October 8th, 2008

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When you have TMJ syndrome, is it a dull, constant pain, or can it be more sporadic? I have occasional issues with pain and popping in the right joint of my jaw, but it's really only once in a while, so I wonder if it's TMJ or if it's something else.

Do any of you have TMJ syndrome? If so, what's it like?

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Have you ever explored an abandoned house/building or anything like that?

What was the best thing you found?

Did you keep anything?

A small class I was in last semester was exploring the top floor of this one building. It was a series of abandoned offices and I found some lesbian erotica books in what used to be the Student LGBT Organization.

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What movies never fail to cheer you up, or make you laugh?

What's the most strange, weird and bizarre film you've ever seen?

If you could wake up tomorrow and find you'd turned into a fictional character, what character would you most like it to be, and why?

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1a. Which is more annoying: A person who does the very rare, very shitty things, but doesn't apologize because they don't agree that it's shitty....or someone who does frequent, small shitty things things, but always apologizes immediately after they've cooled down?

1b. Which one sounds more like you?

2a. Which is worse: being a liar or being lied to?

2b. Are you more often the liar or lied to? (that you would know of anyway)
I seriously can not lie! I was trying to lie the other night and after thirty seconds I'd blow my own cover and be like, "I'M TOTALLY LYING!" lolwtf.

3. What food place has the best BONELESS buffalo wings?
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Do you like to read?

If yes:
What is your favorite book?
What are you planning to read in the near future?
What book do you think EVERYONE must read?

If no:
What do you like to do instead of reading?

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Would you say that one of the goals of the education system in the U.S.A is to encourage sex between students?

(No? Well, what if they taught "Drug Education" classes like they teach sex ed? The teacher would begin with the premise that such conduct was inadvisable, but go on to explain all the various drugs and the safest ways to use them. The teacher might demonstrate how to shoot up using clean needles, roll a marijunana joint, or have "snorting contests" (similar to contests to see who can put a condom on a banana the fastest). Why don't they do this? Because it would encourage the students to feel more confident in exploring illegal drugs...much as sex ed classes and free contraceptives encourage students to engage in sexual behavior.)

Poll #1274659 i guess what i am really asking is...

Do you think schools currently encourage students to have sex (deliberately or accidentally)?



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1. what is the name of the last person you kissed (on the lips)?
2. will you tell me a lyric from the song you're listening to right now/last listened to?
3. what's the temperature (outside) where you're at right now?

1. Rich
2. "now she loved me, shawty I love her. used to jump up in the maybach and roll out"
3. 66 F
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Okay, imagine this. You break up with someone (you are the one who initiates the breakup). But you still genuinely want to be their friend. One day, when you call to ask them to hang out, you find that they have changed their phone number without any warning at all. You try to send an e-mail to ask what's up, and they've deleted their e-mail address as well. You are sure that you are the only reason this could have happened. You have been shut out of their life without a goodbye.

How does this make you feel?

Do you give it some time and then actively try to get in contact with them somehow (through a friend of a friend or something), even if only to try to leave things on better terms? Or do you just leave them alone forever?
This is so ridiculous.

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How many student loans do you have?

Does it ever scare the hell out of you that you could be paying them off for about twenty years?

I am 71,000 dollars in debt and if I paid 300 a month toward my loans, it would take me 19.9 years to pay them off. I'm about to start a job tomorrow that pays 600 dollars a month, so needless to say I'm FREAKING OUT. My boyfriend doesn't get it.

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What are some things you worry about that most people probably don't?

Ex: I don't like to make noise when I walk. That's probably why I walk like such a goofball. At work I seriously sneak around like a ninja so nobody will hear me.


while walking across campus the other day i saw a guy with a tattoo of jesus on one shin, and a tattoo of a happy squirrel on the the other. both of them had their palms extended, and whenever his legs touched, they highfived.

what's the best tattoo you've ever seen?

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hey guys. I have gotten the horrible cold with the cough that hurts to breathe, and I can't really talk. I'm supposed to be running a conference today... what are your remedies to help me breathe, stop coughing and maybe talk?

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For those of you who have introduced new kittens to your already exisiting cats, what did you do to prevent all the fighting/hissing? What can I do to make this easier for everyone? The new kittens are 8 weeks old, and the older cats at 6 months.
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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does your Starbucks beverage of choice change seasonally?

Perhaps it's just me and its weird but mine does. For example in fall tend to go for Chai tea lattes or Pumpkin Spice latte (which is only in fall for clear reasons), winter I go for no whip white chocolate mochas and vanilla lattes ect. ect.

If you don't like/don't go to Starbucks substitute your coffee shop of choice
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Ok, so I work at a school for blind kids, in the dorms. My two kiddos are going to start a "food program" soon, which means that once a week I'll be teaching them simple cooking skills. My kids are 10 and 13 years old, but their skill set is such that the things we need to work on are simple things like following simple verbal recipes, opening packages, pouring, stirring, cutting things like fruit, and using the microwave. Once they've mastered that stuff, we'll move on to more complicated things.

SO. My question is this..... anyone have any recipes or ideas for very simple, kid friendly no-cook foods (can be meals, sides, or desserts) or food you can easily cook in the microwave? We'll be doing thinks like making easy mac and microwave dinners, but I'd like to try something a bit more healthy too. I've got a couple cookbooks and have been looking online for ideas, but it is nice to get ideas from people who may have tried these things out. :)

Thanks a lot!

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This guy is talking to me in russian, I dont know what he is saying. What is he saying? What should I say back?

Me and my friend that I havent talked too for a long time just locked eyes for a moment and it feels like a knife just went through my stomach. Should i talk with her even if she could be mad at me? What should I say to break the ice?

Politics Shmolitics

Is anyone else sick of hearing about American politics? Yes, I know they effect the world bla bla bla but I'm getting sick of them. For those sick of politics in general, what's your favourite thing to do on a cold rainy day?

Yes, this entry has been edited to avoid all sorts of nasties. But believe me, just as you guys feel about my stuff is how I'm starting to feel about the elections in America being posted all over my friend's pages etc. Just had to vent.
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So I go to culinary school. It's my third quarter, and I've come to my first major issue.

To make a long story short, I've had my schedule changed twice in the last week. So now I'm in two advanced classes that I have little to no chance of passing. And not by my choosing. To be honest, I hate school now. I did okay my first quarter (I've got a 3.0 GPA now) and I want to get the hell out of dodge before my GPA drops. Not to mention school has become a not-so safe environment (I've had things stolen from me due to a teacher's lax attitude.).

So my second option was my first choice in terms of school- Forensics. I like Forensics, my science skills aren't too shabby, and I've got plenty of credits from being in college, so transferring to a four-year school would be really simple.

So what should I do? Should I get the hell out of culinary school (Something I've fought to go for the last 4 1/2 years) and go to college for Forensics, or should I stick it out and hope for it to get better?

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It's my housemate's birthday today, and I have no idea what to do! I don't know that much about her, because we didn't meet until we moved into the same house about 2 months ago and our schedules are so busy that we barely see each other for more than 5 minutes at a time. However, she is my housemate, and I want to do something nice to recognize her day.
The only thing I really know about her is that she loves animals, and she has a cute German shepherd puppy living with us.

Any suggestions for something I can do/get for her today?

What do you like to do for people on their birthdays?

What do you like people to do for you on YOUR birthday?
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TQC, I really honestly detest college to the point that I sincerely doubt I'll be able to make it through the four to six years it'll take me to get my undergraduate degree. I'm looking into some nursing programs here locally (since they're shorter than college and it's work I definitely think I could do long term), but my mother says it would be a huge mistake to drop out of college to become a nurse. I know she's got 25 years more life experience than I do, so I have to ask... Is she right? Or should I do what I feel is best for myself?

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So, I'm naked! I love being naked! Do you like being naked? What do you think of me being naked? Would you have rather I just kept this whole thing to myself? Do you think that more people should be naked?

A Book and a Film

Ok, two unrelated questions here.
1. When I was in elementary (primary) school, , the teacher read us a story about a goat who liked to eat human food, i.e. eggs, sandwitches etc. But his family wanted him to eat things like rubber, medal, wax paper etc. It was a really cute story and I can't for the life of me remember the name. Does anyone know what I mean?
2. What's the film about the mentally retarded couple who fall in love and share a life together? It's relatively recent. I've always wanted to see it.

1. Gregory The Terrible Eater. (lol arguing with Mom while posting isn't good.)
2. The other sister. Awesome!

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which is worse: voting irresponsibly (not doing research, just voting for someone because they are of a certain party or because they are a woman or some other ridiculous reason), or not voting at all?


Do you consider yourself a nice person? A mean person? An apathetic person? A bitch?

Are these self definitions exclusive?

How fast can you go from "nice" to "bitch"?
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My cat likes to sit on the windowsill in my bedroom and shed all over my window. How long will it take before I have enough fur to cover the window, negating my need to buy a curtain?

Popcorn for lunch: best idea ever, or BESTEST idea ever?

Do you have a favorite season of Star Trek:TNG? What is it?

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1. It seems like most people feel really weak or powerful. How are you you feeling?

2. Do you know that someone loves you?

3. What do you need to feel better?

4. Who do you think is the best bassist ever? *Tony Levin is up there for me*

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all my friends these days watch The Daily Show but i remember a time when it was just me and my friend, Anita.

if you watch, how long have you been watching The Daily Show?
did you watch it before Jon Stewart hosted?

i've been watching it since Jon Stewart started hosting it, so i'm thinking... 8 years? 9?

any Daily Show memories you'd like to share?
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Yes, it's from the manga.

If you discovered a 'Death Note', where you could write people's names and kill them anonymously, would you use it or give it back?

What fictional item do you wish you had? (Ex: Harry Potter's wand, Dr. Horrible's freeze ray, Excalibur)

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Say you and your significant other are seniors in college, and definitely want to stay together after graduation. What the hell do you do if you want to pursue career opportunities exclusively in New York City, but your S.O. dislikes NYC and wants to pursue post-grad opportunities elsewhere...like in SF, Boston, or DC?


I have recently been denied entry into a club because they said I didn't have enough replies in my journal. I think that is silly.

Have you ever been denied entry into something because of something silly?

Have you ever denied someone for a silly reason?

Will you post in my journal and make me cool enough to enter the club? =)
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Hey TQC.
I just got an email from the psychology department at my school congratulating me on my academic achievement and asking me to participate in the Honors Thesis class, and to write an honors thesis (which would be done by my 1st junior year semester, if I participate).
Guys, my GPA is a 3.01. My psych gpa is a 3.5. I got into the DIS (directed individual study) program because of an essay, and I am working on a project with a grad student. My grades are NOT that good. Now they want me to work with a faculty member and basically rock the world. I really need something like this to get into grad school, but I feel like they sent this to me accidentally...

Do you think it was an accident?
I just asked to participate anyway...good idea?
Has anything surprising like this ever happened to you (academically, at work, whatever)?
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1) Do you ever wake up grumpy for no reason? How do you un-grumpify yourself?

2) What do you think the next great technological advancement will be?

3) What is your favorite mint? (peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, etc) What minty things do you like?

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i'm going to be amy winehouse for halloween. what do you think is the ultimate amy winehouse outfit? my friend says skinny jeans and black flats and a white tank top with a red or black bra underneath.

obviously a lot of gaudy jewelry, tons of eye makeup and fake eyelashes, a cigarette and probably a brown paper bag.

any other ideas?


Have you ever gotten sick from eating leftovers?

I'm specifically interested in leftovers you weren't very careful with, like you didn't get them into the fridge in a hurry or you reheated them multiple times.

My theory is we are usually way more careful than necessary. I have never gotten sick from eating sketchy leftovers. But I also think my stomach is unstoppable.

website/programming help!

Hey guys, I have a website/programming question...

I need to set up a page on my company site that has a the first and last name of the employees, and then a checkbox next to their name. At the bottom, it will be a regular form mail thing... like name, email, comment, etc., BUT I also need it to allow uploading of attachments. The email should go to every person whose name is checked. Does anyone have any idea how I'm supposed to do this? Or direct me to some website where I can get this information? I'm kind of at a loss here...
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This morning I had a very creepy dream where my house was infested with snakes, including lots of cobras. Thankfully, though, I had a cat that was killing the snakes for me.

TQC, will you interpret my dream for me?

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You've just given birth to a child that you are going to keep and raise yourself. YES YES YES even if you are child-free or it's biologically impossible. So anyway, you are trying to figure out a nice name for your cute little crotch dropping and you decide to name it after your most beloved character from a movie. Which character would you pick? I think it's obvious that you'll probably need to tell us the movie too because the Sam Loomis from Psycho and the Sam Loomis from Halloween are completely different.


Listen guys. You have too many icons. Way. Way too many.

Having 100 icons completely defeats the point of having any icons. You have icons so people can recognize you online. It makes up, a little bit, from the fact that we can't look each other in the eye when we're conversing on this thing. When you go in and choose 1 of 100 pictures to represent you each time we have no idea who you are and have to look at your name and think about it. Come on.

And it's not like you're using most of them! Come on. There are 100. I bet if you scroll down to the bottom of the list there are some there you forgot you even had. You are using 10 of them and you have the other 90 there just to get in the way.

Furthermore most of them suck. Come on. Quality is more important than quantity, don't you know that?

Please, use some discipline and self restraint and restrict yourself to a few icons. I know it's hard to toss out 25 of your favorite Pam and Jim or who the fuck ever those are icons, but you will be a better person for it. Put on a real, consistent face so we know who the hell we're talking to. Let's get to know each other here.

Don't you hate being told that you're the MTV generation and you have the attention span of a gnat? Wouldn't you like to prove it false?
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So... what's for lunch?

I'm having my third yogurt in as many days. Have you done something uncharacteristic lately?

I've been asked to make a meal for a woman who recently gave birth. Are there any ingredients that aren't great for mom and baby right now that I should exclude from what I make?
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I am eating some sort of shrimp and couscous salad from the salad bar on campus......am I going to die of food poisoning from bad shrimp?
Am I the only one that loves cold gloomy rainy days?

What is your hot beverage of choice?
Cold beverage?

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What is the best dish you've ever cooked? Desserts do not count, I'm talking real meals here.

The first time my bf helped me cook a meal (i.e. I bossed him around a lot), we made this awesome chicken/macaroni casserole with grilled chicken and three types of cheese and peppers and broccolis, and French bread on the side. It was fucking amazing.

ETA: Also please to be posting recipes for said awesome dishes, if you have them.

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What is you favorite soap opera?  I effin love Passions and Little Bride (Sweet 18). 

How often do you give your pet your own food?  Ever since my pup became crippled I share with him all the time :(  We both really like apples and baby spinach!
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Why does turning 20 suck so much?

What can one do now that one is 20?

Today is the first birthday I've been single since I was 14, what is a strange realization you've had recently?

I'm going to the zoo today, what's your favorite animal to look at? (I love the otters they are so cute when they play together)

Goulash of questions

1. In a case of the unexpected, your mom discovers LJ and through your journal, finds TQC. She joins, and is immediately liked. She actually becomes more popular than you, and every time you come here, people ask where your mom is. Shippo warms up to her and makes her the new mod. Your mom now wields the banhammer, is more beloved than you and strangest of all, has more admirers here than you ever did. How would you feel?

2. For $25,000, would you get an 8" tattoo of Sarah Palin's face on your lower back (GOP tramp stamp)? No accompanying text, no alterations to her image (no horns, etc). You have to keep it on for an entire year

3. If TQC had a costume party and everybody had to come as a Disney character, who would you dress up as?

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So, I have a decision to make. I have the unlimited media + 200 texts/month plan for $19.99 through AT&T. I am on a family plan and cannot get out of the contract right now. I definitely text more than 200/month and use the Internet(s) ALL THE TIME.

I can either switch to unlimited Internet(s) or unlimited texts for the same price. What would you do? Why?

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I have a best friend.
Every time we make plans together, she either cancels, or puts them off.
She will always, without fail, do this either on the day, or the night before we were suppose to hang out together. Or, there is my favorite, the 'putting it off' message the night before, then the cancel message on the day.

1. Why does she keep blowing me off?
Is it because:
a) I am disposable
b) She genuinely has better things to do then see me
c) She is lazy and can't be bothered
d) She gets in moods where she does'nt want to see me
e) She hates me She does'nt hate me. She is the type of person who would tell me if she hates me, and she still rings me all the time.
f) all or some of the above
g) other

I'm really really pissed off that she keeps doing this to me. I have even told her how much it annoys me before. 

2. How can I channel this anger?
a) Ignore her until she realises what she has done wrong and comes begging for forgiveness
b) Ring up another friend and have a massive bitch about her
c) Tell her again how much it annoys me
d) Send her nasty messages
e) Do it to her next time
f) Punch a pillow, and just accept that this will always happen
g) Hold a grudge against her, and let it push us apart
h) Stop making plans with her
i) Put a rant question on QTC
j) all or some of the above
k) other

serious and non-serious answers welcome

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what's a good SOMETHING you could make for your significant other for your 1 year anniversary? ANYTHING GOES-- aside from a dick in a box, cuz 1. he would not appreciate it 2. i do not have a penor... :D

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what do you consider the first day of the week-- sunday or monday?

what do you consider the beginning of the weekend-- thursday, friday, saturday?

how many hrs do you drive per day?


Video Game movies


They've made numerous movies based on video games, like Tomb Raider, Max Paine and Doom. What should the next video game-turn-movie be?

Dance Dance Revolution
Donkey Kong
Mario Kart
Katamari Damacy
Earthworm Jim

2. In a comment below, detail what the plot of said movie would be about

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I'm in the mood to bake. Should i do a Blueberry pie or an apple pie?

Does it annoy you if a community you are in gets spotlighted? If yes, do you leave or just remove it from your friends list for a while?

If you had to have sex with a rapper, which would you choose and why?

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1)Do you celebrate Boxing Day/St Stephen's Day/the 2nd Day of Christmas?
2)What country do you live in?
3)Why do you think the holiday is not commonly observed in the US but is observed in other primarily English-speaking countries?
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It is terribly important that you help me figure this out! LIVES ARE ON THE LINE.

Poll #1274987 VERY SRS QUES

Which is the more iconic Wiggles song?

Hot Potato
Quack Quack Cock-a-Doodle-Doo

Edit: Guys! No love at all for Capt. Feathersword?? He fell asleep, and woke up on a farm!
Bert Shocked

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If someone asked for your ear, and you obliged, but then they proceeded to sing out of key,
would you walk out on that person who did that to you?

And would you dance with that person if that person were to ask you to dance?  What if that person had a giant mole on his/her face?

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What is your birthstone?  Do you like it?
I am so fucking tired of amethysts and purple shit in general.  :(

ETA: after reading some stuff on Wiki amethysts sound kind of cool, but purple is still ugly.

What is your favorite kind of jewelery?  I like pearls and yellow gold.  But people keep buying me silver/white gold and amethysts that stay in my jewelery box because I never wear it.

Do you want to go to Chilli's with me and get that volcano chocolate cake thing?  I don't like chocolate that much but damn, I want that cake!
archer / pam.

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TQC, how should I Halloweenify my icon? Keep in mind that I have no art skills.

For those of you who couldn't care less about my icon, what is the last thing you watched on television? How much TV do you think you watch a day?

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Girl: I'm 2 months pregnant.
Me: ..Oh, really? (Not sure how to react)
Girl: Yeah! We've been trying for a few months already and I'm really excited.
Me: Wow! So it's due sometime next spring?
Girl: Yeah, right around finals week, haha.

1. Would you be able to handle having a baby before finishing college? (or high school, or whatever stage you're at)
2. Let alone having a baby right before finals? (Eek)
3. Do you think she really did plan it, or is she just making the best of things? They're not married, they've only been together for 5 months as far as I know, and neither has any sort of career planned out. :(

Collapse )

Edit: Yeah, that sounded really judgmental. Not meaning to, just wondering who else would try to take on all that at once :) I know I couldn't, which is why I respect those who do!
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You have 2,000 US dollars and need a laptop (not a mac). Which would you buy?

You have been invited to speak ot the Oprah show. What do you speak about?

If you could be the lover of any person in history who would you pick?
im french

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1. Do you have houseplants? I don't have any houseplants and I feel like I should get some.

2. Are there any benefits to house plants or do they just look nice?

3. Care to recommend any house plants? My apartment gets minimal sunlight, in general, but I have a partly sunny window sill.

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Do you live near a good grocery store?

Or does your grocery store suck for any reason?

I live in a big old town of hippies and every block or so has a Whole Foods. :( Too expensive for me. So I'm stuck going to Safeway where I can never, EVER get good lettuce. Random, I know.. but that means I never have good homemade salads or sandwiches or chicken wraps or anything! *cry*

Why is good, crisp lettuce so hard to come by? None of this wilting, half-dead crap.

or maybe I'm just a hardass

I was looking through past applications for my internship and noticed that my predecessor's resume included the incorrect name for this institution (the one she was applying to). Actually, this incorrect name was in her application twice.

Say the organization always goes by ABC, which stands for Algeria's Best Cooking. Instead of writing Algeria's Best Cooking on the application she wrote Algerian Best Culinary. She could have gone on the internet and easily looked up what the acronym actually stood for, but instead she wrote out the wrong long form two times on her application TO ABC.

If I were the person in charge of hiring I would immediately dismiss this application because of this. But she got the job.

Would you automatically toss out an application that had your organization's name on it incorrectly?
Because I'm worth it!


You are 12 years old, whose responsibility is it to make sure your homework is done on time, yours or your parents? Is it a shared responsibility? Straight down the middle, or 60/40?
Are any of these good reasons for not doing your homework? "I was doing the dishes", "I can't remember if I did it or not", "I can't do my homework because of my baby sister". Or do they all sound like desperate excuses?
If a 12 year old is giving these reasons for missing homework assignments, who should be held accountable?

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if you're about 5'3" and weigh somewhere around 160 pounds, can you gain weight eating less than 2,000 calories a day?

assume you do all your normal day activities like going to work, running errands, playing with the dog, etc.

(no subject)

How would you react if someone said if you were a super hero that you'd be "second chance kid" because people give you a lot of second chances?

Because I am thinking this person is telling me I'm a fuck up.  I asked what they meant but got no response.

Anyone been to/going to Oktoberfest?
I'm so excited because I have my costume and my friends and I are inviting our German teacher from highschool to go with us. :D

yellow submarine

please dress me TQC

What styles of jackets/coats look good on somebody short and tiny?

I need a new coat and I'm trying to figure out what shapes would look good on me. I'm 5'1 (and a half!) and very petite. I'm sure the shorter jackets and bomber jackets and stuff would be a horrible plan on someone my height, but what about longer ones? Can I get away with something longer or should I stick to something that's going to hit around my hips?

Collapse )
Bandit Driving

Halloween Questions, But Not About Costumes

My roommates and I are throwing a halloween party
1. What decorations do we absolutely need?

2. What music should be played?

3. We are planning on making fake grave stones and want them to say how each of us have died. What are some funny ways for us to perish?

4. We have a grocery cart that my one roommate wants to make "haunted" and move on its own. How could this work?

5. Any spooky food/beverage ideas? We're all over 21 so if they involve alcohol it's even better.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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Can you recommend any good movies along the lines of The Lord of the Rings, Stardust, Hook & Peter Pan type of fantasy? I know they're not too closely related, but anything along those lines.

How about any comedy-medieval style movies like Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Princess Bride...anymore good ones?

(no subject)


alright, so i had severe acne and have been on two topicals for a few months now: atralin and benzaclin. my acne is all cleared up and has been for a few months, but once in a while the topicals really muck everything up. my skin will dry out, especially under my eyebrows and near my eyes and nose. my current situation is that the right corner of my mouth is red and irritated, perhaps cracking? i've tried moisturizing and healing with a few ways, and i'm currently using cortisone ointment and olay face moisturizer. i also do the obvious and try to keep the topicals from getting to those areas, but they tend to get all jumbled up since i moisturize afterwards. has anyone used these before and had these effects, or at least know what i am talking about? have you had cracked corners of your lips? any magical fairy cures?

thanks D:
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Inspired by a recent post...

I am a teenage girl, and I hate exercise. I would prefer to sit around at eat and watch TV and sit at the computer all day, which obviously is not the healthiest thing for my body. Really I just want to be more healthy - I'm not overweight. This is because I have a high matabolism, which is good, since I exercise maybe once every two weeks :/

What would peope suggest for incentive for me to exercise/cool ways to exercise? I hate running, and all those weird ideas you find in health magazines bore me.

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1. What was the healthiest thing you've eaten today?

2. What was the unhealthiest thing you've eaten today?

3. Do you have a magazine subscription?

4. Are you less trusting of banks in general now that things are going pear-shaped for many of them?
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I'm listening to Neko Case and for some reason one of the songs reminded me of a Christmas song and I suddenly got very excited for Christmas and the holiday season. Anyone else feel the same?
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Why do you think the light switch in my dorm's bathroom was Scotch-taped in an off position? It's 6:30pm here, and pretty dark. The bathroom is also always kind of dark during the day, since the only window is tiny and frosted.

turned the light on anyway, and nothing exploded, so it's not like it was broken.

Do you like pigeons?

I do.

Have you ever started to type a question to TQC, but then decided that no one really cared/it wasn't interesting at all?

Many, many times.
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TQC, it's 6:30 pm and has been a day from Hell and all I want to do is sleep. If I do that now, though, I won't sleep at night and will be awake at an awkward time for my 9:30 class in the morning. What do I do until a more reasonable sleep time? My head hurts and my emotions aren't in much better shape.
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for those that have tried starbucks' pumpkin spice frappuccino:

was it the coffee kind or blended creme?

how was it?

i love pumpkin pie and i want to treat myself to something yummy, but i don't want to waste $4 if its not delicious.
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