October 21st, 2008

eknock, Ash


Do you have a tattoo? How many? Where? Any in colour? Which is your most painful/least painful?

I have seven, three in colour, and most except for my seventh are on my back/shoulders. Last one is on my leg.

Most painful is one on my leg. It hurt like a biiiiiitch. (It's a fairy holding a lily and she's downcast, and her wings are torn and tattered).

Least? Shooting star in between my shoulders.

skin tags

Do you have any skin tags?

Have you had them removed? How was it done?

Have you ever tried over the counter remedies to remove them?

If you never had one removed, would you want it removed?
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(no subject)

What's your favorite group of people on the internet? Like...forum, lj community, etc.

What does your bedding look like? My sheets have stars and planets on them, one of my pillows also has stars and planets, another pillowcase has paisley, and my comforter has Teddy Grahams all over it. Not real Teddy Grahams, mind you. Just pictures.

Also will you do this?

(no subject)

If you ever had shitty skin, but don't any more: HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET YOUR SKIN TO CLEAR UP?

(I'm not talking about one or two random spots)
Did you notice your skin improve with diet changes? Any special methods for washing your face? If you go to a dermatologist, do they actually work on your face? What do they do? What do they prescribe for you?

I'm sort of at my wit's end. My skin just randomly started to look extra awful and I can't get it to look nice :(

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Poll #1282395 Jobs and Such

I am...

0-15 years old


Am still in high school
Am an undergraduate student, full time, with no job
Am an undergraduate student, full time, with a part time job
Am an undergraduate student, part time, with a job
Am an undergraduate student, part time, with no job
Am a graduate student, with no non-academic job.
Am a graduate student, with a part time non-academic job
Am a graduate student with a full time non-academic job
Am not a student and work full time
Am not a student and work part time
Am not a student and don't work for pay
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(no subject)

I've watched Elizabethtown three times today. I'm really not sure why. I also had a minor financial crisis, went to work and made my son smile a lot. What have you done today, TQC?
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My friend's wedding is this Saturday at about 5p, with a reception afterwards.

I plan on wearing this outfit:

Collapse )

I know I have a weird fashion sense, but I promise it looks good together.

Now, my question is, black tights, bare legs or something else?

(no subject)

Collapse )

In your opinion, what's the rudest activity/habit that you either subconsciously or knowingly engage in?

What is the rudest activity/habit that you find most disrespectful or particularly annoying? Which do you not care about?
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as a kite

(no subject)

Do you (or did you) study for tests?
How far in advance do/did you start studying?
What methods work best for you?

I don't usually study. If I do, it's all last minute and I only remember things I make acronyms for.

(no subject)

My SO is going back on the road in the morning and I probably won't see him again for another 5 weeks. :(((

What's something special I could do for him?

He doesn't eat breakfast, so I can't cook for him.
Sex acts are out, too.

(no subject)

wtf happened to all the cartoons?!??!

So, here I am thinking, my mind roaming, and I turn to the past - namely a few years ago. And something came to mind. I miss cartoons. I miss the satisfaction at finding an animated show that was well scripted, creative, and had great animation. I used to love animation so much that I once wanted to become an animator myself. Yet......everything I once loved is gone! Why have all the cartoons gone to shit!?! The gems blotted out with this mediocre crap that seems to run common themes through multiple stations?! And for the few that are salvaged, they are regurgitated and run into the ground so many times I can't stand them anymore! I almost want to continue on ranting about this, but because I want actual responses and not a bunch of TLDR's, I will finish with this question:

Do you miss real cartoons as much as I do?
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(no subject)

How long is too long for not having sex? (and this doesn't include virgins)
What if you're not in a relationship for 4 years and you don't do one night stands?

Do you think it's normal or kind of weird? 

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Gooooooood evening, TQC!

1. When you're done with a tube of toothpaste, do you buy the same kind again or do you buy a new kind each time?

2. How long does it take you (or your household) to use an entire tube of toothpaste? How many of people use this tube on a daily basis?

3. What kind of toothpaste is on your counter RIGHT NOW?

4. I am starting myself on Weight Watchers again, on the Flex system. Does anyone have a reliable chart of the points allowances for different weight categories? I'm finding ones online, each of which tell me I should be eating within a certain range every day and I am CONFUSED. :(

5. Have you seen "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People"? How freakin' awesome was it?! I was loling pretty much the whole time.

(no subject)

Are those mail-order minister licenses actually legit? You know, the ones people pay like 20 bucks for over the internet and can then supposedly perform weddings and funerals and crap.

I thought I remembered hearing that they weren't considered real anymore, and the 'weddings' conducted weren't legal.

Yeah, a friend of mine got "married" this way recently. Just curious.

(no subject)

While trying to upload a picture on my journal I got this message.......

Not enough disk space remaining on your account for these pictures."

What can I do to fix this? If you suggest trying to contact LiveJournal I will just laugh at your face because that is almost impossible.
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non-srs answers welcome!

Our housemate got a new girlfriend. She's "anti-social" according to him - this means in the entire month they've been dating, she has never said one word to any of us. She doesn't even look at us! We've decided that we hate her. Donut hardly ever talks to us anymore and they just sit in his room with the door closed for 6+ hours (and no, they're not having sex; the walls are very thin here). She's here nearly every night.

So ... how do we get rid of her? We miss Donut. :(


I feel like watching a movie. I am looking for a comedy or Drama, maybe a thriller if it is really, really good

Can you please recommend a DVD for me to watch?

(no subject)

I've been up since 3:50 am. I still have another hour before the bus comes. Is dancing around my room to loud music dressed up like a rockstar still a sufficient use of my time, or should I be doing homework for the rest of the week? Everything due today has been completed as of 6 this morning.

What are you doing?
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Can you recommend me some good non-gore horror movies?

I never watched horrors, because gore makes me sick and I didn't know any films without one. Then I watched The Cube and it has low enough gore factor that I was scared but not disgusted. So now I hope to find more films in that line.

On the other note. Is there such a thing as 0 area DVD player? I know there are 0 area DVDs, but never heard about players. My DVD player doesn't have a specified area code anywhere in the instructions, can it mean that it is 0 area?

(no subject)

someone in my neighborhood put a big, obnoxious "VOTE YES ON 8 TO SAVE OUR CHILDREN FROM TEH GAY!" sign on a section of grass no one owns. it makes me really cranky when i see it. WHAT TO DO, TQC? WHAT TO DO?
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has anyone here bought the t-mobile g1? how do you like it? how does it compare to the iphone?

i've been with t-mobile since 2001, and my contract was up in june, so i could either cancel and go with some other service or stay w/ t-mobile and use my upgrade to get the g1 for $200.. i'm hoping i can get them to give me a discount since i'm out of contract and a long-time user. anyone have any tips on doing that??

how is your morning going?

(no subject)

You find out your going to die in 10 months or so, would you feel terrified or liberated?

What would you do with your last days on earth?

Does it involve cake of some kind?

What internet site do you hate the most?
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(no subject)

Do you think a female hippo ("hippa") lifting her tail is analogous to a woman taking her top off or flashing?

Do you think male hippos cheer such hippas on, but then lose a little bit of respect for them?
sport for our neighbors

Thank God I drive an automatic

I stepped on a heavy-duty industrial size staple, and now I can't walk much at all. Other than swimming (too cold outside) and exercise biking (can't balance my foot on the pedals), what kind of aerobic exercise can I do until I regain the ability to put weight on my left foot?

Non-srs answers encouraged.
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do you believe in fate?

i've always felt like the sort of person that should but i don't. it seems too fanciful to have a concrete belief in, and everything i've thought was/should have been fate never worked out. but mostly it just seems like one of those 'too amazing to be true' things.
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This post reminded me that I had a question for here.

Has anyone on here ever taken (or know someone who has) Cymbalta? How did it work for you? Any nasty side effects? Did it affect your libido?

I've read numerous reviews on-line, but I've been seeing conflicting answers. I'm currently weaning off of my current medication (Zoloft) and onto Cymbalta. I'm curious to see what I'm in for...
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...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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Have you ever googled an ex? Try it!
What came up? Is it hilarious?

There is a insecure body-building blogger with my ex's name. It's funny because my ex was an ex-wrestler with self-confidence issues.

Edit: Try and date people with better names! You guys are lame.
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(no subject)

We all love our pets, no question of it.

But what does your pet/s do that drive you ABSOLUTELY BATSHIT CRAZY?

Because mine will not stop fucking scratching at my bedroom door to be both out AND in and wants it always open, which cuts into my free-happy-naked time. I am ready to cook her.
Cats pawing at mommy's face

(no subject)

Why can't I focus on my homework?

Is comment deletion such as that example still a warnable/bannable offense in TQC?

I'm working on Halloween night at a bar/restaurant. There are four girls working, and we're all encouraged to dress up, possibly in a theme. The other restaurant is doing a 70's theme. The only thing I can come up with is dressing up as assorted sports players - a baseball player, a football player, etc. Can you come up with anything better than I can?
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(no subject)

1. stupid boy issue Collapse )

2. how's the weather where you are? it decided to be fucking FREEZING in my part of Maryland today, and I am not happy about it.

3. Does anyone else just not care about Halloween at this point? I'm kinda over it.

4. My birthday is Sunday! What are you getting me?

(no subject)

In regards to the googling your ex post, I found that my ex's grandfather died about a week ago. I feel horrible and I was very close to his mom. He and I have been broken up for 4 years.

Should I send a sympathy card to his mom? 

(no subject)

1. have you ever dated someone over the internet?

2. do you know someone who has?

3. how these situations end?

Collapse )

eta: i was mostly talking about people who ONLY talk online. not about meeting your boyfriend/husband online and then meeting in real life and hooking up. i think that shit's alright. it just weirds me out seeing people post stuff about their friend "dating" this person online who is a fake or something.

(no subject)

Would someone mind helping me out by doing me a favor?

I have a powerpoint presentation that I am showing today for my speech class, and I want to email it to someone with a PC (I'm on a mac, the computer I will be using will be a PC) to be sure that it works. I saved it so that it should be compatible with any PPT version from 95-2008, but I want to double check.

You need to have a PC and have ANY version of powerpoint on your computer so you can run it.

Anyone who can help me out with this, I will owe you a favor! Thanks!
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom

Random questions, yay

So I got a 1350 on the GRE when I took it last year. 600 for verbal, 750 for math, and a 6 on the essay. I should retake it since I want to go into a humanities based graduate program, yn?

Do you eat breakfast? What's your favorite thing to eat?

I had a delicious almond croissant for breakfast this morning. It was divine. Usually I just have cereal though.

Have you ever read "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test"? Does it make more sense if you've ever done acid?

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? Cartoon character? Could s/he kick the ass of any other cartoon character?
This is so ridiculous.

(no subject)

Which would *you* pick? Let's say you're a 23 year old girl with an International Studies degree who just started her masters degree in Marketing and Communications.

A. A job as an English teacher in a high school. You're paid 600 dollars a month and teach grades 7-12, all day every day, and you're the only English teacher. You were hired to "overhaul the English program," because no one graduating can speak it, but it becomes clear that the problem isn't the program, but rather the fact that the kids are undisciplined and no other teacher is disciplining them. Some kids are cool, but they are greatly outnumbered by shitty ones. You don't have any formal experience teaching English. You've worked there for two weeks. Also, this job gives you summers (december-march) off, but that also means you're not paid from the second week of december to the second week of march.

B. A job as a "personal concierge" in a big capital city. You'd be paid 500 dollars a month (which would rise after a one month evaluation period) plus the cost of cell phone usage to go out and investigate businesses, call owners and make deals, and put together packages of "most recommended" places in the city for traveling businesspeople and individuals who are relocating. You previously turned down this job for the teaching job, but the man who interviewed you (the owner) was so impressed by you that he said "any time you want to come work for us, just give us a call." The job is flexible, but there are no "time off periods."

ETA Those of you who pick "B": would you feel bad if you'd worked at job A for a couple of weeks and quit to go to job B? How would you justify it and not feel like you were "abandoning the kids?"


(no subject)

so, one of the many lovely stereotypes about women is that we LOVE drama.

do you love drama? are you always looking for it/trying to make it?

i really hate that stereotype because i can't stand drama. i avoid it like the plague. my best friend on the other hand is always looking for it. she has this weird idea that there isn't passion in a relationship if there isn't drama. she knows that's not right and that it causes problems but she can't stop, so she's always looking for something. it really annoys me.
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(no subject)

I am somewhat estranged from my father; we don't get along well and rarely speak. His 57th birthday is tomorrow and I have already planned on getting him a gift. I just spoke to him and he said he'd like to go to lunch with me tomorrow. Do I go and have it be really awkward? Do I say no, risk insult, but DGAF in the long run because we're so distant? Do I try and arrange dinner with both of my brothers included, and that way I can give him his gift from all of us? Help me TQC, this is awkward and weird.

(no subject)

When your spell checker identifies a misspelled word, do you try to correct it yourself or just let the computer do it?

Either way, do you pay attention to the correction and try to learn the proper spelling of the word, or just count on spell checker catching it in the future?
oh mr. tea

(no subject)

"A simple task will tell your child that they are worthy."

I see this on the back of almost every bus here in Richmond (VA).

These children would feel worthy of what, exactly?

Is it just me, or is it a little ambiguous? I mean, I get what they're trying to express (I think) but strictly-speaking, I think it's missing something.

And if you could get any message on the back of a bus, what message would that be?

(no subject)

1. whats your favorite icon? post two, i know its hard to choose. except people with paid accounts (like myself), you can post three if you want hahha.

Collapse )

2. how do you tell someone you love that theyre using the wrong form of your/youre, or if they spell things wrong (without hurting their feelings)? usually i just use the correct spelling or whatever and hope they catch on. oh and..i know i dont use capitalization/apostrophes. ARE YOU JUDGING ME?!?
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(no subject)

I just went to TQC without logging in, and there were ADS! What's with that, TQC?
TQC has a basic account, shouldn't it be ad-free?

Who is making your life hard?
This one lady is making my life hell. I have to sit in a room and search for jobs for 2-3 hours and she just yaps and yaps and yaps THE WHOLE TIME and doesn't search for jobs and seems to expect everyone (including potential employers) to change everything around to suit her because shes around 55.

(no subject)

What types of food do you always buy low-fat versions of? What types of food do you refuse to buy low fat versions of?

For me, I always buy low fat dairy products, but if I'm baking, I never substitute anything for the low-fat version.
Mitty box

(no subject)

I put up a 50$ gift card for a massage on Craigslist for $45. A lady just emailed me asking if I'd sell it for $30. Now, normally I would say "I did not pay for this! Free money!" but the gift card came from my husband so I would actually be taking a loss on it since we share a bank account. BUT we are super poor and every little bit helps.

Should I sell this gift card for $30? Should I try and haggle and get $35? What would you do? I told her 40$. I hope she takes it!

Is there a better place I can sell this at for more money?

Have you ever had a massage?
TV Addiction

fear de evil dat is de red screen

10:07 AM 10/21/08 · On the offchance you haven't heard about this already, I'd like to spare your television from receiving several whacks on various sides and getting things thrown at it. See, tonight at 6:15pm (not sure if that's gonna be simultameous everywhere or 6:15p in each timezone) any television that hasn't been converted to HD or is on cable or is on some digital service or other...your screen is going to go bright red this evening.

Likely there'll be some message along with that too.

They're running a test and to show the public whether or not they need to convert. As you probably heard, February 17th 2009 all televisions that're still running on just basic analog are going to stop showing much of anything beyond static.

What I'm wondering, because it's hard to picture now, is are any of you still using analog?
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(no subject)

When was the last time you really scrubbed your bathroom?
How often do you clean?

I'll vaccuum and Swiffer the floor, spray and wipe the sink, and clean the toilet a couple of times a month but I just REALLY scrubbed everything down today and the last time I did that (though not to this extent) was sometimes in summer because my sisters and their boyfriends were coming and I knew they'd have to use my bathroom.

What cleaning products do you like?
What was the last new one you tried/how did it work?

I like to use Method products because they're not as harsh, plus I can get Lavender scented! But I have stronger stuff for when things are really messy. I just bought a box of the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gels that you stick to the inside of the bowl!
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(no subject)

Why is there a jar of peanut butter sitting on the back of the toilet?

Should I be worried about what my roommates are doing in there?

How many messages are in your main email inbox (read and unread)?

ETA: What do you do when your best friend and SO are fighting?

(no subject)


Have you ever bought a refurbished iPod? What sort of condition did it arrive in (great/good/shitty) and how well did it work?

I am lame because I still don't own a credit card, y/n?

If you could throw a pie in the face of any celebrity, politician or other person you hate: who and what kind of pie?

(no subject)

TQC what else should i add to my grocery list?

so far i have:

-perogies and bacon bits
-paper towel
-bathroom supplies

i need more junk food, but i don't know what.

(no subject)

I'd like to think I speak and read English fairly well, considering it is not my first language, but after reading a lot of entries in here, I have a question:

How do you pronounce the word "poll?"

I've been saying it like the name Paul, but it has been brought to my attention that it is not correct.

(no subject)

Okay now that I've decided that I want to take a bs phys. ed class:

Weight training?



Or if you (likely) don't give a shit, will you either post a picture of or tell me all about your current favorite article of clothing?
im french

(no subject)

1. Moms of TQC- Did you give up drinking/smoking pot/whatever after your child was born, if you partook (is that a word?) before you got pregnant? Was it a conscious decision?

2. My mom says that people who don't give up marijuana/anything else (except alcohol for some reason) when they become a parent is an irresponsible douchebag, no exceptions. Do you agree, or is that sort of a baseless accusation?

3. Can one responsibly use marijuana as a parent? Under what circumstances?

(no subject)

Can we have a giant macro/gif post so we can refer to it any time someone asks for a macro?

Plus I just want to see every clever/funny thing you people have saved on your computer.


(no subject)

Which do you prefer?

1) Alternative energy providers say they will deliver bigger and better projects now that Congress has provided their respective industries with key tax breaks. But tough economic times might stand in their way.

2) Alternative energy providers say they will deliver bigger and better projects now that Congress has provided their respective industries with key tax breaks, but tough economic times might stand in their way.

If it matters, this is a paragraph on its own.

(no subject)

So, my mom wants me to pay the UI bill because I still use my air conditioner at night. However, I think I should just be paying how much it actually costs to keep my air conditioner on. How do I go about finding this information out?!

What do you do? poll

You're on a plane, alone. You're seated in the back of the plane and you're minding your own business. They seat a middle aged man in a wheelchair next to you. During the flight, he pops several pills and washes them down with whiskey, and he becomes obviously fucked up, slurring his speech. He turns to you and starts talking. "I'm going to tell you a secret. Promise me you'll tell no one. I'm going to kill my wife when I get back home. I know that whore's been screwing my brother. All the booze and drugs are just to get my courage up to do it. It's killing me, knowing I have to do it, but I can't tolerate her stinkin' infidelity no longer. I just needed to get it off my chest. Remember, now, this is between you and me". He then leans back and falls asleep. The plane won't land for another hour. What do you do?

He probably isn't tell the truth. He's probably delusional. It's the meds talking. I go back to reading
I call over a flight attendant and then, take her aside and tell her what he told me. Let her deal with the problem
Wait til the plane lands, and then tell security
Make a citizen's arrest
It's not my business. Who am I to interfere? I go back to reading

You're driving to the mall, listening to the radio, when they play a news report. Among the stories about the presidential race, the economy and sports, they talk about how a mother and her 10-year old daughter were in critical condition after a hit-and-run. Witnesses could only get the vehicle type, so the newscaster asks whoever's listening to be on the lookout for a burgandy '05 Corolla with severe damage on the grill and left headlight and with an EAGLES bumper sticker. You get to the mall and as you're climbing out, you notice a family of 6 exit their car. Mother, father, and 4 kids, all under 10. The car they're exiting is a burgandy Corolla with an EAGLES bumper sticker, and there's significant damage to the grill and left side. What do you do?

Can't be the same one. Merely a coincidence. I go shopping
I call the police and report it
It's not my business. I go shopping
Maybe the mom or dad did do it, but I can't take the parent away from all these kids. I'll have to bite my tongue

(no subject)

I recently got a kitten who doesn't seem to be able to differnetiate between human toys and cat toys. Most notably, she jumps up and paws my LCD HDTV at time, particularly while playing video games (which is mostly what it's used for).

Should I be worried? I keep being afraid she'll use her claws on it. She'll paw it sometimes when it's off, and her doing something to it while I'm gone is one of the last things keeeping me from giving her free roam when I'm out of the apartment.

If I should be worried about her clawing the screen, any relatively cheap, quick, or easy recommondations to keep her from scratching my screen?
dogs - my vintage puppies


Are there any textures you just CAN'T touch?

I can't do socked feet over carpet & velvet, my family/friends tourment me in the clothes store by asking me to touch velvet outfits.

(no subject)

I fully admit I know little to nothing about excel. However, for a project at work, I need to learn quickly.

I have an excel table of survey results. For certain survey questions there are multiple answers (which appear as a number) in a cell. Is there any way to get excel to recognize each number within a cell  individually or does each number need to be in its own cell?

(no subject)

hi TQC

my computer wont turn on (not the one I'm on now, obviously.) It's a dell desktop. I had this problem before, had a freaking nightmare time trying to tell with Dell customer support, and while on hold finally got it to turn on. It froze last night and was still frozen this morning so I had to turn it off. Unless something magic happened, it still wont turn on when I go home tonight.

TQC what is wrong with my computer?
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

How can I fem up my Choco Taco icon? I realized that people probably can't tell whether I'm male or female. But female I am. So how should I girlify this Choco Taco?

ETA: Current option:

(by me)

(by thewoman_76)

(by shweetnettie13)

And I'd like to add tits, as so many suggested, but I just don't know how to make that work. :/

(no subject)

I am going on a school trip to Ravenna, and we are staying in a hostel. I have never stayed in one before, what is it like? Care to share an experience?

They have a pool table there, should I stay up late and play pool all night?

Are you good at pool?
Space Cadet

Sweet Sixteen

I just scanned in a photo of myself that was taken when I was sixteen. It's the only digital photo I have of my high-school self.

Will you please post a photo of yourself when you were sixteen?

Mine will be in the comments.

reading a lot


this semester I dont have a lot of courses but I have to read a lot of stuff for essays I still need to write and because in Germany you have to read a lot of stuff on your own. I study Philosophy, so even though I love it all, it's impossible to not get tired cuz it's often difficult stuff you need to think about all the time. That eats up my energy and frustrates me since at the end of the day I dont manage to read a lot of pages.

Has anyone of you been in such a situation?

Any tips on how to distribute my time (the day, the week), make pauses?

I need to do summaries of what I read, cuz Ill be tested in a few semesters about it. Any tips about that?

General tips on the issue?

I just dont wanna spend the semester forcing myself to go on and on and on. I want a plan that works better than me just being tough.

If you dont have any tips, wanna rant about university (or school) life?

(no subject)

I heard that rock star marylin manson used to be a high school math teacher or something..

Do you think he would be the creepiest math teacher ever?

Or the most effective?

What rock/movie stars do you want to see teaching a class? What class?
screw u

(no subject)

What was the last thing someone tried to pressure you into doing?

My friends and family seem to think it would be a fantastic idea for my SO and I have a baby, like right now, ASAP, immediately.  We aren't even engaged or married, which is something we'd both like before children come into the picture.  We have a plan and we're on the right path but everyone wants us to skip over it all and go straight to kids.  His father is the only one that agrees this is not a good idea.  WTF, people.
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

So because my taco icon post was so successful, will you post icons that you want altered in some way? Then kindly TQCers can play with your icon.

Or if this is a bad idea...can you convert from Celsius/centigrade to Fahrenheit and/or vice versa? I can't. :/

(no subject)

Tonight i'm going to try and do a photo like this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/doberdad/2585214072/    What should i be doing in the photo?  Something indoors b/c it's quite cold out!
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(no subject)

i just flushed my credit card down the toilet! i'm an idiot. :(

(it fell out of my back pocket when i stood up, and i didn't catch it in time!)

what's the last really, really stupid thing you did -- intentionally or accidentally?


I'm broke, and I'm about to head off to the liquor store.

What 's cheap, comes in large amounts, will get me drunk pretty quick, and you don't have to mix with anything for it to be drinkable? Oh, and I have no taste in booze, but I'm not a fan of drinking hard liquor straight.

The only thing that comes to mind at the moment is Arbor Mist, but I'm sure you all have better suggestions. ;)
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I was chatting in the kitchen with my roommate when he suddenly stopped mid-sentence and demanded to know what I was doing. Well, TQC, I was spreading Nutella on toast. I thought this is what everyone did with Nutella, he thought this was the strangest (and most disgusting) thing he'd ever seen. (For the record, he likes Nutella, he just puts it on his ice cream).

I leave it up to you to decide: Who's weirder, me or my roommate?
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Pets and such

 Half the time, when trying to get my dogs in from being outside, I'll yell "Food!"  or "Treat!" instead of trying to chase them down.  This causes them to come running.  Then I don't feed them, because...it isn't meal time.

Am I a bad pet owner?  Discuss.

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im back with yet another (even more depressing!) post about my ex and the mental ward.

good news: he finally got out of the hospital! he'll be back at school tomorrow or thursday.

bad news: one of our friends was hit by a car last night and is in critical condition.

i feel like he cannot take bad news right now and he's going be immersed in it when he gets back. everyone he lives with is incredibly upset about it and he's definitely going to find out.

how in the world do we tell him? i'd ask some of our friends but they're all really upset about this and i don't want to add to it. i don't want to call his mom and talk to her about it because he may be right next to her and she may decide to tell him herself and that might not go well.

what do i dooo?! i was hoping we could just keep it from him until there was a definite answer about how our friend is going to be, but he's definitely going to find out. i also want to be sure that he finds out in a really gentle way before one of his other asshole idiot friends calls him and tells him.

thank god his phone is dead and very few people have his mom's number.

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Apparently my mother signed me up for an appointment to give blood today, without telling me until...2 hours ago. The last time I [attempted] to give blood, I cried as soon as the needle was taken out of the package, I ended up with a massive bruise on my arm, AND I was hooked up for the full 15 minutes and managed to give *drumroll* a whopping 1/5th of a unit of blood. And those nurses were good ones.

TQC, on a scale of 1 (Grow up you pussy) to 10 (Holy fuck, who does that?), how douchebaggy of a thing is this to "surprise" someone with?

ETA: I told her "No" and she called me a selfish cunt and left without me. Yaaay!

What is your favorite kind of bug? I like millipedes, because for some reason they're not as creepy as their 8-legged and 6-legged brethren.

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Me and my sister have been fighting for the last hour, over text messaging and facebook im about whether my brother looks good with long or short hair. I'm for long and she is for short.

What is the last stupid thing you have argued about?

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Females, can you orgasm from penetration alone (no clitoral stimulation)?

I have but it's rare

Why do you think some girls can not orgasm through penetration alone?

They are doing it wrong
The female body wasn't designed for that

eta: ok, number two sucks, i was posting on emotion and annoyance so the question was biased in defensiveness

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My niece's birthday was yesterday, and one of the presents I got her is a picture frame to go in her new "big girl" bedroom. Anyway, I want to put a picture in it, but the only recent picture I have of us together is of pretty crappy quality.

My question:

Would it be weird to put a picture I took of my niece in the frame and give it to her as a gift? Or should I just leave the frame empty?

eta: I probably should have mentioned that she lives in Arizona, and I live in Nebraska... so I wont be able to take any new pictures with her.

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If you have already graduated and had gotten a class ring:

Do you still wear it?

If not, how long after you were done with high school did you wear it?

I found my class ring today. I felt silly putting it on because its been years since I've graduated.

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What would you put on a job application/resume, if you couldn't find the company's location, phone number and don't remember the supervisor or boss' name? Scratch it? Leave that information blank? ??????????

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Have you ever received a random compliment from a stranger? If so, what did they say?

Would you rather date someone who is kind-hearted but kind of dumb or someone who is smart but kind of an asshole?

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I had a tooth pulled today and it bloody hurts.

What was the last thing that hurt you?

What's the best thing to do to make my gum heal quicker?

Is it normal to feel this drowsy afterwards? All I want to do is sleep.