October 12th, 2008

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What modern-day movie/tv composers can you identify after hearing only one or two notes of their music?

For example, I just turned on the TV, heard a note and a half of music, and thought "What John Williams movie has a boat like this?"  Turns out, it was Jurassic Park 3, and I couldn't change the channel fast enough.

What movie do you think should just NOT have had sequels?

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Have you ever watched Style By Jury? It's this show where they set people up in front of a "jury" who judges them... then they get a super awesome makeover with their teeth done and everything.

I wanna do it!


A friend of mine wants to get a tattoo up the side of her neck and behind her ear. I have nothing against tattoos, but I told her that's a stupid goddamn thing to do because tattoos still aren't entirely accepted and a lot of people associate neck tattoos with prison/gangs/low-class people. She does not think anyone is going to take it in a bad way because she's getting music notes.

If she doesn't get that she wants stuff on her wrist and arm. I don't think that's a good idea either (at this stage in her life anyway...she's only 18 and not even out of high school yet let alone established professionally) because some people really don't want you showing tattoos at work. She might have to wear long sleeves every day depending on where she works and that won't be fun times during our ridiculously hot summers.

What do you think? Am I just living in the past and people really don't give a shit about tats like they did Back in the Day?

EDIT: I know it's her choice and her body. I'm not trying to prevent her from getting it (if she does end up getting I'll be going with her). I just want to know if you think visible tattoos can still affect one's career.
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Tomorrow I am losing the internet until I hopefully move next weekend. What will I do with an entire week without internet??? I mean, sure, I could pack up all my stuff and start cleaning but I don't want to do that! I want to play on here!

Also, my mommy moved out today. I am sad. How do I get over missing my mommy and entering adult land? She cooks me delicious dinners and I have the culinary skills of a snail!

How stupid is it that HUD keeps pushing back my closing date? It was supposed to be September 30th and now it's the 16th. My lease is up the 21st. Will HUD push back my closing date again and make me homeless?

Today, my husband had to give the auto shop $750 to repair our entire braking system on the car. Are they crooks? They stripped the lugnuts when they put the tires back on and the wheels almost came off while we were driving tonight. Are they trying to kill my family? Can I sue them?

How many cans of spray paint would I need to paint a 5' tall 5 drawer dresser? What about an iron twin head board?

Anything else I can ask so I have lots of things to read next Sunday when my internet comes back?
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Poll #1277117 Drug Legalization

Do you think all drugs should be legalized?

Only some

If drugs were legalized, and freely available, would you start using drugs?

I use (illegal) drugs already

Which drugs would you use?

burning goodness

Not lookin' for sympathy, just answers, kthx.

I have a horrible headache, and it's making me nauseous...will giving in and throwing up make it go away?

My dad is flying in tomorrow for his brother's (my uncle's) funeral...what do I do if he cries?

I just had to send out half a dozen emails to my profs saying I won't be in class, can't make a meeting, etc., yada yada yada because I have to go to a funeral, and because I said the bit about being out of town for a funeral instead of just not explaining, I feel like they'll think I was aiming for sympathy, lenience, whatever. Why do I feel awkward about it? What can you say to make me feel not awkward about it?

How do you, personally, deal with bad things? I try to organize everything, and then watch sad movies/ tv shows.


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i gave blood friday around noon. ever since then, all i've done is sleep and eat. i don't even WANT to eat, but i'm like starving. is this normal?

if you play the sims, have you discovered a really awesome creator or website for custom content lately? almost all my furniture comes from holy simoly and i could so use more!

what words to you ALWAYS spell wrong?

pharaoh! there was a guy in my school whose last name was pharoah and now the right way of spelling it always looks wrong.
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Do you guys think it would be a good idea for me to make five sandwiches for lunch at once. Baggie them up and put them in the fridge so each day I can just grab my sammich and go to work/school??

Is there any reason why that would be a bad idea?

What is your favorite type of sandwich?

Do you bring your own lunch or do you buy lunch?

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1. What's your favorite movie?
2. Who is your favorite protagonist?
3. Who's your favorite villain?
4. What is your favorite song?
5. Which movie did you see first?
6. Which movie do you think has the most tragic story?
7. Which movie do you think has the happiest ending?

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i'm taking my mom to the movies tomorrow, but i'm poor so we're going to the cheapies and these are our only options...

- Hancock
- Step Brothers
- Tropic Thunder

a) which one should we see?

b) what are your favorite halloween movies? (not horror movies, but halloween-themed.)
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I'm fucking bored with the Gadgadsgame. What Neopets game should I play to kill time while tending a new Pandora station?

Do you want to neofriend me at malkantitribu?

Are you still even active on Neopets except for the games?

(lol neopets)

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So I'm all awake (6am, been up for 2 hours) and heartbroken and emo. Will you cheer me up with your stories of unrequited love/stupid situations you have gotten yourself into when trying to get with someone?

tell me what to do here

My sister is due the day after American Thanksgiving... my dad wants to take a week off and fly out east to be there for the holiday just in case she has the baby on time. Should I go with him? Do first-time parents really want company immediately after they've had a baby? Other things to consider are the money and time off work, but mostly I'm just curious if new parents really want a bunch of company right away.
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I quit my low-paying full-time job a couple weeks ago so that I could focus on school. After quitting, I applied for a few part-time jobs on CraigsList as well as advertised my babysitting services part-time. I interviewed for and accepted a babysitting job rather quickly (although the first two weeks are on a trial basis). Two days later, I received an email from one organization I applied to work at (American Association of Law Schools or something) asking me to come in for an interview on Tuesday. Babysitting is definitely more fun and pays more per hour, but there's the opportunity for more hours with AALS and it looks better on my resume. TQC, what should I do?
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When was the last time time literally flew by in a blink? (I just had a 10 hour date and it feels like no time went by)

What's the longest you've gone without sleep? (72hrs - ish)

Crunchy or Smooth Peanut Butter? (both!)

Can you eat off brand peanut butter or does it have to be 'label' brand like Jiffy?

Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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There's this new World War Two fighter video game that I saw advertised the other week. The commercial has this blondee, female radio announcer saying stuff like 'we know you've got a plan' and she finishes up saying 'because this will be the last music you ever hear'...

What video game is it?

Groundhog Day!

You have to pick a day to live over and over. You will not return to present until you have lived that day 1000 times. What day do you pick?

ETA: Groundhog Day rules apply. Everything that happens gets wiped when the day recycles. You're the only one who has any memory of anything you did on the previous versions of that day.

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TQC, the right side of my jaw, right at the joint, is super stiff and hurts like a mother when I open my mouth more than like an inch. Why?? Are they going to need to amputate?? Omg AM I GOING TO BE A MUTANT????

*in before "you give too much head" because there's no such thingthat's not it.

Also, edit for html fail. Stupid rich text.

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There is a type of massage that is more spiritual than physical, focusing on energies or something. The masseuse lays his/her hands on the person and transfers energy to them. What the hell is this called?

If you don't know/don't care, have you seen An American Carol? What did you think of it? My Dad, who hasn't been to a movie theater in at least 15 years, wants to go see it.

Decide for me TQC!

TQC, should I get a Nintendo DS?

I don't normally play games, but a four day stay in the hospital as well as a flight to Australia makes me think it might be a good investment.

Should I get a barely used dark blue for $85, or a brand new pink one for $130?
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So you're at a party/some social gathering, just dancing and shooting the shit and some guy (or girl or unicorn but let's say "guy" for continuity's sake) comes up to you and you start talking and then he says, "Excuse me if this is rude, but do you have a boyfriend?" Throughout your exchange, he is very polite.

Is that rude? Do you appreciate the frankness of his question or do you think it's callous?

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When a cashier rings up something with the wrong price (overcharge or undercharge) do you say anything?

My mom was just in the store and told me she was standing in the aisle but forgot what she was doing or how to get out of the store, she only knew that she was in Target. What's your TQC Doctorly opinion of this? Is she crazier than I thought? Or is this something srs?

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Why did my cousin's fiance's parents invite me to the rehearsal dinner for my cousin's wedding? I thought the rehearsal dinner was for people that are actually in the wedding.

We're having a potluck on the 22nd for work. I'm making Halloween themed desserts....one of which is an individual mud and worm pie....should I make 1 with exlax and give it to my douchey co-worker who stole my pretzels and my other co-worker's peanuts?

I'm in the mood to bake now...should I make brownies, cookies, or cake?

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okay tqc, i'm bored so let's play a silly question game.
answer my question below & then ask a question starting with the last letter of mine.
e.g what was the last thing you baked? your question could be do you watch grey's anatomy?
the next person asks and so on...
let's see how many questions we can get in this post.

my question:
what's your favourite energy drink?
star trek - kirk at starfleet

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When I was at the salon last, my stylist straightened my hair with a teal flat iron. It was gold inside. She said it cost about 150 but I forgot to get the brand. I thought I would just straighten my hair with a blowdryer and brush but its not nearly as good. Does anyone know what kind or brand of iron that was? If not, what's your favorite one?

If you don't care, what should I eat for brunch? My boyfriend is taking me to the diner.

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1. is anyone else gonna watch every episode of the planet earth marathon on discovery channel today?

2. what show do you most wish was on a marathon all day today? (or just in general)

3. at one point, i'm venturing out for fast food. probably mcdonalds because of monopoly. is anyone else playing mcdonalds monopoly? I REALLY THINK I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR. if you're playing and a goon like me, which pieces do you have?

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A black Macbook with the specs I want costs $1579. A white Macbook with the same specs costs $1469 - a $110 difference!

Is $110 justifiable for merely a black cover (are those matte or glossy black anyway)? Which one should I get? D:
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Edited to insert my answers. I didn't change the questions except to bold them.

Do you play video games?
Online, platform, handheld (Tamagotchi counts!), arcade, PC? (does PC count as a platform?)
Online: WoW (thinking of WarHammer), NeoPets, New Grounds (too many to list), Dominion, Armor Games, Endless Forest, Orisinal and Motherload
PC: Zoo Tycoon, Big Fish (like Virtual Villagers)
Platform: N64-Legend of Zelda (Ocarina & Mask), Space Station Silicon Valley, Harvest Moon
GC-Legend of Zelda (WW & TP), Harvest Moon, Pokemon
Xbox 360-Viva Pinata, Beautiful Katamari
What style video games do you like best?
RPG, Accumulation, Time management, Puzzles
What game titles do you like?
Legend of Zelda is my all time fave.
Do you consider yourself a gamer?
Not particularly since I don't feel competitive or at all serious about it. Games I play must be a) pretty or cute, b) contain plenty of puzzles and c) not too much realistic violence. Also I think "gamers" like to complete things in time limits and such. I have no problem feeling my way through a game and going out of my way to do things that will take longer but look interesting.
What do you think of gamers? (whether you play or not yourself)
I think they're way more serious about gaming than I could ever be. For me it is strictly playtime. Too much intensity and I'm out. Real life has enough of that thanks.
Do you play board, card or table games?
Yes. We play tradtional games like Sorry, Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Uno, Spades and such. I've been interested in table games like D&D or Caton but haven't had the time or others to play.
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Do any of you own rats? What are some fun activities you can do with them? I'm just now starting to bond with Goose, the rat I inherited from a neighbor, and I find he's very sociable and curious, but I'm not sure what kinds of things I should do with him.

Can you provide some dicksucking tips? (Neat tricks that don't hurt, perhaps.) I'd like to widen my repertoire, for the next gentleman I seduce.

Has a specter ever manifested itself to you? In what way? As much as I desire to be as psychically open as I think I was when I was a kid (I predicted/dreamed things, saw/felt presences, etc.), I feel like that part of me is totally defunct.

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tqc! plan my day for me!

what order should i do the things i need to do today?

i need to shower, take the dog on a long walk, do some work from home, do dishes and finish laundry.

fyi i'm still in pajamas and feel gross. i'd like to shower first but then i need to take the dog for a walk. so i dunno.
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Have you ever known someone to be a generally good, sweet person, and then something happens and they change? Did you confront them?

I knew a girl that was really nice, just a sweet girl. Then she got elected Sweetheart of my friends' fraternity and all the attention has made her into a total bitch. She now claims she's 'half single' because she's not happy with her (long distance) boyfriend so she's leading on as many guys as possible and says when she finds the right one she'll just dump her bf and be with that guy.

UGH I WANT TO PUNCH HER IN THE MOUTH. But I will probably never confront her about it unless the circumstance presents itself.
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I used to get horrible ear infections a lot when I was a little girl. Like, awful. Hospitalizations and everything. So as a general rule, I am no stranger to ear pain. But I just got out of the shower about a half hour ago, and I think I may have gotten water in my ear or something because it hurts soo bad. It feels clogged and is buzzing (which is nothing abnormal because i have tinnitus) but the pain is bad and I'm not sure how to get rid of it, or if there is a way to. My other ear is fine. Now a little pain is starting in my other ear. Does anyone have any suggestions/comments?

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Why does my phone always tell me that I still have new voicemails after I already checked and deleted them? I keep thinking I got another one but I don't. :(

What annoying crap does your phone/cell phone do?
Sometimes when I call my boyfriend and get his answering machine, I hang up before the beep and don't leave a message. But then his phone immediatly calls me back, and some recording says, "Im sorry, your message was not recorded!" Well, no shit.
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How many books do you own?

How many of those books have you not read? Why haven't you read them yet?

Despite having books you've yet to read, do you still go to the library and borrow books and/or continue to buy more books only increasingly the number of books you haven't read until eventually you will be consumed by unread books in your sleep-- the last words you hear being the shuffling of pages that sounds strikingly similar to "It was a dark and stormy night"?

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Ladies, what do you have in your purse RIGHT NOW?

Collapse )

Also, inspired by supxxlove's post below mine, can you please explain to me wtf is the deal with Deal or No Deal? How the fuck do you play it?? I've never watched it but I saw about 10 minutes of it last night and didn't understand wtf was going on.

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If your pets had names before you got them did you change their name or did you leave it the same?

If you did change their name what was it before and what was it after you changed it?

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So this guy I know, basically a friend of a friend, just had his cat pass away. :( This guy's really awesome and I want to do...something to help take his mind off things for 10 minutes or so. So, I was thinking of cupcakes, because I really like making filled cupcakes. But, like I said -- I don't know this guy well, so I don't know what his likes and dislikes are.

As such, I'm trying to think of a combination that would appeal to most anyone.

I've done chocolate with chocolate/mint filling, chocolate with peanut butter filling, chocolate with orange filling, chocolate with raspberry filling...but I could totally do a white cake with some filling.

What combination of cupcake and filling do you think would hold a lot of universal appeal and be super tasty?

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What phrases or words are you really sick of hearing/reading?

I feel like in every other book I read, there is the sentence, "And he let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding." Seriously, that line sucks.

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So about a year ago, I got my sister's cat dumped on me. I was supposed to watch him for a few days while my dad's landlord came to visit, and then they were going to take him back..

Well...they never did.

I was going to find him a new home, but my sister begged me to keep him for her until she could convince her girlfriend to let her keep him in their house (which has never happened).

She still calls him her cat.

So...if she considers him to be her cat, should she chip in on cat food and litter more often? I think in the last year, I've gotten 1 large bag of cat food, 1 small bag, and 1 bag of litter.

I have cats of my own, so I don't expect her to give me food and litter every single time I run out, but every 1 out of 3 times...especially since her cat eats twice as much as my girls.

I feel she is totally taking advantage of me and the fact that my son is attached to her cat.

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what is the best way to clean NES games?

I just found a bunch of them in our shed. they've been sitting there for about 10 years. I want to play them but the screen just keeps flashing when I put them in my NES.

eta: I tried blowing them 'til I was blue in the face, but still nothing.
oh shit

Help me, please!

I've misread a recipe and now I have over two pounds of boiled carrots. My parents like them, but I hate boiled carrots and it is too much of them.
Is there any simple recipe I can use them in?
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like, omg

Why does it seem like the internet is obsessed with Britney's new video, Womanizer? I just watched it and it didn't really do much for me. I don't like how shiny/greasy she looks in the nude scene.

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do you have any suggestions on how to get my dog to take a tablet?

i've been putting it far down his throat and then lifting his nose up and rubbing on his neck/chin to stimulate him to swallow (is that the right expression?) but he's gotten wise to my game and CLAMPS his jaw so i can't open it. i've tried hiding it in meat (he plucks it out) in vegemite (that worked a little but he'd tongue it and i'd find the tablet in the hallway or something. the whole process is made harder by the victorian collar he has to wear to stop chewing on the bandage on his leg, i can't get very close to him easily.
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I had a friend trying to compare the scent of a fairly-unwashed acquaintance to me. I couldn't quite understand what she was saying until she said that if you got your head anywhere near her and smelled her, she smelled a bit like a box of Cheez Its/Cheez Nips.

Wut. Is she trying to say that unwashed vagina smells like a cheese cracker? I am so confused right now. :| What's going onnnnnnnnn?
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It's Thanksgiving today. I really really really don't want to head out to my great-grandma's family's dinner. Should I go instead, just because it's Thanksgiving, or should we stay at home with our kids and have steak?

FWIW, the family is completely racist and mental and I have a headache.

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Are there certain movies that plant ridiculous ideas in your head until you snap back to reality?

For instance, every time I see "Cheaper by the Dozen," I'm convinced I want twelve children of my own. Then I remember I'm undecided about whether I even want children, period.
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I need to feel validated in having an explosive nerdgasm that rivals all nerdasms I have ever had ever! BE EXCITED WITH ME GODDAMMIT, I NEED THIS.

For those who do not agree that it is awesome, what movie are you looking forward to? :D
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So, I have 3 loads of laundry to do. I go to the 3rd floor laundry room to, you know, commence in the doing of my laundry. I go in and hidden around the corner where the shelf to fold laundry is is some girl. Sitting there, being a creeper with a textbook in her lap that she's not actually looking at. It's not easily visible from the door, so when I see her, I jump. She just glares at me like I'm a freak of nature. We have 2 washers, one is in use and the other has 0 minutes, meaning it's done but nobody's opened the door since it finished.

I look at her. She stares at me.

I ask her if she knows how long that washer's been done. She stares at me. I open the door, remove the laundry, lob it in an empty dryer, and put my stuff in the washer. She stares at me.

I swipe my card, add soap, and look over my shoulder. She's still sitting there, being a creeper. 

To my knowledge, none of the laundry in that room was hers. TQC, does this girl have some sort of hidden ulterior motive that I should be warned about? Why is she being a laundry room creeper? Halp.

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you and one of your closest friends realize you have feelings for each other. you indulge in your feelings for each other until the fun of it runs out and you realize you have things, that if you want to be together, you need to address. you both act childish and in the end hurt each other pretty well. you talk it out and decide that at this moment in time, you're better off staying friends. in the future, if you had the opportunity to try again, would you?

why does chili taste so good going down, but hurt so bad coming out?

do you believe in patterns in life, or are there really psychics?

has anyone besides me heard the new album by the dear hunter? is it as amazing as i think it is?


[yes, because i like it spicy, patterns are inevitable and psychics are good at fooling you, and yes, it is amazing.]
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Can you please recommend some decent blogs to me?
I don't really care if they're about politics, economics, fashion, art, writing or anything. I just want something to read to make me think.

What do you do when you want to take your mind off something?
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I'm not feeling well. I'm tired and in a bit of a bad mood, and very stressed out, and want to do anything besides the work I have to do. And I have a lot of work to get done in a short period of time. When you are in a similar situation, what do you use as motivation to get the work done?
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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When you eat a green apple flavored candy, do you get that annoying feeling in your throat that makes you cough?

Have you ever participated in a zombie walk?

My city is having one in 2 weeks, and I'm thinking about participating.

(no subject)

1. I saw a local ad on TV last night trying to convince people to vote YES on a certain city-wide issue. Before they got to actually saying what the issue was, this was the narrative:
They're neither democrat nor republican. They don't vote, and they don't care who hits them. The only way to get rid of them is with a solid plan.
What would you think "they" are?
eta: answer

2. Can you read a recipe and have a good idea of what the final product is going to look and taste like? I can't. I need pictures. Do you know of any good cookbooks with lots of pictures? I'm spending entirely too much money on fast food.

What phone do you own?

I was a bit inspired by the "what problems does your phone have" thread, and I'm wondering, what phone does everyone own, what's the carrier (and country, if not in the US), and do you like it?

I suppose I ought to start:

  • Nokia N73
  • AT&T (off-contract)
  • I like it a lot (significantly more than all phones I've previously owned, except possibly my T-Mo Dash, but it had problems), but I'd rather have a newer Nokia at this point because Nokia skimped on RAM in this model. Though I REALLY love the camera, web browser, and the "back up EVERYTHING" function.
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It's 4:30 in the afternoon here. My neighbor downstairs is listening to music on his porch loud enough that I can hear through my whole apartment, as well as him and his friend are talking loud enough that I can make out most of their conversation. He did the music thing last week as well. I called security on him. He turned the music down once, then turned it back up louder than before before I called the guard again.

Is it too early to call security? Or should I call at all?
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Are your parents divorced?

Growing up, was it common for parents to be divorced where you lived?

I was just thinking about high school and there were only a few people whose parents were divorced (and I had a class of almost 500 people). After high school though, I heard of some more parents divorcing. I was wondering if it was just the town I was in or if that was normal 10-20 years ago.

(no subject)

What abilities do you have?
I have the ability to see beauty in absolutely everyone.
What is your profession?

Have you been dying to read any books lately? Which one(s)?
for some reason, I really want to read Ulysses. I've been jonesing for some James Joyce.

Can I see a photo of you in which you are formally dressed?
Collapse )
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Since LJ raised the comment limit from 5,000 to 10,000, how many communities you are aware of have tried to reach 10,000?

Who succeeded? I know sf_drama and ONTD did. I know TQC tried, but I wasn't sure if they made it. Anyone else?

Edit: Making a TQC_10K comm is a good idea, y/n?

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Have you ever used Dove Frizz Control Therapy shampoo, how'd that work out for you?

I got some in the store today because they don't have what I usually get for my thick curly hair.

(no subject)

tqc, after months of unemployment and never getting past the interview stage, i finally have a trial on wednesday at a dental surgery. i'm so nervous and excited!

is there anything you would suggest i do or don't do at the trial that i probably haven't thought of?

will you employ me if i don't get job?

what would you employ me to do?


I was at the grocery store today & as I was checking out the clerk noticed that I was buying a box of sugar cubes.
She proceeded to tell me when she was back in school the teacher would hand out sugar cubes to the class right before a test. At first I assumed she meant the way they used to give out the polio vaccine, on a sugar cube, but she said no it was always just before a test. The principal would bring them in and the teacher would hand them out. She seemed very sincere about it.

Am I the only one who's never heard of this? Did they do this at your school?

She was in her early twenties & I did not think to ask if it was a public or private school. I'm in North Carolina now, maybe it's a regional thing?

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So, my friend's mom just told me that there's an opening at her school for a 6th grade teacher. Do you think that it would be a bad idea for me to randomly show up before school tomorrow to introduce myself to the principal and inquire about the opening? Or do you think it'd be better to just call to talk to him?

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You must eliminate one of the states that surround the state that you currently live in. Which one do you choose to eliminate? Why?

The people that live in the state that you choose to eliminate will be deported to a foreign country of their choice at their own expense. If they refuse to, they will get thrown out to sea to fend for theirselves. After every resident from that state is deported, you can legally and rightfully claim land and property in that state based on a first come, first get basis. Hooray!
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Is Final Destination 2 supposed to be hilarious?

Do you own a lot of things of one color?
I'd say that about 60-70% of my possessions are some variety of blue.

Why doesn't my school give me Columbus Day off?

(no subject)

i was going to ask what city you live in, but i'm pretty sure i wouldn't know where half of them are so

what major/well known city do you live closest to?
do you enjoy it?

i'm closest to detroit, michigan, and i hate it.
michigan really kind of sucks
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Mixing Oils

I am trying to combine some essential oils with olive and castor oil. The problem is that, although I do heat them when I combine them, after I bottle it, it seems the essential oils rise to the top. After I've used the oil a few times, the scent of the essential oils is gone, and I think I'm just left with castor and olive oil.

How can I combine theh oils to make them evenly consistent throughout?


Fun with cartoons

1. Who likes the new icon (points if you can guess the show--even more points if you can remember the episode!)?

2...And are those rubber nipples?

3. Is the fact that I'm getting mushy over 80's music--specifically Heart, circa 1985--qualify me as a dork, minus the big hair?
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get yo hurr did

If you have straight hair, how do you curl it?

My hair is BONE STRAIGHT, people always ask me if I flat iron it. I want to do some big sexy curls for Halloween but I have a feeling it's totally fruitless.

Internet lawyers, I need your helps.

So I went to Church's Chicken tonight, and while in the drive through I noticed they had a huge sign detailing rules of things they wouldn't accept.

Most of these were normal: no loitering, uhm...I can't think of any other examples of normal ones, but that doesn't matter.

Others weren't so normal: no picketing, no distributing literature, no weapons

Okay, all normal and dandy things for a private business to choose to enforce of patrons of their business.

Except there was just one problem.

These rules didn't just extend to the business itself, and the parking lot, but it explicitly stated it covered the sidewalks as well.

WTF - how?

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 Is _ria still around?  I think that's her username.  She was from cali and really into beauty stuff.

Edit: I looked for her and it came back saying "Purged Account-Deleted-This journal has been deleted and purged."

What happened to her???

Edit 2: okay got it.  __ria.  Does she still visit tqc?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Have you ever had something in real life end up in one of your dreams?

OK, for whatever reason, my oven makes weird noises at night, like a rat is running around in it or something (it's really creepy, I know), and I can hear it from my bedroom. Last night, I had this weird dream that I was escaping from this floating city in a beat up old blimp, and the engine was clinking around, which was a sign that it was going to break any moment. But then I woke up and realized it was my oven being creepy again.

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Vincent *my boyfriend* loves bacon. So I am making him some with some fresh coffee for breakfast. I don't eat bacon but GOD DAMN does it smell amazing. I think my fish are even enjoying the aroma.

1. What is something you don't like or eat that you think smells amazing?

2. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
My toothbrush

3. What is your favorite Fair food?
I love fried dough

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Was there a TV show that you weren't allowed to watch as a child? What was it? Why weren't you allowed to watch it?

As a child my parents never restricted me from watching anything, but I did know a number of children who weren't allowed to watch Rugrats, and I never knew why.

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My ex-girlfriend and I broke up almost three months ago, but still maintain contact and talk often on the phone. We have AMAZING conversations, laugh and just act silly like we used to. I love this and that is the problem. I'm finding myself falling for her and as much as I hate to say that I hate that; I do. What do I do?!

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1. When you buy new clothes, how soon do you wear them?
2. What percentage of the clothes in your closet do you actually wear? Why?
3. What did Palin actually say in this GIF? What do you think Biden is thinking?

I need TV Shows!

1. What TV show, either currently running  or finished,  do you love?

2. Would you personally rather have a handmade gift that was well done and suited to you though not very expensive, or a $25 gift card to a store/restaurant you like?

3. What's your favorite thing about fall?
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tqc, I had a job interview last week and my interviewer was obviously hitting on me. I haven't been called back and I think it's because I didn't flirt back at all, and he looked like he was hoping for it.

Does this mean I can never get the job? (For the future) Do you recommend flirting back to flirty interviewers? (I chose not to in case he was my boss; I didn't want to establish a relationship where I'd have to keep flirting.)
Feed the kitty

Mediot lulz

1) Why does Fox News still call themselves "Fair & Balanced"? Does anyone actually believe that they're either?

2) Why is Nancy Grace still latched onto the Caylee Anthony disappearance, and why does her producer still call Casey "TOT MOM" in the show's graphics?

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Is it wrong to take the EOB from my dad's insurance when it gets mailed home?

Will he need it for taxes or something?

I'm thinking of going to a psychiatrist for meds, and using his insurance (I'm a dependent), but he's against it.

Sorry if I keep on talking about this. It's just something that I really need to do for my health.

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how do you draw a fat stick figure?

if you are vegan, were you vegetarian first or did you just jump straight to veganism? if you were vegetarian first, how long before you made the switch?
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