October 10th, 2008

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what success have you had with buying phones online and then getting your number on them?

does anyone with sprint know if it would cost anything to do this? or would it be totally free (aside from the price of the phone, obviously)? i dont have an upgrade for another year and my phone is totally shitty.

EDIT: my phone, in samsung's infinite wisdom, does not have a sim card. at least...i dont think it does. sooo...id have to go to sprint and do all that stuff. does this complicate the situation?

drinkin tqc

I have hairy armpits and people were looking at me funny today when I was wearing a tank top at the store. I've just been busy, ya know. I can't shave them everyday. Well, I don't feel so bad - it was just Wal Mart. Hairy armpit people shop there, right?

What do you think of hairy armpits on ladies?


I just posted this in my journal, but now I want to know what you think. I'm starving and have NO FOOD. All I can do is think about food. So I want to know, what would you like to be eating right now? I posted a huge list in my journal but i'm just going to list a few things here:

spaghetti and tomato sauce
tomato sandwich on toast
garlic bread
baguette with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
spider roll
sunomono salad
tomatoes with fresh mozarella and basil and olive oil
green curry with rice

dumb question time

ok i know you're all bored so what better way to spend your thursday night than HELPING ME? i have a quiz tomorrow and i'm stupid and can't figure this out:

what would be the common denominator between those two and how do i get it on each side?! because you can't just add things to each side, right, you have to multiply them? ugh i feel so dumb right now, this should be so simple. that's what i get for not taking math since sophomore year of high school. D:

if you're inept like me (or spiteful or annoyed or w/e), what was your favorite class in high school?

mine was clearly not math.

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I'm watching Parental Control right now. I don't understand how they can watch their boyfriends/girlfriends out with someone else. There's no way in hell I'd be able to sit there and watch my SO explore his options right in front of my face. My heart would probably stop.

How would you feel if you had to watch your SO on a date with someone else?
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My school is in session on Christmas Eve. Just for a half a day (we get out at noon), but it still is enough to ruin my travel plans for the holiday. :-(

So I'm going to spend my first Christmas ever alone.

I don't want to take off because I only get 6 days per year, it would count as a full day of personal leave, and I'm paranoid about getting sick and/or needing a mental health day.

Who wants to celebrate Christmas with me? We could exchange gifts, make hot chocolate (with Peppermint Schnapps), and curl up with White Christmas, A Christmas Story, and any other Christmas movies.

EDIT: This was totally meant for my personal journal, but I wouldn't mind making some new friends for Christmas too. :-)
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is anything frustrating you right now? (bonus points if it's really insignificant but bothering you anyways!)

for me: i totally just propositioned my boyfriend for sex this morning, but he opted to go to class instead. who chooses class over morning sex?!
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I'm thinking about getting one of those tattoos that travels up your back/ribs. What are some of the best/worse ones you've seen of this kind of tattoo?
Do you have the morning/afternoon/all day case of the bitchies?
What's something you find really sexy that not a lot of people do? Ex: My friend of mine is incredibly attracted to people who love chemistry and physics.

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1.) Should I have a piece of whole wheat toast with my oatmeal, or is that too many carbs?

2.) The library emailed me a notice that a book I checked out is overdue. TQC, I'm sure I turned this book in and after searching my apartment I haven't found it anywhere :x

Has this ever happened to you?
Do libraries make mistakes like this?

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Holy crap. A coworker of mine has to drive ~50miles to get here at work. This morning, about 30 miles away, a Ford F250 started to make a lane change right on top of him, so he honked to get the dude's attention.

Apparently that made the Ford driver sooooo angry that he stayed on his ass for the next 30 miles, making lane changes every time my coworker did, and then shooting across 4 lanes of traffic when my coworker got off the highway. My coworker ended up cutting a light very close (pretty much running it red) to finally get away.


Do you have any experience with road rage?

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When you're done with the poll, in a comment below, tell me how much money you earned and how hair you now are

For $40,000, would you tattoo pubic hair on your crotch area? A big, shaggy, patchlike murkin around your genitalia, extending just outside your bikini line. Considering where it is, it'll probably hurt to have it done and hurt a lot to have it removed later (if you want to do that)


For $25,000, would you have back hair tattooed onto your back? Clumpy batches of realistic-looking hair in various groupings


For $25,000, would you tattoo hair onto your butt? The end result is a hairy ass


Lastly, ladies, for $35,000, would you tattoo hair onto your chest? In your cleavage, patches below the neckline, and some growth around your nipples. Very realistic looking


No responsibility?

My supervisor just asked me to be the "buddy" to this girl who has been sick and missed 2/3 of the classes this semester. However, I'm supposed to have "no responsibility", just meet with her for half an hour a day and help her learn a foreign language using the (crappy) textbook, because she can't do it on her own.

Does this sound suspiciously like she is trying to push the responsibility of being a teacher on me? I am not faculty and I am not trained in pedagogy, but how am I supposed to ensure someone is learning a foreign language without acting like a teacher?

Decide my day for me TQC!

Should I...

A) Meet a friend for coffee/shopping at 11?


B) Go out with my boyfriend on the Harley at noon?

It's rather cold out today, so on the bike I would have to bundle up. Also, my boyfriend always makes bike rides a 3-4 hour adventure. I'm not sure I want to be out that long.

If I go with my friend she will probably have to be home by 3 to meet her kids at the school bus, so I would come home and have to wait in extreme boredom for my boyfriend to return.

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Would it look really weird and unprofessional if I walked into a job interview with a suitcase? I have an interview coming up, and may have to leave town immediately afterwards.

EDIT: I can't leave it in the car because the interview is in NYC.
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1. Do I want sweet and sour chicken or yellow curry for dinner? (there's usually much more curry, it's about the same price, but two different restaurants).

2. My roommate has gone home until January - checked out, took all her stuff with her, now I have half a room that has ... nothing in it, it's barren. What do I do to make it look happier on the other side of the room? D: Who wants to move in with meeeeeeeee?

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1. I'm trying to sell my old stuff online, mostly just shirts. What are the pros and cons of selling on Ebay or an LJ selling journal?

2. Can you stand on your head?

Oh, and, 3. What college should I go to in Boston? Nowhere too expensive.
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Do you ever write down a list of goals? Long-term or short-term? If you do, what's on your list now?

I don't usually but I did today. It's my goals for the weekened:
- Hem pants (I have three pairs I need to hem)
- Practice guitar
- Homework (I'm behind already)
- Excercise
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The birthday of your significant other is coming up, and SO has been saying that he/she doesn't want you to get them anything or do something on their birthday.

Do you actually not do anything for him/her? And if you do something, what do you do?

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Poll #1276154 What should I bake today?

What should I bake today?

Chewy, chunky blondies
Oatmeal-toffee cookies

[EDIT] I ended up baking the blondies. They're in the oven right now :D

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Last night I got a call from a number I didn't recognize, so I let it go to voicemail, like I do. Turned out to be a woman from our local community college trying to call Ryan (who is most definitely not at this number) to cancel his bartending class. It was very much a this-is-the-only-notification-you're-getting kind of call.

Would you have called her back? If not, is there a different circumstance under which you would have?

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Whats the worst thing that has happened to you in the last 24hours?

How silly is it that I'm pissed about a $5 bottle of laundry detergent that was stolen along with my truck? (not to mention the other stuff in it)

Will you tell me a funny story to make me smile?
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OMG, another one of my "Who do you save?" polls.

Assume that you're at a cliffside and somehow, the two people I list are dangling off the cliff, about to fall. You can only save one of them. Yes, you are strong enough to lift them, yes, they will live, but only the person you save: eventually the other party will fall, and it is unlikely they will survive the fall. Your only other option is to walk away from them both: it's one or nothing. No loopholes.

So, TQC, who do you save?

Poll #1276173 Who Ya Gonna Save?

Mom or dad? (birth parents)

Walk Away

Maternal grandmother or paternal grandmother? (they're all alive)

Mom's mom
Dad's mom
Walk away

Maternal grandfather, paternal grandfather?

Mom's dad
Dad's dad
Walk away

A very miserable-looking 20-something school teacher, or a newly-retired school teacher

The younger one
The older one
Walk away

A 40-something man who is a divorcee and has a very low-paying job and is very contentl, a 40-something man who is a widower with 2 kids, has a decent job, and really hates life

First one
Second one
Walk away

Your first kiss or your first lay?

Walk away
I have not had one or the other, you insensitive bitch
They were the same person D:

Your high school Biology teacher or your 4th grade teacher?

4th grade
Walk away

Your SO or your best friend? (no, they're not the same person, cop-out)

Walk away
I don't haaaaaaaave an SO. 8(

A guy whose dad ran a puppy mill or a lady whose mom started a large anti-abortion movement?

Walk away

Whoever the teacher was of the class you've received your worst ever grade in, or the person responsible for your most recent public embarrassment?

Other guy
Walk away

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Hey everyone, my computer got returned anonymously!
I knew I support for a reason!

What's the last thing to make you feel really happy?

Can we turn this into one of those bubbly compliments posts where people say their name and everyone tells them how great they are?
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Best Oasis album so far?

Just listen to the new released Oasis album Dig Out Your Soul up and down, day and night, so I am curious right now what do you think is the best Oasis album so far?


Poll #1275990 Best Oasis album so far?

What's your favourite Oasis album?

Dig Out Your Soul (6 October 2008)
Don't Believe the Truth (31 May 2005)
Heathen Chemistry (1 July 2002)
Standing On the Shoulder of Giants (29 February 2000)
The Masterplan (3 November 1998)
Be Here Now (21 August 1997)
(What's the Story) Morning Glory (10 February 1995)
Definitely Maybe (8 August 1994)
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What does it mean when you have a nightmare where you've moved out of your apartment, but nobody told the new residents that they need to put a towel down by the toilet to soak up the slow leak that the landlord is too busy to fix, and a week later the slow leak turns into a puddle a foot wide and gets the rug by the sink wet?

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In 1929, people panicked due to an economic crisis by withdrawing all of their money from banks and hiding it under their respective mattresses. In 2008, how should one go about panicking over an economic crisis?

Yetisize yourself

Edit: for question 2, it's 500k

Poll #1276324 Let's get hairy, part 2

Apparently, you people have standards! The nerve! Ok, I'll change the offer. For $350,000, would you tattoo unruly, thicket-like pubic hair on your crotch?


For $500, would you tattoo hair on your back? Trails of stringy back growth, from your shoulders to your tramp stamp place


For $200,000, would you tattoo ass hair on your butt?


Ladies, for $500,000, would you tattoo hair on your chest? Patches of hair in your cleavage, on your nipples, around your collarbone, etc. When you're done with the poll, comment with how hairy and rich you are now


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My grandmother just sent out an email exclaiming that if Barack Obama gets elected presidenthe will bring the kind of change Castro and Hitler did, and we will be SORRY!!!!!!

What was the last thing someone said that when you thought about it, you really questioned their sanity? 
What are you having/did you have for lunch? 
I am going to a wedding this weekend, what should I do with my hair?

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Where can I buy cute laptop bags from?? I've had a look on ebay and etsy, but would the etsy homemade ones be hard wearing enough (I'm rather clumsy)? Preferrably companies based in, or willing to ship to, the UK.


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I just learned that Soma, a muscle-relaxing drug, when combined with hydrocodone, produces a heroin-like high.  Also, those who take Tagamet with crack prolong their high by inhibiting their liver from metabolizing the crack.

What interesting things have you learned today?
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are there any TQC regulars whose names you constantly misread, misspell, or associate with something indirect?

for instance, i always read physidork as "physiodork", and i used to think photogfrog as "photofrog" (in fact, i didn't clear that one up in my head until someone else posted about it here, which is why i'd like to know what other ones are floating around).

also, i consistantly think of bellapalmera as having smelly feet. i guess i skip the "m" in there.
This is so ridiculous.
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If all of a sudden, a TV show manifested itself as not only real life, but YOUR real life, and every aspect of that show enveloped you (your job, your social life, etc.), what TV show would it be?

For me it'd totally be the West Wing so I could have an important job in the White House and bone Josh Lyman. Oh, and Josiah Bartlet would be president, so we probably wouldn't be in this economic downfall, since he won a ~Nobel Prize~ in economics. And he would be followed in his presidency by Matt Santos, who pretty much is Barack Obama.
oh shit
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To work or not to work?

We were warned that in ten minutes electricity in our office will be turned of for an hour and a half. So, once it is on, it will be thirty minutes till the end of work-day. IF they will turn in on right on time - a very unlikely case.

And, it is Friday here. And I'm programmer, so there'll be nothing for me to do.

So, in this situation, would you stay at work - where you have nothing to do, or just beg off to go home?

1. They were late turning power off by 7 minutes.
2. And they've already turned it on. While most of us were just leaving.
The main question now is: will they turn it off again?
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Guess what.... more politics - yay!!!

Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified?
No matter your opinion you should check out this poll that PBS is apparently running on it: http://www.pbs.org/now/polls/poll-435.html

What is the Prop/Measure (or Props/Measures) in your state that you are most concerned about or do you just not give a damn at all?

If you could select anyone or thing to president, who or what would it be and why?

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Some of my friends are taking a Logic and Argumentation class and they keep trying to identify different types of fallacies, but I don't know a damn thing about it.

Yesterday some guy was describing a fundraiser for the women's volleyball team where they will go be servers at a fancy bar and get big fat tips, and also create (as a team, I guess?) their own entree and dessert and keep all the proceeds from that.

I don't know if this is common, but I had never heard of it and I said "I don't know, that seems kind of demeaning." His response was "I'm a career server and bartender, and I'm a guy, so I don't think it's sexist at all."

Was he making a logical fallacy? Was I? (I wasn't even making an argument, so I doubt it.) What kind?

Bubba the Transgendered Cat


What things do you think Bubba really wants?

Squeaky toy
A vagina to call his own
Soft pillow in the sun
Perch next to the window so he can see all the birds fly by
New owners
The right to crossdress first as a girl cat, to see if that's really for him
Really big teats (like a D cup) cause if you're going to get em, might as well flaunt em
Away from these freaky humans who want to take his penis away
Name change to Bubbles
Just the release of sweet death
There is no cat. The fucking 'owners' just want money

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what is the proper etiquette for this situation.

when you call someone on the phone and the call for whatever reason gets dropped or something like that
who should call back?
the person making the call or receiving the call?

whenever my calls get dropped, i usually try to return the call but every time i do i get their voicemail because they're calling me back.
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Will you go to www.urbandictionary.com, type in your name and tell me your favorite definition?

Me: Mary is commonly known as a good girl, for example: the virgin mary ... however Mary is a bad girl who never gets caught.

And that is absolutely true.

Also - I'm going to make a sausagey pizza tonight, what kind of cheese should I use? I'm going to do a classic zesty red sauce, I can do traditional mozz/parm or something fancy like munster and parm, I don't know, ideas?

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What are ways, decisions, lessons, you have done, decided, learned on saving money and maintaining a tight budget? I haven't tried "if it's yellow, let it mellow" yet but if you know of unique, as well as commonly known, tricks please let me know.


Do you guys remember that picture somebody posted a while back about that stock trader person talking on what looked like a fisher price phone or McDonald's food box? I haven't been able to find that original picture, but I found another picture of some stock market guys with one!

Does anyone know what the hell these phone thingies are and WHY they are red and yellow?!? I have to know!!!

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ETA: Caption this picture!
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What's your favorite song from Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog?

If you are lame and don't like Dr. Horrible, what is your favorite flavor of italian ice?
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if someone is 2% french, how do i figure out how many generations it goes back? what's the math formula for it, if you don't mind? (besides dividing by 2 a bunch of times) i'm having a hard time with this. D:

alsooo... what does "made from concentrate" mean? do they dry out the oranges then soak it? do they make it liquidified? WTF DOES IT MEAN EXACTLY?!
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In class yesterday a guy said that "guys like it when girls wear pigtails". He was saying it like a generalization at first, then added "or maybe I'm just special."

So I was curious to ask, (straight) guys, do you like it when the opposite sex wears pigtails? If yes, is it cute? Or sexy? Or what?

Girls, do you ever where pigtails? If you don't, how would you feel wearing pigtails?

Please state your gender when you comment.

I'm a female, I don't wear pigtails and I would feel absolutely ridiculous if I did.

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Since a ton of people said that they eat hummus as an afternoon snack:
What do you eat your hummus with? I bought a huge thing of it at Costco and I'm just curious if you have anything that tastes really good with it.

(I'm eating it with carrots)

Do you write letters to companies if you're unhappy with something?
(I just went to open a thing of crackers and they were COVERED with mold and wet...WHAT THE FUCK?)
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1) What do you do to help stop "butterflies" when you're really, really, really nervous?

2) What type of top do you wear most often? (cardigan, hoodie, polo, oxford, tshirt, etc)

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How long is your hair?

An inch or two from the scalp
Barely covers the ears
Covers the ears
Reaches the chin
Neck length
Shoulder length
Bra strap length
Small of back
I can sit on it
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Questions for students, especially college students who live on or nearby campus...

1. Where do you study?

2. Do you enjoy studying in your school's library? How many hours a week would you say that you spend there?

3. What kind of atmosphere do you find is the most conducive to learning?

4. What is your major?

5. What are some of your favorite areas of study?

Thanks for responding! :D
4 worlds

So what do YOU think...?

Is it acceptable to send a message of condolence via a Facebook Wallpost?

Say your mom passes away, and you get a message on your wall from an old friend in txt spk as a way of expressing condolence? What if it was a family member who sent a wall message and not a friend?

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Lookin' for Microsoft Office 2003 keys -- no, not in a piratey way

So my office has a stack of CDs and no one really knows who used what disk to install their copy of Office 2003. Except for two disks which people helpfully put their names on with sticky notes. There are 14 of us. We need to get a new laptop for someone and need to find out how many product keys we have left -- mainly to find out if we'll need to buy a new copy of Office with it. Any help? I have everyone's office product IDs, but I need the keys now.

I did find this, which makes sense: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/tipstricks/ht/findof2003key.htm

But any alternatives, other than making everybody download this?

And we're all laptops -- Dells or Compaqs.

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What's the most ridiculous thing you've heard lately? it can be ridiculously funny or ridiculously stupid.

My boyfriend's genius plan was to live without electricity for a day. When I explained that this would mean he could not use running water of any sort (especially the toilet), as the city pumps the water to his house (and can't do so without electricity), he responds:

"Seriously? I thought my toilet was hydraulic or something."


Dear God

TQC, help! I'm in small-town GA with no internets. Will you post URLs for your favorite mobile web versions of websites? I need a distraction from mutant bugs and babytalk.
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1. what's usually the first emotion you feel when you wake up?
2. what do you REALLY need right now?
3. how did you sleep last night?
4. what's your plans for friday night?
5. how has your day been so far?
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a kinky

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of KINKY bedroom play?

What's the kinkiest thing you can thing of? (omitting bodily excrements/fluids PLEASE)

What's your kink?

eta: lol, back to back kinky posts are just a coincidence
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1. Do you ever find yourself, at home, doing something very mundane (like making the bed, or making a cup of tea) and in your head you are commentating it like it was a sport, or narrating it like how-to instructions?

2. I have a new kitten who is very gassy, his belly gets quite swollen after he eats and his farts could fell a flock of wildebeest. He doesn't have worms, giardia or that other coccy-somethingorother they test for. I gave him different dry food two days ago, and different wet kitten food than usual today. No change. He's gaining weight and otherwise seems perfectly fine except for being a bit loose in the litterbox. He eats like a hungry dog, can clean his plate faster than, well, something really fast. Is the bloating just due to that, can I hope? And will he get over it?

Seriously, this cat stinks.

3. If you could magically gather all the required ingredients instantly, what would you make for dinner?

4. By a happy accident, I have two sets of hospital restraints here. What should I do with them?

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how are the gas prices in your area right now?

I was excited to see gas in one area of town go down from $3.29 to $3.15 overnight, but when I drove back home to my side of town it was $3.58. wtf.

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TQC, which one should I buy? A Sidekick or an iPod?

I already have an iPod, but it's an old first-generation 1 GB iPod nano. I was going to get one the 16 GB new iPod nanos that are $199, that have the accelerometer that shuffles it when you shake it...mainly because I need more space on my iPod. 1 GB is nothing! I don't listen to the iPod very often, just when I'm on the subway going to class and other random moments. My subway ride to school is only 15 minutes each way.

And I currently have a Motorola RIZR from T-Mobile, but it has the traditional T9 keypad and I text a lot -- a LOT! -- and I also would like to get the web on my phone, which would only increase my phone bill by $5 a month. The Sidekick will cost me between $250-299, plus I think I have to pay an upgrade fee of like $21.

I can afford one or the other, but not both. Also, I will be able to afford the other one by February at the latest. My fiance and my younger sister say I should get the Sidekick, and I'm kind of leaning towards it. Which one would you get?
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So, okay.  ABC has made a remake of Life on Mars.  How do you feel about this?  Do you even know what I'm talking about?

I loved the British version, and I'm not entirely sure about a US remake.  Hmmm.

I'm drinking beer right now.  Are you?

Nom nom beer nom.

Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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Okay TQC, I need your help.

I saw this icon and it triggered some kind of memory. Specifically, a memory of a music video. I don't remember much about the video other than, at some point, there was a black-background/white-text part where it just said "Everything is going to be okay". It was a slow song, too.

Does anyone know anything else about this video or am I doomed to search YouTube forever?

I think it might be R.E.M., but I'm not sure, and I'm actually fairly certain I'm wrong, but it's the only group I can think of.

Also, how long do you let something like this eat at you before you go insane? Is there a proper time limit?
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tqc, i am very drunk. do you think that going to the bar with a couple friends and getting drunk in the afternoon/early evening constitutes as alcoholism?

also.. i am staying in tonight to watch degrassi and i have half of a blunt. should i somoke it myself or wait for tomorrow and share?

have you ever had a shot called dirty crotch?


teal deer?

i love buffy.