October 11th, 2008



1. What do you put on your french fries?
2. If you don't call them french fries, what do you call them?
3. What style of french fry is your favorite?
4. Have you ever done something wacky with a french fry? If so, what was it?

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I have deep stretch marks on both sides of my stomach

should I resign myself to never getting laid again?

When was the last time you had sex? Would you be satisfied with never having sex again?

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this is the story of how a person got from point a to point z. some call it fate, others, chance. but whatever you call it, it sure is an interesting thing to ponder, don't you think? the twisted paths our lives follow. how did you get here, the place where you are right now at this very moment? what series of events brought you to this place at this specific point in time? where are you in life? are things turning out the way you had planned? and by the way, when was the last time you spoke with your parents? don't you think you ought to give them a call to thank them for the set of circumstances that brought them together at a certain place at a certain moment in time, when you were created?

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You're the pizza boy! Its a porno! You anser the door! The ladies in her undies!!! What do you say!?

And just for funzies, what was the first porn you ever saw? were you like WTF? o.0? Where were ya?

Me, it was with a group of girls in the livingroom of me house, haha! we had a look out! and yes I was!
MLP - pinkie chicken

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1. Are you an AM or PM showerer?
2. What order do you wash your body parts in?
3. Do you shave during a normal shower or do you shave at a different time?
4. What products are you currently using that might make everyone smell funky-fresh?
Baro Bitch Stare

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What is your favorite foreign language music to listen to?

How many languages can you speak?

Do you believe foreign accents (or any accents) are sexy/attractive?

How many times do you pee a day on average?

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My dad wants to visit me tomorrow (er, later today, it being 12:45 am and all) and I really want to see him, but I have a lot of homework to do.

I'm feeling homesick and lonely, which sucks out all of my motivation to work. I hope that seeing my dad will make me feel better.

What should I do? Should I tell him not to come because I'm too busy? Or should I workworkwork while I'm waiting for him to show up and work my ass of on Sunday?

ETA I love you guys. I'm going to go work now so I can spend time with him later.

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I'll ask this in a NYC/NY community too but:

Does anyone know of a good dermatologist in NYC/Long Island?
Is there some kind of website with reviews?
(I checked google, but it's giving me three states worth of doctors)

Do you go to a dermatologist?
Do you think I should just ask my regular doctor for some kind of recommendation?
Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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Are there any stand-up comics whose jokes you feel are better told by someone other than the comic?

Example: I feel that Dane Cook's jokes are infinitely more amusing when someone OTHER than Dane Cook tells them.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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TQC, can you take a popular song lyric, translate it from English to another language back to English with this site, and then post the resulting jibberishy English so we can guess what the original song was? I loved doing this last time we did it.


Do you ever feel that your single male friends hang out with you because they want to get with you?

I mean, not that they aren't good friends, and not that they're only thinking about that, but it's certainly on their minds?

Do you have any friends that you're pretty sure wouldn't hang around you if they really, truly thought it would never happen?

ETA: When you break up with a SO, do people suddenly come out of the woodwork telling you they love you? I hate that crap.

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even though i just posted, no one is going to answer that question for me.. so i have another.

have you ever been a victim of devastating, unrequited love? i want teal deer details.


I know at least some of you have seen the most recent Cialis commercial...

What the HECK is up with the couple sitting side by side in -separate- BATHTUBS on a platform at the beach? A single bathtub/hottub would make more sense, or hell, just go swimming. Can someone explain what the hell they're trying to say with the bathtubs? It bothers me every time I see it, because it makes no sense. Splain?
Baro Bitch Stare

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On a scale of 1-10 (ten being AWESOME), how would you rate this video?

Collapse )

What did you eat today?

When was the last time you cut your finger nails?

How often do you fart?

What is your favorite scent?

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what can i do at 2am if i'm bored and a bit lonely?

what cheers you up? my cat :)

personal blahblahblah whine drama-
my exboyfriend* is in the hospital. he put himself there with some bad decisions. his phone is dead so he can't call me. his mom has secretly been keeping me updated, because neither of us wants him to know that i care. i'm feeling pretty lonely and bummed out and i really want to send him a message or a voicemail. PLEASE TALK ME OUT OF THIS?!

*we broke up in july but have been trying to get back together. we were so close when he fucked everything up this weekend.

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so i'm the stereotypical ~good girl~ who has never done anything remotely bad in my life. tonight, i decided i was going to drink with my friends for the first time. i've never even tasted alcohol. D: but i was really excited for it.

HOWEVER like 20 minutes before i was headed out the door, i felt nauseous and then bam. my stomach decided to crap all over my plans (literally). so i've been stuck at home (within 10 feet of the bathroom) ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

edit to make it more clear: the sickness hit before the drinking started. in fact, i didn't even see the alcohol before i had to run to the bathroom. D: so i still haven't ever drank.

a) is this a sign that i should not engage in underage drinking?

b) do you believe in signs?

c) should i watch hocus pocus or the new season premiere of degrassi to help take my mind off my tummy? :(
lovely lady

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I ran into a friend I haven't seen in a coupe of years. And like we often did in the past, we had a very intense discussion with our heads close together, ignoring everyone around us. There was one very drunk sloppy make-out session a few years ago. The moment someone starts asking why we don't date and make babies, we both clam up. It's obvious we are into each other, yet do nothing.

What's stopping us?

that's mostly a boring question. so in addition, I ask: What is your favourite piece of playground equipment?

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I heard about a woman in our town who a while back found out from her doctor that she had a potassium deficiency so she bought some potassium supplement, sprinkled some on some bananas and ate it, subsequently dying from a potassium overdose.

Know any stories like this?

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what unfold all script do you guys use? the one i have right now only has thread unfold and comment unfold, cause for some reason, the other one doesn't work. when you click unfold all, the comments just disappear.

i just got a new hard drive a few weeks ago so there's basically nothing on here and i can't figure out why it won't work.

eta: for those of you that don't know, an unfold all script puts an "unfold all" link next to the post comment link. clicking that will open all of the comments on the page, so you don't have to go through and click the link for each individual comment. you need firefox with greasemonkey installed to install the script.
cat tea

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1. In what ways are you frugal?

2. What do you think about this scenario? A couple had a child almost 12 years ago. They were never married and their relationship ended soon after the child was born. Now the kid is 12 years old, the mother has been married for three or four years and has another child with her husband. The father is single and has never been married. What do you think about all of them (father, mother, stepfather, kid and new kid) going trick-or-treating together?

3. How often do you end up on antibiotics?

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Will you get OUT OF MY HEAD??

(I think I'm addictd to TQC)
Is there a 12 step program? (programme for you anglophiles)

What is the first step?

Why do I ask questions ALL DAY LONG IRL?


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1. What do you want done with your body after you're dead?

2. When you die would you want people to come visit your grave and talk to you like you were still alive?

And random a question for cat owners:

If your cat is declawed did you notice any major personality differences after they were declawed?
yummy beer!, yummy

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If it's lj faqs, feel free to point me there and call me a dumbass, but I couldn't find it in a quick perusal.
If you (hypothetically, of course) feel compelled to ban_set someone from your journal, does it prevent them from messaging you as well, or can they still do that??

lainy found out for me - thanks again, girl!

To try to make up for the lameness of that a little,

Do you prefer apple juice or apple cider??

If you like warm cider and want to make it a "potent potable" (ala Jeopardy style), what's your favorite liquor to add?
Miroku Turn

(no subject)

I have really bad acne, and while I totally understand why people would feel compelled to try to help me with it - Why do strangers feel the need to point it out?

When's the last time someone said something to you that hurt your feelings but they didn't realize?

Are you cheerful or grumpy in the mornings?

Collapse )
Me - T-Virus

Everybody was kung fu fighting...

Apparently my friend is going to be opening up his own martial arts studio, primarily focusing on Tae Kwon Do. As such, he has asked me to help him come up with a decent name for his dojo.

What should be the new name for this place of ass-kicking wonder?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome! :D
buster - i'm a monster

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1. would it bother you if your boyfriend/girlfriend was frequently hanging out alone with a new friend of the opposite sex that was supposedly gay?
1a. what if the new friend said they "weren't sure" if they were completely gay or not?
1b. if your significant other mentioned the new friend was flirting with them, would you be bothered by that?

2. what's something that made you really happy lately?
Bert Shocked

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Will you complete this personality survey so we can decide whether or not to hire you for an associate position at TQC? CHeck the boxes that apply to you.

I am full of ideas.
I am quick to understand new things.
I am not interested in abstract ideas.
I do not have a good imagination.

Part 2

I am always prepared.
I get chores done right away.
I often forget to put things back in their proper place.
I make a mess of things.

Part 3

I am the life of the party.
I start conversations.
I don't like to draw attention to myself.
I am quiet around strangers.

Part 4

I feel others’ emotions.
I make people feel at ease.
I feel little concern for others.
I insult people.

Part 5

I change my mood a lot.
I get irritated easily.
I am relaxed most of the time.
I seldom feel blue.

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TQC, I just got a splinter and it hurt!  When did you last get a splinter?

How did you spend your Friday night?  How did or how will you spend your Saturday night?

What is the worst smell you have ever had to smell?

(no subject)

My friend has been invited to a "Kinky Pajamas" party soon.

What would you wear to a party of this nature?

Do you think it would be awesome to live with Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion?

Will you post a photo of you at a costume party?
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When is the last time you unintentionally hurt yourself?
If you hurt yourself accidentally, do you tend to do it several times in a short period of time or just once every now and then?
selina kyle


What is the last thing you bought impulsively?

I just bought tickets to go see Ralph Fiennes in a preview performance of Oedipus at the National Theater for Monday night. This is especially bad because I have an essay due Tuesday that I haven't even started to think about.

(no subject)

Which are the Ivy League schools?

Try before reading the other comments. Don't look it up either.

[I already know. I'm just wondering if you do. There seems to be some confusion.]

idk general bored questions, probably been asked at one point or another

1. what is your favorite restaurant?

2. what is your middle name?

3. if you were going to live on a deserted island, what 3 foods would you live off of, regardless of .. how realistic that may be

4. i'm watching survivorman on discovery channel. (for those of you who live in caves, it's that one show where they drop the guy off in the middle of nowhere and he survives on the land with a few crude tools and makes his way out to civilization.) could you do what he does? since man vs wild man is a fucking PHONY?

5. craziest shit you've ever seen in YOUR LIFE? or just that you can remember? something really weird? fucked up?

6. what is your favorite animal?

7. what time do you wake up in the morning when you don't actually *have* to wake up?

8. what is your occupation? do you like it? how much does it pay?
i'm jobless atm and keep meaning to apply for a job as a banquet server at a hotel. ten bucks an hour to bring people their pre-ordered food and stand around? sounds like the job for me!

Questions for Heroes fans

This season is turing out to be hella confusing in spots so I have a few questions.

1. How are you liking the 3rd season thus far? Any complaints?

2. If everyone in the show just stopped trying to change the future do you think it would solve most of the the problems they get into?

3. At the end of this season which characters do you think will end up switching sides and becoming a villain if they were a hero and vice versa?

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(no subject)

Can anyone here sign (ASL)?
If so, want to webcam chat?

Do you think being able to sign (and speak Spanish) makes you more appealing to Borders/Barnes & Noble?

I applied to both yesterday and am really hoping I get interviews.

(no subject)

Will you please fill in the blank? If you will not, why? If you will not fill in the blank, you will get an incurable virus.

You can learn a lot about a person by ____________________.
nkotb - joe - yay


I just totally blew half my savings on New Kids on the Block tickets. I'm seeing them again.. Nov 26th at the Staples Center. I'm days away from turning 30, is this right?!??!

What was the last thing you bought that you thought, "I don't care about the price! I'm buying it anyway!!"

*sigh* Small price to pay for 3 hours of euphoria. LOL

(no subject)

What's the scariest thing that has happened to you lately?

I went to turn onto the road before and I didn't see the car that was coming. When I tried to stop, I hit the gas instead of the break and then when I went to hit the gas again, my flip flop got stuck on the friggin' pedal. SO SCARY!

What's the most random thing that has happened to you lately?

When I pulled onto my block from the beach, I couldn't get onto my avenue because there was a PARADE coming down the street. I had to wait for it to pass. I don't know why but it made me laugh

(no subject)

Time to get in the Halloween mood. What are the 'best' scariest movies you've ever seen?
(No terrible slasher movies....chase, slice...chase new victim, slice....boring)

Right now I'm going through a bunch of Snuff videos...(lol) and Battle Royal ect. What else?

We like more disturbing...mostly banned movies like the Guinea Pig. Any good banned movies out there?
LOM glee

correct suffix.

Is it ml or mL for the shortened form of milli metre litre.

I've got it written both ways in this assignment sheet, and now I can't remember which is correct. I wanna say mL but, both look right
Bert Shocked

(no subject)

Why are Canadians stealing all our holidays?

did you know they've started celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloweenis?

and they had the nerve to celebrate it before us to make it look like they started it.  wtf.

(no subject)

What would you have done if you were the lady in this video?:
http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?rn=3906861&cl=10134877&ch=4226713&src=news   (Just copy &paste into your address bar)

I'd be embaressed that my SO made such an intimate matter public and awkward...
im french

(no subject)

So, I'm starting to get serious about cooking for myself.

1. Can anyone recommend some relatively easy and healthy recipes (preferably vegetarian?)

2. When did you really start cooking for yourself and others?

(no subject)

currently, i have a general feeling of unease and nervousness. my stomach is in knots and i don't even know why! i'm just chillin at work and nothing really profound is going on in my life at the moment. what gives?

one of my best friends/co-workers is going through a divorce/coming out as a lesbian/dealing with a lot of shit right now and she's in the other room. could i be feeling her energy?

(no subject)

i'm eating M&Ms and washing them down with diet coke. my teeth are going to fall out, y/y?

if you had to live in a cartoon, which one would you choose to live in? i would want to live in futurama.

(no subject)

Can anyone think of a reason why Firefox would suddenly have decided not to let me stream anything, or not to give any sound when it does stream something?

It's not my speakers/headphones, because everything else works, and it's not the websites/connection, because Safari is fine.

I am perplexed?

(no subject)

Yesterday I went to my psychiatrist and I was really depressed in general, and couldnt keep from crying. I was just really tired and in a shitty mood. Anyway, my psychiatrist is making me call her tonight and tomorrow night to confirm that I havent tried to off myself, and if I dont call she said she'll call the cops.

Is that reasonable? I really have no plans to kill myself- I do have a history of depression but clearly havent killed myself yet so...

Has a mental health professional ever interfered in your life? If so, how?

(no subject)

im road-tripping up to new york over halloween weekend, there is just so much to do i can't even think.
any ideas of unique, not completely touristy things to do? like, for example, i know banksy has a really cool art exhibit, stuff i couldn't see anywhere else, things along those lines...
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What is that keyboard that is even more awesome than DVORAK?

Anyone using DVORAK or the other awesome one now?

If not, why don't you use DVORAK or the other awesome one.

I want to switch but I worry that it would be a problem for future work. Maybe it's worth it because I'm not very good with QWERTY anyway.
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO


Ah minna bad mood, TQC.

Will you please post pictures and videos to cheer me up?

Even if you don't, will you reply to this post with your favorite icon?
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im french

(no subject)

1. Does this soup and these fake crab cakes look tasty to you? If you loved me would you eat them anyway? Do you think I could halve that soup recipe appropriately? Any suggestions?

2. So, all four of my wisdom teeth are impacted and I'm getting them removed soon. They asked me if I've ever taken painkillers before, and I said no. This was a big lie. Why does it matter?

(no subject)

If you could pick one person to spy on/watch whenever you wanted, who would you choose?

Why that person? How often would you watch them? What do you think you'd see them doing?

Additionally, if someone were watching you, what would you be most embarrassed for them to see?

(no subject)

Do you put your cups in the cupboard right-side up or upside down?  (And by "right-side up"  I mean the part you drink out of up.. Because technically there is no "right-side")
Why do you do it this way?
Quinn Twin

Food Food Food

My husband is super hung over from his awesome birthday party and thinks food might help. I'm hungry, too, but don't want to go anywhere alone to get food and don't feel like cooking. What should we order to eat? I think thai sounds great, but that might be too adventurous for his angry tummy...

Speaking of food, Collapse )
I'm really proud of it, more for the design than the homemade cream cheese frosting, lol! Do you want to show off anything you're really proud of to distract me from my hunger pains?
macaroni murder lady

(no subject)

How come I joined tqc_anon and none of the comments are even anonymous?

Would you enjoy tqcanon if there were more anon commenting in general?

Are there any Hindus here I can speak with in, like, the next half hour? If not, the question still stands. I'm curious about doing honor to gods at Hindu shrines or such things when I'm not actually a Hindu.

When you use an acronym on the internet, do you say it more often as its letters or as the phrase it stands for? This counts especially hard when grammar is involved. To clarify, do you say a livejournal or an eljay? Do you say a significant other or an essoh?

immediate heartburn relief

i know all the steps and meds you can take to help prevent heartburn.  my question is:  are there any specific foods or beverages you can consume DURING an episode of heartburn / acid reflux that will help with the symptoms?  aside from tums and other meds.  what are some helpful non-drug ways of coping with an episode?

(no subject)

I want to go as pedobear for Halloween, even though it goes against the theme of my friends' party.
I'm looking to do something inexpensive, but the only thing I can think of is brown sweat pants, brown shirt and pedobear mask.
Will you give me some completely awesome suggestions on making this costume?

Also, since my friends' party is hollywood-themed, do you think there is a way I can mod my pedobear costume to fit in with their theme?

(no subject)

Do you enjoy listening to the commentaries that they put on dvds?

What are some of the most entertaining commentaries you have heard?

I love commentaries so much. I'm listening to the one on Ghost now. I love Ghost!
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(no subject)

omg guys, should I be Clockwork Orange John McCain for Halloween? Think bald cap, spiderweb eyeliner, suit jacket, red tie, republican pin, white tights, jockstrap, anger problem. Y/N?!
Approved By The Comics Code Authority

(no subject)

Should I buy $200 worth of comic books, or divide my money on some ratio of comic books, regular books, and video games?

Also, has anyone played Lego Batman? If so, what did you think of it?

(no subject)

In a public bathroom do you
a)squat over the toilet
b)say 'fuck it' and sit right on it
c)use toilet paper/seat cover
d)don't use public bathrooms

Do you look at the toilet paper after you wipe?

(no subject)

Do you ever go to turn on a light when you go into a room even though the lights already on?

Do you ever eat cereal out of a cup like I am right now? And on a related note, how much sugar do you put on your life cereal?

(no subject)

The Spice Girls' double decker bus that was used in the 1997 movie 'Spice World' is being auctioned off.

Will someone buy it for me?!

do you ever wish that you could highlight things and hit shift or caps lock to turn it into or out of capitals? i sometimes do.
pretty girls -- hiding

(no subject)

my boyfriend is being lame and refuses to go eat before 6:00.
will you help make the next 15 minutes go by fast so i don't have to think about how freaking hungry i am?
tell me a story, post something funny, whatever.
i'll love you forever. :D

thanks guys.

(no subject)

What do you think of this letter?

An Open Letter to John McCain

I'm looking for real opinions, as I'm thinking of sending it to a couple local papers as a letter to the editor.


It takes a third party candidate getting something like 5% of the national vote in a Presidential election for their party to be considered a new national political party alongside the Democrats and Republicans...so do you think we'll ever see a new political party in America?

(no subject)

1) My friend has offered to take me to a Chuck Ragan concert tomorrow for free. I don't know who Chuck Ragan is. Would you go to a free Chuck Ragan concert? What's a good song for me to familiarize myself with him?

2) I'm on a medication which has really fucked up my libido. It's been about a week and a half. Is this side effect is likely to worsen, improve, or stay the same over time? I'm sure it differs from person to person and based on medication. I'm on Lexapro, if anyone has personal experience to relate.

3) Does anyone have magic future-seeing powers? Is my life going to turn out well?

(no subject)

What movie (in theaters or about to come out in theaters) do you think looks like it's going to suck?

I think "Sex Drive" looks like it's going to be horrible. I'm so tired of people coming out with movies like this.
i say, old bean

(no subject)

at the risk of getting terrible heartburn, should I eat the chili my mother made?
it smells really good :[

(although it's been asked so many times before) what type of food doesn't agree with you?

(no subject)

How toxic is Raid for humans? I have some little flies flying around and I want to just spray Raid into the air to attempt to kill them, but I dont want to get sick or anything. If I spray Raid, how long should I avoid that general area?


How much money have you spent today?

Which series should I watch? Hellraiser or A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Tales From the Crypt or Tales From the Darkside?

Does anyone remember the series Monsters that came on in the late 80s and early 90s? During the beginning credits, this weird monster family would sit down to watch TV in a dark room with a bowl of something gross to snack on. Did you watch this as a kid? (the opening)

(no subject)

Say you were invited to a birthday party in honor of three people, and while you know all three you're only good friends with one. (Your friend is the one who invited you) Would you take gifts for all three or only for your friend?

Feather Identification

Can anyone identify this feather for me?

I found it in the bush near a waterfall today. I live in North Western Ontario if that helps with identifying species that live in certain areas. For the record I have tried googling it and looking in bird books but couldn't find anything that looked like it matched. I know I have seen these feathers before but can't for the life of me remember what they are.

If for some reason the picture doesn't display its a blackish/dark grey colour with a goldish brown tip. There's also a light speckling along the one side that goes about 2/3 the way up the feather.

Ruth Etting

(no subject)

There are a few light fixtures in my house that eat light bulbs every few days. They just burn out. We use compact fluorescent, so this is getting really expensive.

What the hell is going on? Are all these fixtures defective? Have you ever had this problem? How did you fix it?

Tomorrow I'm going to call an electrician. :(

(no subject)

the episode of trading spouses where the woman goes apeshit because there are "gargoylesss!!!!11 and DEEMONSSSSSS and SPIRITSs!!!" is on vh1 right now.

TQC, why aren't you watching it?

(no subject)

Say your friend writes about something in their journal, and you IM them to talk about it. And someone who wasn't supposed to see it saw it because apparently they use the computer around them (which I didn't know), but I didn't know anyone wasn't supposed to know about it.


D: IS IT MY FAULT? DID I CAUSE A RIFT IN MY FRIEND'S RELATIONSHIP? She said "s'ok" but everyone says that when they don't mean it. I feel really guilty now.

Edit: When was the last time you did something stupid inadvertently?

(no subject)

What does your hair say about you? Will you please post a picture of your hair?