October 16th, 2008

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What is your favorite kind of candy? Pick one or more of the following:

Hard (like a Jolly Rancher, get your minds out of the gutter!)
What flavor?

Specifically, what is your favorite candy?

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TQC, I'm painting my new living room Collapse ) color. We are also getting new carpet in that room. What color carpet would go well with that color wall and also be good at not showing wear? We really wanted to get wood flooring, but after the $750 car repair we can only afford carpet.

Also, do you think that 7 hours will be enough time for me, my brother and my husband to spackle, prime and paint an entire house? Every room in this house needs to be painted and I only have one day to do it.

The house is 1364 sf and the carpet has to stand up to a 3 year old.
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dear tqc,
recently i haven't really posted on the page cause i've had nothin to say... but now im in a bit of a doozy. i found out today that a girl i like has been feeling the same way about me and i have about 2 and a half weeks til i leave for bootcamp. i would spend time with her, but she lives in boston and i in NY. my next 2 1/2 weeks are pretty packed tight due to my family and such wanted to see me off before i leave. what can i do to show her that i really do care and that i want to be with her? and what would you do in this situation?
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Where are you? If you're in the US: what state are you in?

Before reading this post, had you heard of proposition 8?

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If you're in California, are you going to vote in regards to this proposition? What will you vote?

What do you think the chances of this passing are?

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Inspired by this post.

TQC, what is up with Bra sizing?

Why is AA smaller than A yet DD is larger than D?

Why don't all letters have doubles? What happened to BB and CC and EE?

Does AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G... make sense to you?
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Do you remember that girl who always made boring posts with links back to an entry in her journal? Answering the question usually involved having to read the entry. What was her name?

I think she was wearing bunny ears in her icon and this was 3/4 years ago.

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Is it true that if you get hemorrhoids once, you'll never get rid of them?
If the above statement is not true, then why does my sister tell me such horrific lies?
When I was a little girl, my sister told me never let the flatware touch the tables in restaurants because the servers spit on the tables to clean them. To this day, I do not let my flatware touch the table. What lies have your siblings told you that you still believe to this day, even though you know better?
What lies have you told to your siblings? Do they still believe that?
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related to my last question, but not related enough to be an ETA.

if you become homeless and have a dog, what do you do with the dog? i might end up selling her or something. i really HATE to get rid of her, but there is no way i would ever let HER live in a car. that's just... mean. besides, i don't know what i would do with her while i was at work. i can't afford to kennel her, that's for sure, and i don't have anyone who will keep her for me. but is there something i can do besides getting rid of her?

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Have you ever had sex with someone of a different race than your own? If so, have you ever had someone ask you something or make assumptions about what that person must have been like in bed.. soley based on their race?

I'm white and I've had sex with a black guy. when I mention this to anyone they either say "oh you went back then huh?" or they ask "was it big?", which I think is not only very stereotypical, but really rude as well.

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Did you ever, growing up, start listening to a group/singer, just so that you'd have more in common with someone you really liked?

Thats how I got into the Cure and Depeche Mode (in middle school). Got nowhere with the girls but the bands remain at the top of my favorites today.


Can you remember all of your schoolteachers' names? I'm talkin' Pre-school/Kindergarten-8th grade (or further on if you please).

Which teachers were your favorite and why?

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there is a rumor that some huffy European countries want the North America soccer body and the South America one to be merged so that Mexico and the US don't get into the World Cup "so easily"(it's easier because they play some of the worst teams in the world, like Canada and the Bahamas).

do you think it would be fair to merge North and South America so it's not so easy for two countries to get in or are they probably just being petty and bitchy(they LOVE to bitch in soccer, btw)?

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When you cut up a banana to put in your cereal, do you cut it with a knife or do you cut it with the spoon you're going to use for your cereal?

Also, I'm going to be home by myself ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT and I will be supremely lonely. :( What should I do all day?! I don't think I have any provisions with which to bake (not to mention on Tuesday I made an ungodly amount of apple cinnamon muffins that I am completely sick of and I really don't even feel like baking), I don't have any RL friends in my city because I am a huge loser, and I don't have a car (I have a bike, though, but I'm a n00b and I can't ride it very far without wanting to die). Halp?! (Also, if anyone would like to talk to me and keep me company on AIM, that'd be cool since all I have to talk to is a puppy and she doesn't count.)

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So I bought a pretty expensive purse at Nordstrom's on vacation in San Francisco last weekend. The tax rate there is 8.5%, but unfortunately the purse already has stitching coming undone. I'd like to return it but the tax rate here is 8.25%, will I get my full refund back if I return it? Or am I going to have to give up the .25% difference?

Thanks TQC!


I have an enrolment interview for University at 9am this morning i.e. right now. and I just realized I can't remember if the guy said he would call or that I should call him?! I am 80% sure he said HE would but, if he hasn't called after like 20 minutes, should I call? Or just leave it? What should I do?
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i asked whatwasthatone  a while ago about a music video, and i had them all stumped. I was wondering if anyone knew what song/band/video features 2 rappers in a used car dealership. It looks like they wanted it to take place in the 70s, and they are trying to sell cars. I know its two guys.....I think it had something to do with the city, it was OnDemand on comcast over the summer but I don't remember :( Does anyone know?

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do you think it's possible to lose ALL feelings whatsoever for someone you've been in love with in the past?
(and by all feelings, i mean good and bad. to the point where you are simply indifferent towards that person)

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TQC, please tell me something.

My SO and I are good housekeepers. We clean our house weekly with bleach and Clorox Clean-up, and don't leave food out. We spray for bugs once a month. So TQC, please tell me why we had a ROACH IN OUR BED LAST NIGHT!?

This is disgusting and I don't know what else to do!
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Help! My bf got me a ring for my birthday but returned it because he bought it online and didnt like it. We looked in the stores here yesterday and have narrowed it down to four...which one should I get?

EDIT: He didnt like it, I liked it just fine. In pickiness he tops me.

We also had a ton of sales people attacking us! Got any good jewelry shopping stories?

Poll #1279745 I'm indecisive, help me choose which ring to get

We've narrowed it down together in the stores...so which one should I get??

Haruhi disappearance

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1) Hay TQC, I'm picking up conflabit from the airport in like 7 hours. What should I do? I'm scurred.

2) Have you ever met people from the interweb? Did they stay with you? How long?

3) How do you take your coffee?
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How many tv shows do you follow regularly? List them if you'd like. Do you think you watch more or less than the average person at your stage of life? (high school, university, working full-time, working two jobs, etc)

I follow Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, House, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Naruto: Shippuuden, and 30 Rock (when it premieres) so that's 8 shows or 6 hours of TV a week. I'm in college taking 7 classes this semester and I think I am watching way too much TV. The only thing that I find comfort in is that I try to only watch them on my way to campus (1.5 hours each way by transit) and not at home. But still, that's time I could be studying. :/


How to you make it through the day when you'd rather just stay in bed? I have to go to class today and would really rather curl back up under the covers with my kitty.

How do you make yourself do something you don't want to do?
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You know how some couples combine their first names to come up with a unique name for their child? E.g. Malcolm + Sandra = Malandra, Winston + Annette = Winnette.

What would that name be if you combined your name with your SO's (or most recent ex's) name?
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An Apple a Day...

My sister, classmates and I would bring our teachers apples quite often.  Did any of you ever bring a teacher an apple?

Oh, I am 28 years old.  So, I don't know if it's an age thing.  However, no one I work with has ever brought their teacher an apple and they are mostly older than me. 


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Does paying bills on time create good credit? I'm under the impression that paying them late can hurt your credit, but I don't know if the opposite is true.

Who was the first famous person you met?

I'm supposed to find out in about an hour whether my sister is having a boy or a girl. Which do you think it'll be? How do I distract myself from sitting here and staring at my phone, waiting for her to text me? It's a boy! :D

Talk to me

You're getting a GPS for your car. They're only sold with celebrity voices. Whose voice would you most like to hear giving you directions?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paris Hilton
Christopher Walken
Sarah Palin
Keanu Reeves
Cate Blanchett
John Cleese
Christian Bale (as Batman)
Russel Crowe
Dakota Fanning
Chris Tucker
Helena Bonham Carter (from Sweeney Todd)
Al Pacino
Christopher Lee
Jerry Seinfeld

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My husband and I are going as a boyscout/girlscout for halloween. My costume was easy to find (just googled "naughty girlscout costume", lol) but we need suggestions for how to make him as boy-scouty as possible.

How should a 26 year old man dress to make him look like a boy scout/cub scout/any sort of scout?

What are you going to be for halloween if you celebrate? How about your kids, if it applies?


americans only - death by chocolate

The Canadians want us dead. That's why they manufacture two pound bags of candy like this:

Why do Canadians want to make us fat and kill us?

Is it because they crave manflesh?

Is it because they know the fastest way to the heart is the stomach?

Is that bland maple leaf thing a guise to make us reticent and not suspect anything?

If you're not interested in the fact that Canada is out for your blood what do you think is the tastiest cheesy snack? I like garlic bread loaded with queso chihuahua and ham.

If you're not interested in cheese what do you think will happen when the Big Bang stops?

If you think the Big Bang is Big Bullshit how do you think the Universe started?
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I'm visiting my aunt this weekend, should I bring red velvet cupcakes or mexican wedding cookies?

Have you ever ordered a cheeseburger without the meat? Where? Did you get any strange looks?

What is the strangest thing you've ever ordered without the meat?

guys, flirting, i don't understand any of it! (continuation)

Okay, so, first of all, I don't even know if I'm doing this correctly; I still am confused on lj. BUT ANYWAY, so, some of you may have read the other night about the 17 year old girl who has a 29 year old teacher who "flirts" (?) with her. Alright, well, I'm the friend mentioned in this, and I have the same teacher/the same problem.  Did we establish if he is/is not flirting? And also...would, if you're already packed up and heading to your car, staying to talk to someone for over twenty minutes in pretty bad weather constitute as flirting? And not leaving until they leave?  We're probably overreading stuff, but I feel like asking anyway.

And we're just curious.
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Instead of a wishing well for my sister's baby shower, I had people bring in a package of diapers. I sent out requests for different sizes (ten of each size) with the invitations.

The baby already outgrew the newborn diapers but we still have four or five unopened packages. I just called "Babies 'R Us" but they said I can only exchange them for more diapers, which really doesn't help.

Do you know anywhere that has a more lenient return policy (as in store credit without a receipt?)? I was thinking maybe Target?

What are you planning on having for lunch?
I really want to go buy something, should I?

Ballooning with the Stars

You've entered a reality show where celebrities fly a hot air balloon around the world and they take along a non-celebrity. You're that non-celebrity. The balloon will be big enough for 2 futons and a table. The trip will take 3 months. There's no electricity aboard the balloon, but there's an assortment of board games. And there's alcohol. You have first pick on which celebrity you get paired with. Who do you spend 3 months trapped with in close quarters?

Donald Trump
Rachel Ray
Andy Dick
Martha Stewart
Rush Limbaugh
Rosie O'Donnel
Howard Stern
Ann Coulter
Paula Abdul
Flava Flav
Tyra Banks
Tom Cruise
Tila Tequilla
Mike Tyson
Leather Face <3


Let's say the person you have always wanted to hook up with confronts you saying they want you, too.  You just found out the day before that you have an STD(idk, pick one).  Would you...

1. Go through with it anyway, and just avoid contact with them afterward?
2. Let them know you have an STD and let them decide whether they still want to?(ha XD)
3. Make up some excuse as to why you can't sleep with them?

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Omg my dog is on the bed taking a nap and her paws and ears are twitching, and her eyes are open a little bit and her eyeballs are going crazy looking back and forth and up and down super fast.

She is possessed, y/y?! D:

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So, my boyfriend told me he'd like to marry me in about 3 years.
He's also said that on our upcoming anniversary, he would like to go to a very nice restaurant.
And that he has a surprise for me. I asked if it was a present, and he wouldn't answer.

Is my boyfriend srsly going to propose, tqc?
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TL;DR computer issues:

So I've had my Compaq laptop since April of 07. It finally got some spyware and I tried to remove it all, but it's still fucked up. I can't change my background through my control panel, and my task manager is gone. Reformat. So I am getting a disk from HP because my laptop never came with one.

Besides my serial number from Microsoft Office and my printer drive disc (which isn't even working, so fuck that), do I need anything else before I reformat? I don't have any other programs on here, really. And most of my docs and music are already on my external hard drive. Am I forgetting anything? HALP.

If you hate computers/PCs/dumb questions, what are your weekend plans?
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Inspired by this post, would finding out someone ate shit for $1M change your opinion of them?

What about going on one of those 'find true love with a celebrity' shows?

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what face wash/es do you use?
does it work?

i used clearasil, changed to clean & clear and i need to change again. clean & clear has given me large pores (wtf!!!) and hasn't got rid of my blackheads even though it's a blackhead scrub.

i'm going to buy some new today but not sure which kind. recommendations? it has to be sold in england :]

i'm thinking of trying St. tropezives or neutrogena?

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1:  What was the last injury you discovered on yourself that you don't remember getting?
I scratched an itch on my leg without looking and blood was everywhere.  I apparently got a tiny cut (the bled a lot despite the size) and scratch the scab off.  I don't remember cutting my leg.

2:  What specific food would make you think "OMGYUM" now?
I just remembered that I have some flamin hot Cheetos and I shot up from my chair in excitement to go get them.

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does someone, somewhere have naked pictures of you on their computer/cell phone?

If yes, do you regret posing for them?
Would you do it again?
Do you worry about the pictures being distributed to other people?

Or is it too late for that?

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You're home ALONE sitting in your living room in the evening reading a book when the power goes out. It is now pitch black. What do you do first?

Try to find candles
Try to find that damn flashlight
Sit and wait it out
Make a phonecall
Try to find your way outside

You've just burned your finger on the stove. What do you do first?

Scream obscenities
Run to the sink for cold water
Run to the freezer for ice
Run to whoever is home for assistance
Suck on your finger
Wave your finger around frantically while blowing on it

What is the oddest item you have in your home right now?

Marilyn Monroe - green

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If you discovered that one of your Titanic icons (shut up) was replaced by a McCain/Palin icon (you support Obama) and you KNOW it wasn't done by you, what would you do?

tbh I freaked out because I thought someone had access to my account.

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What do you think we should do with people who beg on the streets?
edit: Sorry guys, I worded it wrong. I was honesty wondering, what do you think should be done about the people on the streets--how do we clean them up?

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Yesterday, I decided that I had carpal tunnel syndrome.  Only in one wrist, though.  What self-diagnoses have you made recently?

Do you get annoyed when someone asks a question you recently asked?

Were you happy with the outcome of Project Runway?
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Honestly, do you drink & drive?

Do you get buzzed/wait for the drunk to mellow into a buzz and then drive?

Have you ever gotten a DUI?

How many people in your circle of friends have had one or more DUI's?

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i know this is kind of super lame of me, but do you guys know any songs that relate to you and a friend having feelings for the same person, but keeping your mouth shut and letting your friend have them because it's probably the right thing to do? but still you just wanna curl into a ball and sleep for a week?

if not,

how do you like your bagels?

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do you know anyone who has has permanent makeup?

would you consider permanent makeup?

i'm considering getting permanent eyeliner done. i found a great place with a great reputation. should i do it?

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Have you updated your iTunes and gotten Genius?

How do you feel about it?

Is there any way to update your iPod's software? I have what I guess is a first-gen Classic and I really want Genius right on my iPod, like it is on the new ones. :(

ETA: Will you do Genius with a favorite song and tell us what Genius puts on your playlist, and what song it's based off of?

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Help me trick my family into seeing each other!

For Xmas I have decided that I want to get my small family together for dinner.  We haven't spent a holiday all together in like 11 years, mostly because we all can't stand each other, and a little bit because my Uncle Sunny moved away and hates driving. 

Do you think I'd have better luck getting them to show up at my house if I told them who was going to be there, or just said "Hey come over for Xmas I'll cook dinner!" and just let them find out who's on the guest list?

I'm worried if I say who's going to be here that ppl won't show up, but I'm equally as worried that they'd be all "OH EFF NAW" and leave.

Any other suggestions?

ALSO what's up with all the name changes lately?!

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My boyfriend thinks I am crazy because I refer to my cat and dog as "the sweet potatoes". I sometimes call my cat "floofy" and my dog is "piglet" because she has a little piglet body.

If you have pets, do you just call them by name or do you have other names for them?

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Have you ever tried lavender buttercream frosting?

What made you happy today?

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Has a random person ever told you you look like someone?

Do you think they're right...or full of crap?

Last night at bar poker some chick said "Hey, has anyone ever told you you look like Hank Azaria?" I didn't know who he was, other than a voice on the Simpsons, so I IMDBd him today.

I initially thought she was full of it...then I put these two pics side by side and realized that, with the ballcap I was wearing at the time, she was maybe almost sort of right.
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Get onstage already

You HAVE to go onstage and sing karoake in front of a crowd of maybe 100 people. It's a short list of songs to choose from, so you'll have to really compromise. What do you end up singing all by yourself?

I touch myself - Divinyls
500 miles - Proclaimers
My heart will go on - Celine Dion
Take on me - Aha
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Honkytonk Badonkadonk - Trace Adkins
Macarena - Los Del Rio
Me and a gun - Tori Amos
I kissed a girl - Katy Perry
Smooth criminal - Michael Jackson
Chop suey - System of a Down
We didn't start the fire - Billy Joel
Bark at the moon - Ozzy Osborne
Staying alive - Bee Gees
Jump - House of Pain

For $5,000, would you go to a strip club (Chippendales for the guys) on amateur night, go onstage and strip down to your bare ass to a 2 song set? You have to dance around and jiggle and twirl around the pole as people throw you money. The clientele is primarily of the opposite sex, and is roughly about 200 people, hooting and hollering, but they're all complete strangers.


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Women: can you orgasm from intercourse alone?

Men: have the women you've been with been able to orgasm from intercourse alone?

I guess we're talking hands-free here.

I hear over and over that the majority of women can't do this but it doesn't line up with my personal experience. Of the women I've been with, most could do it (and I suspect even more could have given some more time).

Anyway, what is up with that? Am I amazing? Is it a coincidence? Is the factoid just untrue?

Update: Ok, it's cute that you're all pointing out how women can fake it, and I do give you credit for coming up with an explanation that I didn't list. But they weren't, and you aren't answering the question.

And I am amazing. Maybe I'll prove it to you some day.

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Does anyone remember the 80's cartoon, JEM!? She's truly, truly, truly outrageous. Can you tell me something you remember about the show? 

Who was/is your favorite NKOTB?

What is your favorite board game? 
nana smoking

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New Yorkers! Or more specifically, Manhatteners.
What are some good local places for a low key date, especially in winter?

Also, for all:
What's some of your favorite places for a date around your area?
Cowboy Ew

Weird Words

Inspired by something I commented on below...

When I was little we called sunny-side-up/over-easy eggs "Dip-ed" eggs. I just learned within the last few years that thats only something we did in my family, who knew? I also thought up until a few years ago that it was "The eensey beensey spider" as opposed to the "itsy bitsy"...

Sooo...what are some phrases/words/etc that you had wrong your whole life and never really realized it until you were an adult?
Cowboy Ew

For the moms

When did you first feel your baby move/flutter?

When did you first feel a pregnancy symptom in general?

When you're 10 weeks you can tell the gender yea...?

*Disclaimer: I DO understand the last one can be Googled, but hopefully since I grouped it in with others I won't be burnt at the stake for posting it*


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Hypothetical situation:
Your friend begs you to hit her on the head hard so that she needs to go to the er and thus gets out of writing her imminent exam.
You hit her so hard she suffers a concussion, then when she falls hits the tiles and requires 7 stitches.
When she wakes up she says that you hit her TOO hard, and that as a result YOU must pay the damages for this.

Is she in the right?

eta: this post was inspired by my friend Mary who kept begging me to hit her with a car to get out of her exam--which obviously I didn't do.

So like,

They say never discuss religion, politics or sex in polite company.

What are some other things that you just do not like to talk about, but aren't as ~sensational~ as the aforementioned Triplets of Trouble?

Why? Is it because you loathe the subject or because for some reason it makes you uncomfortable?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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TQC, make a decision for me.

I have a big test tomorrow at 9:30 AM that I haven't studied enough for. My professor is pulling all the questions on the test direct from the homework, which I have not finished. The homework is long and time-consuming, because he asks the most difficult to understand questions in the world. I went to my TA for help and even he didn't have a clue how to answer most of the questions. Yikes.

I have been promising to make my boyfriend chicken and dumplings for a week or so now. But then I got sick, and then I've been trying to do my fucking homework.

Should I make my boyfriend chicken and dumplings tonight, or should I continue to do my homework?

P.S. It's also, like, 90 degrees out right now.

P.P.S. You all are, like, the lamest bunch of enablers ever.

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What should I do for dinner?

- Order Chinese, which would be sesame chicken and/or lo mein chicken
- Cook just for myself, sauteed squash and onions with tomatoes, olive oil and feta over whole wheat pasta

Also, will you show me a picture of your pet's favorite toy?

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ETA: Also also, is there anything good on TV tonight? What, what station, and when?

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I'm not sure if this would be better suited for anon, but whatever.
Will you post with your halloweened icon, and have people vote on whose icon will reign supreme?

by the way, do you watch Iron Chef America? Who is your favorite Iron Chef?

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I know there are a few Jonah Matranga fans in here so, ARE YOU JEALOUS THAT MY BOYFRIEND AND I ARE GOING TO A FAR SHOW TONIGHT?!

For those who aren't fans, what are your plans for this evening?
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TQC, we finally closed on our house today. We move in on Saturday. I have nothing packed.

What can I do to get my ass in gear? Should I just shove everything in garbage bags and throw it all in the truck? Luckily, I don't have much chotchky shit so it won't take too long to pack.

I hate moving.

What place near you makes the best sub sandwiches?