October 22nd, 2008


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my ass hurts for some reason. like a sore "I pulled a muscle" ache. I don't know how or why this happened.

what's the last physical pain/ailment you had, that seemed to appear with no explanation?

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When you're at the theater, which arm rest is yours?
Do you have any tattoos? What are they of?
What is your least favorite food?
What's the best thing you've ever tasted?
What's the most disgusting thing you've ever had in your mouth? 
If you could only taste one thing for the rest of your life would you choose salty, sweet, bitter or sour?


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ok so i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth (dorm situation) and a girl comes in to use the potty. she flushes the toilet and then does her thing etc. she comes out and rinses her hands off, just with water. she gets a paper towel and opens the door with it then throws it away.

if she's such a germophobe about touching the door knob, WHY DIDN'T SHE WASH HER HANDS?!

and another bathroom question:
when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee, do you wash your hands?

i don't D:

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i moved out of this apartment last year and i just moved back in. they scratched my name out on my mailbox and never put it back on. i didn't notice this (it's inside the mailbox..) until i realized that i have been getting absolutely no mail.. including my voters registration card. if everything has been returning back to sender, where would my card go back to? :(
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How did I sprain my wrist? Can I call in sick to work with a sprained wrist?

Where is my wallet? Will I get it back? Even the cash?

How long after my breakup should I wait before sexing up new people?

Honestly now...

Are looks or brains more important?

Are oral skills or penis size (or whatever girls are interested in if you're a lesbian or a guy..vaginas maybe) more important to you?

What's the most awkward conversation you've had with a parent?

If you had to pick one person on earth to die, who would it be?

If you were going to get plastic (or some other sort of cosmetic) surgery on ONE part of your body, what would it be?

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This morning I saw my friend sign onto Yahoo and I said *HI SUGAR TITS!* The response I got was *This is Jean*.....her seven year old SON!!!!!

1. What was the last thing that you did that made you say OH SHIT!?

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for those who have cats: why does my cat refuse to drink her cold, clean water out of her clean, fresh bowl? why does she insist on drinking out of faucets and the toilet and licking the floor of my tub when i get out of a shower? :|
Ms. Michonne

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I'm in a very relaxed and peaceful mood right now, and I am also in a mood to discover new music.

Q: Do you have any amazing piano-based songs like Comptine D'un Autre Été: L'après Midi (or just general pianists and composers) that you could recommend for me to check out?

Side Question: Who is your favorite classical composer? (feel free to defend your choice if you so choose :) )
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1. I haven't been up this early in months! it feels refreshing. what's the last thing you did that made you feel refreshed?

2. what did you have for breakfast today?

I had scrambled eggs, bacon, and a hashbrown.

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How often do you clean out your closet / wardrobe?

They say that if you haven't used something in 6 months, you should throw it out.  Have you ever found something interesting in your closet that you completely forgot about for 6+ months but decided to keep it anyway for whatever reason... then re-discovered it 6+ months later after having not seen it since the last time you cleaned your closet?  Did you keep it again?
Milhent forest

Testing poll for TQC

I'm thinking about buying myself an early New Years present. What do you think I should by: new laptop or a PSP? I know that prices are very different and I can get a cheaper laptop and a PSP. The thing is I can afford both, but I can't justify it to myself.

So, what should I get for myself?

New laptop
Sony Playstation Portable

Spend your money on something else, like:

Collapse )

On other note, do you buy expensive (but necessary) things for your family/friends as early Christmas / New Years / Birthday presents? And if you do, do you "forget" about already giving them out when those holidays come around?

Yes on both counts. When my sister got her handbag emptied in the bus, I took her out to buy her a new cellphone and called it "an early New Years present". And now I'm already thinking about what to give her as a real present when time comes.

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How much do you pay a month for the iphone? what kind of deal did you get? Do you think there's a better phone to get, what is it?

What's a popular purse and wallet right now? (link photos please)

But is the truth worth it?

Hello TQC,

Perhaps you could help me solve a problem. I went on an academic excursion with a staff member of my organization (I am a "program assistant") and some students. I did not enjoy it because even though the students were great she treated me sub-human. Now we have to fill out reviews of our co-leaders and I said I would not travel with her again and the reasons, and now I'm wondering if I should throw that review away and not say those things before I turn it in because it sounds like I am just being a whiny brat.

If you would like to read the circumstances, I have placed them Collapse )

So, TQC, do you think I have a reason for stating that she was not a good co-leader (although I did write that she was excellent with the students) or am I just being over-sensitive? Would saying that I didn't enjoying leading a tour with her only serve to make me feel temporarily better about myself by getting my feelings out or would it really do any good?
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Random Thought Blobs

Why have four of my six interviews not shown up?

Why don't they realize that this is a job interview and that at the very least it is considerate to call and cancel?

Mac or PC?

Firefox or Explorer/Safari?

Anything fun planned for the weekend so far?

Why does the government feel it necessary regulate our personal lives (ie birth control, gay marriage, etc.)?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if in fact a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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What country(ies) are more conservative than the US, namely in fiscal matters?

I keep hearing conservatives mention they're leaving, or they're not quite upset enough to leave, if Obama's elected...which begs the question: where would they go?

What would have to happen with your own government for you to consider leaving the country?

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Have you ever been denied a job (or something else) based on your sex/gender? Did you do anything about it?

I don't think I have, though I have been because of age. But I was in another job interview and a guy called up the Boss and was told they were looking for a female anyway (there was no reason a male couldn't have done the job, it was phone work, calling up companies), so go away. Then the boss had the nerve to complain about the guy being a free-loader for being on government benefits - WELL IF YOU WON'T GIVE HIM A JOB BECAUSE YOU'RE A SEXIST JERK, WHAT CAN HE DO?!

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1. if someone takes multiple showers a day (more than 2) do you find that hygenic and impressive, or just excessive and obnoxious?

2. I bought Condemned 2 for my 360 a few weeks ago and I haven't played it beyond the practice level. is it really scurry?
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When I take a pill, I:

A. Put the liquid in my mouth and then put the pill in my mouth before swallowing.
B. Put the pill in my mouth and then put the liquid in my mouth before swallowing.
C. I am a pill-swallowing badass and do not require liquid to take pills.
D. I can't swallow pills, I get everything in liquid form.
E. Something you forgot, Patricia, you bitch.

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I woke up with a migraine...it's my day off (at least I don't have to do anything) but FUCK.

Should I take Tylenol that probably won't help, or risk the possibility of puking in/out of my car on my way to the store to buy something specifically for migraines?
ETA: I made it to the store without puking! Waiting for my bread to toast so that I can take some meds

Do you get migraines?

New Question:
Do you ever leave your house without a bra on?
I haven't since probably fourth grade but I just went to the store with a winter coat on and I felt so freeeeee!
Hobo With A Shotgun

Friends vs. Seinfeld 6: Bloodline Rebellion

Who would win in a fight: Kramer or Phoebe?

Who from Friends should take on Newman?

Who from Friends should take on Jerry? Or should Jerry remain as a grand champion endboss?

BONUS STAGE ( offtopic )

To the non-UK people here: you ever watch those 'chavs' on movies and shit, and think: "Wow...I could totally take on all those guys..."?

This is going to sound completely crazy...

From the time my brother was about 12-19 years old, he had a little blue man following him.  He was his little friend.  He'd pop out in doorways and make faces at him.. Basically just mischeivous in general.  His description of him was the he ran really fast, like sonic the hedgehog, had lots of razor sharp pointy teeth, and was about 2 feet tall. 

My brother's a story teller, so I never really believed him, until one day my friend saw something that convinced her.  Her and my brother were dating.  He was about 15 and used to sneak to her bedroom window at night.  So, they're standing there and her bedroom door creaks open.  She freaked out, thinking it was her brother, and ran over and slammed the door.  My brother freaked out and said it was his little blue man, and she had slammed him in the door.  The next moring she found a mysterious blue smudge on her white carpet.  I'm sure she didn't make up the blue smudge, but I still doubted my brother's story.

Fast forward 5 years and my husband is working 3rd shift at a hotel.  His coworker starts telling him about how his brother was out in the woods somewhere and saw a little creature about 2ft tall, with razor sharp teeth, that ran super fast.  One minute he was there, the next he was gone.  I can't remember if what he saw was blue or not (ETA: My husband has confirmed to me that it was blue, from what he can remember.), but it sounds strangely familiar.  My brother didn't know the guy, and the coworker knew nothing about my brother's little blue man.

Now that my brother is 27, and married with kids, he's matured and stopped telling his stories.  So, I asked him about his little blue man.  If it were just a story, he would have laughed at me and told me so.  He still swears by his little blue man.  

So, my question is this... Has anybody ever seen a creature that resembles what either my brother or my husbands coworker saw?  

I'm still not convinced my brother isn't a complete loon.  So, I can't rule that out as a possibility.  :P


For a week-long vacation, would you rather do:

1. London/Paris
2. Venice/Florence/Rome

For those of you who have been to Italy, which city was your favourite?

Vegas for my birthday this year

I've been there several times in the past 8 years, but not actually ON my birthday!

I've found a list of birthday offers in chains around the country, but is there a Las Vegas-specific list somewhere? Or should I walk around waving my ID and demanding people give me shiny things?

Me - Valhalla

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Ok TQC, I am in Europe and heading over to Amsterdam in a few days. Now, besides drugs, what should I do there?

Also, my phone gave up the ghost and I am left phoneless. Where the hell could I pick up an unlocked cell phone in Europe? (More like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin areas).
Queer focus

Inspired by the blood donation post

In Australia, we have a discriminatory blood donation policy, where gay males can't donate, EVER, even if they've never had unprotected sex, whereas anyone else who has had unprotected sex, can donate after 12 months. If you've done so much as stuck your finger in a gay man's ear, you also can't donate for 12 months.

What should I do, (assuming I am eligible to give blood)?

EDIT: I am eligible to give blood on those grounds, but I am hesitant to, because I want the Red Cross to know I object to their policies. However If I don't give blood, I'm not really disadvantaging the Red Cross so much as the people needing blood.

those cultural twists

So say you're not 'full American' (though technically no one is, but you know what I mean). Say you're Asian-American, or African-American, or whatever mix of non-western plus western. What kind of cultural 'clashes' do you have living in your current country?

One such example for me is that I am extremely respectful with my parents, the level of which isn't understood by my Western counterparts. Not that it causes any serious discrepancy, it's just one of those nuances you notice.
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after i got off a call with a client my boss just said "you know what i notice, you don't ask people how they're doing".... and i almost automatically replied "cause i don't give a fuck, and i don't want to do that fake pretend i care shit"... but i held my tongue. anyway my question TQC....

1. do you ask people how they're doing? (not close friends or family that you really care about, but like clients and strangers and stuff)
2. do you really care about the answer they give? or are you asking just because, or just as a punctuation before you get on to business?
3. am i a bitch for not really caring enough to ask "how are you doing" with clients? (i do ask it with friends and family and when i really am concerned)

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why is it that after a night of intense beer drinking and eating plates of chicken parm and slices of chocolate cake until midnight, i woke up starving and, according to my scale, i have lost weight?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

I'm not preggers but someone brought up baby names...

Were you named after someone?

What do you think of naming a baby after someone who died? Does it depend on the circumstances of the death?
("Mommy, why did you name me Katie?" "Well sweetie, Mommy had a friend named Katie who died tragically when she was only 21 years old.")

Do you have baby names picked out? What are they? If you have babies, what are their names?


On a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how high is your libido?
For those of you who answered 5 or under: Are you in a relationship?  If so, how does this affect your relationship?

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I know it's early, but I'm poor and need to plan ahead.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, do you allot a certain amount of money for each person or do you just buy a gift without really considering the cost?

If you go in terms of money, how do you usually split it up?
I'm thinking $100 for my mom, $100 for my dad, $25 for my sister, $25 for my brother-in-law and $50 for my nephew

My migraine still didn't go away, but I don't feel like throwing up anymore. I really want mac 'n cheese for lunch...Would this be a bad choice?

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For lunch, I munched on Spicy Nacho Doritos and I'm about to open a tiny travel-size bottle of wine that could be approximately 2 glasses worth [and yes, I'm drinking it straigt from the bottle].

Is there any kind of trashy aspect to your lunch?

If not, will you share with me?  ;)

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Are the truly CRAZY liberals the product of an abortion gone wrong?

Deprived of oxygen at their unfortunate birth while in the middle of a late term abortion that failed?
I think so...what are your thoughts?


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I live in apartment and someone knocked on my door. I didn't buzz anyone up and I'm home alone, cleaning the place in my underwear, so I chose not to answer.

I looked through the peep hole and it was some man. Then he started banging on the door, even louder. Then he stopped and started up about three minutes later. He's gone now, though.

It's a nice, sunny day and no fire alarms went off and there are no ambulances or anything around. The place seems pretty clear of emergencies. Oh, and he didn't have a pizza or food or anything.

What do you think he wanted?

Would you have answered the door when he started banging? Or would that have put you off from opening the door even more?

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I'm painting my room a medium green, and have dark wood furniture. I don't know what color bedsheets to buy- the ones I currently have wouldn't work. The green doesn't have yellow undertones. It's like these, except a shade or two lighter.

What color bedsheets would go well with the walls? I was thinking a lighter green, but would that be too much?

Doctor, doctor, give me the news

I'm writing Christmas cards to clients, and one of them is a doctor. What do I put inside the card? Dear Dr. [first name]? Dear Dr. [last name]? Dear [first name]? Something else?

I'm ok on the envelope (Dr. [first name last name]), it's just the actual card that has me stumped.

EDIT: Question answered, card written!
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I haven't seen my ex-girlfriend since we broke up three months ago. Tomorrow, I might be hanging out with her and one of her friends. I'm so fucking nervous because of the feelings I still have for her.

How do I calm my nerves? How do I act? What do I say?


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I know of these two girls who are cousins. (know of = went to school with them and small town gossip spreads fast)
They both have a kid by the same guy.

What would that make their kids?

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If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets again or not wash your bath towel ever again, which would you rather not wash?

You have to choose, meaning, none is not acceptable.


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When you see IRA what do you think?

IRA GLASS of This American Life
retirement fund
Irish Republican Army
some nifty gadget for my iPod
the government agency that collects my income tax
International Reading Association
Indian Reorganization Act
IRA EINHORN, The Unicorn Killer
none of the above

When you see HPV what do you think?

Human Powered Vehicle
Human Papilloma Virus
Hypoxic Pulmonary Vasoconstriction
High Production Volume
High Priority Violation
none of the above

When you see CDC what do you think?

Career Development Center
Center for Disease Control
Climate Diagnostics Center
California Department of Corrections
Community Development Corporation
Cult of the Dead Cow
none of the above

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part of my job here at the dating service is to answer questions/emails. today i am hungover and clouded in the brain a bit and there's this one email i've read over and over and it just doesn't make sense to me. can someone please translate this shit for me and/or answer the question?

Collapse )

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How should I ask the one other Catholic kid in my hall if I can go to Mass with him? I haven't been in a while and I'd really like to go.

What childhood ~belief~ do you wish you still had?

Santa Claus. Christmas lacks the magic it used to have.

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I currently have a T-mobile Sidekick 3 phone. If I was to remove my SIM card out and place it in an ATT Tilt phone, would I be able to use the same plan that I have with the sidekick 3?

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Who's your favorite English monarch?

Mine's Henry VII.

What about another favorite European monarch?

I think Alfonso X and Jaime I of Spain and Catalonia were kickass.

And lastly, a favorite non-European monarch/emperor/whathaveyou?

Those Mongol dudes were bad ass.

Roomate Issue

I used to be an athlete and so I don't really mind being sweaty, and I certainly don't mind going to class right after I work out, even if I can't take a shower. I do sweat, but it's not like I smell bad. I prefer not to hop in the shower immediately after physical activity (unless I'm going to see my boy, or go out or something like that).

I've gone running every day this week (wahoo!) and it usually falls in the middle of the day, and I usually have somewhere to go right after. Yesterday, I got home from running, cleaned up a little (but didn't shower), threw on some yoga pants and a fleece and headed to my school job (which involves signing student athletes in and out of study hall... there's no uniform and I don't have to look good). I showered later when I got home. My roomate proceeded to ask me how in the world I can do that, and how incredibly gross she would feel if she did that. It would have just been a statement of preference IF she hadn't had a disgusted look on her face, and IF she hadn't said something like this to me before. I think it's really rude and none of her business.

Should my roomate mind her own business, TQC? Or would you say the same thing to me?

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Poll #1283419 Flavors?

Are butterscotch and caramel the same flavor?

What?!? Hell, no, they are completely different flavors!
Yes, I think they taste the same

I bought some chewy oat bars that are listed as being "Oats and Caramel", but I think they taste like butterscotch.  Either way, they are delicious, but the misnamed flavor bothers me. 
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Is 'Sweet Caroline' totally creepy to you as well?

Are you going to an art show at a winery this weekend, too?

Cranberry+Banana=awesome, y/n?

The real reason I'm here: I'm thinking of cutting off approximately 13-14 inches of hair. Do you think you can convince me otherwise?
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Do you think that we would be much more technologically advanced (particularly in the area of physics/astronomy) if the science greats (like Galileo, Isaac Newton, Einstein etc) were still alive? Do you think they would have continued to make big discoveries that the scientists of today have not yet made?

...in which your car tries to steal your money.

Would you chance driving twice a week, in low traffic, to and from work on a broken head gasket until you had the money for repairs?

What is the most expensive repair you've paid for on your car?

What's the most difficult repair you've made on a car yourself?

Psst, I don't have a choice about driving. I'm so low-income, I don't even qualify for taxes.

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I go to a medium sized university, but we don't have teacher assistants, so naturally I'm curious about TA's. Are they older undergrads, or are they graduate students? Do they go to class to see what is being taught or they just "know" by talking to the prof/you tell them? I'm assuming they hold office hours too?

After reading about a professor who used to teach at American University in DC on ratemyprofessors.com, people were saying to choose a certain TA cuz they're better than others..so that leads me to the question, if there's more than one TA, can you choose, or are they assigned and you're screwed if you get a bad one? Also, do they work for more than year or is it a semester to semester job?

Are you a TA? Would you be a TA? What do you think of TA's?

Because I'm Morbid

People who live in a town with a population under 25,000...

1) Has there been a shocking murder/serial murder recently?
2) Did it surprise you?
3) Do you think smaller towns have more potential for crazies?

1) Yes. Triple homicide via ex-marine sniper hiding in the woods. Whut?
2) Not really. We had a guy wailing on police with a samurai sword in the middle of town last year.
3) Fuck yes.

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People with the iphone, going from a qwuery keyboard (click click) going to the touch screen, was it easy to adjust or is it difficult to type on the iphone? I'm a hardcore text messenger.

I've decided to go with the iphone, and return my 2 week old ipod.
Valentine's - Hearts n skullz

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I'm doing my homework and trying to be an informed voter. Are you? 

1. Who are you voting for in the 2008 presidential election? Why?
I'm still undecided... and apologetic if this question has been asked already but I surfed back at least ten pages and didn't see it.

2. Is there a way to search entries on thequestionclub for similar questions that may have been asked previously? 

3. What's the last book you read that had a happy ending?
Angels Fall, by Nora Roberts


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this may be my first positive post in weeks!

i'm having a really great day so i'm hyper and excited. a few minutes ago i ran from the kitchen to the living room and there's a room between them. my roommate's kitten was laying in the middle of that room and as i ran by/over him, he jumped up with all of his limbs pointing way out and slammed into my crotch.

why is your life hilarious right now??

Anthrax OMG

Has anyone heard about the anthrax scare in the NY Times building today?

My mom sent me the weirdest freakin' email about it, because she works there and apparently now she can't leave until they're done investigating. Wild.

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Oprah's episode today was about teenagers who are spoiled and how for the first time ever teenagers are being told "No" on what they want because of the economic crisis.
Would you call yourself a member of "Generation Entitlement" (think about the teenagers on MTV's Sweet Sixteen but on a population of millions)? What do you think of the next generations?

Honestly, I've always been way too poor to do anything teenagers my age ask for and receive. I am definitely not apart of Generation Entitlement and most teenagers my age make me blindingly angry.

Hypothetically Speaking

Hypothetically, for a person you knew passionately for only a week, ten years ago, you just dumped your spouse, your children and all your friends. You gave up your job, your house, all of your money and assets, and you have moved to a new city.

After about week of unbridled passion your New One True Love dumps you like a hot rock and goes on to their next conquest.

You are alone in a strange city, with no family, friends or money.

What do you do??
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titanic, rose, jack

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Hypothetically, say that when you were young you fell almost instantly deeply in love with someone, like you thought they were the love of your life, lots of passion, etc.  But after a week of you being together, some tragic thing separated you so that you couldn't be together and you had no way to contact said person. 

Now say you are married, with whatever number of children is ideal for you, fairly happy with your spouse, and fairly in love with them.  But you aren't as in love with them as you were with the person you only knew for a week.  You also have a nice legit job that you really like, and basically, your life is pretty sweet minus the passion of the former love.

Say that the week - love - person comes back into your life and wants to be with you.  But you don't have time/will/whatever to test it out and see if you would live well together - you just know that you are still just as in love with them as you were however many years ago.  You two could go off together, but say you'd have to give up everything - your new spouse obviously, your job, your house, you'd have to move, you couldn't keep any of your money or assets, you'd lose all your friends.  You will still be able to see your children, but your spouse will have primary custody and you will be living in a different city, so you won't get to see them often.


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what's the most annoying part about having an argument/disagreement with someone?

are you male or female?

your age?

your birth order? (youngest, oldest, only, etc.)
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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What do you think would be essential components in an advertisement for subletting an apartment? In other words, what would make you skip over an ad if something was missing?

I'm interested in making this cute little ghost. Would a place like Walmart have LEDs? If not where should I go to buy them?
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dumb question

ok so, i was sitting at dinner (dining hall) and some kid comes over and says, "anyone sitting here?" i say no and he sits down. we sit through dinner in silence/avoiding eye contact (loud music playing so it was ok- long story) right as i was buttoning my coat he says, "what are you doing tonight?" being dumb, i tell him the truth and say nothing.
he asks if i wanna meet up for coffee later and by default i say, "uh ok," then leave.

i am a dumbass and just accepted a date thing with this guy.

should i stand him up?
go and explain that really, i am a man?
go and immediately start talking about my boyfriend?