October 7th, 2008

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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Physically, how do you sleep at night?

Do you sleep in any of these positions? If so, which one(s)?

Do you agree with what this says of you/your sleeping position?

Me: I sleep in odd positions, usually on my stomach with one leg stretched straight, the other bent to the side, hands either under my thighs or belly to keep warm. I don't really sleep in any of the above positions, but because I always sleep on my stomach, I'd be closest to the freefaller. The site's description of the personality kinda made me laugh. I don't feel like it describes me.

Yeah, I'm getting sleepy and am too lazy to actually go to bed, so I'm just thinking about sleep. lawl.

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I didn't watch the debate last Thursday, but I heard it was quite interesting.

What was your favorite part? What were some good highlights?

Supposedly Palin got people's names wrong...?
Worst Blind Date

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Sorry if this has been asked today, but....

Tampa Bay Rays or Boston Red Sox?

Philadelphia Phillies or Los Angeles Dodgers?

Who do you WANT to win the World Series from the four remaining teams?

But who do you THINK will win?

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When you attempt to accomplish a goal what approach do you generally take? Why? (think of giving up smoking, losing weight, go for a job interview etc.)
a) go with your past experiences 
b) research your subject and find out what is the most effective method of attaining it
c) ask people around you for advice


Josephine Baker (feathers)

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Poll #1273950 Dutch oven

What is a dutch oven

A. a type of kiln
B. when you fart under the covers
C. a type of pot good for cooking stews
D. a furnace used in the Netherlands
E. A and C
F. B and C
G. B and D
H. A, B, and D

ETA: As bellapalmera points out, this should have been a ticky box poll, not radio buttons. My bad.
The Dude Abides

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If you were to be in a crew (kind of like the A-Team) which role would you have?

The Brains
The Looks
The Wildcard
Some other role which I will explain in the comments

Are you familiar with Rub Dub & Lil Sis? If not, what are some funny things that have been shown on the local news channels where you live (clips are appreciated)?

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Without fear of being called a wikipedia-reading snowflake, will you tell me about all the undiagnosed mental disorders you probably have?

What clothing items do people wear that tell you you could never be friends with them?

Glitter skull hoodies, that fucking rabbit or whatever with the ~clever sayings, and backpacks shaped like guitars. Also, all the girls on campus who wear Uggs, leggings, and running shorts instead of, you know, pants.

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1.) With all the information we have available to us, Why would anyone ever try heroin? 

2.) What is the hardest drug you have ever experimented with? 

3.) What did you know about the drug before you tried it? 

4.) Do you feel sorry for drug addicts? 

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What is your favorite online shopping site? (If you chose EBay, Etsy, or a site like that what's your favorite seller?)
Do you know who your favorite actor/actress/band or whathaveyou is voting for in the upcoming election? (Or who they would vote for if they're dead) Have they been vocal about their party preferences, or have they kept it quiet?
Winter's coming (if you're in the US at least) what is one thing you always have in your wardrobe this time of year?
Okay so final tally, what are you going to be for Halloween? Or is it time to talk about what you're bringing to Thanksgiving, What you want for Christmas, and what your New Year's resolutions are?

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when is the last time you felt a swell of appreciation/gratitude for your life, or someone or something in it?

will you explain it?
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when's the last time someone said something to you and you had NO idea what they were talking? what did they say? did you ever figure it out?

my ex just messaged me on myspace and said: "i just tested a fucking mixer ten times and it still didn't pass. wtf?!"
i have no idea what a mixer is nor why it might not pass.

if you have never had this problem (or even if you have) are you watching the show on torture devices on the discover channel? this is so fascinating!

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I know I just posted but I wanna ask this before I ~forget~

have you ever felt obligated to give someone a gift? why and what was the gift?

I ask because I gave my friend a Halloween card the other day and she goes "Oh, is this the birthday gift you never bought me?" her birthday was in June but I was too broke to buy anything .. it's like the 3rd or 4th time she mentioned it. I felt like royal ass so I bought her season one of The Venture Bros. BUT STILL - I also felt that it was kinda rude of her to hold me to buying her a gift. I thought buying gifts for someone was optional?

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Since I flipped the car over last week I've been having spasms all up and down my left leg, and on the left side of my head I've been having sort of a tingling sensation... but it's barely noticeable. Am I going to die? Do you think it could be something to do with being flung across the car?
macaroni murder lady

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How often are you compelled to buy something because it's ridiculous?

I am now the shamefaced owner of some boots with the fur Collapse )
How much do I deserve to suffer for this? They were only $6, if that helps.

How dead certain are you about your favorite US pres. candidate? What would he have to say or do in the coming weeks to make you change your mind about your vote?

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The betting pool is now open.

How many more times am I going to have to hear a girl say "You're a great guy.  I really like you a whole lot.  You're pretty much perfect....let's just be friends."

Seriously, WTF?

printers GARR!!!

so I just got a new laptop and i'm trying to print stuff but when I connect the printer to it, it  brings up this install/setup window. and wants me to place the CD in.,.. you know, that cd i probably threw out years ago.

so anyways someone told me to go on the website and download the drivers for it but there is over 20 different one and I dont understand it, i'm not sure which one i have to use.


So if anyone a bit more computer literate would mind helping me figure it out it would be AWESOME


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zombie baby cede! :D

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TQC! I thought I was to start observing a class today, but when I checked I learned I wasn't til the 23'd! I don't have class til 2pm, and I've been up since 6 am......

How should i spend my morning?
sticky notes

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I got in trouble at work the other day, and was told I was on "the red carpet". And I don't think they meant I was on my way to being a celebrity!!

eta: i'm NOT pms-ing!

Does anyone know what this means?
macaroni murder lady

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If you're like most people, when you draw a straight line it's easier for you to draw horizontally than vertically OR easier to draw vertically than horizontally. Try it if you're not sure. One or the other will almost always come out straighter and more easily. You can also tell by paying attention to which direction you move the writing implement when you're coloring a block of space.

How do you draw?

I draw vertically, and I am right-handed
I draw vertically, and I am left-handed
I draw vertically, and I am ambidextrous
I draw horizontally, and I am right-handed
I draw horizontally, and I am left-handed
I draw horizontally, and I am ambidextrous
I draw in either direction, and I am right-handed
I draw in either direction, and I am left-handed
I draw in either direction, and I am ambidextrous
Both are equally difficult / I can't tell which I prefer / I don't have any hands
Cowboy Ew

Out of ideas

I'm making a spicy Thai chicken pasta with ginger/lime/cilantro flavors and orrechiette pasta. What would make a good side/veggie dish to go with it? I always do steamed brocolli or roasted asparagus, I need something new and fun and different that'll go well with those flavors, any ideas? Also something that can be easily re-heated, I'm making dinner for my boss so it'll be sitting in the fridge for a few hours. It can also be something that they can easily pop in the oven or whatever and I can just prep it.

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am i the only person on earth that types out words on the internet?
(meaning I dont use lol,WTF, ect...)
I'm just wondering.

OK, i'll use it ...WTF?
am i coming off like superior or some crap? cause that wasnt the intention. wow.

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How long do you have to have gone out with a person before it's acceptable to tattoo their name on your chest?

First date
One week
One month
Six months
One year
Two years
Three years
Five years
Ten years
More than 10 years
It's never acceptable
Who says you have to date them? If you love someone that much, I say go for it. Don't even let the restraining order get you down, Stalker McStalkerson
The Receptionist Classic

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TQC, let's pretend for a moment that you're the best man in your brother's wedding. (For most of you, this requires donning a penis, I am aware of this fact.) It is time to throw the bachelor party.

Traditionally, among your group of friends, this means a trip to.... THE BOOBIE BAR! Hooray for Boobies! The groom is excited, saving his dollar bills for the trip. Even the bride has given her consent for you to drag her almost-husband off to the land of boobs and asses. Your girlfriend, on the other hand, is dead set against this plan of action. She's flat out told you "No strip clubs."

Now TQC, do you honor your brother's desire to hit up the strip club just one more time or do you cave to your girlfriend's wishes?

And in a related vein, ladies of TQC, do you honestly care if your husband/boyfriend/whatever attends a bachelor party that happens to make a stop at a strip club?

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1. If you have a microwave, whats on top of it?
Mine is effin cluttered!!!

2. When it comes to famous singers, who has the sexiest voice?

3. If there is one hobby you could pick up, granted you had the time and money, what would it be?
Something About that Name

Teflon Coating

EDIT:  You have convinced me!  I'm tossing it out.  I don't think it was the method of cleaning (used a nylon scraper), btw...I just cleaned it too soon after use.  The griddle was still hot. 

I have a griddle that I just cleaned, but while cleaning, the teflon coating on parts of it came off.  So, there's still a lot of the teflon but also lots of space where the silver metal shows through.

Is it safe to cook on this?



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Are you currently semi-stalking somebody?

Do you google your friends often?

Do you google yourself often?

Do you actually use google.com to google somebody or are you going to say google is something funnier?

Do you think I am talking about using google.com?

Will you make a joke about google being a sexual term?

Do you like pie? What kind?

Rock paper sizzors, who always wins?

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Imagine you've got a meeting for work on a Monday morning, and a reception the night before, at a venue that will take you approximately 18 hours and an overnight flight to reach. What day would you fly out?

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If you had only a few days (let's say two, three at the very most) for a vacation, would you rather go somewhere you had already been and absolutely loved, or a new place that you know you wouldn't get to see much of in such a short period of time?
real men read


We got a Wii a couple of weeks ago. When I went to make my Mii, I saw that red hair wasn't even an option. How lame is that?!
What insignificant thing had irked you lately?
as a kite

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Do any of you have a Motorolla Krazr? 
Does it suck as much as mine?

Last month the screen stopped working and I couldn't do anything but receive calls. I couldn't even end them. I sent it away and got it fixed, but now I'm not receiving text messages (if I do they're two-three days late), and my voicemail icon won't go away. 

For those of you smart enough not to get a Krazr, what kind of cell phone do you have? Do you like it?

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1. are you in any email groups?
2. do you have any penpals?
3. what do you have on your toast?
4. are you single, taken, engaged, married?
5. how long have you been this status? can you tell me about your S/O?

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What would your ideal mate be like?


Why is your current mate awesome sauce?

(Please replace mate with significant other, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, boo, snow hoe, albatross, Turtle, applesauce, cretin, troll, hunny, peaches or whatever other disgustingly cute nick name you have for the one you love and/or have sexors with.)
asoneill - Yahoo Me

Yet Another Halloween Costume Question

Make decisions for me, TQC!

The Halloween party I'll be going to has a "Movie Villain" theme, but I can't think of anything! What should I be?

Poll #1274162 Another Halloween Question

What movie villain should I be for Halloween?

Mrs. Lovett - Sweeney Todd
Christabella (or Alessa) - Silent Hill
Nurse Ratched - Cuckoo's Nest
Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty
Lamia - Stardust
Other (in comments)

Are you tired of Halloween questions?


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If you're blind, do you use contact lenses or glasses? (both, perhaps?)

Ok, what am I doing wrong?
I have tried 6 times to put my contacts in today and each time it feels like something is STABBING my eye and I can't open my eye (reflex) and when I do it's all watery and feels hot. They're not inside out, I rubbed them a few times to clean them. GAHHH
im french

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1. Getting a meatball sandwich from Subway: "Hell no, you nasty bitch" or "Those are good- do it!"?

2. But seriously- my roommate has a boyfriend (kri kri, i kno), and he's also my friend. I think he's overstepping some boundaries. Like using my pumice stone. I can hear him laughing through the walls sometimes. Using my tobacco pipe without permission. These are things that normally wouldn't bother me. How can I get over myself while asserting the fact that, I LIVE HERE!

perhaps a stupid question

Is there anyway to block someone from posting something in their own journal?

I've been trying to post something in my main journal for ages now, and whrn I push "post", the page just times out.

Yet, if I post something like "LJ won't let me update", it updates straightaway.

Am I offending LJ with the content of my first post?

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I need a "Compactflash Card" for my Canon camera. I found one on Amazon for $12.97 marked down from $99.99 (NEW!)

...Is this too good to be true?
Should I just go to Target and buy one for $30 instead?

Any plans for Columbus Day (aka my first day off since August)?
I'm going upstate with a friend to get a psychic reading and go apple picking. Wooo!

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Have you ever had an under the gums cleaning at the dentist?
(ETA) How long does it take?
My boyfriend is having one done today and I need to call him, but don't want to call while he's having his gums poked and prodded.

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If you are in honors on my campus you have to take seminar. It's once a week and students propose a topic and it's voted on and then they present the seminar if they win. Another meeting time I'm not in is having one today called Furries Under the Fur presented by the resident furries (who are engaged btw)

Will this seminar bring the lulz?

I should definately attend and witness the lulz, right?
zombie baby cede! :D

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I am working on a series of medusas for my Ceramics class & I've made a cubist, a traditional and I have plans for about 10 others... However I am running out of ideas (this is a  very large series for me)

So... what kind of medusa should I make? (any favorite art style I can translate into a ceramic medium) any vauge notion that you think would be awsome?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Should church and state be separated? Because in a class of 30 people I was the only one who said yes and now I feel like a stupid person - I was also the only non-Christian in the room at the time. (I asked them why, they said the country was founded on Christianity and should stay that way, I asked them if they'd feel the same way if the country was founded on Islam, they paused and finally said "but it wasn't!")

Why are people so ignorant, TQC? I want to hit them.

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Go into your iTunes and arrange your music by Play Count.

What are you top three most listened to songs? How many times have you played them?


The Beatles - I'm Looking Through You (65 plays)
Radiohead - Paranoid Android (51 plays)
People Under the Stairs - The Joyride (47 plays)
Ruth Etting

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I just found a kitten, and it's been like a week with no responses to my "I found a kitten" ads, so we're going to keep him.

We want to call him Turkey, because he's kinda mean and really stupid. We decided his full name should be "(Title) Turkey Sandwich" but we can't decide what title. Could be military rank, political designation, American or not, any kind of title at all.

Top contenders:
Admiral Turkey Sandwich
Governor Turkey Sandwich
Don Turkey Sandwich
Senor Turkey Sandwich
Undersecretary Turkey Sandwich

So, what would you name my cat? He's all black and has ridiculously sharp claws, if that's any inspiration.

Bonus: We'll probably call him Turk, and when people ask if we named him after the Scrubs character we can say "Yeah, 'cuz he's black."

For $2,000, would you...?

Poll #1274301 For $2,000, would you....?

...walk across a 300' room that's covered in slugs, barefoot?


...chew the used gum of a homeless man? Someone gives him gum, and after he's chewed it for a half hour, he then takes it from his mouth and gives it to you, and you have to put it directly into your mouth (no washing it off) and chew on it for the next half hour


...perform an autopsy? An expert is there to guide you, but you do all the incision, cutting, ribbreaking, etc. The body is that of a little girl


...piss in the water cooler at work? It'll be diluted, given the volume of the water tank, but it'll probably affect the taste. No one will know what's up. You'll just have to live with the knowledge that you made your coworkers drink your piss


...eat 10 balut eggs? You cannot use any spice, condiment or any ingredient that'll convert or change the taste


...write 'BUBBA WAS HERE' on your friend's crotch (near the genitals) with a Sharpie after they pass out from too much alcohol, and then, right next to it, write 'SO WAS CLYDE'? You can never tell your friend the truth. All you can say is that 'I was drinking, too, and don't remember what happened that night'. It's possible that over time, your friend may look back on that mysterious night and laugh

Kill Bill - Elle

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My chin has been tingling for the past hour. It's really fucking annoying. Am I going to get a herpes outbreak on my chin?

If you have listened to Lady Gaga, what do you think of her?

(no subject)

For those of you with siblings;

Do your parents use the wrong siblings' name when referring to you/your siblings?

My parents are chronic for this, they mostly call my sister by my name but they call me by hers quite frequently as well.

What do you think causes that sort of mixup with kids but not, say, with their own siblings/friends/etc? We're eleven years apart, I'd think we're fairly distinguishable!

My Wii Won't Work (WWW.Won't Work.Com)

I consider myself very knowledgable when it comes to all things that fall into the computer/electronic category.  However, try to connect anything to a television aside from the basic cable plug and I am lost!  I bought a Wii system months ago, and I finally took it out of the box and hooked it all up and NADA, NOTHING, ZERO.  I have a cable DVR box hooked up to it and that is it.  Yet, I fiddled around with the T.V. and Cable remote by trying AUX, or, video 1, or, channel 2 or, 3!  It's too complicated can anyone give me some simple help?

(no subject)

1. anybody have any experience with long term volunteering or work exchange programs? care to shaaare?
2. if you were going to be a homeless person anywhere in america, where and why?
3. who hates camping?

(no subject)

So in my German class the other day, we had to make up plans for the weekend to demonstrate that we could use the future tense. One of the girls in my class stated, in perfect German, that she was going to drink on Friday, take E and go to the disco on Saturday, and on Sunday she would sleep late and smoke.

I have to admit, TQC, I was mildly scandalized whether it was true or not. What is the most outrageous thing you've heard someone say at school or work?


How many different nationalities are there in your office or working group?  I am surrounded by so many different accents!

In our office of approx 40 people, we have  Russians, Indians, Pakistanis, Germans, Mexicans, and Guatemalans. I'm sure there are more that I've missed.  Trying to have a technical conversation with a boss with a very thick Indian accent and an engineer with an equally thick Russian accent makes my head hurt sometimes.

I think we are only missing a British/Aussie accent to round everything out :)

This is outside of Chicago, IL, btw.

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What weird phobias do you have?
I'm scared sh*tless of doctors and hospitals. I had panic attacks when I took a friend to A&E even though I was only sitting in the waiting room!

What have you eaten today?
I've had a chocolate muffin for breakfast and nothing else yet.

What are you looking forward to in the nearby future?
I get to go out to dinner with my boyfriend tonight, which means I get the busy night off work! Double win!

What cocktails should I make at my Ann Summers party tomorrow? Recipes please!

Do you want to come to my Ann Summers party?

(no subject)

I'm going to have an insane amount of free time in the next few months. I only have a few things to do, but virtually can't leave my house at all. Could anybody suggest some legitimate online jobs?

(no subject)

 Today is my birthday, I am 18!

So of course, how should I celebrate?  I've already got hookers and blow lined up for tonight, but I need to do something before that.  Ideas?
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I do not think I can have kids. I don't want them jsut now but I think I do want them sometime in the future. I'd like to know if i can have them or not so if i was to visit my doctor could he arrange for tests for me?

I'm asking because I asked a few years ago and he kinda blew me off by saying that as I wasn't trying for kids and had no SO it was a lot of trouble. Dye through the tubes and whatever.
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

(no subject)

My roommate and I keep a gigantic tube of chocolate chip cookie dough in our fridge.

We don't actually make cookies. It's our stressed/annoyed/pissed/fucked/sad/depressed/melancholy/lonely/"It's only Tuesday" food.

So, what's your "It's only Tuesday/No one loves me/I'll never finish this work in time/I hate the world" food? Do you keep it readily available, or go get it when you need it?

Have you noticed that the few times I've posted, it's been about food? Why is this?

Also, what's your favorite Shakespeare play?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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i asked this a while a go (maybe it was even last year I dont know) but because I'm sick as a dog and nothing makes me happier when I'm sick than watching massive amounts of horror films.

1. What is the best horror film you've ever seen?
1a. The worst?

2. Will you recommend a horror movie which is little heard of/appreciated or I may not have yet seen?

3. what is your ultimate horror movie line up?

(no subject)

1. AM radio is the best? yes???

2. will you tell me the order you put on your makeup?

3. do you own a sleeping bag and do you use it regularly?

4. what product are you currently stocked up on?

5. does the thought of carpet freak you out?
Skippy Henry VIII

Pasty white....

TQC, I am pale. Seriously, never-seen-the-sun, vampiric pale. Especially my legs.

For obvious reasons, I don't go tanning (too lazy, charring my skin on purpose does not sound like happy fun times, and tans look fake on me even if I've actually been out in the sun).

So, which is more eyesearingly offensive? Cute knee-length skirts, and pale legs or cute knee-length skirts and stockings? (Not awesome stockings either, I'm talking about the L'eggs ones that my mother always told me to wear to church on Sundays.)

(no subject)

How do I nicely tell my HS best friend to stop sending me forwarded emails about politics?

I find it really annoying because we don't agree at all on many issues and yet she still sends me things about why my beliefs are wrong. Do you have anyone in your life who does this to you?
your soul

(no subject)

So I am 8 months pregnant, and without job.
The bf/father of my child is also without a job.

He went to his second interview today, and he goes for a physical & drug test tomorrow morning.
He smokes pot.
My question to you, TQC, besides buying pee or paying 50$ for the stuff that is supposed to clean your system out..
Do you know of any natural ways to "detox" the body by tomorrow morning??
macaroni murder lady

(no subject)

1. Could you sell some windows?
2. Do you think my husband can sell some windows?
3. You know those macros that are all, like, "HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS OBJECT YOU WANT TO BUY THE FUCK OUT OF THIS OBJECT." I know you do. Can you post me one saying the viewer wants to buy the fuck out of some windows?
4. Which Fiona Apple album do you like the best?

Which do you get at the movie theatre?

Which of the following:

Gummi Worms
Mike and Ike
Milk Duds
Reeses Pieces
Hot Tamales
Buncha Crunch
Sour Patch Kids
Junior Mints


Kit Kat Bars
Hershey's Kisses
None, I just get soda.
None, I just get popcorn.
Miroku Turn

(no subject)

I have a small thing I've been crocheting that's about 3-4 inches wide and two inches in length. I think I'm going to unravel it so I can reuse the yarn for another project. Is this a bad idea?

(no subject)

Did your prom have a theme? Did it have the kind where you're supposed to actually dress up according to that theme? If it did, what was it?

Mine might have had a theme, but I don't think anyone knew what it was

My parents just spent a few thousand dollars to redo the tile in our bathroom. Our vanity does not match AT ALL. My mom refuses to spend $130 to get a new one. Is this completely asinine? Is there some way to convince her that she's being a crazy bitch about this?

What store do you go to the most?


For the Smokers

Ok, this is for those of us who do *not* want to quit smoking. How long have you been smoking. What's your favourite brand? Have you ever made your own cigarettes? How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? Is there something that you especially like to eat or drink when smoking? I've been smoking for four years. I love George Karelias and Sons (all different types), though I'll take Winston Lights if nothing else is available and I'm considering trying some of the other additive-free brands. I love to make my own cigarettes using the myo method (filtered tubes and injectors) rather than ryo (papers and filters) and my favourite brand there is Sagamore Natural. I smoke about three cigarettes a day. As old as it sounds, I love coffee with cigarettes and find that different coffees go well with different tobaccos.
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shoes and bunnies

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Have you ever been fired?


I was fired from my first job at a bakery/restaurant today. My boss told me that she felt I didn't have the "sense of urgency required to work in such a high-stress environment." I only lasted two weeks.

(no subject)

Say I worked for a guy and I'm the manager of an apartment complex he owns. I have to drive money to the bank, drive to other complexes in the area to check out everything about them, drive to other apartment complexes that he owns. This driving is done while I am on the clock, and for the boss. Should I be compensated for this? I live and work in California.

When I asked about benefits, I was told 'sure, you can have benefits, but your pay will go down the amount of the benefits'. Is that legal?

I have to move into this apartment, and he is going to be charging me 1,000 dollars a month. Normal rent is 1,175. Shouldn't it be less than that or something since I have to live there?


(no subject)

my friend is coming over to watch the debates tonight. he wants to play the drinking game.

what alcohol should he buy for someone that doesn't generally like shots? that would be me. i do them here and there. but only like tuaca bombs and flavored alcohol. so suggestions. i needz them!
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(no subject)

TQC, my puppy is 6 months old, and as such she likes to gnaw on my hands/arms/feet when she plays.

How long will it be until my puppy stops making me her chew toy? :( When did your dog stop being so damn chompy?!

(We are negatively reinforcing when she bites playfully, but I mean. She's a puppy, it's not gonna happen overnight.)


Of the seven...

which ones have you been to?

which ones would you like to visit?

which do you have NO DESIRE to even set foot on?