October 13th, 2008


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How often do you click on your interests list to see who else is out there that likes similar stuff?

I've been doing it and some things point to journals that haven't been updated for like 211 weeks.
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My friend and I were talking tonight and realized we have really weird conversations. We've discussed at length how we'd go about canibalism and then many many many other weird topics, always random, often silly, pretty much every time we talk. He said when we run out of things to talk about we can just talk about what normal people talk about. But then we both just sat there staring and thinking of what normal people talk about and we came up with nothing...

1) So..what do normal people talk about?

2) Also what should I make the boss man for dinner tomorrow? I did a pasta and chicken last week so I'm thinking something fishy, or pork, or maybe I should do Thai! Or Japanese? I don't know...tell me what to do TQC

3) Also - Would you rather sleep with Marlon Brando circa the Wild Ones or Johnny Depp circa Sweeney Todd (full makeup and hair)?
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quick question! i'm having a little debate, but it's late and my mind is being blown after hours of homework. what is that religious theory where it's better to believe in something, be wrong, and lose nothing vs. believing in nothing, being wrong, and losing everything?
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Lesson Examples -- HELP!!!!!

Ok, TQC, I've got a challenge for you, and it's quite urgent.

I'm an education major, writing a math lesson on tables and graphs to teach to a bunch of second-graders at an at-risk school, so we're looking at them not being exposed to a whole lot either.

I'm trying to rack my brain thinking of real-life examples to show these kids that, hey learning how to make and read tables and charts is an important skill to learn, not just so you can pass the standardized tests and get your diploma later on.

However, thanks to a lovely attic fire and the resulting panic (long story there), my brain is now FRIED. And will be served with toast later for breakfast.

TQC, HELP. I need examples to show these kids. I teach Tuesday, and have to turn my lesson plan, or at least a rough draft of it, TONIGHT!

So give me some examples! Bonus points if you can get a picture as well to show me! Please save the pathetic slacker ed major!

edit by agentrayevyn: go easy on her, she's my roomie.  tqc, what kind of real world graphs would second graders be exposed to? are there any graphs or charts you use in your everyday life? links to examples would be great.  she's learning, and so are these kids.
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What is that website where you type in words and lines and they come out in all different colors and directions? Or anything similar to it, I suppose.

grrr.. i can't remember.

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do you have certain people in your life that take and use your stuff without permission? do you get really pissed off or do you not care?

my sister takes all my stuff she goes in my room and takes my jewelery and makeup or whatever she finds interesting. i left my blanket in the living room last night and i came home to her friend sleeping on the couch with it, im so fucking sick of this. it got to the point where i had to put a lock on my door but then she actually busted my door down and broke the lock. o___o she even eats the food i buy with my own money D:

i tell her to stop but she wont. i cant take her stuff cause she has nothing good. what should i do?

ear infection :((

Does polysporin drop stuff work for ear infections? Have you guys ever used it? UGH I have to apply this four times a day and my ears are so clogged right nowwww.

This is really annoying, tqc. Did you ever have ear infections? Did polysporin stuff work?

'tis the season!

If I wanted to scare my mom with a creepy full body, shushing, Pedo Santa window cling, would it funnier in a shower, on the garage door, actual window, etc?

The decal is one of those magazines with a bunch of random, worthless things. No picture, but I doubled over after seeing it.
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tqc, help me decide some fun artsy stuff! :D

1. i want to draw a big bad wolf. which story should i do: little red riding hood, or the three little pigs? or another wolf story?

2. tomorrow i am going to the farmer's market to buy a pumpkin. what other fall produce should i get to keep my pumpkin company? i want to set them up for a still life painting, and then after that, i will eat them. :D

3. do you think this week will be good for you or really blah?

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If you were forced to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, and you have to choose between Olive Garden breadsticks or KFC mashed potatoes, which one would you pick?

What's your favorite vegetable?

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i can't sleep and so i expect to be wrecked tomorrow.

edit: should i blow off work?

confounding factors: i took last monday off. they're may not be anyone to cover my shift and so people gonna be mad at me.

my keyboarding, not so good.

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When you're home sick/getting drunk/whatever, what movie are you most likely to watch?
What's your favorite midnight snack?
Do you enjoy drinking in the bathtub?
Will you show me something that makes you happy?

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Does your work give a shit if you're sick?

Mine doesn't. I've had to work with mono and pink eye (at the same time), my coworkers love to ask me to cover their shifts but are always mysteriously busy if I call any of them. I'm sick this morning and since it's so early, I called off but then called back and took it back because I KNOW that no one will come in.

Looooove myyyyy jobbbb.
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1) I've been up most of the night and in the bathroom with horrid stomach cramps. I'll spare you any further details. But as a result, I've only gotten about 2 hours of sleep and bad sleep at that. I'm at work and still feeling shitty, but I'm the only one in administration today. I really think I should go home and rest, but since I'm taking this Thursday, Friday, and next Monday off, plus the fact I'm the only one here today, I'm wary. Should I ask my boss if I can go home when she comes in, or should I tough it out?

2) Is today a holiday where you live? Do you get it off of work/school?

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What country were you born in? What country are you going to die in?

Me: Us and I shall die in Alaska (once it *secedes because we reolize that we have all the remaining oil in north america)

Do you think people who wear Che Guevara t-shirts actually know who that is? Do you think they are idiots for wearing them?

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Okay TQCers, I think that someone was going to link me to the answer to this in the past (she was going to write an entry in her blog), but I need to know ASAP. How can one ride his/her bike in the rain and not end up looking DISGUSTING once the destination is reached?!

Also, what is/was for breakfast (since my posts need to include food in some way)?

Playing God

There are 3 cars rolling into the ocean, and you can only tow one to safety. The other 2 will drown their passengers. So, you can only save the lives of one of the options below. Who gets to live?

5 scientologists
2 Ninety-year old men
A puppy

Who lives here?

15 prisoners from Cell Block 28
5 mentally disable persons
1 puppy, blind in one eye, missing a leg

Who lives here?

Cell of 25 al Qaida operatives
3 gangbangers who just spraypainted their gang sign on your car door
A possum

MAC and zombie questions

I have a MAC for the first time ever, I cannot watch movies on netflix. Can any MAC people give me some sites to download games and other entertainments? Thanks!

Also, I don't know how to maximize the screen on firefox, I have been dragging it at the bottom right. This monitor is grande, 17 inch so I want the full effect.


I have been invited to a come as a damn zombie party the day after Halloween. I've decided to come as Jackie O. zombie. I am looking for a pink skirt suit and a pill box hat. (1)Anything else that represents Jackie O. to you? All I can think of is the movie 'House Of Yes' -- tell me about good zombie makeup. Serious and non serious answers ofcourse.

(2) Are you a rage zombie fan or a Romero zombie fan? (Fast or slow)
(3) Whats your favorite zombie films? Mine: Fido
(4) Have you read World War Z?
(5) Possibility of zombie outbreak in your lifetime, y or n?
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Sundays are kind of my *OH FUCK IT!* day, concerning food and such. I don't go crazy and eat 3 pizzas or anything, but I do indulge to a reasonable amount. So far today I had a fritata, some Thai Golden Triangles, a grilled cheese sandwich and some hot and sour soup.

1. What have you had to eat so far today?

2. How do you keep your skin baby butt smooth?

3. What did you name your favorite stuffed animal?
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So I'm looking into getting a new headset for my laptop - but right now I'm seriously overwhelmed by all of my choices. Does anyone know of a good, reliable brand for me to look into purchasing?

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Im going to class soon.

will you go and post in tqc drama so I can read about how you too renounce america and are full on a new race of person?

If not, whats the best thing that goes with peanut butter? I say dogs...>.>

skrew it, (not for any particular reason) but I have a new better question!!!

Do you think a persons hands say anything important about them?

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We're in the process of potty training my puppy, and as such she generally needs someone to keep an eye on her at all times to make sure she doesn't go on the carpet. She's sleeping on my bed right now, and I need to take a shower.

Do I:
wake her up and kennel her while I shower (for like 10 minutes)?
let her sleep and hope she's still sleeping when I get out of the shower?

Also, I NEED TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING. Should I have peanut butter toast, which I'm not in the mood for, plain Cheerios (which you should know I DETEST), or should I make scrambled eggs?
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The other night I was coming home from a baseball game at 3 in the morning, the McDonalds is open 24 hours, being hungry I decide I'll drive through and get some breakfast, pull up to the speaker, and order. "I'm sorry sir, we aren't serving breakfast yet."
What the hell kind of 24 hour restaurant isn't serving breakfast at 3am?

How was your weekend?

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1. At what restaurants do you think you get the most bang for your buck?

2. If you had to, would you rather eat a human steak from a person that had died of natural causes, or a dolphin steak from a dolphin who'd been killed for that express purpose?

3. Best Cartoon Ever?

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1. So I bought a sandwich today. It was supposedly "turkey & provolone" but it is definitely NOT provolone. It looks like it, but it tastes like complete, utter shit. What could it be? It doesn't have holes so I don't think it's Swiss...

2. What's your favorite Little Debbie-esque snack?
I love the Swiss Rolls and strawberry shortcake things.


What is the difference between a traditional marriage and a domestic parternship? What are the legal differences?

I'm specifically talking about California because I'm pretty sure it's different in different states.
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What is the difference between Christians and Catholics?   I thought a Christian was someone who believes in God and Catholics believe in God but it seems like there's Christians and then Catholics. IDGI, can anyone explain?  

Worried about anything today?

 I'm going to lunch with 3 coworkers, 2 I don't really know that well and the other doesn't really seem to like me, tbh. I'm worried it's going to be totally awkward but I'm making myself go anyway.    
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Today is Open House at my college.
There are hoards of young, impressionable teens wandering around with their parents in tow (or is it the other way around?).

How can I have a little fun with this?
nkotb - joe - yay


Why is every where around me (in California) on fire now?

If you lived in a tinderbox, aka semi-rural and suburban LA county, and saw someone flick their cig butt from their car window into the brush, would you note their license plate number?

Is this arson?

Did you do it!?!?!?

How am I going to get home if all my routes are ablaze?

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Where can I get big yellow boots for the cheap? I want to be Captain Falcon this year for Halloween, and it's the only piece I'm missing (I went to the mall/target and found nothing).

Do you need any help with YOUR Halloween costume?

Cooking on a budget...

Does anyone have any ideas for cooking fabulous meals for a bunch of people while on a really tight budget?

I'm producing a micro-budget independent film in Tallahassee and trying to come up with a meal plan for the ten people who will soon be residing in one apartment. I need the food to be yummy, easy, and cheap to make.
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I have a foam mattress (not a memory foam). It was free. I've had it for a few years, and it's time to toss it out. But, I will be leaving in a few months and will do it then. Problem is, it SMELLS BAD. I wash sheets and what not every week, so it's not that. I keep two or even three fitted sheets on it to keep the smell covered (people say they don't notice it, but I sure the hell do).

I know febreeze exists. As a last resort, I may try it. TQC, do you have any other suggestions or ideas?
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What are the strangest uses for foodstuffs that you know off? Not rumors, but things you (or your friends) tried.

Here's mine: Potato chips burn very well. Especially Lay's and Pringles flour-made ones. A lot of my friends use them to start camp- and barbecue fires.
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Inspired by this:

Have you ever been a bridesmaid in a wedding where you DIDN'T have to pay for your own dress/everything?  Where do you live?  And if you've never had to buy your own bridesmaid dress, can you introduce me to some of your kickass friends?

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TQC, I just looked at my syllabus for my 2pm class (American government), and according to it there's an exam today. HOWEVER. The last exam was pushed back a class day, and another class since then was cancelled.

Is my test going to be today, Wednesday, or next Monday (the next class day)?


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My friend has a family computer in her house, and her brother, who is a complete idiot last used it. Today she turned on her computer and it is stuck on the boot Windows screen. She has been trying to boot it up in safe mode, but has been unsuccessful. I don't know what to tell her as she has tried all that she knows and nothing has worked.

Does anyone know anything that could be wrong, or what she could do to fix it?

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my laptop hinge is broken, the warranty is up, and the people in the computer fixing place at school basically laughed at me when i brought it in, they said they don't order that part anymore.

what might i have in my house to prop this damn thing up?

i googled and saw an L-bracket that might work, but I have to go out and get it. I've tried tape, it gets hot and the glue melts.


In early Feb of this year, I was diagnosed with a grade III brain cancer. My drs and all the info on the web tell me that I have a 50/50 chance of survival over 5 years on a bell curve.

What the #^$$#^$ does that mean in English?
What happens after 5 years? If I make it 5 years, I'm all better forever?
Where can I find data that tells me how many people of my age and sex have had this cancer
(anaplastic astrocytoma), and out of those people, how many survived and for how long? (Because no, I'm not a 75 year old man, so I'm betting it's not going to kill me as quick as that part of the statistical curve.)

I've just gotten back on my feet enough from the treatment and everything to start going WTF?! recently, and I don't see my dr again for a few weeks, and it's bugging me today. ;)

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Will you tell me a joke?
Here's one...

A couple had been married for 50 years.
They were sitting at the breakfast table one morning when the wife says, 'Just think, fifty years ago we were sitting here at this breakfast table together.'
'I know,' the old man said. 'We were probably sitting here naked as a jaybird fifty years ago.'
'Well,' Granny snickered. 'Let's relive some old times.'
Where upon, the two stripped to the buff and sat down at the table.
'You know, honey,' the little old lady breathlessly replied, 'My nipples are as hot for you today as they were fifty years ago.'
'I wouldn't be surprised,' replied Gramps. "One's in your coffee and the other is in your oatmeal."

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Right now I student teach French to a class of first graders every Tuesday and Thursday for 30 minutes. I come up with all the lessons plans myself, so I don't really have any material to go by.

Do you think it would be a waste of money for me to buy the kids folders and give them copies of all the information I teach them so that they have an easier reference other than the posters I make for them?
Idk if it matters, but I do have a gift card to Office Depot and a friend who will make the copies for me at her work.
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Can you think of a good name for our new cat?

We thought we had decided on Emma, but the cat we already have is named Nina and my husband thinks they sound to close.

Other names we'd rejected: Ty, Molly, Rogue, Bella, Lucy, Juliette. Obviously, we'd like 'real' names over things like 'Sparky'.

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For the first time you had sex, did you plan it?
Did you split contraception?
How long did you talk about it?

And for the virgins out there, are you going to decorate your house Halloween-ish?

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Show your curls!

If you have no curls or you don't wanna show them, tell me what I did wrong:

I went into the kitchen and my housemate and good friend was looking out the window and crying. I tried to ask what was wrong but she just ran into the bathroom and locked herself up. What did I do wrong?

Serious and non serious please.
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I'm a dumb chicken. Advice?

In January, I want to start a program to become a veterinary technician. Because there are no schools for that nearby, I have to do it through distance learning. Because it's distance learning, I have to work for a vet's office for 20 hours a week to cover the lab portion of school. I have no experience working for a vet, or with animals, save for a small amount of volunteer work with the humane society (walking dogs). I have a ton of pets, though.

...how the frick do I go about finding a vet willing to hire me for this? Should I just call around to the local vets and talk to the receptionist person and explain the situation? Do I ask to speak to the vet about it? I really am totally clueless about this. D: Ideas???

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I only slept for an hour and half last night. Do I go to my 3:30 class or stay at my dorm and sleep? If I don't go, I would've missed class 6 times. Attendance doesn't count, but is taken and rewarded as extra credit points.

I thought of TQC while shopping last night!

How do you buy your broccoli? Do you buy the crowns for an extra dime per pound or do you buy crowns and stalks? Or, you rotten thing, do you snap off the broccoli stalks before bagging them?

How do you feel about self check out?

How much more are your grocery bills now than, say, last year?

I will answer in comments.

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1 - Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to Random quotations: http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr's "explore the last seven days" http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

So! What's your band name, first album and album cover?

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1) I have the following ingredients: cream of mushroom soup, brown rice, canned and frozen veggies (corn, green beans, peas), whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce, black beans, and spicy flavor ramen noodles. Any suggestions on what I can make for dinner tonight out of these(not all of them, obviously)?

2) How much are you willing to spend on a top? What about pants? Shoes? What is the most expensive article of clothing you own?

3) What is the worst thing you have ever endured?
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What time does the mail arrive at your mailbox, on average?

If you work, or, for some other reason, are unable to determine when people climb up on your property and deliver little paper things: What's your least favorite continuation of a movie franchise (e.g.: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Star Wars Episode 1)?

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I am studying abroad in Dublin for the semester. I got hooked up with a waitressing job that paid 9 euros an hour. (Apparently thats pennies to Irish citizens but was great for me just to have as spending money while I'm here.) I worked more than 20 hours a week, even though legally I'm only supposed to work 20, because they were very short staffed and immediately depended on me. Pay day would come and I'd only get a check for the 20 hours/week, and had to wait around for the extra when my boss had the cash to give me under the table. I'm still owed 7 hours worth. Checks never came in time. My boss talked to all of her employees like they were animals, very demeaning and humiliating infront of the entire staff. An ex-employee threw bricks threw the window after only God knows what they were owed or how they were screwed over. Instead of calling the cops, they had a friend go and break in his car windows. This past week when I didn't get my check on time AGAIN, I called and quit. She said what I was doing was "shitty", "unprofessional", and that she was "disgusted". Then proceeded to hang up on me!! That was just the cherry on top of her always talking about employees behind their backs, adding items onto a large parties bill claiming "they'll never know", and not giving empoloyees tips that were on credit cards saying that "tips on cards go to the company." WTF.

Now I have no job and am sort of regretting quitting because I do need the money. Would you have quit if you were in this situation?
I still haven't gotten my check plus the hours I'm owed - how do I go about getting it without resorting to fire bombing the restaurant? I know if I go in there I will have to face the wrath of Satan.
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What is your favorite condiment/sauce?

It's really rainy and grey out today so I feel like baking something. What should I bake?
(Any good recipes?)

If you're not interested in baking at the moment, what are you up to?
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My flat mate just yelled out really angrily "Oh for fucks suck, fucking technology". What kind of technology is he angry about?

What are you good at?

How often do you change your sheets?
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another fiber question

can anyone direct me to a source (online or otherwise) that can explain the etymology of the word yarn, meaning to tell a (usually long) story? i've even submitted a question to the library of congress online but only got the OED definition. i would like to know a bit more of the actual history. all i know is that the term was supposedly coined when sailors (it's originally a nautical term, i believe) would do sedentary tasks (like spinning yarn, perhaps?) and tell tales while doing so. any help is appreciated!

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Someone's facebook profile, under 'political views' has "wear the rag, expect the frag". What the hell does this mean?

There are a suspicious number of dental assistant positions available, why is this so?

(no subject)

1) what was the last item you purchased?
2) what is the strangest inter-species interaction in your house?
3)have you ever wanted to kill yourself? how many times? don't you think its kind of normal?

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So, TQC, I'm in the market to open my first checking account that is SOLELY mine, as opposed to being connected to my parents' as I've been doing for the past 3 years (I currently have a Bank of America Campus Edge Checking account) (and I don't know how comfortable I am anymore with my parents being able to take out money without my permission... it's not that I really think that they WOULD, but just the fact that they COULD kind of bothers me since I'm kind of making a big deal about being in control of my own finances).

I have absolutely no idea what to look for in a checking account, let alone in a bank itself... any tips for a n00b such as myself? Suggestions? Websites with info that would be useful?

If you got nothin', what album have you been listening to a lot recently? Collapse )

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Does anyone have a clip of "Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington" from the Simpsons? I'm looking for the part where Bob Dole tries to nominate himself and just repeats his name. I'm trying to put together a video project and can't seem to find it, even on YouTube.

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What was the last thing you picked up off the ground ( that wasn't yours to begin with)?

I found a pink pin in the auditorium of my school that says "I only drum naked .com." I don't know what it means :(
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Let's say that you were buying a house. You have to stick within what you personally can afford.

What are absolute MUST-HAVES as far as features/amenities/location/whatever? What would you like to have, but would give up in order to obtain the must-haves?

Related but unrelated: hardwood or carpet?
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Small condoms

There are normal, large, and extra large condoms. Does anyone make "smaller than normal" sized condoms? And if they do, how do they advertise them? What are they called? That's gotta be quite a marketing challenge!

(no subject)

What's the most interesting thing in your fridge?

What's the most interesting piece of jewelry you own?

You're stuck in an elevator - What is your first reaction?
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TQC Girls: How many of you have successfully put a cell phone/money/whatever in your bra and kept it there? HOW? I keep trying but whatever I have in there keeps falling out... idk, maybe my tits are too small.

What are the typical 'bar nights' in your town?
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So I was hungry as hell this morning and ate breakfast along with coffee with cream and sugar. It is almost 6 pm and my stomach is still feeling shitty. Antacids did not help. So, TQC, I ask you: what is the cause of this? Gas? Food poisoning? Bush?
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Why are things like rape, racism and hitler funny to joke about?

edit: As in I think they are not funny and I don't understand why so many people think it is.

(no subject)

How do you feel about this statement?

"I don't think mixed-race couples should have children.  I feel about bad for these mixed-race children.  They are just going to be teased, and constantly confused about themselves."

If you don't feel like being insane, do you use icy hot?  What are your thoughts on it?
Bunny Yoink

Money makes the world go 'round, the world go 'round, the world go 'round...

What's the lowest denomination you'll stop and pick up off the ground?

a quarter
a dime
a nickel
a penny
anything that folds
anything silver
higher than you've listed here, cheapskate
I like cheese!

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I was discussing weddings with my mother, and I decided that I wanted my colors to be black and white, and I want a black rose theme.
My mom says that's absolutely absurd, even though she knows that's the only flower I like. My dad said if that's what I like then I should do that.

I'm not sure I would actually do this, but I always thought it would be pretty.

What would you think of a wedding that centered around the theme of black roses?
Have you ever seen one or been to one?
Bonus: Do you have any pictures from a wedding that used black/white or black roses?

Help me, Doctor LJ!

I took a blow to the head on Saturday that was hard enough to knock my glass off my face and bend them, give me an instant headache and leave a bruise I can feel (not see) running across my cheekbone.

It is now 48 hours later, and the headache has still not abated. Should I be:

1) Worried and seeking medical attention?
2) Taking some painkillers and refraining from strenuous activity?
3) Getting over myself?
4) None of the above?

What's the worst head injury you've ever had or seen?

EDIT: Went to NHS Direct. They sent me to hospital. Have post concussion syndrome. Not with teh fun. Co-codamol to the rescue! Thank you Dr LJ!
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Beer is nasty (EVEN NON-ALCOHOLIC), but it smells good. I want a liquid bread that tastes good. Are there other good, non-alcoholic liquid foods? RECOMMENDATION PLZ