October 19th, 2008

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Wow, I almost accidentaly left the community. how sad you would have all been if that happened.

Anyways, im lonely, *should I start making friends in Australia and Japan and other places like that so I can have people to talk to this late at night?

I want a new psp, will you give me yours?

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Have you heard of cold intolerance? Have you ever known someone who suffered from it?

Today was about 55°F, and I wore three hoodies (I know) and a shirt. I kept shaking, it looked like my hands were shriveling up, and my nose was red. I should probably see my doctor about this...

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What is your favorite color?
(And don't be lame and say you don't have one. There must be at least ONE color that is favorable to you!)
How did your favorite color come to be your favorite color?
What effect has this color had on your life (like, do you buy certain things in that color, are you drawn to people who wear that color, etc)?

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Can you tell me about the most creative/crazy/interesting/etc...halloween costume you have ever seen, wore or thought of?

Best scary story you have ever heard? I'm really into urban legends and anything like that...know any good ones?

Ever been to a real haunted house? Fake?
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Did you see Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live?
Did you think she was funny, or not?

What is a commercial that annoys the heck out of you?
I hate the new Burger King commercials for the mushroom and swiss burger with the weird folk singer guys.


Should I make pasta shells with tomato sauce or fettucini alfredo from a bag (which tastes much better than it sounds)?

Whats something you usually make when your too lazy to make a 'real' dinner?

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Have you ever stolen another girl's boyfriend? How did you do it?

She's at a different college, and I don't even believe that people can be "stolen" in relationships since it takes two. No lectures, plz.

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what is a silly or stupid thing you thought of when drunk or high?

Once while stoned, I decided toilets were inherently sexist. I mean, men just stand over the toilet, insert their fluids and walks away. They flushes away any concerns and responsibilities. Women, however, sit over this dark, deep undefended hole and have their precious bodily fluids taken from them without the ability to influence the event.

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Obnoxious backstory: My exbf* is in a mental ward and has been for two weeks. Some of his friends (who helped him land himself in there) were really annoying and rude to me and I told them I didn't want to speak to them. They told him I've been bitchy and "uncooperative"!

*we are broken up but were trying to fix things. I have spent two weeks trying to make sure he's safe, keeping his asshole friends updated, and talking to his mom.

Long story short: how fucked up is it to start drama with someone who is already fucked up enough to be in a mental ward for two weeks?
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1. Have you visited any of the Seven Wonders of the World? If so, which one/s? Will you tell us about it?

2. If you could chose one of the Seven Wonders to visit, which one would it be and why?

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so, i'm pretty drunk and naturally i'm feeling pretty fucking sentimental. anyway, i'm listening to this song by Jaguar Love called "His Organ Sounds Like ..."

and there are lines throughout the song that proceed(i think that's the word) the line "but when i hear the music..."

and they are

-all the world is holy and good
-all the animals in my heart roar
-all the wilderness in my heart grows

and it got me thinking

what are some songs/albums/bands that you listen to that make you feel like that(if any)?

Belle & Sebastian have always done that for me.

Poll of whatever

Pardon me, is this Sparta?

No. Get back on the freeway and take the next exit
Sparta's more of a state of mind. One can achieve Sparta by slaughtering dozens of Persians

Why did it have to be snakes?

Because you must confront your fears
Why not? Why not water buffalos? Why do you assume there's an answer?
Snakes? Where did all the rats go?
Just wait. Soon this room will be full of mongoose

I'm going to hit you in the face as hard as I can. Why do you suppose I'm doing so?

I'm Tyler Durden
You want my lunch money
Facial reconstruction (should have read that 'cheapest plastic surgery on the planet' brochure more thoroughly)
You and I are really the same person
You're swatting a gnat that's buzzing around my nose
I won't go down into the snake-filled pit to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant

Pardon me, do you have six fingers?

Not today
No. It may look like six digits, but I'm really having my way with my penis
No. I have seven fingers
I have 10 fingers like everybody else. Clearly you want someone who plays with fireworks

o haaay i'm clueless

My dad brought home a camera from his work that's broken. The lens is fine though, and I want to get a new body for it. My question is, does the body and lens have to be of the same kind? ie., nikon body with a nikon lens?
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Aside from TQC or anon, what communities are you most active in?

Is there a hobby you'd like to take up or that you're particularly fond of?

What's the trashiest food you've made/eaten?

When you see a member of a community you're fairly active in posting in another community, do you feel the need to comment just to let them know that you see them, you creep?

Edit for my html fail, stupid Rich Text gets me almost every  time.
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I live in an apartment complex. Tonight (at 4 am) cops showed up for the FOURTH time to talk to our downstairs neighbor, who we call Special Ed. I've called the office after every visit from the police---the lights/talking/yelling wake us up and it's getting to the point where we don't feel safe. This guy and his son seem to always be drunk, they can't keep their business inside their apartment and I'm just tired of it. Short of calling the office again (tomorrow at a decent time) what can I do? I don't feel safe talking to this person on my own...I don't really want him to know that it's me complaining as I feel he could potentialy hurt me or my property. This guy has only lived here for about 6 months, and the cops have been here 4 times in as many months... I find that scary.

any other neighbor horror stories?
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I just took a nap and had a dream that I was on a cruise ship and I was on a mission to give like a shit load of money to this very dangerous guy so I was sitting at a bar waiting for him to come and he did, I had a huge machine gun under my coat (I know right?) and when I gave him the case I told him to leave but he wanted me to go somewhere private with him to count the cash so I started running and I hid in a restaurants fridge but he found me so I went with him and he told me to lose the gun but I said no, and as we were walking to this *safe place* we happened to walk through a private banquet and I noticed a HUGE bowl of breaded meatballs, *mind you I hate meatballs* and I was all, OH MY GOD I NEED A MEATBALL and he said he did too so we sat at some empty seats and pretended to know the people so we could eat meatballs and I was trying to hide my machine gun the whole time.

1. What was the last dream you had?
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I'm watching the Cosby Show and I am laughing my ass off.

1. What older shows still make you laugh your ass off?

2. Did anyone else watch 3rd Rock From the Sun? Damn I miss that show!!!

3. What t.v shows do you miss?

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In a recent interview a McCain spokeswoman said that Northern Virgina wasn't as real as southern Virgina, "I certainly agree that Northern Virginia has gone more Democratic. … But the rest of the state — real Virginia if you will — I think will be very responsive to Senator McCain’s message."

So if there is "real America" and idk fake America I guess, what part do you live in?

Sorry to our foreign pals who can't answer this one. =(

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My SO and I are traveling to India soon. I'm very excited! We'll only be there a month but I get to escape the cold weather of Winnipeg so that's a bonus.

Has anyone here been to India? 
How long did you stay?
What was your best and worst experience?

If not where have to traveled too? 
How long did you stay?
What was your best and worst experience?

Want to share a picture of your adventures?
Bert Shocked

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Do you have any superpowahs?

I do.

I have an internal alarm clock that always wakes me up an hour before I have to be up.  Drinking however fucks up the clock by like 5 hours though.

Also, my legs get itchy when fall is about to arrive.  So like, if you ever see a guy scraping the skin off his thighs, you'll know its time to put on a sweater.

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Say you live in a place where you are cold all the time and feel the need to buy a hooded sweatshirt, but around where you live hoodies are pretty expensive (at least $50 for an off-brand), would you pay $100 for a name-brand hoodie that you would probably wear every single day?
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Did you guys have a diary or journal that was ~*~*super-seekrit*~*~*~ as a kid? Where'd you put it to keep it from prying eyes, or did you hide it at all? What did you write about?

(I totally had a Lisa Frank journal with a lock that I put under my mattress like they do in all of the books. But the lock snapped so I just kept it further under the mattress. I chronicled the minute details of every single aspect of my day from 1st grade until 9th grade when I got my LJ - down to exactly what I wore.)


Truck you

Is there a reason why truck/SUV headlights have to be so damn bright?

Is the road darker in front of them?

It's bad enough they're at the perfect distance and height to get you in every mirror but they do they have to use stadium lights?

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Will you tell me three goals that you would like to accomplish by this time next year?
1. Flying lessons 2. traveling 3. start my savings up again

Will you tell me three goals that you consider to be more "long term"?
1. Graduate on time 2. Find a good job 3. Travel for an extended amount of time

Come onnnn, inspire me, I feel like shit.
This is so ridiculous.
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What are some things that you laugh at when they are translated literally, even though they probably make perfect sense in the original language?

I cannot stop cracking up because my BF keeps asking me: "has your period come down?" in Spanish. It reminds me of the "get off the shed" skit on SNL. Um, backstory to the question, it's late and we are both hoping like hell that I'm not pregnant. D: D: D:

What is your favorite flavor gum?
I seriously tear through a package of the trident splash watermelon shit in a day.

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For those of you have cars- what kind of flair do you have on your car? (example: stickers, license plate holders, seat covers, etc.)
I just have a small sticker from my college.

What kind of car is it?
06 Corolla

For everyone- What is your favorite HBO or Showtime show? (Doesn't have to still be running)
Six Feet Under!!!

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So I'm at home and sick...I might be posting a lot. Deal.

Do you have any ritual habits for bedtime or sleeping? 

I can not get into bed unless the bed is made first. I hate making my bed in the morning though, so come bedtime it's a mess. Right before bed I fix the sheet, pillowcases and then make the bed before getting in. Every single night. In any bed.

I always have to be wrapped up in my blanket like a cocoon too. My boyfriend and I use separate blankies even when we live together. First I make my bed, then get in my spot. I bring the covers over me and roll as far as I can to one side and fold it up under me and then repeat for the other side so it's very tight. I flip my feet up and the swish the bottom open part of the blanket underneath my feet and legs. 

If it's too hot for this (I usually start with this every night even if I know it'll get too hot) I take a corner of the covers and tuck it under my tummy (I usually sleep on my stomach) and drape the rest over the small of my back and onto the floor.

My boyfriend will like drink a liter of water right before bed every night. He's up peeing all night but otherwise he gets really dried up by morning. I'm used to being woken up by him at least 2-3 times a night.

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I'm planning a party to celebrate a year without my abusive ex-fiance. TQC, what should I make sure the party includes?

Awesome friends, booze, and hopefully celebration of election results (it'll be on November 6th) are already in the plans... what else should I do to celebrate a year without the motherfucker?

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If we get a cat, what are the chances of it *not* terrorizing the parakeets but *still* knowing its supposed to catch mice?

Are your cats good at catching mice?

Is the damn thing going to be any better than the 7 traps that aren't doing anything?

What would you do if you found mouse shit on the stove and on the counter near the toaster?

Are you freezing right now?

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i've been using stumbleupon, and now all of the links that i've saved to del.icio.us are in my drop down bar. is there any way that i can just keep the few sites that i visit frequently in my drop down bar and not any of the sites that i view through stumbleupon? it's driving me crazy.

i hope this isn't too confusing. i feel like it is.

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For those of you who have lost a noticeable amount of weight (for example, I've lost 40 pounds and don't want to lose any more), how long did you wait before tossing or donating your larger clothes?
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lol ew

Hey TQC, my antibiotics for strep throat gave me a yeast infection. Should I tell my boyfriend now so he doesn't anticipate sex when I see him Tuesday, or should I tell him when I see him Tuesday so it's not all awkward "hey I called you just to say this" on the phone?

What was the last awkward phone conversation you had about?
david tennant, 10

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Ok, so I have become like, MASSIVELY addicted to playing those Nancy Drew mystery games online. I found a whole bunch of sites that have them, let you sign up for a free trial, and you get to play them. Then I usually cancel before I get billed (me being poor and cheap and whatnot). If the site has more than one game, I usually use one of my other credit cards (I have 3 total)... Rinse, lather, repeat.

So I ran out of sites, I think :-(

Does anyone know any sites that have those games that offer a free trial or a free game? I've used: BigFishGames, RealArcade, IWin, Shockwave, and a few more I can't remember. Haven't paid yet, but I played about 6 or 7 games. I only have another 8 to go! LoL. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Okay, so i start a new job on tuesday. The pay and hours are great and I am looking forward to being able to finally buy my amazing husband a fabulous birthday gift: An Ipod Touch.

The problem is that his birthday is just about one month away. I have no idea when I will get my paychecks, etc. I can definitely afford to get him the Touch thanks to my new job, but the timing makes me VERY nervous. He is also the one who mostly deals with our finances/bills and I am worried I wont be able to make this big of a purchase and keep it a secret from him.

When I bought my wedding dress from Nordstroms I got a Nordstroms card so I could put the dress on the card and then pay it off. I was thinking of going to somewhere that sells the IPOD Touch (like Best Buy, etc) and doing the same thing (applying for the card, putting the Touch on it, and then easily paying it off.) This way I could keep it a secret from him AND not have to worry about the timing of my paychecks. I wouldnt use the credit card ever again, just for THIS purchase.

Is this a good idea, TQC?
Can you think of a better way for me to go about doing this?

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If by some freak of nature, or voter fraud, McCain/Palin actually win the election do you think there will be rioting in the streets by crazed Obama supporters?

What about riots by crazed McCain supporters if Obama wins?

Exciting things

Opa! My favourite football (soccer) team, Olympiakos (from Piraeus), is playing Panthrakikos (a small team from Thrace that's playing in this division for the first time ever). I donno why, but I'm really psyched about this game, more so than when we played with AEK! What thing are you excited about today? Who's your favourite sports team and for what sport?

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Assuming it's Nov 4 and the candidate of your choice did not win! Oh nos! Everyone is rioting in the streets so you decide to join in too.

What do you loot, destroy or discombobulate?
as a kite

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1. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
2. If you're not dressing up, why not?
3. Which one of your past costumes are you most proud of?


1. I'm going to be Ms. Frizzle! I still need the dress though.
3. Wilson the volleyball from Castaway was probably the best costume I've ever had.

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Ladies of TQC who are sexually active, even if you're on a reliable form of birth control, do you still get nervous before you get your period every month? What type of birth control method do you use (hormonal, barrier, pull-out)? Aren't you worried about getting pregnant unplanned? just kidding. :)

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For those of you to whom this does not apply/who don't care, what have you eaten today? What do you plan to eat today?

I'm about to go grocery shopping, on an empty stomach. This is a bad idea, y/y?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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How ~*~*~gymnastically talented*~*~*~* are you? What can you do? Did you ever take gym classes?

(My best is a somersalt and I even have issues with those. I took gym for a year in like 3rd grade).


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Would most jobs on my vaguely liberalish college campus care if I went to an interview with a lip piercing?

If within the first few weeks of getting a lip ring, I took it out for 30ish minutes, would that damage it?
Typing Monkey

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TQC Artists: How do you know when a piece is finished? And what do you do when a piece looks like it needs something else, but you can't figure out what that something is?

Everyone Else: What is your creative outlet?

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Has anyone else had a slew of mysterious people with accounts that use proper (albeit slightly unusual) names friending you and immediately deleting their account recently? What's up with that?
cat tea

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What is the most you would pay for a product that would guarantee you had flawless skin? Let's assume the product would last one year but you would have to continue buying it.

What types of noises bother you?
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what's the name of those two male comics, one of them is taller and bigger and the other one is little. the tall one is loud and the little one doesn't really talk.

they have a video that is anti-recycling that i am looking for.. so if you know the name of that you get bonus points

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Do you believe that someone you only saw as a friend can grow into more?

If you have a SO and you live with your parents...how old are you? How does it work for you? (like having the so stay over etc) Do you find it awkward or anything? Can you tell me of your experiences in this situation?

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I won't be getting much sleep until Tuesday afternoon. The trouble is the longer I stay awake the worse I become at writing and editing. Besides getting some sleep what are some good things for mental clarity?

If you don't have an answer for the first question- what was your favorite cartoon as a child? Do you still like it now?
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Tell me TQC,

I’m a Canadian who will be traveling to Australia for a year sometime in Feb…have any of you guys used HSBC before? What are your thoughts?

Where is the furthest you have traveled?

There is someone planning to go to India soon on TQC, what are you travel plans?

And for those not interested, what are you having for dinner tonight?
kitten pounce ball

Football on FOX

OK, I have a longstanding argument with my father over the computer graphics on FOX during the football games. There's this robotic football player guy that comes on the screen when they go to commercial and when they come back from commercial. He jumps around and does various other things. Is this computer animation or is there a guy dressed up like a robot football player?

I wouldn't even know where to begin to google this.
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So I was just reading this article about the 6 year old kidnapped boy that was found in Las Vegas (yay for him!) and couldn't help noticing his crazy last name, Puffinburger.

What's the craziest last name you've ever known someone to have?
Jay & Silent Bob

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Not sure if this has been posted before, wouldn't be suprised if it has, with all the election buzz going on. But I was curious, do you know anyone that's a democrat because it's what's "cool"? Because if you're a republican you're closed minded, conservative and old fashioned? Or something like that.

I have a friend who is totally democratic for the scene of it. One of those people who chooses the title and then will agree with it no matter what. She is seriously not even that informed about stuff, or if she is she doesn't talk about the right things when she goes on her pro-democratic rants. She does the whole anti-republican thing and has an Obama sign in her window at college. I'm sure if she was informed she'd be democratic anyway. I just wish she would...be informed and not rant mindlessly about things that don't really make her look educated.

I'm not biased, I'm not republican or democratic, I understand why people would go either way, there's nothing wrong with being one or the other. You might call me an independant, but really, I'm just not political.

Along those lines, should I vote? If so, why? Anyone else here old enough to vote and not going to? Why?

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How ridiculous would it be to try and apply for an American Express 'Blue for students' card right now? I'm a student/working part time, with little credit, and obviously with the credit crunch and everything I doubt I'd be approved - what do you think, TQC?

Edit: If you have any experience with AMEX, would it be better just to try for the regular 'Blue' card instead of for students??


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so i just saw how many people were voting through absentee ballots. are you all in college?
if you're in college, what year? if you've graduated, when did you graduate? if you're not a college-goer... how do you spend your days?

is dealing with an alcoholic/drug abuser/other addict (family, friend or partner) one of the most draining and frustrating things ever?
have you been on both sides?

ever been to rehab? for what? what was the most surprising thing about rehab? bonus points for the small details that people don't usually think of (like having to hand over the cellophane and lids of your meals, or not being able to go to the bathroom alone).
Peace in the sand

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I've been a bit down lately, so my husband's trying to give me a break. He offered to stay with our girls so I could go do something. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! Imagine that you're a SAHM about at your wits end... what would you do if you were given the opportunity to escape (not permanently, of course)?

It's a bit late notice to round up a friend to go with me, so I've accepted the fact that this is probably going to be a solo thing. I rarely go anywhere alone (aside from the grocery store), so this is sort of new territory for me.

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Would you rather be with someone who you had the best sex of your life with but would never love or respect you  forever
or would you rather
be with someone who was dedicated and truly in love with you but could never sexually please you?

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On a scale of 1-10 how spontaneous are you?

How far in advance do you like to have things planned?

Should I take two weeks off directly before Christmas (we get a week off over christmas & new years) or two weeks directly after? (I want to have 3 weeks off hopefully).

What should i do during that time off?
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i am reading through the california general election "official voter information guide" right now, and omg, it is soooo frustrating, because there are glaringly obvious logical fallacies on both sides of the arguments concerning all the propositions. it is so hard to take some of these arguments seriously, because they are all so poorly written. :(

there are also ridiculously loud helicopters fluttering over my neighborhood. D:

what is frustrating you today?
Miroku Turn

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People will leave me alone for ages, but the minute I try to lie down and take a nap, someone needs me for something. Do they have a special radar that tells them I just relaxed enough to be really startled when they bang on my door? :(

Which are better: Raisinets or Goobers?

Are you excited about something? I had two dreams last night about getting to go on a trip in May. :D

Are you working on something crafty/artsy right now? What is it? Can I see?

ETA: Also, do you have a big goal right now? A little one? What are they?

Big Goal: I'm going to do Study Abroad by fall of 2010 no matter what.

Little Goal: Finish my homework before class tomorrow.


Girls (and boys?)...how do you wear your scarf? (Pictures are very helpful)
Do any of you fine folks have an American Apparel jersey scarf?
How do you wear THAT?
Because I have a new one and I'm not sure how to wear it really. It's SO LOOONGGG.
lovely lady

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In January, I will be free from this life as I know it. I can do WHATEVER I WANT! As long as I have ~500/month for loan payments, I can be anywhere and do anything. I will be moving away from this province.

if you had this chance, where would you go? what would you do?
dead zone johnny & sarah

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How connected do you feel to the area (country, region, however specific that may be for you) where you were raised? How much a part of your identity do you think it is? Would it/does it bother you if people repeatedly mistook you as being from somewhere else?

(no subject)

i have to reinstall the sims 2 and all it's expansion packs but i can't find the cases ANYWHERE! so i'm using keygens... how many viruses do you think i'll have by the time i'm done?
girls » barbie
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Poll #1281511 PIZZA!

Which place should I order my pizza from?

Papa Johns
Pizza Hut

These are the only two pizza places near me, and I can't make up my mind. Pizza Hut has better breadsticks, but Papa Johns has better pizza. I honestly don't think I've ever had Pizza Hut pizza aside from the little personal pan pizzas :\

For those of you without an opinion on pizza, how much does gas cost near you right now, on average?

Last night, I consistently saw 2.70-ish
she blinded me with science!


If you're an Obama supporter (even as the lesser of evils) and you wanted to convince a friend or family member that voting for McCain would be a Bad Idea™, what points would you make?

I come from a very conservative middle-class family, and I think a lot of them are voting for McCain. I want to write them a mass email explaining why they shouldn't. The tricky part is being tactful. I want to change their minds without exactly telling them I think they're a bunch of ignorant morons.

Jonathan Haidt had some interesting stuff to say about morality and why it leads people to vastly different (and at times seemingly stupid) political positions. I'm going to use some arguments from that as a starting point. I'm also going to include a side-by-side comparison of Obama and McCain's tax plans showing how Obama's is better for the middle class, and a chart showing how Reagan-era "fiscal conservatives" have consistently jacked up the national debt while "tax and spend liberals" have consistently reduced it. Finally, I'm going to debunk the stupid lies that Obama is a Muslim who pals around with terrorists. Because they're exactly the kind of idiots who would latch onto crap like that and preach it as truth.

Anything else you think I should add?

Edit: To those who say I shouldn't do this, why? (Note: I flat-out reject avoiding drama as a valid reason.)

And to those who say I should be more tolerant: there are two subtle distinctions I'd like you to think about. First of all, tolerance means respecting other people's right to believe what they want, NOT respecting the beliefs themselves or abstaining from trying to change them. Second, disagreements stem from two things: values and facts. A mature person respects that others often have different value systems. But there is no reason to respect someone who insists on believing facts that are false. In fact, I'd say that respecting other people's wrong factual beliefs is a sign of mental weakness.
doctor who - tardis

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I'm watching a documentary following Jerry Seinfeld (and some other douchebag comedian named Orny Adams) called Comedian.

Is there a big stand-up circuit around where you live? 

Do you like going to see stand-up?

Would you ever do/have you done an open-mic night?

Would you ever pursue comedy (stand-up, writing sitcoms/sketch comedy, performing, etc) as a profession?

Holy Noel

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Do you like Jägermeister?
What's your favourite mixer to go with Jägermeister?

If you don't like Jägermeister, what spirit do you like?

If you don't drink alcohol, what's your favourite drink?
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

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If you knew it was going to be cold today (we're talking heavy jacket/coat weather), under what circumstances would you wear short shorts and a tank top?

Would you then go around telling everyone who would listen (or was within hearing range) that you were absolutely freezing today?

If you would never do such a thing, how do you like your chicken prepared?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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For those of you who grew up with computer games, what was your favorite computer game as a kid?

(I had several: Odell Down Under was at school, as was Treasure MathStorm and Oregon Trail, but nobody ever remembers Odell Down Under. There was some other game whose icon was a silhouette of a turtle and you could make your own little stop-animation films or something .. MicroWorks, maybe?)

What should I do? take 2

TQC, should I study for my American gov't test tomorrow or take a bike ride? Just to and from my school, but I'm going by myself (for the first time, eeek) and I am directionally RETARDED and I'm really nervous, but I want to start riding to/from school when I have class and I need to know that I can do it! Also, it's cold outside and it's getting dark (I have lights on my bike).

i hate my face

gross time!

so i'm pretty sure that what i originally thought was a rare severe acne breakout is actually a series of cold sores. so, my questions:

1. which is worse--pimples or cold sores?
2. have you ever had a cold sore? how about 11?
3. what do i doooooooo? (ok, that one is hypothetical mostly.)
4. can you tell me an uplifting story about people with repulsive cold sores who went on to live normal, happy lives?

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If you were to start a band, what would you name it? And if you're already in a band, what is it called?

Forgot to add my answer: I've had many potential band names go through my head (but alas, no talent), but I currently like "Cunt Rockets".

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1.)  If you were to move to a new place (or if you have), what would be on your list of essential things to get or do?

I'm moving to NYC this coming weekend and I just found out yesterday! It will just be me and the boyfriend.

2.) Also, do you have an Amazon/anything wishlist?


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When I was younger I had gum surgery, and they took out that thing that connects the inside of my top lip to my gums. I kind of forget that other people have one.

Do you have anything missing that most people have?
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which planet earth episode thingy should i watch?

from pole to pole
fresh water
ice worlds
great plains
shallow seas
seasonal forests
ocean deep
saving species
into the wilderness
living together
selina kyle

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What not traditionally Christmas movie do you associate with Christmas?

For me, it's Little Women with Winonna Ryder and Christian Bale. I guess it's because there are a few Christmas scenes and it's all warm and happy and full of family.
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Do you ?s

Do you ever drink alone?

Do you consider yourself to be drinking alone if you are interacting with people online (chatrooms, messageboards, videogames, livejournal comms, etc)?

Do you eat pasta with a spoon?

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what do you reasonably want for christmas?
what do you unreasonably want for christmas?
what are you buying for your friends & family?
when do your decorations go up?
what's your favourite christmas song?

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If you met some dude on the intarwebs (we're talking Craigslist, here) and had been emailing and more recently, texting for a while, and then he hits you with the inevitable, "Ask me anything you want, I dare you," what do you do?

FYI, I had the same kind of texting relationship (I like texting, apparently) with a co-worker a year ago, and he asked the same kind of questions, and it all culminated with me getting groped in a movie theatre, so I want to be a little more cautious here.
Sam outside

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EDIT: got it thanks!!

What does this mean?
Or at least do you know what language it is so I can look it up online?

"Jemand, um zu lieben und zu halten und alle meine Mängel dazu zu erzählen"

Thanks in advance.


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I'm trying to figure out how to word this: "She's gone to a better place _____ _____ _____ she left."

What goes in the blank?
"a better place than that which she left"? I have no idea how to make it flow smoothly.
ETA: Fixed! Less redundancy. Next question:

Anyway, what's the most hypocritical thing you've heard someone say or do?

Halloween songs?

We need to get as many Halloween, or even just creepy, songs that you can think of!!! My roomies and I are throwing a party...can you help us keep tunes going all night without pressing repeat on one CD!? Thanks!

ETA: Here's what we've got
Disturbd & Korn - Forsaken
Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein
Hocus Pocus - I put a spell on you
Malloween theme (Techno Remix)
Marilyn Manson and Panic! - This is Halloween
Michael Jackson - Thriller
The adam's Family
Dr. Demento - Monster Mash
Rob Zombie - House of 1000 corpses, I'm your boogieman, Living dead girk, the lords of salem, dragula
RHPS - Time warp
Talking heads - Psycho killer

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is dalhousie university in halifax, nova scotia generally thought to be a good school?
are there any current students or alumni in here? what do/did you like about it and what do/did you not?
what have you heard from other people?

and ive heard alot about some rivalry between DAL and SMU. for those of you who know anything about either school...which one do you think is better?

i will entice you with the promise of cake!!

TQC, I need your help!

I need to find a picture of people playing video games for the last slide of my speech on the history of video games and the ways they have influenced our culture. The picture needs to have girls and boys in it, and they need to be looking like they're having a lot of fun. Could you help me find a good one?

If I can't find something like that then I need a picture that encompasses the video game playing experience. What do you think that picture would look like? I'm going to be putting it in powerpoint and it will be up on a projector so it needs to have a fairly good resolution, something that is easy to see up on the screen.

I have my entire speech done, but I just need this one picture to finish off the slideshow!

If you come across anything please let me know!

ETA: Thanks guys, I finished it! I ended up putting one picture each of kids, teenagers, and adults playing video games all on the same slide. I appreciate the help!

Please tell me I'm being ridiculous.

If your SO moved somewhere to be with you, and then you moved away (your SO knew when/where you were moving), would you be bothered if he/she mentioned to a friend that moving to that first location was a "mistake"?

I feel pretty ridiculous about this, but I'm kind of hurt because I though we had an awesome summer :(

Why does my ex call me at the most random times, like 1 am on a Wednesday night and 6 am on a Sunday morning, to apologize for the last time he randomly called me at a terrible hour?

It's irritating as hell.

When you're having a bad day self-esteem/body image-wise, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

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Do you think moving to a warmer place will make me happier? (assuming I have the comforts of life, friends and a job that I don't despise)
Have you ever moved? And what did it change for you?

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So how exactly does it work when you buy a car from a dealership?

I've never done it and my boyfriend didn't handle the details when he bought his car.

Will my down payment have to be at least as much as tax & title?
If I do payments, will the dealership take care of it, or do I need to talk to a bank separately?

carmax.com is telling me to enter my apr to figure out my monthly payments but I have no clue how to figure it out...

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What's your favorite sport to watch?

What's your favorite sport to play?

Is baseball as exciting as the kids in my hall seem to think it is? They're squealing.

What's something that people tend to get really worked up over that you don't care about at all?
burning goodness
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Something we discussed in my Social Psych class

We discussed this article: http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051009/NEWS01/510090392
Did you hear about this when it was happening? I didn't, and it bothers me.

How come I couldn't escape hearing about Terri Schiavo every day, and yet this wasn't even a blip on my radar? Wouldn't you be much more concerned about a cop-impersonating manipulative telephone pervert than some family gone drama-llama?
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When was your last blonde moment?

I was helping paint a friend's house, and a smoke alarm was casting a small shadow on the wall. Maybe it was the fumes, maybe it was just me, but I tried to paint over the shadow for like 5 minutes. I was like, "OMG THE GRAY JUST KEEPS EATING UP THE WHITE PAINT" Someone had to point it out to me. :(
jon dance

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So my window is busted, and the Boston air is getting chilly.  It doesn't close all the way, leaving about a quarter of an inch between the window and the frame.  Since I can't afford to get it fixed (I think it's going to require a full replacement of the window, since there's other things wrong with it too) what material would you suggest I put between the window and the sill to try to insulate it?

Srs and nonsrs answers will be graciously accepted :)