October 9th, 2008

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I am a little freaked out right now because I was just thinking about what I will do when it's winter break from school. I will have to move out of the dorms for a month and a half until the next semester.
I was going to see about staying with my uncle in my college's town for that time but this past weekend he made highly inappropriate suggestions to my sister so now I really have no desire to live with him.
I have no where else to stay here but I have a job here and need that. Last break I was having a somewhat breakdown from homesickness and said job let me find people to work all of my days for the nearly two month period so I could go home (300 miles from here).
I was thinking that I could try to do that again, or if not quit that job, go home, get a full time job work and come back and try to get the original job back. I have no idea and it's worrying me so much I can't sleep.

What would you do TQC?
Have you ever been in a similar situation? If so, what did you do? Did it work out in the end?

Genetic testing.

If someone in your family had a terminal illness, or any kind of life-threatening disease, would you test yourself to see if you carried the same genes for said diseases?

If you have, do you regret it? Are you glad you know? Did your insurance turn you down, stating whatever you got tested for is "pre-existing"?
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From my school's police log:
"Sept. 15-An individual in the Campus Center reported a stolen bag with $2,500 in it after it was left on a table unattended. University Police compiled a report."

If you had a bag with $2,500 inside it, would you leave that bag unattended in a university campus center?

Sept. 2-A caller in [freshman] Quad requested to be examined by [university's EMT team] to see if the party was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. The Physical Plant Dept. reported that it was only steam from a dryer steam leak. The party was transported to [nearby] Hospital.

Have you ever mistaken steam for carbon monoxide?

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Does anyone have a printable American Eagle coupon, so I can go get these shoes tomorrow? I found the code 36158976 for 15% off, but it's online only I think.

Oh and can AE All Access Pass rewards be used more than once? My friend had a 40% off one, and I'm eyeing a $140 jacket...

ohemgee teh luvs

My facebook status is still "single" but I am enveloped in a wonder named Jennifer. I developed a crush on her shortly after I met her over a year ago. We became friends and this year at school we've become a lot closer. During the day or around other people, we are good friends... but when we're alone or in her room at night we become lovers. With her I have my ideal relationship- a real, true friend, but privately an intimate companion with whom I trade secrets and cuddles and truly fantastic sex. We have no "commitment" which means no obligatory phone calls or apologies for how we've lived our life in the past or how we live it now or who is in it. Politics don't exist here, which is good because both study political science. This is just like magic or an incredibly smooth cigarette.

What is your idea of the perfect relationship?
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Did anyone else see Stephen Colbert take off (some of) his clothes last night?

How about when he was just in boxers for the writers' montage during the Emmys this year?

How about when he was completely naked in Strangers with Candy?

Is Stephen Colbert an exhibitionist?
Cowboy Ew

I don't believe in Cheesus

1) What movie do you love that is well known for being a really really awful movie?

I absolutely LOVE Dirty Work. Artie Lang and Norm MacDonald kill me in this flick.

What are yours?

Its also John Lennons birthday today. Tonight I will be celebrating with my pseudo-boy, we will drink Irish Whiskey and I get frisky with eachother and I'll be playing some Lennon songs on my guitar and singing my little heart out.

2) What will you be doing tonight in honor of the one who was the Walrus?

3) If you aren't going to celebrate Lennons birthday, do you celebrate any celebrity/rockstar/musician type on their birthday or deathday..just in memory, paying respects and what not?

4) If you had those thin crust spinach pizzas from Trader Joe's, what would you put on them to embelish the already out-of-this-world flavors? Crumbled Feta? Brie? Black olives? KALAMATA? OO..pine nuts!

5) at 11:30pm I drove all the way across town to pick up my friend who was smashed drunk. His other option was to walk a long long way home, which could have got him arrested for being drunk in public. I took him home, cuddled up in bed with him, but couldn't sleep so went home. How awesome of a friend am I? How mad should I be if he doesnt call me tomorrow to thank me profusely and offer to come spend Lennons day with me?
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I <3 TLV

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Aren't medical gadgets awesome? I got my new glucose meter today and I'm so excited to start using it! What toys do you have? I have a friend whose insulin pump makes these groovy happy video game noises! It's fun to watch it work.
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Thinking about an earlier post...

Would you say that the Disney version of Wind in the Willows was a little bit...gay? As in, Toad may have been a homosexual, or at least experimenting with his gender? It's my favorite Disney movie, not in a small part because so much of what they say and do can be taken out of context and immediately becomes comic gold, and I'm just wondering if anyone else sees it too.

Although it is pretty annoying when people over-analyze cartoons, so I apologize in advance.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Why have I been getting so dizzy and lightheaded lately? I'll be sitting here or sitting/standing somewhere, doing nothing that could cause a dizzy spell, and then all of a sudden I feel like I just snorted coke! It's really strange. Do you know what might cause this?

What's the weather like where you live?
Been sneezing lately?

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TQC, I'm leaving in two hours to get on a plane. I'll be seeing my mom for the first time in three years and my brother for the first time in five years. How long has it been since you saw a relative you actually like?

Bets on whether I'll be the random male? Tagged for a cavity search? My laptop has a sticker on it that says "The internet. All the piracy, none of the scurvy." How much time will TSA waste trying to find all the pirated stuff I don't have on my computer?

ETA: I'm flying out of Minneapolis. Should I poo before I leave, or try to find the stall the politician from my home state used to get himself arrested?
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Lose weight and not get hungry!

Is there any way to eat less/eat better without feeling hungry all the time?
I feel hungry all the time as it is, and I keep putting on weight.  I don't want to end up like that Mexican fellow who died at half a ton without being able to lose weight!  I'm already 1/12th of a ton!!

(If it involves giving up alcohol or worse, drinking lite beer, never mind I'd rather die.)
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Who's in the mood for an icon battle? I apparently have far too many and need to put them to good use.

Will you respond to this post, and to other comments in this post, with the appropriate icon as your response?

(aka pimp your motherfucking icons!)
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Do you have anything you need to get off your chest and vent about? From the economic crisis to why you always lose one sock in the wash?

Or if you've got nothing to vent about, is there something you've always wanted to ask a question about but just never got around to it?
Zooey face

High Fructose Corn Syrup

I was talking to some women in my office this morning and I happened to mention that I avoid high fructose corn syrup. One of the women asked why and then went on to say that high fructose syrup is natural. She gave the indication that it is completely healthy. I did a little online research and found out about a 2007 study indicating a possible link between high fructose corn syrup and diabetes.

So TQC, what do you think about high fructose corn syrup?

Do you try to avoid it?

Do you think it is potentially harmful? Or is it just natural?

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I wonder. Here if you stay in the dorms over semester break (like winter or summer) you have to move to another dorm depending on which one you are originally in. Do you think that because of the low number of people living on campus during breaks they give each person their own room? Have you ever stayed on campus over a semester break? How was it?

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Is it appropriate for someone to propose to you on your birthday/give you an engagement ring as your birthday present? (Which would be about the same thing, right?)
Thing to consider: If your relationship goes south, would that ruin your birthday for you for years to come? It would for me.

Edit: This is a question my mom asked me, and apparently she wants to know the etiquette, and whether or not it's appropriate.

If you just dgaf about this question, then why are Target employees such cunts? I went in today and there were 5 guys (employees) at one register, and no one else at any of the 20 others. So I walk up to it, and they're like "6 is open"  like DUH!


What does the shirt you are wearing look like? I'm wearing a black, blue and white Killswitch Engage Masschusetts Metal shirt.

Movie Trivia

Zooey Deschanel drowns a kitten

Will Farrel is a Christian

There's a novel buried in the yard

Without consulting IMDB or any other source, can you tell me what movie I'm talking about?

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My wife is crying that she has to get up at 3AM for a trip that starts at 4AM (and she doesn't even have to drive!)
What is the earliest you have gotten up for a trip/event?
How early is too early?
Tim onstage!

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I've been really stuck on "Hero of War" by Rise Against lately. I'm not sure what it is about this band's acoustic songs, but they always blow me away. (They're the same band responsible for "Swing Life Away" and "Everchanging," both of which I also love.)

What are some of your favorite acoustic songs?

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Would it bother you if you knew your boyfriend checked the Craigslist "casual encounters" section on a regular basis?

ETA: I was typing in "craigslist.com" in my browser (we sometimes use the same computer) and his recent searches came up. "Asian", etc. I know he likes Asian girls, so he was actually doing specific searches.

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When you argue, are you more likely to argue to prove you are right and the other person is wrong or are you the type of person who argues just to show the other person your point of view? (or are you some other option I left out? If so, please explain!)

Why do you think you argue that way?
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At work, for all intents and purposes, I'm the receptionist. And as such, I have the outgoing mail pile on my desk. I was adding something to it when I realized that there was a LARGE stack of postcards headed for Post Secret in the stack. In glancing quickly, they're not all in the same handwriting so I don't know that any of them are actually made by one of my coworkers. TQC, be my moral compass, should I read them?
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Movie Trivia 3

1. "Someone keyed my car"

Pop Tarts lead to a violent death

Buddy Holly

2. A son sees his father killed

The son avenges his mother by wiping out an entire tribe

Character loses a hand

Without consulting IMDB or any other source, can you tell me which 2 movies I'm talking about?
The Receptionist Classic


TQC, this is a very serious matter. We're talking life and death.

How long will an UNOPENED back of Circus Animal cookies last?
Will they keep longer if I freeze them?

I have to hoard them while I can, because these delicious cookies are going extinct.

Collapse )
this land

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1) If you have never been to DC before, what would you most want to see? If you have been, what are your favorite things to do there?

2) Some friends and I had been talking about renting a house when my lease on my apartment is up in April. Now one of said friends wants to bring his current girlfriend into it, ie have her be a housemate. They've broken up once before. How not smart of an idea could this potentially be?

3) I have a date Saturday and, of course, my face decided it would be nice to break out. Quick fix cures, Dr. Tee-kew-sea?

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I am an isketch virgin. Will someone play with me? 

Edited to spell virgin correctly and also ask about food.

So, what about food?

Or more specifically, what are you eating?

Edited again, the room is tqc
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Do you have any physical mannerisms that, when you catch yourself doing them, you know that you are tired?

What punctuation mark are you prone to overusing?

What do you like to do to pass the time on an airplane?
cat mask

That darn cat...

What strange things do your pets do, that don't seem very pet-like, or are just downright strange?

My dog likes to lick the cabinets in the kictchen, and all of the kitchen chairs. We call it 'helping mommy clean'. My dog also prefers to be carried like a baby. Her favorite treats are blueberries. If we move anything in the house, the cat must inspect it, climb over it, and then groom herself on it. When we put the Christmas tree in, it can really confuse her because she doesn't know what to do with it. My cat also thinks of herself as very dignified and refuses to play, but if there are any flies in the house, she will play with them for hours.

Beast mode!

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My brother is a stand-up comedian and has gotten a gig doing stand-up for cancer survivors. So he is trying to write some cancer related jokes and called me, his resident cancer expert, for ideas. However, I am not a stand-up comedian and can't think of a lot of things that would be turned into a funny story.

So far I've come up with something about how having cancer saves you so much time in your day, since you don't have to shave anymore, and what would happen if someone you hated shaved their head to "support" you and now you have to be nice to them. I'm also thinking there's a joke somewhere about how good one becomes at vomiting, but I'm not sure how that joke would work yet.

Do you have any ideas, TQC? Just general areas, you don't actually have to write a joke or anything.
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Nom nom nom

Tqc, I pack my lunch every day. I usually have some combination of the following: Yogurt, a sandwich, fruit, crackers, hummus, applesauce and a granola bar. I am very, very bored by this point.

What else can I bring? I do have access to a microwave if need be, but mostly I am running around campus and don't have time to go to my department to use it.
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1)Are the Beatles still bigger than Jesus, even though half of them are dead?
2)If you were to travel back in time 3 or 4 hundred years, what would be the first thing you would try to tell people about what you know about the future?
3)Are you a cunning linguist?

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what are your reasons for your opinion on abortion? what if you were pregnant & your S/O didn't agree with your decision, what would you say to the S/O?

what do you read about in the news? what interests you the most?

what's the most important thing you've done in public? (had sex, been in a play, taken part in a very important speech, etc...)?

what genre of questions are your favourite here on TQC?

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How do women in large cities manage to walk for blocks and blocks and blocks in heels? Is it something you learn once you live in a city?

Bert Shocked

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Hey doodz,

I'm putting together a list of things that get inexplicably lost all the time


Guitar picks
Hair ties?
Remotes to things!

Have any items you would like to add?
And who the hell keeps taking my chapsticks?

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All maintenance on my building is supposed to be posted in writing to the inhabitants. No notices are posted and yet it's midday and someone next door is both hammering and sawing pretty conspicuously. What could they be building?

Non serious answers plz.

TQC, i need a little boost...

I have a passion to work in this (certain) field; I'm slowly but surely will have a career in that field one day.

However, the past couple of years- the more stories i hear about "seniority figures" trying to be all "gawd-like" and ending up acting like blockheads, the more discouraged i feel to work in this field. It seems like only 2 out of the 10 people in this profession are sincere in what they do and they're truly in it for the "right" reasons. I feel like, once i enter in that field - i might be fighting a losing battle; more/less- dealing with a bunch of money grubbing idiots. I don't want to be judged nor stereotyped at the end. I think the number one concern i have that has kept me from entering into this field is the fear of being wrong.

Have you ever felt like this before TQC? What should I do?
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Yom Kippur.

Do you say "Yom KIPper" or "Yom Kip-POUR?"

(Yes, I know what the difference is, and why they're both ok/correct.)
I say "Yom Kipper" since that's how my mom always says it. lol.

And have you ever heard someone wish someone else a "happy Yom Kippur?"
I have. Too many times.
Evil Dead

Zombie flicks?

I'm kind of watching Resident Evil: Extinction(which I am expecting to suck since everyone told me it does :P), but, what would you say is the best/your favourite zombie movie(s)?  I'd have to go with Shaun of the Dead, Dead Alive, and 28 Weeks Later. 

Or, if you are not a fan of zombie movies, then why the Hell not?
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1. my manager just let me know she's writing some notes about me being sick and calling out of work two saturdays (a lesser-staffed day) this year. am i supposed to want to see these? i already know that i was sick, don't have doctors' notes because i am uninsured, and also that she's a serious bitch.
2. out of the jobs you've had, where was the staff easiest to get along with?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) What is your favorite insult starting with "douche"? I'm rather fond of douchepilgrim and douchetwizzler, lol

2) What is the most creative insult you have ever heard? The worst?

(no subject)

1. What objects do you wish had an alarm or tracking device so you can find them when lost?

Like when you misplace your phone, you can call it and find it easily.

2. What is the worst thing you've ever lost? Did you ever find it?

Biopolar SO

Here's the long back story: I was with my boyfriend for 5 years. He is not the perfect boyfriend--I will never pretend he was-- but he is my best friend and I have always pictured my future with him. We got engaged last October. He was weird about it, but I couldn't really figure out why. He's always been moody and it's just something I've learned to live with. Two weeks before his birthday in July, he broke up with me. He completely snapped and became a different person. He started drinking and staying out until all hours of the night every day that he could and started sleeping with a really slutty girl about 10 days after we broke up. I had to move out and it was very tramatic.

We have never stopped talking to each other. It seems to be impossible for either of us to do. I still love him.. and I know he still loves me. We both separatly came to the conclusion that he has bipolar disorder and suffered a manic break. Although he seems to be coming down now, he is still seeing that girl and we are still not "together."

I recently read a book called "What Comes Up" by Judy Eron. Her story of living through a manic episode that her husband went through was so similar to what happened in my life that it terrified me. Her husband ended up killing himself because the depression he went into after his manic phase was so deep.

My brain tells me that I can't stay around and wait for him to get help if he doesn't want it. He is very anti-doctor/anti-medication and even though he admits he's bipolar, he won't admit to me or himself that he is out of control. However, I miss him all of the time. I want him in my life. I feel that I am willing to deal with this illness in the future---but I don't know if he will. When do I put my foot down and say, you can't have your cake and eat it too? Why is it so hard for me to do that already? I'm so afraid of what will happen if I do that... and, everytime I work up the nerve to try, he is always is in such a good mood I can't even try.

Here are my questions: Have any of you been in a relationship with a bipolar individual? Am I just holding on to something that isn't there? Could I really be tricked that much by my heart? How long can I be on this rollar coaster?

P.S. any other good books you can recommend would be wonderful.

EDIT: I'm really not looking for help on a diagnosis here. There really isn't a need for me to fully explain why he or I believe his is bipolar and all of his symptoms. I also really hate feeling like I need to defend him- which is what always happens when I ask for opinions on this subject. No one can know what goes on in a relationship- nor can I pretend to be able to explain it in a livejournal entry. We did not just break up because he wanted to go sleep with another girl-- there were other reasons. I apologize if that wasn't clear. I'm not blind and I'm not just listening to excuses for his behavior. If this wouldn't have had any details of his manic break, if I just would have asked: Have any of you been in a relationship with a bipolar individual? What are the major hardships that you have had to deal with in these relationships? Are there any sources that have provided you with support? I feel that these comments wouldn't have been so harsh.
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You've been turned into a half human/half animal mythological creature. What are you?

Half human/half turtle
Half human/half praying mantis
Half human/half narwhale


Last night my class was talking about dyslexia, and some of the students from Eastern Europe were saying that they knew absolutely no one who was dyslexic, whereas I know tons and tons and tons of people (practically every other person I meet) with dyslexia.

So, do you think dyslexia is partially a symptom of Western learning, or do you think some countries don't bother to diagnose it and just dub people illiterate, or what?

Where are you from and do you know a lot of dyslexic people?
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The N word

Well, it's a bunch of questions on the same topic - a mini survey of sorts.

1. What do you think of the term "african american"? As I understand, it now went out of style and "black" is preferred.
2. Well, how about the word "black", when referring to persons of black african ancestry?
3. Obviously "nigger" is a racial slur and is unacceptable, but it all originates from"niger", which is latin for "black". Thus, in a number of cultures variants of 'niger' are the normal terms for persons of black african origin. In US "negro" used to be the norm and, as I understand, was not insulting. How about now, what do you think of the word "negro"?
4. Russia, for example, used "negr" to refer to blacks; it's not considered to be an insult. What do you think of people in other countries using such variants of "niger"? While speaking their language, do you think they should immediately switch to using a different term when they move to or visit the US?
5. To get a better insight at your answers, of which race/ethnicity are you?

My answers:
1. I think it's stupid for a number of reasons. a) There are white people from africa. Are they African Americans? b) Should all people in US be termed according to the continent they come from? I was born in Europe, but my ancestors (some 2000 years ago) are from Israel. So should I be a European American or a Middle-Eastern American? I prefer being 'white' when the need arises to differentiate between folks of different skin colours.
2. I think this should be the norm. It's not insulting and it's not silly.
3. It sounds a little odd to me. Probably because of the connotations the word "nigger" has come to bear.
4. I'm not sure re this one. On one had, people should try not be insulting to others, even if they don't mean to be. On the other, folks here should be understanding of other cultures and shouldn't be offended when no offense is meant. Yup, I don't know...
5. Mostly white.. :)

UPDATE: As some of you seem to be taking it as a joke - please don't. I'm genuinely interested in the topic. So if you've got nothing of value to contribute, just ignore the post.
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kitten PTSD

My roommate has a kitten, and I just accidentally caught the very tip of her tail in a door I was closing. A chunk of fur came off, but I don't think I broke her tail or did any permanent damage.

Anyway, now the kitten is running around the apartment and meowing really loudly, two things she NEVER does. This kitten is freaking out. Is this kitten post-traumatic stress disorder? She doesn't seem to actually be hurt, but I can't tell. What is going on/ what should I do?

ETA: My roommate came home, and the kitten seems ok now, it appears her tail is just scraped. If she still seems like she's in pain tomorrow, we're going to call the vet. Thanks!

(no subject)

1.  What are some tips/ tricks you use to organize your life and to keep up with everything you need to do?  (Bonus points for creativity!)

2.  Has anyone here ever studied abroad for any legth of time?  Any tips for someone going for the first time?
Cowboy Ew


For the songwriters in the house:

1) How do you make it so your songs don't all start to sound similar? Is it all about the chord progression or what?

2) Do you tend to write songs that are directly related to things you are going through or feelings you're feeling or have felt etc? Or do you write character songs? (You know like "Boy Named Sue", Cash has a loot of character songs).

3) If you generally write one or the other (personal songs/character songs), do you ever try to write the other or something totally out of your zone? Do you succeed generally or just give up and stick to what you know?

4) Any other tips/tricks you use when songwriting?
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Strike Songs

My union is probably going to strike on Monday. To relieve the boredom of marching around a building for four hours a day for the next seven to 60 days, I'm going to learn me up some strikin' songs and bring along my guitar.

So what songs should we sing on the picket line? Tongue-in-cheek / non-srs answers welcome, as well as srs labour / protest suggestions. I just want to have some fun with the colleagues while we stagger around in zero-degree weather.
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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(no subject)

have you ever seen any of the movies that have been a part of the After Dark Horror Fest?

if so, do you think it's as ridiculous as I do that they are billed too disturbing or scary for general release/viewing?

which of these movies have you seen (if any)?

Did you like them?
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

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How many Facebook friends do you have?

Are you actually friends with all of them?

Do you friend celebrities on Facebook?

How many Livejournal friends do you have?

Are you actually friends with all of them?

Do you ever purge your friends lists of people you haven't talked to in a long time? If so, how often?

(no subject)

How long did you know your SO (or previous SO) before you got your wicked way with them?

Whats the smallest length of time you have known someone before you did the 'deed'?


(no subject)

The internet has ruined television for me. Since I've been able to download whole seasons of shows and watch them at one time, I find it hard to wait a week between episodes now.

What has the internet ruined for you?

Work politics/ethics advice

I need advice, guys.

Back in May, I applied for a job that sounded just perfect for me. I found out about it rather late and faxed my resume in just two days before the deadline. Well, I never heard back from them, not even for a phone interview, and then the start date came and went so I gave up on it. I ended up getting a job at the same company, a lower position with less pay and responsibility, but I liked it okay anyway. I eventually became friends with the person who got the job I had originally applied for (we'll call her A). It turns out that at the time of her hiring, she was already employed by the company and the week that I had faxed my resume in, the HR director was out of town and part of A's responsibility at the time was collecting the faxes. She flat out told me that when she saw a competitor's resume that was better/more qualified than hers, she simply threw it out to better her chances of getting the position. I'm 99.9% sure she did that with mine because, honestly, I am definitely more qualified for the job than she is. I'm kind of fuming, and I guess now the question is... do suck it up and let it go? Do I tell her that I had applied for that job? Do I tell her boss?

Edit: thanks for the advice. I guess I'm just going to keep quiet. It HAS been almost six months and I don't have any evidence anyway. I'll just keep an eye on her... and put laxatives in her coffee every morning. Ha, just kidding.

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(no subject)

I have a terrible headache. I've been feeling kind of achey for the last couple of days so I took an 800mg prescription motrin this morning but I still have a headache. So I took two Tylenol (I'm at work and all we have here is Tylenol and Aspirin.. which upsets my stomach.)

I waited an hour and my headache still didn't go away. So I ate some food and drank a couple glasses of water and took two more Tylenol.

After another hour, my headache is still present. Wtf? How can I get rid of it aside from smoking a blunt or having a beer?

Also, anyone know any pressure-point remedies that actually work? HALP :(

(no subject)

If you had to choose, what is one thing you think everyone should have the opportunity to experience at least once in their lives?


Are you happy?


(no subject)

I have no job, no money, and yet my friends who live 20-30 minutes away still expect me to not only drive to their houses, but then take them wherever they want to go. they think I don't have a right to bitch because they offer to give me gas money. I live in Jacksonville, FL and everything here is so spread out, you can spend half a tank of gas before you know it. sure they may give me $5 or $10 in gas, but the problem is, I still come home with an empty tank. I don't like to be the one who always has to drive them around.

1. am I just being silly?
2. what's the last thing that really annoyed you?
3. when someone says "I want to go to the beach" and you inform them that it's going to storm, why do they always assume you're lying? it's dark as hell outside and the weather channel predicts an 80% chance of rain. not exactly beach weather.
Miroku Turn

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TQC! You guys wanted me to post to tqc_updates about my 3D animation midterm project that I mentioned ages ago. D: How can I find that post? :(

Why can't I stop sneezing?

How are you feeling right now? My stomach hurts a little bit and I feel like I've got a throat bug coming on.

Should I post the small clip I rendered of this final on Youtube for you guys to see? :O

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where can I download a movie for free?

What is something that you want to buy but cant buy because its so expensive and at the moment you dont have that kind of disposable income because your stupid roomate spent your money on seven apple pies for that party that not even that many people showed up for?


What are you being for Halloween?

I wanted to gather three other girls so we could each portray one of the ladies from Sex and the City but i'm a college freshman and most of my new friends are not fans !


In my car I have

a tire pressure gauge
a flashlight
a cup from a fast food restaurant
a soda can
a visor thingie to put in the windshield
jumper cables
the owner's manual
junk mail
something that belongs to someone else but they left it in my car and I still haven't given it back
a doggie seatbelt OR a carseat for a small child
maps of more than one state
a gun
a box of condoms
a cellphone charger
I don't drive!
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Not meta

If I have no intention of applying for a mortgage in the next 5 years and have a decent cash cushion for emergencies, is there any reason for me to keep my paystubs?

Window Vista Commercial.

I remember watching a commercial for some Windows Vista product that they got people to try out - the majority of whom thought it wasn't Windows Vista at all. What exactly was the product? I think they had a website to check it out too.
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Which of these issues are you concerned about?

Children on the streets using guns and knives
People on the streets getting diseases from monkeys
Kids being turned into slaves to make cheaper sneakers
All the money that we're making is going to the Man

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Have you ever put your foot in your mouth?
What did you say?

A manager came into work very sick one day.  I asked her, very loudly.. "What could be so important to bring you into work today?  Do you have to fire someone or something?"  Turns out she did, and that person was sitting in the cubicle next to us :S
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I've been soo unproductive all day and have been just running around in circles, and it's already 4pm. What should I do so I don't feel like I've wasted the day?
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If someone were to gift you a rename token right now, what would you change your name to?

What kind of cookie did you last eat?

Who would have been your ideal candidate to vote for in this election?(sorry, U.S. centric.)

What band can you just not get enough of lately?

What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

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1. Why is my puppy rolling around in and trying to dig up the spot on the carpet that she puked on yesterday? (We've since Nature's Miracled it... can she possibly still smell it...?!)

2. Does anyone actually like plain Cheerios? I had to eat them for breakfast this morning and I barely could because they're so BORING AND BLAND EUGH.
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recent grads!

Hey! Do you like surveys?

I'm doing some research for a work project (I work in advertising) and need some info on recent high school and college grads. If you fit into either category and have a couple minutes, can you please fill out this survey?

Click Here to take survey


and for the people who don't fall into either category or just dont give a fuck:
when someone measures distance in blocks, how far do you imagine it to be? As in... "it's one block up."
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Do you like to play Scrabble?

Are you any good at it?

Have you ever seen a name (user or otherwise) of someone in TQC in your Scrabble game?

If you are a heathen and do not like Scrabble, what are you wearing?

This is what I saw the other weekend:
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I managed to accidentally overdraw my bank account. I don't get paid until tomorrow and even then, I won't have enough money to cover what's out. My bank keeps charging me fees daily. What can I do?

EDIT: I can't really go down to the bank considering I work only when they're open--by the time I get off work, theyve already closed. :( I obviously cant miss work, heh
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I come with a question concerning my grandma. She has a sweating issue. She said that she sweats a lot, that just moving around makes her sweat. Example, she can take a shower and by the time she's gotten dressed she'll be wet with sweat. Today she said that a few months ago she's started sweating even just sitting, that she doesn't need to be moving around to get it. She said that she's talked to her doctor and (s)he doesn't know what it is, she's tried searching online about it and a couple friends of hers have tried searching about it and still nothing. Note that she said its sweating from the waist up and that it's not the hands and feet. She said that most sweat-related 'issues' found online were related to hands/feet.

So my question is, do you know anything about what this could be? Have you ever known anyone with this issue?
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So, I applied to royal Caribbean cruise lines and been accepted pending a very extensive medical exam as well as my PRC. The trouble is that contracts are six months and the girlfriend doesn't want me to go, not that I blame her but this is something i want to do, and won't get me killed. The pay is 1150 US a month, which per week is the same amount of money that I'm making at my current job, but it also includes my room and board and laundry. So really it's the equivalent of like 2000 a month, in us dollars.

I don't know what to do. Do I go off on this adventure and leave the girl behind and hope the relationship survives or do i say no to a fantastic opportunity?

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For those of you who have email addresses based on your name, how frequently do you get email intended for other people with similar names?

Do you ever do anything about it?

Do you ever get email indicating that the intended recipient doesn't know their own address?

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how is your relationship with your parents?

are either one(or both) of your parents the kind that never hesitate to tell you everything you do wrong but when you do something right they don't notice, even if you bring it to their attention?