isn't dry and boring.


ETA: Thanks everyone! You've given me a lot of great ideas.

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I am part of an Alaskan tribe no one has ever heard of, I mean, have you ever heard of Qagan Tayagungin?

My question is, what things are you a part of that people dont reolize?

Do you know how easy it is to start a cult?

Do you minipulate people without reolizing it?

my answers in italics

Do you put a little water in your shampoo or does this make you crazy if someone does that?
I do if it's a very thick formula, but only a little.

How does it make you feel that even though the internet is gigantic you can still look for things and not find them?
Relieved on one hand. It's kind of cool knowing about stuff that no one has thought to make a page about. Frustrated on the other hand because I want more info about some things!

What kind is your favorite CURRENT (as in the artist is still living or has only been dead 75 years or so) art style or genre? Can you post a pic of it?
Lately I've been enjoying online comics and the styles are amazingly varied. I really like Iron Spike/Iron Circus comics for the storylines as well as the art. www.webcomicsnation.com/spike/index.php

I also am in love with Raul Del Rio's work:

edited to fix html
edited again to put in "current" as we've discussed general art preferences recently. sorry 'bout that

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How should I do my hair for Halloween? I'm being an alien so I'll be wearing a headband/antennas.

My hair is shoulder length, straight and flat. I have a straightener, curling iron, curlers, and a crimper.

What's your favorite thing about Halloween?
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TQC, I've always wanted to be able to do my homework while showering. Not bathtub, shower. But I cannot come up with a way to do this without the water destroying the homework and still being able to write. Do you have a brilliant solution, or maybe just a suggestion?

What does it mean when he looks at me and his eyes get all soft? It confuses me, because I know he doesn't like/have a crush on me.

How long does making the excuse of having class/homework work before he finally catches on/gets pissed? Especially considering that I really am that busy. How do I let him know I'm not interested without saying it straight out? (If I say it straight out he'll pretend he wasn't asking me out and make continuous fun of me for thinking he was...I don't want to deal with that bullshit.)

What subject was your last test in?

EDIT: 'Him' in question 1 is different than 'him in question 2. *headdesk*
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If you made a mistake at work, one that generally inconvienced other people but didnt cause any major harm, would you fess up? You'd get away with it if you dont "confess" and it wouldnt solve any of the inconviences that had arisen from the mistake at this point.

Are you a good employee? Have you ever been praised by your boss? Ever really screwed up at work?

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What kind of cellphone do you use?
What kind of cell phone do you want?
If you could design one, what would it be?
Do you have a blacberry pearl and can you teach me how to use the damned thing?

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Speaking of Target, the Target stores here have 2 stories, and next to the escalators are special escalators to take your shopping carts up and down. Have you ever seen special shopping cart escalators before? Did you get all googly-eyed like a hick tourist?


EDITED to add:

I should have known that youtube would have video of one in action. It's embedded after the cut.

Collapse )

Wedding question

Say you were getting married and were planning the wedding and are looking at locations, when a stranger approaches you. He'll not only pay for the whole wedding, but he'll give you a wedding gift of $10,000 if you agree to hold the wedding at a nearby International House of Pancakes. You and your honey will wear wedding attire corresponding with the restaurant's color scheme, and the wedding cake will look like a big stack of pancakes. All your wedding guests will be seated in the booths where they'll be given complimentary coffee. All the bridesmaids will be dressed like their waitresses. If you agree, you can't alter your invite list. All your friends and family will come and see you. You're also not allowed to tell anyone that you're being paid to do this, and you can't have a second wedding. For all those in attendance, they'll think you chose IHOP on purpose and planned it just the way you did. Your benefactor, you see, is the owner of said IHOP and wants to use your wedding to promote his restaurant and thinks this event will improve business. Any second 'real' weddings or passing this off as a shallow publicity stunt will only make his place look bad and he wants it look like you like IHOP so much that you chose to marry there.

Poll #1284603 Wedding question

Would you agree to marry at IHOP for $10,000 and a free wedding?


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Inspired by a post below: what sort of weather is cold for you?

For me, anything 30-40F is blustery, 20-30F is chilly and below 20F is downright cold.

Where are you from?

I'm from the northeast US.
I guess., greyskyparadise

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have any of you ever seen a cult... headquarters, for want of a better word?

I have. my friend wanted to drive in but I was all like "nooo" and then they all started to drive out and they were chasing us.
epic fun/scary, scary time.

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What is the best Neil Diamond song?

What is the most horrifying transgression against the English language you can think of?

What is the best way to prepare a filet of salmon?

How about a turkey?
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1. Someone told me that if you run 2 miles (or any distance) or walk 2 miles you burn the same amount of calories because its not how fast you go but how far you go..? Do you think thats true? It feels like you'd burn more if you jog it.

2. Do you prefer to jog outside or on a treadmill?

3. If you listen to music when you jog (or whatever) whats your favorite workout music?

4. Do you know who it is that makes him feel dirty when they start talkin cute?
titanic, rose, jack

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I'm seriously considering taking a year off after high school.  I'm not looking for advice on wheter or not I should do it, I'll make that decision on my own, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of programs that I could do.  I'm looking to do some type of volunteer or service work, it would ideally be abroad but in the US would be okay too as long as it isn't where I am now (Wisconsin.)  I'm looking for any programs you might know of, anything from working with kids to farms to animals!
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Look what I did!! How much do you love me?

Poll #1284520 What is trufax?

Which of these are trufax about you?

I take a multivitamin every day, or at least intend to
I own a headset for my computer
I own a webcam for my computer
I am currently wearing nail polish
It is raining, or has rained today, where I live
I love Dr. Pepper
I think Pepsi is better than Coca-Cola
I have a Borders rewards card
I have a EB Games rewards card
I own a store credit card


I've owned more than one fish in my lifetime
I have a black thumb and kill plants off effortlessly despite my best efforts
I have microwaved something today
I haven't watched television in over 3 days
I can see something fire-engine red from where I am sitting right now
I have eaten something sweet today
I am about to eat lunch
I have already eaten lunch
I will be able to sleep in tomorrow
Something exciting is happening for me this weekend

Last trufax?

I can change a flat tire
I can fix a clogged toilet
I know what to do when a computer gets a BSOD
I know how to make a bed properly
I can set a table
I have over $5 in change somewhere in my house
I have eaten a piece of fruit today
I have something written on a post-it in this room
I have exchanged instant messages with people of both genders today
I am hungry


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if you were planning a family vacation for the first week of january, and were looking for something tropical but not extensively crowded, where would you go?

i hate flying and i'm not a fan of cruises, i'm trying to find something that works for me and my family. we're from NY and the maximum amount of time i can take on a plane is like 5 hours without losing my mind.

recommendations? for bermuda? non typical vacation suggestions are welcome as long as we can sit on the beach and get tan at some point.

halloween food ideas for pot luck

I am supposed to bring either fruits or vegetables to a pot luck on Wednesday.  I want to put something together that is really cute but also edible, with a Fall or Harvest or Halloween type theme. I could make a little cornucopia but that's not really all that edible.  Some sort of cute scene or something, you know like a gingerbread house except for Fall and with fruits or vegetables.  Something Martha Stewart would whip up!  I have googled but only found things like that that are sweets.  Any ideas for what I could make?  Thanks!

ETA: pictures would be great!  I am not very imaginative but I can copy about anything that is food crafty. 
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If something that's good gets TOO popular, how come people think it is no longer good?

If you are registered under a prominent party, such as Democrat or Republican, are your views, for lack of a better expression, "black and white?" I don't mean that in a rude way, but if you are registered under a party, you don't have to vote under that party, correct?

So why register under a party anyway?

I need to become a citizen, so I can vote. :/

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I let my best friend highlight my hair yesterday. it's supposed to be a subtle blonde color, but instead it came out BRIGHT piss yellow - and as chunky highlights, to boot (I didn't realize it until halfway in that she didn't use the applicator that came with it, she just used her fingers. wtf).

how do I fix this? I don't have money for a pro right now. do I just buy some brown dye and color over it? halp!

what's the worst hair dye job you've ever had?

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What's the last thing that you were excited about and then it got tainted?

I just got my ipod mini from ebay, and it has fucking STICKERS all over it; shiny love hearts. I am not amused. What can I do about this?

Where did my money-burning house-mate suddenly get $177 from?
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Dear members of TQC,

Why does my cat keep opening the cupboards in my kitchen and sleeping amongst my canned goods? How can I stop him from doing this? Tuna with cat hair, anyone? :) Is there anything you cat does which drives you batty? And how have you gone about trying to stop them? :)

Also, is there any kind of food you have to have on a daily basis? I don't count chocolate as food, but for the sake of this question I am going to allow it. I have to have a block of chocolate per day or else I kind of go a bit nuts. Sugar addiction, anyone? D: I wish I could quit it but there's a milk bar four houses down from me which makes it hard to resist buying it.
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Would you rather your teeth be...

Super white but super crooked
Really discolored but perfectly straight

Would you rather

Have diarrhea all day
Throw up all day

Would you rather...

Be stuck on an island by yourself
Be stuck in Antarctica with a few people

Would you rather...

Work in a fast food joint
Work in a distribution center loading freight into trucks

Would you rather

Have really nice designer clothes that are way too tight
Have unfashionable clothes that fit well

Lets say that you are financially stable and could choose, would you rather..

Be a stay at home parent
Work and put your kid in daycare

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1. What are some of your favorite songs to sing?
2. If you went to college, what year was your favorite and why?
3. Is there anywhere online to watch the new season of One Tree Hill?
seattle 1

Staff Holiday Party

So, I have been put in charge of planning my work holiday party. Its a small company with about 10 employees. The employees are, for the most part a close knit group, who have been working together for 10+ years. If everyone came and brought one guest, we would have 20 people. In the past it's been a dinner at the owner's house, and then people play pool, watch a hockey game, or whatever. I'm getting bored of the same old routine and trying to think of something different and fun to do instead. I have come up with a couple ideas; A murder mystery dinner, a scavenger hunt, or some kind of team board game or board game tournament where you move from one game to the next and try to win as many as possible.

Has anyone had any experience with planning and hosting a murder mystery dinner or a scavenger hunt? Do you have any tips for me?

Have you ever been to either a murder mystery or a scavenger hunt?

Which of those ideas would you enjoy most? (the staff range in age from about 25 to 40)

Do you have any other suggestions that my co-workers might enjoy?
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Does anyone know of an add-on that will do the random icon selection like lj hook did for the old version of firefox? The new version doesn't do it.

Someone linked me to something like it in tqc_anon but I can't find the post now and googling is getting me no where >:(

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ok so youre at a restaurant and you get your food before others. do YOU personally, think its rude to eat before they get their food?

on another completely different note, do you have mentally challenged siblings/children?

my 11 yr old brother is autistic, but very high functioning since we got him into therapy so young (18 months) my mom just called to tell me that according to his teacher (thru tests/studies etc.) that he is at a 7th grade level (minus math, he is in 4th for that bahaha) and i think thats pretty cool so i wanted to share~

alternatively, do you get offended when someone says "retard"? or if i had just said at the end of that last paragraph "so who else has some retards in their family" as a joke? i personally do not get offended, unless someone directs it at my brother, or refers to him specifically as one.

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Where is my Addams Family double feature DVD hiding?

I had to get stamps yesterday, and I only had a $20 bill on me, so as a result I got 11 dollar coins as change. Should I spend these as is, or take them to a Coinstar machine (I have about $50 in change that I need to cash in, too)?

Rachael Ray: annoying or amazing?
201Özil <3 :D

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on a whim i bought Bram Stoker's Dracula and American Psycho.

Which should I watch first, TQC?

and if you don't feel like choosing for me,

Based only on scent what is your favorite flower?

i'm addicted to orchids right now ♥

bore dumb

What do you usually end up doing when you are, for instance, waiting somewhere and you have literally nothing to do - no computer, no books or magazines, no one to talk to, no phone, etc.?

I make up stories in my head and pick the split ends out of my hair.
blow me by brightblinds

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Hurry! How do I beat Kastle Kaos in Donkey Kong Country 3 for Super Nintendo?
It's the boss right after the level with the purple liquid where you have to press the right arrow to go left, and left to go right.
Bailey and I

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You lend your car to someone at 9AM to run an errand (Getting some supplies to fix the plumbing at their house.. Which is in REALLY bad condition).
They are supposed to have it back by 11AM so you can run your errands.
IT is now 3:30PM. You called them around 2:30 and told them to bring your car back to you, and they refused (Not because they are still using it, but because they just don't feel like returning it).
They told you that you could come pick it up, but too bad if you couldnt, because they didn't feel like bringing it back to you. The agreement was, when they took the car they would bring it back to you at agreed upon time.
You have no way to pick your car up.
Said person shut their phone off so as not to be "bothered" by you calling them.

Can you report it stolen?
How long do you have to wait before you can report the vehicle?
How can you go about obtaining the vehicle (A taxi would cost a LOT of money, there is no bus route near to them, and you have no friends who can drive you)?
Miroku Turn

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HEY TQC, can I come live with you?

I know I am a republican and a weeaboo but I promise that if you wanted to marry your same-sex lovers I would not be bothered at all and I won't even dress up like InuYasha when you're around. It will be ever so much fun.

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My co-worker is re-organizing the filing cabinet, so all my office's files are on the floor in various piles. There's about 300+ files taking up the entire floor. Every time I walk into their office, I have to resist the urge to dive into files and roll around.

Should I? Would you?
Would 30 seconds of ultimate fun be worth the two hours of refiling and cleaning everything up?
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Is there an age where you consider someone to be 'old'?
If so, what is it?
How old are you?

If it depends on the personality, what's is an 'old person personality'?

(no subject)

What's the last really nice thing someone did for you?

earlier I made this post about a hair dye mishap. I couldn't take the color anymore (I just didn't feel like me) and I was afraid to screw it up, so I went to a salon. the lady charged me $40 just to put the toner in my hair and lighten the brassy piss yellow color to a nice softer blonde. I told her I couldn't afford to do anything else to it, so she cut it [3 inches off], blow dried it, and straightened it - all for free. usually that's at least $20-$30 more.
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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What's your favorite way to eat pumpkin?
I love it in pumpkin rolls and lattes. Yummmmmy.

Do you have any recipes you've made for pumpkin cheesecake?

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
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Gift registries: Good idea, super lame, or just a way to fish for more gifts?

What is the proper ettiquite to let people know you are registered?

If you were to have one, what is normal to put on one and what is simply too extravagant?

What is the craziest thing you saw on a registry?

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I've got to write a division/classification essay and it's so frustrating because I have no idea what to write about.

What are some good division/classification essay topics?

I originally wanted to do something involving silent films or silent film stars, but I can't seem to narrow it down into just a few categories. Then I thought of doing different types of silent film comedies, and could really only come up with two (slapstick, deadpan..). I also thought about doing football/soccer, but I wouldn't know how to categorize that either. It's got to be at least 650 words with 3 to 5 categories. I'm just insanely frustrated and any help would be much appreciated.
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TQC, am I the ONLY person here who hates (eating) anything with pumpkin?! Pumpkin pie makes me want to puke.

I'm seeing a movie tonight. It's cold and rainy and miserable outside (the only thing I hate more than rain is COLD rain, ugh), and after I got home from running errands earlier I changed into fleece sweats, a tank top and a cozy North Face fleece hoodie. Should I go to the movie comfy, even though I'll be laughed at by all the high school teenyboppers who get ~*dressed up*~ to go to the movies, or should I make myself presentable?

Have you ever used one of those nail grinders on your dog? How did your dog react? Are they REALLY as gentle as the infomercials claim? I feel like it would still be totally possible to grind them down to the quick, just like it's easy to cut the nails too short with clippers and cut the quick.

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I'm trying to get an older game to work on my macbook, but it says its not compatible with my newer operating system. My friend says I can somehow download/install the older application to play the game... does anyone have any idea how to do this??

edit: The game is Titanic:Adventure out of time. Anyone ever played it? Best game ever, yes?

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What was the last thing you tried that didn't work out well or the way you expected?

What talent do you have that you either have made money out of or would like to?
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I live in an old dorm. I've never had a radiator before. This is an old metal one.
It looks like this. That picture's not really relevant, but I enjoyed the challenge of getting a picture of it. Anyway.

Why is my radiator creating a fair amount of heat even when I have it turned off?

Should I be as concerned as I am about it being extremely rusty and old and horrible-looking?

Why do you think the little control thing on it goes "0, snowflake*, 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9?"

*There's a little symbol of a snowflake on the dial. As far as I know, it doesn't do anything different from 0.

And, in non-radiator news...
Why are canker sores so terrible? Have you ever had one? I get them fairly frequently. So did my mom, when she was my age.

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How good was your day? On a scale of 1 to 10

1 - agony. Multiple disappointments and frustrations on a ridiculous scale. I need to cry or drink or something. Equivalent to getting maced and tasered by authority figures
2 - Highly aggravating and annoying. Very stressed out or depressed as a result. Equivalent to being kicked in the groin
3 - Pretty crappy. I can't wait for it to be over. Equivalent to a hemorhoid
4 - Not a good day. Could have been better. Equivalent to a paper cut
5 - Fairly mundane and uneventful. Equivalent to a big bowl of oatmeal
6 - Pretty good. Some things went my way. Equivalent to getting a hug when you didn't expect it
7 - Enjoyable. I'm feeling good about myself. Equivalent to finding a $10 bill in the street
8 - Delightful. I like my life and everyone I encountered today made it even better. It's a very good day. Equivalent to winning a $100 lottery ticket
9 - Off-the-charts happy. Something amazing happened today. I can't believe it!. Equivalent to getting a half hour massage by a really attractive person
10 - Retarded happy. You can't even comprehend how good things are. You're in a happy daze. Equivalent to finding gold brick in the street


isketch, anyone?

Also, anyone have a random, off-the-wall, completely insane writing prompt? I have an itch to write, but ideas aren't really forthcoming.

ETA: now that I've rebooted, the room is "thequestionclub."

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if you found out that one of your coworkers who you are good friends with was going to get fired, would you tell them?

my friend at work is going on maternity leave soon, and i just found out today that when she leaves, they're going to ask her to not come back :( but i'm getting promoted to her position, so i'm not that bitter...

eta: they aren't firing her because she's going on maternity leave, they're firing her for work related issues. that's just when they are going to do it.

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TQC, will the combination of sweet apple chicken sausages and Kraft mac n' cheese be a totally gross combination? I am craving both of them hella bad. Or should I just make pasta with olive oil & feta to go with the sausages? (That will NOT satisfy my mac n' cheese craving, though.)

Also, are "scary" movies not as scary to you if they have really bad/obvious special effects?
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Why does myspace.com keep redirecting me to their mobile page? I am not on a phone.

I have a really cute outfit on today, but I didn't really go anywhere except to one class. Can I wear this outfit again for a party I'm going to tomorrow night? (No one at the party will have seen me in it today.)
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TQC, have you ever used Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects? if so, how did they work for you? I'm trying them for the first time and am curious if anyone got any real noticeable results.

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I'm thinking of adopting a cat from the shelter and I was just wondering:

1. I'm trying to convince my landlady subtly to say yes to Kitteh, she just lost her old cat in July. What are some ways to convince her?
2. Have you ever adopted a pet from a shelter? Will you share your story?
3. Advice for people who are thinking of adopting for the first time?

If not, will you share a photo of your pet and a special story about them?

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If you have tattoos... did you tip your artist? If you did, what percent?

If you don't have tattoos...
Is there someone you have known in your life that you could physically kill and not feel any remorse or regret?

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my freinds are trying to set me up with someone yet again and i actually not that bothered with men at the moment but quite horny having the sexual appetitie of 10 men ha!
anyway he seems fine..bit of a knacker..but has a tongue bar like myself
should i go for it?

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I donated blood today. It was probably one of the stupidest things I've ever done, I know- I'm under the weight limit and have had stress-related chest pains lately, and am also hypoglycemic. I'm feeling the results here seven hours later. Will it be safe for me to take ibuprofen? They took a pint, if that matters.

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I just spent the last 45 minutes tearing my already messy apartment apart looking for my passport! I cannot find it anywhere and I really need to get a new license, like 3 months ago. Where is my passport?

non serious answers please
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I'm going out with a friend and a bunch of her friends I don't know very well. I've met them all before, they're all nice, but I am shy and quiet and suck at making conversations with people I only kind of know.

Can you suggest some good conversation starters?
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I happened to flip past the news coverage of Jennifer Hudson's mom and brother being murdered. I just don't understand why people do this kind of thing.

What is your biggest 'OMGWTF I can't believe this is happening to me' moment?

I spent the night at a friend's house and her mother was murdered in the middle of the night.  We were on the second story and didn't hear a thing.  She was beat to death with a brick by a family friend who was coked out and on a rage. They think he was looking for money. I felt horrible for my friend because the day before was her father's wake. :(