October 17th, 2008


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Have any of you tried the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred? If so...Have you had good results?

Also...Thinking of getting a hair cut tomorrow. Based on my user pic, do you have any suggestions?

A pic that actually shows my hair!

Oh, and the 30 Day Shred is a series of workout DVDs...I wasn't very clear about that. Sorry!


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maybe you guys can sort this out.

my ex has a bad habit of spening money as soon as he gets it. like, he just got paid $340 today. a few days ago he spent $300 on pedals for his drums, $20 went into savings, and now he has $20 to cover gas and cigarettes for the next week. and now i've developed a habit of suggesting he budget better and telling him that he shouldn't spend his money so fast because it fucking sucks to be broke like that. he says it drives him crazy when i do that stuff but like i can't help it because i think what i'm suggesting is so much more logical than what he's doing and like he'd be happier if he'd just do what i'm suggesting.

how do i fix this? it's so hard to just NOT SAY ANYTHING when he keeps spending money on shit he doesn't need and then can't spend money on the shit he does need. i know it pisses him off but i like can't help it. : \

if you don't care about my relationship woes, what's the last thing you created that came out better than expected?

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A little background: A couple of years ago I slipped a disk in my neck (well, most of the chiropractors I've been to say that's what happened, but others argue that). Ever since, I've had this constant migraine which gets worse all the time. It's given me terrible mood swings and the like because I have a low pain tolerance, and this is like excruciating. Anyway, I have been to a few different chiropractors, and none of them have helped. Pain meds and other pills (including supplements and vitamins) have not helped either. I can't afford surgery. In addition, most masseuses are afraid to touch my neck because of the injury.

1. Does anyone know any 'like magic' chiropractors? (I would prefer if you have experience with bad injuries like this since most chiropractors can easily fix minor things). I will literally fly to another country in order to get this taken care of.

On a lighter, unrelated note:

2. Do you ever add someone to your friends list (myspace, livejournal, etc.) who you immediately (or later) regret adding, but don't want to be mean and take them off? Any horror stories?

None here really. There are some people who force me to ignore their comments do to weirdo content (like this girl who had a boyfriend and wanted to go on a date with me...)

3. Do you ever feel like you are that person who makes people hate themselves for adding? Why?

I do because I actually take an interest in people's lives and comment on their crap, while most people just add me in order to get more friends on their list and look more 'popular'. So I think it's shocking and annoying to people when I do that. It really bothers me when people assume I'm unattractive and have no life because I do this.. So I'm trying to stop. But I always wish people would leave me comments and I sometimes trick myself into thinking I'll get some if I write really nice ones lol XD

4. How do I do a cut? I know this has been explained like 1 million times, but I've always been afraid of screwing it up and looking like a jackass. I just recently realized that I can practice it in my personal lj, though. haha

5. Can oral contraceptives ever just stop working if they started out as the right dosage? I've been on one for a couple of years and my acne and ovarian cyst disappeared completely. However, they have returned and I'm wondering if that means the pill isn't working in the 'intended way' either.

EDIT: I meant an lj cut, not cutting my skin.. And I can't ask my OBGYN because I don't have insurance anymore and she's being stingy.
all you need is

Songs from Project Runway

I tried googling the one with lyrics and I can't find that what was that song community with the search engine, so...

Does anyone know what songs were played during the finale of project runway? specifically during Korto's and Leanne's runway? Or for that matter, the songs that played when Tim Gunn came in for outfit tips during the other episodes?


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My friends and I are listening to really dirty music. The dirtier the better. And the worse the better. We're talking rap, punk, whatever. Really bad, really dirty music.

What's your favorite REALLY DIRTY song, TQC?

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1. Do you like hummus?

2. Do you know anyone who is a picky eater? If so, what are their staple foods? Does this annoy you, if so, why?

3. On the topic of squirrels. Why is it, that even though I have seed ALL over the lawn, the MUST chew threw my bags of seed?

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this is a really dumb question but whatever...

i have never had surgery, and i was wondering: for those who have, do your insides feel "different"??? like say you got your gall bladder removed or something...now that you are all put back together do things feel different inside? like maybe when the doctors were rearranging everything in there, some things shifted a little bit...can you feel it?

what random thoughts have you been entertaining tonight?

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tqc, i want vodka but have none! i have no access to any alcohol AT ALL. what do i do?! how else can i keep my mind off my not-actually-that-dramatic night that i'm having?

eta: why the fuck does myspace have that fucking confirm comment page?! i always click post and then go back to lj and then five minutes later realize i haven't gotten a comment back yet only to find out that MY COMMENT HASN'T POSTED YET. argh! does this irritate anyone else?
something up there

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TQC, why am I still awake? Doesn't my body/mind know I have things to do tomorrow?

Also: what was the dumbest thing you did today? I walked into a doorframe while carrying chairs. I now have a busted lip. Painful, yet hilariously dumb.

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Is it legal to eat a part of your own body? 

I am just wondering because a motocycle victim who's leg was amputated asked if he could keep his leg because he wanted to eat some of it. He didn't seem to have any psychological problems or a history of them. He just said he felt that it was the only way he could cope with his loss.

- Also in some cultures women eat the placenta after giving birth...so would this be any different? 

- What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten? 


I am always coming to you for relationship advice, TQC. My love life is a constant mess.

There's this girl, right? Not the married woman, not the one I live with, but another girl. She's really sweet and I'm totally hot for her. I think out of everyone, she would be the one most compatible with me because her nature is just what mine needs. I won't indulge or suffer anyone with details of my D/s lifestyle.

Anyway, I haven't touched her. I'm a decent guy, you see, so I try to be a gentleman. She informed me tonight that she is going to wait for me. That she isn't going to be with any other men because she just wants to be with me even if she has to wait years, though if I wanted her to she would always ask for my permission first.

When she said this, I got this horrible nervous feeling in my stomach like asking someone to the prom.

What was this feeling?

And how long should I make her wait? Years would be cruel? Y/N? Or should I test her commitment? I have it in me. I made a guy wait eight years.
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Have you ever worn a wig not as part of a costume, but just because you like the hairstyle? Would you wear one regularly if you wanted your hair to be in a style that would be impossible for your hair type? Would you want people to think it's your real hair, or would you tell them it's a wig?
Quinn Twin

Battleground Earth

Does anyone know who won Battleground Earth? I missed the finale and need to know if my honey pot Luda won!

PS - Bonus info! My friend is a DJ here in Atlanta and met them (on the show, actually) and I asked was Tommy Lee as sticky and gross looking in real life as one would imagine, and (unsurprisingly) he said, not only could you just look at him and read that he'd had a hard partying life even if you didn't know him, but, "as soon as [he] shook [Tommy's] hand, [he] was like, 'ooooh... I should get tested ASAP... just in case.'" D:

fun times ...

i went to see the national tonight at an obama rally and it was awesome.
but ....

how the heck do i get rid of drunken hiccups????

also ... how do you make your mac & cheese?
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It's more than 6 hours past my bedtime and I'm still at Uni in the Comp Sci labs bashing out code for an assignment worth 40% due at midday. I reckon I'll pass with what I've got but there is certainly room for improvement. I have work at 9am (in about 4.5 hours time) til 5pm.
So should I:
a) keep at it in the hope of improving it and hope to sneak some sleep in at work
b) curl up in the corner and sleep for 4 hours before work
c) eat something I'm allergic to, get taken to hospital and have a good case for an extension on the assignment
d) other?
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This morning before heading to work, I grabbed three cans of orange soda (my caffeine of choice recently). I leaned down to pet the cat, and ended up dropping one of them.

I'm wearing a white shirt and would prefer not to get blobs of orange on it. Particularly since I work with teenagers and spilled stuff tends to get on the breast region of my clothing. :-(

How long should I wait before opening the can? Or should I just give it to someone, sit back (FAR back!), and wait for the inevitable lulz? If you chose the latter answer, who should I give it to?

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Are costumes that are supposed to be humorous versions of horrible people, like the pastel pink flamboyant Hitler, or the group of guys dressed as famous dictators that was such a hit at a party I was at last year, offensive?

The general understanding I think is that doing this is supposed to make fun of these awful people and what they stand for, but does it really just make light of the things they did?
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TQC, will you tell me about a time you ended a friendship or relationship only to end up seriously regretting it later on? What did you do about it? Did you get your friend or significant other back in the end?

ETA: Alternatively, since so far people seem to be excellent at handling relationships, will you tell me about your favourite person?
That's Not Who I Was!

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Say you're in a class that you've been dying to take for a few years but hadn't the time. You sit down for your first lecture only to find that your ex boyfriend/girlfriend, with whom you had a really terrible breakup, is the T.A.

Would you stay in the class?

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I need a ride home from the airport. My wife is busy so I'll have a next door neighbor do it. Who would you choose to drive you home?

JONNY McBAIN- 25 years old. Been driving since he was 16. No DUI's but a couple of speeding tickets.

BARRY ABAMA- 14 years old...has backed his mom's mini van down the driveway twice and hasn't hit anything.


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1. Will you give me some priceless information? Maybe something that has been handed down from your family?

2. If you have blue eyes is your heart made of ice?

3. What do you want the most right now?

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 Will you please give me some ideas for a last minute wedding gift?

I want to spend 40 dollars MAX. Also, if this fails, my go-to gift would be a bottle of wine. If you like this idea (which i am unsure of), should I go for a white or a red? Or... should I get one of each?

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What usually happens on your first trip to a new doctor? I went to the same kid doctor until a little over a year ago when my grandma pissed him off and he kicked my sisters and I out.

I'm having a tea party in a week. What kinds of tea should I have? What kind of sweet goodies? Nothing too messy.
zombie baby cede! :D

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How unaware of something have you been?

(ie: from everything including your friend's new hair to finding out she has been dating someone for two weeks to WWIII)

Any awsome examples?


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1. If you are driving, and you have a purse with you, where do you put it while you drive?

2. Do you think that jelly fish repellent sun screen actually works?

3. Do you look better pale or with a tan?
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Zooey face

feelin' waxy

Okay TQC, today I'm going away with my SO for our 8th anniversary. (We've been together for so long, omgwtf.)

I started my period yesterday. (Terrible, horrible, bad luck.) I also have bits of wax down in those nether regions due to a very poor attempt at home bikini waxing.

So, how much sex am I going to be having? Be honest.

Have you ever used a home bikini wax kit? How did it go? Tips?

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Last night I was having sex with my boyfriend. After round 1 I go to the bathroom only to find that to my horror I am spotting. I promptly put my pants back on and when he inquires, I tell him exactly what's going on. He tells me that while he appreciates my consideration, he doesn't care and to take my pants back off. Do guys really not care or is he out of his mind?
If you don't care for the TMI, what movie would you recommend? It can be any movie in the world.

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How do you prefer being referred to as? First name? First and middle? Nickname? Shortened version of your first name? Etc.

My name is Jonathan Daniel (last name is irrelevant). Most people call me Jon, while my parents call me Jonathan. But, I missmissmissmiss when my ex-girlfriend would call me Jonathan Daniel. It had a special touch to it when she would say it and I miss that. :(

But yeah. I go by Jon.

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How long have you been with your so?

How long were you together till you slept together?

How long do you think is a good length of time before sleeping together?

Before moving in together?

(The last two I know differs but in your opinion)

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Poll #1280474 What's in a name?

When you sign your name for things what do you write?

First name and last name
First name, middle name, last name
First name, middle intial, last name
First intial, middle intial, last name
Just the last name
Other (please specify in comments)
A variation of all of the above
Someone else's name


I'm filling in an application to have a rental lease transferred to my name. It's no big deal, it's pretty certain the real estate people will accept it, but it asks me to list one professional reference/referee and two personal referees.

I don't know who to put!

Professional: I'm not studying this year and don't have a friendship with any academics who've taught me. And at work, I don't think it'd be appropriate to list any of my supervisors as referees.

Personal: The one current (soon-to-be ex) housemate who I get along with? I used to list parents' friends who had responsible positions (teachers etc.) as referees, but now I haven't seen any of them in years. I'm not in any sports activities who have coaches or trainers. I volunteer casually for this one organisation, but I haven't been doing it for long.

Whooooo do I list as personal or professional referees/references? Gimme ideas!

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Why will you never be elected for office?  Radical views? "Unsavory" lifestyle?

Edit:  This is not just why you'll never be elected to office in the US, but in general.
Johnny drama victory

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via this conversation

If you (by you, i mean anyone) go to a rub n' tug massage parlor, do you actually get a real massage?
Or do they just rub your shoulders a couple of times and then give you the hand/blow job?
Do they have clients who actually just go there for real massages and don't want the happy ending?

And how do you tell the real massage parlors from the rub n' tugs?

Because I don't think I could bring myself to go up to the counter and ask.

Not that I'm interested in going to one. Of course not.

Not me. That's craziness.

I mean like, other guys. Who aren't me.

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Should I take a nap, or drive to CVS and buy some nail polish?

What kind of bug was the last bug you killed?

If you think about your most embarrassing moment, do you still feel the embarrassment physically?


TQC, it's shopping time!

1) Do you use coupons when you go shopping? Is it only for food, or do you use coupons at restaurants/other places as well?

2) Do you know of any good coupon sites where I can print out coupons? I've found a few, but they don't let me print because I'm on a Mac running Firefox. And they want Safari, which is something I refuse to use.

3) Do you go grocery shopping when you're hungry? If so, do you usually buy more food? Is it more healthy food or more junk food?

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What are you, TQC? Ie. what do area(/s) you have cred in?

I don't have enough cred in any particular area to make a name for myself. I have little bits of geek cred, hippie cred, body mod cred, goth cred, liberal cred, indie cred, and probably some other things I've forgotten. Enough to be looked down upon by the general population but not enough to be accepted fully by any of the groups. What should I do?

My new friends are smarter than me, and I'm not used to this, so in the interests of self-improvement, will you teach me a word and how to use it?

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What's something that you always have in your car, truck, van, pimpmobile, etc. that you carry around just in case?

I always have some books just in case I get stuck somewhere with nothing to do.
My Manga

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Do you have "pet" names for your SO?

What are they?

Do you use any of the names in public?

Does your SO have a "pet" name for you?

What do you think about it?

*Those without a SO currently, can answer about an ex or say something completely random.
debbie harry

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what words and phrases/sayings annoy you the most?

I loathe "So what are you up to?" my mom asks me this every afternoon when she calls me,and i tell her the same exact thing,i do wish she would ask me something different for once.

i also hate the words moist,lather,and the abbreviation for casual.

or where i work...

customer:It must be free! *chuckle chuckle*
me: heh heh...nope

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Poll #1280503 Can't spell sex without the ex.

You started a sexual relationship with someone 3 years ago. It eventually evolved into serious relationship, but due to unforeseen circumstances you two had to end it about a month ago. You're both horny all the time. It's Friday night and you're alone, do you call the ex to see if he's up for some sex?

Driving pug

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What should I make for dinner tonight that's under $50? Recipes? I'm a decent cook and I like mostly everything except for mushrooms and olives.

Who has love for The Buffalo Bills?! I'm going to the game this weekend, are you jealous??
aaaas youuuuu wiiiiish....

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Would you refer to your cousin Elaine as "Cousin Elaine?"
Would you address her that way?
What about other extended family members? (Uncle Todd? Gramma Irene? Great Aunt Mary? Nephew Steve?)
Is that weird?

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Does anyone have any free codes for the McDonald's online monopoly game that you want to give me?

Free codes can be used by more than one person.

ETA: FREE codes, silly people. Not codes from the stamps.  Not sure if there is more than one free code out there, have only found the same one so far. 

Or you can email me stamp codes that HAVEN'T been used yet....:P


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Yesterday I asked about medical emergencies, today I want to know, what chronic physical medical ailments do you have?

Me? I've got IBS and, the last time I checked, high cholesterol (even though I'm underweight, if anything!)

The Rapes of Wrath

For $1,500, would you be willing to announce yourself as a child molester? You're given the address of a family with 3 small children that just moved into a new home in a distant neighborhood. You have to knock on your door and welcome them to the neighborhood, and then say that you're bound by law to tell them that you've been classified as a sexual predator, just so they know. Then you can leave and collect your money. You'll never have to see them again, but their lives will be very uncomfortable from then on. Your 1.5k will turn into 3k if you can get 2 adult male friends to do the same thing, each one a couple hours apart. They'll get paid the initial 1.5k. The family will be terrified that 3 sexual predators live on their block somewhere

Yes. I'd do it
No. I couldn't.

Ladies, how would you feel if you moved into an apartment somewhere, and within the first day, 3 shabby, unkempt men knock on your door (separately) and announce that they're required by law to tell you that they're former rapists. Then, as they're leaving, each one compliments you on your butt. You're really nervous and increasingly scared about your new neighborhood when you get a phone call 2 hours later from a friend, who set the whole thing up. He hired 3 homeless guys to knock on your door and say those things. It's a housewarming gag. How do you feel?

Hahaha. That's pretty funny
That's so fucked up. I think it'll really damage our friendship
You're still worried. Even though he says it was a setup, you're still secretly worried now if there are sickos and pervs living around you
You chortle a bit, but secretly vow to get even with him. Vengeance will be mine
"OMG, what...what did you do? The second guy RAPED me!! You...paid him?..." You start crying and get him all concerned before revealing that you're pulling his leg now

Own up here. Do you have rape fantasies?


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Positive this question has been asked before, but I'm too lazy to search for it..

When have you embarrassingly said something thinking it meant one thing, only to find out it meant something totally different?

When I was in the 4th grade, my friends David and Sigmund dressed up as punks for Halloween. When David's mom approached me saying, "aww aren't they so cute?", I replied with, "yeah, but they look like they're going to gang bang us any minute now".

I thought that meant to stab someone lol

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I just went to a new doctor (the first time I've been to one in over a year) and they took a blood sample. What is the likelihood that they will find the THC in my blood? What would they do if they did?
I just wanted to know if it would come up in routine tests. Thanks!

I also got put on birth control :) Does anyone have experience with Ortho-Novum 7/7/7?

questions for you lovelies

need people of various ages to answer some questions, its for my english homework, itd be a massive help if you could do it please.

and a big thanks to all the lovelies who have already done it


how old are you?

2.what place do you call home?
3. tell me about your family.

4.what did you do last xmas?

5.what did you do over the summer?

6.what is your happiest memory?

please please please fill it out i need data to analyse! :)

Eaten Alive 1977

Have you ever been to the filming locations of Eaten Alive (1977 -- not be confused with the 1980 title of the same name)? If you have, where was this location, and more importantly was it as gloomy as it was in the movie? The records say that its inspiration took place in Elmendorf, TX, but the movie could've actually been filmed anywhere.

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What should I do with my afternoon?

play Grand Theft Auto 4
play The Sims 2 on my computer
clean up around the house
take a nap
finish reading a book, then nap

(no subject)

Whats the best thing thats ever happened to you?

Today I got accepted to the college of my choice (Carroll College) with an $11,000 scholarship. I've never been so proud of myself in my whole life.
kitten pounce ball

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A couple of months ago, my mother fell and broke her hip. I was tasked with e-mailing all of her friends to let them know. Since I've done this, one of her friends (whom I've never met) has taken to sending me jokes and forwards...chain letters, etc. How do I let her know I want her to stop? I'm not really good at being confrontational. I know I don't have to be rude or anything but I just don't know how to phrase things properly sometimes.

How do I let her know I don't want her sending me these things? Why is she doing this in the first place?? Sheesh.
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Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket all day?
I took mine out and moved it to a front pocket, and now when I sit it feels like I've taken an implant out of my right ass. Is there anything that you wear all the time that makes you feel weird when you're not wearing it?

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A question for the ladies:
If it's not already during your normal cycle, do you ever start randomly menstruating around the time of a full moon?

And a question for everyone else who does'nt menstruate:
Do you find yourself masturbating more than usual around the time of a full moon?
macaroni murder lady

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Srs answers appreciated: I'm going to be babysitting four-month-old twins for four days next week, at 9-10 hours a day. How much money should I ask for? The woman I'll be babysitting for is no kind of family or friend, and is essentially a complete stranger except for briefly having met her today.
Colbert Paladin

Health Question!

I have a general question about healthy (and manageable ways) to tone my body and get in shape.
I'll just put the details of my health goal under a cut just to be safe and not spam anyone's friends page
Collapse )

So, here's my question: Do you have any recommendations on how I could go about achieving this goal? Do you have any tips for things like cardio regimens (how many times a week, what kind of cardio, and for how long?), nutritional tips (What types of foods should I watch my intake of, and what should my portion sizes look like? ), or websites with a collection of easy, healthier recipes?
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Kitty lite

Paging Dr. TQC

Anyone here ever taken melatonin as a sleep aid? Did it make a difference?
Anyone ever taken Selexa/Celexa (aka citalopram)? How'd it go?
What are your thoughts on the placebo effect?
What meme do you secretly love?
What are you doing tonight?

Do you enjoy the fact that all the questions prior to this one formed a cascade of decreasing length?

Collapse )
The Soup Tyra Hills

Cell Phones

I am ready for a new cell phone. I currently have the Sony Ericcson Walkman w580i, for those who care.

I like the Blackberry Curve. Should I buy it?

If not, what should I buy?

I like to get online, check e-mail, myspace, download ringtones. The current phone won't load LJ, at all.

I don't know a whole lot about phones, so tell me what to do! (:

ETA: I have AT&T if that makes any difference.

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you know how on america's next top model they had the girls pose as famous pieces of art? do you think tubgirl is the equivalent of that to this girl?

http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2005/poll/051212/topmodel/bre.jpg antm as mona lisa
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/51/Klimt,_Dana%C3%AB.jpg the art that tubgirl was copied from?

that's all i could think about in class yesterday.

i have some tl;dr drama going on and i don't need any actual validation because i strongly believe im right (and the other side is right about some things as well). however, i feel very ganged up on and don't have anyone on my "side." tqc will you be on my side and tell me i'm right? :(
The Girliest Taco

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What's on your to-do list for the rest of the day/evening?

I have to:
Finish cleaning my closet-area
Do dishes
Watch a movie for class
Outline my 10-page paper (due Monday)
Do semantics homework (some due Monday, some due Wednesday)

(no subject)

How many of you have literally put your entire life into two suitcases, and picked up and moved across the country on blind faith? If yes, did it work out well for you?

I'm about to do this on Monday and I am freaking out right now.


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i have a pimple that's mostly deflated, but is really, really red on the outside. i've tried a mint julep mask, a frozen spoon, witch hazel, toothpaste.. am i out of luck? this one is on my cheek and those are the most obnoxious ones, imho >:(
macro - procrastination cat

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Occasionally, TV makes me cry, when it's one of the shows I really care about the characters for (House, NCIS, etc).

Apparently, my husband made a comment to someone about the fact I did this, and was told that 'She probably hasn't lost anyone really close to her. If she did, she wouldn't cry over TV shows anymore.'

So, those of you who have lost people really close to you, do TV and movies still make you cry sometimes, or was this person right?

Am I just overly sensitive?

Edit: I just want to hug all of you. Thanks..:D

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Okay, so it's possible to search for a LJ by email address. But what if someone has more than one journal under the same email? How does LJ choose which one to bring up? Is it the one with the most entries? The one updated most recently? Is there a way to see all journals under a given email? I've been curious about this for some time.
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hannibal skull


When it comes to delivery in your town/area, are the delivery people punctual? (Not food delivery, but more like furniture or other things)

If you are expecting a delivery between 2 and 6, are they more likely to come closer to 2 or closer to 6?

Do they call before coming to your place?
star trek - kirk at starfleet

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my boyfriend is out of town all weekend. i'm bored out of my mind. should i go visit my bff in washington dc? i'm in albany, ny. i found a flight that leaves at 6am and returns sunday at 10pm for only $180. should i do it? if not, how should i amuse myself this weekend?

edit: OMG, eric prydz (the call on me guy) is gonna be at ibiza in DC on saturday. and there's a ren faire. i need to do both these things for the pure dorkiness of it :D

if you don't care, post your favorite political macro, cuz it's SHENANIGANS FRIDAY! who else ♥s ontd_political??
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