October 14th, 2008


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what do you think when people send you a message on myspace telling you a little about themselves and how they just moved to the area?

i just wonder how many people they sent that exact message to. it just seems weird to me.

[apples and oranges]

Why don't you guys like Macs?

If you don't like Apple, what kind of mp3 player have you got?

For those who do like Apple and Macs:
What do you think will be revealed in the "Let's Macbook" event today (it's oct 14 over here)? New Macbook design ftw?

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insided by this comment, did anyone ever get that fucking Easy Bake Oven to just fucking WORK?

what are you listening to?

i most certainly did NOT. such a load of shit. but at least the stuff was tasty raw. me and my friend, James, eventually would just give up, mix the packages and eat it like that. and i'm listening to Fleet Foxes. lies. apparently 2 seconds after i posted this i decided it needed to be all Blood Brothers, all the time.
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Inspired by this question:

What is the difference between bread flour and all purpose flour? When I went to the Kroger looking for bread flour they did not have any. They had about a bajillion different brands of AP flour.

How many times do I have to bake something disgusting before I should give up on baking at all? I'm at 4 failures right now.

Is baking from a box really that terrible? I spent 4 hours on chocolate cupcakes that didn't even taste like chocolate and I spent 15 minutes on Duncan Hines chocolate lava cupcakes and they were fantastic and I ate 3.

Too Tired

How often do you stay up wayyy after you should be asleep?

And then misread posts and look like an idiot?

yeah I do that a lot. Waiting for hubby trying to stay busy. Probably like once every 2 weeks. I am not slow, just tired =)
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Will you tell me a funny story about your parent/s being embarrassing*?

*You don't necessarily have to be the one in the story who was embarrassed. They can embarrass their spouse, other kids, etc.
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What do you think of Shepard Fairey after reading the info below?

Shepard Fairey is the artist behind the iconic HOPE image of Obama. He is the official artist for the Obama campaign and has raised over $400,000 for Obama's run for office. However, he is also known for violating the rights of other artists. Info from an article below:

Untitled, Silk-screen poster, Rene Mederos, Cuba, 1972. This untitled piece by Rene Mederos depicts the revolutionaries Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos. The artist had owned the copyright to the piece which was passed down to his estate at the time of his death in 1996.

Screenshot taken from the "Bombing Science" website on 7/18/2007. An image by Shepard Fairey titled 'Cuban Rider' was being sold as a T-shirt. Author Lincoln Cushing recognized the image from his book Revolución: Cuban Poster Art, as well as David Kunzle’s book, Che Guevara: Icon, Myth and Message. Cushing informed the family of Rene Mederos and discovered that the estate had not given Shepard Fairey permission to use the image or print the graphic.

Shepard Fairey acknowledged the copyright infringement involved with the 'Cuban Rider' shirt and had it pulled from the clothing line. The Mederos estate was compensated for an unknown amount-- though some sources claim the family was only paid $1,000. Up until that point Shepard Fairey had not mentioned the Mederos piece he had “referenced”-- he had claimed it as his own.

Shepard Fairey opened up about the Rene Mederos controversy during a 2008 interview with Mother Jones. He said, “There's a piece by [Cuban artist] René Mederos that I used, thinking, "Well, how would I ever pay this guy anyway because he's in Cuba?" All I really changed about that graphic was I put flowers into the gun and put a peace logo in it. With Castro and Che on horses I was definitely manipulating the original intention, but at the same time, it was a really beautifully done poster and tweaking it for my anti-war agenda was a way to pass that graphic along. So when [Mederos' estate] contacted me, I immediately paid him the exact same royalty rate that any artist would be paid." Again, acknowledging copyright law is an issue of respect-- respect for yourself and respect for the creative community as a whole.
So is Shepard Fairey an artist that we should admire or is he an art thief that should be exposed?

Fools you have no perception!

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Okay, for the sake of argument, let's say that Jesus was a real guy and that he really was the son of god and died on the cross and actually was the messiah and all of that fun stuff. Whether you actually believe it or not, let's just pretend for now.

What do you think would happen if Jesus came back right now? How do you think that would go over in the world as we know it now?
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I have been on three lots of antibiotics spanning nearly two months. They have all failed to clear my infection. Is there anything else besides antibiotics that will make me better? Or will I be given yet another round? It's starting to really get it to me. :(
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Would you want the ability to be a human lie detector with 100% accuracy? Or do you think it would get really annoying after a while?

Edit: What if you could shut off the ability, but it meant that your accuracy would go down? What's the lowest level of accuracy you'd be willing to accept?

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I helped my friend book some last minute musicians for her son's school event. Two of my contacts agreed to do it for free.

My question is:
Should I go to the event for moral support for my musician contacts?

Or, since now I'm no longer the middle man contact, should I skip it?

1. it's good to support fellow artists and I really appreciate it when people come out to see me

1. Have to ask boss for work schedule adjustment
2. Have to take 2 buses there and back
3. I'll be surrounded by lots of little children

Should I feel bad for not wanting to go, even though I coordinated it?

Fight or Flight?

To the females in the community:

If you were in a situation where your group of friends (male and female) were robbed at gun point, would you run or try and kick the robber's ass? If the gun was pointed at a male friend and not a female friend, would it change your answer?

I would run.

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Would you rather have your finger bitten off (by a human if it makes a difference to you) or your eye poked out?

If you were having a dinner party/going out on the town and could invite 3 famous people (alive, dead, what the fuck ever) who would they be?

Don't you just want to punch Pete Wentz in the face?
If not, then what celebrity would you like to assault? How about in a sexy way?
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hello my dear dear tqc'ers.

do you think i'm a bitch/asshole?

i'd like to make it up to those of you i've been a c u next tuesday to in the past.

srsly. i will make some art or some cookies for those of you that don't like me.

chan marshall

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I keep having a pain my knees, and it starts as almost a numbing shock pain in my kneecaps and runs down my legs.

Should i use a heat pack before i go to a physio?

have you had this type of pain before?

what is really the best way to treat it?
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Hey TQC,

In Los Angeles, California, last week, a former money manager fatally shot his wife, three sons and his mother-in-law before killing himself.

Karthik Rajaram, 45, left a suicide note saying he was in financial trouble and contemplated killing just himself. But he said he decided to kill his entire family because that was more honorable, police said.

How does that make sense?


TQC, I am new to the magical world of coffee. If I have some now, am I really going to crash later? I don't plan on having a lot, I just accidentally woke up before six this morning and I don't think the sleep deprivation high will last me through the day.

Also, should I have an english muffin or Apple Jacks?
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Did you ever meet someone that was like, omg awesome, and then you were like wtf, no way, but then it turned to be like god are you srs??

...yea me neither.

ok, real question:
are there any type other than buttermilk pancakes that are acceptable?
it seems like they only advertise these.
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i say, old bean

If I had a dime for every time I heard that one..

Think for a moment here.

1. If for every time someone HAD lied to you, you did in fact get a dime, how much money would you have?

2. Given that amount, now if for every time you lied, you were 10 cents poorer. How much money would you have now?

3. If life really charged/payed you for lying or being lied to, how much would this change the type of person that YOU are?

if you don't care to do the math or just feel like saying you'd be a millionaire, Do you know if they'll ever stop making these damn High School Musical movies? D:

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Should I hand on TQC for 2 hours or study my but of for a test on thursday?
Should I stay on TQC for 2 hours or just study for a test this thursday?

What is the worst place to look for a new boyfriend and/or girlfriend?
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I just had a big fucking waste of a day. I drove an hour North to take some photos. Spent all fucking day walking and driving around to take photos. 8 hours or more in total. Lets not mention city traffic, Red Sox traffic, tolls, fuck mooks, GAS!!!! And I get home. And I download the photos. And there is NOTHING there!!! One of the fucking settings was moved and I didn't notice. AHHHHH!

1. What was the last thing that made you go AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!?
2. How should I make myself feel better?

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Do you buy random gifts for people? What was the last one that you bought?
I don't know why, but I really love doing it. I bought my sister some slipper socks because I noticed she's been wearing them all the time.

Do people buy you random gifts? What was the last thing you were given?
Not often, but my friend bought me warm apple cider and an apple cider donut yesterday

Do you go apple/pumpkin picking during the fall? How far away is the farm?
I went yesterday! It was about 2 1/2 hours away, but the drive was so nice and I got my favorite kind of apples!

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Martha Stewart is having a book signing at the mall where my boyfriend lives. I'm stuck in another state when it's going on. This upsets me.

1. I should make him go get the cookbook signed for me, y/n?

2. What would I owe him in return for doing this?

Srs and non srs answers ok.
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Can anyone recommend a good brand for a wok?  I've had 2 Joyce Chen ones, and each time, despite me taking care of it exactly like the instruction book says, it appears that the non-stick surface is ruined and food sticks to it constantly.  I don't want a separate electric appliance, just a regular stovetop one would be great.  Thanks!
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What are some tips for strengthening the knees? I want to get to a point where I can run again but every time I try my knees hurt like a bitch because they've been sitting around not doing anything for three years. PLS HALP TQC.

Also, if I take up martial arts next year, which one should I do? I was considering Judo bu IDK :D

What do you do for exercise?
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Should I make a delicious goulash type stew for dinner, or garlic-butter shrimp with some sort of chick-pea salad?

Or something else?


Poll #1278415 I am Batman

The most important question I've ever asked here

Batman or
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So, TQC, I am planning to make these apple cinnamon muffins in the near future. Do you think it would be too much to drizzle an apple glaze (powdered sugar & apple juice) on top of them, since they have a streusel/crumble topping already?

Also, in the middle of the night last night, I woke up and I was diagonal in bed with my head at the foot of the bed, and my socks were nowhere to be found (I'd worn socks to bed because it was FREEZING). What the fuck was I dreaming that I ended up like this? Nonsrs plz.

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Why are all the awesome political-related jokes Palin related?

Do you have any actually good jokes (macros, text, other?) about Obama/Biden? I realize you prolly won't cuz this is livejournal and that's like asking for jokes about the bible in church...but maybe!!!

What's the best political-related joke you've seen this year? (All you non-americans can actually apply your own politics to this one! Woohoo!)

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So this morning I found this in my inbox from my mother:


1) Is my mom talking about sticky keys (for the shift problem)? Will it go away when she turns the computer off, or is there some way to fix it?

2) How the hell did my dad manage to take out three deer?

-Gotta go to class and take my midterm but I look forward to reading the rest later!


You are at a special Halloween event at a theme park. You're with your father. You two decide to go to one of the shows called "Chucky's Insult Emporium." It includes things such as "If I wanted a comeback I would wipe it off your face," constant things about people having small dicks, a million jokes relating to oral sex, and a bit of racist stuff as well. (lots of videos here if you're curious/interested, but you probably aren't)

On a scale of 1 to 10 how uncomfortable would this make you? Would it be more or less awkward if you were with your mom? Would you pretend you needed to go to the bathroom or something to get away?
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Poll #1278381 Best Flavors?

What's the best flavor of skittle?

Wtf are skittles
I am a skittle hater

What's the best starburst flavor?

I like non-regular starburst flavors
What the fuck if a starburst
Starbursts are nasty

What about runts?

The limes
The oranges
The bananas
The strange pink heart-shaped ones
The apple-strawberry-red ones
Wtf is a runt?
omg nasty ew D:

Do you discriminate against your candy by sorting it?

Yes, I'm a candy racist
No, I just eat it
When I'm bored and the mood takes me

Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12


Does anyone know if when a cyst bursts if it is painful?

I have a chalazion cyst on my eye and its been there a couple weeks and now after finishing my antibiotics it hurts. It feels more tender so I'm wondering if it burst and that's what is causing the pain. I tired looking on google for cyst + pain but all I saw were results about ovarian cysts.
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Dictionary...via text

Does anyone know of a number that you can text to get dictionary definitions of words sent to your phone when you need them? I’m curious b/c when I’m working on crossword puzzles and have word questions I’m usually not around a computer or dictionary.
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What's for lunch?

What's the most shocking good news you've received lately?  Bad news?

What is your favorite deli meat?

Edit:  If you don't eat meat, what's your favorite high protein food?

Hand over your pants, ma'am. And the fruit, too.

For pants, do you like zippers, buttons, lace-up, drawstrings, elastic, or something else entirely? I realize these are not exclusive fastening devices.

You are taking a walk.   You see a fruit tree you could identify (let's say an apple tree for the sake of argument, but it could be blackberries or whatever else applies) and see that the fruit is ripe, and is within your reach without having to stomp in someone's yard.

Do you pick some fruit? If you would pick fruit, would you eat it on the spot, or take it somewhere to wash it first?
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Which of the following things have you encountered recently?

a homeless person
second hand smoke
someone wearing too much perfume
really cold air conditioning
a stranger offering to pray for you
strangers engaging in PDA
police and/or ambulance sirens
someone stepping on your feet/the back of your shoes
smelly feet (your own or someone elses)
bad food
inclement weather
someone bitching at you for their mistake
feces/vomit that wasn't your own
a cute friendly animal
someone trying to sell you something from their car/roadside stand/jacket/cardboard box

Who's on your shit list today?

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My boyfriend is like a million (okay like 800) miles away and I want to send him a package of sorts. I was going to bake pumpkin/zucchini breads and send those, and I made a silly card for him, but what else could I put in it?

What's the best thing you've ever gotten in the mail, both from a SO and just in general?

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creative ways to express anger?

i'm about to tear a stuffed penguin limb from limb, splatter him with ketchup, and burn him in the fireplace.
and then send a picture to the exboyfriend who gave him to me

edit: ok fine, should i just go out and stimulate the economy instead? clothes? barnes and nobles?

better ideas?
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Will you please tell me about some of your sexual misadventures? Maybe something you or your partner wanted to experiment with so you did and it really sucked or it hurt or did absolutely nothing for you.

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I just nearly got into an argument with someone about this, so I'm coming to you TQC for a poll of sorts.

This guy is saying that even if you're born to a mother that's an American citizen in a foreign country, you're not an American citizen.

What I'm saying, is that every government class I've ever had has said that if you're born to an American mother overseas, you're still an American citizen.

What is it that you have heard on this matter, TQC?

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1:  Inspired by this thread, how do you pronounce "pecan" -- puh-con or pee-can?

2:  Are you allowed to surf the internet at work or do you have to minimize it when someone walks by?

3:  Which is creepier -- being stalked irl or online?

4:  If you were stalking someone online (and you of course wanted to hear back from them) and they didn't respond to your e-mail right away, would you say "Write back you bitch" and send dozens more nasty e-mails or would you try to be pleasant (even if you were fuming inside) so they would be more likely to respond?
Yes, I'm watching Selling Innocence on Lifetime Movie Network...


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I told my French teacher today that I play guitar, and now she wants me to play for our school's international night. Do you guys have any suggestions of French songs I should play?

Poll #1278448 Bake sale!

Should I buy baked goodies or save my money?

No, you fat whore.

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Christmas gift questions, dear TQCers.

I know it seems far too early to be thinking about ~*~CHRISTMAS~*~, but one of my Christmas gift ideas is rather expensive, so I need to decide soon in order to start saving up the cash.

The Idea: I should like to buy my boyfriend an iPod or other similar mp3 player as a gift for Christmas, because I know he's wanted one for a while.

The Questions: (A) Is this an appropriate gift for a gf to give a bf, due to it's expensiveness (expensivousity?)? Why or why not?
(B) Am I a weirdo for caring about how much it costs? I'm not terribly worried about affordability, just whether or not he'd be weirded out by getting one from me.
(C) iPod or other mp3 brand? Pros and cons of getting either?
(D) What model iPod/mp3 player would you suggest, given some of the Facts below?

Collapse )

Help me, TQC. I don't want to send him another lumpy handmade scarf this year :(

ETA: To make this less self-centric, what is the most badass Christmas (or other holiday/birthday, if you don't celebrate Christmas) present you ever gave and/or got? If this doesn't pan out, I might steal some other ideaz.

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what ridiculous/nonsensical things do you say to your pets on a daily basis?

(you have to type them phonetically, its funnier that way)

to the birds:
"hello cheep cheeps!"

to the dogs:
"put chaw pants awnnnnnnnnn"  ,  "i'm gonna keel you/keesh you een da face!"
"oh hello, howa yew?"  ,    "gimme keeshes"
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When was the last time you wrote a thank-you note? To who? About what?

Do you like writing thank-you notes? Is it something you do often or did your parents always have to nag you about it?

(Where are you from? I'm curious to see if it really is much more prominent in Southern US states to write them than anywhere else).

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I have a take home test that is due today, but I haven't quite finished yet and my class is at 2. If I skipped and turned it in Thursday do you think they would still accept it and just take points off for it being late?

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Dammit I failed. When is the last time you failed at anything?

Do you currently smoke cigarettes?


Do you regret ever starting?


Have you ever tried to quit?


Do you plan on quitting in the next 3 years?

lulu guinness clutch

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Which of the following do you currently have 3 or more of?

Fs on your transcript
pairs of slippers
points on your license
years of probation
year books
none of the above
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If a job application asks for your current salary, and you are presently unemployed, do you put $0.00 or do you put what your salary was at your most recent job? I'm pretty sure I should put $0.00, but what the fuck would be the point of that? It's not going to help them gauge how much they can cheat me.

And generally, on job apps, do you offer up salary requirements? I had a professor tell me that this information is none of their business and they only ask to see if they can pay you less than other candidates.
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does anyone have suggestions for remedies for itchy scalp?
*bonus points if it is available in the US because the person i am asking for lives there*
she thinks it's because of dry skin, if that matters.

and to make this fun, what's the most ridiculous ~*remedy*~ you've heard of? ones you've tried that have backfired? (i still hear people suggesting you put butter on burns... omfg no)
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between you and another person....

hey folks.

I know it's all quite fun but let's pick one.
1. what is your favorite?

holding hands
sex and anything related to you having an orgasm.

did I leave your favorite out out? what is it then?

2. and pick the one you would give up to have your favorite guaranteed to be awesomely blissfull every time.


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I need your advice again

At the local community college, it's the next semester of fuck-around seasonal courses (not for credit). I'm thinking of taking a couple. There's 5 choices below. Here's my rationale for each class.
-Fencing - it'd be a cool skill to learn, and if I liked it, I could sign up for a real fencing course somewhere
-Harmonica - I like collecting useless skills, and being able to play the harmonica would be fun, wacky and maybe I'll end up entertaining people with it on some strange twist-of-fate day
-Tai Chi - I've seen the older Chinese people do it at the park, and it looks interesting. It might be useful and insightful. At least I'll know what the hubbub is
-Home Improvement - it's decent guy knowledge, from laying tiles to fixing toilets to fiddling with light socket stuff. It's stuff that could only improve my standing as a male
-Excel-advanced - I already am a whiz at basic excel, but there's loads of complicated next-level features I don't know much or anything about. It'll improve my knowledge and it'll be something I can put on my resume

Poll #1278568 Class Act

Which classes should I sign up for?

Introduction to fencing (6 sessions, $65)
Healthy harmonica (1 session, $40)
Tai Chi Chuan (6 sessions, $50)
Home Improvement Workshop (4 sessions, $70)
Microsoft Excel - advanced (1 session, $95)

Food Question

I am in the process of compiling some simple recipes into a cookbook for my little sister who is moving out after Christmas, and can't boil water.

For those of you out of college:  What was your favorite easy to make dish during that time?

For those of you in college: What is your favorite meal on a budget?

For those of you who neither were in college, or are not yet in college: What kind of food would you like to see in a cookbook?

Bonus: If you don't mind sharing, can I use the recipe in the book? With credit of course.
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If you had a choice between one of the following being left at your doorstep, which would you choose?

a screaming infant
a flaming turd
a litter of puppies
a giant bag of pennies
a random member of TQC

If you chose a member of TQC, who would it be?


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TQC, I need help getting my big girl panties on. My BFF was recently really mean to me and even though he's since apologized, I'm still a little butthurt. How do I get over my butthurt and get back to being friends again?

(no subject)

Can someone give me a good american pancake recipe please? American pancakes taste so much better than our english ones (I dont even like our english ones)  and I want to know what the secret is!
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So I just got this lovely prompt: "Which of the four candidates for president or vice president is best equipped and best prepared to assume the weighty power of the U.S. president?" 4-6 pages double-spaced.

Where the hell can I find sources online that aren't biased out the ass? I can't use really biased sources, but it's kind of hard to not find a biased source for this ...

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One of my music education classes deals a lot with administrative work of a music teacher in the school. So my project today is to create a brochure about a fictional school with resources and advocacy materials in it. I want to call it the LOL band but I don't know what to call it to have it say LOL as an acronym. Any ideas?
If nothing works with LOL just shoot me any old idea.

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My uni is providing free depression screenings on campus this week.

I just took depressionscreening.org's test, and supposedly my answers are consistent with "moderate depression."

Should I get an actual screening, as in with a person, on campus? Would it even be worth it? It seems like everybody is depressed nowadays anyway, lol.

(no subject)

My life is in shambles right now (break up, child custody, crappy job and family drama) and I am having a tough time staying together and feeling hopeful.

So I ask are there any words of wisdom, lyrics, quotes that you know that are not crappy Hallmark card sentiments (Footprints e.g.) that help you hang on through the mud and tall grass in life?

shoes and bunnies

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What's the worst book you ever read? What made it so terrible?

Probably Skinny Bitch. I thought it was going to be a no-nonsense approach to weight loss, but instead it was veganism disguised as a diet, beat into your head with an entirely unnecessary excess of vulgar language and profanity.

Weird Issue with Polls

⁃ ok, I don't get this. Today, I've answered a few polls. But when I click submit, it shows me the answers for a totally different poll and when I go back to reading my friends page, it still shows me the radio buttons or check boxes for the poll that I've already answered instead of just the results. What's going on? Where are my answers going? This has never happened before. Btw, using a Mac with Leopard and Safari.

(no subject)

Why does everyone have to keep posting sex questions when I'm uber horny with no chance of getting any in the near future?

What should I name the new beta fish I got for my office?

Tonight I get to try the first bottle of my first attempt at homebrew beer.  Who wants some?
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Have you ever wet your bed after playing with fire?

What completely insane things did your parents tell you growing up? Like "If you play with fire, you'll pee the bed." or "Eating in the bathroom is feeding the Devil." or "If you're gonna kill a hooker, use protection."
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Inspired by this post. I didn't have an answer for that question, but ended with one of my own.

If you could ask one filmmaker (including raising them from dead) to remake one film they made, what film would you choose and what you would change in it?

I would make Peter Jackson to remake Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King the way it was told in the book. I loved the first film, liked the second and hated the third.

For $1,000, would you...?

Poll #1278636 For $1,000, would you...?

...kick a homeless man in the nuts? He approaches you, holding out his cup, asking you to lend a hand, and instead, you lend a foot into the place where he would be wearing a cup


...shave a stripe down your neighbor's dog's back? He/she won't know it was you


...drink a small glass of water from a public restroom toilet? It's flushed twice so it's as clean as the water gets, and then the glass is lowered into the basin and filled and handed to you


...attend a crowded Sunday morning mass (Catholic church) wearing Saran Wrap as your outfit? You can wear underwear beneath it