October 20th, 2008


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okay tqc i can't figure wtf is going on with my ex. and thus i turn to you!

we've been on and off since january and we broke up like a month ago. we're still good friends and until recently we were still sleeping together. he's been kinda depressed about a bunch of shit lately and i haven't seen him in about three weeks. so today i asked if he wanted to go out for coffee tomorrow. he said he was busy. then: Collapse )

so tqc, tell me. what is complicated about this? i'm not 100% sure he doesn't still have feelings for me but i know he doesn't want to get back together with me because he wants someone new and also his parents don't like me. he also has been talking to girls on myspace and is supposed to be taking one out to denny's or something when he has money. i don't get what the fuck is so complicated about going out for coffee.

eta: i decided i'm just going to stop talking to him. if he still wants to be friends, he has my number.
i say, old bean

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how many times have you discovered/thought that you like someone more than they like you?
how many fingers would you have if you actually counted?

if that question doesn't make any sense..

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tqc, i generally think of myself as straight, even though i've kissed chicks before. you know, straight in a katy perry kind of way.

however, lately, whenever a pretty girl walks by, i find myself checking her out. and whenever my boyfriend puts his cheek against mine, i get alarmed by the roughness of his stubble, and long for the smoothness of a woman's skin and lips.

do you think it's likely/possible that i'm not straight as i thought?

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I think this is probably common knowledge, but NOT TO ME so here goes.

When you, an American, see a 24-hour-clock, can you immediately tell what time it is, or do you need to stop and count a little? Like, 18:47.

Lol at me if 24-hour-clocks are used in the US :(
i say, old bean

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For those of you with desktops:
did you ever hit a point of internet addiction that you got the bright idea to move your bed in front of your computer?

if so, how long did it stay like that?
if not, how come you're not that lazy?

edited to make things fair
For those of you with laptops, how happy are you that you won't have to do something so silly to achieve ultimate laziness?

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Are there any songs that are written for people who are wronged in a relationship, that make YOU feel like a tool? Like, if you're the 'heartbreaker' in the song?

Mine is "No Other One" by Weezer.

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Last night, around 10:30 pm, I got a cell phone call from a "restricted" number, so I didn't answer. The caller left a message; It was some guy with an Australian accent saying he wanted to talk to me about "my business." He asked that I call him back but he left my cell number as the number to reach him.

1. WTF?
2. Have you received any odd calls lately? Details?

Since watching Family Guy last night, I have "Wishing Well" by Terrence Trent D'Arby stuck in my head.

3. What song is stuck in yours right now?

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1)What song is stuck in your head?
Or what's the last song that was?

Mine: this.

2) Do you skip class a lot, occasionally, or never? I'm doing well in both of my classes and would much rather just stay home and sleep today.

3) Will you post a picture of yourself in response to any picture post meme you always want to answer, but always get there too late for? (My answer in comments)

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Why aren't there any Dunkin Donuts out here in Seattle?

I'll trade you 1981239843093 Starbucks for a Dunkin Donuts - we got plenty to spare.

Edit: To make things worse, I keep seeing ads on TV for D&D. Bastards!

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The boss says I need to fix my timesheet for last week, problem is I was in such a fog because I was so upset I didn't bother to make any note of my exact hours. Poo.

TQC, what would you do in this situation? Fudge the hours (again) and resubmit the timesheet (again)? Admit you have no idea what your hours were and look like a completely incompetent little girl? At this point I think my depression is going to lose me my job. Argh.

Srs & non-srs appreciated :]

I totally just fudged it again. We'll see what happens.

Sick of the hype for the election?
I feel like at this point there isn't much that will sway the outcome.

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1. What was the shortest time you've ever been with/dated someone before you moved in with them? Did you know them before you started dating them, and for how long?

2. Have you ever had a long distance relationship? How long did it last?
This is so ridiculous.

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Let's say your US passport gets damaged while you are overseas. Burnt to be exact. Nothing major, just some charred edges. The picture is still fine and the numbers are still scannable. What do you do? (All googling points toward the fact that any replacement for a damaged passport has to be done at a National Passport Center, of which there are none overseas, or at least in this country). YEAH, SO i just found the place on the embassy website and it closes in like, an hour, so not today I guess. But at least I figured it out.

Also, how long on average does US passport processing take these days, in your experiences?

Also, how many passports have you had in your lifetime?

Also, should I just try to sneak into the United States for Christmas?

baseball, and the word "smoothen"

can someone please explain the appeal of baseball?
it seems like 50% of the time NOTHING is happening at all (they're winding up to bat), and 90% of the other half of the time is spent doing stuff wrong (strikes, outs, errors, foul balls, etc.).

and is anyone else not okay with the word smoothen?
it doesn't seem like an actual word to me.
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i am taking two new medicines, and dry mouth is the first and third side effect. needless to say, my mouth is always dry, and i haven't found a solution for it yet.

anyone know how to cure this? i've been drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated, but it doesn't seem to do too much.

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I have an ex room-mate. Recently, her father and grandmother died. My current room-mate believed that taking her home with us to NYC would've been a good way for her to alleviate stress and whatever else. But, ex room-mate did not get along with our friends, especially with my two nephews. Nephew B went to blockbuster with my room-mate and my ex room-mate. Ex room-mate hit nephew B multiple times and held on to his chest and shoulder to get him to stop being the way he generally is all the time. My current room-mate did not see this nor did she know about it until my ex room-mate asked me if it's okay that she hit nephew b.

In this type of situation TQC, what would you do?

Let's just say that ex room-mate and I are not on speaking terms anymore.

For the record, nephew B is 15 years old and ex room-mate is 29 years old.

my high school's fight song was "Mr. Touchdown" which I thought was unfair to the baseball team.

which of these FIGHT songs have you ever enjoyed?

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, elton john
Street Fighting Man, the rolling stones
You Gotta Fight for your Right, beastie boys
Fight the Power, public enemy
Can't Fight This Feeling, air supply
Kung Fu Fighting, carl douglas
Fussing and Fighting, bob marley
On Wisconsin!, university of wisconsin fight song
Notre Dame Victory March, notre dame fight song
Anchors Aweigh!, the naval academy fight song
The Victors, university of michigan fight song
Fight On!, university of southern cal fight song
Rock Chalk Chant, university of kansas victory/fight song
Boomer Sooner, university of oklahoma fight song
oh suzer, i am a lover, not a fighter...and i don't know some of these songs of fight.

who would win in a battle of boring campaign stump speech mentions?

Joe the Plumber
Ed the Dairyman

who would win in a battle of wits?

MSNBC conservative commentator and cranky old dude, Pat Buchanan
MSNBC liberal commentator and fierce lesbian, Rachel Maddow

who would win in an ultimate fight?

Alaskan first dude, Todd Palin
'60s activist and 'legendary' terrorist, William Ayers

who would win in a poker tournament?

warren buffet, capitalist
bill gates, computer dude

who would win the battle of the insane right-wing blondes?

ann coulter
elisabeth hasselbeck

who would win in the battle of the United States newspaper of record?

the washington post
the new york times
the dallas morning news because they saw fit to endorse John McCain

who would triumph in a battle of bringing sexy credit back?

Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman
Henry Paulson, US Secretary of the Treasury
Milhent forest

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When it is very hot in summer or very cold in winter do you prefer to dress for weather or for style? On general days, not for parties.

for weather
for style

[edit] Wasn't too clear on a question. I mean, when you don't have anything both stylish and suited for weather.

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1.) I realize this is a VERY long shot, but do any of you work for T-Mobile call centers/have gone through training? What can I expect? (Besides angry phone calls, of course. No one calls to say how GREAT their phone is working, haha)

2.) Otherwise: What's the last thing you baked?

I baked Butterfinger Blondies last night, and this morning I baked chocolate brownies. Yum! :)

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I want my SO to go on a trip with me overseas.
But due to some TL;DR airline backstory she'll have to fly all by herself.
With ONE layover in Frankfort.
So..TQC....if you had to fly by your lonesome.....would you STILL go?
Or would you say NO WAY?
What do I have to say to get her to go?

My marriage depends on your wisdom.

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i just made chocolate chip cookies. well, the first batch is in the oven.

1. how many do you want?
2. how much of the batter do you think has actually gotten to the baking pan before it got to my mouth?
candy corn

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Do you answer the door when you're home alone?

Do you hide any material goods from your parents? Why do you hide them? How old are you?

I'm still hiding certain handbags from my father. I'm almost 21 and I feel really stupid about this.

EDIT: Not living with your parents doesn't mean you can't hide such things from them.

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I'm withdrawing from all my classes to take a year off of school.
Those of you that have taken a year off with intentions of going back to school... did you go back?? Or did you just opt to stay out of college?

And if this doesn't apply (or if it does!), what's your current favorite song?
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Please, no race wank

I have been accused of being racist by one of my coworkers. Apparently she thinks I purposely make mistakes on the jobs I am asked to do for her, vs. the jobs I do for the other doctors in the office who are white. How can I convince her that I'm not racist, I just happen to be human and occasionally make an error?

Srs answers please, but non-srs are so welcome as I need teh funneh right now.
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So, the guy I was complaing about because the police were always at our apartment complex- right outside our windows? He's being evicted. Should I feel bad about this?

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it has to be about 40 degrees in my apartment right now. is there anything i can do decorating-wise to make it warmer in here? (ok i know i can turn the heat on, but i dont know how to do that right now) extra window treatments? what about if i positioned the couch in front of one of the exterior walls?

are you going to watch oprah on thursday when MK and Ashley Olsen are on?

how much do you spend per week on food? for how many people? i just spent $80 and i hated it. i try to spend only $60 per week but i'm not sure if thats not practical. i try to eat well and try to maintain a specific weight, i can't like live on ramen.

what do you buy thats cheap but delicious/healthy?

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When it comes to a job description, does, "willingness to help with personal care needs," mean I would be wiping butts?

How much would you have to be paid to wipe strangers' butts so they can go to work?

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Do any of you guys make apple butter? What is your favorite method?

I've been researching it lately. The first step is making an apple sauce. Some people just use apples with water for the liquid, some use apple juice, and some use a blend of water and vinegar! Why the vinegar? How does that affect the finished product? Will water work as well as anything else? I'd rather not juice a bunch of the apples to make sauce, I'd rather make them all into apple butter.

I will be finishing the butter in a crock pot, to give it that nice, slow evaporation. I am opting to add sugar for the sake of flavor richness and texture, though I've had a recommendation to make some with molasses, so I'll try a batch that way, as I adore molasses. I will be adding spices too, of course.

Any favorite recipes or methods I should read while deciding on my plan of action? If you don't know the answers to these questions, will you ask your mom for me?

Also, why aren't more of you members of tqcuisine?

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I'm trying to find out if it is common for those suffering with bipolar disorder to lie, whether it be compulsively or just to avoid conflict. Google isn't helping me out too much, just some random things on Y!A.

TQC, do any of you know anything about this topic?

Also: do you have any loved ones that suffer from mental illness? How does it make you feel?
big alligator?

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TQC, I just quit my job via email. Is this acceptable?

I work for the YMCA, but do after school care at a local school. The guy I needed to speak with works at the YMCA the same hours I work at the school. He doesn't have any other hours. It would have been very hard to do it in person. It was either email or voicemail.

EDIT! If you say that this a terrible thing and I will never be able to use them as a reference will you please tell me what would have been better? I could have left him a voicemail, or I could have taken off a day of work to do it in person. They are understaffed as is and I know they would not appreciate me taking a day off.

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tqc, would you classify bullying as a behavioral problem or a school problem?

eta! i don't mean that it's the school's fault, i mean that it's a problem a kid might have when they enter school. i'm writing a paper on the effects of watching too much tv and i can't decide where to put my paragraphs on bullying, haha.


Have you ever wanted to take lessons in a hobby you did, but you weren't sure you were good at it enough to bother (or you'd suck and people would mock you?) Like, learning trick skateboarding, or voice lessons, or sculpture, or something.

What was it?

Did you do it anyways?

My answer: I'd like to take photography classes (because I only know how to use my camera on the "auto setting") and maybe mess around with freelance work for fun, but I've got no clue if I suck or not. (Heck, here's a few sets (1 2 3) in my Flickr album if you want to make fun of me. :P)

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I'm going to buy a car soon (hopefully) which will increase the number of monthly payments I'll be making and make budgeting a little trickier.

What do you recommend for keeping track of a budget?

Do you use your computer, or pen and paper?

I'm tempted to do it all on paper.
sca pencampwr

Calendar girls

So my Uni's Comp Sci club is putting together a calendar of photos of us nude with an Eee covering anything we require covered. I don't reckon anyone wants to see that much of me (see userpic)... should I take part?

Should I pose naked with an Eee?


Would you pose naked with an Eee?


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Does "finishing touch" sound dirty to you?

What would come to mind if you overhear someone say "finishing touch"?

eta: lol I ask cause my coworker was eating this ramen soup and the packet said "finishing touch" which he blurted out loud to me in conversation and everyone turns around and goes "OO!" and we were like "idk, did that sound dirty or something?"

The end.

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I'm taking anatomy, we have an exam tomorrow. On our study guide one of the questions is:

17) How are the vertebra numbered?
1. What region do we have an exception, how do we number that region?

I know how the vertebra are numbered but can't think of the exception. The coccyx? HALP.


What is your favorite memory from your childhood? playing on our swing set in the back yard

Do you have a favorite children's book? What is it? I love all children's books, but Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The Polar Express are my absolutely favorites.

Who took care of you when you were little? My mom. She didn't go back to work until we were in high school.

Did you ever put anything weird up your nose? I didn't, but my sister put a green barbie shoe up her nose.


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I looked back and its been over a year since I can tell someone asked it.

Has anyone tried using Chantix to quit smoking?

Had you ever tried another way to quit?

I pick up my prescription for the first month tonight...I'm nervous that I won't be able to kick the habit. Will you show me disgusting lungs to make me stay positive?
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Will you recommend a delicious tea for me to try?

I'm currently in love with Tazo's Berryblossom White and wish to fall in love with another.

Car selling

For those of you who have sold a car before, what revenue did you sell it through? Newspaper, website, Craigslist, etc
If you used several ways to advertise your car, from which one did you get the most responses?

Yay failure!

I'm terrible at housesitting, I didn't go to class, and I just slept all day, thereby qualifying me for the title of Laziest Human Ever.

Also, I posted to the wrong community. When was the last time YOU posted to the wrong community?

Will you ever forgive me?

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How sensitive are your nipples on a scale of one to ten? Mine are like a nine and while it can come in handy, it's also very annoying at times.

What computer games do you play? All I play is the Sims.

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What are you pissed about?

I'm pissed because the voter registration office fucking LOST my registration papers, so I don't get to vote. I started wondering why I hadn't received any info, so I called them, and yep. UGH. I waited 19 years for nothing.

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my best friend just told my other best friend that he doesn't like her anymore.
i have no idea what to do in this situation,or how to begin to help.
also they werent dating,but they were in the process of becoming that way.
anyways,any advice? any help is great


Laundry time!

TQC, I need some non srs answers to help me chill out.

My landlord just installed the wash machine and dryer for us over the weekend, and this is the first time I'm using either. Our basement is creeptacular (seriously, would make for a great haunted house thing), has no lights other than what you bring down with you, and my roommate's washing machine is ancient.

It freaks me out SO BAD. I won't go down there without three flashlights and my laptop (for musics).

What are the chances I'm going to be abducted by aliens or eaten by a monster while doing laundry? How about the chances of this washing machine blowing up?
 I've seen it happen before, with a washing machine my parents had.

Strangely, the dryer should be fine. It's the exact same model my parents have. :P

as stated, non srs answers are a plus. :D


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Did anyone here buy Multiple Bles8ings by Jon & Kate Gosselin? Did you start reading it yet? Excited to read it? What do you think of it so far? Anything else you wanna say?

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Aside from official websites (like nbc.com, abc.com, etc) what sites do you use to watch TV shows online?

(I ask because I'm on the last disk of Dr. Who season 3, and I'm quite addicted, but season 4 is not out on DVD yet so I'm trying to find it online somewhere.)
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i'm going on a date on sunday with this girl i met on okcupid. i am beyond nervous.
anyway, will you please share with me your HAPPY interwebz dating experiences and what you did to alleviate the initial awkwardness?

what was the best first date you've ever been on?

ETA: okcupid is a really great site, fyi

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Apparently my work plans to start randomly drug & alcohol testing employees sometime within the next 12 months.

Does your work do this?

Will you tell us of an experience you have had with drug & alcohol testing?
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Maynard pen

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TQC, I'm really stupid. I was just offered a great job, and they need a copy of my college transcripts to prove that I'm a college graduate. No biggie, right? WRONG. I went to get a copy today and found out that there's a hold on my record because there's this charge I never paid off to the university. I don't know how I managed to forget about a $172.50 charge, but whatever. The point is, I has no monies to pay it. I need to start this job, but the university isn't listening to reason. :P

What can I do to make some quick cash?
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sour cream


I am making Beef Stroganoff this week, which calls for sour cream. The receipe call for 2 tablespoons, but the smallest container the store stocks is 200g (7 ounces).

1. Is there anything I can substitute in place of the sour cream?


2. What can I make with the remaining sour cream?

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do you think it's unfair to fine someone for accidently setting off the alarm on a train???? because i bloody well do!!!! i admited it was me straight away and items and apologised loads and i'm not like a 12 year old yob type thing so why are they fining me!!

p.s can i request aka force them to spend the money they're taking away from me on nice stuff for the trains like a wash or new seaty carpet stuff instead of just spending it on their christmas dinner???
Jason the Ninja

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Remember on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the original Nintendo, that level where you had to disarm six bombs underneath the dam, but you could only hold your breath for two minutes?

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I recently met a guy (who we'll call Ryan) through one of my other male friends (who we'll call Jeff). This past week, Ryan proposed the idea of going out for some Korean food (because we both love it). I accepted, and we had Korean for dinner this past weekend. That same night, I planned on staying in to catch up on homework, while my boyfriend went out to the bars with Jeff and Ryan. Note: My boyfriend and Ryan don't really know one another; they also just recently met.

An hour or two later, I got an unexpected call from a friend saying that she was in town and on her way to the bars. I ended up going out, because I don't get to see this friend often.

When I went home that night, my boyfriend also came over. He said that we needed to have a talk, and he told me that before meeting up with Ryan, he and Jeff were hanging out at his place. While they were hanging out, Jeff apparently got a call from Ryan, and after the phone conversation, Jeff rhetorically asked my boyfriend why anyone would "want to hit it with senior girl who has a boyfriend?" One should also note that Jeff is kind of oblivious when it comes to everything, so it obviously didn't occur to him that Ryan could have been talking about me.

My boyfriend said he immediately knew that Ryan had been referring to me on the phone. I told him that there was a chance it could have been some other senior girl with a boyfriend, but then he replied, "Yeah, and he just happened to have dinner with one tonight."

Maybe I'm feeling this way only because of what my boyfriend told me, but when I looked back to that night, I did remember feeling as though Ryan was trying to subtly keep an eye on me when we were all at the bars that night. Based on my story, is Ryan in fact, trying to "hit it" with me??? He seems like a really cool guy, and I'd like to be friends with him, but if he was in fact talking about me to Jeff on the phone, I feel like I'm going to have to be really conscious that I'm not giving him any hints and/or leading him on in any way.

Which class should I take?

Which class should I take?

First off, honestly, I sometimes take psych classes in hopes of improving myself. I'm thinking of taking Psych of Adjustment to help me help myself to better adapt when I need to. I really want to take Human Learning and Performance b/c I want to learn how memory works so I can learn how study better and stuff.

Which sounds better?

Psychology of Adjustment: Teaches the scientific principles of psychology as they relate to adaptation to life's challenges. Topics include the nature and management of stress, coping strategies, interpersonal communication, relationship dynamics, self concept, life long learning, and career development.

Psych: Human Learning and Performance: Considers human performance from the psychological standpoint. Topics include conditioning, memory and conceptual processing, language, sensation, and perception. May require participation in demonstrations and projects.

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MY MOUSE WHEEL THING WON'T WORK! it's letting me scroll but it's not letting me click it. well it's letting me click it but nothing happens. i use this to middle-click on links and open up new tabs. DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S WRONG? CAN YOU HELP ME? THIS IS ENRAGING AND UPSETTING ME.

what magazines do you read? what's your favourite part of them?

what's your favourite game to play atm? and what station console is it on?

ok now gogogo help me plz.

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 i bought a pencil skirt yesterday and i fucking love it!!!
feel soooooooo SEXY in it
so do you like pencil skirts on women (directed towards both sexes)?

Edit: i have decided to give up jeans totally for life(unless im cleaning the house) they just dont suit me no matter what i wear with them!
is this a good idea?
whats a good alternative without wearing skirts all the time?

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I need some TQC help.

Does anyone know of or have written any one-act plays (preferably funny) that are around 20 minutes long with sizable casts (4 or more)?
I'm supposed to be directing a student one act but haven't been able to find any good one's when I've done google searches.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Hey TQC. I had the worse day today. I was really looking forward to coming home and having a big yummy bowl of macaroni and cheese.

So I heat up the water, tear open the box, pull out the cheese packet, and pour in the noodles. I'm stirring them, when I notice some weird white things floating at the surface of the water. I manage to get one out...


My yummy macaroni had been overrun with fly larvae! AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!

What's the nastiest thing you've ever found in your food?

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Feel free to answer any, all, or none of the following questions:
1. How difficult is it for an American to get into Canada?
2. Have you converted to digital television yet?
3. What did you get me for my birthday?
im french

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1. If it does, why does bad grammer anger or frustrate you?

2. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who has different politcal or religious views than you? How did that work? Details, please.

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Have you ever forgotten to tip a wait/er/ress/person?

I paid when my friend and I went out to dinner and when I got home I suddenly had the feeling that although I wrote a tip in the tip line, I accidentally wrote down the wrong total (the bill was about 36-something so I added 10 then subtracted 2 in my head to figure out the total which would have been 44 something but I think I accidentally wrote <3>4 instead. I checked my bank account online and it still has only taken out the cost of the dinner without the tip :( I feel so bad.

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I've got a gift certificate for Amazon.com, and I want to use it to buy an FM transmitter for my car so that I can listen to my iPod nano as I drive to work. But I know nothing about electronics, and there are so many to choose from!

Can anyone help me? Which one should I buy? I'm open to suggestions!
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Got any questions for other TQCers? Ask them here.