October 18th, 2008

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For linkaphobes: Ringo Starr says any fanmail he gets after Oct 20th will not be replied to, simply thrown in the garbage in a Youtube video. Is this a good idea, or kind of douchey?
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So its lunch time where I am. I decided to walk to the corner market to get some food. I wanted soup but they didn't have any. So then I walk over to the canned soup area of the market and see something that looks good. It was written in Spanish so I paused and figured I should read the ingredients before buying. This is what I read...

Beans, garlic, spinach, lentils, cilantro, chili peppers, BROWN IGUANA MEAT!!!!!!

1. My question is, what is the strangest thing you have found in a market?

2. What was the last recipe you experimented with and had an epic fail? What was it?

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Do you think that text messages often do not reach the phones they're being sent to? or is that just an excuse people use when they don't want to or forget to reply to your texts?

Hey you.

Good evening, TQC. What have we here? A LOT OF QUESTIONS, THAT'S WHAT.

1. Did you go to kindergarten or whatever? Do you think it's weird if someone doesn't?
(Aw man, I only just saw on wiki that you americans seem to call it preschool or something? From ages 3-5, I mean, anyway)

2. Do you have any opinion on when it's too late to have children? If so, what age?

3. Ever had a relative as a teacher?

4. Does any quote from a tv show/book/movie ever just stick in your head and pop up at odd moments?

5. Does being a vegetarian really make you crazy skinny or something? My mum seems to think that if I stop eating meat I'll dissolve. Then again, she also believes microwaves will kill us all.

6. What is something really strange that you, or someone you know believes?

7. What is your favourite old nickolodeon show? (If you didn't watch nickolodeon, favourite old kids show in general).

I'm in the comments yo.

8. Do you ever use the word "yous"? Does it annoy you when people say that?
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Sometimes I have trouble sleeping, and I'm considering investing in some Unisom.

Question 1: Am I going to get addicted and have to start selling my body and/or giving handjobs in alleyways to buy more Unisom?

Question 2: Are there any other comparable OTCs that DON'T contain gelatin as one of their inactive ingredients? I really don't like consuming gelatin if I can help it.

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i'm not hungry.

all i've eaten today was a milky way bar, a really tiny piece of cheesecake, and a small bag of funyuns. the last thing i ate was the funyuns and that was like six hours ago.

if i do order something, it won't be good for me. i have some food in the house but it is also not very good for me and i am feeling pretty lazy.

so should i order food or just go to bed without eating?
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(Inspired by the prescription pills post)

Can you recommend some sleeping aids, TQC, aside from those with diphenhydramine (aka benadryl) as their active ingredients?

If you can't, what is your favorite relaxation technique?
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Help me decide my night tomorrow!

I will be spending my morning and early afternoon volunteering at my college's Fallfest, meaning I'll spend all morning with a bunch of whiny 17 year old kids, so I will be a bit tired (though there'll be time in the afternoon for a nap if I so choose) when these occur.

A. My honors skate night. It's a point opportunity for us - but I'll have the points I need easily without this point. It's $10, possibly more, and lasts from 7-11. I'll have a ride if I ask around for one, but I won't be able to get there on my own. None of my closest friends will be there, just my casual acquaintances, some of whom I like and some of whom I just tolerate - including my crush. I find skating fun, but I can't do it too well and will definitely fall down a lot. It will be loud, but is something I can really only do once a year or so.

B. An improv night down the street. It's walking distance, and lasts from 7-10. It's free and there'll be refreshments, but shitty college-Sodexho ones. A couple of my closer friends will be there, but none of my best/closest ones (they all went home this weekend). The troupe doing the improv does it every Thursday from 8-9:30 and I go weekly, so I know I like them and I see them once a week - I just saw them this past Thursday. It will be packed and loud and is something I do once a week.

C. Stay the fuck home and do homework.

Which do I choose, TQC?
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If you could murder one person and get away with it, would you?  The person would be someone who has no friends or family, no one who cares about them, so the only life you'd be taking/ruining would be that one person's.

Is it ever right for anyone to take anyone else's life?  Does anyone truly have the authority to say who lives and who dies?

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TQC, who are these people and how did I get in on their email conversation?

How many times do I have to turn you down?

We aren't hooking up unless you meet my terms.

Pretty bad when your turned down by a hooker, isn't it?


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SIMP;; a-christening we go.

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Why is it on Firefox 3 that even though I check the "remember me" box on different websites (livejournal, gmail, Facebook) it never remembers me and I have to log in each time I open the browser?
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Inspired by real events.

You must choose: do you hang out with a bunch of Joe Sixpacks who just got back from a Palin rally, or a bunch of latte-sipping "intellectuals" in fake glasses?

(Don't say "I'm one of those artsy kids! That's easy!" because these don't understand the concept of monosyllabic expression, and everything is ~*art to them.)

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1. what date was your journal created?
2. was it your first LJ?
3. have you ever used a rename token? if so, what was your old LJ name?

1. October 13, 2002
2. no. I had some LJ I made in 2001, but I didn't use it much. the name was a horribly trendy stupid tween name
3. yes. I was pretty_fuck from 02-05, and I renamed to appeasing


1.) What was your first kiss like?

2.) Have you ever planned casual sex with someone? Like making a lunch date?

3.) Ladies, what cologne do you like on a guy?

4.) Should I have a bagel with creme cheese or Raisin Brand for breakfast?

1.) I kissed a girl named Tonya in the lunchline in the 3rd grade, but that was on the cheek. My first real kiss was with this guy named Dwayne when I was in the 8th grade... right on a bench at Buckroe Beach.

2.) I did. With a Korean exchange student. He asked me to meet him after class and go to his dorm. It was like we were planning to go to lunch at McDonald's. The word "sex" never came up (maybe he didn't know it, he was new to the English language), but we both knew that's what was going to happen.
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Can you name some really funny, relatively recently made comedies, that don't involve Judd Apatow, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Will Farrell or the Farrelly Brothers?  (By relatively recent, I mean last in the 10 years or so; by comedies, I mean movies.)
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I have 16 piercings, including my lip, septum, nostril and various ear piercings.

What are some good or snarky responses I could use to the question "OMG DID THAT HURT?!?"?

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Of these supernatural beings, which would you be most willing to be?

Vampire (undead, have to drink human blood, can't go out in the sunlight, NOT the sparkly kind)
Werewolf (normal except on night of the full moon when you turn into a wolf and have no control over what you do)
Zombie (undead, like to eats brains, impervious to pain)
Demon (you're powerful but spend most of your time doing Satan's bidding)
Ghost (dead, haunt and curse people)
Other (please specify in comments)

Why did you chose what you did?


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1. How do you feel about e-mail? Not the content of your mail, but the process medium itself. Has your opinion changed over time?

2. What's the biggest thing you've done to make your life easier?
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Yay Autumn!

So I'm in the UK for the year, and I have a few very important questions.

1. Do they have candy corn here? I haven't seen it in any of the stores I've browsed at yet.

2. Is pumpkin pie not a big thing here? I really want to make these super delicious pumpkin cookies, but I'm having trouble finding the canned pumpkin puree that is often used in making pumpkin pies which I need for my cookies.

3. Is candy corn delicious or gross?
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201Özil &lt;3 :D

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so tqc, i really don't want to go to work today.

there's a food and music festival i'm planning to go to today and a party later tonight, but i need to clean the house beforehand.

i already called in late telling them i was sick, but i just don't want to go. it's the slow season anyway, should i just call in? or suck it up, work for a few hours (because they'll probably send people home early) and head to work?
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I'm going out for brunch with my father and brother today. What should I order?

Will you comment here to up the comment count in my journal so I can join iheartgaming? Feel free to spam it, if you want.

Have you ever been to a place where you "make your own stir fry"? (You pick the ingredients, they cook it for you) Did you enjoy it? What ingredients did you pick?

And last but not least, have you ever seen a leaf that has turned from green to BLUE? A student brought one into class the other day and it was pretty awesome. I'd never seen one before, just the usual red, orange and yellow.
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I'm apparently not smart enough to come up with a witty subject line. durr.

Based on this article:

(Don't cheat!)

1. What political party currently has control of the US House of Representatives?

2. Who is the current US Secretary of State?

3. Who is the current Prime Minister of Great Britain?

4. Are you smarter than most of the Americans polled?

5a. Americans: are you embarrassed about the lack of intelligence of some of your fellow countrymen (and women)?

5b. Canadians/Austrailians/all the rest of y'all: do you think Americans are stupid?

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i asked this last night but no one really knew so i thought the morning crew might have an idea:

are people in Madison, WI going to care about the Purdue/Northwestern game or is it safe to venture to a bar for another game?
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My computer's like 4 years old...and it's been giving me some problems lately. I have to restart my computer like 3 times...but it was 5 times just now, just to get to my desktop. And right now my screen just looks hazy, kinda like a grey tint to it. Doesn't change when I try to set the brightness on the screen. It bothers me...at first I thought I was going blind. Not to also mention that the computer case also makes this weird, loud noise...but stops when I bang on it repeatedly.

What the hell is going on? Should I reset my whole computer and download everything all over again? (cries @ the thought of that)

Or is there a better solution?
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my boyfriend likes to keep some stubble on his face, so he usually just uses one of these electric shavers to trim:

but because he's working at a really strict client site this week, he can't have any hair on his face. he has sensitive skin though and when he completely shaves, he tends to break out..usually around his jawline. what would be the best way to shave? stay with the electric shaver? use a regular razor? what kind of soaps or shavings creams/gels would you suggest? also, another concern is cutting any preexisting blemishes that he already has on his face. how can this be avoided?
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TQC, I have a horrible hangover and just went to the store to buy myself some soup to help me feel better.  I bought a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle O's, because I like cheap crappy soup when I'm sick.  However, there was, like, NO broth in it.  It was a can of noodles, basically.  Normally Noodle O's are rather noodly and don't have much broth, but this stuff basically had none.  The can was sealed and everythng.  Do you think it's bad?  Should I eat it anyway?
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What was the last thing that made you go, "OMG NO WAI!" ?

The Day the Earth Stood Still is on TV right now and I just heard them say, "Klatu, Verata, Niktu" ..!! If you understand the significance of this, you're awesome.
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How long do you have to be apart from you SO before you start to miss them?

Has enyone used Vitamin E to get rid of scars? 

The vet said we should rub some on my puppy to make the scar less ugly and I am wondering if anyone has seen scars diminish by doing so.
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What would you do if:

Your friend spent the night at your house, still needs a ride home (lives ten minutes away from you), is still asleep at 12:30 PM, and has to work at 1:45 PM (before which he needs to shower and dress, and drive ten minutes to), yet keeps saying "wake me up in 7 minutes" every time you try to wake him?
Do you trust his time management judgment or kick his ass and force him to get up?

What's your current favorite song?
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Who is someone you have/had the most incredible passion/chemistry with?
Have you had it where you don't even have to be in their physical presence? ex: phone, internet talking, etc.
What turns you on that people would not expect from you?

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Why would you be having sex with someone you called fat?
Why would you be sleeping with someone you've called unattractive?
What's for lunch?
What should I do before I have to work in 9 hours?
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I am going to a costume party and I am wearing this dress (see below). I know it's quite filled with anachronisms in regards to style, but can anyone tell me basically WHAT era it belongs to? And what movie should I say it came from?


vague art search and question

i am in a very frantic search for a peice of asian art.

the peices are from the 40's and is very likely to be communist in nature. they are all drawn or painted, but highly realistic and whimsical. they almost always feature children. brightly colored and cheerful as well. ive searched everywhere i can for hours and found nothing. i am 99% sure it is chinese in origin, however there are a few things on the card that make me think there is a remote possibility it is japanese.

i found a reproduction of this style of art from a postcard i bought in berkeley the other day. ive looked up the pulisher and the name of the peice, but no dice.

does anyone here have any idea what type of art this is and where i can find it?

the publisher is catch publishing and the name of the print is space fantasy (it is not science fiction, however).

thanks very much!


How would you feel about dating someone who is a virgin? What about having sex with someone who is a virgin? Does it change the way you think about them (good or bad)?

I suppose this is a silly question but I'm just curious.


What is something you have never done but always wanted to do (that you could realistically do)?

What is something you have never done but always wanted to do (that you couldn't realistically do)?

What is something you have done but will never ever do again?

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1. Do you know any songs with your name in the title? What are your favorites? Do you feel like they are talking about you when you listen to them? Will you post a video(/videos) featuring the song(s)?

2. Would you plz fill in the blanks?
a. I have a fear of ______.
b. I have an obsession with ______.
If you have several fears or obsessions, pick whichever one is most intense.
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Do you know any of these languages?

I wrote a program that automatically displays its text in the user's own language, thanks to a translation file in the operating environment. However, there are two short phrases that I need to find my own translations for. Can any of you help me?

The phrases are:

"Power Alert Thresholds" - meaning the power levels at which the program will display messages
"Alert Interval" - meaning the number of seconds between messages

The languages I need are German, French, Spanish, Korean, and simplified and traditional Chinese.
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1. How were you as a child in school? Are you still that way in school now? (I was a quiet kid, now I'm loud when I'm comfortable).
2. What's the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever done to you?
3. What was your favorite playground game? What'd you do at recess?

Harold and Kumar-&quot;Thank you&quot;

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I was watching an episode of Friends last night and it was the
episode where Rachel can't waitress for Monica as she has her first
date with Ross. So, Rachel volunteers Phoebe.

She says something to show she CAN be a waitress and most of what she
asks for I can figure out except "Put Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck 'em".

Can someone clue me in on what "Put Adam and Eve on a raft and
wreck 'em" might be?


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my best friend broke up with her boyfriend (of one year) a few days ago. I was praising the heavens when she told me, because they had a very horrible, very abusive relationship and she has a child (not by him).

so they're still broken up, by her standards. however - he still lives with her, they still have sex, and she still refers to him as "baby"

am I just being stupid, or does that absolutely sound like you are not broken up with someone?

have you ever broken up with someone and continued treating them the same way (living with them/sleeping with them)? if so, how did it end up?
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After my daughter kicked me out of my own bedroom so she could go to sleep it was made clear it's time for us to move into a two bedroom apartment. I really like the building we are in now and plus I am really in no mood to actually MOVE. Just shoving my belongings across the hall is fine right now.

So, there is a vacant two bedroom now. Perfect. However, I know I've mentioned this briefly in comments but there is someone who is on the sex offender list in my building and yep, that was his apartment. He just moved out a few days ago but something about moving into his apartment creeps me out. Obviously he's not going to be there, but just something about it really irks me. Am I being a complete fool right now? I kind of feel like I'm in third grade right now, "Ew she touched it I don't want it now!?"

eta: over the ridculoussness. I went and check it out.

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TQC, I am both a n00b on a bicycle and a fatty, but I just got home from a 15-mile bike ride, my longest one yet. Are you proud of me?! :D

Also, are you an asshole who, while driving, would make barking noises at said chubby girl on a bike? Even though the chubby girl is being LESS LAZY THAN YOU ARE by riding a bike and not driving in a car in the first place?

Also also, should I be concerned that I haven't gotten my absentee ballot in the mail yet? =\
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So I've been SUPER into baking lately, and I've decided that I need more supplies. I have things like a few mixings bowls, measuring cups, cupcake and muffin tins, food coloring, a cookie sheet and a pie tin.

1. What else do I need? I know I need a handheld mixer (I might swipe my mom's KitchenAid, but I don't have a lot of counter space) and I want a few loaf pans- but what else?

2. I was thinking of going to Target. Bloomingdales had nice stuff but it was WAY too upscale for my beginner's needs. Where else would you recommend? We don't have Wal-Mart.

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Here's the situation:
You are the manager of a McErgies. You need to hire ONE employee to be in charge of the entire McPerogie preperation and service. Do you hire

A) J.M.- and older guy who's been in the food service industry for 40 years...was once locked into a McErgies for six years...has a little bit of temper at times....has never had a DUI but has wrecked 5 vehicles.

B) B.O.-smart, young,brash, new, and unpredictable. College educated,suave, debonair. Worked one summer as a fry cook but has lots of ideas on how he wants to change your store. He's very concieted too.

Hairy fishnuts

You have been measured...

1. How tall are you? I'm 5 foot 7.

2. How tall is the tallest person you've ever met? A guy whose daughter goes to the day care I work at is seven foot tall, easily.

3. How tall is the shortest adult you've ever met/known? My sister was just a skosh under five foot tall. We're still not sure if it was her condition (long sad story) or genetics (our paternal grandma was short, too.)

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When was the last time you were speechless? Why?

I need something to snack on, what would you recommend?

I spoke to a lady last night who owns a local restaurant, she said the most stolen objects are the plastic numbers they have on the tables, therefore they don't bother using them anymore. What are people who steal them doing with them??
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At work we're allowed to dress up for Halloween and I've decided I'm going as Sarah Palin.
I've already got a suit that I can wear and I'm planning to get some cheap glasses that look like hers.
I'm also planning to wear a sash that says something like "Miss Alaska" on the front and "I can see Russia from my house!" on the back.
What else do I need for my costume?
Also, can you think of anything else to write on the sash? It has to be work appropriate...I work at a Sprint retail store.

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I never thought I liked hot sauce until a takeout place accidentally put it on my sandwich and I decided to eat it anyway. That's how I ended up ordering the thing I got from then on. One day I decided to make it at home and got some tobasco sauce, and tried it but it was way too peppery to even eat! The other hot sauce I had tried was much more tangy, vinegary wing sauce type taste.

1. Hot sauce is different from tobasco sauce, isn't it?

2. Recommend to me a good hot sauce?

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I posted a picture a few minutes ago and I didn't realize how gross my eyeliner smears. I use Sephora brand stuff. Can anyone please recommend a better smear resistant one that won't make me look like a panda?
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I was told today that I shouldn't buy every movie I like. Should I listen to them or buy a movie whenever I want as long as I have the money?

Edit: Thanks for all of the replies but for clarification, editing sake, I won't buy them all at once. It's more of a from time to time, if I see a movie I'll buy it thing.
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I have a job dilemma. Last year, I applied to masters programs for library science (lol) and was accepted to both places I applied. I deferred admission to Fall 2009 because I wanted more work experience first. So anyway, I started working at my current job, in the library of a law firm, in April. This was after I had already been accepted to grad school. The reason I was hired (I assume) was because I mentioned an interest in the field, which is obviously true, but I at no point mentioned that I planned to attend grad school in another state in Fall 2009. My boss even mentioned that, when the time came, we could work things out so I could keep my job and attend a local grad program at night.
Anyway, at this point, I'm fairly certain I will be attending U of Maryland Fall 09 (I live and work in NYC currently.) Now, I plan to play it that I applied to programs this year to make things easier, and applications wouldn't be due for awhile. However, my boss clearly loves being a mentor and I think it would be weird if I was just like lol bye and gave a two weeks notice when I quit next summer. However, I dont want to be let go prematurely. And I also want to be able to use my boss as a reference, as this will be the longest library job I have had to date, assuming I dont leave until next summer.

I know this is tl;dr but if anyone has read it- when should I tell my boss about my plans? Or, if you dont care, any interesting stories about quitting/being fired from jobs?

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Will you help me Tee-Kew-See?

Collapse )

For those who can't be bothered to read the above: Will you describe exactly what you can see right now?
I'm in a uni computer room so I can see my computer screen and those around me. There's other people in here too. There's a window next to me looking out over the flower beds in the Quad outside. The white board at the front of the room has the chemical structures of Aspirin and paracetamol on it.

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Can you think of 4 items that you have in your fridge or pantry that you think no one else on here has?

Fresh kale
Red lentis
Pomegranate and Raspberry yogurt
Pineapple ginger green tea
The Girliest Taco

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Would you rather be seen without a shirt or without pants (or any pants substitute, including skirts, leggings, etc.)?

Without a shirt
Without pants/pants equivalent

Black or blue pen?

I am an equal-opportunity pen user.

Should I get off Livejournal and do my homework?


(no subject)

what and how many family memebers have you gotten into a physical fight with?

do you think me jumping off the roof with carboard wings could induce flight?

Whats the deal with airline peanuts?
Grammar love!

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So, omg, I'm very excited! I got accepted into a college!

What can you guys tell me about Milwaukee School of Engineering? Is it easy to change majors? I applied for computer engineering but I want to change it to software engineering.

My parents don't like the acceptance envelope- they think stuff is missing from it. All I got was the "omg congrats you're accepted" letter, an envelope to send the $100 tuition deposit, a piece of paper talking about FAFSA, and a big plastic red folder for "MSOE-related paperwork." Shouldn't these things have a lot more paper and stuff?

(no subject)

Do you actually have some sort of emergency plan in place for what you and your family might do in case of a natural or man made catastrophe (volcano eruption, earthquake, nuclear bomb, terrorist attack, asteroid hit, etc.) and all lines of communication were wiped out?

If so what does your plan entail?

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do your teeth ever feel squeaky after you eat bacon? mine do.

I just had an Apple tech support rep tell me to "stop talking and do what she says" and then hung up on me. I guess her mute button wasn't working correctly. when's the last time you experienced bad customer service on the phone?

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Have you guys heard about the new Ad Campaign to combat the use of the phrase "That's so gay" (and variations of it)?

What do you think about it?

I don't know how effective it'll be, but I think it's a nice idea. It's annoying that "gay" is being used as a derogatory term.

What was the last thing that you baked?

This thing called "Fruit Magic"  The recipe was on the back of this Jiffy Cake mix box. It's good.
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Will you help me compile a list of scary/spooky/Halloweeny movies I need to watch? I haven't seen very many scary movies, so I'm interested in all the "classics"...and pretty much everything else, too.
Baro Bitch Stare
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What should I wear tonight?
What are you doing tonight?
What are you wearing right now? (pics? plz?)

*EDIT* Okay no tie! Umm, might just change to a dress because it is a semi-formal event. I wish I could just go in jeans and a tshirt! I hate dressing up! Thanks guys!

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What are your classroom pet peeves?

Mine are laptops:
In lecture halls, everyone sits there on facebook and I'm distracted trying to read their AIM conversations.
I was in a DISCUSSION class yesterday, and there was a kid on his laptop and HEADPHONES. At one point they came unplugged and loud rap music started blaring. D:
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I'm holding back on my OCD

a. Every bite of food I put in my mouth has to have the same amount of everything on it. For example: a bite of an omelet has to have a balanced amount of peppers, cheese, egg, bacon etc on it. If I have chicken, rice and stuffed peppers on my plate I have to put a little bit of everything on my fork. A bite of cereal cannot have too much milk on it.
b. If I pick a hangnail, I don't stop until I've gotten every last bit of it (even if I bleed).
c. My canned foods have to be facing out so I can read every can when I open the cupboard.
Do you have any obsessive/compulsive behaviors? What are they?

Clowns scare the hell out of me and there's always one that finds me on Halloween :(
Does anyone else hate Halloween? Why?
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Kitty Lick
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Weight Loss Management!

Where could I find a site that will track my calories consumed through food and burned through exercise that will tell me how much I should be losing each day or working out?

I think weight watchers has one but they charge for the service. :/
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I'm about to leave to, essentially, pay $10 to be covered in bruises and attempt to roller skate.

Can you skate? Why am I inept and unable to skate? How do you skate? Cuz I can't do it. D:

Impulsive computer downgrade

I recently bought myself a shiny new Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop. It's great and all.. but I don't love it. Particularly because of Vista, the silvery keyboard, poor battery life and the fact that it's just too big.

I used to love my old IBM Thinkpad a lot. Especially the little nipple mouse. Bearing in mind that it'll be second hand/refurbished, lower spec, but will save me money and I'll love it, should I get a Thinkpad and get rid of the Dell?

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me and my sister have gotten pretty into playing mcdonald's monopoly, we only need one more piece from all the separate property types to win everything on the board. which pieces do you need to collect in order to win something?

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Has anyone seen either (or both) House of 1000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects? What did you think of them?

I watched them last night at a friends house, and they were very fucked up. I liked Devil's Rejects better.

Either way, I'm never going to the south.

If you haven't seen either of those movies, what was the last scary movie you saw and how did you like it?
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Is there an LJ community that allows you to post specific requests and then kind/generous LJers grant them?

Example: Someone requests paid time for their LJ account. Or the new Usher album. Or a gift card to H&M.

Then another member of the group grants the request.

Kinda like the Twatfairy for ontd_twatlight...

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Background: Though some turn of events you have acquired enough money to meet all of your needs, and the needs of your family, for all of the foreseeable future. You have no debt and all of your financial obligations are accounted for.

What are you going to do with the rest of your time on Earth?

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show me any wikipedia article that interests you?
what TV shows do you watch?
it's 20:38, i'm peckish, what do i eat?
what smiley do you use most often?
have you ever met a jane or john doe?
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TQC, my nose is making that stuffy sinus clicky sound and it's driving me to distraction. Have you ever gotten caught by a surprise sneeze and had a glob of snot catch on your teeth on the way out of your mouth?

What's the grossest snot-related thing that's happened to you?

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So when we had that seminar on furries, there were two anons in there. One was just wearing regular shirt and pants, but the other had a hoodie, gloves, a scarf and was all crazy secretive.

When is the last time you saw anon in real life?

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i just got back from work and i am exhausted. i have to work again all day tomorrow. and then somehow motivate myself to do all my college work. and then wake up at 7am on monday.

what is something relaxing and rejuvenating i can do when i get home from work tomorrow?

what do you do when you're stressed?

what are your next 3 'major' plans?

mine are work tomorrow, trip to see the Kite Runner on tuesday and i have to wear an Elizabethan outfit for a college open day on wednesday.
i have to wear tights. :(

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Im sure this gets asked alot, but what are the two best (FREE, and free to remove the bugs not just scan it) programs to get rid of spyware and viruses? i am pretty sure my friends computer is being eaten alive by these things. so, any help would be greatly appreciated.

edit:: it's a trojan horse..hmpf. how can i get rid of these boogers for her?
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I'm so stupid and I can't find what channel and time SNL is going to be on where I live.

I can't navigate the tv guide page, and I just can't seem to find it.

I live in Western Massachusetts if it makes a difference.

Any help?

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Am I the only one having a hard time to resist a chuckle everytime the time is 13:37 ?

And no, that doesn't work with the am/pm system. But nobody in their right mind would use that anyway. ;-)
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1. My hair is growing out so slow and I'm sick of it being in perpetual 'helmet hair' mode. What can I do to make it grow faster?

2. Do you currently have a political-type icon? If so, show it to me, bb.

3. Did you bring enough candy for the rest of the class?

Sexual hypo for the ladies

One day, your SO tells you that he's come to the conclusion that he's gay. He still wants to be with you because he loves you, but from now on, the only sex he wants from you is anal because vaginas really gross him out.

Would you stay with him?

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I went to Subway for dinner, the same Subway that has been there for several years. However, when I went tonight there was a big banner proclaiming "GRAND OPENING!" and many balloons inside. When I asked one of the employees he explained that they got a new owner and the hours of operation changed (open later)

When did "New Ownership"="Grand Opening"?


I got disowned by some family members today for being a bad person. Have you ever been disowned by a family member? What did you do?

Two women have already told me today that they had dreams about me last night. The weird thing is, I had a dream last night with both of them in it. Are we connected by our minds? Am I infiltrating them in my sleep? How can I stop this because I woke up exhausted this morning?
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who's your favorite actor and in what role did you like him the best?
Can you post a picture ?


Mine is Gary Oldman and I liked him best in both Batman Begins/The Dark Knight and Bram Stoker's Dracula


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whats the best way to un-distract yourself? i can't get myself to focus on all the crap i really should be doing tonight. which means that come this week i won't be sleeping much :(

how many hours a night do you consider the perfect amount?

how many hours do you usually get?

can you not get through a day without a coffee/tea/other form of caffeine?