October 23rd, 2008

Bert Shocked

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If a UFO just landed in your backyard and aliens came out of it and offered to take you for a tour of the universe would you go with them?

The Catch
Going with them you would get to learn all the secrets of the universe see planets and new worlds no human would probably ever see, however you could never come back home to Earth.

If you were allowed to take one inanimate object, what would you take?

Volunteer work

Why do all the interesting Volunteer programs make you pay a 'participation fee'?

It really sucks as I have found a few programs that I would really love to volunteer in, but they ask for at least $2000 as a participation fee. I guess I will just keep looking
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I need TQC's medical advice.

I hate this time of the year. All around me people have colds, sinus infections and nasty allergies and BOOM, out of nowhere my throat starts hurting/burning and I know in about two days it's going to turn into Bronchitis if I don't take care of it.

What are some ways that I can prevent this happening without going to the doctor? I can't try to get my doctor, but I am in between insurance plans and I work during his office hours.

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If you look at the people you graduated from high school with, are there any suprise successes or failures among them---relative to what their potential was?
And if you haven't graduated from high school, what about elementary school?

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Poll #1283711 Procrastination

How much of a procrastinator are you?

0 - I believe in pure anti-procrastination.
1 - I rarely procrastinate
2 - I probably do it more than I should
3 - I am an average procrastinator (rather large, important tasks)
4 - I procrastinate A LOT...w/ almost everything
5 - Let me get back to you on that...

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So, the screen on my Razr broke! Everything works fine, screen just went on me. Is there anywhere that I can get a list of exact buttons to press to get to certain menus? Particularly how to send a text message? I tried doing it by memory, but I couldn't figure it out.

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Do you think that technology is helping us move forward as a species (evolution wise...if you believe in that), keeping us stagnate, or pulling us backwards?

I hope that makes sense.
I feel like now that we have so many different types of technology, so many luxuries, that its keeping us from using our minds to its full capacity, and is thus keeping us stagnate. We are not evolving into more intelligent beings... we're too accustomed for having things think for us.

Ya know what I mean?

What are your thoughts, TQC?

“Most of the luxuries, and many of the so called comforts of life, are not only indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.”-Thoreau
Hurry up and look back

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Have any of you taken Ambien to help with insomnia? how long does it take to work, what are the first sensations that you have? for me it feels beyond just being tired... it feels like I have a light buzz or something and everything is slow. Makes me feel a lil drunk. Is that normal?

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ugh, i've had a headache ever since i got home at 4. i took a nap for maybe a hour around 5 or, which made the headache worse. i've taken six ibuprofen since noon and it won't go away!

so: wtf do you do when you have a stubborn headahce?
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what have you recently added to your ipod?

not a whole lot:

cherry red wine (johnny lang)
you're gonna go far, kid (offspring)
close your eyes (james taylor & joni mitchell)
unchained melody (righteous brothers)
unchained melody (elvis)
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Did your internet connection fail around 12:40 AM (midnight) EST today (Thursday, October 23)?

Is there a website and/or tool that's better than Internet Traffic Report for monitoring global internet activity?

I've confirmed that people in Maryland, Wisconsin, and California, using different ISPs, all failed simultaneously, only to come back up a short while after. Even my cell phone, which is on Verizon (same as my DSL), failed at the same time.

In my case, I was only able to fix my problem, about 30 minutes later, by having my password reset (for some reason the glitch changed it).

What's strange is that at first, it simply failed to initiate a PPPoE session, THEN 20 minutes later it complained about a bad password. About 10 minutes after my internet came back up, it went back down again with a password (authentication) error, but it came back up just fine 5 minutes later without me doing anything.

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soft grin

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What's up with all the icons with pumpkin heads? I know it's October but this is the only place I've seen that theme.

And dumb question,how do you make one? Do you search google image for pumpkin and just add it to an existing icon? :P

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Reverse stereotyping? 

I was watching a show on comedy central today(Can't remember what it was) But they made a joke about how it's funny that racist white people(not all white people)  don't like Obama because he is half black but if you break down McCain/Palin they fit the black stereotype more than Obama does.

This is what they said

McCain is a former prisoner who has cheated on his wife and married a woman almost 20 years younger than himself.
Palin is a gun toting crazy woman with 5 kids, one of which is knocked up outside of marriage.

The show was starring David Allen Grear, it was supposed to be a joke

Does anyone else find this funny? 
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Would you have sex with someone who only showered once every 3 days? (They have access to a shower, they can shower, they just choose not to)

Would you have sex with someone who never (and I mean NEVER) brushed their teeth?

ETA: If this was your S.O., what would say to them to get them to shower daily/brush their teeth?
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Why does one of the kittens keep pissing on my bed and blankets? They've been great about using the litter boxes for the last three months, and suddenly this last week has been whizz city.

And yes, I've been washing or using the enzyme stuff, and it hasn't been in the same place that I've noticed, so I doubt it's because of smell.

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I have brain block.
Can you finish this quote for me? I can't remeber what it is....

MAKE_________ NOT ____________ .


me - with gun
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If you were to put your music collection on random during sex, what would be the worst song to start playing and why?

Alternatively, what would be the best-but-only-because-it'd-be-funny song?
syringe + redeyes = comedy gold

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Hello internet! Perhaps you can help settle a disagreement:
Every 1-3 months or so I get a headache that no OTC pain med can help. After a few hours, like clockwork, i get extremely nauseous and then puke. After the barfing i feel GREAT, headache disappears, full of energy, never better.
This has been happening since i was a kid.
My sister insists that because of the puking, it's a migraine.
My mom insists that it's probably just that i have an unfortunate physical reaction to headaches.

So is this more like a headache or a migraine? What do you think?

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If a friend of yours starts giving away things because "I won't need them any more". What do you do?

EDIT But its good stuff!!

EDIT 2 They're going home soon and don't want to ship it. Its cool.

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So I was using my boyfriends computer for a paper, and I got bored, so I started browsing his pictures. In his 'other people' album, there's a whole lot of pictures of girls he knows wearing slim to nothing, in very scandalous poses. Internet porn I can live with... everyone watches it. But pictures of real people he actually talks to? I duno about that... What should I do about this innappropriateness, TQC? Delete them? Post one as wallpaper so that he knows I found them? Something else?

Srs and nonsrs answers please.

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1. When was the last time you had a nightmare & what was it about?

2. If you were being forced to 'turn into' an animal, but could choose anything on the face of this planet - what would you be?

3. Has anyone seen W.? What did you think of it?

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1. How often do you shower/bathe?

2. Does that frequency differ from how often you wash your hair?

3. Would you choose to go on an extended trip to a place where full body immersion showers/baths/whatever were only available about once a week?
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Does anyone know of a PC version of Monopoly that supports online play with up to at least 8 players, any of which can be replaced with an AI player? Running under XP is optimal, but not required. My own research suggests no such game exists for PC or any game console with online play, but I thought I'd ask in case I'm missing a version.

To stick with the theme... Has anyone here ever played in Monopoly national or world championships?
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help meee.

What makes you anxious?

How do you calm your nerves?

I have to give a speech in class tomorrow (and i have another one on monday! D:), and i have the worst public speaking phobia EVER. i always get really shaky and nauseous and i turn red and my mind goes blank.. ugh its horrible. :/ i know its not even a big deal but i just can't control the physical symptoms.
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Cowboy Ew

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I need help thinking of questions to ask my musician friends for a project I'm doing. Questions like: "What band was the very first band that influenced you to play music." or "Elvis or The Beatles?" or "There are two types of people in this world, those who like Neil Diamond and those who don't. So, do you like Neil Diamond? Why or why not?" Stuff like that...anything music related, anything that will give either a short answer or medium sized answer, nothing that'll make them write a giant paragraph. DEFINITELY anything that might inspire a funny answer. I'm looking for more of the "Elvis or Beatles" type questions than anything..

So! What are some questions I can ask them?

Stuff v. stuff

What's better?


What's better?

Captain Crunch
Captain Morgan

What's better?

Fancy knickers

What's better?

Ding Dongs
Fake dongs (sexual aids)

What's better?

Whoppers (Burger King)
Whoppers (chocolate malt candy)

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does anyone have a handicap liscence plate for  no real reason?
-yes i do. a while ago we only had my car and my mom drove it sometimes and she needed it. now im too lazy to go get another liscence plate

does anyone else who has one, or even doesnt use handicap parking although they dont need it?
-no. it makes me mad when people do it because of my mom. its not like its so painstaking for people with no problems to walk another couple feet.

when my mom was younger and didnt look it, she still had pretty bad arthritis and had a handicap decal. she told me funny stories where one time she got kicked out of a bar because she didnt look handicap and he thought she was lying. i think she then called the registration or the dmv or something and proved herself and the guy looked like an ass. and then another time she was in the grocery store with her mom, who also had one and was sick, and some most likely drunk guy harassed them all the way into the grocery store and even inside about how they shouldnt have parked where they were. they had two decals and one liscence plate one. lol who goes around yelling at old ladies and their daughters?
just thought id add that.

and also can i get in trouble for having the handicap thing although i never use it and there is a small chance my mom might have to drive my car for some reason?

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For a math project I'm about to start on, the prof wants us to type out our equations using the Equations Editor in MS Word. I've never even *heard* of this aspect of Word and have no idea how to get to it and/or make it work. Any kind people feel like saving my ass? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Got it, thanks!
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Ladies, serious question.

Tampons or pads?

I have to use pads right now and I can not for the life of me figure out what kind of girl would choose to sit in their own uterus chunkies every month.

beefing up the recipe book

what's your favorite dish that mom used to make? or still does make? or you wish she used to make?

i don't know what to make for dinner tonight so i thought this might help.
*edit* bonus points for having the recipe ;)

i'll share my favorite too. it's as delicious as it is easy!

mom's pot roast

1 onion (i use yellow)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 beef roast
1 packet of au jus gravy
3 cups of water
1 bag of baby carrots (or any desired amount)
a few tablespoons of flour (for thickening the gravy)

chop the onion and place in large pot with olive oil and meat on medium heat. brown on both sides. add au jus and water. cook on low heat for at least 3 hours. add the carrots about half an hour before it's done.

once it's done remove the roast, carrots, and onions from the pot.

in a small cup mix the flour and some water to make a thick liquid and slowly stir into the juices in the pot. turn the heat up and bring the gravy to a boil, stirring constantly.

serve with mashed potatos however you like them.
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The guy in front of me at Costco had his cart filled with enemas; at least 15 boxes with 8 enemas per box. Only other things were a 1.75L bottle of Wild Turkey and some beef jerkey.

What's he up to?
Buscemi - huh?

Opinions needed...

I was trying to post this in anon but, they rejected it so...

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I am asking for a friend doing a study of some sort. Everyone has different reasons and it's interesting to know.

I AM NOT Ashamed to ask such a question but, being that some people seem offended by it, I thought I would explain the reasoning.

candy corn

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I really feel like going to the movies before work. However there is only one movie I could see that would give me enough time to get to work by 3PM. That movie is Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Would I be the only one in the theater at the 1:15 showing? How much will I regret spending $8 on it?

Will you please talk me into/out of going to see it? Or can you suggest something else for me to do between now and 3?
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What position are you in when you read pleasure (your "fun time" aka non school related) novels?

Secondly, those who have a chick-fil-a close by, why the hell do they put the pickles in the chicken sandwich? NASTY. sdaf.

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Where do I get these Presidential nominee yard signs?
Do you have to donate money to get one?

What would you think if you saw a yard with an Obama sign AND a McCain sign?
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What would you do if you woke up in a coffin buried alive?

Scream for help? Try to claw your way out even though there is six feet of dirt above you? Just give up and wait to die?

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do you think its weird i shower with my 6 year old sister sometimes? im 17 and female. it makes me sad when people say its weird:(

oh and does anyone here have sleep apnea? now THATS weird.
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1. How many handbags do you think is too many?

2. How many do you have?

3. What would you say it the total amount you've EVER spent handbags and related accessories (wallets, wristlets, clutches)?

4. What would you think about someone who had more than 100 handbags?
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so, the girl i spoke of the other day that i met on okcupid wants to meet me and some of my friends out at a bar tonight, instead of just meeting on sunday as we originally discussed.

1. she's planning on coming by herself. is that weird? i think it's weird.

2. what if she sucks? she'll be there by herself and i'd feel obligated to pay most of my attention to her either way.
2a. would it be rude to be like "well, it was nice meeting you, careful driving home!" ???

3. am i over-thinking it too much?

ETA: the bar is very close to my house, as i've told her, and she lives nearly 30 mins away..

ETA #2: should i tell my friends that she's from the interwebz or would that make her feel awkward?

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how do you feel about physically disciplining children? should there be certain situations or maybe a certain age where it's ok/not ok? do you firmly believe in spanking, or would you never lay a hand on your kid?
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1. Did you learn how to graph/chart sentences when you were in school? Did you go to public or private school? ETA: I must have gone to the worst public school ever. I wish I had been taught this.

2. All of my life I have ever only broken out in two places, my forehead and my chin. For the past 7 months or so I've been also breaking out along my jaw, which is gross. Has this ever happened to you? Should I look into a different face-cleansing method or something? It's gross. :(

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I know this isn't poor skillz but...

1. What are some of the little things you've given up in order to save money lately?

2. What are some of the big things you've had to give up?

3. Will you share with me your most recent brillant get-rich-quick scheme? Srs and non-srs answers welcome.

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Sam and Chris are dating. Sam has health issues, and has recently had trouble sleeping. Sam has tried to get treatment but hasn't found a solution yet. Sam sleeps 2-4 hours most nights. Sam and Chris both go to school, but not the same school.

If you were Sam, how late would you expect Chris to stay up with you? How often?

If you were Chris, how late would you stay up with Sam? How often?

This is based on real people. Who do you think Sam and Chris really are in relation to me?

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If you were going to post a vibrator overseas what would you put on the customs label?

This is going to a friend who has a younger sister (not even a teenager yet) who always reads the labels, so it can't say "vibrator" but I don't want to get done for smuggling or anything like that.

Getting to know the TQC members...!

*when filling this out, it'll be easier if you copy and paste it, THEN fill it out. then readers won't have to refer back to the question for every answer!*

1. Will you fill in the blanks?

a. I am awesome at ___________.
b. Unlike most people my age, I am not a fan of ___________.
c. I do many weird things, the weirdest being ____________.
d. If I was given $5,000, I would_____________________.
e. The trend/fad I am guilty of following is _____________.
f.  My favorite color is _______.
g. The thought of__________ terrifies the crap out of me.


a. White or Wheat??
b. Television or Movies??
c. Talking or Texting??
d. Death by sliding down a 10ft razor blade or drowning in a barrel of snot??

What's Going on With Youtube?

Ok, maybe someone here can help me or has experienced this. I'm using Photobooth on my Macbook to make videos. Sometimes, when I put them on youtube, they cut off after a few seconds and no matter what I do, even if I reupload them, they do the same. I always keep them under the ten minute limit and they work fine when I play them in my computer. This doesn't always happen, though, and I'm at a loss as to why it's doing that. Maybe, I should look for another accessible video recorder or maybe, it's a weird youtube thing. Help would be appreciated.


I'm looking for christmas presents early this year. My mom wants these two movies but they're only on VHS, although I found one movie burned to DVD-R. Should I just get both on VHS or try to find burned DVDs?

Do you have Heinz ketchup in your fridge and/or pantry?
Kill Bill - Elle
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If you were organizing a semi-large get-together for your 18th birthday, but wanted to keep it low key, what would you plan on doing during it? No alcohol or drugs, not for this kind of crowd.

Is anyone here sick? How about tired? Lazy? Unmotivated? All of the above?
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For those of you that have a Wegmans nearby, what are your favorite Wegman's products?

I love their bagels, pumpkin bread, saltines, french vanilla muffins, garlic pizza, salads, and the raspberry fruit dip.

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Eenie meenie minie ______


Catch a tiger by the ______

Curlies (tiger pubes)
Zipper of his furry costume

If he hollers, ______

let him go
run like hell (what was I thinking?)
kick him in the tiger nads
holler back (it's a tiger mating ritual thing)
go forth and collect the lion and bear (oh my)

My mother told me to pick ______

the very best one
my nose
up my room (followed by 'you lazy bastard')
up sticks
a better hobby (manhandling tigers is a risky pasttime)
her up a hooker
my ass
a fight with my other mommy
that guy's pocket (mommy needs to buy drugs)
the lock to daddy's 'secret room'
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another pathetic update to the okcupid debacle..

she just told me she's never dated a girl. she's never even kissed one, and she's 21. she's also not out at all.. which, from my experience, can lead to mega shit hitting the fan.

now, i'm not saying there's anything wrong with that but i have been through all the "coming out" stages and have been with, physically and relaitonship-wise, my fair share of women. i feel like i'm at a different point in my life than she is. also, i don't want to be some cooky experiment.

i feel like this might be a deal-breaker, but i feel like a jackass thinking that way at the same time.

would you ever consider dating someone in their 20s that's never had a relationship or any physical/sexual experience whatsoever?

should i just forget about it?

what's your favorite color?
Starbucks cup

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For those in a serious relationship, can you remember/pinpoint when you first thought 'wow, I could spend the rest of my life with this person'? Or was it one of those gradual feelings?

If you live together, what are some things they do to keep the relationship fresh?

Snu snu game

This is similar to the 'marry-fuck-kill' game

Will you comment with the name of 3 people in TQC
Let others state which one they'd like to marry, which one they'd like to 'snu snu', and by default, which one they'd administer the hideously erotic 'DEATH BY SNU SNU'

For you Futurama unhip people

Snu snu

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do you think mccain regrets choosing palin?

have you gotten in any (irl) arguments about politics lately?

are you going to stay up and watch the election results?

election election election?

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How long does the udon that comes packaged in liquid that you find in the refrigerated section stay good for?

How else can I prep this stuff besides cooking it in broth and dumping some veggies and chicken in?

Tattoo you

I want to get a tattoo, so:

Is there site where I can look up good ones my area?

What are the cost like?

How long does it take one to heal?

How long after will I be able to pick up my almost 7 month old if I get one on my arm?

What questions do I need to ask the artist?


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Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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Should I play Fable II or try to write a story?

If you don't care about me and my petty decisions:

Would you rather be a Sherlock Holmes-esque detective in a world similar to the Cthulhu mythos (ala A Study In Emerald) or an outlaw with a steampunk robot suit that you use to restore your good name?
Zooey face


Tasteful fishnet-ish tights in the workplace: y/n?

I have TONS of tights from my old job (which was not in an office) and I'm not sure whether I should wear them. Most of them aren't really fishnets, but tights that have patterns and lacy-fishnet type patterns. Most of these pairs of tights were purchased in places such as Gap and The Limited.

What kind of tights can you get away with in your office?

"Happy in each other’s kiss...I'm happy in a love like this" -bruce

which of the HAPPY songs have ever...well...given you even a moment of happiness?

Shiny Happy People, r.e.m.
Im Only Happy When it Rains, garbage
You Make Me So Very Happy, blood sweat and tears
If it Makes You Happy, sheryl crow
My Happy Ending, avril
Oh Happy Day, traditional gospel song
Don't Worry Be Happy, bobby mcferrin
Happy Together, the turles
Happy, the rolling stones
Happy, bruce springsteen
Happy, jenny lewis
Happy Days are Here Again, barbra streisand
Happiness is a Warm Gun, the beatles
Happy Birthday, sung by waitstaff everywhere
oh suzer, happy birthday!
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what lj communities do you read when you're bored (besides tqc of course?)

I made a post yesterday about getting a credit card limit increase and they did increase it, so yay! What has made you happy today?

Cell phones!

Does anyone have the LG Voyager? My cell phone got stolen at work this week, so it looks like I need to drop my next paycheck on a new phone. Awesome, right? Anyway, my friend has the Voyager and it seems pretty neat. I definitely like the qwerty keyboard.

If you don't have the Voyager, do you have another Verizon phone to recommend to me? My missing phone was the LG Chocolate in blue, which of course they don't make anymore.

(no subject)

Do you think this election will be a critical/realignment one?
According to political scientist Alan Beck, these two conditions must exist:
a. Loyalty to the party in power must be weak.
b. Some sort of "societal trauma" must exist.

im french

(no subject)

I just found 65 Ambien pills. Whee!

Except... they are are from 1996. Are they still good? They've been sitting in my mom's medicine cabinet (a pretty constant environment) for 12 years.

Should I just take one and see what happens?
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(no subject)

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?  How are you similar to them?  How are you different?

Parents, what similarities do you see between you and your children?

(no subject)

Can you play any musical instruments? If so, what?

What was the last bad smell you smelt?

What was the last disgusting thing you saw?

A UFO just landed in your backyard, what do you do?
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Mitty box

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Have any of you ever work at Starbucks? How was it? Do you think they'd be up for only scheduling me 10-15hrs a week? Is that enough time to learn all the crap I'd need to know or are baristas and cashiers different? I'd rather cashier than barista. How do they pay? I keep hearing that they're a good company to work for.

What about Chik-Fil-A? At least I'd always have Sunday's off!

I tried transferring to the Kroger in my new city, but they were full up so I am unemployed again. =(

(no subject)

why do people still want to vote McCain when they see their fellow countrymen and others from around the world literally BEGGING them to vote Obama?
why doesn't that say anything to them?

(no subject)

1. What kind of phone do you have? Razr
2. Who is your service provider? Alltel
3. Is it on a contract or prepaid? contract
4. Does it take nice pictures? Not as nice as my Samsung. :(

If you don't have a cell phone or just want to answer this question... Would you ever go skydiving? Fuck yeah!

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I just stumbled upon some pro-life stuff on Facebook and read something along the lines of, "Having an abortion doesn't make you un-pregnant, it makes you the mother of a dead baby."

So, do you think women who have abortions (and don't have prior children) are mothers? In more than the biological sense, I mean.


Woman arrested for killing virtual reality husband

Do you think she should have been arrested?


She may serve up to 5 years or fined up to $5,000. What do you feel the penalty should be for offing her ex's avatar?

Up to 5 years
Up to $5,000
5 years AND $5,000
25 years
Life in prison
Loss of all property and possessions
Death penalty
Death penalty for her and anyone with her name
Probably absolutely nothing except maybe some anger management classes
Forced to play World of Warcraft until she gets addicted

Are video games/virtual games serious business?

I'd like to buy a vowel

The mystery of the clean car

1. I work in a private gated home, by boss is out of town, and my SO was at work all day. So, TQC....who washed my car for me? The only other people around were the house keeper (too busy) the driver (he left early and I saw him all day before that) the Gardeners, or the construction workers.

2. OMG Someone in my apartment building is cooking fish. Someone else is cooking cabbage. What only unholy smell combos have you come across recently?
liek omg by retreat_repeat

(no subject)

do your friends younger siblings make you nervous?

mine do. i always feel like since i'm their older sibling's friend i have to be impressive, and i don't find myself too terribly impressive. like today my friend's younger brother got on my bus and i was SO nervous talking to him. thank god for chatty 18 year olds.

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I just got a bill from my doctor for stuff that insurance didn't cover. I went in complaining of a numbness in my chest/lung and one of the charges on the bill is "Smoking and tobacco use counseling".

The only thing that was said about smoking during the appointment was when the nurse asked if I smoked and I said about a pack every 3 days.

She didn't respond, the doctor didn't mention it.

I have no idea if that's what my insurance isn't paying for, but it's around the same amount that they want me to pay them.

What would you do in this situation? Would you be mad about it? Would you just pay the bill?
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A guy just knocked on my door and asked if I waned his adorable bulldog puppy, which he may have to give up.  Should I take the dog?  I want a dog, but I wasn't planning to get one until January and I wasn't planning to get a bulldog.

TQC, what would you do?