October 15th, 2008

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Do you know any dirty left-handed jokes? If not, would you like to make one up?

Will you tell me another kind of dirty joke?

I'm bored. Plus my friend is left handed and I'd really like to tell him a dirty joke about being left handed.

=-o I never knew this

Marlboro Reds are racist.

( observe ) *BIGGER PICTURE*

If you turn the pack sideways, the red at the top can be viewed as a "K." The same goes on the "flip side" and at the bottom. KKK. Next, if you look in between the horses' legs, you can see an image of klansmen (in the white). ALSO, the flag the horses are holding.

Did you know this? How does this make you feel? Brussel sprouts, y/n?
zombie baby cede! :D

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How often do you burn out on a cd/song?

How long does it take?

How can I stop myself from burning out of In the Heights??? (I Can't get enough!)

ps. has anyone else heard of In the Heights?

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Someone here had a fabulous icon earlier this week, a picture of Michael Palin from Monty Python with "Palin 08, because it's not just dead, it's resting" on it or something to that effect.

Who was it, tqc?
And if it was YOU, can I steal it?

Other questions:

Views on Sarah Palin? I'm seriously interested!
If you're Canadian, views on today's election?
emmett, QAF

Nintendo Commercials

I've been seeing alot of the Nintendo DS commercial with celebrities but I can't figure out who  is in them.

So, who are the celebrities in the new DS commercials ?
In one it's a like a group of people and the other it's two people.

If you don't know,  Have you ever had pho ? Did you like it ?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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My aunt just forward me Collapse )

1, it's in Comic Sans. 2, it's full of blatant lies. 3, wtf?

I just forwarded her a link to the Obama Snopes page. Did I just own, y/n? Why does this shit exist?

ETA: Since you guys liked that so much, that email came coupled with another terrible anti-Obama one.

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Hey guys and dolls!

Did you know that there are more than two genders? What do you think of when you hear Drag King or Drag Queen? Would you be surprised if I told you that the majority of show girls in Vegas are biological men?

Also ..

I'm always the one asking questions, so ..

What do you want to ask me? Everything and anything is free game, as always =).

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you know what would be SOOO amazing right now?!?! EGGROLLS. OMFG.

what would be SO AMAZING RIGHT NOW for you??? (not limited to food. it can be ANYTHING. a million billion dollars is a given though.)

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1. What is something you collect that you don't use?
I somehow collect lip balm and I NEVER use lip balm. *scratches head*

2. What does your hair smell like? Try to be specific.
Mine smells like mango skin and coffee.

3. What is irritating you on your body right now?
My hands are dry and have kitty scratches all over them.
James Franco joint

Saw something like this on House...

Poll #1278815 Hypothetical Bull Shit

Your husband is in the hospital, and it turns out he needs a kidney in order to live, but he cannot get on the donor list for whatever reason. You get tested to see if you are a match, and you find out you are. Your doctor also tells you that you are 12 weeks pregnant. You can not donate the kidney to save your husband unless you terminate the pregnancy. Without the transplant, your husband will die. What do you do?

abort the baby and save my husband
keep the baby and my husband dies

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TQC detectives, I need your help. My mother has a blog and posts frequently for me to read about her life, since I live so far away. Now I've noticed that a few times she's mentioned working on a quilt for someone very special/very dear/etc. And on her last post she says she can't wait to finish it and give it to the person she is making it for so she can put up pictures on her blog. Is this for me? She wouldn't be so suspicious sounding if it was for someone else.

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Does anybody else

find it hard to find a dish they like when eating at a nice restaurant?

Ask (a) question/s during a specific time of day based on how active the group is?

I tend to have a really hard, sometimes impossible time finding something I'll enjoy at fancy restaurants, I'm a fairly picky eater so I think that has a lot to do with it.

Sometimes. If it's a question I really like for some reasons sometimes I'll try and ask it when I know a lot of people are on but other times if I am not in the mood to get a lot of replies-or less replies than really busy times I'll ask during slower times. Mainly though I don't care and just ask whenever I'm on.

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Does anyone know of a US college with a Fashion Design major that costs less than or around $20,000 per year including dorms?
I'm looking into transferring because my current college doesn't have it, but of course they're all SO expensive. I would love to attend SCAD because I live in Savannah and it's a great school, but $$$!
FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) is the cheapest I can find that I would consider going to, but it's in NYC and I'm not sure I could handle being out of state or afford it without my in-state scholarship. However, after I become a NY citizen tuition drops to just under $4000 per year. So does anyone know how long you have to live in New York before you can apply for citizenship?

If you don't care, how was losing your virginity?

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Good night, lovelies!

What do you often dream about? What would you prefer to dream about? Do you believe Freud and his claims about dreaming? Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?

As a child, what were your favorite fairy tales? Favorite T.V. Show, color, food?

question about harr

So I used my daughter's baby shampoo on my own hair yesterday, and now it feels and looks pretty good.
If I keep using it will it be okay, or is baby shampoo just seriously not meant for adult hair for a reason?

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1. So while I was in the shower just now I had an idea. You know how Weird Al spins off songs? Why has he not done *Gittin Jihad Wit It? Or why haven't the guys from South Park thought of this?

2. Do you think this would be an awesome spin off song? Especially right before the election!
I think so.

here comes santa claus

idk why but for some reason i am SO ready for christmas already. i just bought six christmas movies off amazon, and i'm pretty sure i'm going watch a christmas story in a few minutes.

SO. when do you bust out the christmas music?

what's your favorite christmas song?

what's your favorite christmas movie?

what's the best part of christmas?
Little Prince

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When you take pills, do you put them in your mouth, then take a sip of water/whatever you're washing them down with? Or do you put the water in your mouth first, then pop the pills in? Or do you just swallow them dry?

I take a sip of water first, then pop the pills in. ETA: And then I take another sip after I swallow the pills.

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i think people are overrecting to japanese hunting whales.  personaly, i like whales and dont wanna even eat them but I still eat chicken, pork, beef and fishes. so what's the difference between whales and other animals?? i know that whales are not endangered.

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So I'm writing a last minute extra credit report for my high school anatomy class. My teacher wants use to have a bibliography at the end of the report, but I'm wondering if I need to have the parenthetical citations in the report itself like you would do for English.

Do you think I should put in the parenthetical citations?
Am I over thinking this due to the lack of sleep and overdose of caffeine?
Ringo Starr refusing to sign anymore autographs because he's too busy: media stunt or is he serious?

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Inspired by this website
What did you eat today? I had half a butternut squash, about 10 cucumber slices, some cottage cheese and a cheese Hot Pocket...and about 10-12 shots of raspberry vodka with Welch's strawberry soda.
Has anything been pissing you off or upsetting you lately? One of my cunty neighbors keeps stealing our paper!!
What would you wear if you were going to this play? Torn between offensive political garb and business casual/cute clothes.

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Would you comment with a picture of the view outside your window?
Collapse )

What are some plants I could grow that my cats won't devour and throw up all over the place?

How do you motivate yourself to do things? I used to have motivation, ambition and enjoyed doing things. Now all I want to is sleep and mope around on the internet while listening to music.

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Do you think too scientifically to believe in "God?"

Do you think too scientifically to believe in the POPULAR notion of time travel? (not the newer developed reasonable sounding theories)

What do you believe in?

I have a natural ability to destroy headphones

This all started about four years ago when I thought my iPod was broken because it was only playing mono instead of stereo sound. I went to the Apple store and the guy told me to get new headphones. I did, and it fixed the problem. But since then every maybe six months the same problem happens, and keeps getting worse. The headphones will play stereo sound, then they'll sometimes play mono sound and I have to twist them a certain way to get them to play stereo sound, and at this point in time I've only had this set of headphones for about three months and they will only play mono sound unless I hold the headphones at an extremely specific angle the entire time I'm listening to the music and don't move a millimeter.

What the heck am I doing to my headphones that makes them do this all the time?!? I don't think it happens when I plug the headphones into my computer, only when I'm listening to my iPod. But it's also not a problem with my iPod, because if I buy new headphones the problem goes away for awhile.

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I am studying Japanese so I can go to Japan and live/study for several months.

Should I get a language partner (someone who speaks the language and is from there) to help me learn Japanese?

Have you ever had a language partner?

Did it help you learn the language?

Did you like the partner? No drama right?

Should I ask for a boy or girl? o.0?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Do you ever randomly burst into song?

I do, and apparently fairly randomly, because my friends have said that no matter what the situation is, I'll whip out some song and start singing it under my breath.

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Poll #1278971 Go Go Juice

What type of gasoline do you buy?

Regular-the cheap shit for me!
Mid-grade-on the fence...
Premium-only the best for my wheels!
I have no car, you heartless bitch, so stop rubbing it in
I have no car and feel superior for not wasting our planet's resources
Also, I've found a few things where I prefer the generic brand over the name brand.  I like the store brand of the Nutri-grain bars better!  What things do you prefer the generic version of?

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Have you ever had a picture taken of yourself, that you feel just doesn't LOOK like you, even though it is you?

Do you know what I mean?

Will you post it if you have one/do know what I mean?

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1) where can i get coupons for Six Flags (NJ)?

2) has anyone used the DCON circular mouse traps? i tried no kill traps and snap traps and the mice are overtaking my apartment and we havent caught a single one.

Facebook ediquette, aka: will this make me seem like a crazy stalker?

so i have a crush on this guy at my work, only he just quit last week. we really didn't talk(WE HAVE TALKED but the job doesn't really leave much time for socialization since it's a call center) but he's cute and blah blah blah, you know how work crushes go.

well, turns out he's friends with a friend of mine on Facebook. i went to leave her a wall post and i saw him on the side in that friends thing.

would it be weird to add him? initially i thought no, but then i started over thinking and here we are.

BONUS QUESTION: should i have pizza rolls or mini Snickers for breakfast? it's my day off and i have lots of errands to run in a couple of hours.

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People With Breasts of TQC, assuming that you wear a bra on an everyday basis, how many bras do you own? How many of those are for function (i.e. they make your boobs look fabulous under clothes) and how any of those are for fashion (i.e. they're cute and satiny/lacy/etc and you like to show off the bra when you're nekkid)?

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If you absolutely had to relocate to one of the following cities, which would it be and why? If you already live in one of the following cities, do you like living there?

a. Atlanta
b. Boston
c. D.C.
d. Los Angeles
e. San Francisco/The Bay Area
cat tea


I have never taken a statistics class so sorry for the potentially stupid question.

How are statistics like the following figured out?

"Late-life depression affects about 6 million Americans age 65 and older, but only 10% receive treatment."

or 70% of the women have HPV and only 10% know it (made that one up but have read similar).

How do they know that there are 90% of people who are depressed and not receiving treatment?
How do they know that there are all these people with STDs that are un-diagnosed?

I also heard this in an HIV education class through an HIV clinic: the largest growing population of people with HIV are black women. Because their black husbands sleep with other men on the side but refuse to admit it. and then they get HIV and give it to their wives.

If they are sleeping with other men and won't admit it, how does the HIV clinic have statistics on it?
Sam outside

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So, I just dreamt that my boyfriend was trying to kill me. What was your most recent dream?

What do you do with change? Do you have a coin jar? Or do you use it just like you would bills?

What's the weather like where you are today?
Hell - Picasso Devil

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TQC, a buyer on eBay bought $50 of collectible CDs from me. I don't have duplicates. I shipped them with delivery confirmation and it says they arrived safe and sound. Buyer says he never got them. He's out of luck with the Post Office and with eBay and Paypal because the tracking says delivered. He is asking me for half the money back, basically in good faith.

Do I refund him?

youtube woes

Is there anyway to trim down a music video without taking out the music itself? I am trying to finish this stupid video, and it's too large. It's just barely over 1 GB. But that's still too big. It's around 1.13 GB. I'm using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pro 9.0 if that helps anyone. I've never made a video before so I have no idea what I'm doing.

If you can't help, do you know of any video places that let you upload more than a GB? Youtube and Photobucket aren't able to handle them.
lulu guinness clutch

I can't stick up for myself

How can I convince myself to call my employer and ask for more money? I was feeling really good about doing it a few weeks ago, but then I didn't.

What specifically should I say when they answer? It's like I don't know how to start the conversation and that really worries me.

If they refuse to pay me more I'm going to give them my 2 weeks. When should I mention this? After they say no?

EDIT: I've never even spoken with the man I need to ask, does this make a difference?

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have any of you been called by this number?
I asked them not to call since they asked for someone other than me, and they continue to do so.
What's going on?
(i googled it, but im wondering how big this problem is!)

im french

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1. What % of the time do you (or the person who wears the bra) keep your bra on during sexytime activities?

2. Does the color of your snot really indicate a cold/allergies/whatever?

3. ALSO I chopped some garlic a few days ago and I think my hand STILL smells like garlic. Does this happen to you? what can i doooo?

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Last week (Wednesday) my dentist gave me antibiotics and 800 mg ibuprofen to see if that helped the pain in my whole entire face from an exposed nerve. He said if it still hurts Tuesday (yesterday) to call and make an appointment. Well Friday the pain was really unbearable so I went into the office but the dentist wasn't there so they referred me to a place that was about an hour away so I decided to just sit here and suffer instead of going.

So the pain felt better Sunday and Monday but yesterday it was back with a vengeance. Should I call my regular dentist or the place I was referred to?
Georgie - Smiles

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What common themes/tropes do you often like in movies? Not big specific things like love, but maybe you have a soft spot for movies set at all boys schools, or movies where the girl falls in love with the childhood friend who's been there all along, or maybe you like the wise-cracking grandmother or whatever.
don't be a slut!

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Which of the following is your favorite?

The Microwave
Ice Cream Cones
Post-It Notes
Potato chips
The Slinky
The Pacemaker

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1. Do you have the LG env2? If so, do you like it? If not, what kind of phone do you have?

2. What is the grossest thing you have had to do recently?

3. Do you have a song that you hate because it reminds you of something negative? What is the song and what happened?
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Driving pug

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What's your favorite kind of soup?

Should I go to my history class tonight? I have a horrible cold. Attendance doesn't matter. It's an interesting class but I don't know if I want to sit there for 2.5 hours feeling like shit. I've already missed this class twice so far.
seattle 1


We are running a Halloween themed volleyball tournament this weekend, and have decided to dress as 80's work out video stars.

What must we include to make our costumes complete?

What upbeat Halloween themed songs can we play during the games to make it more fun?

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Who would you name Vice President in Charge of Cheering you up??

What cheers you up most?

Will you tell me something beautiful in another language (and then tell me what it means in english) please?
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om nom nom

TQC, i know the fun size Snickers i bought yesterday are for Halloween, but i REALLY want to find out how many i can shove in my mouth at once.

the only real concern i have is that i'm alone in my apartment. if i choke, who will save me?

should i do it anyway?

baby brains


What other baby questions can you come up with? creativity ftw

Or wanna show off a pic of your bb? You know you want to.

cookie sheet grease

I'm making cookies for a bake sale at my school tomorrow. I had to walk up to the grocery store in the rain to get all the stuff I needed but once I got back home, I saw that there was no Pam for me to grease the cookie sheet with. I'd really rather not take another walk in the rain, does anyone know of any alternatives?
Forgive me if this is something everyone should know, I rarely ever bake.
Work (DLM)

Printing digital photos

Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, Shutterfly, or something else?

Edited: I am looking for a balance between quality and price. I don't mind paying slightly higher price for better quality. I have 10 years worth of digital photos and I want some hard copies.

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What toppings would you say YES to on your pizza?

artichoke hearts
roasted peppers
jalapeno peppers



What toppings would you say NO to on your pizza?

artichoke hearts
roasted peppers
jalapeno peppers


I went to a pizza joint on my way home because pizza sounded really good.  I asked the guy if that have those little personal pizzas and he said that they're not ready, so I ordered a couple of sides instead.  He told me that it would be about 10 mins, so I said ok.  While I was waiting, I thought about it... why didn't he let me choose to wait for the pizza if I had to wait for my sides?

Types in stereo!

Do you know anyone who fits a popular stereotype? 

My best friend fits the nerd/geek stereotype to a "T".  He's nearly 30, a virgin, spends most of his free time playing video games.  Is a bit homely.  Has an IT degree.  Is socially awkward. Collects transformers.  Can talk about different video games and consoles for HOURS.....

The only thing he's missing is the glasses.

Who do you know that fits a stereotype?

ETA: And HOW do they fit that stereotype?

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If you had to choose one-and just one, which parents do you think are more deserving of donations and gifts to aid in costs of raising their large family?

Jon and Kate who have 8 children or the Duggars who have 17 with the 18th on the way?

Although the Duggars have more I would go with Jon and Kate because their large family was pretty much luck, not choice. Kate has Polycystic ovary syndrome causing her to be infertile so they underwent fertility treatments just twice-first time they got twins second time they got sextuplets. The Duggars on the other hand have only had two sets of twins. Each of teh 18 children were fully created by choice

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Poll #1279352 TQC conventions

Say there was a big TQC convention in your town/city where the majority of members were going to attend. Would you go?


Your reasons for going?

To see what they're like in real life
To try and make better friends with a few people I'm already good with
See if I can hook up with 1 or more specific members
I don't want to hook up with anyone, but you know others will. I just want to see what pairings will happen
To confront a few members who I have beef with
The drama. It wasn't invited, but the dramalama will be there with bells on
The open bar
I have nothing better going on

The next day, will be a TQCanon convention, where everybody will be wearing the same masks and it's difficult to tell who anyone is. Would you attend this?


Finally, on Sunday, there will be a TQC_drama convention, where everybody's only been allowed minimal sleep, been denied a lunch and are drunk so they're extra cranky and verbal, and then locked in a room with insufficient air conditioning. Would you attend?


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I want to send my SO a gift card:

LL bean?

How much will be enough?
(EDIT-O-MATIC I got her a $100 card to VS year before last...and she got MAD at me. Go figure. TRU FAX.)

that is all.

I officially hate media.

About five of my friends want me to go with them to see "Twilight" the movie.
I'm sorry, I didn't enjoy the books and have absolutely no desire to see the movie.

Can you think of creative ways for me to tell them no? :D

If you're a Twilight fan/don't care about my problems...
What's your favorite dessert?

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You're going on a first date. Which would you prefer?

To be picked up at my place of residence.
To meet my date there.

Which mode of transportation would you prefer your date to have?(Public transportation is not an optioin. What if you want to take a picnic in the country? Does the bus go to the country, I don't think so. PICK ONE!)

A moped
A smart car
The bus may not go to the country but a taxi does! Haggle my friend Haggle. It's a lost art it is



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1. Would you tell me (or show me!) something weird or unique about your body?

For instance, I think I have told TQC before about my weirdo toes, but I also have a really small mouth! I have had a total of 10 teeth (a mixture of baby and permanent) taken out so I could get braces, and I still have to have two more removed sometime.

2. Say you are in a community where half the users speak English, and the other half speaks Russian (or any other language, as long as it is the same one with that whole half). Do you think the posts should be translated into both languages, or should the reader be responsible for translating if they want to know what it says?

Edit: Oh, and a good bit of the English users cannot read Russian/whatever language. I meant translating with some language site.

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For moms:

When you were a new mommy (as in first couple of weeks back from the hospital), what did you really, really wish people would have done for you? What did you appreciate most?

My future SIL just had a baby, and I'd like to do something nice for her. I mean, she's got tons of nice but useless flowers, and her mom's doing all the cooking for her so that's out.

Any ideas?

(no subject)

If we had a TQC convention who would we hire as the entertainment?

What kind of food would we serve?

Who would you sit next to?

What do you think Shippo would say in his speech?
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This is so ridiculous.

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Quick! I need something to supplement my 600/month salary so I can pay off my 4,000 dollar credit card debt (fucking Peace Corps).

Do any of you know of any jobs online where you basically write/edit/make calls/etc. on your own time so long as you complete a certain number of hours a week? Or any ideas akin to that?

If not, nonsrs answers will be taken, grudgingly.

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What car would you buy for ~17k?

2005 Toyota Prius, 77,000 miles, 60 mpg city/51 mpg highway
Brand new Toyota Yaris 29 mph city/36 mpg highway
Some other car for around 17k (plz make suggestions.)

(no subject)

1. If you were in some scary video game/movie like Silent Hill, would you shoot/kill yourself, or try to live through it? Why?

I would try to fight through it because if a place like that existed, I would be afraid it would follow me into the afterlife or something.

2. Were you taught that a dog goes 'woof woof', 'roof roof', or 'bark bark'?

I was taught that the doggy goes 'arf arf', but I didn't put that on the list because I think my mom is weird and made that up.. I say woof woof now.

3. At what point in receiving an instrument do you say that you play it? Like, if you were given a guitar and began learning it today, would you tell people 'I play the guitar'? Do you think this is deceptive?

I usually say: "I've been playing *insert instrument* for *this amount of time*". I do think it's deceptive to say you 'play' an instrument that you just started learning because it gives the impression that you are at least decent at it. I have been guilty of doing this on a resume skill sheet before, though..

Fish movie

My mom and I are trying to remember the name of this movie we watched like, 10 years ago.

All we remember is that it was Australian, and a man turned into a fish. It was really weird.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks!
Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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If you order some food, and the order is incorrect, but not by a significant degree, how big a scene do you cause?

For example: they gave you onions on your cheeseburger when you asked them not to, as opposed to giving you a ham and cheese sandwich when you ordered chicken.

If said mistake involves a food you're allergic to or have been known to have problems with, does the scene become larger?

If they give you a completely mistaken order-- giving you a plate of spaghetti when you are, in fact, at McDonald's-- do you just give up and leave, or cause a big scene?

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Planet Terror or Death Proof?

In your opinion which would be worse: a really cute friend who'd say how ugly they think they are all the time, or a not so good looking friend who constantly talked about how hot they were, especially when putting other people down?

Also, because I am happy, I got to take my puppy for a walk today fpr the first time in weeks and he used all of his legs! :D :D :D

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Do you have any nations on Nationstates?

I have two, "Fielynd" and "The Sadly Lacking". Fielynd is an anarchy, I give them every freedom possible (including public nudity and cannibalism). The Sadly Lacking is run by an insane dictator who controls every aspect of the citizens lives in the most ruthless manner.

Overall the game is frustrating to me because the options are always taken to the extreme, but I keep playing for some reason.
i say, old bean

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what do you think is the worst way to ~break the silence~?
the best?
*interpret the silence however you want to*

BONUS: can you do an armpit fart?
I can't find a single person who can anymore :[

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What is the point of deleting a post? Especially if it wasn't controversial at all? I mean, really?

ETA: I guess they decided to make a new one with a pic instead of editing the existing one. Mystery solved!


Does anyone know where I can obtain the other icons like this one?:

I have previously had the autumn version of the icon, and I just recently found the winter one (see above), and I want to collect them all, if all the seasons are represented...

Will you post with your favorite icon and tell me why you like it?

Sort of a weird question, but I'm curious now..

My friend is a Republican and told me that Democrats are more hateful than Republicans. I argued that both sides can be really screwed up. Anyway…

Because my mother is a Democrat and my father is a Republican, I volunteer at both the Democratic and Republican headquarters in my city to make phone calls reminding people to vote, giving surveys, etc. After I volunteered the first time at each place, I was given a button for each candidate: one for Mccain/Palin and one for Obama/Biden. I know this is a little silly, but I decided to test my friend’s theory since I’m pretty open minded and like to think that both sides are composed of decent people since I have friends from a wide spectrum..

Anyway, first I wore the Mccain/Palin button to the movie theatre. Literally 1 in every 5 people were rude as hell to me. I was flipped off, booed, and someone even called me a bitch. I couldn’t freaking believe it. I literally thought I was going to be confronted in the parking lot or something, so I took it off quickly.

Well, the next day I went to another theatre with my Obama/Biden button on. Not a single person heckled me. I even got smiles and a thumbs up from one of the ticket collectors. I don’t know if Republicans are just more silent with their hatred, or if my friend was right in saying that Democrats generally get more nasty. I’ve never really noticed one of my parents being nastier than the other about politics, which they are both passionate about. I’m rather moderate, so I’m really being honest with this question. I’m not just trying to make Democrats seem like jerks or something.

But…why is that?? Why did this happen??
i get the same ol' dreams.

(no subject)

have you seen previews for the movie W.?
if so, there's on with a talking heads song in the background. do you know which song this is? i recognise it but i cannot handle not knowing the title.

also debate time ily obama.

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what tastes good with cream cheese? i was eating it on ritz crackers but then i realized i only had 3 crackers left :( and i really want cream cheese but don't want to eat it plain!